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My thoughts on religion, or, “Hey, Bill, What do you think of Jesus?” (plus little bits of other interesting stuff)

by / Wednesday, 24 October 2007 / Published in Uncategorized

“If I am what I am because you are what you are, and you are what you are because I am what I am, then I am not I and you are not you.” –Hillel

This post has answers to a few quick answers to your posts, including a marriage proposal, a little bit of “religion”, and then a few recommendations for you

To Louise, who asked why there are additional levels of Holosync after Awakening Prologue, the initial level:

In the third Follow-Up Support Letter we send new participants, there is a Special Report, How the Holosync Technology Works, which explains how each new level differs from the last, and why we have multiple levels. The short answer is that the Holosync we use in Awakening Prologue, the initial level, is pushing your brain to change. At a certain point (usually about 4 months, though sometimes as much as six) the brain finishes creating all the new neural patterns it needs to create to handle the Holosync stimulus we’re giving it.

This is very much like what happens when you run a mile everyday. At first it is challenging, but as you do it each day your body creates the cardiovascualar structure it needs in order to handle running a mile. Once they have been created, you would need to run more than a mile to create the same amount of challenge for the body, and to get in even better shape.

So, with Holosync, your brain reaches the point where it can easily handle the level of Holosync in Awakening Prologue. At that point, if you find yourself saying, “Wow. This is amazing. I like what is happening to me, and I want more,” you can go to the next level, where we make Holosync stronger (the Special Report explains how we do this). Then, you meditate with that level for about 6 months, at which point you are probably ready for the level after that, and so on.

We don’t just give you the strongest stuff because we’ve found that even people who have been meditating for decades are challenged by the first level, and those who, in the past, tried the deeper levels without first going through the earlier levels had so much mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual upheaval that they couldn’t handle it (I was one of them). So you could say that each level, to go back to the running analogy, is like adding miles to your run–giving the brain more and more challenge, which creates continually deeper changes. (A much more extensive answer, including how we change the technology in each level, in How the Holosync Technology Works, in Support Letter #3.)

To Mada, who thinks my posts are too long:

I make the post long enough to say what I want to say, and no longer. I’m not sure how else to do it. Hopefully, they are interesting enough that you want to read them. If not, that’s okay.

To Alemenis, who wants to marry me:

Thank you for the offer. I am very flattered, but I am taken. I’m sure you will find someone, though. You sound very sweet.

To Michael:

You can become a Centerpointe affiliate by going to

To James:

We send information about the Floating soundtrack with Awakening Level 1. You can also call support at 503 672-7117 between 9:30 and 5:00 Pacific time.

To Jeannie:

We have no data regarding how Holosync will affect Asberger’s syndrome, and therefore make no claims in that regard. I would be willing to bet, however, that Holosync would have a positive effect on your son, as it seems to on everyone who uses it. Please let me know.

Okay, on to today’s topic (be sure to see a few recommendations I have for you at the end of this post).

I’m going to get back to continuing my discussion of the whole idea of human development in a new post in the very near future, but I want to take a little detour and address something I’m often asked about.

People often say that to avoid problems one should avoid discussing religion or politics, but I want to talk a bit about religion today anyway. I get letters from time to time asking what my religion is, or what I think about Jesus, or Christianity, or if I believe in this or that religious idea or point of view, and I’d like to address those sorts of questions today.

Now that I think about it, this actually does relate to what I said in my last post about stages of human development. You’ll remember that I discussed four broad stages of development–preconventional, conventional, postconventional, and transcendent (also sometimes called integral or unitive). The interesting thing about these levels of development is that no matter who you are, no matter what experience you have, no matter what idea you look at, you will view it from the perspective of your developmental level. Each developmental level sees things in a different way and from a different perspective. This includes religion (and, for that matter, politics).

So, if you are at the preconventional level of development, you will view religion from that perspective. The preconventional perspective is, in a cognitive sense, pre-rational. In other words, this level does not yet use rationality and logic to evalute ideas, situations, and so forth. It is a level where magical thinking is the order of the day. A Christian at this level, then, would be likely to focus on and be attracted to the magicalness of Jesus and Christianity–Jesus’s miracles, the virgin birth, the resurrection, heaven, and anything else that conforms to the person’s magical view of reality.

The same would be true for any other religion, too–Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, or any other religion. A preconventional thinker will interpret that religion from a magical-thinking point of view. Hinduism, for instance, is full of “miracle stories”–things that don’t conform to the known laws of physics, but are believed to be true anyway, regardless of the lack of anything other than anecdotal evidence.

Someone at the next level, the conventional level of development, tends to see things in terms of black and white thinking. There is a Truth, we have it, and you don’t. You’re either with us, or you aren’t. We’re the in-group, and those in the out-group are in serious trouble, because they don’t have the Truth that we have. Thinking at this level is dogmatic, and so is religion. Rational thinking begins to be available at this level, and magical thinking fades, but the choices are very black and white.

From the conventional level, IF you were to choose which religion you wanted to follow (which is a big if, since in most cases, you’d probably just believe whatever your family, or your culture, believed), you’d probably look at the beliefs–the dogma–of each, and pick the one that either made the most sense to you, or made you feel the greatest amount of security or pleasure, or perhaps the one that had the social environment in which you felt most comfortable.

The point is that you’d be looking at someone else’s idea of what the Truth is, and then deciding whether you liked it or wanted to believe it.

Thinking at this level is very much in-group/out/group thinking. Those who agree with our Truth are okay, while those who believe something else are in a heap of trouble. In Christianity, those who don’t accept the True Faith will burn in Hell for eternity. Islam has similar ideas about “infidels.” Buddhists and Hindus believe you will remain on the wheel of samsara for thousands of lifetimes. And so forth.

At the next level, postconventional, you’re past black and white thinking. You see that the world is complex, multi-dimensional, paradoxical, and that black and white thinking, while tempting in its simplicity, doesn’t even come close to accurately describing what’s really going on. You also see that rational thinking, while valuable, isn’t everything (a pathological version of postconventional sees all thinking and rationality as bad, and thinks that everything is or should be about feelings–we’ll address this in another post at another time). While healthy postconventional sees rationality as useful, it has also found other ways of “knowing” (intuition, for instance), and since life doesn’t happen all at once, linear thinking, which sequentially looks at one thing at a time, doesn’t capture reality very well.

Thinking is worldcentric at the postconventional stage, so the idea of us vs others doesn’t work anymore. In terms of religion, you begin to see the commonalities, rather that the differences, between religions. The World Council of Churches is a postconventional idea.

At this level you’re no longer looking for a dogma to answer the questions of what is right, what’s it all about, and who you are. Instead, you’re starting to look inside yourself to find your own answers. You might say that at preconventional and conventional levels, the authority for what is comes from outside. At the postconventional and transcendent levels, the authority is you, not some outside authority.

A Christian at this level would, for instance, see Jesus as an example of the kind of consciousness all humans can attain, whereas the conventional Christian sees Jesus as the great exception–he’s IT, and you’re not. On a similar note, conventional Christians see humans as sinners needing saving, whereas postconventional Christians tend to believe that people are basically good, with unlimited potential, that God wants you to be happy, and so forth. These Christians tend to say things like, “God wants you to be prosperous.”

Examples of postconventional Christians would include Joel Goldsmith (I particularly love his books), Emmett Fox, Mary Baker Eddy (founder of Christian Science), and Ernest Holmes (founder of the Church of Religious Science).

One more thing about postconventional religion. Though postconventional sees the commonalities in all relgions, they still do not like conventional religion. They may see the truths in all religions, but they see the religious point of view of prior stages as wrong and harmful. You see this in the attitude the American left has about the conventional Christianity of the religious right.

Finally, there is the view of religion from the transcendent level. This is where things like enlightenment come in, where you’re looking at the reality behind all the other realities–the Ground of Being, the Void, the Field of All Possibilities, the One, Unity Consciousness, Christ Consciousness, and so forth. Meister Eckhart, or Father Thomas Keating (of Contemplative Prayer fame), would be examples of Christians at this level. From this perspective, you certainly are no longer dogmatic, because the whole idea at this level is to BE it, not to believe in something about it. At the transcendent level you do the internal investigation and the spiritual practice to find out for yourself what it’s all about.

And, from this perspective, instead of seeing the point of view of the other stages from a critical point of view, you see that magical, conventional, and postconventional approaches to religion are all exactly what you would expect from someone at that level. Though someone at the transcendent level may see the limitations of these other views, they don’t make them wrong, which would be like making a child,or a teenager wrong for not being able to see the world from an adult perspective.

So, if I make what sounds like a critical remark about Christianity (which I’m actually not sure I’ve ever done), I’m speaking of conventional and preconventional Christianity, not ALL Christianity. And, more to the point, when I use examples from Buddhism, Hinduism, or Taoism to describe certain spiritual ideas, or put forth a point of view from one of these religions, it doesn’t mean I’m trying to get Christians to become Buddhists, Hindus, or Taoists. It just means that these groups have done a lot of internal investigation into spiritual states and stages, that I happen to be familiar with their investigations (both intellectually and in terms of my own experience) and these groups have some pretty good metaphors to describe them. Actually, transcendent level Christians say the same things about reality, why we’re here, what’s it all about, and so forth, as do transcendent level Buddhists, Taoists, Hindus, or Jews.

All religions definitely have their dogmas, which are adopted and clung to by those at that level of development. But the mystical wings of the Eastern religions tend to be much more developed than those of Christianity, Judaism, or Islam, in the sense that many more people have gone inside, investigated that realm, and shared their experiences and their instructions for doing such an exploration with the world. I wish it weren’t so, but I would say that fewer Christians have reached the postconventional and transcendent levels of development.

If a conventional Christian hears me talk about Buddhism, then, they naturally assume that I’m advocating a Buddhist dogma, since that’s how they look at religion–as a choice between this or that theory, this or that dogma, as offered by an outside authority.

But I’m not advocating a certain dogma. I’m not interested in dogmas, and I don’t get my information from outside authorities. I get it from my own internal investigation (though I do appreciate the “how to find out” instructions of those who have gone before me).

What I’m really saying is: don’t just believe what someone else has told you regarding who you are and what it’s all about (including me). Established churches, whether Christian, Islamic, Jewish, or anything else, tend to be at the conventional or preconvention level, and have a doctrine ready-made for you. They have their idea of who you are, what it means to be human, what the important issues are, how you should behave, how you should relate to God, what constitutes right and wrong, and a lot more. And, they have a perceived “institutional power.” They must know what they are talking about, because they’ve been around for centuries, or even millenia, and they have zillions of followers.

