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“You are worthwhile…you are filled with promise”–a few moments with Bob Danzig

by / Sunday, 22 February 2009 / Published in Uncategorized

“You are worthwhile. “

“You are full of promise.”

This post is going to be a bit different than the others you’ve read or listened to here. I want to tell you about a friend of mine–an amazing man, Bob Danzig. This post, more than any of the others, is a must-read.

Because of Centerpointe’s huge success, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet many amazing people. Bob Danzig is certainly one of the top two or three. Just spending time with Bob Danzig leaves you feeling good about yourself and more confident about your own value and what you can accomplish.

One reason why Bob is so amazing has to do with his sad and difficult childhood–and his amazingly successful and inspirational adult life. For twenty years Bob was CEO of the entire Hearst Newspaper Group, a multi-billion dollar company, working his way up from office boy in a small newspaper in Albany, New York. Considering where he started, his story shows how anyone, with the right encouragement from people who care, can create a life that matters.

Bob never had a family. Instead, he grew up in a series of foster homes. In one home, he slept in an attic with no lights. The family he lived with would leave his dinner on the bottom step of the attic stairs. He ate in the attic, alone, in the dark.

For his entire childhood Bob owned one pair of much-too-large scuffed black sneakers that he grew into over several years by taking out bits of the tissue paper stuffed in the toes as his feet grew. His other possessions consisted of two shirts, two pairs of jeans, two pairs of socks, and two pairs of underwear. “When I had to move to a new foster home,” Bob says, “I would reach under my mattress, take out the folded black plastic trash bag I kept there, put my clothes in it, and move to a new home.”

Today, Bob is in his 70s, and is one of the kindest, most gracious, most inspirational–and most well-dressed–people I’ve ever known. As I learned more about his childhood, I understood why dressing well is so important to him. When he got his first job at the Times Union newspaper in Albany, New York, each pay period he took a part of his paycheck and bought himself one nice piece of clothing–a quality shirt, a cashmere sweater, a pair of Italian slacks, a silk necktie, and so forth.

He never wore dungarees or blue jeans–they brought back too many painful memories of his childhood. He was embarrassed about the two sets of plain and wrinkled clothing he alternated every other day. “The other kids had clean, unwrinkled clothes. They looked like someone cared about them. I wanted someone to care about me.”

No one ever took Bob to the beach. No one took him fishing. He never had a baseball card collection. His few friendships didn’t last because he never lived in one place for very long.

Despite his lonely, sad childhood, Bob Danzig became a Fortune 500 CEO and an inspiration to his employees and to thousands of other people, including me. Today he writes books and speaks to thousands of people each year, donating all the money he earns to help foster children.

Bob had to leave the foster care system when he graduated from high school at age sixteen. “You’re probably thinking that a guy has to be pretty smart to finish high school at sixteen,” he told me. This happened, however, because of a mistake. When he was moving from one foster home to another, the school made a mistake and placed him in the wrong grade. As he told me, “Then I just drifted through those grades.”

Can you imagine what this was like? Never having a family, never doing what normal kids do, moving from place to place whenever a family couldn’t keep him or didn’t want him, never staying long enough to make friends or create a close connection with anyone, and then being totally on your own at age sixteen?

One important incident from those years never left him, and he still talks about it. Mae Morse, the social worker who met with him periodically and who would send him on to his next foster home when his foster family “didn’t want him anymore” said something to him that changed his life forever. At the end of each of their meetings, he told me, she would take his hands in hers and say, “Bobby, don’t you ever forget this. You are worthwhile.”

Here’s how he described his reaction in his book, Conversations With Bobby:

“Just like that, she uttered such a simple, pure sentence. But the funny thing is, the reason I remember it so vividly is because I know she meant it. I could tell she was genuine and sincere. She truly wanted me to know that I, Bobby Danzig, was worthwhile. She had no motive for saying what she did. I had nothing to offer, she had nothing to gain. I was worthwhile–not because I would shine shoes. I was worthwhile–not because I would carry coal. I was worthwhile–not because I would make no trouble. Just me, I mattered.”

This, he said, was like “warm milk pouring over me, the idea that I had some sense of possibility and promise.”

When Bob left foster care, he got a job at Montgomery Ward in the wholesale mattress department. His job was to climb up onto catwalks high above the floor, find the mattress the foreman wanted, and push it over the edge onto a trampoline on wheels, after which it was wheeled out to the customer.

One day he must have mistaken the number the foreman called out, because when he pushed the mattress over the edge, there was no trampoline. Instead, the mattress hit his boss, and he was fired. That night, he told a friend what had happened. The friend had just been promoted from office boy to clerk at the Albany Times Union newspaper. “If you get down there fast, you might be able to get my old job,” his friend told him. “But you look kind of young. You’d better get a hat.”

So Bob went to a men’s clothing store, bought his first hat, and went to the newspaper offices. Nine others were waiting to see about the job, and Bob was the last to be interviewed. The woman who interviewed him looked, in his words, “like a pitbull.” The first thing she said to him was, “Why are you wearing that hat in here? Don’t you know it’s rude to wear your hat indoors?”

Bob had never owned a hat, so he didn’t know anything about hat etiquette, but for some reason this woman–the office manager–saw something in him she liked, and he got the job. It was the lowest possible job at a newspaper, but Bob eventually became an advertising salesman, then head of the advertising department, and eventually the publisher of the Times Union. Later he became CEO of the entire Hearst newpaper group, managing a considerable number of newspapers, many popular magazines (Good Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Harpers Bazaar, Popular Mechanics, Country Living, Colonial Homes, and many others), and 27 television stations.

A few months after starting as office boy, the office manager called him into her office. “I’ve been watching you,” she said. “Oh, no. Fired again,” he thought. But she continued, “and I just wanted to tell you that I believe that you are filled with promise.”

This had such a powerful effect on him that even after becoming publisher of that newspaper, after the Hearst Company later sent him to Stanford University on a journalism fellowship, and even after he became head of the entire Hearst newspaper group, he never stopped hearing those words.

When I heard this story I was reminded just how powerful what we say to others can be, especially if you’re a parent or in some other position of respect and authority.

I want to tell you how I met Bob Danzig, because he has had a powerful effect on my life.

In the late 1990s, during the dot-com days when venture capitalists were giving new internet companies millions of dollars, I thought I’d should try to get some of that money, too, and start an internet company.

An advisor told me that the first thing I should do was to put together a board of directors of prominent business people. I didn’t know any prominent people then, and I wasn’t sure how to find any, much less convince them to be on the board of my start-up company. I told Jim Hennig, a friend who had been the president of the National Speakers Association, about my idea. Jim, who knew many prominent business people, said, “I know who you should get. Bob Danzig.” He told me a little bit about Bob and made an introduction.

I was a bit awed to be speaking to someone like Bob Danzig on the telephone, but he was warm and gracious and even invited me to come to New York to have dinner with him at the Harvard Club in midtown Manhatten. The Harvard Club was just like what I’d imagined a private Ivy League club would be: dark wood panelling, expensive rugs, overstuffed chairs around warm fireplaces, old and beautiful artwork, and richly attired and attentive staff. Bob was friendly–and impeccably dressed. He seemed genuinely interested in me and my idea. Fifteen minutes into the conversation he said, “I have a feeling we’re going to do big things together.”

When he said this, you could have knocked me over with a feather. You have to realize that at this point in my career Centerpointe wasn’t very big. I had six or seven employees and our “headquarters” was a small down-in-the-heels building that had once been a print shop. My spartan little office looked like the office of a warehouse manager. No art, no ferns, no credenza.

Every day I would show up for work, sit in my office all day, and do whatever needed to be done. I didn’t know more than two or three other people in the personal growth world–Hale Dwoskin at Sedona Training Associates and Pete Bissonette at Learning Strategies Corporation, and maybe two or three others. I had no business education other than the school of hard knocks. I was living in my own introverted little world, running Centerpointe with little or no communication or feedback from other personal growth leaders or business owners.

Other than the fact that Centerpointe was reasonably successful (the year I met Bob Danzig our sales were about $2M), I had no idea if my business skills were mediocre, competent, or something else. So what Bob said to me really meant a lot. “Wow,” I thought. “This guy was CEO of a multi-billion dollar company, and he wants to do something with me?” An hour later, when I asked if he’d be willing to serve on the board of directors of the new company, he said, “I’d be happy to serve on the board of any company that had Bill Harris as the CEO.”

I was stunned, and very happy. Now that I know more about Bob, his childhood, and the way he worked his way up from office boy to CEO of the entire company, I can see that he was doing for me what important mentors in his life had done for him–looking past my flaws and inexperience and seeing the promise in me–promise I didn’t yet see in myself–and then communicating it to me in a way that helped bring it out.

Literally days after I’d finished putting together what turned out to be a rather impressive board (Bob was the biggest, but not the only, “star” I  recruited), the stock market crashed and all the start-up money for internet companies disappeared. The company never got off the ground. Instead, I turned my attention back to Centerpointe. Because Centerpointe has grown by about 900% since then, I’m glad it happened the way it did. I still stay in touch with Bob, though, and he still inspires me every time I speak to him. Just as he never forgot the people who told him, “You are worthwhile,” and “You are filled with promise,” I’ve never forgotten what he said to me because it significantly boosted my confidence.

