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Seeing Things the Way They Really Are, Part 2: The Double Bind of Life

by / Tuesday, 24 November 2009 / Published in Uncategorized

So, in our last episode, we were talking about “seeing things the way they really are.” We could also say, “Don’t see things in a deluded way.”

This is a fascinating topic, so let’s dig into it a little more.

Seeing things the way they really are includes dealing with some key existential problems, which I’ve written about before. You could call these problems the Problem of Cause and Effect, and the Problem of Impermanence. The Problem of Cause and Effect results from the fact that there are many forces in the world–other people, the weather, earthquakes, the sun, your spouse, that rocks are hard, and so on–that we have little or no control over.  As a result, sometimes we don’t get what we want, or we get what we don’t want, both of which create frustration and suffering.

The Problem of Impermanence results from the fact that even if we do get what we want–either by accident or because we skillfully exercised what influence and control we do have–it eventually falls apart, is used up or, in some way, ends. And, of course, the most disturbing example of impermanence is that we eventually end, too. Everything in this world is impermanent–including us.

A thoughtful person, then, in addition to dealing with the problems of food, shelter, friends, and something meaningful and fulfilling to do, eventually asks certain questions: What’s going on here? Why is there so much suffering? Is there something I can do about it? What does all this mean? What should I do with my life? Can I do something about the fact that my body doesn’t always work right? Am I really going to die? Is there anything I can do about it? And, so on.

Our answers to these questions develop. As we become more aware, our answers change. Hopefully in each new stage our way of dealing with these problems of being human involves an increasing ability to see things the way they really are.

Because cause and effect and impermanence are so fundamental to life, we spend a great deal of our time and effort figuring out how to deal with them (even if we’re unaware that that’s what we’re doing). Most people, of course, don’t want to admit that we’re bound by these fundamental ground rules of life. In other words, most people aren’t seeing things the way they really are, and don’t want to. Instead, we want to get what we want all the time. We don’t want the people and things to which we’re attached to fall apart or end. And, we particularly don’t want our own existence to end.

A lot of what we do, then, is directed toward 1) reducing the consequences of cause and effect and impermance, or 2) denying the reality of it. Much of what we do is about getting more of what we want, less of what we don’t want, or trying to hold off the forces of impermanence. We seek money and power. We try to eat right and exercise more. We learn “people skills,” hoping that they’ll help us get what we want. We educate ourselves or learn new skills in the hope that it will help us get more of what we want. Some people think being dishonest will help them get what they want.

There are other methods. We hope that technology and medical breakthroughs will help us avoid what we don’t want. If we discover that our thoughts have effect on what happens to us, we try to develop more mental control. We go to therapy, study with Zen masters, practice positive thinking, meditate, use Holosync, take “mind-control” courses, and so forth.

And though these things can be helpful, there is a limit to what we can do. Whatever we do, whatever steps we take, there’s much about life we just can’t control. Many physical events are beyond our control. So are most of the actions of the other 6.7 billion people we live with on this planet. And though we do our best to make things last longer, or figure out ways to replace them when they end or fall apart, and we do our best to make our bodies last longer through medical and technological means, impermanence ultimately wins.

So, once we’ve done everything we can to to control the world and keep what we love–and ourselves–from ultimately falling apart, then what? I can see three possibilities.

The first is to hide your head in the sand and pretend that the problem doesn’t exist. This works, in a way, until cause and effect and impermanence ultimately bites you on the ass, as it eventually will. The second is to delude yourself into thinking that you can overcome cause and effect and impermanence–which is what most people do. The third is to embrace the fact that though you can sometimes forestall these forces, ultimately they will win–in other words, to see things the way they really are, and live from that perspective.

Let’s take a look at these last two choices.

Because cause and effect and impermanence are the source of most, if not all, of the problems of life, we cling to the hope that somehow we’ll find a way to overcome or escape from them. Let’s look at cause and effect first.

The fact that we do have a small amount of control over cause and effect causes us to more easily delude ourselves into thinking that perhaps we can control it. We see that those with lots of money or power seem to have much more control than we have. We often assume that perhaps they really have solved the problem of cause and effect, and that if we can somehow become rich or powerful that we, too, can be a master of cause and effect.  A mentor of mine used to say, “If you have a problem, and you have money, then you don’t have a problem.”

