Do You Dread the Thought of Opening Your Eyes Every Morning Knowing the Daily Cycle of Chronic Pain Is About to Begin?

Do You Wonder if This Life-Sentence of Pain and Suffering Will Ever End?

If you are one of the 2 billion people worldwide that wake up in tears every morning just from the thought of knowing when you touch your feet to the ground, the pain - real physical pain will start.

Or perhaps you never actually feel asleep because the chronic pain was taunting you all night.  As was the depression, irritability and anger that so often accompanies chronic pain.

Let’s face it - people who have never had debilitating chronic pain just don’t get it.

And as one of chronic pain’s victims, you already know that your options are limited when it comes to treatment.

You have your choice of expensive medications that come with a whole host of side effects, risky surgeries that may or may not work, or expensive therapies like acupuncture, physical therapy, or even botox injections.

But what if there was a way to alleviate the pain without relying on addictive opioids, costly injections, or nasty side effects?

What if there was an easy, safe and proven way to finally feel like yourself again?

What if you could turn a life of pain and suffering into a life of fun, fulfillment, and happiness?

What if you could break free from chronic pain?

Dear Friend,

It’s been way too long.

Too long since you played with your grandchild, too long since you took a walk with your spouse, too long since you were able to do a simple yet necessary task like grocery shopping. 

It has been way too long since you’ve been able to do hundreds of simple, everyday things that most people take for granted without the debilitating pain that brings tears to your eyes and weighs heavy on your heart.

Chronic pain is a merciless thief that robs you of your self-esteem, well-being, and peace of mind. 

It’s an unjust burden that saps your energy, sucks the joy from your life and wreaks havoc on your mental and emotional health.

And what’s worse:

There doesn’t seem to be a safe, effective remedy on the market that can provide consistent, powerful, and affordable relief.

Why hasn’t anyone done anything about this?

No one should have to suffer in silence and have to rely on prescription opioids, risky surgeries or expensive, unproductive therapies and endure the isolation chronic pain so cruelly inflicts.

There has to be a better, more practical way to stop chronic pain in its tracks.

You deserve a solution where you don't have to rely on drug companies who increase their prices year after year while their pills lose potency and their side effects worsen.

You deserve so much better.

Chronic Pain is Cruel!

Chronic pain is a constant pain that clings to you like a parasite, never letting go. All the while, it tries to suck the joy from your life and replace it with annoyance, irritation, stress and anxiety.

Chronic pain is a shapeshifter that takes many forms and will invade anywhere in your body from your head to your toes. It can present as constant headaches, migraines, lingering back aches, joint pain, stiffness in the body, or long-lasting illnesses like arthritis or cancer.

It can feel like burning, throbbing, aching, or stinging. It can persist constantly, or it can come in waves. But it never leaves. 

The onset of chronic pain is shocking and no one is immune. It can arise after a sprained ankle, a broken bone, a bad fall, a car crash, or another painful event and lingers long after the initial injury has healed.

It can also stem from psychological factors like excess stress and anxiety - creating a clenching of the body that results in constant pain and irritation.

There are so many different ways for this menace to burrow into your body and take root.

But the one thing that all chronic pain victims have in common is…

…once chronic pain latches on, it slowly begins to deteriorate your body and take over your entire life.

Suddenly, you have to plan your weeks, months, even years around the pain. You cancel plans with friends and depend on family to take over responsibilities.

You grieve your own life as you watch it pass by from your bed.

Over time, victims spend so much time and energy dealing with the pain, pushing through, and suffering silently, that it often leads to depression, severe stress, and anxiety problems that only bring more pain.

It’s a waking nightmare that’s a reality for more than 1 in 4 adults around the world.

This is no way to live.

A New Method to Combat Chronic Pain

Which is why we’ve been hard at work examining the latest scientific studies and breakthrough evidence that demonstrate a new, effective approach to solving the problem of chronic pain.

And it all has to do with addressing the areas of the brain that interpret pain, reduce stress, and balance key neurochemicals.

You see, a mountain of scientific studies are supporting the idea that you can actually turn down the dial on the pain centers of your brain…

…through a practice of mindfulness meditations.

