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That elusive oneness…

by / Saturday, 21 August 2010 / Published in Human Behavior, Philosophy

A few words about that elusive “oneness” so many people seek:

I’m often asked why we don’t feel the feeling of “oneness” with everything spoken about in certain religions. Why do we feel separate? Let’s take a look at this fascinating question.

Human beings are wired to navigate life by making distinctions. If you couldn’t make distinctions  you wouldn’t know what to eat. You wouldn’t know what’s good for you or what might harm you. You wouldn’t be able to recognize your friends. You wouldn’t know whether you were too hot or too cold. You wouldn’t be able to make choices, or learn from experience.

As I once heard Alan Watts say, to be a human being you need to be able to tell chalk from cheese.

To make distinctions, at least at the level of sophistication of most human beings (even a worm can tell the difference between light and darkness), you have to create a kind of internal map of reality, which requires a nervous system that can record sensory impressions and play them back.

That map–and therefore your ability to successfully navigate life–is largely based on your ability to mentally divide the world into separate things and events. The only thing, then, that causes you to feel anything other than a constant and ongoing connection to everything else is your identification of your internal map of reality (and all those mentally created separate things and events) AS reality. To make this more personal, you could say that your identification of your idea of yourself as the real you creates a feeling of separation.

When those conceptualizations about yourself and the world fall away–something that can happen under certain circumstances (deep meditation, for instance)–you experience a feeling of unity. Some people, though, are so attached to their ideas about reality that such experiences of unity are difficult, or even impossible, to have.

Whether you feel it or not, though, your connection with everything else is there all the time. In fact, whatever you’re feeling right now IS that feeling of unity–affected by your identification with all those conceptualizations. Conceptualizations, of course, are also part of that unity. HAVING conceptualizations isn’t the problem. In fact, conceptualizations and distinctions are necessary for your moment by moment functioning and survival. Confusing those conceptualizations with the reality they represent (confusing the map with the territory), however, is delusional.

Once you’ve had a powerful experience of unity, it’s easier to just look around and see how obvious it is that everything exists in relation to everything else, that everything “goes-together”, that it’s all one, flowing thing/event, and that all the “divisions” are merely ideas about reality–useful, even essential, but not materially real.

Most “spiritual” people seem to think that having that feeling of unity is the goal. Though pleasant, even euphoric, I don’t agree that this feeling is the goal of life (of course, your goals are up to you). Until a certain point in spiritual development, though, many people do think so.

Look at it this way. You interact with the universe through your nervous system. That nervous system is designed to make distinctions–distinctions that allow you to survive and navigate your life. While you’re here it will keep doing so, even if you have a profound experience of unity consciousness. This is a good thing. Seeking to escape from distinctions (because a spiritual teacher told you that they create suffering) also means seeking to escape from being a human being. Personally, I don’t see any upside to that. I like being human. The way I see it, the idea is to be human but to do so consciously, by choice.

Though many people make up elaborate fantasies about the possibility of getting rid of suffering and gaining total control over life, being human inescapably involves a certain amount of suffering, and quite a bit of NOT being in control. You have, for instance, little or no control over the many physical forces in the universe–the sun, weather, gravity, cosmic rays, the seasons, etc. You also have little or no control over the agendas and actions of the other 6.7 billion people in the world. For this reason you often get what you don’t want or fail to get what you do want. This creates a certain amount of suffering–in some cases, a lot of suffering.

What’s more, your body is sensitive, which allows you to interact with your environment, and to feel pleasure. It also, though, causes you to feel pain.

Finally, you have no control over the fact that everything in this universe is impermanent. There is no escape from the fact that everything eventually comes to an end, is used up, or falls apart. This also creates suffering.

The perspective created by your nervous system (which is all you have) responds to these conditions as you experience them through your senses. The only variable you can control is the degree of choice you exercise regarding how your nervous system responds. To the degree that you’re aware, you have some degree of choice about how your little part of the whole feels and behaves, which people and situations you attract or become attracted to, and which meanings you attach to what happens (events are devoid of meaning until you mentally add one).

In other words, to the degree that you’re aware you can choose how you interact with everything else, and therefore exercise some choice about what suffering comes your way.

With enough awareness you choose your relationships, knowing the potential consequences, including the suffering that will ensue (as some surely will). The other person may not behave the way you’d like them to, which may cause you to suffer. And, one way or another, the relationship will eventually end.

Similarly, with enough awareness you can choose your actions. You can choose the internal representations you make (which create and sustain your feelings), and you can choose the meanings you assign to the events around you. And so on. Your actions, your internal representations, and the meanings you create each have the potential to create suffering. In fact, they WILL create suffering, some of the time. Certainly having more choice about how you enter into the world of suffering is desirable.

While all this is happening, though, you can’t be anything other than an intimately interacting, relational aspect of the ongoing thing/event that makes up the whole. Whatever you’re feeling, that feeling IS the feeling of the whole, expressed by your nervous system. The only “thing” that exists is the whole going-on-of-it-all, flowing along like water, never-ending, ever changing.

What seem to be supposedly “separate” things and events are really the result of ideas your nervous system has about the whole, nothing more. Every response, action, thought, feeling, or anything else you do, is a response to, a relationship with, a coordination interconnected action of, the whole. It IS the whole, flowing along, seen through a nervous system, a collection of cells that record and play back (inaccurately, I might add) your sensory impressions.

So there’s nothing to worry about. You’re already one with everything. You can’t, in fact, escape from it, any more than you can escape from suffering or impermanence. You can, of course, live in a mental world where you don’t notice your connection to everything else. You can confuse the map with the territory, in which case it will seem as if you live in a world of isolated, separate things and events. This adds to the suffering that is already built into being human.

If you practice being aware, noticing how your nervous system creates your experience of life, you’ll gradually develop a greater ability to choose that experience. If there is a goal, that’s it.

Though there are many methods for doing this, you might give mine a try. It involves a powerful tool that increases awareness–Holosync (see for more information). Then, if you’re interested, I show you where to direct this increased awareness in a way that creates the maximum amount of choice about your life and how you create it. For more information about how I do that, see

Above all, be well.


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101 Responses to “That elusive oneness…”

  1. David says :

    Hi Bill,

    my question is unrelated to this post, it relates however to your a1 support letter 1 (mp3). Where you state that for some people it takes longer than the ap to feel a stage change. You state that you talk about it later on in the support letters, but I’m not sure if you’ve touched upon this subject. Some elaboration on this point would be appreciated.

    And yes, how about we (I) resist a bit less what’s going on in the world and focus on giving more loving value to the people around me? Life would be a bit easier if I relaxed, despite all the big insanities in the world, and focused on creating positive change.

    From knowledge comes responsibility, and if you disregard that you’re not really going to have peace of mind.

    Regards David

    FROM BILL: I guess I don’t understand the question. Yes, some people, because of past trauma, feel so unsafe that they have a highly resistant wall around them. They fight to stay the same because in their mind it affords them at least some semblance of safety. For that reason, they may not experience changes as quickly as those who are more open. This is just a statement of fact.

  2. carlos says :

    Thanks Bill for your new post,

    I think is very important to be aware of our choices and the consequences they bring to us. With awareness We can choose if we suffer , how we suffer , for how long and to what extend. We can suffer about many things ranging from the tragic to the insignificant. We can suffer about wars ,hunger , the lost of a love one etc. We can also suffer about traffic, when somebody key your car or when your favorite baseball team loses.

    When we choose to suffer ,how and to what extend to suffer there are consequences for that , When we choose NOT to suffer there are also consequences.

    I recently lost my father. It was really fast and painful and I was not able to see him in his final days. I could have chosen not to suffer , or I could have chosen to live with guilt and remorse for the rest of my life. I chose to suffer as much as I could for a while and then let it go. I also chose to remember him in all the little things.


    FROM BILL: As human beings, we enter into relationships and become attached to people and things. This ultimately creates suffering because all things are impermanent. If we don’t do this, life is dry, lonely, boring, unsatisfying. The unaware person enters into these relationships unconsciously, without knowing the consequences. In fact, the unaware person stumbles into many relationships that an aware person would probably avoid.

    The aware person enters into relationships by choice, consciously knowing that there is suffering involved, but choosing to enter into them anyway. Because he can choose, there are some relationships he might choose not to enter into (with dishonest people, or violent people, or people who lack the capacity to be intimate, for instance).

    Of course if given a choice most people would choose to enter into a relationship with their father. If you are aware, though, you see that there is some inevitable amount suffering involved, as with all relationships, and you go into it with your eyes open. If you become attached to someone or something, you can be sure that at some point it will in some way end or fall apart.

    All people, unless they die first, have the experience of losing their parents (and the experience of dying without seeing the last part of their children’s lives). You could, I suppose, decide to not be attached to any other human beings because they might leave or die, but that wouldn’t be very satisfying.

    Being aware involves seeing things the way they are, which means that we see that there is a certain amount of suffering inherent in life. Once you are aware, there is a choice. In this case, the choice is to not connect to others (difficult to actually carry out in practice), or to connect to others knowing what the consequences are. I wasn’t suggesting that you can choose not to suffer.

    My condolences on the death of your father.

  3. Sam says :

    I really appreciate the talk around what I and others have termed the one who consciously chooses to be a human being, especially as this relates to how one uses big mind. I notice that I am a small part of the whole, however there are many parts of this universe that are outside of my field of perception that when brought into my awareness teach me quite a lot about the world. When I–the one that consciously chooses–become aware in big mind it’s almost like I can feel the vibrations of the whole universe when I focus on it. I can feel the vibrations of the self, for instance, and not just myself; I can feel the vibrations of the president and am inspired to become more myself, not for what he is (or is not) accomplishing in the world but for who he is and what potential he has to offer. I become much more in touch with my humanity and the humanity of others, and I’m much more in a position to get what I want because this being in tune with the vibration of the universe (if you like) helps me to naturally know how to accomplish my definite major purpose in the world. I like how in this post you articulated this choosing suffering also because there has been a time wherein I would have thought it rediculous to choose to suffer. I now see that there is a lot of teaching in this and that this is perhaps the way for manifestation of one’s dreams to come to pass. For instance if I am in vibrational resonence with the suffering in the world I’m much more likely to do something about rectifying the situation because now it’s personal. I now understand that my personally going after the “higher” vibration doesn’t work, but that rather I must become in tune with the lower vibration of suffering and helps those who have no choice about their suffering to choose a higher interpretation of that suffering that helps them to get what they want. They are in escense vibrating at a higher vibration on the spiral, or one could say a higher vibration as it relates to colours and how they vibrate on the light spectrum, however the change in behavior comes before the high vibration and not the other way around. To me it seems that the point isn’t manifestation or high vibration but rather awareness, and this post has once again driven it home. Although it might be a nice idea to go to some law of attraction speaker, hear them talk about high vibrations, and then play this back in one’s own life to gain the same results, I maintain that a definite major purpose and going the extra mile for humanity is the way to go and for certain populations having a fine-tuned recorder within one’s nervous system might be a profitable business; that was perhaps a bit too long and disjointed. Maybe we can work on a system for getting a more accurate recording device; anybody in the market for one?

    FROM BILL: You mean that your IDEA of being a part of the whole is small. Being part of the whole is an IDEA you have. In reality there is just the whole, which you split into parts in your head.

  4. David says :

    safety safety safety, it is a bitch! and I would speak from experience! as for examples of this in my own life: well, why not give it a rest?! ps: you understood me right, it always boils down to the same issue: not something is wrong with them, but something was done to them.

    FROM BILL: Just to be clear, I’m mostly talking about a PERCEPTION of safety. When people are traumatized they FEEL like they’re unsafe. Because they feel unsafe, they do things in a way that isn’t designed to create happiness, or inner peace, or a certain practical outcome, but rather…safety. If safety is met, other needs become important–but not until.

    And, in most cases, the lack of safety was part of childhood, but isn’t necessarily part of adulthood, though IT FEELS THAT WAY TO THE PERSON. Such a person, because they believe they aren’t safe, does the three things that people do to be “right” about their belief: 1) they attract or become attracted to people and situations that help them be right, 2) they interpret what happens in a way that helps them be right, even if there are other possible interpretations, and 3) they act in ways that helps bring about the “rightness” of what they believe. Any lack of safety in the present is usually caused by doing these three things. The person may have been unsafe when they were a child because people who were bigger and more powerful were doing things to them, but in the present, they are attracting or creating the lack of safety through their own Internal Map of Reality and their own actions.

    And, the only way out of this is to become aware enough to see that you are doing this to yourself.

  5. Mary Alice says :

    Hi Bill!

    At some point in time you hosted Holosync workshops. Do you have plans of hosting another anytime over the next year?

    FROM BILL: It seems that most people cannot afford to come to such events. I’m working on some web-based events as a substitute.