Several years ago, after he’d become publisher of the Albany Times Herald, he tracked down Mae Morse, the social worker who had said to him, “You are worthwhile” when he was just a small boy. She was in a nursing home, old and frail. Here’s how Bob described their meeting in Conversations With Bobby:

“They had set her up in the parlor chair of the nursing home. She beamed when I walked in. I can see her so clearly, her knit shawl hung over her shoulders. I walked over to her and put my hands in hers. Before I could utter a word, she said to me, ‘Didn’t I always tell you that you are worthwhile?’ I was in awe. I told her how I looked forward to this day–the day when I could share with her my gratitude for the confidence and value she placed in me. I said to her, ‘In a life stuck in the shadows, you, Mae Morse, gave me my first shining moment that penetrated the darkness.'”

Other than the fact that Bob’s story is so touching, there’s another reason why I’m telling it to you. Somehow, out of my own painful childhood and my struggles to master my anger and depression and lack of success, hundreds of thousands of people now look up to me for help and seek my guidance. Believe me, in light of where I started and the person I used to be, no one is more surprised about this turn of events than I am.

Many people tell me that they benefit from Holosync and that they’ve had many “ah-ha’s” from the information I share. It’s obvious, however, that my focus is not motivational or inspirational. What I teach is more theoretical,  intellectual, and informational rather than inspirational.

So as we all do our best to navigate our way through some very difficult and scary times, I want to express to you something a little more heartfelt–something I’ve unfortunately failed to say as often, or as directly, as perhaps I should:

I value you. Even though I may never meet you in person, I’m glad that you’re in my life. You are worthwhile. You are filled with promise.

Everything I do at Centerpointe is based upon the premise that anyone, if they know what to do, can be happy, peaceful inside, and successful, regardless of their past or present circumstances. If I can do it, anyone can. So I want to express my hope that Holosync, along with all the other information and tools we provide at Centerpointe, will in some small way make is easier for you to navigate your life, and allow you to bring forth the promise that is in you, whether in bad or good times.

Be well.

I urge you to visit Bob’s website,, where, among other things, you can see a very moving clip of him speaking. Also, please purchase a copy of Conversations With Bobby, or one of his other books. Just go to Amazon and type in Conversations With Bobby. Every cent of Bob’s book royalties and speaking fees go directly to the Child Welfare League of America to help foster children.


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84 Responses to ““You are worthwhile…you are filled with promise”–a few moments with Bob Danzig”

  1. Lana says :

    Thanks for sharing Bob’s story. I had not heard it before. One thing that is very apparent to me is how you truly BELIEVE in holosync and want others to use it because of what it has done for you. I sense your genuine care for your customers and that’s not seen often enough in business these days. I’m still very new to Holosync and I have been sharing how much it has helped me so far with all my friends… I think they think I’m trying to sell them something !! however, I just want them to experience the improvements in life that I’ve experienced. I think you are doing that too – just a passion for what you believe in through experience.!!

    I’m signed up for the Big Mind retreat in L.A. I hope I get to meet you.

    YOU are worthy! Isn’t it nice to know? I suppose Byron Katie would ask “Is That True?”


    bless you,
    lana g.

  2. N-tymes says :

    For everyone of us going through the Holosync Solution right now… we owe you, Bill Harris, so much for where we are headed. Thank you.

    I am awakening, Bill Harris :)


  3. sanjay sharma says :

    thanks harris for this information. it really touch my heart and i promise you and other who are seeing this comment that i never forget and always try to say kind words and uplifting words to my family and people around me in home, office, road, and in every area of my life.

    and bod you teach me that i can make a change in someone else life when i am with full of honesty and keeping the love inside and say to them that you are worthwhile.

    thanks again.

    sanjay sharma, india

  4. Mervi says :

    Thank you for sharing this and thank you for everything else you do. This blog and the interviews you´ve done with the experts from “The Secret” and “Mastering the power of now” has been really helpful. And Holosync has also helped me to move forward for a better life. I have been using it since june 2007 but I´m still not finished with the initial level. I have to confess that I´ve not been using it regularly (but most of the time I have.) I´m sure it helped me to cope with the events that happened in my life last year, which was the worst I´ve ever experienced. Some people have commented on my improvements and even my doctor could see that something good has happened and decided that I should take less medicine for my anxiety. It works.

    The media in Sweden has lately told what has happened to children in foster homes. There has been a lot of abuse. Some of these children have survived (and prospered), some have not. And a friend of mind grew up with an alcoholic father and a mother who became wheel chair bound after an accident. She survived but her brother died young. Why do some people survive a difficult childhood while others do not? I bet that not every survivor has a Mae Morse at their side.

    I intend to complete all Holosync levels. Money is really tight right now, but I´ll buy the next level as soon as I can. The future looks bright and I´m sure the best is yet to come.

    Once again, thank you for everything you do.


    FROM BILL: You can hear the interviews/conversations Mervi is talking about for free by going to and

  5. David McGraw says :

    I picked up holosync 8 years ago, I had moved away from home to study qigong and yoga, I had the intention of healing myself and others. I was renting a small dingy basement, and my money was running very low. Although I was meditating and doing yoga everyday, I still felt unfulfilled, I had low self esteem and really wasn’t sure of my self or my abilities. One day while sifting through a magazine I found an article of yours, something inside of me knew right away that I had to get this product. I actually had 400 dollars left on my line of credit and I spent 297 dollars on holosync. And I’m very glad I did, since that day my life completely changed. Through you I’ve learned so much about myself, I have great self confidence, I’m happy, and my life feels more fulfilled everyday. I’m now creating products that help others achieve the same. I thank you for all of your teachings over the years, it has made a significant impact on my life and I’m positive it will do the same for others in the future.

  6. jerry says :

    thank you bill i also believe that what you offer to us, people you may never meet is wothwhile and you are filled with promise…
    I’ve been doing holosync for almost ayearI say with some pride that I have missed two days of meditation in the past year thanks to you
    not only do I enjoy meditation but actually look forward to it. This from someone who thought at the beginning oh no i’ll never be able to do this. thanks for the good works

  7. John says :

    This is off topic to this blog, but I’m curious: Why is it that you say we ARE the entire universe? Don’t you mean to say we are a PART of the entire universe?

    If we WERE something, then we would have the entire range of experience associated to that ‘thing’. But we don’t. I don’t know what you’re experience of life is and you don’t know what my experience of life is.

    But what IS true is that I can communicate that experience, but I can’t directly infuse you with that experience – Which is indicitive to being a PART of something, but not actually being the thing itself.

    Furthermore, it sounds like you’re just giving your ego higher ground when you say you ARE the entire gonig on of it all, rather than being a PART of the entire going on of it all.

    Of course I extend out into my enviornment, but I’m not actually the enviornment itself. I am a PART of it. I think that’s a more honest assessment of reality, though not as satisfying. Perhaps that’s the urge for saying you ARE it as opposed to being a PART of it.

    I think it would also be more appropiate to say we COME from it. But to actually say we ARE it is an exageration, from what I can tell. That would be like saying that I AM my parents. Of course not, I CAME from my parents and I certainly have all of their uniqueness within me, but I’m not actually THEM.

    I would greatly appreciate a meaningful response. Not to be threatening (and I absolutely don’t mean to be), but if you don’t respond or refer me to a response I’ll just assume you have none.

    FROM BILL: I’m not saying that you, John, are the entire universe. I’m saying that what you think of as you is an idea. In reality, there is one thing, period. It is only in the mind (not out there in reality) that it is chopped up into separate things and events. There is ONE thing, ONE event. The you I’m talking about is the whole show. When you say you are a part, etc., you are telling me that your experience is one of being separated from the whole, looking out at it. That’s certainly one type of human experience.

    We think of a wave in the ocean as being a separate thing. But is it? A separate wave is just an idea. When you talk about “a wave” you’re separating out a part of the ocean, mentally, and telling yourself it is a separate thing. This is why Alan Watts used to say that “a thing is a THINK, a unit of thought.” In reality, there’s just the ocean of everything, and it can look out at itself through your eyes, or mine.

  8. Lynn Fabry says :

    Thank you so very much Bill, That was so very kind, and heart felt!!!
    Very best, Lynn

  9. Thank you Mr. Harris. You’re an inspiration. Bless.

  10. Terry Heart Solomon says :

    Thank you for sharing this story again. It was very moving and inspirational.


  11. i believe my life to be 1 of the most diffcult on this planet and i believe holosync has made it 70 per cent better thank you bill i am on awk level 1 hello from ireland

  12. Melissa says :

    Thanks for all the ‘extras’ you share with us…Bob’s story was wonderful and I’ve passed it on to friends that I know will appreciate it.
    I’m still enjoying my daily Holosync meditations. Even though I’m only nearing completion of level 2 the changes and results I’ve already seen have been amazing. Beyond words really! I’ll be ordering my next level soon.
    I’m so glad you created Holosync and that I discovered it. I hate to think where my life would be without it.
    Thank you so much Bill!!

  13. Connie says :

    Hi Bill,

    It’s too true! There is probably nothing that makes me happier than someone’s validation that I’m uniquely worthwhile. It will motivate me much more than I can motivate myself.

    But I’m needy for it…I have a problem with being motivated by validation of others…seeking to please, needing praise…a praise junky. Often I just can’t get off my butt unless it’s motivated by the need to meet or exceed someone else’s expectations. Staying consistently motivated from within and working towards my own goals is more of a struggle for me. I’m distracted by the craving for validation. Holosync combined with your blogs and seminars are helping me get in touch with my internal motivations. I’m just getting started.

    Bill, your theoretical, intellectual, and informational ways of teaching strike just the right chord for my way of learning, which is analytical and skeptical. I appreciate your style. You are very worthwhile and changing lives for the better. Thank you for what you do.