In one study of chronic pain patients, a series of mindfulness meditation trainings led to: 

  • Reduced inhibition of activity due to pain
  • Reduction in pain-related drug use
  • Less frequent mood disturbances
  • Lower levels of depression
  • Less present-moment pain
  • Reduced pain symptoms
  • Improved body image
  • Higher activity levels
  • More self-esteem
  • Less anxiety

What’s more - these patients were reevaluated again 15 months later and almost all of their symptoms remained improved.

Another study found that as little as four 20-minute mindfulness meditations training sessions gave participants…

…a reduction in pain intensity by up to 70% and pain unpleasantness by up to 93%!

These types of experiments have been quietly proving over and over again the effectiveness of mindful meditation on controlling chronic pain.

A Powerful Alternative to Opioids

Most chronic pain victims are being pushed into using addictive opioids and other side-effect-riddled pain medications to dull their pain.

Opioids have been deceptively marketed by pharmaceutical companies to the healthcare industry as a safe, nonaddictive method of treating pain.

Many doctors who prescribed certain addictive painkillers were even getting kick-backs from the pharmaceutical companies who make them.

The result?

An opioid crisis has ruined the lives of millions of Americans. Overdose deaths are on the rise. And a mountain of lawsuits are currently underway to try and hold these pharmaceutical companies accountable.

There is some good news on that front - in February of 2022, one major company paid $26 billion to settle claims that they knowingly used deceptive tactics to market their opioids.

But the damage is already done - and continues to occur - to millions of chronic pain victims everyday.

And if the addictive nature of opioids and other painkillers isn’t bad enough, the more you use these drugs to treat your pain…

…the less effective they become!

Your body builds up an immunity to their pain-killing power, and you end up needing more and more to manage the same level of pain.

This is not a real solution!

A real solution gets MORE effective the more you use it.

And according to the latest research into mindful meditation…

…the MORE you meditate, the LESS sensitive you are to pain.

What Makes Meditation So Effective Against Pain?

Meditation has a history that spans back over 6,000 years, and it’s been used for everything from pain relief to goal manifestation.

But the science community has only recently taken meditation seriously, and we are just now learning what remarkable things happen in the brain when we meditate.

For example, data in one recent study revealed that when it comes to pain management, a completely different set of neural pathways were activated for those who did meditation training versus those who had a placebo.

Specifically, MRI scans showed that meditation…

…decreased activity in the thalamus - the part of the brain responsible for “feeling pain.”

Meanwhile, data from yet another study shows that mindful meditation also increases the brain’s production of endorphins and other neurochemicals.

Endorphins naturally activate your opiate receptors in the brain, which in turn lower stress and relieve pain.

What’s more - another study showed that those who kept a habitual practice of meditation had more resistance to pain when compared to those who didn’t meditate at all.

And to bring it all together, there’s one more aspect that’s crucial to battling chronic pain successfully:

One of the most powerful aspects that greatly influences your pain is…

…your mindset!

Unfortunately, constant pain drains your energy, disrupts your mood, and leads to perpetual anxiety. Pain creates stress, which has been documented to increase the experience and sensation of pain, which in turn adds more stress, and so on.

This is the pain-stress-pain cycle and it can have crippling effects on your body, mind, and spirit. It can wear a person down to the point of exhaustion and despair.

As a matter of fact, in one study, at least 50% of chronic pain sufferers reported thoughts of self-harm and even suicide. These are folks who have just been worn down to the point of desperation for relief.

However, with a mindful meditation practice, you have a proven and powerful tool that makes it easy to break that vicious cycle and free yourself from compounding pain and stress.

This is the missing piece of the puzzle! 

By changing how you think about pain, you set yourself up for success, empowering your mindset and fortifying your emotional response.

Here’s How to Harness Mindful Meditation to Combat Chronic Pain

The evidence is clear that a quality mindful meditation practice stops pain in its tracks by:

  • Increasing neurochemical production that triggers your natural pain-numbing response
  • Decreasing activity in the parts of the brain responsible for processing pain
  • Breaking the pain-stress-pain cycle

But starting a meditation practice - especially if you’ve never done one before - can be daunting.

Traditional meditation methods can be confusing without a guide or a mentor to lead you. And it usually takes years - or even decades - of rigorous practice to consistently reach the deep meditative states that provide the most benefits.

That’s where Centerpointe’s proprietary neuro-audio Holosync technology comes in.