Perhaps you think that your favorite religion does have it figured out. And, maybe they do. I’m not saying that everything taught in a dogmatic religion is wrong. But to just accept that they do and what they believe with no personal investigation is, I think, a mistake–or, at the very least, a type of spiritual laziness. Dogmatic religions discourage you, in fact, from doing any personal investigation.

This is one reason why conventional religions emphasize faith. If you actually investigate something for yourself, you don’t need faith. If you’ve never been there, and I tell you what it’s like in Bolivia, you have to take what I say on faith. But if you go there yourself, you don’t need faith. (As a matter of fact, I’ve never been to Bolivia, but I’ll bet I could convince a lot of people that I knew what it was like, and the people who are telling conventional level people the nature of reality haven’t been there either!)

I’m suggesting that you do your own investigation to find out who you really are–instead of accepting on faith someone else’s ideas about this. And, there’s a lot of evidence that meditation is the most potent way to do this type of investigation. And, as you know, my personal favorite is Holosync meditation, though that’s certainly not the only way to do it.

Of course, if a person wants to accept the dogma of a certain religion, and that’s as far as they want to go, that’s a personal decision, and I’m not suggesting that anyone has to do anything different.

Though they do have their own forms of dogmatism, in most of the Eastern religions (Buddhism, Hinduism, and Taoism, for instance) this type of inner investigation is standard practice. Buddhism, for instance, is essentially a dialog with a teacher designed to help you discover who you really are, and over the centuries Buddhism has evolved sophisticated and repeatable methods for doing this. Nearly all religions have a sub-group that has similar methodologies for looking within. These sub-groups are generally referred to as “mystical” but you could read this as “investigative” rather than as something woo-woo and metaphysical. There are mystical Christians, mystical Muslims (Sufis), mystical Jews (Kabbalists), and so forth.

The connecting link between these mystics is that they follow a certain recipe, a certain injunction, that has been found to be effective in revealing the secrets of what it’s all about–“do this, and you’ll get this result, have this experience, gain this insight”–and, it is repeatable in the sense that if you do it, you’ll get the same results. And, in each case, regardless of the cultural context, you find those who follow the injunction (“meditate in this way”, “pray in this way”, “contemplate in this way”) describing the same basic experience, the same insights, the same realizations, regardless of their culture or religion.

So, when people ask me what I think of Jesus, or what my religion is, or some similar question, or when people see me using examples from Eastern religions, it definitely is not because I want you to become a Buddhist, or that I want to destroy your faith in Jesus, or anything remotely along those lines. It’s because I want to take you beyond the stage of blindly following a dogma (if you are), and get you to look inside, where I know from experience that the real answers can be found. There’s a price to pay to find them, but it’s very much worth it.

Those who have done this tell me that their faith is strengthened, not diminished. If they are a Christian, they become more solidly Christian. They end up saying, “Ah-ha. NOW I know what Christianity is really all about.”

So don’t take my word (or anyone else’s) for anything. I’m not asking you to. I am, though, saying that if you want a certain result, here is the method for getting it. Try it for yourself and find out.

A few recommendations:

***Amazing transformational female poetess Zayra Yves will cause your toes to curl. Every woman I know who has heard her stuff is blown away. Guys, too. Check her out at

***Genpo Roshi is a Zen Master, with the largest lineage outside of Japan. Genpo has a process, which you can experience live, or by watching one of his DVDs, called Big Mind/Big Heart. This process (I swear this is true) takes you into states of unity consciousness in less than 3 hours. If you want a taste of what this is like, this is the way to do it. I did this process at the last meeting of the Transformational Leadership Council, and everyone was blissed out for days. Really. Visit Genpo is the real deal, a real enlightened master, but also a real, normal human being.

***Genpo Roshi and I will be doing a killer 2-day workshop in Los Angeles, February 9-10. Stay tuned for more details.

***What I’m reading: Actually, I’m simultaneously reading about eight books, but for those of you who like books about the mind, the brain, and consciousness, this one was recommended to me by Clifford Saron, head scientist for the huge meditation study being conducted by the Santa Barbara Institute for Consciousness Studies, and it is GREAT: In Search of Memory: The Emergence of a New Science of Mind, by Eric Kandel.

Shameless self-promotion department:

I received this email the other day, from someone who was ordering the last level of the program, Flowering Level 4, and I thought you might like to hear his perspective on Holosync:


Dear Bill, (Director)

I just wanted you to know that I ordered my last set of CD’s today. I’ve been with you a long time.

I just wanted to thank you for providing this wonderful life-changing product! I have really enjoyed the journey and look forward to listening to my final set of CD’s.

This has been truly one of the best one things I have done in my 50 years on this planet.

And I am pretty certain that it will/has benefit(ed) me when I leave this body. “It seems to have also worked and advanced my immortal soul, but that’s just between me and you.” Just an interesting little in-sight!

Thanks, again
David J.

And with that, I’ll say farewell for now.

Be well.



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127 Responses to “My thoughts on religion, or, “Hey, Bill, What do you think of Jesus?” (plus little bits of other interesting stuff)”

  1. Joseph says :

    Thank you for this post on religion. It’s very interesting to hear this perspective, as it puts into words what I have believed for a very long time — and helps explain some of my frustration with traditional (conventional) religion and their dogma. From my earliest memories I could never accept dogma (in my case catholic), and I guess now I have a better idea of why.

    I have also experienced Genpo Roshi’s “Big Mind” process, though not with Roshi himself — with a “disciple”, if you will. I did find it extraordinary, and it was the first time in years of meditating I had ever experienced that level of “bliss” on my own, and have it be replicable. Still, I find Holosync to be much easier and more “fun”, but have been curious about how I might fuse the two methods together and have been wondering about your take on this. That you know about and recommend this Big Mind is encouraging. Have you done the Big Mind process while listening to Holosync? Do you know anyone who has? I’m only just into my 3rd week of the Awakening Prologue (it’s been going extremely well!), and am interested in hearing your thoughts on this potentially powerful combo. thanks!

  2. Charles says :


    Thank you for another wonderful article.

    I’m happily amazed at how congruently synched your interest and thinking is with mine. We even read and have explored many of the same books, religions and philosophies.

    I always look forward to “feeding” (feasting actually) at the table of your thoughts.

    Thanks for all you do.


  3. Claire Campbell says :

    Hi Bill,

    yes I understand fully where you’re coming from. I believe that I am at the transcendental stage in my life as a Christian. However I use discretion when I am having a conversation with another person at a different level as I don’t like conflict and disharmony. Of course diffences of opinion happen occasionally but I am not fearful of it like I used to be.



  4. LaVonne says :

    Wow, I loved reading your information on “Pre-conventional”, “Conventional”, “Post-Conventional” and “Transcendent”. I have often thought of the different levels, however I could never put a word to them. Just this morning I was channel surfing while getting ready for work. I stopped and watched for a second Pat Robertson (I believe that’s his name, the 700 Club guy) and thought to myself, this guy is still trying to convince the world he has all the answers and the rest of us are going to burn in hell.

    Anyway, now I have words to go with my “feelings”.


  5. alin c patularu says :

    Very interesting blog bill. I dont believe in any organized religion. I believe each man is his own god.

  6. Blake says :

    Wow, your thoughts on religion are completely spot on. You’ve described my exact view on it (post conventional). I never knew I could be put into a category on level of thought but something about it makes me feel a little less lost. I’m surrounded by people who follow strict dogmas and I’ve always felt bad because no matter how hard i try i can’t follow along with them. You’ve also showed me in this post that I have somewhere else to go and I understand what you mean by exploring yourself to find the answers. I’m still on Awakening Prologue and it is very impressive. Thank you for providing me this, and a new goal to reach. The transcended state of awareness. Have you reached this state? If so, how amazing is it? (I know you probably have, I just want you to describe the transition so i get excited.)
    Thanks again.

  7. Yoram says :

    This is great.
    Thank you Bill for this very “stepped out” point of view.
    Very relaxing one.

  8. Peter Gulka says :

    I think I agree with your evaluation about the different levels of religiosity…ness.

    I enjoy being a member of a church that encourages people to pray and communicate with God themselves, and to read scripture and pray to know whether it is true or not by themselves. Never is a piece of doctrine taught that is expected to be taken at face value without personal contemplation, prayer, and study.

    I am only a few weeks into Awakening prologue but I can attest that it has had a direct impact on how I am approaching my faith and helping me clear away a lot of the clutter that had gotten in the way of me really diving into my church as a lifestyle and not just something I do on Sunday.

  9. Matt says :


    Great post! I understand your reasoning behind your views of religions, but when it comes down to brass tacks, what *specifically* do you tell people who ask “so what religion are you.” Surely you don’t go into this long description. Do you just say something like “well I don’t align myself with any particular dogma?” I ask because my views are similar to yours, but I have a hard time coming up with a succint answer to people.


  10. John says :

    Hey Bill,

    I’ve been on Awakening Prologue for just about 4 months now and just ordered Custom Level 1. It’s been a very promising journey so far and I’ve hardly even started.

    I wanted to send out a big THANK YOU for the success song email you sent out today! I was wondering if something like this existed.

    Songs lyrics can become a large portion of your internal dialogue (mental programming) because of the elevated emotional state music can trigger inside while listening. Unfortunately, I think most people are unconsciously harming themselves with the music they listen to on the radio.

    Become CONSCIOUS of the lyrics of the songs you listen to and then ask yourself if those lyrics are what you want playing in your mind over and over (there are some that are positive, most aren’t however).

    Great stuff Bill, please keep it coming-

  11. Graeme says :

    Thank you for the most concise and informative discussion on (organized) religion that I have ever read. You are a master when it comes to taking complex subjects and making them simple and understandable.


  12. David says :

    Hi Bill,

    Another fantastic blog entry. Very interesting, thank you. By the way in the mystical schools, you didn’t mention next to “Christian” (Gnostic). I grew up in a Gnostic church, so thought I’d just point that one out :O).

    Thanks again for the wonderful insights,

  13. philip says :

    Hiya Mr Harris. I want to say thank you for this bit about religion its helped me see things in a different way. I used to have a study with jehovahs wittness group and it messed me up inside. I realised its not for everyone but I felt the instilled fear for years and suffered hugely through that experience. I think I have a clearer understanding after reading this new post. thanks phil .