Relative to someone with fewer resources this is at least partially true, but money doesn’t solve all problems. If you’re stranded on a desert island, your money is worthless unless you want to use it to start a fire. If you have a terminal illness, it may be that no amount of money will help. If you want people to like you (not just suck up to you to get something from you), money isn’t going to help. People with great wealth or power, though, get used to having what they want when they want it. They, or those who envy them, can easily assume that there is a way to defeat cause and effect.

Some people delude themselves into thinking that they could have some sort of magical mental power over cause and effect or impermanence. The DVD movie, The Secret, for instance, claims that you can control cause and effect with your mind–that the universe will give you what you want, or help you avoid what you don’t want, if you just tell it what your needs and wants are.

While it’s true that thoughts and desires motivate us to act, give us ideas about what action to take, and cause us to notice resources we could use when we act, our control over cause and effect is still limited. The “magic” assumed in The Secret–that “sending your intention out to the universe” will somehow get you anything you want, regardless of the laws of nature, the actions of other people with contrary desires, or other aspects of the laws of cause and effect–is nothing more than a hopeful delusion. The “successes” of this method are either the cause-and-effect results of the actions you take (or some other way of exerting influence), or, they’re coincidental.

Some people study how to control the minds of others, or practice exotic martial arts or spiritual disciplines that supposedly convey super-normal powers. The fact that such things even exist and enjoy a certain amount of popularity with certain people is more a symptom of the lack of control we feel over cause and effect than anything else. Most of these approaches are, at worst, total bullshit or, at best, confer a small amount of control over the forces of cause and effect.

Even greater delusions exist regarding imperanence because we see it as a bigger and more ultimate problem. Humans have created many ways of denying that our personal existence will eventually end: after-lives, reincarnation, spirit-realms, astral planes, and many other explanations that provide hope that, despite the evidence, there’s a possibility that you will go on after your death.

I’ve said many times in this blog that the idea of a separate self is an illusion. What seem to be separate things and separate events are actually ideas about reality, divisions we add mentally, but which don’t exist in the real world [see other posts for a more complete explanation of this seemingly wild and crazy idea]. Everything is really one huge interconnected “thing-event.” What’s more, you are that one thing-event looking out through a certain pair of eyeballs and listening through a certain pair of ears.

When the organism you think of as that separate “you” dies, and the brain that generated those ideas about being a separate self stops working, that separate self, being nothing more than an idea, ends. The whole going on of it all, the huge “thing-event” I spoke of, does go on, of course. What you thought of as “you” was similar to a wave on the ocean. It went up, became a wave, and then went back down into the ocean–except that when the “you-wave” went up, it was aware of being a wave and had the ability to have ideas about being a separate self.

At least that’s the way I see it. Maybe there is an afterlife, or a next life, or something else. Personally, I think these things are just fervent hopes. Maybe I’ll be surprised when I die. On the other hand, maybe there won’t be anyone there to be surprised. Maybe the atoms that make up “Bill” will keep going just like the water in the wave keeps being water after the wave is gone. The whole keeps going, changing into this and then that and then something else, but what seem to be selves come and go.

Human beings (including me) don’t like this idea that the self will end. It gives us a weird feeling (or worse). It’s bad enough when something or someone you love comes to an end, but your own end is the real boogie man for human beings, which is why we’ve created so many explanations for what we hope will happen next.

So we have the suffering involved in being human (getting what we don’t want or not getting what we do want) and we have death (impermanence). These two things really bother us, and we spend a lot of time and energy trying to escape from them. But if it’s true that we can’t escape, resisting isn’t going to help. You can do something to mitigate cause and effect and or put off your inevitable end, but ultimately, cause and effect and impermanence always win.

I’d like to suggest that the real problem isn’t cause and effect or impermancence, though. The real problem is our attempt to escape from or deny these things. A life spent hoping for an escape, a life of struggling to escape, a life pretending that you can escape–a life spent resisting what can’t be successfully resisted–is a life of chronic frustration and suffering.