With Holosync, you can get deep, quality meditations and reap all the benefits at the push of a button!

And now, for the first time ever, we are proud to announce that we’ve created a unique Holosync collection designed specifically to combat chronic pain, create an empowering mindset, and help you gain control over your life again.


Painless, Calm & Free

A Mindfulness-Based, Drug-Free Alternative for Pain & Anxiety

We’ve taken the most effective pain-reducing mindfulness techniques and infused them with our Holosync technology. With Painless, Calm & Free, you can harness the power of breathing, movement, and visualization techniques to easily and effectively gain control over your pain levels while establishing a mindful meditation practice that works for you.

Now you finally have an advantage when it comes to breaking free from reliance on opioid pain pills, avoiding expensive therapies, and fully seizing the life you deserve all from the comfort of your home.

Here’s what you get with Painless, Calm & Free:

Session #1: Gentle Journey

Visualize Your New Pain-Free Life!

Painless, Calm, & Free starts with a special Holosync-powered visualization soundtrack called Gentle Journey

Visualization techniques use soothing mental imagery to replace feelings of anxiety and pain sensations.

Through this guided mindful meditation, your brain creates powerful visualizations that give you control over your mental states. By evoking this vivid imagery in the brain, stress relaxes into calmness, anxiety eases into comfort, and pain releases into peace. 

Gentle Journey takes you on a seaside stroll in which the sound of ocean waves wash away your pain and leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and at peace. 

Session #2: Tranquil Breath

Harness the Healing Power of Your Breath

Breathing techniques have long been known to be highly effective ways of reducing pain and stress.

For centuries, yoga practitioners have known what modern science is now discovering: breathing can dramatically affect your physical state, from your digestion and blood pressure to your immune response and sleep quality.

Simply by modulating your breathing, you can trigger the release of endorphins, soothe anxiety, and create a state of immense comfort and peace. 

Tranquil Breath is specially-designed to help you breathe through your pain and enter a state of deep relaxation. Simply listen and follow the audible instructions to experience a near-instant shift out of the pain-stress-pain cycle and into a state of absolute tranquility.

Session # 3: Relieve & Release

A Progressive Full-Body Scan 

Another highly effective and efficient way to eliminate stress and release pain is through progressive guided relaxation techniques.

These techniques are so powerful, they’re practiced today in the military and taught to first-responders as a means of creating a focused, calm, anxiety-free state of mind.

For Painless, Calm, & Free, we’ve designed a powerful guided audio session that uses progressive relaxation called Relieve & Release.

Because pain causes us to keep our muscles tense (usually without us even consciously knowing it) we can unintentionally aggravate our chronic pain and make it even worse. Over time, our joints and muscles become stiff and sore, only adding to the misery.

Relieve & Release guides you through a sequence of steps designed to release the tension in each muscle group, dissolving pain, stiffness, and soreness. This is the ideal audio session to use before bed to ensure a deep, restful sleep. 

Session #4: Pure Pain Relief

A Powerful Combination of Gamma Waves & Positive Self-Talk

Gamma waves are a little different than the brain waves associated with most forms of meditation. Specifically, they’re higher - not lower - than your average wakeful state.

But medical science is beginning to discover that these higher brain waves may hold immense potential for protecting the brain from the debilitating effects of aging, dementia, and perhaps even conditions like Alzheimer’s and more.

Gamma waves have also been associated with reduced pain in those suffering with chronic pain problems.

The Pure Pain Relief soundtrack uses Holosync to produce two “gamma spikes” in the brain over the course of 30 minutes. This special brain wave sequence has been known to decrease the intensity of perceived pain while increasing feelings of peace, contentment, and well-being.

We’ve also taken this soundtrack a step further by incorporating our proprietary Autofonix technology to embed uplifting affirmations behind the relaxing music and Holosync tones. While most affirmation recording methods you’ll find elsewhere on the market are questionable at best, we’ve found a formula that has been proven time and again to dramatically improve the effectiveness of positive affirmations.

What’s more, these affirmations have been specially designed to target the negative self-talk that often accompanies chronic pain and replace it with affirming, healing verbiage.

With Pure Pain Relief you get a powerful combination of both Holosync and Autofonix: two potent and proven neuro-audio technologies working together to help you live pain free!