  14. Gerald Stephens says :

    I just listened to the I-Tunes podcast of this one, and just had to say, Bill, first of all, thanks for all you do, and you’re style is inspirational because of your no-nonsense, scientific approach to finding and sharing the truth. Your tone is friendly and conversational, and your dedication to this truth and your sharing of your way of finding it makes it very easy to grasp and understand what might be difficult material coming from other sources. Thanks also for Mr. Danzig’s story, I hadn’t heard it either. I also am new to Holosync, but it is working, the results are subtle and intense, and it is so easy to use. So thank you so much for it, and peace to you and yours.


    Gerald Stephens

  15. Ganesh A. says :

    What a warm and touching post. Thanks for writing it and giving me a warm feeling in my heart. It is greatly appreciated, Bill.

  16. Santiago Jimenez says :

    This was just beautiful Bill,

    Even though I have only seen you once, having that contact with you has propel my growth in incredible unspeakable ways. I can’t find limits in my gratitude.

    I was eager to see a new post. I wanted to let you know about the amazing realizations I have been having. I went from a totally relative perspective to a total immersion in the transcendent and back. I felt what it was to be suffering free, but then I realized that I was still deluded, though in a much more elegant way.

    Right now I must say that I feel the suffering of the people I meet (and mine also) in a more profound and deep way, I see how there is no escape from impermanence and how truly life IS suffering. But at the same time I can sometimes look deep inside their eyes and see the Self staring back at me, and I can touch that oneness right here right now, that home we are all looking for. Then I realize that is ALL me. When they suffer its ME suffering and when the feel that amazing joy its ME also.

    But then sometimes I loose that and feel separate again. However I am learning to treat myself kindly and to not bang my head against the wall by being human and imperfect and not loving everything all the time.

    Its harder to escape the moment and go unconscious, but I kind of see why we do it. In this place we can touch all the pain and all the joy at the same time and is not easy to handle that. In fact I see it as a tremendous responsibility.

    Anyway, after having all this amazing realizations what I see is this:

    Beyond the knowing or not knowing, seeking or not seeking or finding a particular truth.

    In this moment to me it all comes down to LOVE.

    We are either suffering or we are loving, and anytime we suffer is because of something we have not learned to love yet, Because we don’t see it as US, because we are separate from it. It sounds so simple, and in many ways it is. But I had to go really deep to see it.

    This post came at the perfect moment, I have to tell you that I was in a kind of hopelessness and confusion about all this. I know I will never figure it out, but I can say that my capacity to love has grown immensely and you are a huge part of it.

    I really appreciate that you take the time to answer all my comments. And even though I try to not be dependent of your answers, I have to tell you that I hope you answer this one too.

    You are really the coolest Bill.

    All the love,


  17. Shane says :

    Really enjoyed this blog- short and sweet. Bob sounds like a great guy.

    Thanks for the kind words Bill.


  18. Denise says :

    What a beautiful and uplifting story. Thank you for sharing this and thank you for the genius of Holosync!

  19. Amy says :

    Thank you for another great blog.

    Ever since I read PayPal Wars, I’ve wanted to ask you this, Bill. Near the beginning of the book, the author mentions a Bill Harris who ran that first bought Paypal. Was that Bill Harris you?

    Be well!


    FROM BILL: No.

  20. Dale Quidley-Curry says :

    I’ve been using holosync for about 5 years…while I’ve seen improvement all along I’m getting into some really NEAT stuff and can’t wait to see how much greater it gets over the next few years.

    I was very touched by Bob’s story. I’m a Guardian ad Litem for my county and I see children all the time that so much need to be told and know that they are worthy and special, that someone cares about them as individuals. It is so nice to see the wonderful good that can come from positive support and that it can do so much good for my children.

    Thank you Bill Harris for all that you do and especially for holosync.

  21. Scott Greene says :

    Thanks Bill for that truly moving story about Mr. Danzig. Some days when doubt tries to creep into my thoughts I think of others who have overcome great adversity and this is one of those cases.

  22. Cassandra says :

    You have a beautiful heart and are deeply appreciated.

  23. Visvas says :

    Hello Bill,

    Thanks for the kind words and the support that you and your staff provide. I am grateful to all the posters here and the feedback that each one contributes to this blog.

  24. Michelle says :

    I thank you for creating Holosync, and all of the other support and products as well.
    It has made a magnificent difference in my life so far (the last 15months), and I would urge anyone to use it. For anyone who has doubts- just go for it.
    I really enjoy reading the posts and responses and am grateful for the continued learning. Your style is inspirational because it is true-

    Thank you so very much,

  25. David says :

    Hey Bill, great article. I was reading your other blogs on levels of development, and found them to be very valuable. I have a couple of questions, or maybe suggestions for future articles. First I’m wondering about God, in terms of how a person at the magical level would perceive God, and how a person at the unitive level would perceive God. The reason for my question is that I’ve read the books Conversations with God by Neale Walcsh, and now I’m beginning to question weather or not it’s magical thinking to think that God is communicating with me on some level. Would it be more accurate at an enlightened or unitive level to say God would be more of your “higher self”, and we’re communicating with that? And what about the afterlife (heaven) for that matter, does a unitive believe in that or is that also magical thinking? Or maybe it’s possible nobody really knows for sure? I think thats where my level of thinking is right now, I just don’t know (maybe I’m thinking too much LOL). I’ve been studying your work for a while now and really appreciate your wisdom.

    Thanks Bill

    David McGraw

    FROM BILL: What I already wrote in these other posts about development, I believe, describe how God is perceived at different developmental levels. At the unitive level a person would not see God as “out there”.

  26. Tom DeCaro says :

    This is a wonderful story. Bill teaches patiently that what you believe, you essentially become. Mr. Danzig must have believed it when the social worker told him he was worthwhile. This belief apparently worked on his subconscious like an underground river that bursts forth when it gets to the right point. This story gives me a lot of faith in Bill’s teachings, not that I don’t have a lot of really positive experiences from them otherwise.

    Thanks for sharing this with us.

  27. s. Brimacombe says :

    Thank you Bill — a perfect present – you posted this on my birthday. How could you know that I’m on the threshold of starting a small program for teens that encapsulates just what your story is about – telling children that they are worthwhile and offering them some skills to find their way to happiness. I love the way the universe works. This is just what I needed to read. And, there is no way I could have had the courage or ability to start this program if I hadn’t been a holosync user. In the past two years since I started holosync my understanding and experiences of Reality have been developing at warp speed.
    It is the best part of my day.
    Thank you hugely!

  28. Lukas Tobler says :

    Hi Bill,

    Thank you very much for this inspiring and touching story. I have been enjoying and greatly benefiting from Holosync and your Life Principiles Courses for over a year now. What I love about you s your humbleness despite your outrageous success that clearly shows the genuinity of your work. Thank you.

    My best wishes,

    P.S. Though I am aware it’s not a priority for you and Centerpointe, I was wondering, if you ever thought about translating the user’s guide for Holosync into German. I am Swiss and know a lot of people in my country as well as Germany and Austria who could/would greatly benefit from your product, but lack English skills. Most people are skeptical at first and want to know the benefits and details before they invest their money. The reason I ask, is because I see how many great teachings originate in the U.S. and are only available for the priviledged few outside the U.S. who speak enough English. And they are fewer than commenly believed. It would make the introduction to Holosync in Europe – at least among the German speaking (roughly 100 million people) – a lot easier. What are your thoughts? Thanks.

  29. Nertram says :

    Thanks for that very inspiring story, Bill. And thank you for your words of encouragement to me (and others).
    I would like to say to you that the information that I have gleaned from you, over the past few years – Masters of The Secret series, The series on The Power of Now, my Holosync CD’s, your blog etc etc has made a HUGE difference to my life and I am so grateful and appreciative for all that you do my me and the Universe
    With thanks

  30. Katherine says :

    Some sweetness and hope. Your faith is strong. Thank you for your words. It’s uplifting and today, on my birthday, it was a special gift.

  31. Stephanie Morse says :


    I sent a note to support because I am done with Level 2 and ready to go on. However, at this time I have no money, not even credit. So, I proposed I be sent the next level and I would pay full price when I had the money.

    What I would also do, would be to send double payment. Then, someone else in this situation would be able to get their next level and could pay when they had the money. The catch for the next person would be that they would need to send double payment also, so this offer could be extended to another person.

    Reading the above posts it seems to me that there are people who could benefit from this. I haven’t heard back from support and thought this was the opportunity to say it again.

  32. José Luis Espinoza says :

    Hola Bill
    Muy conmovedora la historia, voy a comprar el libro. Como dijiste es muy bueno recibir ese tipo de mensajes especialmente si viene de personas que uno admira o que han llegado alto en la vida. Eso que nos dices que nos valoras, realmente me imagine que me lo decias a mi particularmente y en verdad en estos momentos necesitaba unas palabras de aliento. Gracias por Holosync y por tus cursos, son muy buenos.
    Un abrazo a la distancia yespero pronto estar en un big mind, big heart event y poder conocerte a ti a gempo en persona.
    Hasta pronto
    José Luis

  33. Micah Blumberg says :

    Ok Mr. I want to be a microbiologist, but I don’t have time to do that now.

    Bill if you want a tv show, on primetime, like Oprah, then the next logical step is VIDEO BLOGGING

    you know all those great phone interviews you did, like on masters of the secret?

    well a video blog will give you the chance to introduce Bob Danzig to us, the way Oprah introduces Tom Selleck to us.

    and practice makes perfect.

  34. Nancy says :

    Thank you for sharing Danzig’s story. I love hearing “hero” stories. His stands there now, right next to Wilma Rudolph. Remember her?