Why? Because by living in this way you’ve put yourself in a double bind, where you must solve an insoluble problem. Because it is an insoluble problem, all your efforts ultimately fail.

So let’s be realistic. Because there’s no escape from cause and effect and impermanence, life contains a certain amount of built-in suffering, which you can mitigate to some degree but never entirely avoid. But here’s what you can do something about: the additional (and quite substantial) level of pain and suffering you create by trying to solve an insoluable problem, by not seeing (and accepting) things the way they really are.

Thinking that you can escape from cause and effect and impermanence is sometimes referred to as the illusion of control. The truth is that most of what goes on is beyond your control. Yes, you have some control, and if you become aware enough to exercise it you definitely can live an easier and more fulfilling life. Most of what happens in life, however, is outside your control.

This shows up in other ways, too. Because of modern medicine, technology, and communications, most of Western society now believes that all problems can be solved (if only the leaders would just get their shit together), and that they should be solved. This assumption actually causes the whole of society to suffer more–because of the disappointment when these problems aren’t solved (and, in fact, are usually made worse). In fact, whatever you can do about these problems is better done by YOU, not by the government or someone else).

There’s an underlying assumption in the West that the government can–and should–solve every human problem, no matter what it is. Behind this is the illusion that controlling life is possible, that someone knows the answer, even if you don’t–whether it’s a doctor, a scientist, a therapist, a Zen master, the President, or some other “expert.” We believe that if only we had free healthcare, our physical problems would be solved (they won’t), that if we could just create energy that doesn’t leave waste products the world be would be pristinely clean (we can’t, and it won’t be)–or, whatever the problem du jour is, it can and should be solved, and that doing so will save us from our suffering. The technical accomplishments of the last 150 years have given humans the illusion that eventually we’ll figure everything out. We won’t.

I used to believe that the leaders and experts knew something I didn’t know. I felt a certain sense of security in thinking that someone who knew what’s going on was in charge. As I’ve grown older, become more successful and respected, and have been able to know and hang out with many of these leaders and experts, I’ve changed my mind: my previous assumption (which I think most people share) that someone has life figured out, or mostly figured out, and that they know what to do, how things work, and how to solve the problems we face as humans, just isn’t true.

Doctors, therapists, scientists, professors, news anchors, politicians (particularly politicians), religious leaders, Wall Street big-wigs, Federal Reserve Governors, personal growth teachers, Zen masters, and other experts don’t know much more than you know, and are in fact much more in the dark than they let on. Sure, they know certain things, and in some ways the extent of human knowledge is incredible and extensive.

But a great deal of the time the experts, despite their promises and big talk are bungling their way through life just like the rest of us, doing the same thing everyone else is doing: trying to somehow escape from (or, in some cases, ignore) cause and effect and impermanence. Worse, most of them are telling everyone else that they have the answer, and you just need to pay them or elect them (often both), and all your problems will be solved.

Rant, rant, etc.

What would happen, though, if you acknowledged that you don’t have control over cause and effect, and that there’s nothing you can do about impermanence, and that many of the problems of being human are an inescapable part of the human condition? You’d still be able to choose to eat right, exercise, focus your mind on what you want, do your best to make more money, use the latest technology, and whatever else you do now to try to make your life better. In many ways, life would go on in the same ordinary way.

The difference would be that you’d get rid of your attempt to wrestle life to the ground in an attempt to get rid of what you can’t get rid of. You AREN’T going to get rid of cause and effect, impermanence, and suffering. You can get rid of the part of it you’re causing through your own resistance (also acknowledging, of course, that you’ll never totally stop resisting, either), but a lot of it you’ll never do anything about.

I’m not saying this, by the way, from some sort of hopeless or despondent perspective, in case that’s what you’re thinking. In fact, something quite remarkable happens when you step out of the normal human double-bind.

When you drop your end of the rope in the tug-of-war of life–when you decide to see things the way they really are–you’ll finally be at peace. You’ll be free. Not free of cause and effect, and not free of suffering, but free of YOURSELF, free of a huge load of self-imposed suffering caused by the deluded idea that you have control.