Click here to see the list of affirmations included with Pure Pain Relief

I deserve to be pain free
I deserve to be peaceful
I deserve to be healthy
I deserve to be happy

I choose to accept what is
I choose to live in the moment
I choose to be in control of my thoughts and feelings
I choose what I feel
I choose to be pain free

I sense the pain leaving my body now
I sense the stiffness in my body releasing now
I sense the soreness going away from my body now
I sense the tension in my body releasing now

I feel an increase in flexibility and mobility
I feel an increase in happiness and well being
I feel an increase in strength and vitality
I feel an increase in physical energy

I know I am in control of my health
I know I am in control of my thoughts
I know I am in control of my feelings
I know I am in control of my pain

I listen to my body
I pay attention to my body’s needs
I eat a nutritional diet that helps me thrive and heal
I drink plenty of water to stay hydrated
I get deep, sound sleep each and every night

I move my body in an easy and natural way
I move my body to keep it healthy
I gently exercise my body to the extent that I’m able
I stretch my muscles to increase my strength and endurance
I move my body to improve my balance and flexibility

I am pain free, happy, peaceful and healthy
I am pain free, happy, peaceful and healthy
I am pain free, happy, peaceful and healthy
I am pain free, happy, peaceful and healthy

Pain-Busting BONUSES

As a special bonus, if you order Painless, Calm & Free today, you’ll also receive two additional pain-relieving tools with this remarkable collection. 

BONUS Session #1: I Believe!

A Simple (But POWERFUL) Manifestation Exercise You Can Do Anywhere

One of the greatest secrets to manifestation - whether manifesting success, happiness, or a pain-free life - is that your words have immense power. With I Believe! you can learn a simple but effective technique for defining your pain-free intention, speaking it out loud, and declaring it to be true.

This is a way of communicating directly with your own subconscious - the source of your real motivation and manifestation powers. 

I Believe! is a powerful technique that includes a simple step-by-step card you can print and keep on hand (in your purse, pocket, or wallet) to use anytime.

Learn the I Believe! technique and you can use it for more than just pain management - its power will unlock anything in your life that you’d like to manifest into your reality.

BONUS Session #2: Move With Ease

Gentle Exercises to Alleviate Pain

Chronic pain can make even the simplest of movements difficult and agonizing.

This causes us to resist moving our bodies and can result in loss of muscle mass, weakness, poor motor coordination, and can put us at increased risk for injuries and falls.

While our instinct may be to avoid moving when we’re in pain, we know that in many cases pain can be relieved with gentle movements to increase our range of motion and keep our joints and muscles from becoming weak and atrophic. 

That’s why we created Move With Ease, an audio session with five simple exercises you can do seated or standing up designed to increase mobility and flexibility without exacerbating your pain.

Included is a handy illustrated chart that you can use as a reference for each of these exercises.

(Be sure to consult with your doctor or physical therapist before using Move With Ease or doing any sort of therapeutic movement exercises).

How Holosync’s Neuro-Audio Technology Creates a Simple Chronic Pain Solution

These breathing, movement, and guided audio sessions can dramatically help reduce stress, anxiety, and the feelings associated with chronic pain.

But the secret pain-easing ingredient we’ve included with each session is one you won’t find anywhere else: 


Each of these powerful pain-relieving sessions includes a uniquely-designed Holosync program embedded beneath the music and audible narration to exponentially increase their effectiveness. 

Holosync helps relieve chronic pain in three important ways:

First, Holosync does all the heavy lifting for you when it comes to meditating.

It’s not easy to relax when you’re in pain. Trying to focus on your breathing or get into a meditative state when you’re constantly being interrupted by pain is next to impossible.

But Holosync overrides the stress and discomfort you feel from chronic pain and gently draws your brain into states of deep, pain-free relaxation.

Holosync entrains the brain to a precise series of frequencies that match the brain wave patterns achieved during the deepest mindful meditations.

These advanced meditative states would normally take years or even decades of rigorous training to achieve on your own...

…but with Holosync, you gain access to these deep brain wave states at the push of a button!

What does this mean for you?

Holosync takes all of the guess-work out of meditation, making it accessible to anyone. That way you don’t have to be an experienced meditator to benefit from the most powerful meditative states.

