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Get the blueprint every successful human being uses.

Abundance is Your Birthright

Do your dreams always seem just beyond your grasp?

Discover inside secrets to sucess that will take you from where you are where you want to be. 

Dream big!

However you define success, we can help you build the life you long for, and turn your wildest dreams into reality.

Financial Success Courses & Content

No matter what your financial situation is today, you can build the life of your dreams. Starting now. . .

Powered by Holosync: The most powerful personal development and mind improvement tool ever created.

​This course shows you how to think and act in order to attract money and success into your life. Shortcut missteps, setbacks and mistakes ans take a direct path to your dreams.

Finally achieve the financial freedom to live the lifestyle of your dreams.

​Stop living paycheck-to-paycheck, get out of debt, spot opportunities, move beyond limitations, and finally achieve financial freedom.

The "Attracting Money & Success" Autofonix soundtrack rewires your brain to automatically attract success in your life.

​Transform your life and career:
Learn from America's #1 success coach

Learn how to create inspirational workshops: Download Jack's 8 Dimensions PDF

​Learn how to invest like the best investors in the world. Reserve your free spot here.

Use this financial guide to set up your most successful year ever. Download your free planner here.

Quotes & tips from one of the world’s greatest investing gurus: Warren Buffet. Get your free copy here.

How to Become A Published Author In 20 Steps

​Download Brian Tracy’s free 20-Step Author Quick Start Guide

Learn How You Can Have The Highest Paid Profession in the World

​Watch Brian Tracy’s Proven 4-Step Process Webinar to Become a Professional Speaker

How To Achieve Your Goals Faster and More Efficiently

Download Brian Tracy’s free 12-Step Goal Setting Guide

​Download your free copy of The Power of Intuition and discover the super-power you were born with.

Mary Morrissey | DreamBuilder VideoCast Interview With Bill Harris | Centerpointe Research Institute
Mary Morrissey: Interview With Bill Harris

​Watch this free video of Mary's interview of Bill Harris for her DreamBuilder VideoCast!

Natalie Ledwell | Money Switch | Centerpointe Research Institute

​​Learn how to attract more money, retain your wealth, and amplify your prosperity with our bestselling Money Switch Activation System!

Cynthia Kersey | Unstoppable Foundation Success Stories | Centerpointe Research Institute

Imagine having your own inner circle of elite, unstoppable leaders, giving you tips for Unstoppable Success.

Cynthia Kersey | Live Success Call | Centerpointe Research Institute

​Watch Cynthia Kersey's Interview With MaryEllen Tribby

Cynthia Kersey | Interview with Bill Harris | Centerpointe Research Institute

​Watch Cyntha Kersey's Interview With Bill Harris

Matt Wolfe & Joe Fier | Affiliate Promotion | Centerpointe Research Institute

How We Created A 7-Figure Income Stream By Promoting Other People's Products (And then put it on autopilot)

Matt Wolfe & Joe Fier | Perpetual Audience Growth | Centerpointe Research Institute

​Follow Our Simple Frameworks So You Don’t Have To Hire Expensive Ad Agencies That Don’t Give You The Results You Want

Karl Moore | Hypnosis Bootcamp | Centerpointe Research Institute

Change your life in just 7 days. An intensive hypnotherapy bootcamp for getting healthy, wealthy, confident & more.

​Discover how to leave 9-5 behind and make more money in 7 easy steps.

Make money doing what you love from the comfort of your own home by creating your own Inbox Magazine.

Learning Strategies | Paraliminals | Centerpointe Research Institute

​Take on an abundant money mindset in 20 minutes a day – even while you're sleeping! Paraliminals help you create financial well-being and prosperity through a unique blend of “whole mind” and Holosync audio technologies.

Learning Strategies | Abundance for Life | Centerpointe Research Institute

Break the trances of limitation and create wealthy using Paul R. Scheele’s Abundance for Life personal learning course. Get the secrets to having things you want miraculously appear and the mental processes that make it happen for you. Use four custom Paraliminal sessions with a unique blend of “whole mind” and Holosync audio technologies.

Learning Strategies | Effortless Success | Centerpointe Research Institute

Jack Canfield and Paul Scheele helps you align your intentions with the universe as you create nonstop abundance in your life. The Effortless Success: Living the Law of Attraction personal learning course features three Paraliminal session using “whole mind” and Holosync audio technologies: “Asking,” “Believing,” “Receiving.”

Learning Strategies | Diamond Feng Shui | Centerpointe Research Institute

Diamond Feng Shui from Master Marie Diamond helps you achieve positive financial gain by changing the energy of your home or workplace. It can be as simple of moving your bed and making more money. This comprehensive personal learning course includes two Paraliminal sessions with Paul Scheele that use a unique blend of “whole mind” and Holosync technologies.

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