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Centerpointe Research Institute
Centerpointe Research Institute

Holosync Technology Has Changed Millions of Lives Across the World

Centerpointe Research Institute

Meditate 8x faster than a Zen monk. Scientific technology that replicates the powerful effects of long-term meditation at the touch of a button.

Boost your mental power.  Increase creativity, learning & memory, inner peace, and will power,  while reducing stress, impulsiveness, and brain fog.

Centerpointe Research Institute

Increase health, vitality, and longevity. Trigger natural brain chemicals that dramatically increase willpower,  motivation, and even slow the aging process.

Attain extraordinary happiness and inner peace. Dissolve old, troublesome mental and emotional issues to reach your full potential.

Bill Harris Founder of Centerpointe Research Institute

Passion, Vision & Legacy

My name is Bill Harris, Founder of Centerpointe Research Institute.

I noticed many years ago that all of us human beings are navigating our way through a rather difficult situation. Being human isn’t easy.

All my life I’ve searched for “a better way”—a way to increase positive feelings and experiences, think and learn more effectively, better manage my emotional life, and reduce my stress-level.

This platform is the culmination of my rigorous journey over three decades, which led me to real and powerful solutions that work in every area “planet,” of your life.

You’ll meet some of the world’s leading experts on health, wealth, relationships, emotional healing, spiritual growth, and more.

You’ll always find powerful new information and resources that you can apply TODAY to make your life happier, healthier and more extraordinary.

Your Extraordinary Life Begins Here

Your better life begins where EVERYTHING in your life begins: With your brain.

Holosync optimizes your brain and gives you the all benefits of profound, long-term meditation, 8x times faster, at the touch of a button.

Centerpointe Research Institute

Master the Planets of an Extraordinary Life

Access cutting-edge resources to improve every area of your life from world-renowned experts. 

Centerpointe Research Institute

12 Planets for Stellar Living

Find better and more effective ways to build loving & lasting relationships, nourish your body, mind & spirit, master your emotions, maintain optimal health, and much, much more.

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“I love Holosync and have used it for years to get greater mental clarity, focus, and energy. I especially like to listen to it when I'm working out or meditating. Try it - it really gets you in the zone and helps you perform at higher levels of awesomeness all around.”

- Brendon Burchard

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