    It’s here for those who don’t want to Google her…

    Thanks again for Holosync! It really helps me weather the storms without even flinching, much less worrying.

  35. My eyes are welled with tears right now as I type this message. I want to tell you that you, Bill Harris, are an amazing man. I saw you on The Secret and I have ordered your Awakening Prologue. I am 52 and feel like a teenager sometimes, inexperienced and wet behind the ears. With people like you and Joe Vitale and Lisa Nichols, and 4 days into the Awakening Prologue, I am beginning to reawaken and realize that I have a power within me, that I can let the negative baggage fall away now. I am an order picker/receiver at a company that provides salon products to many salons in New England. I have been blessed with the most incredible supervisor who has actually told me things that begin with “I am so proud you. . .” My car got repo’d in June last year and my co-worker who drove me to and from work went on vacation. So that meant getting up earlier and walking to the train station, taking the train, and walking to a shopping plaza where another co-worker picked me up to go to work. When I arrived, the supervisor told me “I am so proud of you for getting here.. .whatever that’s worth.” Whatever that’s worth! It’s worth millions!
    If only my parents would have said, “I am so proud of you for. . .”

  36. Dear Bill,

    Thank you for your Bob Danzig remarks. Ironically, I was afforded an opportunity in Mexico, visiting with a man named Jose – that’s his real name.

    I saw a tremendous loving soul when I first met him. I asked him to take me to a local healer a distance away for a treatment for my chronic pain. He was so amazed that I chose him over many other people I could have asked to do the same thing.

    Jose commissioned a friend to drive me to my destination in a small dusty town to a difficult place to find where the healer does her work. They left me there and checked in from time to time and arrived 2 hours later.
    On the ride home he was a veritable volcano of discontent, the opposite of the happy man who rode with me to the distant location. I listened to his painful comments on what had happened in his life.

    After the comments wained, I said to him, “Jose, you are in paradise at this very moment. With your loving heart, you have everything you need to be a happy man.”

    Jose was stunned and took in what I had just said. We arrived at my hotel and I paid them for their services, but felt I needed to give Jose more. I told him I would meet him the next day after I went to the bank.

    My husband, a very negative, but good man, went with me to the bank. I got my money and went in to see a beaming Jose.

    Jpse told me that no one had ever put so much trust and faith in him before. He said “You made me feel important for the first time in my life.”
    I just sat there with tears running down my face. He told me that he thought I was an “angel”.

    I asked my husband who was not there at the time to meet Jose. He was resistant as hell. I finally dragged him to meet Jose. I said to Jose, please tell my husband what you just told me. He was a little embarrassed, but proceeded to tell my husband what a lucky man he is. He said “You are married to a very special woman, she is an angel.”

    My husband and I had an argument the night before about how I talk to too many people whom I don’t know at all and it makes him angry when I engage salespeople in particular, I work in sales and am very outgoing and love to be around folks with whom I sense goodness. I consider it a strength, and it drives him nuts. His lack of acceptance of who I am has been a bone of contention for years. It makes me very sad. I see a good man who has great difficulty being joyful.

    The encouragement I gave to Jose came back to me with his words to my husband. I sobbed as I listened to Jose tell my husband how fortunate he is. I keep telling my husband how lucky he is and it made my day to hear Jose say those words to my husband.

    Thank you Bill for passing around the joy. I, ironically was doing a Bob Danzig/Bill Harris before I listened to your message. Jose learned to pass it around also. Your work is good and is changing our world one person at a time. What goes around comes around – sometimes more quickly than we ever expect.

    Your Joy filled 3 1/2 year practicer,

    Loretta Holscher

  37. David says :

    Hi Bill,
    Thanks for those amazing stories. I have read that the more intense the trauma, the more potential for success when the traumee, (ha) overcomes that trauma, which makes trauma not such a “bad” thing although difficult and requiring work such as holosync to overcome. Bob Danzig and yourself are tremendous proof of that.
    And thanks so much for holosync, it’s benefits are immense, I am a filled in picture of my former shadow (ha) because of it.
    Much respect,
    David :O)

  38. Jose Ramos says :

    Thank you Bill for this amazing story, and for all the great work you have done for us. You have been a big part of my life since I started Holosync 1 year ago…One of my dreams is to meet you in person and I know that somehow it`s going to happen. I like very much the LPIP course. Thanks Bill.

  39. Julia King says :

    Hi Bill
    I’d just like to say thank for creating Holoysync and your blog on Bob Danzig. I will be ordering his book today on Amazon and I have forwarded your email to my friends.

    Thank You


  40. Helen De Nobrega says :

    Yes Bill,

    Your story, your teachings, resources, products and staff have changed my life. There was a time when my only communication with the outside world was my computer and my CD player. Your voice, wisdom and encouragement helped me carry on…and through.

    I’ve come a long way since then, and you were with me every step of the way.

    Thank you… for all of it.


  41. Greg Turner says :

    Thanks for this story. I would be interested in knowing Mr. Danzig’s tboughts and reactions to the current tsunami hitting the newspaper industry. I am speaking of course to the fact that the newspaper industry is losing readership in the gagillions because of the internet.

  42. bob danzig says :

    my, my–how moving to find folks ordering my books from all over the world as result of Bill Harris’ generous sharing. only because some of those notes mentioned the Blog–did I look it up . Tad redfaced with completeness of Bill’s remarks as extracted from my most recent book. For sure, Bill is among those rare “Angel Threads” in this fella’s tapestry of life. My gratitude is great . Thank you. Bob Danzig.

    FROM BILL: Bob, after all you’ve done for others, and the inspiration you’ve provided to so many, you certainly deserve everything that comes back to you.

  43. Gina Ryan says :

    Aloha Bill!
    Beautiful post (once again).

    *I am going to post -on my twitter acct, @starlightlife -a link to this post as I think everyone will love it and I don’t see a link on your blog.
    Please consider it as your voice is clear and present and many there can benefit from your wisdom!
    I’ll just send out links here and there till I see you on twitter and everyone can then follow you!

    Big Aloha and Mahalo for the beautiful post…Bob’s book will make a great gift!

  44. Danice says :

    Hi Bill:
    You have enriched my life and I thank you for everything you share with me.

  45. Michaela says :

    I just about had this whole comment typed but before I submitted it I guess I hit something and erased it all ( I’m not the most computer literate person in the world). Any way I just wanted to say that I was extremely touched by Bob’s story. I know especially since beginning this spiritual journey, just over a year ago, that we all look to tell our story or use it as justification in some way for where we are at. Sure I had a lot of ” UNFAIR THINGS” happen to me in childhood but Bob did not even have a solid home or two parents who supposedly loved him. I think we can all take some inspiration from his story and, no matter what happened, it doesn’t make mine seem quite so bad, and even more importantly it gives us all hope so thank you Bob and thank you Bill – both for this story and for Holosync. I have a long way to go on this journey but for the first time in my life I feel like I have hope. Thank you.


  46. Dear Bill,

    Thank you for this post.

    It is possible, after many years of introspection, to integrate all of the circumstances in one’s life into a coherent whole.

    The culmination of this self introspection is finding the purpose of one’s life, on this earth, in this lifetime. Until this puzzle is done, then there appears to be chaos and randomness, but in reality, everything is perfection in motion.

    When my son “chose” to be born to me, everything changed, for me.

    After raising him by myself, I have come to realize that he was the one who was teaching me. He came into my life that I may learn from him, not the other way around, and everything in my life was no more than a prelude to all of this. It may have appeared that I chose to have him, but in truth, it is the other way around.

    Everything in my childhood, everything in my path lead me to where I am, and it was very simply to raise a wonderful child.

    I can now look back in perspective and say it was a wonderful journey, painful at times as it was but absolutely worth it.

    There is nothing at all in my past that I regret, and there was nothing there that was not necessary.

    best wishes from the heart,
    Melinda M. Sorensson

  47. Aase Koppergaard says :

    When I started with Holosync 3 years ago, I didn’t feel wortwhile. I had no belief in myself. I knew in my head that I was just as valuable as anybody else – but I didn’t feel it. Today I do. You, Bill Harris, are one of the major causes for that. I’ve never met you – I sure hope I will some day – but in spite of that you have given me tools and tasks that has helped me overcome the poor programs in my head and generate an insight in and an understanding of what I like to call The Construction Of The Creation. My gratitude to you are difficult to express in words. And sharing stories like this one continues to fill me up with awe for the enourmous possibilities that are built in to the human race – as long as we manage to put our focus at the right places. THANK YOU.

  48. Mark Wilmore says :

    Hi Bill

    My Childhood was very similar to bob’s except I had a stable home however my parents were never around due to working commitments, and you could say I had to survive in something like the Bronx in the U.S.

    I was left to grow and expand on my own from the age of around 10 years old, which left me lacking guidance leaving me confused and lost in the world for many years.

    I am currenty on level 2 after 15 months of Holosync and the changes in me are incredible. I now have purpose in my life with increased focus, my mind chatter has virtually gone and i see things much more clearly now.


    When will Bill Harris leave the states and come to visit his world wide audience and participants. I am based in the UK and it would be great to see you on tour.

    Thank you for going through the process of bringing Holosync to us all, which I know would have been very interesting and challenging at times. You also had no helpline to fall back onto when the going got tough, amazing.

    You are one in a million Bill and a true inspiration.

    Keep up the good work.