In fact, Holosync has been shown to give you up to 8x more benefits than traditional methods.

Second, Holosync can trigger the release of a range of pain-reducing neurochemicals.

These include some of the most powerful neurochemicals like:

  • Dopamine - creates pleasure and regulates blood pressure
  • Serotonin - releases tension and balances emotions
  • Endorphins - reduces pain and calms nerves
  • Melatonin - regulates sleep, internal clock
  • Oxytocin - antidepressant love chemical

At the same time, Holosync also reduces toxic cortisol levels (stress hormone) which keeps your body tense and “on red alert.”

By duplicating the biochemical benefits of deep meditation, a single Holosync session can quickly and easily melt away your pain.

Third, Holosync triggers your natural “relaxation response.”

When you’re suffering with chronic pain, your body is forced into “fight or flight mode” all the time. When that happens, breathing is constricted and muscles remain tense. Over time, this can leave you feeling worn out emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Make no mistake, living with chronic pain is anything but relaxing.

Holosync counteracts this state of taut, debilitating hyperarousal by helping to slow your breathing, release mental and physical tension, and wash away worries and stress.

People dealing with chronic pain can actually forget what it feels like to truly relax and enjoy a sense of comfort. But Holosync can retrain your body to let go of the tension and discomfort, and enter a state of tranquil, restful relaxation. 

Start Relieving Pain Immediately

From the very first time you use it, Painless, Calm & Free will help you:

  • Use the power of positive affirmations to shift negative inner dialogue to healthy self talk
  • Enjoy the multitude of proven benefits of mindfulness meditation quickly and easily
  • Improve flexibility, posture, and mobility with simple, gentle movement exercises
  • Heighten your sense of happiness and well-being with gamma waves
  • Learn a powerful breathing technique to alleviate stress and pain
  • Enter states of deep and soothing relaxation within minutes
  • Melt away pain and tension through progressive relaxation
  • Enjoy better sleep, less stress, and more peace of mind
  • Experience the soothing power of visualization 
  • Break free of the Pain-Stress-Pain cycle

And so much more!

If you suffer from any kind of chronic pain, you know just how terrible the effects can be. Pain holds us back from even the simplest of pleasures in life.

Chronic pain isn’t just a physical problem. It can leave us feeling depressed, anxious, and in a state of dark despair. Chronic pain sufferers often deal with more than “just pain.” They can feel despondent, distressed, and hopeless.

Pain may be an unavoidable part of life sometimes, but now you can prevent it from destroying your happiness and peace of mind. 

There’s an old saying:

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

You don’t have to constantly suffer from chronic pain.

You don’t have to endure the unrelenting burning, stinging, throbbing, aching, stabbing, shooting, squeezing, crushing and excruciating agony of chronic pain.

You don’t have to rely solely on dangerous or ineffective pills and drugs that may help in the short-term, but also open the door to even more troubles. 

Instead, join thousands of others who have already seen the miraculous, life-changing effects of mindfulness meditation with Holosync.

You can download all of these tools right to your computer or smartphone and say goodbye to your chronic pain starting now!

And because we believe that everyone deserves access to this powerful life-changing technology…

…we’re keeping our prices LOW so that more people can get much-needed relief!

If I told you you could be pain free for as little as 19 CENTS a day, would you do it?

Of course you would!

Because that would mean no more wondering “why me,” no more painful days and nights, and no more missing out on your life! 

You can get Painless, Calm & Free today for just…

Retail Price: $139
Sale Price: $69

That’s 50% OFF!

There’s never been such a powerful pain-fighting collection like this before!

What have you got to lose besides the pain?

Finally - a life free from chronic pain is possible.

All you have to do is reach out and grab it. 


MaryEllen Tribby
Centerpointe CEO

P.S. For best results, make sure you listen to your favorite Painless, Calm & Free audio session daily. The more you listen, the more control you’ll gain over your pain levels in-between sessions and the longer the pain-relieving effects will last.

The most effective pain relief occurs when you have a mindful lifestyle - and incorporating a daily habit of listening to Painless, Calm & Free is the easy way to immediately add powerful, effective mindfulness into your routine.

I wish you a life free from pain, stress, and suffering.

Get Painless, Calm & Free today. You’re going to love the way you feel!