Where are you on The Optimal Lifestyle Circle

I noticed many years ago that all of us human beings are navigating our way through a rather difficult situation. Being human isn’t easy. Yes, life includes many wonderful things, many joys, and many awe-inspiring experiences.

Still, though, we’re sensitive beings. Many aspects of life are beyond our control, and life includes many difficulties and much physical and emotional pain.

The quality of your life is largely determined by two things: 1) how you deal with the challenges you can’t control, and 2) how you take advantage of those things you can – if you have enough awareness – actually have a choice about.

Master this polarity and you become an extraordinary person. (And, by the way, IMO this polarity can be mastered – by anyone.)

A better (and easier) way to live?

All my life I’ve searched for “a better way” – a way to increase positive feelings and experiences, think and learn more effectively, better manage my emotional life, and reduce my stress-level.

This has led me to look for better and more effective ways to eat, nourish my body, and maintain optimal health; better, easier, and more effective ways to exercise (that I would actually do!); and better ways to give and receive more love and connection, be a better parent, and feel a deeper connection to the world and other people.

And, of course, I’ve looked for ways to become more skilled and more successful in the many activities and endeavors that are important to me.

In this search I’ve tried, adopted, and abandoned many approaches, gradually discovering and refining a number of optimal lifestyle practices, principles, and ways of thinking.

Though I’ve suffered through many mistakes, wrong turns, and dead ends, the lifestyle practices that over time have become my focus have:

1) Dramatically increased my happiness, joy, and inner peace
2) Helped me become more productive and fulfilled
3) Diminished my fears, negative feelings, and negative behaviors
4) Reduced the bad decisions that once made my life much
 more difficult.

And, of course, I’m continually optimizing these lifestyle practices as new information becomes available.

Though I’ve found useful information in many places, the real pearls have come from what is often little-known cutting-edge scientific research. Humanity is in the midst of a “once-in-a-millennium” revolution in several important lifestyle-related areas: 

Brain science: Scientist now know that the brain is fundamental to how we feel and behave – and everything else that makes us human – and how, by changing the brain, almost everything about who we are can be dramatically improved.

Longevity (or what some researchers are now actually calling “age reversal”): Scientists are zeroing in on the six or seven metabolic and genetic processes that create aging (and the so-called “diseases of aging,” and are discovering or creating ways to reverse those effects. Very exciting.

Nutrition and it’s effect on optimal health and vitality: Stunning new research that few are aware of shows that on the recommendations of “respected authorities” (who aren’t up on the latest research) most people are eating their way into disease and early death even though the healthiest ways to eat are known and backed by plenty of research.

Exercise physiology: Researchers are discovering the best, easiest (and least time-consuming) ways to get in shape and stay that way well into “old age.”

Stress relief: New discoveries in brain science and endocrinology can rid you of stress and the terrible diseases caused by an over-abundance of harmful stress hormones

Even in “softer” lifestyle areas more open to subjective interpretation – parenting, relationships, emotional healing, spiritual growth, and “achieving success” (whatever that happens to be for you) – new discoveries are being made everyday that make it easier to succeed in these areas.

Are you willing to wait 20 or 30 y​ears for solutions?

Shockingly, such cutting-edge scientific discoveries, even those with huge possibilities for changing the quality of human lives, typically take at least twenty to thirty years to reach the general public in any practical way.

Personally, I’m not willing to wait that long – and neither should you.

I feel blessed to have had an extensive and solid scientific education, which aroused a passionate interest in learning how everything works. This interest has motivated me to follow (and, in many cases, to meet) the scientists and other experts who are making these astounding discoveries, and to read their papers and books.

And, being a bit of an adventurer and risk taker, I’ve eagerly applied their discoveries, whenever possible, to my own life, even before most other people hear about them.

May I share what I’ve learned with you?

Though this risk-taking has been rewarding, using insider knowledge for myself has never been enough. I’ve always felt a strong desire to share what I learn with others. As a result, I’ve become somewhat of a curator of lifestyle and personal change information, sharing new information about “what works” with others.

And, in many cases I’ve created, tools, approaches, and courses so others can apply these discoveries to their own lives. I’ve even become known as one who skillfully explains “difficult subjects” in an easy to understand – and easy to use – way.

Because I love doing it, I sift through piles of information, in many different lifestyle areas, so you don’t have to. Then I tell you about the best of the best in a way that creates ah-ha’s and allows you to use the information to make your life better.

Because this information is available, you can – and should – take advantage of these discoveries now. Please don’t wait to read about them in USA Today in 2037.

