Learning & Memory

Tap into your brain’s inner genius.

Become a Super-Learner

Whether you're studying for a test, making a big presentation at work, negotiating with a toddler, or working the room at a cocktail party...

...you can learn, retain and recall information with extraordinary skill.

Spend more time in the "flow" of things, which is one of the most powerful brain states possible! Ideas seem to come to you out of thin air, and time passes by with single-minded joy.

You can train your brain for lazer-beam focus, greater creativity, hightened recall, and more Aha! moments than you ever thought possible.

Learning & Memory Courses & Content

Dramatically increase your ability to learn, retain, and recall information...so you're always on top of your game! 

Powered by Holosync: The most powerful personal development and mind improvement tool ever created.

​The Super Learning & Memory Suite includes four powerful soundtracks to enhance your natural learning abilities. (Learn up to 20x more in a fraction of the time.)

Autofonix users report amazingly positive results on targeted issues, including confidence, weight loss, greater wealth, deeper love, inspired creativity & more.

​Unlike Holosync soundtracks, with Mind Stim we are actually exercising the tiny muscles and bones of your inner ear with this soundtrack.

Centerpointe Research Institute | Holosync Demo

You’re about to find out why so many people love Holosync!

Grab your headphones, close the door, sit back and listen. You'll be blown away at what 14 minutes of brainwave technology can do!

Centerpointe Research Institute | 5 Day Challenge

How will Holosync change your life over the next 5 days?

​Start improving your life right now with this amazing brain enhancement technology…

A clinically advanced formula with proven ingredients to unlock your brain's potential.

​Avoid the top 3 mistakes that are destroying your memory in this free workshop to improve your memory.

Free breakthrough report reveals the 3 foods that destroy your memory and the 7 foods that will boost it!

Natalie Ledwell | Free Online Success Masterclass | Centerpointe Research Institute

​Join Natalie & top brain researcher Morry Zelcovitch on this free online masterclass where you’ll discover the scientifically proven method to finally get your mind on your side!

John Assaraf | Brain-A-Thon Masterclass | Centerpointe Research Institute

​Join Top Brain & Success Experts to Help You Let Go of Limiting Beliefs so You Unleash Your Fullest Potential

Karl Moore | The Raikov Effect | Centerpointe Research Institute

​​Uncover the legend, and unlock your genius. Learn how a secret Russian experiment can help rocket your IQ score.

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