  14. Robin Laing says :

    It is intellectually satisfying to hear about the connection between religion and level of personal development – it makes sense. I grew up in a ‘Christian’ environment and always questioned the gaping unexplained hole at its core – its lack of structure, while often feeling and being aware of the love of Christ and other ascended masters. The dogma was the winner in this world rather than the truth. This has all lead me to Krishna conciousness and Bhakti yoga – the idea of liberating oneself from the wheel of material existence by the selfless service to the Supreme personality of godhead. I still question and one of the main reasons for me using the material (I have almost finished awakening prologue) is to find a truth in myself that connects me to THE truth if you get my drift. I like the comment made by the person starting the last level on this issue – any other such feedback? love & light, Robin

  15. hannan says :

    Dear Bill,

    Very well explained your reflexions on Religion through levels(conciosness levels). I wouldn’t have explained better such a complex subject without hurting one’s convictions or sensitivity. All depends on which level you are thinking. I had a conservative approach to Christianity before. Now with Holosync i have almost the transcendent level. In terms of dogma everything is in confrontation but in terms of Mystical experience, we get to the Father’s view point (Trinity wise) and everything becomes unity because there is a UNiversal trend in terms of morals, behaviour with mankind and animal world too, which tends towards care, love and compassion. Destructive attitudes become destructive for you and your neigbour. My focus on Religion has totally changed and has strengthen my faith that is convinced that relation to God and to man are not only related but ONE. No one can take away my faith anymore because it is not based on dogma but internal conscious spiritual universal conviction.

    Be well Vernon

  16. Bill,

    I agree that we are all to find our own way! We have a built-in emotional guidance system that – if we take the time to listen to it – as opposed to running everything through someone else’s “map of reality”, we already have our answers that are perfect for that space and time.

    That is not to say that reading other people’s opinions is not valuable. It is just not the “gospel”! :-)

    I believe in trying everything on for size and see what fits!

    Thanks for all you BE and DO!

    “Life is supposed to be fun!”

  17. Mojca says :

    Dear Bill,
    I read your thoughts on religion with great curiosity. In fact you express my feelings and thoughts about religion, but much more coherently, orderly and clearly than I could ever do.
    I understand now much more how can religions, which are supposed to bring love, compassion, mutual understanding and acceptance of the world, bring so much pain, death, intolerance and destruction to majority of the people. Thank you Bill for helping me to articulate my thought and help me to embrace this duality in religions.

    I also ask you for permission to translate your article in Slovene language and post it on my web site, which already has the whole page dedicated to Holosync and its promotion in Slovenia. I already asked you about the translation of The Secret interviews, but there was no answer: so would you please explain it to me, why the translations of such a beautiful and useful thoughts is such a problem and taboo? I already expressed my opinion that language should not be a barrier for such technology as is Holosync, nor it should be for ideas, insights and thoughts as is your article on religions. And after all: it is additional advertising for your product.

    Best wishes to you, your team and your work,

  18. JILL COLE says :

    Dear Bill, Thank you for sharing so much great info. I will be ordering the next level of holosync soon!! Best wishes jill cole

  19. Angela Saul says :

    This post is poetry, Bill! It beautifully summarizes our human spiritual journey — regardless of religion.

    Growing up Catholic, I had the benefit of having a priest who I would now classify as postconventional. He would say, “Never be afraid to question what you are taught.” For years that drove me nuts… as I would fearlessly question but never felt I received answers to those questions.

    Then I discovered Holosync. I’m a Level 1 participant (almost ready for Level 2). It has helped me develop an amazing increasing awareness of myself and life. I use my meditation time to connect spiritually with God. I still ask questions, and I’m pleased to be finally discovering some answers.

    Thank you for posting your thoughts on this issue. I think you really “hit the nail on the head.”

  20. Marta says :

    Wow. I loved your discussion about Jesus. I have been meditating for 5 years with Holosync. During that time, my views as a Christian have evolved. At first, I was in pain that God never answered my prayers. Then, I just didn’t “get” it — how could anyone be crucified and what’s the point. Then I didn’t believe anything about God or Jesus – I was convinced it was a myth. I later realized that all the pain and isolation were coming from me, not God. At one point, I had some fantasitc enlightenment experiences through the Catholic Church. And currently, I appreciate and value the love I feel during the mass, and I realize how valuable the Church is as a culture for my small children. It’s valuable to me on many levels but it’s not THE ONLY WAY. It is something that I choose for myself and my family at this time. I tell my kids, religion is like driving a car. People drive all sorts of vehicles. You choose the one that makes you feel the best. Whatever you choose, you’ll still get to your destination. And you can feel free to choose something else later.

    Thanks for your blog on Jesus. I have wondered over the years what on earth was happening to me.

  21. Linda Potter says :

    Bill, This article is fantastic! Understanding the different levels of development and how this plays out in religion and spirituality has given me much needed insight. I now have tolerence and appreciaton for thoes folks in the preconventional level of development and it also gave me a sense of liberty in my thoughts. Thank you so much. Linda

  22. laurie says :

    Thank You.Awesome!

  23. Lynn Thorman says :

    Love Holosync! Love the Blog! GO BILL!!!

  24. Frank says :

    Thanks a lot, a GREAT and enlightening overwiew, which IM sure will help a lot of people.

  25. Greg Gagarin says :

    It certainly seems true that the writings and practices of the mystical wings of Eastern traditions are highly developed and at this point, far more accessible. I wonder, though, that if the mystical traditions of the West – the Mystery Schools, the Qaballah, had been as well preserved, and practiced – would also provide the similiar perspectives and/ or offer tools for conscious evolution. In the study of either East or Western thought – I have observed that both, in metaphor or otherwise – invite the participant to explore and equilibrate his or her shadow self in the unconscious mind – which is one of the results I have experienced with Holosync.

  26. Darby Cordova says :

    Thank you. I like this format. It gives me a compass for discoverying my position in the soup of existence. I am grateful.

  27. Lynda Silva says :

    This was nice, all though I really was taken with the blog on developmental stages previous. It left me satisfied from somethings
    I have yearning for a long time. Thank you

  28. Roberto Guardado says :

    This is a great article!!!
    I encourage you to translate it to Spanish.
    Bill talks about some level that are obvious but I never imagine they really exist.
    Thank You Bill!!!

  29. Neil says :

    Bill, I really enjoyed your comments on the stages of religious thought.
    You have verbalized much of what has been going on inside my mind as I have left the preconventional, and conventional stages, and find myself in the postconventional, pre-transcendent phase. Holosync is helping me on this journey. It is becoming clearer to me that religious guilt is harmful to spiritual and personal growth, owed to years of dogmatic “truth” bombarding my brain since childhood. I look forward to working through this and other “obstacles” to personal development. Neil

  30. Leigh says :

    I agree with your views on stages of development/religious perspective. I have read Ken Wilber, which seems to be a major source for this posting. Others too, I am sure. I have also done the internal investigation and experienced developmental shifts for myself so what you say is true for me. I could use clarification on one part of your posting, I just read Autobiography of a Yogi, which talks of many miracles and magical events. Yogananda tells his tale from the transcendent viewpoint yet every event in the book was filled with miracles and magicalness. So does that mean he was dellusionally transcendent and really preconventional? Tongue in cheek, yes but…seriously curious. Thanks.

  31. Margaret Weiner says :

    Thank you for this discussion on stages of human development, Bill. It is helpful–and clear and short enough to share easily with others. I am also happy to see the report from the man near the end of the Holosync program. I’ll be starting Purification 4 next year and have been wanting to hear reports from people at or near the final levels.

  32. Karen says :

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Bill!!! This is the most insightful, concise, accurate explanation of this subject that I have ever read!! I wish I could get this in front of every conventional thinker that I know, and yet; I realize they would most likely automatically dismiss it because it does not fit into their black and white view of reality… So with loving patience for them, and deep appreciation for you, I applaude you for speaking so clearly!!

  33. Pedro Soto says :


    Awesome post. Than kyou. Yopu have helped me grow in my understanding of this subject.

    I’ve started Awakening Level 1 (Inner Circle Member), together with my wife and we are both very excited to be on the program.

    Oh, and thanks for recommending us to Genpo. WE did his retreat in Miami this past summer, and it was definitely life-changing.

    Look forward to your other posts.


    Pedro Soto, Orlando, FL

  34. Hello Bill,
    This is the first time I have had time to read yur new BLOG. Your letter above is SO..RIGHT ON !! I have yet to come in contact with anyone other than you that had the gift to explain and clarify topics so clearly! Thank you for all the energy you are expending to make the world a better place.
    We are Co-Creators and it’s about time we humans on this planet earth begin to realize that!!
    Wit Peace,

  35. Bill, I totally agree with your thoughts about religion!

    Well done and thanks and cheers from Switzerland!

  36. Fran Ross says :

    As your earliest spelling guru, I need to say, it is Eric Kandel, not Kandell, in case people are searching for In Search of Memory: The Emergence of a New Science of Mind.
    You have inspired me to pursue a related course of study, some on topics you might already be familiar with. If not, add to your pile:
    Power of a Positive No, by William Ury, and Our Inner Ape, by Frans de Waal. Trying to grasp human origins and how we interconnect.

    Spiritual enlightenment is common to all the great peacemakers, but how? Not just because they are calm. Does lifting above fear and hate make clear the path to conflict resolution? I welcome your thoughts on this.

    Your old friend, (yet so young!)

  37. Aaron Nanes says :

    Hi Bill,

    This is my first time writting here, and I finally found some one who put my feellings and abstract thinking into words. Wow!

    I just have been working with Holosync almost for 2 weeks. I feel different since I began this program. People asks me what have I done because I look younger. With some persons that I feel a good connection I tell them whats knew.

    I have been researching in comtemplative disciplines for years and what you just have said here is pretty close to what I have discovered too.

    It is so pleasant to know some one else is on the same track.


    A. Nanes

  38. Denice Moffat says :

    GREAT ANSWER BILL! I get asked that question all the time and do my best to answer it, but I think I’ll just copy off your answer and make it a handout for my clients!

    You misspelled contemplative in the paragraph starting with “Finally there is the view of religion. . .”.

    Thanks for all that you do! Denice

  39. Kathleen Welch says :

    Wow, Bill! I love your article on levels of consciousness as they relate to religion. It really clarifies so much. Thank you! Thank you!

  40. A few years ago I came to the realization that religion and politics are for polite conversations. How else are we, especially our children, to become educated in these areas? What is unacceptable in polite conversation is the unwillingness to listen politely to another persons point of view. Then to take it another step by analyzing what the person has said.

    At a very young age parents should start teaching their children critical thinking skills. Plus there should be critical thinking classes every year a child is in school. I could have been a lot further along in my 58 years if I had learned to think properly as a young child. Fortunately, I did question, a lot of dogma, so I was able to be more open minded about many topics. For those caught up in believing what they are fed, I was too much so. To boot . . . all you have to do is look at medical history to see that critical thinking skills are not taught in the classrooms and halls of higher learning.