Alan Watts used to say that from the moment we’re born, we’re in free-fall (ain’t it the truth). Clutching at the other things falling along side of you isn’t going to help. When you stop fighting against the fact that life is the way it is something remarkable happens. You suddenly come alive! Everything–even the most ordinary things, or things you thought were “bad”–sparkle with aliveness. The world, in every way, becomes awe-inspiring, remarkable. Everything becomes ordinary, and yet absolutely amazing.

Letting go of the illusion of control and seeing things the way they really are throws you into the now moment in a way that would make Ekhart Tolle blush. When you allow being human to be what it is, without resisting the parts that can’t be resisted or trying to wish away the parts of life that can’t be wished away, all that’s left is now. That doesn’t mean you can’t plan for tomorrow, but you won’t do it as part of a desperate plan to somehow escape from the inescapable.

Since you won’t be fighting against life, your stress level will go way down. You’ll feel more connected to others–more “at one” with the world. You’ll be more compassionate. You’ll appreciate why other people are the way they are, without being triggered by their attempts to deal with life. And, your mind will be clear and razor-sharp.

How do you do all this? By becoming more aware. The more aware you are, the more you see things the way they really are. That makes sense, doesn’t it? How, then, do you become more aware? Meditate. Use Holosync if you’re in a hurry. Watch. Pay attention. Be mindful. Examine your beliefs and realize that all of them are just mental bullshit. Find out how you create your life and your reality by watching the part of you that creates it: your mind.

Awareness is the solution to everything that has a solution. It’s also the solution to knowing what has a solution–and what doesn’t.

It’s your life. Wake up.


Wait. Don’t go yet. I have a couple of recommendations for you.

**First Recommendation: If you are a Holosync user, go to to view a video I recently made for you. Sorry, but you can’t access this part of our website unless you are in our database as a customer. This video, though, is very much worth seeing if you are at all interested in the “problem of being a human being.”

**Second Recommendation: I recently was interviewed by the folks at Integral Life, part of Ken Wilber’s Integral Institute, and I think this interview will be of great interest to you. Though many topics are discussed, this is the only time I’ve ever described in detail my own spiritual path on camera (or in writing, for that matter), starting from my childhood right up through some of my amazing, intense, private work with Zen master Genpo Roshi. They’ve split the interview into 4 parts, 3 of which are online now, with the 4th to be posted soon.

To watch these videos you have to be a subscriber to, but the first month is free (plus, I’ve arranged for the first 50 people who sign up for the free month to get a copy of the Integral Institute book, Integral Life, which I highly recommend).

From the website: “ features hundreds of hours of audio and video discussions with today’s greatest thinkers, leaders, artists, and visionaries. It is a portal into the many facets of the 21st Century’s cultural renaissance—including spirituality, sexuality, psychology, ecology, art, business, and politics. Through this rich diversity of subject matter runs the single thread of our mission: to weave together the many strands of our modern lives into a deeply meaningful whole.”

To get your free month, use this link:

Then, after you’re logged onto the Intergral Life site, use this link to find my interview:

At the bottom of the page you’ll see links to the three parts of the interview that have been posted already. After you watch, I’d be interested to hear your comments, which you can post on this site. Do check out the other content they have on this site while you’re there.



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156 Responses to “Seeing Things the Way They Really Are, Part 2: The Double Bind of Life”

  1. richard mccaul says :

    there is alota ppl sold on astral projection ie bob monroe.u think he was completely delusional

  2. Sharon A. Lezotte says :

    Thanx for sharing; this and your story with Integral Life…growing into Zen feels non-stop – and who wants to stop?

  3. Johnny says :

    Hi Bill,

    I don’t see how becoming more aware gives us more conscious choice in our lives. With the law of cause and effect always with us, all it seems like to me is that we’re just playing out a role that can only turn out one way. Just like mixing two chemicals in the exact same way will produce the exact same product, every moment in our lives is connected to (or the result of) the previous moment, and it never really has a beginning. It seems like it has to be this one way, by law. Even me writing this message to you tonight at this exact moment was inevitably going to happen based on everything that’s happened in my life up until this moment (the only uncertain thing about it is that although things are happening by exact law we really don’t have a way to foresee exactly how things will continue to unfold in our lives). Maybe this viewpoint is merely exposing some sort of limitation I have at my current level of awareness.