  6. Sam says :

    Where do you get the idea that I feel like a small part of the whole? I could be the smallest dot of awareness and still witness the whole universe, couldn’t I? Whom is the one feeling the smallness; this one experiences quite an awe-enspiring state of mind contemplating the rest if you ask me. Sometimes it’s good I think to experience oneself as the small part observing the big part. Kind of like an experience I had when I noticed my breath as the big part and myself as the small dot, and then noticed the dot expand to take up the whole field again. It was very zen; first the universe as I know it, then when I became the small dot witnessing my changed world, and then the expantion again into the world as I know it.

    PS: Chalk never tastes good! Cheese, alike carrot juice, tastes good unless you let it go bad. Don’t let things go bad

    FROM BILL: I got it from you. You said it in your post.

  7. Chris says :

    Wow, that’s unfortunate about the workshops. Do you plan to do them eventually? Maybe when the economy gets better?

    FROM BILL: Certainly.

  8. Sam says :

    I took from your responce that you were pointing to the safety issue and how the smallness somehow reflected a lack of safety (why would I respond in such a manner) when I was trying to go for the idea of being something small and yet still feeling the whole. When I become the dot I feel that I am not big or small but firmly within the witness that travels and witnesses all parts of the universe, and that is an inspired feeling. I just wondered why you focused on the smallness and then, afterwords, spent a lot of time reflecting. It seems that the trick isn’t to avoid making mistakes, but to reflect upon what happens when one does. I’ll sit with it for a while.

  9. Stacey Richard says :

    I ordered the Holosync CD on the 6th July, but have not yet received it – i have already paid the shipping costs. I have tried to contact the support centre to no avail and have emailed Bill Harris directly to no avail. Order number 1010862. Please could someone contact me with details of when it was shipped? Thank you,
    Stacey Richard

    FROM BILL: Unfortunately, once a demo CD leaves the US it is in the hands of the postal service of the other country, and in a certain number of cases it is never delivered. I would think South Africa would be a little less likely to have this happen than some other countries, but that’s just a supposition on my part. I checked with my staff and we did send you a Holosync demo package in July, so it must have been lost in transit somehow. We have a record of all received emails, and we have no record of having received one from you about this. We will send you another demo package, but you need to email support and tell them your address to make sure that it didn’t go astray because the address was wrong for some reason. So please email, tell them that you ordered a demo in July, that it didn’t arrive, and include the mailing address so they can check it with what we have on file, and we will send another one at our expense.

  10. Sam says :

    “All people, unless they die first, have the experience of losing their parents” “(and the experience of dying without seeing the last part of their children’s lives).” You could, I suppose, decide to not be attached to any other human beings because they might leave or die, but that wouldn’t be very satisfying.

    Who has the experience of “dying without seeing the last part of their children’s lives”? Maybe we might let that remource go?

    Being aware involves seeing things the way they are, which means that we see that there is a certain amount of suffering inherent in life. Once you are aware, there is a choice. In this case, the choice is to “not connect” to others (difficult to actually carry out in practice), or to connect to others knowing what the consequences are. I wasn’t suggesting that you can choose not to suffer.

    I feel this compulsion to connect with everyone, even if the relationship is harmful to me. I then recognized that we should contact all of life, and hence everyone regardless of the suffering that may come from the contact, however I didn’t recognize that I push my “connection agenda” onto others (this is not very satisfying for me and creates a lot of my suffering). I believe that Alan Watts heard that one of his students stayed busy becoming attached to everyone and everything, however just because the one student choose that path doesn’t mean that one “should” become attached to everyone and everything. Perhaps a more conscious approach includes choosing one’s attachments. It may be useful for me to decide not to connect to certain individuals as I heal myself. My issue was that you can’t just get rid of someone as you can’t get rid of desire, as the desire must always be replaced by something else (don’t picture a blue tree, picture a green tree). Perhaps instead of forcing myself to connect to everyone and everything, I can witness the inappropriate connections and replace them by consciously choosing the people I decide to encorporate into my life.

  11. _Jon says :

    Hi Bill,
    It is good to see you writing here again. I hope your schedule allows you to create more to share. I enjoy learning from you.

    I wonder if sometimes you feel that you are writing the same thing in different contexts. If you do, I urge you to keep writing anyhow. Each time you present the information, it is different and I learn different things.

    I plan to re-do the LPIP course a couple years after finishing it and know I’ll learn new things. And I know I’ll recognize a lot of your words and phrases.

    So when you write these little bits on the blog, even when I see the same terms, I appreciate the new arrangement.


  12. Reminds me of a little bit from “The Little Prince”:

    “So the little prince tamed the fox. And when the hour of his departure drew near–

    “Ah,” said the fox, “I shall cry.”

    “It is your own fault,” said the little prince. “I never wished you any sort of harm; but you wanted me to tame you . . .”

    “Yes, that is so,” said the fox.

    “But now you are going to cry!” said the little prince.

    “Yes, that is so,” said the fox.

    “Then it has done you no good at all!”

    “It has done me good,” said the fox, “because of the color of the wheat fields.” And then he added:

    “Go and look again at the roses. You will understand now that yours is unique in all the world. Then come back to say goodbye to me, and I will make you a present of a secret.” “

  13. michelle s says :

    For myself, seeking to feel only oneness is a type of escape. We are human, and we do make choices, in what we believe and how we act upon those beliefs.
    Allowing for the connectedness that is underlying everything- it is a daily matter of ‘chopping the world into bits’. The trouble is realizing they are only bits-and not the whole.
    It is hard to go back and forth- but I suppose that is holding the map to be the territory? Will practice and awareness make this easier?

    Thanks to all,

  14. Jared says :

    Hey Bill,

    I have a question about the sub-conscious.

    Do think that the programming language of the sub-conscious mind might in fact be questions? (as opposed to statements/affirmations)

    I’ve heard this may be true, and I also remember hearing you talk about how using questions like “how can I… ?” or “how do I… ?” when looking to achieve goals etc. usually works. And you know, I’ve actually had some success with this method (although I now prefer to ask myself “why” questions because they tend to assume that whatever it is that I’m asking for already is true – I just figure that looking for “why do I… ?” might be more effective than “how can I… ?” )

    Anyways, I just find it a bit odd that so many people in the area of personal growth advocate the use of affirmations (which I find is almost like lying to yourself over and over – really, it can fee quite uncomfortable if you aren’t yet able to see your internal representations clearly) when it seems to me that the sub-conscious mind might be more easily opened to suggestion by the use of questions.

    What do you think?

    By the way, great post. I always like hearing about the Oneness.

    FROM BILL: Personally, I think “subconscious” is a very fuzzy term. I don’t use it.

    The language of the mind, in terms of your making sense of and navigating your life, are internal representations, of which there are six kinds. Five of them are internal representations of external sensory experiences (internal pictures, sounds, etc), one per sense, plus internal dialog. Affirmations are an example of internal dialog.

    These internal representations are the alphabet, you might say, for your beliefs (which are collections of internal representations about something you think is true), values (which are internal representations about what you think is important, strategies (series of internal representations that lead to a feeling, behavior, or decision), and everything else you do inside that leads to 1) how you feel, 2) how you behave, 3) which people and situations you attract or become attracted to, and 4) the meanings you attach to what is happening around you.

    The question is, are you creating these internal representations (which create or generate those four things above) with awareness (you are observing yourself make them and observing their consequences) or are you making them outside your awareness. I suppose you could say that making them outside your awareness is similar to what some people mean by unconscious or subconscious. As I said, I think these terms are pretty fluffy and indistinct.

    You make internal representations (which, remember, create those four things above) in response to your environement as a way of making sense of it. How you do it is something you learn while growing up. Some people call the method a person has, the criteria a person has, for how they do this “programming.” If you make internal representations outside your awareness, you’ll make them automatically, according to that programming. If the programming is resourceful, most of what you create (again, the four things above) will turn out reasonably okay.

    If, however, the programming isn’t resourceful (a result of traumatic experiences or, sometimes, a lack of good criteria about how the world of cause and effect works), you will create a lot of outcomes that cause you–and probably others–to suffer.

    To the degree that you can observe the internal representations you make (and all the other things that are composed of internal representations–beliefs, values, strategies, etc), as you make them, and also see the consequences that are created as you make them (those four things again), you gain CHOICE over those four things.

    Affirmations, though I don’t think they are very effective (I’ll say why in a moment) are no more lies to yourself than when you say, “I’m going to go to the movies.” All you’re doing is making an internal representation of something you want to make happen, which you do all the time. In fact, you pretty much have to do this in order to accomplish anything.

    The reason affirmations aren’t very effective is that people usually say them for a few minutes, then go back to their out-of-awareness programming for the other 23 hours and 55 minutes of the day. Any successful person thinks about (makes internal representations) of what they want to accomplish. They just do it more informally, and they probably do it more often than a few minutes a day. In fact, super successful people think about their goals all the time.

    The second reason affirmations are often ineffective is that they must be combined with action, and a lot of people who are into affirmations think they are like magic words and just need to be said in order to get the desired outcome. When you make internal representations of something, several things happen. (Think of “I’m going to go to the movies.”) First, you get ideas about how to make it happen. Second, you think of resources you could use. Third, you become motivated to act. Fourth, you develop qualities you might need, such as confidence, persistence, courage, enthusiasm, etc.

    Obviously going to the movies is easy enough that all of this happens without a lot of effort or challenge, but let’s say you want to go to Bora Bora on a vacation. If you make internal representations of wanting to do that, you start to get ideas about how to make it happen. You start to notice resources you could use. You become motivated to act. And, if it turns out to be challenging, and you continue to make internal representations of doing it, you might start to develop the qualities you might need to make it happen.

    “How can I…” questions are just a way to get you to make internal representations of what you want. If you say, “How can I take a trip to Bora Bora?” you have to make internal representations of doing it. Then, those three things–ideas, noticing resources, getting motivated, and developing needed qualities–have a chance to happen.

    I would strongly suggest that you take my Life Principles Integration Process online courses, which will teach you all this stuff–and quite a bit more–in a step by step way. Master this stuff and you master your life. The courses are temporarily half price, plus another additional discount.

  15. Jared says :

    Hey Bill,

    Thank you for your input on the matter. I found it was helpful. Although I can tell you that I don’t always see the internal representations I make, I do feel that I understand the process (intellectually of course, and probably not entirely). I have thought about checking out your online courses before and, most likely, I will.

    I agree that awareness is key. Whenever I observe things with clarity, that’s when I have the most choice over my experience of life. Anyways yes, like those other people what I meant when I said “subconscious” is referring to whatever is happening outside of your conscious awareness. I tend to equate the terms subconscious, unconscious, and “outside of your awareness” as basically the same thing. Maybe they’re not quite the same. Maybe a little fuzzy.

    Essentially what I wanted to know is if you think asking questions might be more effective than saying affirmations when it comes to installing new internal dialog and making new internal representations. I have sometimes found that when I say affirmations – especially ones that I can only assume must be in direct conflict with opposing unconsciously held beliefs – it really feels difficult to say them with belief. I quite literally get an uneasy feeling in my gut (which I can only assume must have been triggered by IR’s that I made unconsciously when thinking about the subject) and I have to stop and take a few deep breaths untill it feels ok again. Probably an issue having to do with my perceptions about what I think is safe or something.

    When I ask myself questions, however, I find it’s a bit different. It feels less uneasy because I know that what I’m asking isn’t really a “lie” – it’s only a harmless question I get to think about. Maybe it’s just me, but after I ask myself a question I then feel as if I can just back off for a while and let my mind think about the answers, and, as you say, I’ll begin to get more ideas about how to make it happen while noticing resources and becoming more motivated to take action.

    I’ve heard that human thought is driven mostly by the questions we ask ourselves. And isn’t it mostly thought that drives human behavior? Obviously I will have to take action at some point. I don’t believe in magical thinking either. I just wonder if I can exercise more choice over what I am unaware of in this way.

    FROM BILL: If you’re interested in the Life Principles online courses, do it now because for about another week there is a quite generous discount.

    I think asking resourceful questions is a very good thing to do. However, if you ask non-resourceful questions (about something you don’t want), you will create bad feelings and outcomes you don’t want. It isn’t questions per se, it’s resourceful questions about what you want. If you ask, “Why do I always screw things up?” or “What is wrong with me?” your mind will think up an answer based on the premise of the question–that you always screw things up, or that something is wrong with you. These questions will clear up if you take the online courses. I can’t really teach them in blog posts. There’s too much information.

  16. John Ramsten says :

    Thank you Bill. Your words gives me space!

  17. october says :

    Dear Bill,

    I’ve been using holosync forever but remain on the first level and also have used the course. But my progress is slow because…well, it just is for me. But one thing I have noticed is that once you get so far into this process of change, it kind of takes over, like I can’t stop it even if I do fall of the holosync wagon from time to time.

