Our Most Popular Holosync Suites, Courses & Accessories

Awakening Prologue

The #1 Brain Boosting Program that makes meditation effortless! Reap the benefits of meditation faster and more effectively so you can improve all aspects of your life! Boost mental clarity, emotional health, stress resistance, confidence, and overall well-being up to 8x faster than with traditional meditation. If you want more success and fulfillment in your life, Awakening Prologue is where to start.

Normal Price: $159
Sale Price: $111

CRI-500 Custom Wireless Earbuds

The only wireless earbuds approved for use with all Holosync soundtracks! We custom-built the CRI-500s to handle the wide frequency response range of our Holosync technology. Plus with active noise canceling, gaming mode, and other features, it’s the ultimate combination of comfort, convenience and quality that takes your experience beyond Holosync!

Normal Price: $250
Sale Price: $179

Beautiful Brain

Stop “Rapid Brain Aging” in its tracks with this powerful Holosync collection that balances neurochemicals, clarifies thoughts, and builds brain resilience. This is the easy way to protect your brain from rapid brain aging and even start to reverse the trend so that you can make progress towards a brain that’s younger than your body.

Normal Price: $99
Sale Price: $49

Total Trauma Relief

Finally: a safe & effective trauma recovery program anyone can use to release repressed trauma, calm an overstimulated brain, and build resistance to stress - with coaching included!

Sale Price: $69

Youthful Mind

A powerful collection of Holosync audio soundtracks and a special video session designed to rejuvenate and recharge your brain’s powers of concentration, focus, memory, and retention.

Sale Price: $69

CRI-300 Headphones

The CRI-300s provide crisp, clear sound with extreme precision and rich low-end resolution. The lightweight, ergonomic design makes them astonishingly comfortable. Our most popular over-ear headphones with the highest sound quality.

Normal Price: $297
Sale Price: $139

CRI-400 Earbuds

Big sound - tiny package! Our CRI-400 Earbuds offer the highest quality audio technology: extra-wide frequency response range, fantastic fit (with 6 different ear adaptors to choose from), and the on-the-go lightweight portability.

Normal Price: $249
Sale Price: $89

Centerflow Healing Trauma Solution

Now it’s easier than ever to heal from trauma! Our brand new Centerflow Healing Trauma Solution contains SIX new techniques to soothe mind, body, & spirit, plus 1-on-1 & group coaching! Finally heal the physical and emotional wounds in your life.

Sale Price: $149

Ultra Focus & Flow State Performance

Ultra Focus & Flow State Performance is our most powerful Holosync collection designed to supercharge your focus, attention, and concentration. Enjoy on-demand access to flow states and adopt a Zen mindset that reduces stress and improves performance.

Sale Price: $69

Holosync Sleep Suite II

Holosync Sleep Suite II is your one-stop shop to combat insomnia, reach new levels of relaxation, tune up your circadian rhythm, and fix your sleep cycle for good!

Normal Price: $149
Sale Price: $99

Procrastination Eliminator

Procrastination Eliminator combines our powerful Holosync technology with a step-by-step plan and accountability coaching to destroy procrastination habits forever.

Sale Price: $99

Secrets to Success and Making Money

Our most popular money-making video course that shows you how to easily attract money and success into your life. Current special: save over 86% off retail!

Normal Price: $1497
Sale Price: $197

Super Learning & Memory Suite

No matter what your abilities are right now, with a little technological help, you could be learning incredible amounts of information quickly and easily - and remembering everything you learn, turning you into a learning and memory genius!

Normal Price: $87
Sale Price: $69

Master Your Life

The ultimate Masterclass from Bill Harris himself! When you apply these life-changing tools to gain control over your thoughts and feelings, you will cultivate deep levels of awareness and easily create a life you’ll love to live.

Normal Price: $1495
Sale Price: $149

Body & Soul 360

A 7-week rejuvenation course using 7 ancient techniques scientifically proven to jumpstart your natural healing abilities in just 15 minutes a day.

Sale Price: $79

Course - Life Principles Integration Process: Silver

Learn everything you need to know - mentally, psychologically, and spiritually – to create anything you want in life. Take it one step at a time, at your own pace, and you'll be amazed with the results.

Normal Price: $472
Sale Price: $199

Course - Life Principles Integration Process: Gold 

Learn everything you need to know - mentally, psychologically, and spiritually – to create anything you want in life. Take it one step at a time, at your own pace, and you'll be amazed with the results.

Normal Price: $658
Sale Price: $249

Center Flow Yoga

Yoga and Holosync combine in this revolutionary yoga program that fits any lifestyle. Improve flexibility, shed pounds and relieve pain easily and effectively at any age.

Normal Price: $197
Sale Price: $97

Breaking the Cycle

Overcome addictive urges, strengthen your willpower, transform your mind, and heal the shame and guilt that often comes with an addiction.

Sale Price: $69

Ultra Success and Wealth

Get all the wealth and success you deserve - all it takes is a change in mindset! This collection of Holosync soundtracks are designed to help you succeed and prosper in all areas in life - no matter your situation.

Sale Price: $69

Wu Xing Power Suite

Tap into ancient Chinese wisdom from the Wu Xing Elements to take back the power in your life and transform negative emotions into positive assets.

Sale Price: $99

Painless, Calm & Free

Painless, Calm & Free is a powerful meditation regimen designed to soothe parts of the brain responsible for pain and break the pain-stress-pain cycle.

Normal Price: $139
Sale Price: $69

Total Self Confidence

Unlock your brain’s potential to achieve your dreams. Use the “Total Self Confidence” Autofonix soundtrack to exponentially boost your self-confidence and your ability to achieve your goals. Get higher self-esteem than you’ve ever had before!

Normal Price: $20
Sale Price: $15

Journey to Self

Unsatisfied with your current path? Looking for more meaning in your day-to-day? Journey to Self is a unique and powerful Holosync collection designed to help you discover and experience profound levels of deep personal fulfillment.

Sale Price: $69

9 Principles for Conscious Living

Break free from a life on autopilot today with 9 Principles for Conscious Living - PLUS: Proven Methods for the 21st Century! 20 years of proven results culminates in the most powerful course to get back into the driver’s seat of your life and make it work for you.

Normal Price: $149
Sale Price: $99

Passages to Healing

Grief and loss happen to everyone - but now you can heal faster and in a more peaceful setting with Passages to Healing - a powerful tool for sensitive times.

Sale Price: $89

Believe and Achieve

The seven greatest minds of a generation share the secrets and techniques that made them icons in the personal development world.

Sale Price: $79

Celebrating 34 years of improving lives with the power of Holosync!

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