    Is becoming more aware actually changing our relationship with the law of cause and effect? Or does it just feel like it is? With expanded conscious awareness it seems like we’re at the full mercy of the law of cause and effect anyway. I’m unclear of the relationship between the two.

    FROM BILL: So you’re just a robot who blindly behaves in a predetermined way? What TV show you watch is predetermined, and you have no choice? There are certain people who believe that. I think they’re nuts, but yes, there are certain people who believe that.

    If you really look at this, though, it’s obvious that you do choose which TV show to watch. Yes, your decision is defined by the tastes you developed growing up as a response to your environment. But you’re assuming that based on the way your nervous system is set up there’s only one choice in each situation. There are an infinite number of choices in each situation, and you make one of them. As long as the part of your nervous system that makes those choices is unconscious, it will operate unconsciously. Become away of it, and you have choice about it.

    This isn’t a philosophical discussion of which theory is better. I’m not asking you to look at things this way because I say so. FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF by becoming aware enough to do so.

  4. ROSARIO says :

    Dear BILL,
    you said “Letting go of the illusion of control”
    and you said “Yes, you have some control”.
    PLEASE, can you tell me what exactly I can control ?

    FROM BILL: Can’t you control whether you brush your teeth, eat certain foods, get up and go to work in the morning, and so on? Anything you can take action about you have some control over. I think you already know what you can control.

  5. carlos says :

    Couldn’t this search for awareness and enlightment be just another trick of the mind to deal with impermanence??


    FROM BILL: Of course. As long as you think there is a way to deal with it, you’ll do all kinds of things with that motive. I’m suggesting that once you acknowledge–deep in your bones–how things really are, and stop trying to escape, you won’t do things for that reason anymore. That doesn’t mean you don’t do things to be healthier, or to make life better, but it isn’t coming from a delusional point of view.

  6. Johnny says :

    Are we robots that blindly behave in a predetermined way? Maybe we are. But since the universe itself is so complex, and so many things are happening simultaneously in every moment, we may just be extremely elegant and sophisticated robots that aren’t aware that we are. It doesn’t always feel that way, but the law is the law. Can it ever be anything else?

    To me, it seems as though the more aware we become, the more it feels like we’re actually choosing, when in reality we still aren’t choosing anything. Yeah, the experience of living gets better, and feels better on the whole, but at the end of the day (conscious or unconscious) we’re still operating under the law of cause and effect- but from experientially different vantage points.

    It doesn’t matter to me which theory is better. I like the idea of yours better actually. It just seems to fall short in explaining how we actually do have choice, and not the illusion of choice.

    FROM BILL: Learn to watch with awareness and the answer will become clear. Things are not preordained. You do have choice, but only if you are aware. This will not make sense unless you gain the awareness that makes it clear. Meditate with Holosync. Watch your internal representations and find out what they create. Definitely take my online courses (

  7. Sam says :

    Happy Thanksgiving, and Thank you Bill.

  8. Gloria says :

    Great blog and great video interview on the Integral website. I would love to see the videos made more readily accessible to the general public without going through the process of registering.

    I haven’t done any work with Genpo but have done a form of voice dialogue with myself over the years which has been extremely helpful.

    The first time I saw Genpo was before he teamed up with Centrepointe. It was on a Youtube video I think, and he was doing an interview with a couple of pretty whacky guys. I was struck by the extraordinary level of respect and patience he showed to people who seemed to have no idea that they were in the presence of an exemplary human being.

    One of the very useful things you expanded on in the videos Bill, was how meditating lifts the lid on the unconscious (my terms) and how this opens the mind up to both the dark and the light forces. Carl Jung was very aware of this through his own confrontation with the unconscious and hence his development of the concept of the shadow archetype.