  41. RONALO says :

    Bill : I need to know if holosync can work for me. I’ve had many mental traumas that i know of. By most experts I’m not suppose to be in my right mind and most likely have committed suiside,but as you can tell they are wrong. I feel that i have lots of hope for people and can help them achieve more sense of life.That is my goel ,i just don’t knoew where to start. Thanks in advance Ron

  42. Donna says :

    Buddhists and Hindus believe you will remain on the wheel of samsara for thousands of lifetimes. And so forth.
    (uh, I am a Buddhist and this is not the teaching. Perhaps some sects of Buddhism. Just wanted to clarify.)

    Finally, there is the view of religion from the transcendent level. This is where things like enlightenment come in, where you’re looking at the reality behind all the other realities–the Ground of Being, the Void, the Field of All Possibilities, the One, Unity Consciousness, Christ Consciousness, and so forth.

    (There is a misconception that enlightenment means quieting the self, going within, becoming one with the universe, transcending something or another, and getting ready to go to some other realm that is higher than being human – but that simple isn’t Buddhism or enlightenment as I know it. “Daily life is enlightenment.” – now I do understand that when you say “transcendent level” you are not disagreeing with my concept of enlightenment – but I also know that the average person has this weird new agey idea of what transcending is – and I was just hoping you might consider clarifying that transcending does not mean separating oneself, walking around in some sort of blissful state and being ready to transcend this lowly level of physical being – in other words – this is it, folks. you don’t somehow move up to enlightenment after death automatically – and being enlightened doesn’t mean you don’t have to live a challenging lifetime ever again. in fact, quite the opposite… being enlightened means you have gotten stronger and wiser about living so you are better prepared to go do the heavy lifting in the next lifetime, not that you can go bliss out for eternity. Buddhas don’t just hang out chillin’ together. in fact, what makes a Buddha a Buddha (i.e. enlightened one) is that they get right in the thick of it and help the next guy get enlightened, too.)

    Oh, and faith – gosh – I have faith that if I work I get paid. when my faith starts slipping because i didn’t get paid what i though i should – I take responsiblity for increasing my faith by taking action, and seeing the results. Faith is not blind belief someone else tells you to just have and don’t question anything. In fact – without questioning and testing, there is no faith. If you said Bolivia is the most interesting place on the planet – I would say – maybe, let me go test that out and see. then, after seeing it, my perception may be – hmmm – i don’t see it that way – but if it was important to me to understand why you said that – then i would ask more questions and investigate more.

    Sort of like doing holosync – if i don’t see the benefit – but you say there is benefit – i can either ask the questions and take the action to get results – adn thereby increase my faith in what you say – or not. but, i would not have faith in holosync just because you told me to….

    maybe it’s symantics – but for me faith is most definitely necessary for just about anything – and it is not blind belief.

  43. Richard says :


    Like the new blog. It seems an appropriate means of expression for you at this stage. The newsletter was getting kind of repetitive and this is a much more organic and communicative medium.



  44. Gwen Drake says :

    Dear Mr. Harris,

    I am a United Methodist pastor, grew up in the church, sojourned away from it for about 10 years, felt called even though I thought Whoever was calling me was crazy, have been a pastor for 20 years. It is very fulfilling, challenging, and frustrating (at times) work for me. It is my niche in life.

    I just read your blog on religion and found it very insightful and clarifying. I’ve heard stages of development/thought/belief described in many ways, but yours was most helpful. I believe that Jesus was in the transcendent level and was very effective in drawing people to that level with him. He was also threatening the conventional on many levels and got killed because of it. The church, however, generally, has tried to keep him conventional for its own survival, as soon as it started getting organized.

    As a pastor, I try to be very respectful of where people are at personally, at the same time, I challenge people to think and question and study and not just go along. I don’t have the answers for other people and I tell them that regularly. My hope is that I bring people along into the journey. I’m trying to do this within a denomination and an institution that is mostly interested in survival. Sometimes I’m “out there” with my ideas and challenges. However, I love what the church can offer in terms of community and acceptance and journeying together–a inter-generational place, a place to dialogue where we are in our journey.

    I have very recently tapped into your stuff because someone mentioned your website. Your writing, thoughts resonate with me. I just get very skeptical of “buying into something.” So right now I’m into reading what you have to say and integrating it into my thinking and being. I have other priorities right now, financially. But I will see where this takes me.

  45. Suze says :

    I just got through reading your post & I’m curious if you’ve heard of A Course In Miricles? My husband & I share your views & are constantly reading new material. Through learning from one author to another, growing with our books, & info we recieved when we joined with Holosync, we’ve recently discovered A Course In Miricles & have found it very interesting & explains much that growing up a Christian did not. It seems to take what we’ve discovered about life & explain “why” it is, not taking the form of a religion, but an enhancement to true knowledge. It has also helped me to see the similarities in the different religions & practices around the world & appriciate them. Curious to hear what you have to say…. Thank you! Suze

  46. Joe Macartney says :

    Hello Bill. It was very interesting reading the message from David J. along with your comments about religion. As a 3 month user of Holosync it was encouraging to hear from someone at the other extreme end of the program. I can sense changes internally as I react to the daily events of my life, but it is hard to put these changes into words someone else would understand at this point. Part of it has to do with that metacognitive process of witnessing, although there is more to it than that. The increasingly habitual witnessing process allows more choice between stimulus and response in daily events. It seems to be reducing emotinal, knee-jerk responses that used to be so counterproductive. That isn’t as common as I would like yet but has wrought enough outward change to be remarkable by some close to me.

    As for your remarks about religion, especially those regarding Jesus, your amazingly neutral, insightful comments are most appreciated. It has always been difficult finding a comfortable Church home when one shares the idea that Jesus’ two great commandments were in fact an injunction to transendent thinking. You can not love God, your neighbor, or in particular, yourself, without going inward. The two great commandments provide us with a self-examination loop with which to monitor and refine our interactions with the world in a most beneficial way. And I heartily agree, other traditions come to the same place, some with more user friendly methods than the Christian way one finds practiced in your average neighborhood church.

    Pardon me if I misread your intent along the way. Your comments did resonate deeply if only for my own reasons. Looking forward, as always, to your next offering,

    Joe Macartney

  47. Karen I. Thompson says :

    Bravo response and thanks for your continuing candor and well-spent energy. A 2nd-month Holosync, very-excited newbie here. On religions and dogma, and as a world-traveled military brat, I grew up watching the fervor of millions believing/praying in so many curious ways to the god of their circumstances. As a kid, saw their common thread, which resulted in decades of not believing in any of ’em, ‘coz that couldn’t be right.

    [As an aside, the “All That Is” of Taoism is so fun that I just call us all “Tod” now. No bolt of lightening so far…]

    After years of spiritual development, one evening — without intent and still without commitment to a particular belief — I found myself a part of a (life-changing!) awesome, effortless Harmony, for lack of a better word. (“Love” is a much less adequate word, except, of course, I loved it!) As I follow your support material — remember, newbie here — I’m so curious to see if this resembles the Oneness you describe. I’ll let you know as the layers unfold, which unfolding I already have no doubt will continue, just as you say, with the aid of this amazing Holosync catalyst and the tremendous support CenterPointe offers. (Naw, this is not a commercial, but, hypothetically, how much would this part be worth?) LOL

    Last, am I way off track, or could this sum up the goal of your blog-eaten Mind Chatter (love that, too!) on this subject, as a mother translating it to small children (trying to avoid becoming a Dog Ma here…) :

    “Always gratefully and respectfully plug into your bio-computer brain the well-meant beliefs people offer you. Just file it all; wonder about it sometimes. Then one day, when you have enough information, when The Big Light Bulb goes off in your head AND you feel it Bloom In Your Heart, at the same time, then you will have found your own answer.”

    Am I close?

    Thanks for your remarkable contributions to Tod, Bill.

    Karen T.

  48. Patrick Arreola says :

    I really enjoyed your thoughts on religion. They are pretty much what I’ve thought about religion for years, only layed out much more clearly.

    I grew up with a Catholic father and a Christian Scientist mother, so as you can imagine my view on religion was a bit confused. I think the contrast between the two religions has caused me to explore and question all religion, which I think has turned out to be a good thing.

    I have been using Awakening Prologue for aprox. a month now and have already noticed a very posative change in my state of mind overall view of life.

    I look forward to continuing with Holosync and thank you for being who you are!

    To borrow your line……be well Bill!

  49. Michael says :

    Love it Bill

  50. Kim says :

    The following is a poem that came to me after using holosync for 2 months:


    I know a girl who was asleep
    Terrible nightmares she would keep
    Spinning round and round she felt so bleak.
    But then one day she awoke and
    Clearly saw it was a joke
    For the dogma had mispoke
    No longer imprisoned in her false beliefs
    She began to grow in bounds and leaps
    Co-creation now hers to keep,
    the light shined within o so deep
    She spread her wings and began to fly
    Joining awakened spirits in the sky

    Thank you Mr. Harris,


  51. Wayne Dent says :

    Thank you Bill for Centerpointe Research. I am a 3 going on 4 weeker and am excited about the solid benefits I am already experiencing. Having arrived here after a decade of intense studies and adherence to Christianity, I can say that I have been all of the levels you describe. I went through those levels of understanding in pretty much the order that you described as well. I have never heard it explained before so reading your blog was an epiphany for me. I can only say that I not one who wants to rush through this developmental process because I am so enjoying savoring being right where I am. It must be working!

  52. Leslie Myers says :

    Dear Bill…..while my ideas of religion mirror yours…..the explanation you offer is so beautifully done……thank you.
    Holosync: there has been virtually no upheaval for me, yet intrinsically I know the value of holosync. I have purposely taken it very slowly, wanting to glean every morsel from it that I could. IF I decide to speed up a bit…though not beyond what you recommend….would I experience more dramatic Ahha’s than are currently happening?? Silly me….I rather miss some of the former upheaval….it’s all so even keel now! What would you recommend??
    Perhaps I need to experience the treat of another awesome retreat!

  53. Patricia Simpson says :

    Dear Bill
    Thank you for Your blog on Religions !
    My parents were asked to remove me from “SUunday school ” when I was 10 yrs old because I argued with the teacher about exactly those aspects which you have put so well !
    As I have aged through this life I’m blessed to be in touch with so many souls of the same thoughts and it is like really being part of a great family.
    Keep up the great work. With love Patricia

  54. Joe Baker says :

    I don’t know if this is “on-topic” or not.

