Karl Moore

British author, entrepreneur and science-based self-development leader.

Expert | Karl Moore | Centerpointe Research Institute

About Karl Moore

Karl Moore is a best-selling author and self-development leader.

He is director of Inspire3, which creates science-led, personal growth tools, covering everything from hypnotherapy to meditation to brainwave entrainment.

Karl has written a half-dozen books, including "The 18 Rules of Happiness" and "The Secret Art of Self-Development."

He was also featured in the movies "Think & Grow Rich: The Legacy", "The Evolution of Success" and "The Manifesting Movie."

Programs, Strategies & Courses

Unlock the power of your mind, using powerful mind tools grounded in science.

Karl Moore | Manifesting Course | Centerpointe Research Institute

Forget hype, embrace science. Discover the truth behind the Law of Attraction, with the No-BS Manifesting Course.

Karl Moore | Hypnosis Bootcamp | Centerpointe Research Institute

Change your life in just 7 days. An intensive hypnotherapy bootcamp for getting healthy, wealthy, confident & more.

​Uncover the legend, and unlock your genius. Learn how a secret Russian experiment can help rocket your IQ score.

Karl Moore | Brainwave Shots | Centerpointe Research Institute

Change how you feel, with a 15-minute audio shot. These quick audio boosts use brainwave entrainment to enhance your performance.

​Rewire your mind, using your computer. This powerful subliminal software flashes affirmations while you work.

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