  49. Lana G says :

    Hi Bill – i ran across this short film today and it reminded me of the post you did so thought i’d share:


  50. Bonnie Bell says :

    Many Blessings to you Bill!
    Thank you for offering the inspiring story of Bob Danzig, and I wish to offer gratitude for Holosync too. I just ordered it, so have not yet had a chance to try it. Sometimes the synchronicity of the Universe is simply to be trusted.

  51. Coleen says :

    Bill, your heart and soul shines through your words in this post.

    Forgive me for the long post but I feel it is appropriate even though you may never publish it. This is my opportunity to personally thank you so I am taking it!!! Your story about Bob bought tears to my eyes and the driving desire to thank you just had to be fulfilled for you have done so much for me.

    As I read Bobs story I could only think of the same sad lonely life that I too, experienced as a child bought up in a childrens home, and then fostered out to a very abusive environment. Except that abuse actually started at the age of 6 when those people were considered to be my ‘holiday hosts’.

    It would continue and eventually progess to becoming daily abuse until I left at the age of 17, choosing sanity, sadness and anger over abuse. So yes, I too know what it is like to be out in the world at a young age with absolutely not a soul to turn to and I to know what it felt like not to be wanted. . It was indeed a solitary life and for many years I have lived in a world of solitary confinement lost in sadness anger and confusion. My foster father was the Governer of a major Prison and he treated me as he did those prisoners.

    Then I found Holosync. I began Awakening Proglue 1 having made a 120% commitment to ‘trust’ you and to ‘believe’ what I had read in your Sales Letter of which I read every single word…..Making Changes Easy, and the rest of the cds…. every single day I listen to Dive and Immersion, apart from when I lent them to my girlfriend when she found out she had cancer.

    I told her she could use my copy until she had received her own Bill cause i figured she needed it more than I did at that moment in time. Her words to me recently were “thank God you gave me yor cd’s and told me about Holyosync. I wouldn’t have got this far without them” My response was ‘thank you for trusting me”. I told her about Holosync and how you had healed me of my life long sadness and anger and I told her that she absolutely must begin immediatley to tune in. she said she didn’t know if she could manage the 1 hour but I told her straight. “if you are not going to follow Bills instructions then don’t waste your money”….she bought them and follows your instructions to the letter Bill!! In fact, quite often she rings me after her radiation session and says, “I’m just about to do my mediation”, once she has filled me on the days news. she has chemo through a bag 24/7

    Before I continue with my story i would like to say THANKYOU BILL :):):) … will understand why when you finish reading this post……but for now…I want to say thank you for giving me ‘ME’ back. I want to say thankyou for givining me ‘CALMNESS’…i haver never ever known that. I want to say thank you for giving me SANITY back. I want to say thank you for giving me PEACE…..i have never known that either. but most of all I want to say thank you for giving me ‘HAPPINESS’……that Bill, my dear man is something that I never ever ever knew….until 6 months ago when your Centrepoint email landed in my inbox and I found the money to buy Awakening Prolgue 1….and now I will tell you why I say thankyou…….you see, despite the childhood stuff, I was to loose the most precious person in my life which would lead to me loosing my sanity, loosing my life, loosng my world…….and then finding it all again because of you and your wonderful Holosync

    The background trauma of my childhood began at birth, with my earliest memory being left in my cot, abandoned and starving culminated in a child growing into an adult that was always angry. I then recall being in a court room and then taken away by the police to a childrens home. I knew that anger was suppression caused through deep depression but I never knew how to deal with my anger and as a child I remember feeling very sad all the time.

    For all of my life, I only wanted two things. the first was too become a writer who published books in her own name, just like Enid Blighton. She was the only bright spot in a very lost childhood. I would carry a book everwhere I went and at night I would climb into my bed at the tender age of 4 and with book in hand, look at the pictures and try to decipher the words on the page. By end of my 4th year I could read her books and from that moment on I was to be forever lost in a book and as I closed my eyes each night I dreamed of being that world famous author that everybody loved. ‘One day’ I recall telling myself. ‘One day’I will be famous and I will help people so they are not sad like me’.

    You see Bill, just like Bob I always felt, nobody wanted me either, and that I was not loveable and my books were my only source of happiness and contentment. I loved reading about the happy adventures and as I read I would forget about my own sad feelings, because i would become so lost in the imaginary world of the characters in the books. Today I still have some of Enid Blightons books in my bookshelf! I wasn’t so fortunate as Bob to have someone tell me that ‘I was worthwhile” for the message i was given every day was that I was ‘dumb and stupid’ and that “You will amount to nothing”. My determination grew and I would think “You’ll see”. I also remember feeling angry inside.

    The second thing I wanted was to be a mother who would give her children everthing she never had AND have someone to love.

    Well Bill….. I had the children. 2 boys in fact and one of them turns 20 tomorrow!!! The sad part is that due to the trauma of a sad childhood, and the continual problem with anger and sadness, my marriage failed and my first son decided to go live with his Dad. My second child, being a baby at the time stayed with me. Through all of those years after my first child left I was sad and angry and totally devastated. Through all of brining up my baby boy, I loved him wholeheartedly and with fierce protectiveness, but never felt that I was loveable. In an effort to overcome the horrors of loosing my first son I transferred my love, with totall passion over to my youner son…… I also intensified my level of protectiveness. Then … age 14 my youngest son also went to live with his Dad……the reason……I was sad and angry and too over protective which would display itself in anger and sadness. It was like a vicous cycle that I couldn’t break free from and I felt so misunderstood. My love was not good enough.

    You see, i did my best but there was no learnings to fall back on when it came to parenthood and so I always felt lost. All I knew was that I loved my son. It was tough being a solo parent striving to provide the best life possible for my son. But there was no way anyone would take my son away from me, just like I had been taken away from my parents…. and then my worst nightmare was realised…..After 14 years of just me and My Son, he was gone in a split second that has changed my life forever more. You see Bill. There was no warning. There were no indications. There was no preparation. I have come to refer to that day as “That Fateful Day”. One moment he was with me and the next he was gone. I lost all ability to comprehend. For over a year I walked around as a dead person. For 6 months I couldn’t even so much as walk into his bedroom. Appearing alive on the outside, but yet feeling totally nothing on the inside. I look back and I have no idea how I even functioned.

    All I knew was that I was a stupid dumb mother and that I was sad and angry …..and totally suicidal. The love of my life had gone away and no amount of traditional therapy was resolving my anger, depresion and sadness. I was absolutely desperate….I prayed and I prayed and I prayed for an answer.

    My life had been completely devastated yet again. Someone else that I had dared to love had been taken away from me. I had always been so scared to love because every time I did they would be taken away from. First my parents, then my sisters whom I don’t know where they are, then my husband, then my first child and now My Son. The boy that I idolised. The boy that i was so proud of. The boy that meant the world to me. The boy that was my reason for getting up everyday….he was gone and I couldn’t function anymore. I literally couldn’t even think for a while.

    Bill, you talk about Chaos. I think I personifed it!!! All hell broke loose….I was so far over my threshhold that nothing was reigning me in. It was as though I had become senseless through the deep seated trauma of having my son taken so suddenly.

    It was one to many loves being take away from me and my mind could not absorb this new reality. I would wake up in the night screaming and on one ocassion a very dear friend walked into my home and found me laying on my floor crying uncontrollably. He picked me up, sat me on his knee and gently rocked me back and forth for what seemed like an eternity. For the first time in my life I had lost my mind strength completely. I recall feeling as though I was that withdrawn, I could’nt connect with even being rocked back and forth. So distant. So lost within. So dead emotionally…only to explode into emotional chaos like a volcano erupting from it’s very depths.

    Even as I sit here now, the tears fall from my eyes and I fight not to sob. After all of this time it is still so difffiuclt to address my deep seated pain head on, as I am writing this post. I want only for my son to come home….but he never will. It is so painful and yet it is one of those pains, that one must learn to live with….and…I feel as though writing you this post is okay, because it shows that i am perhaps partially ready to address the depth of my sorrow and pain over loosing my son. I pray that Awakening Prologue 2 will fortify me with the strength to continue healing myself of the horrible emotional pain. I believe that it will raise my threshhold higher and that in doing so I will be fine. I also recall you saying that when I felt fidgety or as though I wanted to stop a session to ride it through becuase it was then that I would have major breakthroughs….that can to pass and be true as well.

    Through all of the sad lonely years of my childhood my predominant thought was always ‘you can’t keep me down’. And here I was litteraly on the floor unable to get up. It was a situation I would find myself in repeatedly as the horrifying abusive flashbacks of my childhood returned whilst my mind fort the reality of my son being taken away. sometimes finding myself sitting for hours in my car not knowing where I was. Once I walked around a shopping centre for 6 hours non stop. Slowy trudging along, totally lost within myself. I just didn’t know who I was anymore. I would move through entire days and not be able to recall what I had done with any measure of clarity. And all the while I was angry..seething silenty in turmoil, anger that simmered away and manifested itself in the form of sadness and depression.

    Once again I returned to therapy. Desperate and suicidal wanting only to find a way to completely eradicate emotions of anger, that had, this time been responsible for something so life changing that still, even as I sit here writing this post, causes tears to well up and fall from my eyes. I was so scared. All I thought about day and night was suicide to escape ther reality of an empty house.

    For over a year I consistently attended therapy sessions. Those therapy sessions did me more harm than good. So I made another life changing decision…..never again would I ever ever ever walk into another therapists office in an attempt to heal myself of the wounds of my past. Wounds that had been born of a situation just like Bob’s. Living in a childrens home and being fostered out.

    I sat for hours searching online looking for an alternative therapy that would answer the desperation in my heart. My beautiful child was gone and he was not coming back. It has been nearly 3 years and he has still not returned. He has told me he never will.