    I just have a question that has been bugging me for a long time. I started using Holosynch in February and it really has been helpful.
    It seems as though everyone “wants” something more then what they have. I am really having a hard time discovering what it is that i “want” (personally like desire more then want as want implies need and well, you know where that goes). I’m not rich, but comfortable, I have built the “house of my dreams” and live in the George Washington National Forest” of Virginia. I have a great job that I love and pays me very well. I drive a Subaru, it’s a 1998 and is in great condition, so I really don’t “need” a car. I love wife (friend, companion, lover & soul mate) of 35 years, so I don’t really desire a lover. I feel truly blessed and very great full for all that our Creator has provided me with. So, is there a process buy which one can “discover” their “Hearts Desire”? Should I feel guilty that I have all this and can’t think of anything more to accumulate? I think I would like a million dollars, but, then I don’t know what I would do with it, except to help others. So… Your thoughts?

  55. Gabriel Mills says :

    Hello Bill,

    Thanks for your lucid exposition of developmental stages in attitudes to religion, though reaching the ability to see things this way makes it seem more like common sense than any profound discovery. How would you suggest communicating with people “stuck” at earlier stages — who are able to make so much trouble in the world, for themselves and others — when trying to sell them Holosync just isn’t the answer?

    I find that unless one is talking to someone else with the same understanding, to say “all religions are much the same at their inner core” tends to leave people feeling either affronted, or bewildered: since at any developmental understanding below at least “postconventional” this appears patently untrue, if not absurd.

    I’ve had this discussion with my father (an atheist) many times — so obviously there is something in it for him, that it keeps recurring at all. But even allowing for his bad memory at age 88, it’s something he just cannot take onboard. For him, every time, it’s just an intellectual exercise in asserting the superiority of Intellect and Reason over “indoctrination” as a form of “child abuse”, with his blank incomprehension at the idea of any form of “mystical” experience as being possible unless as a delusion, or wishful thinking. The multi-level function of words as used in poetry is the nearest he can get.

    It’s a much more dangerous line to take with people who Believe — like my aunt, a committed Catholic. But when someone like her is asserting that, for example, “Jesus died for our sins” (a major mistake, according to the Course in Miracles! and however one might take that voice) I always feel caught in a Catch-22 situation. I can’t agree with her, I feel awkward to suggest that perhaps that might not be so, and to ignore it is rude. Yet to tell her my own views — especially if she’s paying for the phonecall — seems ungracious and patronising. Evidently, with all these dilemmas, I’ve not yet reached a stage where such issues cease to exist as problems!

    One of my most embarassing experiences was while doing a pretty awful job raising funds for charities, from a call-centre — and being lumbered with Christian Radio: make the calls, or leave the job. With no alternative jobs available, I made the calls — with a script that obliged callers to sound as though we too were believers. (I learnt in this job why PR is so often regarded as a form of prostitution.) And when one young woman told me, somewhat apologetically, that she was “saved”, I felt more embarassed for her, than for myself — since it was evident to me that she didn’t know the first thing about what she was claiming.

    Since in that situation, time and monetary targets operated to explicitly discourage discussion, my own and other callers’ embarrassment was minimised by instructions to pass over any such comments. And it may have been a relatively unusual situation — but even in a secular society, religious disagreement and open conflict is now such a fact of everyday life that it’s hard to know how to deal with such personal encounters, not amenable to prolonged or amicable discussion, if any at all.

    So even reaching a “postconventional” view of things, especially with regard to religion, is no panacea: it simply raises new problems and challenges for how to relate to others — even though without, perhaps, the antagonism that tends to accompany earlier developmental stages. And expressing the “transcendent” usually just doesn’t wash at all. While dipping in and out of this enables me to see that most of the time, people are just doing the best they can — or all they know how — in personal encounters this tends to be more of a memory, a state of which it’s possible to speak but not to experience it while doing so. And to argue about it tends to miss the point, completely!

    Thanks for the opportunity of being able to say this.

    Best wishes, Gabriel

  56. Gord Kent says :

    Try reading ” The Life And Teaching Of The Masters Of The Far East” by T. Baird Spalding. A six book set. I think You will Find it very revealing and very enjoyable.

    Gord K

  57. Arno says :

    Hi Bill,
    I’ve spent some time trying to see just where I stood in the ways of progress, after a half a year of awakenings prologue.
    Your blog on religion was a good guide.
    My history of anxiety became very obvious in my faithlife.
    I still went to church, but it seemed more for the sake of ritual. I had a hard time praying, because I couldn’t imaging anyone interested in my troubles was on the other end of the line.

    The people in my life aren’t always willing to admit that I have changed while using Holosync. The changes in my character and behavior have made them feel a little less stable, so I’m sure they feel a bit rattled.

    But ones relationship with a holy entity (by whatever name one calls that entity) doesn’t balance on that entity’s “lack of security”.

    These days, I don’t consider myself religious; I consider myself spiritual.
    I don’t feel myself searching for God; I see myself finding God in everything.

    And I don’t see myself as someone who needs to stay religious to avoid damnation; rather someone who has gained spirituality to drive the journey forward.
    A journey I have already begun.

    Thanks for the intriguing subject,

  58. Damian says :

    That’s funny Bill. You mention defying the laws of physics and you always say “its not magic.” I’m not Christian, but you do you believe he walked on water? Do you believe that Guru Nanak of the Sikh religion stopped a boulder (which still exists today) with his hand? or Moes split the sea?
    James Ray, your friend, talks a lot about these miracles being possible to everyone. He jokes and says “when I teach the walk on water seminar, I’ll be a billionaire.”

    From another testimonial I read that a guy used holosync, and now suddenly girls come up to him asking for his number and telling him he’s cute. What action did he take to make his relationships better, cause I don’t see any in this case. (you always say you can’t only focus your mind and you have to take action) He kinda walked around and stuff magically started to happen.

    Now I believe that action is not always necessary. But most of the time, if you believe strongly and have feeling, you’ll take action automatically without thinking twice. The things that hold us back from action, stress, aniexty, etc are limiting beliefs, and there is no point in taking action anyway when you have that stuff going on. So doesn’t it make it impossible to just focus your mind? Because if you focused you mind enough, you would have no limiting beliefs and would take action automatically as stated above.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts and I don’t mean to be condescending in anyway if I was.
    If you prefer, you can also email me @


  59. Roxanne W says :

    Thanks for your comments Bill… I was raised Lutheran for my first 18 yrs where going to church was a requirement in my family not a choice. I converted to Catholism for the next 18 yrs when I married my husband. When our daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor it prompted me to investigate just what I believed. I ended up leaving conventional religion and delving into Indian Spirituality. I didn’t like having a priest/pastor telling me what I needed to do to be close to God. I also didn’t believe God was a man. Every step along the path of my life is a journey of getting to know myself and God. I believe all paths lead to the same “end” so they’re all the right choice… that includes conventional religions. If we could all be OK with others right to choose their own path-believing that their path is perfect for them there might be actual peace on this planet.
    I continue to search and question just what to believe. I pray and meditate on every new truth that comes to me. I trust my intuition to help me decifer what truths to hold on to or let go of. I’m not surprised anymore by the truths that get shattered along the way. It’s all part of the journey. I live with gratitude that I’m free to choose and believe what’s right for me.

  60. Marie Scott says :

    I really like what you’re doing with the blog. The pdf format of “Mind Chatter” was a little frustrating. I appreciate your breakdown of attitudes on religion and your recommendations. I also have a couple. First, there is a book by the Dalai Lama, “Ethics for the New Milennium,” which lays it out in a clear, charming, open-handed, and all-encompassing way. Then there is a brain-balancing technique (it also has other benefits) that is beautiful and simple, called “Primordial Qigong,” which anyone can find with a web search. I really love doing Holosync. It is helping me more than anything ever has. The LPIP is more challenging because it requires work and I am lazy, but I definitely think it’s the right “price to pay,” as you say. Thanks for all your work and help.

  61. Warren Billington says :

    Hi Bill,

    I agree that Holo-Sync will and does give you insight into your particular religion. I know it has helped me. However, my only disagreement with your concept of religion is this.

    Christianity is different from every other religion in this way. I wish I had thought of this myself but I did not. It from Campus Crusade. If you take Buddah out of Buddism you still have a philosophy to live by. The same happens if you take the revolutionary leader out of any religion. But if you take Jesus out of Christianity you have nothing. He was our atoning sacrifice for sin.

    Thanks for your time.


  62. Jason says :

    Hey Bill,

    You are amazing! Do you have a need for a good reliable employee? I would love to work for a place which is having a great impact on peoples lives and centerpointe seems like it to me. I could learn so much from you, although I currently live in Australia.

  63. Steve Oliver says :

    Hello Bill
    Unlike David, I am on the first CD of your program. If the other levels are any thing like the first CD it should be very interesting and rewarding.

    I found your description of the four levels of development useful in explaining not only my own approaches to life but it also provided some needed help in understanding others.

    Finally, I find your material very useful but sometimes I don’t have the time to read it completely. So, have you every considered making a copy of your Blog material in downloadable MP3 format?


  64. Mark Lurtsema says :

    Your blog on religion was well stated.

    I have been working on Flowering 1. It has been quite a ride these past years.



  65. Rebecca says :

    Your blog about religion was said so beautifully. No one is wrong, it is simply perspective. And answers are to be found within oneself. To do anything less is to forget who we are as God.
    Thank you for your beautiful, eloquent words on this delicate (for many) subject.

  66. Erin Joy says :

    What a wonderful read. I am forwarding this to many friends right now. I appreciate your insight and your clear suggestions at the bottom of this post. Thank you!

  67. Carmen J. Day says :

    Hello Bill,

    Re: Your Thoughts on Religion, Jesus and Christianity

    What an awesome perception and a wonderful way to articulate with words the levels of Christianity. I have been asked many times, the same questions, and can certainly appreciate your blog. As it is the same “knowing”, I embrace. As an inspiration writer, metaphysical minister and life coach, I really like to comment on the charismatic eloquence of your insightful explanation.

    Thank you for “being”, and I am wishing you much MORE to you and yours.

    Carmen J. Day
    Wealth4U Life Ministries
    Los Angeles, California

  68. Denise says :

    Great post! I love how you relate the experience of religion to developmental levels. I can see in my own life how this progression has take place. There was a time when I experienced my own religion (the one I was raised in) as very magical. Then, less and less about magic, and more about standards, values and identity with a group. Then I explored other truths and experimented with several (which phase was viewed by some to be “losing my faith” and by others as “opening my mind”–and actually caused much turmoil in my conventional family) Then I went through a phase of rejecting all religion as dogma… perhaps that phase was influenced by the turmoil of the previous one. More recently though, with my own practice and exploration (Holosync meditation-6 years, Big Mind, ILP and LPIP… and more), I’ve experienced an appreciation for all religions and an understanding of both the value and the limitations of religious institutions and their various viewpoints of spirituality. They are after all, ‘fingers pointing at the moon.’ But you must eventually take your eyes off of the finger…in order to see (experience) the moon for yourself. You appear to be saying, “Hey guys, stop looking at my finger (or anyone else’s) and check out the moon! I deeply respect that. Thank you!
    Anyway, I just wanted to share that these developmental levels make sense to me and resonate with my personal experience of religion and spirituality. And I agree from my own experience, that the metaphors that you use are helpful and appropriate. I’m glad you clarified your position on this.
    Keep up the GREAT work! You’ve made a profound impact on my life and many others.