    One change that surprises me lately is my need or want of friendship. I used to be preoccupied with the need to make friends or the desire to have more relationships. This is primarily because of my inability to do so – I can turn people off pretty quickly with my thoughtless comments, etc. But lately I’ve come to the realization that I have no need or want of making new friends. People approach me now, which never used to happen, and try to communicate with me and I can see that they are interested in getting to know me better. This is something I used to wish to have, but now I just have no interest. It’s not that I’m desperate to get away either, but just that I can see where it is going and I like it or I like them, but I don’t want to participate.

    I know that we are supposed to change through all of this, but I didn’t see this coming. I wonder where does this go? It doesn’t seem right to me to not be interested in friendship. I have become more interested in people, just as people though, really paying attention to them, but to the point of relating with them on a more permanent basis, I kind of fall into a black hole, like I don’t know what I’m supposed to do or want to do or if I should do anything.

    What is happening? Is this of any significance or am I just too in my head? It seems like the consequence for relating with people, the chance you take when you step into someone’s world, or them into yours, is just too overwhelming. But at the same time, I can’t imagine just going solo.

  18. Natasha says :

    Dear Bill,
    as I was reading your article, I couldn’t help but wonder,
    could it be that if we reclaimed the voice of the master that
    genpo talks about,
    then we would be able to choose when to rest in that oneness
    and when to attach to other people/things?
    And to do so consciously? with choice?

    FROM BILL: I’m not sure about the work “reclaim” (there’s much more involved than just a decision–it involves a lot of awareness, which is why I keep telling you guys to 1) use Holosync and 2) practice watching your Internal Map of Reality [hint: take my Life Principles online courses]), but other than that, I agree.

  19. Jillian says :

    Regarding Sam and his ‘wrapping his brain around” connection and attachment. Being connected and being attached are 2 different things. You can feel connection to everything and everyone yet not be attached. When we become attached to a person, place or outcome and have expectations then we suffer. Does this mean when we are suffering we are not part of the whole? No, it simply means we are attached to an expectation or judging it in some way. The duality thinking…right or wrong. Nothing is right or wrong, it simply is until we make it another way through our human perception.

  20. Ali says :

    Hi Bill , Love your Posts…and Love listening to them on my iPod!!

    Please can you do a Audio download if that’s possible for this post , even though it is relatively short. I find it easier to visualize/conceptualize the often complex ideas you speak about when I can listen to them in a quite peaceful place , staring at the computer screen is normally not that place! Ali

  21. Colin says :

    Thanks for that clear explanation of the Map Analogy. I used to listen to your cd’s during every road trip and replay the part about the map….over and over. I didn’t get it, but knew it was central to your philosophy.

    Now I get it…I hope. Perhaps being on the Flowering level of holosync helps, as I have a greater sense of the attachment-detachment paradox.

    I also like how you wove in the explanation of “suffering”. The philosophy that many people misunderstand because of our innate desire to avoid it.

    And lastly, I’m beginning to understand how important holosync is to truly “getting it”.

    Thanks for your patience and persistence in trying to get these mind benders across.

  22. Chris Z says :

    Great post Bill, thanks! Being aware is powerful and can mitigate suffering AND enhance joy; suffering is only one aspect of being human. There can even be a “sweetness” to suffering with increased awareness: i.e. I recenlty moved with my family from NY to North Carolina (both great places to live, NC being quite a bit less expensive). Upon leaving, I said goodbye to my 77 year old father (who is fortunately alive and in great health). I saw him on a daily basis for years and love him dearly. He’s not much of a phone person (keeps his conversations curt; although in person he can ramble on quite a bit) so I knew our relationship wouldn’t be the same, I knew I was going to miss him (to suffer). I teared up when I hugged him goodbye and felt a pain. When I walked out of his home I felt a real bitter sweet sadness. I thought of all of his wonderful qualities and memories flooded into my awareness. My heart opened as this was happening and I felt lighter….joy was mixed with the pain (suffering) and soon enough the Joy was prevelant. Life can be really beautiful with an expanded awareness!

    FROM BILL: Yes, you make a very good point. It would be a mistake to assume (I don’t think you are doing this, by the way) that I am saying life is all about suffering. I address this subject a lot because it is so central to the human condition. Actually, it is in coming to terms with the suffering built into the human condition that we’re able to really be alive and enjoy being human–despite the suffering.

  23. heavensent says :

    ok, but still, the question I would like to have the answer for is:

    What is THE GAME (and is that why we have that “stupid” mind fucking everything up)??

    FROM BILL: Without your stupid fucking mind you’d have no way to navigate your way through life, to preceive the world, or to enjoy your life. Your mind isn’t the problem. It’s when you think that your ideas about things are the same as the reality they represent that you create unnecessary suffering. Stop confusing your map of reality for the reality it represents and a lot of suffering falls away. The only way to do that is to become more aware (use Holosync) and to learn where to direct that awareness (learn how to observe how you create your experience of life with your mind).

  24. Josh Pearson says :

    Could being in the moment, be the trick to feeling one with everything? Is it only when we’re free of thought and absolutely present that we’re truly one with everything, and that we can’t truly feel it because we’re being it? The moment we attempt to feel it or think about it, we lose the universal oneness?

    Bill, great stuff as usual. Thank you for your amazing program and insight. A true blessing to the universe:)

    FROM BILL: You can’t get out of the present moment, no matter what you do. Even if you think about the past or the future, when do you do that? And, you can’t get out of being connected to everything. That was one of the main points of the post. Read it again.

  25. Mike says :

    Hi Bill,

    You mention above that the online courses are half-price plus an additional discount? When I go to the website it just mentions half-price….how do we get the additional discount?

    FROM BILL: It’s there.

  26. Mike says :

    nevermind…lol. just found it.

  27. heavensent says :

    ok, so you say YOU and YOU, so what is that “YOU”?

    FROM BILL: I suggest that you read what I’ve written on this blog to explain that very question. There is a lot of it.

  28. Hi Bill & everyone,

    I’m going go out on a limb and say having a unity experience is a contradiction in terms, and while you may have an experience you have no way of distinguishing a unity experience from any other kind of experience, technically every possible experience could be a unity experience, because you just can’t know what a unity experience is, at least not with the part of the mind that makes distinctions, and for that matter without a distinction you can’t know anything at all.

    FROM BILL: If you have one, you’ll know.

  29. I will also go out on a limb and say that there is no real escape from the thinking mind, the mind that makes distinctions, because knowing that you are in the “natural mind” involves making a distinction, how can you know your in the natural mind beyond distinction? You simply can’t know, because knowing it would be distinction.

    FROM BILL: First of all, it’s possible to temporarily be in a place beyond distinctions. Second, it isn’t making distinctions that’s the problem. It’s mistaking distinctions (the map) for the things and events they represent (the territory) that is the problem. You CAN make distinctions and have a unity experience, as long as you’re aware enough to know that those distinctions are just ideas about reality. Ideas are part of the unity, but mistaking them for what they represent is delusion.

  30. Ingrid says :

    Very good read, very compelling. Thank you.

  31. Sam says :

    I like that you keep you sense of humor through all of this Bill. :-)

    FROM BILL: Through all of what?

  32. Dorel says :

    Hi Bill,

    I remember, when I was a child, playing with my wooden geometrical blocks, for hours.
    I was crying when mum asked me to go eat.
    When I had to go to sleep, I could not wait for tomorrow to come, and play again, just for the fun of it, being there constantly creating, without any agenda in particular, as you say.
    I must add that none of those around me ever told me what awareness is, but somehow in those moments, while playing, I felt being engulfed, being one with the whole, what today I might perceive, as the consciousness.
    As you described in your blog, and, oh boy is that something, you are amazing Bill, as you gave us the knowledge and the meaning of consciousness and the whole, for us, we had to percept them as ideas, and in my case, now that I have them, here I am.
    I was wandering, if the ideas that we now have, are the once responsible for helping us chose between what serves us well, and as we are witnessing, what does not serve us well, diminishes, and eventually, goes back into nothing.
    Or, is the consciousness, the force above all the other forces known in the Universe, always creating something out of noting, with no particular agenda, just inventing itself for the fun of it, and letting it be, if that something is constructive, or, if that something, that has been created is destructive with no manning or purpose, be dissolved back into nothing.
    I wander if consciousness is creative and destructive, at the same moment.
    But my question is.
    In reality, which one is actually at work, the ideas we put in our mind, that will dissolve what does not serves us well, and have choices over them, or, is the consciousness above them all, doing the job, as long the awareness is brought about?

  33. Hagai Shalev says :

    Hi Bill,
    Your posts are always amazing and thanks a lot for it!
    It seems there’s no MP3 audion version this time.
    When will it be available?
    Thanks a lot.

  34. I’m very appreciative of whatever magic carpet ride the universe lays out for me Bill. Feeling separate is one of them. So is oneness.

    I don’t know if I’d have realized that at this point in my space/time continuum without Holosync.


    Mtn Jim

  35. jOe says :

    Hi Bill,
    Several great points you brought up that brings clarity to how our life field is set up and how, if we choose to be aware and responsible, can deepen our experience. Our discernment as to what degree we give an Inside-out or an Outside-in approach to our interpretation, communication and action in this life tempers our experience. It’ easy to want an all or nothing or black and white approach, But isn’t that a static position, a holding spot to deny the “never ending-ever changing” dynamic that keeps on flowing.
    I appreciate your mention of the nervous system. As a chiropractor, I’m amazed at the lack of importance or understanding to the nervous system a majority of people have. My attention is on releasing the “P.I.T.s (Pressure, Irritation,Tension) to the nervous system and teaching people to build upon their P.E.C.s (Physical,Emotional,Chemical) sensory influences.
    Bill, I feel in Sync.

  36. David says :

    Brilliant stuff, Bill.

    Having read much of your blogs, support letters and the books you have kindly sent over the last few years, I feel whilst this isn’t new information to me, you have shed a new light on it, and explained it in a wonderful way.

    You also touch on the area I most struggle with – and have increasingly struggled with since using Holosync and developing what I hope is awareness – and that is impermanence.

    Your blog makes full sense but there’s some part of my experience that is still desperately wishing to be both permanent and definitely separate.

    Ah – the ego.

    I’ll just keep on with my Holosync and my reading and learning. I can’t pretend it’s easy, but I thank you for being a trusted guide.

    FROM BILL: I suspect that humans, no matter who they are, never stopping wishing for permanence.

  37. Sam says :

    Life, especially with all of this enlightenment stuff. I’m glad to see you keep a humourous aspect to the game; it helps keep Alan Watts alive better than reading quotations of what he said or something.

  38. ade says :

    An interesting article! Worth commenting on I think.

    1) Bill says, “Most “spiritual” people seem to think that having that feeling of unity is the goal. Though pleasant, even euphoric, I don’t agree that this feeling is the goal of life.”

    I agree with that statement. After all, you just have to focus on your awareness instead of focusing on the content of your awareness, and you will feel unity.

    But I say, “So what?”. Now maybe you will say, “No, that feeling is super important and should be the goal of everyone’s life”. But the fact that people can interpret experiences very differently and assign very different values to them seems to me to be what is most interesting and most important.

    Bill also says, “Seeking to escape from distinctions (because a spiritual teacher told you that they create suffering) also means seeking to escape from being a human being. Personally, I don’t see any upside to that.”

    Well that seems very clear to me too. That desire to escape from distinctions is from primitive spirituality – it’s a few thousand years past it’s best-by date! Cutting edge in its time maybe, but not to be taken seriously these days. I think that desire reflects the generally awful conditions of the time rather than anything really deep. Say you have an abcessed tooth today; even if you are poor you are still better off than a king in the same situation 2000 years ago.

    2) Bill says, “Once you’ve had a powerful experience of unity, it’s easier to just look around are see how obvious it is that everything exists in relation to everything else, that everything ”goes-together”, that it’s all one, flowing thing/event, and that all the “divisions” are merely ideas about reality–useful, even essential, but not materially real.”

    This doesn’t make much sense. Saying that divisions are “merely ideas” and “not materially real” is inconsistent with also saying that the divisions are “useful, even essential”. There is a real difference between science and poetry. And a “powerful experience of unity” can be dangerous.

    Bill also says, “It IS the whole, flowing along, seen through a nervous system, a collection of cells that record and play back (inaccurately, I might add) your sensory impressions.”

    I think this a more realistic statement. But that “whole” is an interpretation – it is an interpretation that naturally results when you focus on awareness rather than the contents of awareness. Nevertheless it is still an interpretation – it does not mean that the interpretations (distinctions, divisions) that naturally arise from focusing on the content of awareness are illusory. And the interpretations that arise from focusing on the content of awareness don’t imply that the whole is illusory. The trick is to come up with a metaview that can comfortably include both the whole and the parts. Not so easy, but this is what philosophers like Ken Wilber are trying to accomplish (and they are having some degree of success in my opinion).

