The 12 Lifestyle Planets

Welcome to the only online gathering place where you'll find everything you need to create an "optimal" life! We've collected vital, cutting-edge tools to help you every step of the way. 

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Optimize your brain and achieve more success, happiness, love and peace than you ever thought possible.

Stress Relief

Live without the debilitating pain of stress, and learn to bounce back from setbacks— better than ever!

Financial Success Planet

No matter what your financial situation is today, you can build the life of your dreams. Starting now.

Relationship Success Planet

Learn how to open your heart and re-wire your brain, to magnetize your desires for love and connection.

Nutrition & Health Planet

New scientific discoveries for healthy eating, weight loss, and increased vitality and longer living.

Spiritual Growth Planet

Awaken to your highest self, and live in tune with life on a path of profound spiritual wisdom.

Learning & Memory Planet

Your brain can be optimized to learn, retain and recall information, better than ever, at any age.

Sleep Planet

Sleep is a vital part of an energetic life, a clear mind and vibrant health. Discover how to get more if it.

Longevity & Age Planet

Tap into the latest discoveries on living a longer, stronger, healthier life. Now is the best time to start!

Exercise Planet

The fastest, easiest, most effective ways to stay motivated, optimize your time and live your best life.

Emotional Resilience Planet

Heal what’s hurt, mend what’s broken, and transform your “shadows” into strengths.

Parenting Planet

Give your children all the tools they need to thrive in life, while creating powerful bonds to last a lifetime.

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Jack Canfield

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