    There were to many years of anger and little did I know or understand back then, but it is my belief today, that I frightened my son. He did not understand my anger. How could he? Most of the time I didn’t understand it either. He did not understand my driving need to protect him at all costs. He did not understand his mother lived on shattered nerves, haunting nightmares of a past so long ago and the continual feelings of overwhelming sadness and anger. All he knew was that I was angry and I have been able to learn through Holosync, despite the fact it hurts, that I scared him.

    Somewhere in the recesses of my mind, I knew that I had to continue moving foward as best as I could and so I focused on bringing my childhood dream into reality……The dream of long ago to ‘one day’ become an author is now coming to pass…….today I work as a ghost-writer and I am in the process of publishing 2 books that I have written myself. I also know and understand that my writing is yet another form of solitary confinement, but it is one that makes me feel content and happy rather than trapped and lost. Whether I will be famous or not is another thing!!!

    Today, as I wait for Awakening Level 2 to arrive in the mail, I wonder Bill what it is that I have to look foward to. I do know that, as strange as this may sound, “I look foward to embracing my pain”. I say this becaues I feel ‘safe’ when I do my Holosync and that feeling of ‘safeness’ affords me the opportunity to address my inner most issues in private’ with the full knowledge that Holosync will continue to heal me and help me to grow mentally and emotinally for the better. I have committed to Holosync as a lifetime prgramm and have full intentions of completing all 12 levels.

    I wonder, if like Bob, I will attain my goals. Goals of becoming financially free through doing something that I dreamed about as a child….writing. What I do know is that you Bill, through Holosync, have given me the strength and courage to pick myself up of the floor (literally), and begin moving foward in my life once again. What I do know is that despite the fact that my son has never returned home, I feel ‘alive’ once more and I feel happy for the first time ever. So often, these days, people tell me I am ‘calm’ and ‘together’…and I am. Recently a friend told me that ‘my happiness is contagious’ and that she looks forward to being around me. so often I find myself in the ‘witnessing’ position and I can see for myself the truly wonderful life changes that have occurred since starting Holoysnc 6 months ago.

    Recently I have been able to step foward to moving full time into my writing business and although I have no idea what the future holds, I do so with a feeling of surety and calmness……but Bill….most of all this is what I can tell you and this is why I say thankyou…

    YOU HAVE HEALED ME OF MY ANGER AND SADNESS.!!!!! And for that you have my enternal gratitude, support and loyalty. Since beginning Holosync 6 months ago I have never felt the same feeling of ‘anger’ that I felt previously. There have been moments that I have been angry but it is a different kind of anger. It is not one borne of sadness and it is not an anger that is deep and uncontrollable insofar as I don’t know what to do with my feelings. These days I am able to ‘witness’ and understand very quickly what has caused me to feel angry. I can also say that those moments are few and far between with calmness and clarity being my predominant way of functioning moment to moment. In fact, last week I was angry about something, and my friend said to me “this is so unlike you Coleen. What has upset you so much?” I think of this statement and I can only smile Bill for anger destroyed my life by taking my children away from me.

    Whatever the future holds for me I know that my life will not be driven through emotions of anger and sadness ever again. I am truly in control and at aged 44 I am blessed because the journey of my sad angry past is now well behind me and the journey of my happy contented future is stretched before me being mine to to make of it what I will.

    Perhaps one day, just as Bob saw ‘a promise’ in you, you will see a ‘promise in me’ and do me the honour of allowing me to write something for Centrepointe as I move foward on my journey towards becoming a full time writer. Perhaps Bill, reading your post about Bob, has been ‘the promise’ that you saw in me because that post propelled me foward enough to take the time and acknoweldge in ‘writing’, a debilitating weakness in myself, that you helped me to turn into one of my greatest strenghts.

    With sincere love and gratitude I say one last time….thankyou for healing me of the anger and sadness that has lived with me for a lifetime.

    Coleen Cook

  52. Julius Ko says :


    – Julius

  53. Sam says :

    I appreciated this post quite a bit because you really helped me to step into the shoes of Bob and experience what it might feel like to be him. It sounded as if the words of his you were reading came directly from him somehow, because I felt my heart warm when I heard the story of the social worker telling him those kind words. It sounds as if Bob had a profound effect on you which helps you to get into the state he is in, and only something from the heart could express his teaching so wonderfully; nobody could’ve done better and I’m sure, if Bob heard this, that he would be proud to hear such a caring rendition of his story.

    FROM BILL: He DID hear it–see his post in response to what I said about him.

  54. Mr. Harris
    Thank you so much for your very poignant post. Thanks for introducing me to such an exemplary human being as Mr. Danzig.

    You are an inspiration. Your ability to simplify complex issues is unparalleled. Thanks for reminding me, I am worthwhile, and Filled with promise.

    God bless you.

  55. marilyn says :

    I just wanted to use this opportunity of saying thank you. I live in Scotland and have travelled around the world and I have never had dealings with a business man like yourself. Your after sales care is second to none. You appear to have managed what few other people have done which is to combine business savvy with approachability and ethics. You are a lesson for us all who are in business. Godbless Marilyn. ps – thanks for the story. I don’t suppose that you will ever read this as you must be very busy but maybe someone will tell you that across the pond someone appreciates what you do.

    FROM BILL: I read everything posted here.

  56. Peter says :

    Hello Bill,

    I’ ve been using awakening level 1 for 3 weeks now but the last days i feel very overwhelmed and it’s the first time that i really don’t know why.
    I feel very nervous as if there is some kind of energy that can’t get out and it stays inside me.I thought maybe it’s some suppressed anger maybe but nothing significant has happened to justify it. I mailed to the support stuff and they told me to try to accept the situation but it’s been getting worse and i fear that if i let it i will just break everything. I even fear getting out of the house to go to the university or to meet my friends because i can get into this state all of a sudden.When i stay still i feel it in the back of my mind and it urges me to do something. I think that it fits what you describe as “frantically trying to dissipate entropy” but i’m having great trouble recognizing it or being aware of it at times.
    Please, please give me some advice if you can. Even if i stop using holosync i don’t see how i will get better, it’s got a hold on me now. Maybe i am on the brink of evolving but how and when will this happen? (I am a very calm person by the way that’s why it seems so strange now).
    I see now that holosync has helped me a lot and i really appreciate your work especially with the blog which is illuminating.Keep up the good work!


    FROM BILL: Holosync makes you more aware. You are becoming aware of disowned, repressed aspects of yourself (aspects you were taught–or for some reason decided–are bad or wrong or dangerous when you were growing up) and because you think they are unacceptable, you are resisting them. Holosync shows you who you are under the facade, and you aren’t liking what you are seeing. In other words, you are experiencing your own resistance to something that actually needs to be accepted, owned, embraced. Whatever it is, trust me, it has been affecting you in a negative way all along. What is disowned expresses itself in covert and dysfunctional ways. The parts of your life that don’t seem to be working, the ongoing problems you have in your life, are really the expression of this disowned material.

    The best way to deal with this is to watch with curiosity, allowing it to be okay. Watch the sensations in your body. Watch your thoughts. Just be really curious about what is happening–instead of trying to make it go away. As soon as you allow it, and watch it carefully, it will transform into something else: wisdom, compassion, potency, peace. When you stop fighting against the parts of existence you think are not-okay, you’re free. Right now you are fighting against something you think is wrong, but it isn’t. These sensations you’re feeling aren’t the problem. The problem is your resistance to them. Watch. Be curious about them. Say “Hmmm, interesting” a lot. And, it is okay to take a few days off from Holosync, though Holosync isn’t the problem. Your resistance to what it is showing you about yourself is the problem.

    Trust me on this. You are going to be okay. In fact, as you get through this you’ll see a huge shift. You’ll be a different person, and all the energy that has been tied up in keeping whatever it is down and out of awareness will be available for being more alive (this is what I meant above when I said that it would transform into POTENCY). Stay the course. Watch with curiosity. Let whatever happens be okay.

  57. Sam says :

    Unfortunately I missed this the first time around, however it is nice for me to go back and read his remarks about your post. I’m sure that this meant a lot to him not only due to his increase in book sails, but due to the fact that this was so heart felt. I imagine that this is why your marketing works so well; when one really combines the idea of soulful expression with one’s desire to share value with the world magical things do happen. I hope some day to achieve something worthy of an endorsement like this from Bill Harris where I am touched as Bob was to recall what I’ve done, because there seems to be nothing more gratifying to me than to see one’s value reflected back in such a splended manner. For some reason you seem to really come alive in this post when re-living some of Bob’s experiences and this really helps to energize me, and just the thought of having the possibility of something nice like this being done for me makes my life’s work all the more worthwhile.

    PS: Perhaps we could someday hear a conversation between you and Bob, or perhaps some other people you have looked up to and gained much wisdom from? I feel that this may resonate with listeners and really increase the law of attraction regarding putting heart felt value into the world–lord knows we need it in these trying times. Regarding the law of attraction, in my humble oppinion, this type of post–wherein real life experience can be shared person to person–is where it’s at.

  58. Georgie says :

    I am the original seeking skeptic, and thuogh I was only going to try Holosync, I am now intrigued with the subtle changes since I started using it, and though only only a disability cheque I have continued, as I can with the programme.
    Thank you for believing in this study as I now do, fully!