    It was when I became aware in myself of the process of trying to push back what was coming into my awareness that I was truly able to start embracing the changes that were trying to happen in me. Prior to that it was like I had one foot on the brake and one on the accelerator, spinning my wheels and going nowhere fast.

    I had a very traumatic childhood, which was made even more traumatic by a sensitive and conscientious personality and I can recall very deliberately making myself try to forget the fearful experiences. For the first 6 1/2 years of Holosynch (I have just begun my 8th Year) I found it virtually impossible just to ‘watch with awareness’ what was emerging and wondered if I would ever be able to do it. I feel that I have turned the corner at last and am able to deal with shadow material almost lightheartedly.

    I also felt like a bottomless pit of grief which I thought at times I would never rise above. I wonder if what you talk about Bill, as having your heart break is what I experienced over an extended period of time as opposed to all at once as you described it. If so, it goes to show how spiritually strong (not sure if that’s the right term) you must have become to withstand it.

    I feel very privileged to be on this journey with such extraordinary teacher/guides and community.

  9. Chris says :

    Oh man! That video you made Bill was hilarious! Kenny parachuting from the sky is classic…..

  10. Anna says :

    Hallo Bill, actually, how do I know that I should take your online course? Do you have any advice, direction or instruction that says ” Anna, you better do that ” ?

    FROM BILL: Do you want to have more choice over how you feel in each moment, how you behave, which people and situations you attract or become attracted to, and what you think the events of your life mean? Take the LPIP online courses. Go to and you’ll have all the information you need to evaluate the courses.

  11. Terry HS says :

    Another great blog. The video was really funny too.

    I love that even though you’re enlightened, you’ve retained a distinct vibrant and fun personality.

    You’re not the stereotypical enlightened master. And that’s a GOOD thing. It makes you someone that people can relate to.


    FROM BILL: Yeah, most people who are enlightened are a huge drag.

  12. carlos says :

    So, I guess the thing is to be aware enough to know what is within your control or not. To take action to change or influence the things that you can do something about and to let whatever is outside your control be Ok.(sort of like the “serenity prayer”)


  13. Ganesh says :

    In defense of EFT, it can be used for more than just emotional issues. It helps for physical issues as well, and can also be used to address any current life “problems”. I’ve had a car door slam on my finger, and after getting over the initial shock, and applying a few rounds of EFT, the healing process, to me, seemed to take place much more rapidly than would seem typical, and there was very little pain afterwards.

    FROM BILL: And this has what to do with the blog post?

  14. Terry HS says :

    With respect to Bill’s comment:

    “Yeah, most people who are enlightened are a huge drag.”

    That sounded like sarcasm. If it was sarcasm, that is disappointing.

    I don’t know that “most awakened people are a drag” – as there’s often no one there to be a drag or anything else. As you know, once awakened many simply drop the personality altogether. They’re just present and their activities consist of the bare necessities for survival and nothing more.

    I’ve observed such people myself and whilst I wouldn’t necessarily describe them as a “drag”, they’re certainly not the sort of people I would enjoy hanging out with.

    Some awakened folks take the approach of a ‘holier than thou’ personality, which again, I (and probably many others) find equally repellant.

    I was commending you as an example of someone who strikes the balance between an immersion in being on the one hand, and a healthy engaging personality on the other.

    It’s strange that someone would reply to a compliment like that with sarcasm.

    All you needed to say was ‘Thank you’ ; or you could’ve pointed to the fact that this is an approach you advocate in your LPIP course along with instruction on how to get there.

    I’ve been an avid user of Holosync for over two years and frequently recommend it to friends and family. However at times your responses come across as patronising and dismissive. That is not something that helps my development.


    FROM BILL: Yes, it was sarcasm. I’m trying to get you to look at what you said. First of all, how do you know whether someone is “enlightened”? How do you know that there even is such a thing? How would you know it if you saw it?

    What you think of as enlightened is a collection of ideas you have about what you think it is. You’re assuming that this or that person you’ve heard about or read about is enlightened, and then judging their behavior against some standard you have in your head (which, again, is likely to be bogus–how would you know?).