Two ah-ha’s about improving the human condition

In examining, analyzing, and applying these scientific discoveries to my own life – in addition to the many personal benefits I’ve enjoyed – I’ve had two huge realizations. The first is a realization that these twelve lifestyle areas I’ve mentioned (what I’m calling The Optimal Lifestyle Circle)…

  1. Brain Health
  2. Emotional Healing
  3. Stress Relief
  4. Nutrition and Health
  5. Exercise
  6. Spiritual Growth
  7. Longevity and Age Reversal
  8. Relationship Success
  9. Learning and Memory
  10. Sleep
  11. Parenting
  12. Financial Success

And, of course, I’m continually optimizing these lifestyle practices as new information becomes available.

Start, for instance, with stress reduction. If you want to reduce your stress level, and you’re persistent in getting to the bottom of things, you’ll eventually realize that reducing stress has a lot to do with the health of your brain. When you improve your brain health, and calm the parts of your brain that create the stress response, your stress level improves.

But unresolved emotional trauma also leaves a damaging, stress-filled wake behind it, so resolving past emotional trauma also lowers stress. Similarly, nutrition – what you eat, and the effects of the toxic by-products of food metabolism – also affect your stress level. The same connection exists with exercise, emotional intelligence, and the amount and quality of your sleep. Stress also affects your ability to learn and remember, be an effective parent, or create success in your chosen area of life. No matter which of the twelve areas on The Optimal Lifestyle Circle you seek to master, adding others… 

…increases your chances for a richer, more satisfying, more productive, happier, and longer life.

Leave one out and life doesn’t work quite as well – and in some cases creates serious problems. Involve all twelve lifestyle areas and you’ll have the best odds of living a remarkable life.

This, of course, leads one to ask, “How in the world do I keep all these balls in the air? Right now I’m not doing particularly well in any of these areas, much less working on more than one.” This question has occupied my thoughts for many years, and it isn’t a trivial question. Though mastering all these areas doesn’t sound easy, it can be done (though I’m certainly still in the process).

Interestingly, rather than requiring tirelessly forcing yourself to “do what you should do,” practice (and results) in one area makes progress in another area easier. What I’ve discovered about how this is done, however, will be left for another time.

Solving many problems simultaneously (Cutting the Gordian Knot)

The second ah-ha astounded and delighted me when it occurred to me. Looking at current research, particularly in brain health, nutrition, age reversal, emotional intelligence, emotional healing, and stress I realized that for several hundred years we humans have learned much about alleviating disease and suffering through specialization – by looking carefully at individual problems and creating specialized treatments and solutions.

As a result, we now have specialists in heart disease, kidney disease, skin problems, anxiety, substance abuse, and thousands of other areas. We’ve learned to repair faulty hearts, blood vessels, and brains, to treat many different types of mental health problems, and to build remarkable machines and systems to solve these and other human problems.

The results of this specialization has been nothing short of remarkable. What has been missing, however, is what all these problems have in common – they all go together. Much new research reveals that there is a previously unrecognized and largely unexamined fundamental underlying all these human problems. Many scientists are beginning to suspect that this fundamental, if understood and addressed, may solve many, if not most, of the problems we’ve always considered unsolvable.

Really? Age Reversal?

One example: Scientists are discovering that the so-called “diseases of aging” (most of which we take for granted as an inevitable part of growing old, falling apart, and eventually dying) are the result of several interrelated, underlying causes.

A growing number of scientists agree that if we clear up these underlying “causes of aging” the associated diseases of aging – atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, cancer, arthritis, cataracts, osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and Alzheimer’s disease being among the most prominent – may very well disappear.

Aging, the new science suggests, and the diseases associated with it, aren’t “inevitable”. (The specifics of how scientists hope to reverse aging and defeat these diseases is, however, a topic for another time.)

The second big ah-ha, then, is that the age of specialized knowledge (a tremendous achievement that has made human life infinitely better) is coming to an end. We’re entering a new age, a more holistic age, where we’ll be taking a 60,000 foot view of the human condition. From this perspective it becomes increasingly obvious that everything, indeed, does go together.

I’m quite intrigued by this new idea that many human problems are manifestations of one fundamental problem that, when solved, will change human life in astounding ways. Specific physical diseases, emotional problems, and many other human problems – will diminish and, as we refine our science, disappear. 

Find out about tomorrow today...

So you can learn about and take advantage of these new discoveries right away (at least those I’m privy to) instead of waiting twenty or thirty years, I’m undertaking the creation of an online portal featuring the best and latest research- and results-based solutions in these twelve Optimal Lifestyle areas.

