Spiritual Growth

Live in tune with life on a path of profound spiritual awakening.

Spiritual Growth Planet

Awaken to the Most Authentic You

When you tap into ancient (and modern) practices that deepen your spiritual path, you begin to live in alignment with your truest nature.

This path of ever-higher learning creates a channel for wisdom, grace and profound understanding. On this journey to awakening, you'll discover your spiritual birthright:

Fulfillment, joy and unshakeable peace.

Spiritual Growth Courses & Content

Awaken to your truest, most authentic self, and a power that nothing on earth can give or take away.

Buy Holosync | Centerpointe Research Institute

Powered by Holosync: The most powerful personal development and mind improvement tool ever created. 

Experience profound levels of personal fulfillment by tapping into the power of your unconscious mind to create deep experiences of compassion, love, gratitude and forgiveness.

Increase self-confidence and learn to love yourself through 5 days of focused meditation.

This 5-part meditation shows how practicing gratitude welcomes greater abundance in life.​​​​

Learn how to heal the hurt caused by others through forgiveness with this 5-day meditation.​​​​

Gain clarity on your life’s purpose with this 5-part meditation series.

A 12-week online course that teaches  how to align with the Laws of the Universe and turn dreams into results

This free, 3-day video course teaches powerful techniques to stay focused and build self confidence.

Karl Moore | Zen12 Meditation | Centerpointe Research Institute

Enjoy an hour of deep meditation, in just 12 minutes. Feel more amazing each day, with a meditation program designed for the modern world.

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