    There is no certain way that an awakened person acts, no certain way an enlightened person talks, believes, etc. And, by the way, the idea that there’s necessarily some sort of holiness involved is a myth. Such a peson might be more inclined to help others or be a teacher, but then again they might not be the least bit interested in any of that. And, it’s quite likely that the people you think are enlightened aren’t, that they have a huge ego and want to be seen as enlightened. How would you know if there really are? You don’t.

    An awakened person doesn’t “drop the personality.” Terry, you read this in a book, or heard it from someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about (an awakened person HAS a personality–and an ego–but knows that that isn’t who he (or she) is–and, you might not like the personality they have).

    Give up all these IDEAS about enlightenment. Basing what you think on ideas you heard or read is like having ideas about Brazil from travel books or people who’ve been, but never going there to see for yourself. Be curious to find out for yourself rather than take someone else’s word for it. Say, “I have no idea what enlightenment is, but I want to find out.”

    You have me on a pedestal, Terry, and part of that pedestal involves your thinking that I should behave or talk in a certain way, because “that’s how enlightened people are” (or how you think a “good person” speaks or acts). You think (or did think, before my evil sarcastic answer) that my behavior conformed to you idea of how an enlightened teacher should be.

    First of all, I never said anything about whether or not I was “enlightened,” and if I were, it wouldn’t involve behaving in any particular way. It would involve seeing things the way they really are. It might also involve pointing them out to you in a blunt manner, so as to shake you up a bit and get you to see something more clearly.

  15. Jared says :

    Hello Bill,

    As a Holosync user, I am very much attracted to the idea that by meditating with this technology one may become better able to deal with, and act upon with more effectiveness, what once seemed to be stressful and overwhelming in life. To be able to “see through” the world of thoughts, ideas, and conceptualizations with a clear lens, sounds truly amazing. And I hope that by completing this program I will be led into living the type of life described as that of an enlightened person. It sounds like a great way to experience life.

    In the mean time, however, I still have some work to do and some questions to ask.

    I have question relating to the ideas presented in this post about the limitations a person may have in their ability to influence the world around them, particularly through the use of positive affirmations and visualizations. I am a big fan of the movie ‘The Secret’ and I have chosen to put into practice the techniques promoted by the film. They have definitely changed my actions, but all of the results I am looking for have not yet taking place.

    My question is this: If there is an acknowledgement that one has limited (or maybe even no) control over cause and effect, and also a surrendering to the fact of impermanence, leading to a deep peace of mind, could our actions become more effective in attracting the results we want? I guess what I am asking is this: Does not caring so much make it easier to take action and get positive results? Is this what you are trying to say? (in other words)

    I ask because I originally got involved with Centerpointe as a result of one of your marketing campaigns attached to a series of online interviews you held with the other stars of ‘The Secret’ through a promotional website. Although, I have to admit that after reading more of the provided literature about the program, I have become much more attuned to the vast depth and value this thing may have to offer.

    Thanks for making it available,


    FROM BILL: First of all, though I was in it, I am NOT a big fan of The Secret. The idea behind The Secret is both magical (contrary to any rational understanding of how cause and effect works) and narcissistic (in the sense that it says that you can somehow control the universe with your mind). What happens if several people (or several million people) “put out to the universe” conflicting desires?

    Getting what you want, as with everything else, has to do with taking purposeful action–action which, based on the laws of cause and effect, is likely to cause the outcome you want. The thinking part of the equation, which is what The Secret emphasizes, is valuable in that it 1) gives you ideas about how to act, 2) causes you to notice resources you might use in taking action, but otherwise might not notice, 3) creates motivation to act, and 4) helps you acquire the qualities you might need to act successfully–courage, persistence, enthusiasm, talent, etc.

    When people get what they want in life, it is because they created the circumstances that led, through the use of cause and effect, to what they wanted. Often this means acquiring valuable skills or developing latent talents.

    Many of the people who are fans of The Secret don’t have the skills or talents that would allow them to get what they want, and don’t even realize that those skills and talents might be necessary. They think, based on what they heard in The Secret, that they can (for instance) make a lot of money without doing something that is worth a lot of money to someone else, which is the only way other than crime (or someone giving you money because they love you) to get a lot of money.