  59. Judy Mallard says :

    Hi Bill,

    I am brand new to this Holosync, I bought the program. I love it so far. I also loved Bob’s story…. I look at some of the homeless and know that they don’t have to be in those situations, if they had one person who believed in them, who know’s how many Bobbies can change. I would love to be able to impact a life so compelling as in Bob’s Story. My heart was so full as I read each word, and I got more inspired to move ahead with my own dreams. I can’t Thank You enough for this wonderful program that is already starting to improve my life. I have much to be worked on, so I will be a sponge and a star student of your Program Awakening Prologue.
    ~ Bless you Big ~

  60. Dennis Caxton says :

    Thanks for a great post Bill, Holosync (and you) have changed my life in too many ways to mention…can you ever see a time when you will be in the UK?

  61. Ilias says :

    Hi Bill, thank you for sharing your heart with us.

    Bill, because of what I learned from you, I created a product and launched my business while I was going through, and recover from two back-to-back open heart surgeries over the past 6 years.

    Your teachings have helped me clear the way regarding aspects of my life that could have kept “parts of my psyche” back in the womb, as I experienced severe trauma in the womb while my mother was pregnant with me. It was this trauma that left me with a severe heart anomoly, and the sensitized perceptions that I was “beaten down” by the world, before I ever came into it.

    When we are in the womb we haven’t yet developed language, think our own thoughts with words, and I have to tell you…

    …that Holosync and your “teachings” have helped me save my life, heart, and mind in ways that are impossible to describe in words.

    Now is a time for compassion for self and others. Not as as an idea, or mental construct, or lofty emotion.

    It is a time for acts of compassion and loving kindness, and your blog post today has really touched my heart.

    Blessings to you, your family, Centerpointe and ALL the incredible abundance that is flowing through the world right now.

    If anyone reading this is clenching their heart because you are afraid that if you give what little money you have to others in need, or to even help yourself by purchasing Holosync or some other personal growth program to help you relieve your stress in lieu of the economy…

    …then now is absolutely the time to give it away. Why? Because it is the clenching of the heart that slows down the flow of it. Believe me I know.

    Have faith, and you will be amazed at what will come back to you, epecially when you least expect it.

    May we all be open to receive the infinite abundance, we are destined to receive.

    Love you Bill,

  62. Susannah Acworth says :

    What staggering comments, letters, posts. I feel its these posts more than my present experiences with Holysyync that will make me continue with Holysync. A 65 year young female living with a 69 year old dear sweet kind, repressed passive agressive man whose negative energy I just sponge up when I don’t give myself protection. Anger, phew it hurts so much, and for the past two months it has erupted volcanically. The relationship will end, and I will be both so very very sad and so utterly utterly relieved – was it Rumi who said: the heart weeps for what it has lost and the soul laughs for what it has found.

    Yes, I echo Dennis Caxton above – though put it differently…if I organise it would you come to UK? How many people would you want/need. What would you charge? I sang a few weeks ago in the Millenium Dome, which holds 20,000 – but it is a soulless place. Now the Albert Hall…

    So I must say a big thank you to all of the people who’ve blogged you Bill. I now must order the CD after the Awakening – don’t think I even have the name right.

    Yes. An answer as to coming to the UK or not – despite the carbon footprint.

    Blessings and congratulations and thanks and love Bill.

    FROM BILL: As you might imagine, to travel to Europe, with the staff I would need to do an event, is expensive and time-consuming. And, with now having to deal with everything that’s going on with the economy plus everything else I’m already doing or planning to do, such a trip has to really be worth it. Fill the Albert Hall and I’ll be there!

  63. Samantha says :

    Thank you Bill Harris!!

  64. Alemenia Mclean says :

    My Dearest Bill Harris. You are worthwhile. I just finished the twelth lesson of the on line expander course. and I just had to blog you. You are the one that led me out of the darkest spot a person could ever be In. I still have drive to do more, require more of myself. I am still pretty much looking at the big picture, but at least I can see how I am responisble for all the stuff I create. and that this journey will never end now thanks to you. I love you Bill Harris and I appreciate everyday you get up out of your bed. I love getting out of mine thanks to your insights. Live long and prosper. Alemenia

  65. Alemenia Mclean says :

    Hi Bill. I remembered what you said about being as exact and not give my whole life story. I said to myself well who do I tell my life story to if I never say it out loud how will I ever be able to move past all this (stuff). I have been keeping a journal sence I was a young girl of maybe 12 or so. I went back and read through that corney stuff and had a good laugh on me. So I decided through a on-line course I took with Oprah and Eckhart Tolle. on there course they had a place where you could really let lose and get thoes feelings out there and then just let it go. I never have been brave enough to ask for help, but you help me see and I hope you notice that I did not say (made me ). I have been putting that line in the water and what I have been catching. I send my love from the barn where I am with the cows and skinning thoes fish. love you Alemenia

  66. Alemenia Mclean says :

    Hi bill Just a quick thought could you write a book of plays where. The story line is in line with your on-line course. It would make acting as if so much easier. Its not that I want you to do all the work etc. etc. Its like the guy that ask me for a smoke and then a light and then told me it wasn’t his brand, that the matches I used the sulfer could kill him,but I would buy them all and give some to friends love you Alemenia

  67. Johnny says :

    Hey Bill,

    I’m not sure if I can thank you enough for Holosync. You don’t know me but you’re making a huge impact on the quality of my life, and I want to thank you. I hope all the praise you get hasn’t become routine for you- I hope you still get juiced knowing how important you are to everyone who uses Holosync. I have a pretty basic question. I’m preparing my affirmations for Awakening Level 2. Is it best to record them rapid-fire, or to pause a second or two in between each one?

    You don’t even need to post this message. I’m asking you because the support staff didn’t seem to have a clear answer for me. I figure if there’s a better way to do it, I’d like to know… and you are the person who would know.


    FROM BILL: Why would it matter?

  68. Michaela says :

    Hi Bill,
    I sincerely hope you post this comment as I really would like a genuine answer.
    I already posted a comment a few weeks ago on this current blog, which was genuinely heartfelt. After that I decided to go into the previous blogs and started reading them from the beginning, I found them absolutely fascinating. this comes from an Irish catholic who did not realise how, subconciously, I was entrenched in my beliefs and closed off to others. I went into Holosync with a lot of skepticism but something about you and Holosync just resonated as “right”.
    I am only on Awakening level one and as someone who has lived with a life ruled by anxiety I have definitely felt changes and at least know that I have the choice to let anxiety be the prevalent ruler or not.
    However, I got to June 2008 on your blog and a response you left to one of the comments just blew me away and left me wondering, is Bill the real deal or does my skepticism and doubt win out after all?
    The comment was left in response to “Will” on June 16 2008 and goes as follows. To quote your own words ” I see things like Holosync and Big Mind taking up the slack to some, extent,but if a person really wants to awaken in the profound sense I’m writing about here, it’s probably not going to happen from doing some sort of practice an hour a day.” Are you saying that the hour I devote every day to meditation and Holosync are not going to help in my I awakening process? I’ve read the comment several times and don’t see another way to interpret it. Maybe my awareness is not there yet and there is something I’m missing.
    I would be very grateful for an honest response to this one. Thanks. And honestly up to this point something about Holosync just feels right even though it hasn’t all been easy.
    I do apologise for getting off topic on this one but I really do need an answer and I don’t think your support staff can answer this one. Thanks.


    FROM BILL: Anyone could wake up in an instant, but few do. Most people who have what in Zen is called a kensho experience, or “great enlightenment,” are people who have devoted themselves to awakening. As long as you are attached to the world and the reality created by your mind, you aren’t going to see the transcendent reality behind it because the mind obscures it. Once you have attained it, the next step is to reintegrate the relative world–to transcend and include both the transcendent and the relative.

    What you are really asking, I think, is whether or not it’s worth it to use Holosync, and what will you get from doing so. The more you use Holosync, the more you will see how everything goes together (as opposed to how things seem to be in opposition). Any unresolved emotional stuff will gradually fall away. You will come to embrace the aspects of yourself and the world you’ve assumed were wrong or bad (the Catholic Church instills a long list of these), so you will stop expressing them (and attracting them) in dysfunctional ways. You will experience increasing amounts of mental clarity, which, among other things, will allow you to see more and more clearly the effects of your actions–not just on whatever or whomever might be in your immediate vicinity, but your effects on a much wider range of things (ultimately including everything). You will become more compassionate. You will become more peaceful inside. You will become happier.

    The profound awakening I was writing about is rare. A very samll percentage of those who meditate experience it. Though it can happen even with no spiritual practice at all, as it did for Eckhart Tolle and Byron Katie, it usually happens, as I said above, to those who devote their entire life to awakening. Meditating an hour a day is not the same as devoting your life to awakening, though it brings many wonderful benefits, as I described above–especially when you meditate with Holosync, which is more like 4 hours of traditional meditation.

    Not every musician becomes a world-class star, and not every business owner becomes a billionaire, though both are possible. Becoming enlightened is like being a spiritual billionaire. It can happen, but it is rare. And, though there is a price to pay, some pay it and still don’t become a billionaire, while others somehow seem to be in the right place at the right time and become a billionaire without seeming to pay the price. And though we start out seeking diligently, the irony is that awakening is a cessation of seeking, and a realization that there never was anything to seek. In fact, seeking actually is the final barrier to making the shift.

    Ken Wilber has said that enlightenment is an accident (referring to the fact that it seems to come by grace, not through any sure-fire formula), but meditation makes you more accident prone. So keep meditating, and you’ll gain more clarity, more happiness, more wisdom, and more choice.

    And above all, never stop trusting me (just kidding–trust yourself).