  69. Suzanne says :

    I truly enjoy reading your thoughts.

  70. Randy says :


    Thank you for sharing your perspectives on religion. It was insightful. I have been on the Holosync program now for one full month, and I listen to it as you prescribe, but just as much as possible. For me, the effect has been profound from the very first session. I am committed to staying with the program for life, as my background in the Ministry for 20 years has shown me that there must be something else for helping people get past the past. The traditional “counseling” just doesn’t get communicated effectively enough to move people past what can easily be “bypassed”, if I may, with Holosync.
    And usually by those of us who never moved past those things ourselves. The ole, “you can’t take others where you haven’t been syndrome”. But we (ministers) are expected to know how to do that. You know where I’m coming from, don’t you?
    My experience is that I have an amazing level of emotional confidence. My mood swings have begun to even out very quickly, and while I have found many memories of years gone by just popping into my consciousness, it has been fun to re-live them and then let them go…thank you.

  71. Judy Cook says :

    Hi Bill,
    I have been using Holosync since September 2006 and am now starting on level 2. I have also just ended the first course of LPIP, and am anticipating the second course. I have read and copied many of your Mindchatter articles, starting with the first ones. You really are quite a guy and I can understand why someone sent you a marriage proposal ;-)
    However, a vague underlying worry has been that the whole idea of Holosync and the LPIP courses might be a kind of rip-off at the least, or a cult at the worst. But your explanation of religions with your last blog has explained your philosophy very clearly to me. Now I can totally embrace the journey. Thank you. Be very,very well.

  72. Barbara says :

    What an insightful way of addressing religion and spirituality! I am Christian, and can personally attest that my faith became stronger when I began these self-explorations through prayer, meditation and the wonderful Holosync program. It’s a journey I am so happy and grateful to be part of. Thank you for sharing.

  73. Daniel Fieselmann says :


    I “get it.” The wisdom literature of the world all points to the same model of how the universe works. It is so clear and beautiful. This must be the story of the century- or greater still, the revelation of the ages. Why aren’t they giving out Nobel Prizes to these people who have shown the way?

    The perplexing thing is how the world view of society is still stuck back in the paradigm taught in Sunday school in the 1950’s. The media, the talk on the street, at church, in the workplace, or even in my home- they all seem to be totally unaware that a curtain has been lifted to reveal a new world. They are all asleep at the wheel. There is a bit of higher order chatter below radar, but one has to seek like minded souls outside the mainstream or at 3 day workshops in Sedona. How can this be? It is all so obvious. The vast majority of people seem to be frozen in a primitive tribal mentality. Woe to one who even tries to broach the subject of unity, enlightment, ego-lessness… It is you who are weird, not them.

    In your business you probably encounter sigificant numbers of people who “get it.” But you must agree that mainstream American and Western thought are totally missing the point that is staring them in the face. How do we make the leap to the higher level of consciousness as a people? When will the few become the many? When will we make the front page?


  74. Paul says :

    I loved it.

  75. Becky Johnson says :

    Thank you for this. I have spent most of my life confused over religion. I have struggled with fear that I was not getting it and would be left behind at the Rapture. I was raised in a fundamental Christian church and found nothing but fear from it. I never could just accept what I was taught as truth. I am 53 now and have in in recovery from drug addiction for15 years. I quit struggling with it about 10 years ago and have accepted that none of us really know about God and what is the truth. I stayed away from church but did try other spiritual paths such as Native American. It has only been the last year that I feel I have grown spiritually and see that there is truth in all faiths and it really does not matter as long as we continue to grow and seek to be the best we can be. I bought the Awakening Prologue and have been using it for about 4 months and feel I am about ready for the next level. I listen to it daily every morning and seldom miss. I did not think I could do it consistently when I first started as I have to get up an hour earlier to do it. I soon found I woke up looking for ward to it and the few days I missed I was tired and slow all day. I feel I am beginning to understand more since using Holosync and some of the things I have struggled with are beginning to come together. I also appreciate all the support materials you send. It has helped me understand some of the changes I see in myself. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and knowledge with us. It is very helpful to know others are struggling with some of the same things I have struggled with. I am very grateful for all the wonderful things in my life. You and your program are one of them. Thank you.

  76. Tammy Collet says :

    Hi Bill,

    I loved this Blog!

    It hit home in so many ways. I thank you for Centerpointe and all the wonderful things you do for the rest of us.

    Be Well,

  77. Stephanie Farlow says :

    Dear Bill,

    I just wanted to say thank you for clarifying some things for me. One being I am now aware that I am in and or approaching the Trancendent stage and thank God . I don’t want to go to backwards.

    The other thing is that I was driving in my car with my son and daughter -in-law and I mentioned to them that when I was a child I would constantly question my own excistence. Like am I really here right now in this moment are these my parents, is this really where we live, etc. Upon hearing this my daugter in law said she did the same thing even into her teens which is something I didn’t do but we are a lot alike.

    After the discussion I said that we were special because we new even from a tiny age that there was something out there bigger than us and we were deep thinkers. Then the very next day I read your last blog regarding this stage of developement [ which is really crazy because I never told anyone about that and after the talk in the car I read your blog and there it is.. if that’s not The Infinite at work huh]]and let’s just say I did not think we were so special any longer. HA!! In truth I do beleive I was born an old soul and that I had a father that nourished this and talked about things like reincarnation , a basic beleif in the higher being is all we need etc., so I’m sure this helped as well. However getting back to the car talk , my son said that he never questioned his own excistence and that he knew exactly who he was and so on. I think that it’s just that he is an ancient soul and always have thought this. I’ve had psycics say this to me repeatedly and even if I did not even mention that I had a son they would bring him up first. He has a stronger sixth sense than I can even fathom and I have a strong one or let’s just say we all do but like my dad would say we just ALL do not pay attention to it.

    What do you think about my son’s comment or do you think he was lying or doesen’t remember that stage of his life?

    Stef F

  78. Nathan M. says :

    Hi Bill,
    I like your new blog. I think it is better that people can post comments. I was reading this current article about religion and a concept that was stuck in my mind was brought to the surface. Your concept is that you are the master of the world of your mind so you create anything you want in life. But at the same time their is one energy that is moving toward conciousness and we are all apart of it. What if you don’t want to create conciousness? So you don’t have control over everything you create? There is a price to pay. You can’t have your cake and eat it to. When I first heard one your talks I heard this: that we control our destiny but yet there is one energy that is in control of it all and we are part of that energy. It seems paradoxical. The concept that was stuck in my head was from a book that I have, “Around the Year With Emmet Fox.” It gave me an “aha” you talk about. “You are a king, Jesus says, the ruler of your own kingdom. When you know the truth of being, you are the absolute monarch of your own life. It is very significant that Jesus should call your consciousness the Secret Place.” From the bilble,
    “He that dwell in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the lord.” It seems that Jesus is saying exactly the same thing is you but in a more confusing way. I am by know means a christian (I am drawn more to eastern philosophy that is what has drawn me to you) but the more I stay on this path the more I see that it is all one teaching with the same meaning. I would love to hear you thoughts on this. Nate

  79. Mary says :

    I like the way you have tracked through the various levels Bill. I could track through my life recognising the differing levels I have gone through. Now I view all the religions as being ways that people have tried to make sense of the spiritual side of life in general. I dont see any as right or wrong but all having differing points of view. I have occasionally had flashes of feeling in touch with all things and the one ness of everything. I value these moments and hope that over time and with both the Holosync programme and other meditation practices and development of self knowledge they may become more frequent.
    Mary (Wales, UK)

  80. David says :

    Hi Bill

    thanks for very excellent and insightful post.

    Could you give us any ideas about healthy lifestyle choices to supplement the holosync experience. As I have heard that it is good for meditators to do exercise and to eat a good diet.

    At the moment, I try to do some aerobic exercise daily, which I feel helps. Yet many of the so called enlightened masters did not do any exercise. Are there any specific suggestiosnw ith regard to exercise and diet?


  81. Susan Goodfellow says :


    Thank you so much for explaining the four broad stages of development. I am fortunate enough to be able to fluctuate between levels three and four.

    I’ve had the opportunity to work with some incredible people in learning about my relationship with the Creator. It’s been very nice to have the levels of thought that I go through put into such a succinct summary.


  82. Bonnie Martiny says :

    I was really excited to see Mary Baker Eddy and Ernest Holmes mentioned in your blog. When I was about ten my grandmother and father became Christian Scientists and I went with them for years, read Mary Baker Eddy’s Keys to the Scripture and from there ventured out in many directions. Ernest Holmes was an incredible influence and his writings are timeless and full of truth. This was the signpost I needed to feel more comfortable on the Holosync path. Thanks for sharing your insights with us and opening up these opportunities for others to grow and for us to share with each other as well.

  83. Lesley LILLEY says :

    Dear Bill,
    Thank you for your comments on our different approaches to religion according to our awareness. For me after many years of chopping and changing and following different traditions, I now know that to deepen my spiritual understanding I have to go inwards and discover it in myself. This of course doesn’t exclude help and guidance, one of which for me is holosync. Since I have started meditating (I am just at awakening level 2) my life has been in total upheaval, (nothing to do with meditation) just the usual course of life & death work changes, health and sickness, but somewhere along the line my meditation with holosync keeps me at the helm, even if I sometimes lose sight of the horizon.

  84. Grace Upton says :

    My husband is a retired minister of the Church of England and I am on Purification Level 3. We both read Bill’s blog with gratitude that he had put what we believe so lucidly. Infact I have put it in my’favourites ‘ and if anyone asked me what I believe I would be happy to direct them there.
    (Saving me the trouble I am not good at defending my view in discussion)
    Thank you Bill

  85. Matt says :

    Thank you, Bill, for writing about this. Very few take a step into this area. It resonated with me very much, when you said, “They [postconventional] may see the truths in all religions, but they see the religious point of view of prior stages as wrong and harmful.” I’ve got to try to transcend this thinking. Thanks!!

  86. Vicki Hahn says :

    Dear Bill,

    This is just the right information for me at this time. The conversational “blog” keeps it real for me. I have felt stuck in Awakening level 1 disc 1 for several months, not ready to go forward and not knowing why. I needed these views on religion. I have not been a religious person since I was 16 (I am now 61) I felt uncomfortable about that but kept that at bay by just “not going there”. Holosync has turned me into a thinker and I am no longer able to just “not think about it”. This blog led me through thoughts and ideas it might have taken years to find through self-study. THANKS!

