Marc Gilson

Accelerated Results Coach, writer, and personal development expert 

About Marc Gilson

Marc Gilson is Centerpointe's Director of Client Services and Chief Product Designer. Working with Centerpointe founder Bill Harris since 1996, Marc has designed numerous audio meditation programs, written hundreds of articles on personal development, and created course content like Centerpointe's Five Manifestation Essentials, part of the Pathways to Purpose online course. He also wrote the children’s stories for Centerpointe’s very first mindfulness program designed especially for children, The Magical Wooded Path.

A lifelong student of the therapeutic power of sound and music, he is widely regarded as an expert in the areas of neuro-audio technologies and other sound therapies, as well as meditation and stress-reduction techniques.

Marc also co-founded Centerpointe's Accelerated Results Coaching department along with Bill and continues to oversee Centerpointe's team of friendly and professional coaches whose one-on-one tailored support is available to anyone in The Holosync Solution Program.
Marc is a music-lover and avid film-buff. He loves to read, cook, and explore Oregon's vast outdoors and coastline. But he says he does very little until after his first cup of hot coffee in the morning!

Programs, Strategies & Courses:

Marc’s influence can be felt in almost all of our Centerpointe soundtrack products, but here are a few of his favorites.

Programs, Strategies & Courses

Discover for yourself the powerful habits that Marc learned on his journey to success with these amazing resources.

The Magical Wooded Path will help your child/ren (ages 6-12) find immediate relief from stress & emotional overwhelm. Includes a 6-track set of Holosync soundtracks for kids, plus a companion track for adults and 5 fantastical coloring pages.

Our CRI-400 Earbuds are the best you’ll find in high resolution sound with an extra wide frequency response range and amazing fit! The CRI-400s are custom designed and come with multi-control buttons, 6 sets of ear tips and a special carrying pouch.

This 7-week rejuvenation course features 7 ancient techniques scientifically proven to jumpstart your natural healing abilities. Then we enhanced them with Holosync and Autofonix technologies. Boost your health and happiness in just 15-minutes a day.

Avoid the trap of a zombie lifestyle! It’s all too easy to fall into a life that’s on auto-pilot, drawn through your days by the latest distraction. Break free today with our new Accelerated Results Course: 9 Principles for Conscious Living - PLUS: Proven Methods for the 21st Century! 20 years of field testing culminates in the most powerful course to get back into the driver’s seat of your life and make it work for you.

The ultimate chronic pain solution is here! It’s time to take back your life and finally start building your resistance to chronic pain. If you want an effective solution without relying on addictive prescription painkillers, risky surgeries or expensive therapies, then Painless, Calm & Free was made for you! This revolutionary collection of Holosync-powered mindful meditation sessions target the pain centers of the brain, increase pain-numbing neurochemical production, and break the pain-stress-pain cycle that saps your energy and ravages your spirit.

Say “Goodbye” to brain plaque! Our revolutionary Youthful Mind Suite is designed to revitalize, energize, and protect your brain from brain plaque and tau tangle buildup (which have been linked to cognitive issues like Alzheimer’s disease). It’s the only collection of Holosync soundtracks that tackle all the issues that arise as you age, including memory, focus, and even irritability.