This resource is for anyone who wants to be in the know, on the cutting edge – and who wants to create a truly optimal life.

Some of the information in this portal will be free (videos, audios, podcasts, blogs, books, White Papers, documentaries, etc.) while other information will be for sale. Some will be created by Centerpointe, while others will be created by experts, scientists, doctors, clinicians, therapists, entrepreneurs, and other partners we invite to contribute their expertise.

All information, however, will be thoroughly vetted for effectiveness and accuracy, and as new research and information comes to light, we will continually update our offerings.

Peek behind the curtain now before others

This isn’t just another informational website. It’s astounding that nearly every major discovery in human history – technological, medical, psychological, or otherwise – has taken at least twenty to thirty years to reach the general public in any kind of useable form.

Radio was invented in 1895, but radio programs available to the general public didn’t appear until the early 1920s.

The first demonstration of instantaneous transmission of visual images (television) happened in 1909. It wasn’t until the last years of the 1940s and the early 1950s, however, that television programming reached the general public.

The germ theory of disease was first proposed in 1546, but it wasn’t until the 1850s – 1890s that this theory was widely accepted and used to slow or eradicate common human diseases.

I could give countless other examples of this phenomenon in medicine, nutrition, agriculture, and many other areas.

I can’t speak for you, but I’m not willing to wait for decades to reverse aging, eat the healthiest, most life-giving diet, exercise in the easiest most effective way, get rid of my remaining emotional damage, or to solve the other issues I face as a human being – especially when many of the solutions already exist.

Because I personally know or have deeply studied many brain researchers, scientists studying nutrition, metabolism, and health, age-reversal researchers, exercise physiology experts, and other experts making discoveries in the other eight lifestyle areas I’ve listed – and because I’m adventurous enough to jump in and take action – I’ve been able to take advantage of discoveries that few know about, or will even hear about for decades.

I want you, if you’re interested, to also take advantage of these solutions now – which is why I’m building this admittedly ambitious Optimal Lifestyle portal.

​Phooey on Junk Science

Here’s another important reason why it’s crucial that you have this information:

Many of these lifestyle areas are positively riddled with junk science. Most of what you hear about nutrition, for instance, is flat out incorrect and is merely being used to sell you products that are either bad for you or at the very least a waste of your money.

We’ve heard this faulty information over and over until we assume it must be true. In fact, many believe this information with an almost religious zeal. When I suggest to friends that some nugget of information about diet and health they hold near and dear isn’t accurate, instead of curiosity, I get anger.

The Optimal Lifestyle portal will be about what has been researched and verified, not what we hope is true, not about the latest fad, not what everyone else thinks is true, and certainly not what we think will sell well and make money.

We’ll give you the straight scoop regarding what’s junk and what’s been proven. Our offerings won’t be based on ideology or a religion-like attachment to a point of view that lacks supporting evidence.

And, as new evidence comes to light, we’ll update our offerings. We do the investigation to find out what is real and effective, so you don’t have to.

Considerable work, planning, and networking is going into the creation of The Optimal Lifestyle portal, including the newest and best technology to create a state-of-the-art learning experience and an effortless and fast e-commerce shopping experience. 

Are you in?

The Optimal Lifestyle portal will be a treasure-trove of information to improve your mental abilities, emotional health, physical health, and effectiveness. It will help you reduce stress, sleep more soundly, eat better, exercise more effectively (and in less time), live longer, be much healthier, and have more energy. You’ll be able to become a better parent, create more satisfying relationships, and learn how to create more value, make more money, and become more successful at anything you do. 

And much more.

If you’d like to offer something in our portal, please contact us at [email] so we can review it. If you’d like to be on our “Early Bird” email list to receive updates on our progress and additional information about what you’ll find in The Optimal Lifestyle portal, click here.

I began by noting that being a human being often isn’t easy. I was about to say in conclusion that we’re all doing the best we can. However, not many of us really are. In fact, most human beings have given up and have just decided to stay the same and ride things out (though I suspect that few who are reading this are in that group). Most people, though, have resigned themselves to the supposedly inevitable constraints of being human.

I’m asking you to think in a new way and to realize that much of what you thought was beyond your control now can be changed.

This isn’t science fiction. It’s real. We’re entering a new age where many of the problems we thought were inevitable or unsolvable will soon be easy to solve. Some already are. If you like being on the cutting edge, and want to take advantage of “the best of the best” before everyone else knows about it, join us.

Be Well.

Bill Harris

August 8, 2017