  87. Dean Marney says :

    Dear Bill—

    A lot of us now call ourselves post-theistic Christians. Christian non-dualism! The forms we practice maybe similar. The symbols, ritual, and discipline are all the same—but the work is to not confuse form with content. The Christian map is truly not the territory. I had a priest tell me to just lift a foot during the Nicene Creed and it wouldn’t take.



  88. Irene Newcombe says :

    G’day, Been using Holosync since beginning of year. AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING – it has literally saved my life, transformed my life, given me the ultimate gift – insight – the living ‘in the moment’ ability (most of the time) and strengths I guess I always knew I posessed but hadn’t really explored. I can’t thank you enough – oh and through it I discovered the greatest religeon for me – Buhdism – my life has been truly tranformed in only a matter of months. Looking forward to continuing the adventure.

    God Bless You. Irene xxxx00000xxxxxx000000xxxxxx000000xxxxx000000

  89. Pam says :

    Hi Bill,

    I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE the blog idea. It’s a chance to get so much more info from you than Mindchatter (which I loved also). I am grateful for any and all info you can pass on. It is very interesting and helps me to understand the process so much better. Holosync has changed my life in more ways than I can say. Thank you!

  90. Belinda says :

    This is a fantastic artice. I have actually been doing this without realising. I went from preconventional to postconventional. I grew up With Christian beliefs, the magical kind. By the time I was 17 I had so many questions and yet was taught asking questions was a no no. I started believing in science instead which I guess started to take me into conventional. I’m now 20 and I saw the Secret about 8 months ago. The changes I have gone through are huge. Just recently I have been reading up on Abraham hicks and watching them on youtube which got me to thinking that with religion, no one is exactly right, but on some level they are all right. I have been thinking most of what you have said in this post but I have also learnt so much from it aswell.

    Thanks for the post :)

  91. Ashish says :

    You nailed it!!!! Spot on!!

  92. Mark says :

    Dear Bill,

    You did a wonderful job addressing this subject. Nearly everything you said in your article is in perfect harmony with my current beliefs. I am a Christian and I appreciate and respect many beliefs and concepts taught by the other religions you mentioned. All truth comes form God.

    I believe God answers sincere and faithful prayers. If a person wants to know if something is true, they can pray and listen. Listening to God is infinitely better than listening to man.

  93. Danon Nobaly says :

    After reading all the post blog comments, the thought of where are all these people comes to mind. Okay, we know religion has caused many wars, deaths, destruction. Yet it serves as a type of indoctrination as well. Most of the indoctrination is for our own good or that of our insulated society. If sin is to be avoided, then hey, people will be less sinful. Fear of fire and damnation works for those at that initial level. Those “with” religion are good, those without are bad. What actually develops conscience? When I was young I was told a sin was not a sin unless you truly believed it was. I did a lot of inner searching even as a child and decided maybe the experts were wrong on some topics. Today I have a son who wants to marry a beautiful young woman who is from a fundamentalist family. They are both struggling with what to do about their wedding. They don’t want a “church” wedding because neither believes in religion. Her family expects it. I think they should elope. Ah the problems and challenges of life and religion. Does anything ever really progress to the next level? Or is it all just in our minds? Chatter?

  94. Yvonne H says :

    Hi Bill:

    Loved your post on “religion”. I’ve never seen the different levels described like that and it was very helpful and gave me a much better understanding of the whole development process.

    I come from a very dogmatic upbringing and could never quite explain, or maybe justify is the word, why I don’t find that belief fulfilling anymore.

    Now I know.

    Thank you

  95. John W Davis says :

    Thank you for your daring and very accurate posting regarding “Religion & Politics”. Years ago my wife and I had been involved in a religion and seriously intent on finding out “what was the right thing” to do, believe, and have faith in. While searching for “the truth” we saw the errors of the teachers in their dogmas and decided to become more in-depth and intense in our OWN studies. We soon left the “group” and grew increasingly faster and more objectively searching these “truths” on our own. It has become apparent, since Holosync especially, that any person CAN learn and follow true teachings without the “interference” of the outside mindset ever present in the institutions. I highly recommend and challenge anyone interested in discovering the “True Creator” to study for yourself. Holosync is an incredible tool which opens the mind to the true reality of living. Thank you for following your path which, I’m sure, has helped countless people.

  96. Vivien says :

    Hi, Bill. Just wanted to say I really only knew god for real the day I realised I was not really sure if He existed and asked Him to reveal Himself to me.

    I agree with you that belief in dogma is not at all the same as belief which comes from asking questions and then experiencing the answer. Since that day, whatever happens to me, however my faith is challenged, I still know deep down that God is real.

    I have explored other religions, and have actually gained greater understanding of my own faith through doing so.

    I gradually became aware of unity, not only with human beings, but also with animals and the earth itself, and it was great to read this blog and find so many other people have had similar understandings.

  97. Diana Kessler says :

    Hi Bill,

    I love “The Blog That Ate Mind Chatter”, as well as Holosync. This blog contains both enjoyable and informative reading. Keep blogging and I’ll continue reading your wonderful insights on the universe.

    Peace, Love & Luminous Energy,

  98. sonia says :

    Excellent blog entry, couldn’t have said it better myself (but I felt it!) Very re-affirming, and don’t we all want affirmation at whatever stage of spiritual or physical or emotional development we’re in?

    Holosync began for me right before I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I can’t bear to think of how much turmoil I’d be in if Holosync never entered my and my partners life when it did. Thank-you and blessings!


  99. Sandra Relford says :

    Dear Bill,
    Thank you first of all for the creating The Blog….
    Your clarifications on the levels of spiritual development really provide the insight to understand where we are, why and how to determine if we want anything more.

    I have been a dedicated follower of Emmet Fox’s teaching for 25 years and you are the only person outside of the Unity church that I have ever read or heard refer to him which reaffirmed for me why I was attracted to you and Centerpointe.

    I am a Holosync program participant and I credit your programs with creating more positive and progressive change in my life than I have experienced in the last orelford!

  100. Connie says :

    I have a little comment to make about changing my brain! When I was in my 20’s I found out that Jesus wasn’t really crucified that kind of blew my mind but I really needed to remember that because I had to get rid of the years of conditioning that is our way of life in order to evolve. I found out after reading the “Power of Now” how important it was to get rid of all these thoughts that are only brainwashing techniques that organized religions put upon people to control them. Being raised a Catholic and learning that there was more than just the crucifixion which is more symbolic than what really happened. When you re read the bible with different thoughts you see what was there all along and you begin to understand it better.

  101. Michael McFarlane says :

    Thank you Bill. Your article clearly explained my discomfort with organized religion and where I am trying to get to. Excellent!

  102. Marlane says :

    Hi Bill,
    First, I am on level 2 and really thank you for this stuff, it is improving all areas of my life and made me much more aware and active on many levels already. I am definitely going all the way.
    On the subject of religion have you seen The first part is really a fantastic primer on the creation of all religion, how they are all related, even astrology! It is all facts and the truth is definitely more amazing than any fiction. Ken Wilbur would particularly love it with his knowledge of Egyptology.
    Now, on politics (sorry) we are in a very interesting time when our dollar is almost disappearing it is sinking so fast. Most people don’t realize the impact this is going to have on us, but it will and it is going to be a doozy. Have you studied the political candidates? One of them seems more intelligent on this, it looks like Ron Paul has the grasp of reality that we need to balance the budget and now. All the others are just hell-bent on going to war and feeding the war machine with our shrinking money.
    Your thoughts?! Thanks! Marlane

  103. Diane says :

    Hi there Bill, I was wondering if you have ever read anything by Jerry and Esther Hicks which talks about the spirit of Abraham? What are your thoughts on Abraham? Do you feel what they are saying through the spirit of Abraham is true? Thank You for your Attention…
    Kind Regards,

  104. Dave Zwuurfman says :


    You convey your thoughts and ideas with exceptional clarity ! The article on religion is one of the best I’ve seen.


  105. ernest says :

    Hey Bill, awesome article thank you, you are truly blessed. Just a little food for thought, christianity becomes more real for those who have had near death experiences. Your views will be interresting.

  106. Julia says :

    I enjoyed this article. I’ve always thought about religion in much the way you have described, but and concerned about a bit of the description of the transendental. I practice my own version of Neo-Paganism, after having practiced Wicca for some years, and I incorporate ideas from many religions, if I find them useful. I don’t see “right” or “wrong” in religion, unless I see people being beaten and abused for having different beliefs. I like many ideas in Christianity, but cry when I see stories of people like Mathew Shepherd, who was beaten and left hanging on a fence to die in Wyoming for being gay. I saw clips of Christians protesting at his funeral with signs saying he’d burn in hell and deserved what he got (murder). That hurt me deeply. By all accounts, he was a great kid, and his family and friends had the right to mourn his passing in peace. I kept thinking back to the teachings I know of Christ, and am sure he would have cried with me at the sight of such cruelty and twisting of his teachings. I don’t remember ever reading about Christ advocating violence, bigotry, hatred, or murder, I’ve only heard of his followers doing that. In fact, I think he discouraged cruelty in any form.

    I guess I’m postconventional, since I can see truth in many quarters, and look inside myself to either agree or disagree with what I’m hearing, after I investigate it. It still seriously hurts me, though, to see hatred. Will it quit hurting me when I eventualy pass to the next stage? Will I look at these violent, hateful, people as children, and not be sickened at their cruelty (as in the “Oh, well, conventionals will be conventionals,” view, a close cousin to the “boys will be boys” view)? If so, I hope I never pass this stage, and loose my disgust for cruelty, and my empathy for those being discriminated againsed, abused, and even killed for not following the “TRUTH.”

  107. Laurent Huguet says :

    Hi Bill !

    Wilber’s map is not the territory. The territory is pure magic. Have a try !

  108. Susan Olson says :

    Hi Bill,
    I’m a psychologist and strongly agree with your explanation of the stages of growth, both personal and in religion/spirituality. I highly recommend the book by Fowler, “Stages of Faith.”

  109. Bill Norcott says :

    Bill I read your blog about religion and although I have been on a spiritual journey for all my life which is over 40 yrs and I agree with some of what you said, I believe no matter what your beliefs are you can also practice any kind of meditation and have no conflict. When I’m meditating I focus on my lord Jesus Christ and I attain a great meditation level.

