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Support, Follow-Up, and Education is a Big Part of Your Success with Holosync.

Here’s Why We Provide Support and What it Means to You as You Use the Program

We offer, without a doubt, the most “high-touch” customer support you’ve ever experienced. We offer to develop a relationship with you so you can take advantage of our decades of experience and expertise about Holosync and get every bit of benefit possible from your use of Holosync.

Our support is one of the many ways we go the extra mile for you to make sure you get all the benefits we’ve described. The changes Holosync will make in your brain will make you aware of unconscious reasons why you aren’t already as happy and peaceful inside as you want to be, and why you may not always make…

…The Most Resourceful Choices

This awareness allows you to end unconscious self-sabotage—and, naturally feel happier, more peaceful, and more confident and motivated.

This new awareness also creates tremendous mental clarity and improves many mental abilities: creativity, focus and concentration, learning and memory, pattern recognition, decision-making and problem solving abilities, and much more.

Finally, it also allows you to end any problems you may have with anxiety, depression, anger, confusion, procrastination, low confidence and motivation…

...and, to Dramatically Lower Your Stress Level

Unfortunately, we often resist these inner changes, which can cause some amount of emotional upheaval in some people.

Such upheaval is unnecessary, however—if you understand how to deal with it.

There Are Certain Principles Which, if Followed, Will Dramatically Reduce or Eliminate The Upheaval That Sometimes Accompanies Accelerated Growth

We teach you these principles, and show you how to apply them to your life.

Our support is based on nearly three decades of experience with over 2.2 million Holosync® users, and is offered at no extra cost. We are genuinely committed to making sure that each participant really does receive all the benefits we describe.

You can also speak to one of these support coaches before you join The Holosync Solution™ program to ask any questions you might have, or if you just want to speak to a real person before getting involved.

Just call us at 503-672-7117 between 9:00 and 4:30 Pacific time, M-F, or email us at anytime.

We look forward to having you in the program. We know you will be impressed with what it will do for you.

Here's What Our World-Famous "High Touch" Support Includes...

A series of bi-weekly Follow Up Support Letters (in video, audio, and written format so you can watch, listen, or read), describing what’s likely to happen, why it’s happening, and how to easily handle the accelerated changes you’ll experience.

Unlimited telephone and email access to our Accelerated Results Coaching™ staff if you have questions, need special help, or just want to discuss your experience with someone who understands Holosync®.

Special Reports on the latest research and breakthroughs in the field.

Many surprise videos, articles, interviews, and other valuable information to help you create the life you want.