    3) Bill says, “with enough awareness you can choose your actions. You can choose the internal representations you make (which create and sustain your feelings), and you can choose the meanings you assign to the events around you.”

    Unfortunately, the evidence as presented by Wilber (and many others) is strongly against this view. Awareness, in itself, is simply not enough. All awareness can give you, by itself, is the trivial kind of freedom that was impressive a few thousand years ago. That “freedom” is of this kind: there’s this dude sitting alone in a cave, intensely aware and feeling very free. But say he leaves his cave and enters the city – maybe someone steps on his toe and he finds that all of a sudden he is very aware of punching the guy in the nose! Or he stays in the forest cave but they set up an ashram around him and maybe he starts being intensely aware of having sex with all his very young devotees (male and female – it’s all “one” right?).

    No, the evidence is that if you want to be free in a nontrivial, modern sense, what is needed is a healthy and wider sense of self. The more developed your sense of self is, the more accurate your internal representations of experience will be and the more able you will be to find deeper meanings in your experience.

    Bill’s Zen teacher, Genpo Roshi, is on record as saying something to the effect that the great Zen masters he trained under in Japan were all at the same level of self development as George Bush, the previous President. Do you think Bush has any real freedom to choose internal representations of his experiences and assign healthy meanings to events? No? Didn’t think so. Yet Genpo’s Japanese Zen teachers were all at that same level of self development even though they were all recognized as being fully enlightened, i.e. as aware as you can be. (It’s recommended that if you want to hear about Japanese Zen masters talking and acting like George Bush, read “Zen at War” by Brian Victoria).

    Now to be fair, the evidence does in fact say that increased awareness tends to ease the growth of this wider sense of self. But there are no guarantees. In fact, an awareness practice can actually turn out to be detrimental to growing this wider, fuller, higher self – if your awareness practice happens to give you a very “powerful experience of unity”, that can easily cause your self growth to come to a halt for the rest of your life.

    Be careful of what you wish for because you might get it.

    FROM BILL: Distinctions can be merely mental and be useful. There is no contradiction in saying so. Obviously distinction ARE useful, and also obviously they ARE ideas about reality.

    One’s interpretation of the whole is, indeed, an interpretation. The whole, however, is the whole. That isn’t an interpretation. When humans talk about the whole, they are talking about their interpretation of it, but when they experience it, though an interpretation might follow right after, what they experience is not an interpretation.

    A more expanded sense of self IS an expansion of awareness.

  39. Phil says :

    [quote] You also have little or no control over the agendas and actions of the other 6.7 billion people in the world. For this reason you often get what you don’t want or fail to get what you do want. This creates a certain amount of suffering–in some cases, a lot of suffering.[/quote]

    I almost stopped reading when I read that (above). Why? Because, it’s the belief that OTHERS can cause an experience in my life. As I understand (believe) I am the only one who causes any and all of what I experience. In other words, I believe I am 100% responsible for my life experience.

    [quote]There is no escape from the fact that everything eventually comes to an end, is used up, or falls apart. This also creates suffering.[/quote]

    There you go again, expressing YOUR belief about something that CAUSES suffering.

    Maybe ‘I’ never come to an end. Maybe only my body does. Maybe if I don’t identify with my body I won’t suffer, because I won’t see myself as coming to an end.

    [quote] The other person may not behave the way you’d like them to, which may cause you to suffer.[/quote]

    Again I disagree. If someone doesn’t behave like I want them to, it’s still up to me how I think and therefore feel about it. Therefore, it’s still up to me whether I suffer, or perpetuate me suffering, because of what someone else did (or didn’t do).

    Ok, you’ve made too many points that I disagree with. I’ve lost interest in reading further.


    FROM BILL: I meant the above statements to apply only to those who are not as perfected as you are.

    Sarcasm aside, (and forgive my bluntness–I’m sure it won’t bother you given that you have such control over how you respond to others) you sound like someone who is arguing about something without having the experience to understand what you are talking about.

    I didn’t say that others cause your experience of life, but they certainly can smack you in the nose and cause your nose to hurt.

    As for your BELIEF about those things you think are not subject to impermance, this is entirely speculation on your part. No one has ever found any evidence for any aspect of the universe being anything other than impermanent. You may hope otherwise, but you aren’t doing this based on any real evidence.

    If someone doesn’t behave like you want them to, I’m betting you don’t like it, just as all the other humans living or who have ever lived don’t like it. You are disowning a key aspect of being human. You may have some idealized notion that this is how you should feel, but I don’t believe for a moment that you actually feel that way. Nor should you. Be human. Admit and be okay with the fact that you are human, warts and all. Ever possible human characteristic, including all of those you think aren’t okay, are in you. No matter how much spiritual development you attain, you will never get over being human.

  40. Theresa Davidson says :

    Just today I sent in an order for Holosync Level 5 and expressed gratitude for the awesome changes that have occurred with my reactions to circumstances and my perceptions of the world I co-create in response to the up’s and down’s, the light and dark that must occur for us to continue to evolve and expand (thus evolution and expansion of the Universal Creative Intelligence). That is the beauty of the gift of choice, it allows for unbounded creation, the true essence of that which we are emanations of. Holosync has been the tie that united what I knew but was programed over at a very young age by all influences of family and society. Holosync broke down the barriers that has allowed me to remember how truly free I am as is everyone else and release judgement’s and unnecessary suffering . I thank you Bill for all that you have allowed to emerge through you for the highest loving good of all.

  41. Andy says :

    Bill, sorry to give this feedback, but if this is a short and succinct one I hate to see your long ones! We get bombarded with information on the net and when I saw yours said short I thought I would go for that but when I scrolled down and saw the length i gave in before even starting, I haven’t enough time in the day to read everything sent to e, however important..sorry

    FROM BILL: I’m sorry for you that you don’t see how much all the other people who took the 5-6 minutes it took to read this piece say they benefitted. But you’ll never read this. If I ever write a post that is one paragraph I’ll send you a special message.

  42. Lynn Taylor says :

    Hi Bill

    Some of your replies on your blog don’t really seem like they are coming from a very loving place, or indeed from someone you might want to be tutored by. Perhaps you were just losing patience with some peoples take on your thoughts…..quite a human reaction.

    FROM BILL: Proud to be human.

  43. I guess you say I have had a unity experience, where I was but one person, possessed of many bodies, many people all thinking they were me, but actually they were all me, with the body of each person representing a different me, and I could travel between my bodies, from one world to the next, like living in a reality with hidden dimensions that my pattern managed to stretch through and exist in many places in many ways, while all still being me, it’s as if massive groups of people were all tied together with invisible connections, interacting as though they were all separate people, not realizing that all their patterns fed into me, and that they were all in effect me, a divine hero, a root psychology, a mystic being transcending all limiting notions. Having had a unity experience does not convince me that there is anything outside the thinking mind, although now I realize that’s not even the issue. Now I have lot’s of ideas, my map says one thing, and my experience says something else. My map says I should be successful and moving towards what I want at full speed, paying the price with the greatest of ease, just like your program says, I’ve even spend 10 months talking to Kate Michels, uncovering my motivation toward guilt, trying to grow my own business, running from my work, and getting so frustrated I can’t handle it anymore. Somehow I started blaming the external, and looking to the external to help me, looking to holosync, and lpip, and core alignment as a savior to help do the work for me, and now I feel like I am an idiot for doing that, because your program is surely amazing, and so it’s Kate’s program, it’s not going to work if a person like me doesn’t place the source of creation inside my own heart and mind. As long as I’m dependent on a source that’s external than I’m going to be frustrated with you or her, and that’s why I’m having so much doubt lately about the existence of some other kind of experience that I’m not having yet. How can I have an experience like this? It’s surely a double bind yes no? Seeking unity (I’ve had a unity experience you read it) and seeking to be in the natural mind (beyond dualism) is another exercise in frustration, because it’s something that isn’t present, something that’s external, something I don’t have. I’m tired of wanting something I don’t have, I don’t want it anymore, I’m fine with what I do have, and that is a thinking mind, and an able body, and a passion to do things, that make me successful, and make others happy. I don’t need an external savior, and I don’t need an external demon to wage war against. I’m done seeking, I’m sick of seeking. I’m seriously fine being a separate me, separate from unity, separate from G-d, really I don’t care, it’s perfectly fine, I’m even smiling right now! Big smile.

    FROM BILL: I hear your frustration. It IS a double bind, but it’s a double bind created my your misunderstanding of what I am saying. The experience you describe above of what you are calling a “unity experience” has nothing to do with anything I’ve ever said. I have said many times, “oneness isn’t metaphysical.” It has nothing to do with altered state experiences, different bodies, and so forth. Instead, I’m making the point that everything is connected to everything else. Period. Everything exists IN RELATION to everything else. In fact, it’s all one, big, flowing thing/event. All the divisions are things we create in our minds. As I’ve said, these divisions are very useful, but they are MENTAL events.

    All you have to do is look around to see that everything is connected. This has nothing to do with mystical experiences of communing with other peoples’ bodies.

    Now, the unity experience I’ve talked about (other than just looking around and realizing that everything is connected) happens when someone meditates and all the mental stuff temporarily stops. When that happens, all the stuff you do to create all these seeming divisions vanishes, at least temporarily. It is a rather startling experience because it becomes really clear that all the divisions are mental.

    However, it doesn’t matter whether or not you have that experience. It’s nice if you do, but your life doesn’t depend on it, nor does your happiness or success. If you use Holosync regularly you probably will have that experience, but if you don’t don’t worry about it.

    I’ve NEVER said there is some savior out there. If everything is connected (which it is) then even if there were a savior, “it” woudn’t be separate from you. Forget about all this stuff. You’ve misunderstood in a way that sets up a whole lot of stuff you think is supposed to be or is supposed to happen that doesn’t exist. No wonder you’re frustrated that you can’t “get it.”

    If you aren’t moving toward what you want at lightning speed, there is a reason. This is pretty clearly outlined in the online courses. If you have been traumatized (and we have have been to one degree or another) you have a belief that certainly things in life are dangerous. This causes you to unconsciously focus on (make internal representations of) what you don’t want in certain areas of life. When you do this, you 1) feel bad, and 2) ironically, you tend to give your mind an instruction to create or attract more of whatever it is you’re focusing on–which is what you don’t want.

    There’s only one way I know of to stop doing this, and that is to observe yourself doing it, as you do it, seeing HOW you do it (which starts with learning to observe your internal representations, as you make them), and seeing the consequences, as you create them. When you do this, what doesn’t serve you falls away on its own. This involves learning to watch your internal processes, which means spending a bit of time each day practicing doing that. If you do that, you will get better at it, and as you get better you’ll see how you’re creating all this angst inside, and all this conflicts on the outside.

    I don’t believe that your internal map says one thing and your experience says another. Your internal map is a reflection of your experience. It is build as a result of your experiences. And, on the other side of the coin, it then creates/attracts your experiences going forward. Only watching with awareness as your internal processes create how you feel, how you behave, which people and situations you attract or become attracted to, and what meanings you attach to what is happening can straighten things out. That is what you need to practice doing, starting with observing, for a few minutes a few times each day, your internal representations and how they create how you feel, etc.

    If you are aware enough (which has two parts: gaining the awareness [through Holosync], and practicing directing it) it will be easier–or at least a lot easier–to move toward your goals. If, on the other hand, your Internal Map is running along on its own, out side your awareness, you’ll just experience whatever it was programmed (mostly by your early experiences) to create.

    So forget about unity experiences. The truth is, whatever you’re experiencing now is that unity, but I’d like you to forget even about that because you’re just thinking to death about it, which isn’t going to get you anywhere. Your post is full of ideas you have added to what I’ve said as you’ve tried to intellectually understand it. Intellectually understanding all this stuff is largely useless.

    Learn to observe your internal representations, as you make them, seeing what feelings, behaviors, etc. that they create. Forget about “figuring it out.” Just learn to observe. If you do, you’ll find out how your own internal processes are creating all this confusion, and everything else in your life. Won’t that be interesting? And, as you exercise this awareness (forgetting about all this other stuff, and all the stuff you think you don’t have, etc., etc.) everthing will work itself out.

  44. Natasha says :

    Dear Bill, I’m gonna do my best to express my question, here goes:

    do you believe that if someone can observe something then that someone cannot be that which he observes?
    That the thing being observed and the observer cannot be the same?
    and if yes, could you please tell me if science can prove this somehow?

    I was having a conversation with a friend the other day, and I was claiming that since you can observe your thoughts, you cannot be your thoughts, and he said “prove it” and I was left speechless! I mean, I know this experientially but I don’t know how to prove it!

    thank you,

    FROM BILL: You are talking about a common method of inquiry in Eastern philosophy. If you observe your thoughts, for instance, what is observing them? Obviously something other than your thoughts. So you say to youself, “Hmmm. What is it that is observing my thoughts? There’s some sort of observer that is different from my thoughts, since it is able to observe them. And, that observer seems to be me. So the thoughts, even if my mind is generating them, must not be me. The observer is me.” In other words, what is “subject” and what is “object”? The subject is the observer and the thoughts are object.