  110. Erica says :


    I just came across your blog and wanted to drop you a note telling you how impressed I was with the information you have posted here. I also have websites & blogs so I know what I am talking about when I say your site is top-notch! Keep up the great w…

  111. John R. McLellan, CHt says :

    The warning of not discussing religion/politics came about during the time when the state and church were one. If you were in the Pig & Whistle on a night and were complaning about this or that you would be found drawn and quartered hanging from a tree not to far away.

    Ask your self what you would do if the next time you were sitting a round having an ale and someone started talking religion/politcs you would not be long getting away from them.
    This belief was reinforced during the Spanish Inquisition.

  112. Kathie Putman says :

    Dear Bill, Very well put. Thanks

  113. John Wind says :

    Interesting comments on religion. I don’t intend to hop onto a soapbox, but I feel that one point is being missed generally. Just as our physical selves are subject to physical laws (gravity, etc), isn’t it logical that our spirits are also subject to spiritual laws? While gravity can be overcome by higher laws (flight, space travel), the law is still true. Flying in a plane doesn’t make the law of gravity false. Spiritual laws are still true, regardless of our spirituality. Certain acts or thoughts produce destructive results. Murder ‘darkens’ one’s spirit. Service to others enlightens it. Most would agree that violation of law eventually results in bad results. So while we seek to know ourselves better through religion, meditation, or any other means, I feel that it’s critical to understand that there are consequences to ALL our choices, thoughts and actions, and thus real results from the lives we lead, regardless of how ‘enlightened’ we may be. In the end, no person in mortality can reach a point of being more enlightened than the Creator. Until we reach that point how can we say that truth, or law, is relative. The best we can do is strive to discover truth, live that truth, and continue our search for more truth.

  114. Dale Frincke says :

    I have read the Buddha’s last words were: “Go and work out your own salvation, with diligence.”

  115. Debby Eppard says :

    I may not be understanding this blog like it was meant to be but I didn’t think that Holysync was involved in religion. So how does using it help with religion?
    My thoughts on religion do differ from many on this comment board. There is A God who does care for people. One has to only look at the beautiful earth and a beautiful sunset to know there is a Creator of this world.
    From alot of what I’ve heard you talk about you believe alot about science and am I mistaken to understand that you may believe in evolution from animal to man?
    Your course and the way you interpret the mind is understandable and I believe it will help me as I continue. But your views on other things like you said, are just your beliefs or views.
    I have to say I am thankful for the beliefs that I do have.

  116. Mike Liddell says :


    I was very impressed with your article about religion. You are the first American I have ever heard make any sense of this topic. I must admit that religious dogma in the US scares me sometimes.

  117. Chris S says :

    Hey Bill,

    What a wonderful post.

    I know that this is an old blog post, but I only began listening to you and reading your blog a short while ago.

    You did not mention anything about the Baha’i religion in your post, and yet you seem to be, in many ways, a model of the Baha’i teachings.

    In case you are not already familiar with the Baha’i faith, I encourage you to look into it.

    You seem to be very much on a path to higher wisdom and enlightened understanding, and if this is the case, then I believe it is important that you and anyone else on a similar journey are at least aware of this religion.

    Based on what little I know of you at the moment, I have compiled some of its core teachings in an order that I think might interest you, along with some excerpts from its founders:

    -The fundamental unity of all religions

    These sanctified Mirrors … are one and all the Exponents on earth of Him Who is the central Orb of the universe, its Essence and ultimate Purpose. From Him proceed their knowledge and power; from Him is derived their sovereignty. The beauty of their countenance is but a reflection of His image, and their revelation a sign of His deathless glory…. ~ Baha’u’llah

    -The essential harmony of science and religion

    Religion and science are the two wings upon which man’s intelligence can soar into the heights, with which the human soul can progress. It is not possible to fly with one wing alone! Should a man try to fly with the wing of religion alone he would quickly fall into the quagmire of superstition, whilst on the other hand, with the wing of science alone he would also make no progress, but fall into the despairing slough of materialism. ~ `Abdu’l-Baha

    -The importance of independent investigation of the truth

    know ye that God has created in man the power of reason, whereby man is enabled to investigate reality. God has not intended man to imitate blindly his fathers and ancestors. He has endowed him with mind, or the faculty of reasoning, by the exercise of which he is to investigate and discover the truth, and that which he finds real and true he must accept. ~ `Abdu’l-Baha

    -The equality of the races

    He who is the image and likeness of God, who is the manifestation of the bestowals of God, is acceptable at the threshold of God — whether his color be white, black or brown; it matters not. Man is not man simply because of bodily attributes. The standard of divine measure and judgment is his intelligence and spirit…. ~ `Abdu’l-Baha

    -The equality of the genders

    In reality, God has created all mankind, and in the estimation of God there is no distinction as to male and female. The one whose heart is pure is acceptable in His sight, be that one man or woman. God does not inquire, “Art thou woman or art thou man?” He judges human actions. If these are acceptable in the threshold of the Glorious One, man and woman will be equally recognized and rewarded. ~ `Abdu’l-Baha

  118. William says :

    Man Bill, that was awesome.

    For some reason, every time I read a blog I feel smarter… But seriously, every time I have a discussion that turns into an argument from a mis-communication issue. It’s like what you said is what I want to tell them.

    But how to say “NO!!! no, no, seriously I ment _______, not what you heard”.

    How do you fill in the blank with that blog!? lol…

    Awesome though, really inspiring when your feeling lazy. Also a good new perspective on the subject of even being lazy in the first place for any task.

  119. Xenitron says :

    But the distinction into preconventional, conventional and postconventional perspective on faith is inconsistent and self-defeating because at any level one must hold on to *some* truth, which would on Bills account make one dogmatic. Why is it more dogmatic to believe that Jesus is the only way to the Father, (which he himself claimed) than to believe that he is only an good example? Does not Bill in his very description claim that his perspective is the correct one ?(why bother to write otherwise?) Does that make him dogmatic? So why is an exclusive view of religion (that only one is true) dogmatic that claiming that everyone is false but has some truth in it? Bills view seems to be fraught with contradictions. One cannot have both that God is impersonal and personal and non-existent at the same time. Religions that are contradictory to each other cannot be true.

    FROM BILL: For you to get the distinction, you’d have to understand what it means to be dogmatic. Dogmatism is believing something because a powerful leader or authority figure told you that it’s true. I’m suggesting that you find out for yourself what’s true through your own personal investigation–in this case, meditation or other spiritual practice. What I write about is (hopefully) designed to get people to do their own investigation into who they are, what it’s all about, what is true. I have said over and over: “Don’t believe me. Find out for yourself.”

  120. Glenys says :

    Hello Bill,

    Thank you so much. I become very overwhelmed when I read your posts as what I feel and think is opened before on the page in your words and I am so grateful to find someone that can articulate so beautifully and with such clarity stuff that (like William above) I try desperately to express/communicate.

    My parents and their parents were ‘born into’ (‘they’ don’t, or didn’t anyway, try and convert people) the strict Brethren religion. Fortunately for me, my parents ‘got out’ of that religion when I was only a toddler (and that leads to much more ‘stuff’) and then my father went from that, which is ALL he’s ever known (including being abandoned by HIS father), to the extremes and abandoned and left us all destitute (yep, more ‘stuff’ to be dealt with). My mother appeared to have gone with him (life was never the same) and converted to the Baptist religion. She is definitely Conventional Stage; it’s her way or no way.

    I remember being forced to go to Church and listen to someone rant and rave (and consequently can’t stand that sort of ‘teaching’) and how boring it was, although I know I picked up some beautiful thoughts, character strengths and memories from the early days of Sunday School. From quite early on, about my teens, I became convinced that there was good and bad in all religions. Somehow, (I don’t remember being taught this) I also become aware that there was a lot more to people that the bad ‘acts’ they undertook. I traveled a lot and now really understand the meaning of the words ‘broaden your horizons’ because I see friends/family that have not traveled and they do not seem to have as much empathy or compassion for others as seasoned travelers do, although I know this is probably not true for all travelers.

    For quite some time I felt really inadequate for NOT having a black and white belief, like my mother, or any other person I came across that was adamant about this belief or that belief (or about any other opinion about anything for that matter, not just religion, including what I hear or see in the media or politics or, or, or…..). I felt wishy washy for NOT having something concrete to believe in. I just kept feeling like there were many, many layers to spirituality and many, many layers to the reasons behind the actions people take, even the most atrocious ones (that of course causes me heartache and pain that humans inflict this on themselves and others).

    Somewhere, in your posts, I think you mentioned how people usually end up believing what their parents believe. Somehow, amazingly, thankfully, somewhere along the way I have not taken on my parents beliefs and views and so very grateful for that. Now, I feel stronger about my ‘grey beliefs’ that aren’t black and white. I no longer feel wishy washy but grateful for having an open mind and I look forward to much growth and learning under your amazing understanding and care (a newbie to Life Principles Integration Process program and Holosync)

    thank you Bill


    ps and I thank my Mother, whom I love very much, for showing me what NOT to be (and there is lots of ‘stuff’ to deal with around this)
    and I thank my Father, whom, after 45years of having no contact with whatsoever, I have reconciled with (yep… and there’s a whole lot more ‘stuff’) for showing me how NOT to behave

  121. Dale says :

    Like so many I grew up with “black or white” religious beliefs being rained down on me constantly and I believed them myself for some time. It was a very hard blow to my Mother when I stopped, she died doing her best to “get me back to the truth”. I stopped voicing my religious beliefs, it seems to upsetting to people I care about and I finally decided that for whatever reason some people just weren’t ready for anything else. Then I read your article and now I see and understand why. Thanks for the info!

  122. Fazlerabbi says :

    hi Bill
    I have read your views on religion.I use holosync and Iam a muslim.I was not a practising muslim before but after using holosync for 1 year now iam truly a muslim and pray regularly and I believe that God has sent everybody for a purpose and that purpose is to know God and believe that that there is one God in the universe and to pray God.Holosync really helps! Because It makes you think about the reality.

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  124. Heather Zook says :

    Im not going to say what everybody else has already said, but I actually do want to discuss your knowledge of the topic. Youre truly well-informed.

    FROM BILL: Okay…so…what is the topic you had in mind?

  125. There are some fascinating cut-off dates on this article but I don’t know if I see all of them heart to heart. There may be some validity but I will take maintain opinion until I look into it further. Good article , thanks and we would like more! Added to FeedBurner as effectively

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  127. Samuel says :

    Wow! This post was really eye opening for me. I cant wait to show it to my parents, who are Christians. My guess is that they are on the conventional level. So they definitly could use some more “personal investigation”. Maybe I am myself at the postconventional level, because I sometimes feels like there is a “problem” that others doesnt investigate themselves. Thanks for an great post Bill!