Emotional Resilience

Find the profound healing you've been longing for. 

Emotional Healing Planet

Deep Healing from the Inside Out

Much of the damage caused to our minds and hearts began in our youth, and lives on into adulthood, hiding in the shadows...

...until it (inevitably) pops out in covert and dysfunctional behaviors.

Discover the tools to shine a light into the shadows, and experience profound healing...from the inside out.

Emotional Resilience Courses & Content

Heal what's hurt, mend what's broken, and transform your "shadows" into strengths. Start here...

Powered by Holosync: The most powerful personal development and mind improvement tool ever created.

​Give your kids (ages 6-12) immediate relief from stress, frustration and emotional overwhelm, and establish a transformative mindfulness practice that will last a lifetime.​

​​Everyone needs love. Everyone deserves love. And now you can open your heart and take your love and relationships to a whole new level.

WXP | Wu Xing Power Suite | Centerpointe Research Institute

The ​Wu Xing Power Suite helps balance your emotional states.

Experience profound levels of personal fulfillment by tapping into the power of your unconscious mind to create deep experiences of compassion, love, gratitude and forgiveness.

Centerpointe Research Institute | Mind Power

Centerpointe’s free weekly inbox magazine: Tasty morsels of useful and actionable information to improve your life.

Learn everything you need to know ​ mentally, psychologically and spiritually – to create anything you want in life. Take it one step at a time and you'll be amazed with the results.

When you apply these life-changing ways of controlling your thoughts and feelings, you will cultivate deep levels of awareness, and easily create a life you’ll love to live.

Awareness is the “secret key” that unlocks your power of choice over how you feel, how you behave, which people and situations you attract or become attracted to, and how you react to what happens in your life.

Pete Bissonette | Ignition | Centerpointe Research Institute

Learn how starting your car can transform your life! Get a simple, powerful technique to help you get great at living life.

Pete Bissonette | Fresh Start | Centerpointe Research Institute

Could you use a fresh start? This soundtrack, with Holosync® technology, will help you resolve real-time personal issues so you can achieve your goals.

Learning Strategies | Resiliency | Centerpointe Research Institute

Recover quickly and thoroughly from change and bounce back from any adversity. High-level resiliency helps you come out of the situation stronger and further ahead.

Learning Strategies | Paraliminals | Centerpointe Research Institute

Raise your emotions to the higher frequencies for positive and balanced living– even while you're sleeping! Direct your nonconscious mind so emotions don’t run your life through a unique blend of “whole mind” and Holosync audio technologies.

Learning Strategies | Natural Brilliance | Centerpointe Research Institute

How is it that some people easily overcome challenges while you might struggle? Their brain does something differently from your brain. It's that simple. Use Natural Brilliance by Paul Scheele to get your brain to respond in ways that support your goals and intentions, energized with Holosync.

Learning Strategies | Paraliminal Resets | Centerpointe Research Institute

Learn to shift your mood nearly instantly and reset your state of mind in seconds. Paul R. Scheele, Ph.D. uses a unique blend of “whole mind” and Holosync audio technologies to direct your nonconscious mind to positively influence the choices you make, the results you achieve, and the life you create.

Jack Canfield | Breakthrough To Success

Connect with the highest vision of your potential and turn your dreams into reality.

John Assaraf | Winning the Game of Fear | Centerpointe Research Institute

​Overcome debilitating fears, emotions, doubts, anxieties, stress and worries.

Panache Desai | Discovering Your Soul Signature | Centerpointe Research Institute

An invitation to change the energy that surrounds you, find the harmony that comes with self-acceptance, and, in the process, discover your life’s purpose.

​Learn how to heal the hurt caused by others through forgiveness with this 5-day meditation.

When you apply these life-changing ways of controlling your thoughts and feelings, you will cultivate deep levels of awareness, and easily create a life you’ll love to live.

Dean reveals the SURPRISING secrets he learned from the two mentors who changed the trajectory of his life and took him from "miserable failure" to massive success.

A 16-week coaching program that gives you the formulas you need to attract the relationship you desire.

Cynthia Kersey | Live Success Call | Centerpointe Research Institute
​Cynthia Kersey:​ ​Live Success Call

​​Watch Cynthia Kersey’s Interview with MaryEllen Tribby!

Cynthia Kersey | Interview with Bill Harris | Centerpointe Research Institute
​Cynthia Kersey: Interview With Bill Harris

​Watch Cyntha Kersey's Interview with Bill Harris!

Karl Moore | Manifesting Course | Centerpointe Research Institute

Forget hype, embrace science. Discover the truth behind the Law of Attraction, with the No-BS Manifesting Course.

Karl Moore | Hypnosis Bootcamp | Centerpointe Research Institute

Change your life in just 7 days. An intensive hypnotherapy bootcamp for getting healthy, wealthy, confident & more.

Karl Moore | Brainwave Shots | Centerpointe Research Institute

Change how you feel, with a 15-minute audio shot. These quick audio boosts use brainwave entrainment to enhance your performance.

Natalie Ledwell | Free Online Success Masterclass | Centerpointe Research Institute

​Join Natalie & top brain researcher Morry Zelcovitch on this free online masterclass where you’ll discover the scientifically proven method to finally get your mind on your side!

Natalie Ledwell | Daily Flow System | Centerpointe Research Institute

​Awaken superhuman levels of productivity, focus, creativity, and manifesting power when you learn this secret method for getting in flow.

Natalie Ledwell | Never In Your Wildest Dreams | Centerpointe Research Institute

​Join Natalie on this interactive, awe-inspiring journey where you will discover how to embrace your limitless potential and live the life of your dreams!