    For many people this isn’t the way they experience themselves, because they are so identified with their thoughts they assume that they ARE the thoughts. It’s through doing this sort of internal inquiry that people realize that there is a distinction between the observer and what it observes.

    In addition to pointing out the above, I would ask your friend what kind of proof he is looking for. His request for proof is kind of like saying, “Prove that this leaf is green.” You “prove it” by having him look at it. In the same way, the only way he will “prove” that he is not his thoughts is to observe his thoughts and notice for himself that there is, indeed, something in there that can watch his thoughts. They are object, the observer is subject.

    This isn’t something you can logical “prove” to someone, any more than you can prove that if you put your hand in a fire it will hurt. People learn this by having the experience, and he will have to have the experience of observing his thoughts before he agrees with you.

    But what difference does it make whether or not he agrees?

  45. Micah says :

    Bill, please do not allow this comment or my previous comment that mentions “Kate Michel” to be shown on your blog wall. I think I phrased my experience with her services and your incorrectly.

    Kate Michels has provided wonderful service, as has centerpointe, and I only appreciate and respect the work you have done.

    What I meant to say was that I was experiencing frustration as a result of something I was doing, not something that was being done to me.

    I was in a ‘dependent’ mindset expecting the external world to have ‘the keys’ to my success and getting frustrated when it didn’t happen.

    That’s when I realized my ‘dependent’ mindset, and decided to become independent.

    As I said I have only respect and appreciation for the services of Kate Michels and Centerpointe. My phrasing was unfortunate.

    FROM BILL: I don’t think your post came off as a complaint about Kate, and I’m leaving all of this up because I think it is instructive, both for you and for others who read it.

  46. Sam says :

    Lynn Taylor: I truly appreciate what you’re saying here because things can get quite heated being that we’re discussing some pretty heavy topics, however I also think that it’s up to the one who’s being tutored to decide their level of interaction (the mind never gives us more than we can handle). For instance in the practice of zen the responceability of personal enlightenment is placed squairly on the shoulders of the student leaving the zen master–or tutor if you like–to only be a guide and nothing more. Similarly I think that it’s up to the student to make proactive changes or otherwise look at the mind to determine what is resourceful and what is not, and many people who look to Bill for answers rather than things to help one explore are those who tend to not own up to their share in creating their lives and hence also tend to get the harsh responces from Bill. All kinds of people are perusing the blog and hopefully learning and evolving an understanding, however many will simply peruse what’s here and go on about their day; there’s a lot out there on the net to read, and no matter how important some things must be sacrificed. I think that much of what’s going on here is for a target audience and Bill’s responces reflect there, and perhaps there’s wisdom in learning whether the responces from people are within the chriteria that this targeted audience has for what’s useful or not; many people are just looking to argue their point in ever more creative ways rather than learning, and I myself know how readily I used to (and still do) get drawn into that map. This is quite difficult because I believe that this targeted audience is becoming more refigned in awareness and hence that target is getting harder and harder to hit accurately, and this makes it ever more difficult to maintain awareness training through blog posts designed for general mass media. It’s quite an interesting challenge, one that I hadn’t thought through in as much depth as I am now. I have to hand it to you, Bill. This is good exercize in metaprograms I believe, and it’s interesting to see this map in action in a forum like this. There are many future challenges in my life that I see you working through wonderfully, and I appreciate the learning.

    Basically it’s up to the student to decide what their goals are and it’s up to the teacher–or in some cases the master/guru–to help that student get there. I think that we all have a huge share in our experience of life, and Bill’s saying that it’s a much larger share than we can imagine. I also think that harsh responces are sometimes triggered for a reason and, in my experience, that reason usually has the purpose of teaching someone something. The goal should be learning about the mind and the ego stuff–while perhaps useful in our character development and deciding how to get what we want on an individual basis–is not that useful because we can’t yet determine what’s useful and what’s not. My point is to I think avoid blaming as much as we can, and perhaps move more toward what’s possible; for instance try to tutor Bill in a productive way which might encourage him to pay you for it. I know that Lynn Taylor didn’t mean anything negative however I’m just illustrating a point.

  47. Gerry Gayner says :


    Thank you for those comments on oneness, I do agree that we have no choice at being one but awareness is also the key.
    Thought I would relate an experience I had the other day. I was awake most of the early morning hours with server stomach cramps (the floating tract really helps me relax). I finally got up because I couldn’t take it anymore and my wife got up later she found me on the floor in real pain (stomach flu or bad food not sure what it was).
    We had plans with a number of friends and I really didn’t want to miss all the fun that day so I told my wife I was going to do my meditation.
    While in the meditation, I got a great sense on oneness and forgave the pain and stomach trouble I was experiencing. I realized that pain and disease was in my mind …. Well without going on, the pain and discomfort was gone in an instant and I had a great meditation.
    The only reason I bring this up if that the Holosync is allowing me clarity and focus and I am only on Level 1 Awakening. It’s very exciting and full of wonderful surprises, thank you.

    Gerry Gayner

  48. Julius Ko says :

    Great Post Bill.

    Hope all is well.

    – Julius

  49. Michaela says :

    Thanks ,once again, for the wonderful ‘food for thought’. I ,too, love the repetition in some of your posts, as it only adds more clarity.
    I know you mention in your reply to Jared that you feel affirmations can sometimes be ineffective. I am hoping on another level that you do endorse their effectiveness when they are used repeatedly and with a growing awareness – since they are being used,in this way, on your wonderful Holosync technology.

  50. ROSARIO [Italy] says :

    FROM BILL: There’s only one way I know of to stop doing this, and that is to observe yourself doing it, as you do it, seeing HOW you do it.

    Dear BILL,
    we have to OBSERVE the “VOICE” in our mind always,
    when it is (+) and when it is (-)
    and SEE the consequences of it,
    or we have to OBSERVE the “VOICE” only
    when it is (-) and SEE the consequences of it ?
    We have to be always the “OBSERVATOR”
    of the “VOICE” because the “VOICE” (+) OR (-)
    has no power (IT IS AN ILLUSION)
    or be the “OBSERVATOR” when the “VOICE” is (-),
    and be the DIRECTOR of the “VOICE” when it is (+)
    telling WHAT WE WANT, HOW TO GET, etc.
    ROSARIO [Italy]

    FROM BILL: The voice in your head, along with the other parts of your Internal Map of Reality, are actually very powerful. All of this creates how you feel, how you behave, which people and situations you attract or become attracted to, and what meanings you assign to what happens around you.

    The real question is whether you do all of with with awareness, or outside your awareness. In the first case, you will have choice. In the second, you will be an automatic response mechanism, living out your unconscious programming.

  51. CG says :


    Are people becoming more neurotic in their replies to your blog, or am I just getting clearer?


    FROM BILL: They have always been neurotic. The same for my replies.

  52. Sam says :

    I have to say that I’ve started to read “Think and Grow Rich” and it seems that there’s a feeling of oneness along with the reading, almost like I’m tapping into something higher that’s already in existence and I’m just now discovering it. It’s as if there’s a thought field around the book, as if all of the thoughts of those who’ve read it before are still floating around in the field, and when I read it I’m immurced in my own thoughts as well as the creative thoughts of others when I experience the oneness coming upon me. I’ve had these experiences of oneness before but it’s almost like so much has gone into that book and it has spurred so much creative thinking towards new ideas and opportunities, that I’m carried along by this momentom. An author that can create a work that involves me so deeply with it has to be respected, and I think that these types of experiences (or motivations for authors and other creatives to create such enspiring works) has been lost to a large degree within our modern and (dare I say) post-modern society. For those who choose to open their eyes to opportunities this downturn in creative thinking, also it may be said reflected in our economic downturn, is probably a great time to get involved with ways to enritch the world with their imaginations. I think that Bill and others sharing this information and furthermore creating forums where we can have discussions about productive thought are the gateways for this to happen. Those of us who can pick up this thread and run with it will prosper for sure; seeking the oneness when it comes along is great, finding out how to attain it is better, and creating a plan for creating the conditions to make this possible for others is parimount. This feeling of oneness I believe solves the pain of many markets, and the one who learns the skillful means of Think and Grow Ritch and other teachings is in a prime position to leverage this knowledge towards something quite amazing.

    I notice that I ask question in relation to the oneness feeling: What do I want and to what degree do I choose to feel it, when do I want it and, more recently, what can I do in return for receiving this feeling of oneness? I also think that asking for the oneness and what I’m going to do in return is sometimes more resourceful to ask before the question of when; you can’t escape the moment you’re in right now. Then there’s creating an action plan but I think we might be getting ahead of ourselves.

  53. Kristen says :

    “FROM BILL: They have always been neurotic. The same for my replies”

    That’s a change. Good for you.

  54. Elaine says :

    Interesting interesting interesting. Thanks for all this food for thought, not only in the blogpost, but in the comments & your responses, Bill, to the comments.

    It is intriguing to me that this post dovetails with some of my recent thinking about my connectedness with all of humanity. I dare say that Humanity is one of the divisions of the Wholeness of Everything; perhaps my becoming aware of my Oneness with all Humanity is a step in the direction of recognizing my oneness with the Wholeness of Everything?

    At any rate — One of my life-long un-safety issues has been about other humans, scary critters that they are. Recently I’ve realized it is kinda’ silly to be scared of “other” humans, in the light of “I am one with all of humanity.” This awareness has improved my social ease—a pleasingly practical result!

    I look forward to becoming more aware of my oneness with the Wholeness of Everything—-perhaps it will lead to feeling more trustful and safe not just socially, but in all aspects of life in this world.

    Further—could we say that our sense of seperateness is a map-error?

    FROM BILL: I don’t think it’s silly at all. Some human beinga ARE dangerous to you. All you have to do is look around and exercise some common sense to see that. If you have read any of my other posts on this blog you will know that I have been saying for some time (I believe I say it in the post you just read) that there is no escape from the fact that all things in this universe are impermanent, and there is no escape from cause and effect. When I say “cause and effect” and mean, in part, the actions and agendas of the other 6.7 billion people on this planet, many of whom have agendas or take actions that result in outcomes you don’t want.

    The problem for many people is that, because of past trauma, they have trouble seeing which people might be dangerous and which aren’t. If something traumatic has happened in the past, especially during childhood, you might generalize that so that any time something reminds you of that trauma you assume that there is danger, even if there isn’t. That is “silly” (though understandable). The “cure” for this is awareness. When you are aware–when you can watch to see how what YOUR DO inside creates fear when there is no real danger, you stop doing it.

  55. Greg says :

    Hello Bill,

    In your August 26th response to Jared you discuss your thoughts regarding affirmations and provide a couple of reasons why you do not think they are very effective.

    Do you also believe this is true regarding the use of affirmations in the Holosync recordings? Does subliminal delivery via Solosync render affirmations more efficacious, or is one just as well off without the affirmations? Thank you kindly.

    FROM BILL: Mechanically saying affirmations doesn’t work because what YOU DO to create how you feel, how you behave, which people and situations you attract or become attracted to, and what you think the events around you mean is much more complex than just what you say to yourself inside your head. Your internal dialog is one kind of internal representations, which is part of what create those four things I just listed. Just saying something over and over, though, doesn’t make it happen. You have to take action, and you have to take into account what you do, both in terms of action and what you do in your head, the rest of the day.

    Many people think that affirmations are like some sort of magic spell which, if you say it over and over, something somehow magically changes you, the world, or other people. While the internal representations you make have an effect on what happens to you, and affirmations are one kind of internal representation, there is no magic involved. There is a process of cause and effect at work in the world, and you have to learn how it works (this is the real “law of attraction” plain old cause and effect as described in physics and chemistry classes).

    Nothing changes other than through the operation of this cause and effect mechanism. Affirmations (your internal dialog) have some effect on that (your internal dialog does influence those four things I listed above), but it is minor compared to everything that influences it, and it isn’t magic. The affirmations used in Holosync soundtracks are helpful, and they are additionally helpful because you are in a brain wave patterns where you are more open and receptive. However, what really creates positive change is AWARENESS, and Holosync use creates awareness. Once you see what you do, moment by moment, to create your life, and can watch yourself do it, with awareness, seeing the consequences you create as you create them, whatever doesn’t serve you become difficult to keep doing.

    Then you’e faced with all the stuff you can’t do anything about–impermanence and most of cause and effect (all those other people, weather, gravity, cosmic rays, the seasons, etc, etc.). You have a small amount of choice IF you are aware. Luckily, if you learn to exercise that choice (which few do) you can create a pretty good life. If you don’t learn to exercise that choice, you have to endure whatever happens, which will sometimes be what you want and sometimes what you don’t want.