  69. Michaela says :

    Hi Bill

    Thanks for the response and for clarifying that for me. Who knows maybe I’ll be one of those few who actually become a spiritual billionaire.
    I have had quite a bit of emotional stuff surface, but thanks to the wonderful support material you provide I am definitely getting better at watching it as opposed to letting it take me over.
    I know being able to trust anybody just a little is a major step in the right direction so thank you for that.
    Holosync has not necessarily been an easy ride up to this point but I know it is helping bring about positve changes so I will continue with the program. I have gone from being overwhelmed with anxiety and pretty much leading a stagnant life ( although I did put on a different face for the world) to actually feeling hopeful for the first time in my life.
    So once again thank you for your positive input and I look forward to maybe being at one of your retreats someday.


  70. Peter says :

    Hi Bill,

    I ‘d like to ask a personal question, just out of curiosity really.Have you experienced the absolute side of reality or Big Mind according to Genpo Roshi? If so, how did it happen?


  71. Anon says :

    A few notes…
    1) Will you blog about SuperLearning? I have recently returned to school and have turned into an unexpected genius after two years of Holosync. I have devoured what you have in Thresholds, but I want more! I used to not be able to do math and now I’m at the top of the class and cannot attribute it to anything else. I knew I had changed a lot for other reasons, but I had no idea how significantly I had changed until I tried to do school again, something I failed at over and over for 15 years.

    2) You mention somewhere…in the lessons?, blog?, support letters?, about when you move the universe moves and vice versa. I saw it briefly, weeks ago, after successfully choosing and itnegrating a new belief, and I’m still awed. It moved like being at one with the jello. Totally awesome.

    3) You really do help people and go the extra mile, it shows. Thank you for that.

  72. Ed Howes says :

    Hi Mr. Harris,

    Just a note to say I will be ordering my Awakening level 1 package tomorrow after a bank deposit. Until now my primary life lesson has been patience but at 62 years of age, nearing what I consider to be my mid point, I am more than a little anxious to get on with it.

    It took me all morning to read your home page because I kept drifting into the possibilities Holosync would open up for me, family and friends. While I have no plans to pursue any formal education, I have a passion for knowledge and wisdom, mostly acquired by reading.

    I made the mental note this morning that I will now have to find a speed learning course to supplement accelerating personal growth. How synchronistic I should find Anon’s post the last on a very interesting thread! I still have the rest of this site to explore and a few more links to check out.

    Since I am fascinated by health and longevity issues, you can be sure I will be following you as you uncover further mind – body connections through testing and research. I, like you, believe we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg here. It is so easy to see how technology and spirituality are coming together to usher in the Aquarian Age, the age of science and brotherhood and Bob’s story illustrates powerfully how the simplest acts of compassion change lives.

    So I add my thanks and love based on your work toward planetary liberation and your promise of positive results at the personal level. I have been highly excited all day that I found you and your product at this particular time in my life. One more thing to add to my gratitude list. You will be hearing from me in the future. Love and light,


  73. Michaela says :

    So glad you last two posters decided to leave a comment. Anon, hats off to you. I was probably the total antithesis to you. I grew up “knowing” within myself that I was exceptionally bright and always top of the class but somewhere along the way that part of me became suppresed and I became stagnant. Holosync has helped open that up again and I am hopeful about life for the first time since childhood.
    Like you Ed I too have discovered this new found thirst for knowledge and wisdom. I am devouring every piece of knowledge that comes into my realm off learning. Hats off to Bill and Holosync, I am a little scared but alive for the first time in my 44 yrs.
    Deep within I know there is a totally new being waiting to come forth and I know this is going to happen.
    Thanks again Bill and also Genpo Roshi ” Big Mind, Big Heart ” dvds were amazing. Thank you.


  74. Josh Sorenson says :

    Hey Bill,
    Great post i love hearing everyones comments. Have you ever considered starting some sort of chat room where all the people reading and commenting on these blogs can interact share thoughts and experiences related to holosync etc??? Just curious. Thank you for creating Holosync and for all of the awesome teachings you share so freely.

    Im curious what Dale means when he says he is getting into some neat stuff with his holosync use?

  75. Prasannaa says :

    Thanks for that article bill
    Very valuable to read

  76. Raul Olea says :

    Hi Bill,

    I just signed up for Holosync’s “Awakening Prologue” — after postponing my decision for sometime (mainly because of some skepticism), but decided to take your offer after reading again your ‘long’ invitation letter.

    After reading your story about Bobby Danzig, I am now convinced that I’ll be spending quality time with you & Centerpointe and Bobby Danzig. Thank you very much for sharing Bobby’s life story. I’ve always wanted to be an influence for good to younger people but I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right or doing enough. Now I’m sure I can draw lessons and inspiration from you and Bobby.

    God bless you and may more people like you and Bobby Danzig be known to a confused and discouraged generation.

    Raul O.

  77. I loved that post, Bill. Wonderful story.

  78. Sarah says :

    I am completely blown away by the prospect of all of this (I’ve used the holosync demo every night (Except 2) since it came through the post a couple of weeks ago. “WOW” is all I can think/say – so I’m dissapointed that my head is still sceptical – even though I have ordered and payed for the awakening prologue already (because in some respects, I’m so excited that this is real – I WANT so badly to believe it will work where ALL else has failed – including attempts at self-meds which has resulted in my first years membership to the exclusive club of AA – A grateful member!) I guess I just seek reassurance that I haven’t been ‘had’ as I have got a lot to lose by investing a ‘desperate’ loan into this and, of equal, if not uppermost significance – I don’t have a clue what else to try. Thanks for the chance to have some faith in something though Bill, Genpo, Ken, Linda and Saniel & Sally- Thank you

  79. Ken says :

    What a story! Thanks for sharing it.

  80. Keith Donnelly says :

    Hi Bill,

    Wonderful story, Bill. Can I add a line or two about my own experiences of abuse – I doubt if it’ll be read by anyone so maybe it’s for my own satisfaction.

    I’m the eldest of 4 boys and from an early age (8) I was in charge of my siblings. We weren’t poor but things were not ‘right’, if you know what I mean. Being the oldest I was the butt of my parents, mainly my mothers anger, which was very frequent resulting in physical & emotional abuse. Beatings were common. Nobody saw what was happening!
    Throughout the years from 8 to 16 I felt as if I was the cause of all my family strife.
    If there were any after-school activities I would throw the information sheets away as so much fuss was made if either my parents had to break their routine. Also, homework efforts were ridiculed. This made me feel worthless I’m afraid. It was only after I had left school without qualification and went back for a reunion that one of the teachers I was speaking too, said it was a shame I had left early but that it wasn’t his job to interfere in a family’s decision. Later attempts at study were similarly sabotaged my arguements between my parents. This brings to mind a situation that happened in my mid twenties. A good friend of mine used to go to our central library to study. I used to go to ‘keep him company’ – never in all the weeks that we were together did I for one minute think that I too could study! He went on to become a multimillionaire Me? I went from job to job for about twenty years. Sad really but a situation I am now fixing! Keith

  81. selarkin says :

    I am not even a newbie yet! I got the demo and one of my problems (among many!) is procrastination! I would like you all’s input on some good stereo headphones…also perhaps some I could sleep in? Income tax return is right around the corner and I can (finally) afford purchasing.

    Thank you for your help and assistance.

    FROM BILL: We have headphones at Centerpointe. Call and they can tell you what we recommend (I don’t remember the actual model numbers, etc.). However, any ear buds or stereo headphones will do for the first part of the program. In the beginning, the biggest difference is that better (and more expensive) headphones do have better sound quality, but in terms of the effects of Holosync, it doesn’t matter what kind of headphones you use until you get deeper into the program.

  82. Dru Nichols says :

    I would like to “follow” you blog as I do, many others, from my own. Do you not have an actual Blog as opposed to something that is on your website? I did tweet it, but that doesn”t last long. And, frankly, I use my blog and tweets a lot more than I read your emails, especially since they have become so much about promoting other people’s products.

    I would also like to have the ability to embed your podcasts in my blog, as I just did with one from TED. I think it would be good advertising for you to give people with blogs this ability.

    FROM BILL: If you sign up to receive notices about new posts, you’ll get an email every time I post something. Isn’t that enoughnotification? There’s also a signup for the RSS feed, which also notifies you.

    I don’t know anything about embedding audios in your blog, but if you know how to do that and want to, go ahead.

  83. eamon says :

    hi bill i was just wondering could using periferal vision throughout the day be a good conjuct to using holosync ,1 famous zen budist once said mindfullness is like the periferal vision of the mind , when im in perferal vision i seem to think less and feel calmer i think it has something to do wit nlp and huna but my concern is can it help increase awarness like holosync does by going throughout the day using perferal vision ? iv been using holosync for 6 months and im also in the first stage of your online cource , i found the timeline therapy very helpfull. thank you Eamonn

    FROM BILL: He’s using peripheral vision as a metaphor–mindfulness is to paying attention like peripheral vision is to focused vision. He’s not saying that using peripheral vision creates awareness.

    Practicing being aware of anything, however, makes you more aware of that thing, whatever it is. My suggestion is to become more aware of 1) your own internal processes so you can see how they create how you feel, how you behave, which people and situations you attract or become attracted to, and what the events of your life seem to mean, and 2) how you create the illusion of being a separate self.

  84. You you should edit the page subject The Blog That Ate Mind Chatter » Blog Archive » “You are worthwhile…you are filled with promise”–a few moments with Bob Danzig to more specific for your webpage you write. I liked the post still.

    FROM BILL: I don’t understand what you’re talking about, but thanks for reading it.