Frequently Asked Questions

When Bill sat down to write this section of the website, he asked himself what he would want to know when evaluating a personal growth program. Here, are the real questions we want answers to when we buy something—followed by the typical FAQ questions you usually find on a website.

Will Holosync really work for me? I’ve tried other programs and I didn’t change very much. Can I really trust that yours will work?

I have to be careful what I spend. Can I afford it? Will it be worth it?

How much control do I have over whether or not I get the benefits you’ve described?

I’m concerned that I won’t be able to fit Holosync® into my life. I already have too much to do. How much time will it take to use Holosync®?

How quickly will I get the results you’ve promised?

I’m concerned that I might not do this right. Will I get all the help I need?

And here are the more typical FAQs you were expecting:

What is Holosync audio technology?

What equipment do I need to use Holosync?

Do I NEED to use headphones with these soundtracks?

What’s involved in putting my Holosync on a Digital Music Player, iPod, or MP3 Player?

Is Centerpointe affiliated with any religious or political organization?

Does the Centerpointe program replace conventional meditative practices?

Is Holosync totally safe?

Are there any subliminal messages on the Awakening Prologue soundtracks?

I have hearing loss. Will the soundtracks work on me?

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