  56. CG says :

    Lol @ Bill and Kristen.

  57. Susee says :

    Dear Bill, it takes a few reads, focussed and open to understanding. I love your posts and have missed them, yet it seems like an old friend has turned up again and the conversation starts as if it never ended.

    Finally after reading and rereading your conversation with Ellen re Past Affecting Present that a penny dropped. I shall observe my bad habits, understand that they don’t serve me and let the outcome happen. Wow, wow, wow. Thank you.

    Now to re read this latest blog, this time slowly – I get excited to read about me when no one else gives a damn.

    This is one thing that I can allow to be ‘all about me’ yet I feel the love flow when I am sorted out.

    A quote “The world is like a library with each person a separate book. Each book contains a wondrous story and no two stories are the same.
    In my lifetime I wonder how many books I can open, how many books I can read and how many books I can love” (Sally Huss)

    FROM BILL: I am not saying to observe your bad habits. I am, however, suggsting that you observe how you create your bad habits–a very different task. What do you do inside your head that creates those pesky habits?

  58. Kristen says :

    Well, I was worried he was turning into a grumpy old man. So it was a pleasant surprise.

    It’s a start.

  59. Sam says :

    Then you’e faced with all the stuff you can’t do anything about–impermanence and most [not all] of cause and effect (all those other people, weather, gravity, cosmic rays, the seasons, etc, etc.). You have a small amount of choice (a small part individuated from the whole?) IF you are aware. Luckily, if you learn to exercise that choice (which few do) you can create a pretty good life. If you don’t learn to exercise that choice, you have to endure whatever happens, which will sometimes be what you want and sometimes what you don’t want.

    I’m curious in this example what choice we do have over what happens. I’m learning from Think and Grow Rich that a lot more of cause and effect can come under control when I focus, for instance, on creating an action plan towards getting what I want in different areas of life and being the witness when my productive actions create changes to motivate me towards further positive changes and growth.

    For instance let’s look at the big mind process. I am not the controler of my actions, persay, but when I become the “controler of my destiny” by speaking from that aspect of myself I can notice how my action plan comes to fruition by the way I take action from that perspective to control my thoughts and actions; the controler type holds different lines of development than my “normal” state that I can make use of, and while witnessing this process I then can utilize those normally underdeveloped lines of development within my action plan to prompt me to take actions to improve that line so that I maintain control durring the day and not just in meditation speaking from the controler.

    I think that affirmations can be quite useful in this process because i can remind myself to speak from the controler when I feel I’m too focused on myself and need to focus more on others or what’s going on in the world around me, because then that type can take control of that function freeing me up to be in the world, however I can’t just repeat this process or other affirmation to get me into the controler type to make me more effective. I can use a mantra or whatever to get into that type and experience what that type has to teach me, but after a while I need to integrate what I learn from the controler (or protector or manifestor or the successful one etc) into my daily life (into the lines of development–the skills I’m good at) such that the repeating process is no longer needed. It’s like I need to be reminded that I’m the controler by way of an affirmation or type of persona within that helps me control my life situation, but after a while what’s needed is no longer a reminder but a plan of action to get what I want in the world (which includes a lot of what the controler/protecter used to do, as well as the resources that come from a mantra).

    I personally don’t use affirmations on my holosync cd’s, however fore some it might be useful! Let it be said that there’s no justification for centerpointe including something other than some find it useful, and this in no way reflects mantras in general or makes clames about meditation or whatever. If I put “I am infinite being” on my silent subliminal soundtrack then that program is more likely activated when I use my mantra(this is a sort of back door approach to something that can very readily be learned and aquired by taking proactive action). Because I’m interested in what’s going on in the mind, learned by Bill’s courses and others, I don’t care much about the mantra but moreso on what goes on within the mind durring the mantra or affirmation or whatever. How does that affirmation cause one to focus in a certain way, for instance, by triggering responces? Are these responces universal–when someone says a mantra or affirmation are they assured success– or perhaps is it more dependent on set/setting, the person’s individual internal map of reality etc. It’s all about what the person wants, and I believe that a good company provides what a person wants. One might like to believe that everyone works for everyone else, however this often isn’t the case and we make individual choices. Sorry for rambling; perhaps too much soma makes for a great holiday but not a responce to the blog.

    FROM BILL: As I have said many times, to the degree that you are aware of how you create these things, you have a choice about 1) what you feel, 2) how you behave, 3) which people and situations you attract or become attracted to, and 4) what meanings you assign to what happens around you.

  60. Elaine says :

    Thanks for your response, Bill. As you say, some people really are dangerous–physically &/or emotionally. However, I label my sense that ‘all humans are dangerous’ as “silly” because it doesn’t serve me.

    Intellectually, I’d say that some people are supportive, others are indifferent, and a few oddballs are dangerous. I guess I fit into the catagory of folks who had traumatic childhoods, that’s “why” I am as I am.

    I love love love your approach, of asking not Why, but How. How do I make myself feel endangered by others? I’m not sure what the answer is, but I do notice that I do whatever-I-was-doing much less, after a couple years of dedicated Holosync use. By golly, people are getting less dangerous.

    Does Holosync, because it ‘strengthens’ (for lack of a better word) the brain, actually change my attitudes & behaviors, even if I’m not doing the How? homework?

    For example: I listen to the Gamma Compassion CD frequently, and find myself simply being more compassionate. I didn’t watch or figure out How I was creating my not-very-compassionate attitudes. I knew I wasn’t really very compassionate, I labelled it “part of the people-are-dangerous” syndrome, I accepted it as simply part of being me. But these days…I am more compassionate.

    I recently read an article suggesting that one part of the brain, the medial prefrontal cortex, is what we use to decide “what other people are thinking.” In the past, I’ve thought other people were thinking negative, unkind, or dismissive thoughts about me. (I guess that was part of How I created my People-are-Dangerous scenario)

    Nowadays, I am deliberately choosing to think “they have supportive,kind and positive thoughts about me.” Goodness, that’s much more fun!

    To sum up my remarks: Does simply listening to Holosync change my internal processes—making me more happy & peaceful? Does witnessing my old non-serving processes, and/or discovering How I’ve been creating my experience in the world, help to speed up this process of change?

    I love living as the new me, and look forward to continuing to get happier & more peaceful (tho the process of getting there is occassionally discumbubulating—oh well) and perhaps even more successful-in-the-world. That would be a fine thing!

    Thanks again – Elaine

    FROM BILL: Using Holosync makes you more aware. To the degree you are aware of how you create something, it becomes a choice. When you have a choice, you will always create what serves you (and others). If your internal processes change, it’s because you are more aware of them (and the consequences they create) and you naturally choose to change them to something that better serves you.

  61. ROSARIO [Italy] says :

    Dear BILL,
    are you suggesting to us
    to OBSERVING the VOICE in our mind
    asking “How can I…” ?
    ROSARIO [Italy]

    FROM BILL: Both. Ask resourceful questions and always watch.

  62. Sam says :

    I think you should come up with a name for that such as the “basic self” or something because this seems like a basic pattern we’re all learning about that is universal. The self that opperates in the world of interacting based on: How I feel (my internal state in the upper left) how
    I behave (my actions in the upper right) what people I attract to me and how I am attracted “to you” in general (my interdependent interactions with other systems in the lower right) and what the events of life seem to mean (a reflection of my cultural interpretation of things in the lower left). You could also then distinguish different levels of how these things effect us, for instance how we automatically respond in different ways to very similar situations due to what level we’re acting from (often I think we believe that we are the level we’re acting from). I imagine that these typical ways of responding would fall into certain themes of experience, which are readily identifiable as types of experience; one could use the Meyers Brigs for this, as explained in your course. We could also look at lines of development and witness how when we separate from the level we’re on–by speaking from big mind voices for instance–our map becomes much more inclusive because we don’t need a certain type of map to tell us about the terretory because we’re swimming in it. And finally we could approach the topic from the view of states and further understand why many people don’t know how to access important resource states, and how even though we’re swimming in and through these states all the time unfortunately–due to a lack of basic research–these beneficial states tend to pass most people by without them realizing what a gift they bring. I think that your formula is quite useful however I think that how this information practically applies in the world bipasses most people, if I can argue that my own experience is quite common and perhaps universal at some levels; I DON’T GET IT!

    Perhaps some personal examples from your own life might help me to integrate some of this stuff. I know that you went through one in the lesson on conscious change: can you do a fiew examples here, perhaps in how your expanded awareness of the four things you mentioned helped you to drop some unresourceful relationships, or some aha experiences you’ve had when some piece of the puzzle clicked into place and you understand this at a more profound level than that which was before?

  63. Matthew says :

    Sorry if this isn’t pertinent to the article – I suspect it may rouse your interest anyways – but what do you think of the current economic,social,cultural etc etc circumstances?

    Rather than breaking down each individual facet of society and going through all the changes, level by level, I’ll just be as succinct as I can be. I’ve asked numerous people who are older than I what they think about the current circumstances of this country (leaving out the rest of the world for the moment [since I live in America]). The question is simple: Do you think that this is just another time of “change & growth” or is it, for the first time, a part of a larger degradation. The first time that we leave things worse off for the upcoming generation.

    I haven’t quite gotten any clear answers, so I thought I’d give you a go. I haven’t been around long enough to be able to assess things over say, the decades that you’ve been around.

    My own personal assessment (the best guess I can make) is that we’re going through one of those larger macro changes – say, something that spans decades, as opposed to years, or months. My guess is that something is happening which spans beyond my own years of living in this country. There are all sorts of micro shifts; whether that be in the span of days, weeks, months, years, decades or centuries – keeping with the idea of evolving countries, not the whole planet.

    So, I’ll ask you the same question. With your years of living in this country, what do you think? Is this part of a larger shift? Or is it, for the first time, a regression? A loss.

    Of course one could make the argument that we ALWAYS have the chance of regressing. Whether that shift be at a micro level or a macro level. Thus making it an unknown and that it ALWAYS looks like we’re falling apart during these shifts. But, if you could suspend that idea for a moment and look at it in the context of seeing these shifts take place time and again over you life.

    I’d be interested in what you have to say. And, naturally, leave politics out of it. I know I don’t have to remind you of that.

    FROM BILL: The best answer to your question would be to watch a webTV program I recorded in June, I believe, but I went to check on the url to give you and right now the video appears to be non-functional. Having found that out I am taking steps to get it back up so people can see it. Once that happens, I can give you the url. Can you remind me again in two weeks, say? I definitely do have a distinct viewpoint on what’s going on in the world and why.

  64. Heikki says :

    Thanks Bill again! You made it again.

    By guiding again me develop little more an more a greater ability to choose my experience.

    I bought awakening prologue/level back in summer 2006. I had then only a tiny inner voice which tells me to do so. In the middle of my divorse. Perhaps biggest adversity of my life.

    Luckily, I trusted that tiny voice in my head:-), then.

    Since then, you have showed me where to direct this increased awareness of mine in a way that creates the maximum amount of choice about my life and how you create it.

    Its true, words are only signposts to “somewhere”.

    To experience that, I have only listened holosync. And direct my increased awarnes to those words.

    And suddenly, I have been wake up all my life.

    I just didnt knew that, before;-).

    Every day from that living nightmare back in summer 2006.

    Like late honorable Bill Hicks said, “its only a ride”;-)

    Life, I mean.

    (Now pur3 cd3)

  65. Mike says :

    glad to see you’re still on the rock david. hahahah! peace dude

  66. Heikki says :

    David, mere? I have stick time suggestions in the direction. In other words, I have read the instructions since the first cd back in -06.

    Little bit substance, I am former finnish mensa member. My iq is calculated to be over 160. That was 1996. Yes, very good, indeed. (In finland you have to have over 148 to mensa)

    So, I dont think that i have misread the instructions.

    But, back in 1996 i had not woken up yet;-). In that time my emotions were 100% of identification items to me.

    Today they are just messengers from me to me.

    Who is my life most important human being? Person whom I see in the mirror.

    What I see when I look at the mirror? A human being.

    And nowadays Im the best father to my children, the best worker to my employer, the best man to my woman, the best…the list is endless.

    And coming even better…;-)

    Its true, the best is the worst enemy to good.

    David, and the other guys, be well;-)

  67. geff says :

    It’s my first time posting here after following discussions for some time now.

    @ David, I too continue to be amazed by the Many literally Zooming through the program.. I started Holosync April ’07 and am ‘ONLY’ on AL3 D4.. about to enter AL4. And guess what? the pace seems just right for me!

    Am Happily committed as an Inner Circle member to see it all the way through.. so why hurry? :-)

    The changes so far.. Incredible!

    THANK YOU Bill for creating this Program & for the Work you continue to do..

    Geff (from Kenya!)

