​Natalie Ledwell

​World renowned transformational leader on a mission to help you live a life of passion, purpose, and success, through her Law of Attraction and Personal Development teachings.

Natalie Ledwell | Expert | Centerpointe Research Institute

About ​Natalie Ledwell

​Natalie Ledwell is a best-selling author, speaker, co-founder of the personal growth phenomenon Mind Movies, and she’s successfully impacted the lives of over 5.8 million people worldwide with her teachings.

Natalie’s career in Personal Development skyrocketed with the launch of Mind Movies, a powerful visualization tool designed to create 3-minute long digital vision boards.

Since this life-changing endeavor, she’s developed several diverse products, coaching courses, and trainings to help people create, visualize, and materialize their ultimate dream lives.

These evidence based methodologies and technologies cover every area of life -

From spiritual growth, money mindset, and goal setting, to relationships, health, and productivity.

Wherever you may be in your Personal Development journey, Natalie’s mission is to help you to overcome debilitating fear, conquer limiting beliefs, and unleash your fullest potential.

“Live large, choose courageously, and love without limits.” ~ Natalie Ledwell

Programs, Strategies & Courses

​Discover life-changing tools to attract abundance, happiness, and overall success in every area of your life.

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