  68. Matthew says :

    Sure, i’ll write it down. I’ll remind you in 2 weeks. Actually, that’s a good thing, because I was going to say it could easily be an entire blog post in and of itself.

    Are webTV links backwards compatible with the PC? I have no idea. It may just be the software. Either way, i’ll post in 2.

    FROM BILL: It’s just going to a web page to watch a video.

  69. Sam says :

    Is this centerpointe tv a new thing? I clicked on the link that Dave put up and noticed some very interesting commentary on social mood and depictions of the waves that the social mood goes through, and this way of thinking–masterfully explained by Bill–is very stimulating to me. Is there some sort of email list where I can subscribe and be notified when new shows come out? This is a fascinating direction that you’re taking us in regarding this new wave of thinking and I’d appreciate staying up to date with where this new addition is going.

    I also have another question although I’m not sure if you’ll have any control over this. My computer has problems playing the videos as they’re being streamed, and I wonder if you could provide some way of downloading them to my computer alike the blog posts? Thanks, and keep up the great work! I like that you’re being proactive about getting information out there about how we might work with our own social mood and that of the society around us, because it illustrates–as Nepolion Hill once did–how we can also be proactive in making our world the way we choose it to be.

  70. Heikki says :

    To all of you, especially to David. And also to me;-).

    Change just your own perspective, and you have changed the whole world.

    Try to change the world, and you have mission impossible.

    A key issue is, “Am I ready for anything?”

    Are you?

    The only thing that determines is the attitude.

    Just desire, do not resist.

    Do not resist even “the lack of awareness of the general population…”:-(

    Just desire more awarnes to yourself;-)

    “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference”

  71. Heikki says :

    What is the one and only thing that separates humans from animals?

    Only man is capable of Intellectual development throughout their lives

    Are you fully ready to that?

    Intellectual development throughout your life?

    Attitude determines, again.

    Fear and courage grow when exercise, you can only choose the driving force behind your thoughts.

    Consciously or unconsciously.

    Holosync has helped me to choose consciously

  72. Catherine says :

    I’m struggling to grasp the ‘social mood drives everything’ scenario. I thought I had at one point but the doubt persists.
    What makes you so SURE that social mood can’t be manipulated?
    Most people are running on programmed responses. Programmes are easy to manipulate and infiltrate. That’s why we have anti virus installed on our computers.
    I will be bold and suggest that a human being operating at his programmed level is not unlike a computer. Easy to infiltrate and unaware that it is so.
    Are you saying that social mood has put him in this position perhaps?
    I’m not trying to lock horns, just to understand.

    With regard to Heikki’s comments I would say that you can stop resisting and accept EVERYTHING emotionally but you can still DO something at the same time. Have a look at what Gandhi and others did at the salt march in 1930.
    The world embraced the satyagrahis and their non-violence, and eventually enabled India to gain their freedom from Britain.
    God won’t grant anything darlin’.

    Catherine x

    FROM BILL: I suggest that you google “socionomics” and read about it if you want to know the massive evidence that social mood drives everything else.

    Social mood is possible, as a matter of fact, BECAUSE people act as automatic response mechanisms. Social mood is a type of herd instinct. The way to, at least to some degree, step out of social mood (at least so as to observe it, even though it will affect you emotionally) is to become more AWARE (where have I heard that before?).

  73. Matthew says :

    Yes, that works David, thanks. Entitled: Is the world coming apart at the seams. That’s the one you wanted me to see, right?

    It’s a bit glitchy, but it does the trick. I’m sure I’ll have some questions by the end of it.

  74. Matthew says :

    Curious, can you give me any statistics of male to female holosync users?

    FROM BILL: About 55% women and 45% men. Good odds for finding a wife. Bad odds for finding a husband.

  75. Elaine says :

    A few questions arise as I read through the comments:

    1. to return to the original theme of Bill’s BlogPost: Is “social mood” an expression of our social one-ness? Do we herd-fully partake of the prevailing social mood because we can’t help but do so, because we are that one thing, the (human) herd.

    2. On the other hand, for those of us who are conspiracy-minded: If social mood is being manipulated, is Bill Harris one of the manipulators? (Conspiracy-mindedness is perhaps part of the social mood, these days.)

    In my small circle of influence, my “social group” I like to be a social-mood-manipulator. So many of us succumb to “newscaster syndrome”, that impulse to spread low-vibe, gloomy news; when that is the social-mood in my world, I do my best to manipulate it. How? With a smile, with a quip, with peaceful wisdom, with something, anything, that raises the social mood. The nice thing is, the herd can’t help but experience the raised mood; we is all one.

    In oneness, Elaine

    FROM BILL: Social mood is, simply put, the herd instinct. Everyone affects everyone else. People tend to do, think, feel, believe, etc., based on what other people are doing, thinking, feeling, and believing. In a survival sense it’s safer. Yes, some people are centers of influence (including the media, the governement, and some others). What they do, however, is generally driven by social mood (though it of course affects social mood also).

  76. Catherine says :

    I HAVE googled ‘socionomics’ on your advice many moons ago. I get news letters and everything!! (small round of applause please). Maybe I am a dim wit.
    I understand about the herd instinct, we’ve discussed this before AND about stepping out of it……

    You say social mood is possible BECAUSE people act as automatic response mechanisms. I AGREE WITH YOU!!!

    What I am saying is that between the ages of say 5 to 16 on average, the time in a human’s life when he is most malleable and impressionable, he is more or less programmed to BE an automatic response mechanism by the education system. Forget the family input! Most parents hardly see their kids these days. Just think of the possibilities! Within the education system you have the opportunity to create automatic response mechanisms which, correct me if I misheard you, make social mood possible! What an incredibly easy way to engineer a herd instinct in the name of ‘learning’

    Homeschooling has become a dirty word within the education system because children who think for themselves are undesirable it would seem. In the UK you are open to accusations of child abuse if you homeschool. It is seen as highly suspect and unfortunate for the child. This is not hot air, I know this as I homeschool my son and will continue to do so.

    So to encapsulate, if you programme the minds of our youth fron 5 to 16 within the education system (and this obviously happens) you are in effect CREATING social mood. Surely the ultimate manipulation?

    Catherine x

    FROM BILL: Social mood has existed since caveman days. It is not driven by schooling, lack of schooling, parenting styles, or any of these other things. All of these, in fact, are responses to changes in social mood.

  77. CG says :


    Re: the social mood discussion between you and Catherine

    Is social mood the “first cause” then? Nothing drives social mood? It just changes, and being aware of those changes is the choice you have?

    I do subscribe to the socionomics newsletter too, so I am somewhat familiar with the elliott wave patterns and how it influences pop culture and some other interesting events.

    I suppose we are always looking for a cause. Is that even the right question to be asking though?

    FROM BILL: No one knows the cause of anything. The only people are “sure” they know are making up something in their head and then saying that it is “the cause.” The universe, including where it came from, where it’s going, and why it is the way that it is, is a mystery.

  78. Heikki says :

    Catherine, its true that you can stop resisting and accept EVERYTHING emotionally and you can still DO something at the same time.

    I only speak about me and my goals. I have short term goals, medium term goals and long, very long term goals.

    One of the short-term goal, which has realized to my world, is totally economic freedom to choose whatever i want. Translate, today money is only very a good servant to my mind. Before that it was a very hard taskmaster in my mind. Thanks to holosync, I woke up.

    One of the medium-term goal, which is realized to me more and more. Understand all people. And this has happened only because I understand myself more and more. Thanks to holosync, I woke up.

    One and only my long term goal, is to be the second highest vision of what I can imagine.

    “God”, “Manitou”, “Allah”,”Higher power”, what ever name you give it. Thats the highest vision.

    To be the second highest vision? That must be at least the son/daughter of the god.

    And what mother/father can, can also the daughter/son.

    Well, Im god. I create my world today. I created that also yesterday, and 20 years ago, and….

    What comes to the matter that India got freedom from Britain? Well, “finland got freedom from russia and sweden” about 100 years ago.

    So, I do not need to liberate finnish people anymore from them. I just liberated me. To be only a human being first and foremost.

    “Finland and the Finnish man” is just imagination. Like “Usa and american man”.

    All honor to Gandhi, but he was also only one example what a human being can achieve. A human being, such as Sidharta Gautama, like Jesus, like Mohammed. as some of the Jewish heroes, like any human being to human history.

    A good example what you Catherine and also I and about 6 billion more people on earth at the moment and in the future can achieve, and even more.

    With holosync or without holosync.

    I chose holosync.

  79. james says :

    Hi Bill,
    I remember you talking about impermanence and about how it gets harder to ignore as you age.
    As you like to read , go to the ‘all about dim’ web site. There are many more articles on the net about DIM.
    Those little 250mg capsules don’t do it for you. Take a heaped teaspoon full, you will forget about impermanence all together.

    FROM BILL: And if you forget about something, is it gone, or are you just deluded about it?

  80. Sam says :

    Can you say something about holosync and increased musical ability? I notice that my internal representations of sound often change to reflect my feeling a state of oneness, and often times a quite musical sound will accompany certain feelings of oneness: I used to think that I was going after only one destinct state that I could call oneness, however now that I’m listening to the sound I notice that there are actually a few (perhaps many) states of oneness that one can go through. I’m playing around with the internal map of reality course and am practicing using different metaprograms in meditation, and I notice that the more I stretch myself the more I notice different musical sounds and the more I seem to attune myself to these sounds and increase awareness; this is almost like tuning to different stations on a radio and getting different awarenesses as a result, and the more the radio is tuned the more stations it seems to pick up. At any rate I was just wondering if you’ve noticed anything interesting happen to your musical abilities due to your holosync use. Also comments from others along this line would be greatly appreciated.

  81. Money Play says :

    If the Wave Principle governs social mood, what governs Elliott Waves?

    FROM BILL: Elliot waves are a description, a measurement, of social mood, as reflected in the stock market, which changes more rapidly in response to social mood than anything else humans carefully measure. As such, the movements of the stock market reflect changes in social mood.

  82. Catherine says :

    The Gandhi comment was only meant as an example of taking action (doing the right thing) when the odds seem stacked against you! It wasn’t meant to be taken so literally (Heikki and David). I’m sorry about that.

    As for the social mood debate I see now that confusion reigns. Personally I was equating social mood with ‘the mood of the times’ rather than the herd instinct. I realise that the herd instinct can’t be manipulated into being in the way I suggested in my earlier post. If we are cattle, then we are prodded in response to our behaviour. (Hopefully that makes sense)

    One thing I DO know is that my thoughts and suggestions are not set in stone and that the great thing about this blog is that you can air them and learn from the feedback. I hope that will always be the case.

    Going back to the herd instinct/social mood, doesn’t it come from the so called ‘reptilian brain’ or R complex. That part of the brain that governs the fight flight response and other behaviours such as aggression and territorial behaviour?

    Catherine x

    FROM BILL: Again, pretty much everyone who is pontificating about social mood has not studied the evidence and is speaking from ignorance. I brought this subject up (in my web TV program) because I think it is an important igredient in understanding what is going on in the world and how humans behaviors unfolds. Those who are interested should study it further. Those who haven’t studied it should not be so damn certain that they understand it and have earned the right to dismiss it. Personally, I don’t care whether you (and I’m not speaking so much to you, Catherine) agree with what I have said about social mood. If investigating it helps you understand life, great. If you are someone who already thinks you understand everything already, that’s great, too.

  83. Catherine says :

    ‘There are different models for presenting ideas about emotional intelligence, but the key concepts are alike. We share emotions with animals. These originate in the limbic system of the brain, which helps regulate emotion, memory and certain aspects of movement. Long-term memory and sense of identity seem to be located in this system.
    This enfolds the reptilian system – that part of the brain where almost involuntary responses take place. The instinct to fight or flee, to engage or dissociate, is determined by the state of the reptilian brain. Emotions are more sophisticated systems, but are also at the mercy of what happens in the reptilian brain.
    Above the limbic system sits the neo-cortex, where cognitive processes occur. This capacity is what differentiates us from other mammals.
    But, expressed starkly, the most sophisticated cognitive intelligence can be shut down or disabled by panic or anger: emotion can trigger the basic fight/flight response and make reasoning helpless.’

    Just one explanation of the reptilian brain but they all say more or less the same thing ie that it is BECAUSE of the herd instinct that your emotions can be manipulated. All the manipulating programming that goes on (as David so passionately stated!) is effective due to the herd instinct, but it doesn’t drive it.

    Here’s hoping that makes a modicum of sense

    Catherine x

  84. Catherine says :

    I’ve realised that I’m still stuck in the herd. Just an ‘alternative’ herd.

  85. Mike says :

    I found the following chart useful in showing the difference between the common way of thinking about social behavior and a socionomist’s (one who follows social mood) view:



    FROM BILL: A good site for basic information about social mood, with a number of additional resources for those who want to know more.

  86. David says :

    where the hell do elliott waves come from anyway?

    FROM BILL: As I said, perhaps you’d better educate yourself about this. You don’t seem to know much, if anything, about a subject you seem to have so much to say about.

  87. james says :

    Just take the DIM Bill, your missing the point.

    FROM BILL: I know. I keep doing that.

  88. Yoniray says :

    Hi Bill

    As I was reading your post I realized I have come a long way since the beginning of 2008 when I started to use Holosync.

    I have not experienced yet that “oneness”, but I certainly got rid of depression, anxiety and lots of fears. I have some consciousness now, which makes me able to make better choices and decisions (before Holosync I was always in Auto-pilot).

    Thank you very much for putting together The Map of Reality Expander, The Accelerated Change Maximizer and The Success Solution Courses. Each one is unique and complements each other in perfect harmony.

    I am looking forward to the next Retreat. Please bring them back. We need them.

    Warm Regards,
    Yoniray Donis
    (NOT a paid advertisement)

    FROM BILL: As I said in the post, what you are feeling right now IS that oneness. This is it. Now. Whatever is happening is it. Everyone is connected, and this is how it feels.

    Now, if you get your mind out of the way (which you can’t decide to do–sometimes it happens, and it’s more likely to happen if you meditate) you experience this connection directly, without having your map of reality (your conceptualization of reality) in the way. That map, though, is also part of the interconnectedness of everything, so perhaps having it “in the way” is just part of how things are, at least most of the time.

    Actually, your mind probably stops doing its dance quite often when you use Holosync.

  89. David says :

    @james, I’m not the smartest of them all, so if you know something I don’t, you could share it with me. What’s your point?

  90. Catherine says :


    I feel it would be wrong of me to stay silent and not support David in what he says to some degree.
    I clearly remember you saying (now don’t start getting all neurotic Bill!) that when social mood is positive corruption is still going on, it’s just that you don’t notice it. So your comment to David regarding the 90’s is confusing. Despite the social mood being positive surely it is possible that some people still see the corruption as they are outside the main herd? I would suggest that David is one of those people and that wherever his information is coming from it has value.
    I know you’re not having a go at him but your comments seem ambiguous. Is that helpful, I’m not sure?

    You yourself have written about the holographic universe and some of the most respected physicists we have talk about multiple dimensions existing in the same space, so what David is saying about other entities etc doesn’t seem particularly obtuse to me. Perhaps certain aspects of magical thinking will eventually turn round and bite you in the bum.

    Catherine x

    FROM BILL: Entities from multiple universes? You must be kidding. Show me one iota of evidence for such things.

  91. Sam says :

    It is the goal of everyone to stay in the position of protagonist within their own story and I believe we’re all doing our best to do that, and things like social mood and the responces that come from us individuals as a result often come up as antagonistic forces in our lives to teach us to wake up and maintain the position of the protagonist. This means that I am in charge of my story–or internal map of reality if you like–and my beliefs and values support this theme for the most part. One must be certain of this aspect of life–that I alone am the protagonist within my story that is responceable for it turning out as I choose–and the beliefs that one must hold to maintain this position, and I think what we’re dealing here is with the study of what the typical responce is when the one in charge is nocked out of that position. For instance for David he’s obviously feeling that what we’re discussing here is antagonistic in some way to his beliefs and values, and hence feels that he is no longer the protagonist in his story; these antagonistic forces within the universe don’t all exist within the visible dimention of reality that most of us subscribe to. The goal of most of us is to get in charge once again so that we feel that we are the lone decider in our world, however I think that what Bill is pointing out is that being in charge is simply not enough to maintain social order or to improve it to some degree if that’s what we’re interested in. The goal may be shifted a bit toward witnessing by our noticing how we typically respond to antagonistic events in our lives and noticing how many other possible solutions come up for our dealing with our problems. I’m in the process of doing this myself so I’m not quite sure how to maintain the position of the protagonist with so much going on in the world that I can’t control, however I’m sure noticing how my current strategies for maintaining my position of the antagonist don’t seem to take me very far. For instance my calling George Bush a monster doesn’t do much for my position as it makes me look antagonistic, however pointing out that “someone like him *would* come up with something so monsterous as a new world order” puts me in much more of a position to argue from because someone who would do something we all believe is so monsterous must be a monster: I stand on a firm foundation because I argue from the position we’ve all taken rather than try to point out the “obvious” truth that he is a monster.

    It seems that from my little bit of study that uncertainty triggers things to happen and the more uncertain the situation the more that the responces to the uncertainty tend to cluster around certain themes or patterns that can be witnessed by studying the movement of a social structure over time. We can witness within groups how readily people give up their power position of being the protagonist to the situation around them and you can start to notice certain themes within the responces, and when one starts to witness these things it’s much easier to notice when one is falling into one (forgive my redundancy) of those grooves. It’s scary but it’s almost as if these grooves already existed–as if set up by something or someone–and are just awaiting people in uncertain situations to fall into them. I’m just trying to point out the grooves (or waves) as Ken Wilber and some others like Bill are doing, and am trying to come up with tools (like the four quadrants etc) which more readily help us navigate these already existing structures to accomplish what we want. It’s much easier to witness what’s already out there and work with it than to put a bunch of energy taking action against these structures that are much larger than I am; I’m only one protagonist against the many antagonistic forces that exist within not only this world but all worlds.

    If we’re not having fun than it aint worth doing. Please, David and everyone, don’t get so worked up about all of this… If there is nothing we can do about this situation than why worry and create all of this anxiety about it? And if there is in fact something that we can do to rectify the situation through witnessing etc than we’ve got it covered, and why create worry and anxiety over all of this?

  92. Catherine says :

    Fair comment Bill. Indeed there is no evidence I can show you.
    Moving on swiftly……..

    Catherine x

  93. Ganesh says :

    David, you are the same age as me! That’s cool. I thought you might have been older.

  94. Catherine says :

    Moving on swiftly………. to the ‘Starchild Skull’ ! You asked for an iota of evidence so perhaps this fits the bill. No pun intended.
    As DNA testing has revealed, this ancient skull is not entirely human.( long story ) The custodian of the skull ( Lloyd Pye ) is awaiting funding to proceed to a full genome test to prove beyond doubt. Part of the DNA that they have extracted cannot be matched with any other DNA on the planet. Fact. But as you will know in the scientific community you cannot prove a negative. I know Lloyd personally and have not just lifted these facts from the internet.
    Is the DNA off planet or just something that has NEVER been seen? Fancy helping him to find out?

    Catherine x

    FROM BILL: This proves..what? This sounds like “There are lights in the sky that look like flying saucers. They must be something from another planet.” As if that was the only explanation. In fact, it’s the least likely explanation, and in your example the idea that DNA is from another planet seems just as unlikely. In fact, it sounds ludicrous.

  95. Mike says :


    Recently I was exposed (not for the first time I might add) to the idea that all we perceive we are percieving from inside of ourselves. Basically that our sense take in a ‘supposed’ outside world, but what we are perceiving subjectively is that world ALREADY filtered by our senses, judgements, etc and then assembled in the theater of our brain (which leads me to wonder how we even know what a brain is if what we perceive as one has already been filtered…).

    This idea has really overcome me and know I feel as though I FEEL it to a certain extent as though I’m looking in on the world instead of out on it. Does this way of perceiving fit into your understanding of reality? I don’t know if I’ve wondered down some unknown path here or if I’m on the right track, whatever that is….


    FROM BILL: Yes, you have a nervous system that creates and stores internal representations of reality based on information that comes in through a group of senses. What you experience as a result is not exactly what is out there, and it also isn’t the same world your friend next to you sees, either. But so what? That’s life. Every creature has developed some ability to sense it’s environment and respond to it in order to navigate and make sense of it’s life. Otherwise it would end up extinct. That ability to sense the environment and respond to is is what it means to be conscious or to have consciousness. Obviously the world is different depending on the senses employed and the nervous system that is interpreting it.

    From my point of view I’ve always wondered how one can do this most resourcefully, which turns out to be correlated with how much you are able to be aware of how your senses and nervous system create your experience of life, as you do it. The more awareness, the more choice you have in how you respond. The less awareness, the more you have to fall back on automatic responses, which are often so generalized that they create outcomes you don’t want.

    While it’s fun wondering about the metaphysical aspects of all of this, I suspect that those questions are ultimately unanswerable (yes, I know, some of you have “answers”–I’m talking about credible answers).

  96. carlos says :


    Is social mood the same all over the world or can it be different moods in different countries or regions at a particular time?

    You said that social mood is the herd instint or something like that, if that is so I think it can be manipulated by leaders at least to some extend.

    how can social mood catch on to people who dont live in the same region? Nowadays everything is much more conected but a century ago , people were more separate and news traveled really slow.

    I have experienced personally how the herd emotions can catch on to people ( during a parade for example) and they become crazy. But I cant see how the herd emotions can catch on to people who dont have contact with each other.

    I think that people who talk to much about conspiracies are just enjoying being victims of something they have absolutely no control over.

    Since the beginning of humanity in all political systems there has always been a small group of people who control and enjoy most of the resources by any means necesary and it will always be like that. whether we like it or not. if you dont like it , do something about it and see how it works for you otherwise live your life the best you can.

    I dont see how social mood has been much different from century to century.
    All centuries have been full of wars and problems no exception


    FROM BILL: Social mood can be different in different parts of the world, though these days the world is pretty connected.

    Rather than saying that you think this or that about this subject, why not educate yourself about it? Find out what those who have been studying it for decades have discovered, and what the evidence is, rather than just posing opinions based on “what it seems like” to you.

    Social mood moves in well-defined fractal waves based on fibonacci number relationships. Those in power are responding TO social mood, not creating it.

  97. Catherine says :

    I know it’s the least likely explanation. I’m not a moron.
    The results of the testing so far are baffling though.
    He does have something unique it would seem.
    I should give you an earful for being so scathing without having studied the ‘evidence’ Lloyd has provided, but of course I won’t…….

    Catherine x

    FROM BILL: From the sound of it, I doubt that any real scientist would take him seriously.

  98. Catherine says :

    David, keep your chin up.
    I’ve grown to trust Bill over the years and find that there really is a deeper understanding to gain from what seems to be harsh criticism sometimes, even if you can’t see it at the time. Some of the comments I get back make my toes curl.
    I have learnt that even when you really, really KNOW something is true (or think you do) you will later find that the picture is incomplete at best. If we were truly aware we wouldn’t hold our beliefs or what we see as the truth so close to our hearts. There is always room for doubt. When Bill asks for ‘evidence’ it is because without real physical evidence of ‘entities’ or the like that can be shown to all, it is just a judgement you have made based on your ideas about what you see. It doesn’t even mean that you’re necessarily wrong about everything, but I think it helps to take that on board.
    This comes from somebody who still has peculiar visions when she looks in the mirror, so I know how it feels.

    Great post from Mike by the way.

    Catherine x

  99. carlos says :


    You are right. I know nothing about social mood. In fact the first time I heard of the term was in this blog.
    The topic is very interesting and I would like to know more about it.

    Where is a good place to get some basic general information about the topic??

    I also get how people in power respond to social mood . I Know a little bit of history and I think that in fact many people got to power as a result of the social mood at a particular time in a particular country. They saw where things were going and they took advantage of the situation.

    It seems to me though that some leaders can influence the social mood. Not that they can totally manipulated or dictate where is going but influence it.

    I might be wrong and I dont have a problem with being wrong. I dont have a problem with being corrected either but I post my opinions because is a way of debating about an interested topic and if somebody that knows more than me correct me then I learn something new.


    FROM BILL: Google socionomics

  100. Mike says :

    So this must be the beginning of a truly relative perspective on the developmental ladder. I knew about relativity but now I’m EXPERIENCING it. And you know, I kinda like it :)

  101. nathan says :

    Hey Bill,
    I just saw your response to Carlos above, and saw you mention “Fibonnacci”.
    Also, one of the posts above mentioned how social mood sounded astrological, so, I thought you might like to take a look
    at this website:, and pay special attention to the links on the right side with the word “AstroFibonacci”.
    According to the Magi Society, the fibonacci numbers are actually VERY close to what they term “planetary motion ratios”.

    They provide many examples on there website to illustrate their scientific approach to astrology ( using examples that include recent and past stock market highs an lows)
    Also, the society was founded by a group of Shaolin Monks in China over 300 years ago, therefore, I feel as though their outlook on peoples “Internal Map of Reality” and yours, may very well be quite similar:)
    Also, for anyone interested, here is a link to a Magi astrologer’s blog post about a scientific study done by RCA a few decades
    ago, that implies that the way the planets line up around the Sun actually affected shortwave radio transmissions :

    FROM BILL: The entire universe is composed of fibonacci relationships, which seem to be build into everything. This is not, however, related to astrology. Astronomy, perhaps, but not astrology.