    As for your questions, yes, the more you see things the way they are the more likely you are to get what you want. If you don’t see how cause and effect really works, and because of that you think you can just wish for what you want without creating something of equal or greater value, you are severely handicapped in getting what you want in life.

  16. Anna says :

    Hi Bill! Thank God impermanence, cause and effect always win! It is a blessing and wonderful solution. Thank God my eating disorder was impermanent. Through cause and effect I was able to understand how I created it and also to heal myself. The people who took advantage of me while I was having my eating disorder fight against impermanence and are not able to understand the truth about cause and effect. They even go bankrupt!! There were many people who took my energy because I was not able to keep it to myself. Not keeping food was only a BIG SYMBOL. Now I keep my energy for my needs, I nourish myself with my food, money, skills, wisdom, and many other beautiful things….like Holosync for example…

  17. Terry HS says :

    Right. Now you’ve got my back up.

    1. How do YOU know that the people I observed were not enlightened? Were you there in India? Did you meet them? Did you speak to them? Did you sit with them? No. So you DON”T know.

    2. Given that we have never met and our only communication has been through these blogs, how do YOU know that I am basing everything that I have said on a book that I’ve read? You DON’T. And even if I had, so what? Does reading something in a book and speaking using its discourse, preclude the possibility that I could have actually had unitary experiences? No. So even if you were right, it would be a redundant point.

    3. Stating things in a ‘blunt manner’ (being rude) just winds me up and makes me engage my ego more than ever. This does not help my development. If you really can’t respond without being rude, I’ll just read the articles in future and stop posting.

    4. I don’t care whether you describe yourself as enlightened or not in the same way that I don’t care whether Byron Katie describes herself as enlightened or not, or Genpo, or Eckhart or anyone else. I KNOW what enlightened looks like tastes like and feels like based on MY experience – MINE. How could you possibly know the state of my consciousness? You couldn’t. You don’t know me.

    5. I reject the notion that ideas need to be given up – based on MY experience ideas are not the problem – habitual thought patterns that have us living through fears and desires are the problem and the answer is to remain in the present moment – the said habitual patterns make this nigh on impossible which is where meditation comes in and why I use Holosync & your LPIP course.

    6. I reject your misrepresentation of my views. When did I ever say ANYTHING about how a “good person” should be? When did I say that enlightened people are good? Never.

    7. If I didn’t think you had something of value to offer, I wouldn’t be spending hundreds of dollars of my hard earned money on your products and teachings – I don’t see that there’s anything wrong with admiring someone who has successfully achieved things you want to achieve. I reject your suggestion to the contrary.

    8. I will continue to use Holosync and listen to your LPIP course because it has added great value to my life. I will not however tolerate being spoken to disrespectfully.


    FROM BILL: My, my. I can see that your back IS up. So, in other words, you’re a pretty reactive person, and I can easily throw you into distress, just by what I write. Hmm.

    Terry, what you write makes it pretty clear whether or not what you say is based on personal experience and a depth of consciousness or just ideas about these things. Your reactivity makes it even more clear. When someone who is aware encounters another such person, it’s pretty obvious. Someone who isn’t as aware might think he can tell, but for such a person there’s no way to be sure.

    When I encounter someone who expresses what are just ideas about awareness or awakening, that’s pretty easy to spot. And what good are your “unitive experiences” if your state is so easily changed by whatever I think or say? I’m at fault if your ego is “engaged” in a way you don’t like? That gives me a lot of power, doesn’t it?

    You set yourself up for what happens by the way you approach me and the amount of ego in what you say (and this isn’t the first time you done it). This is why from time to time you receive what I might call a good dose of yang compassion. Perhaps you could learn something from what I’ve said if you weren’t so busy reacting and then blaming me for your reaction.

    Take responsibility for your state of mind and stop blaming me if you’re easily thrown off-center. Your reactions are showing your shadows to you, the places where you’re still living on autopilot–if you’d just stop and look at them.

    Care to keep digging, or do you want to put down the shovel? The ball is in your court.

  18. richard mccaul says :

    good post i find bills comments humorous and cool tht he does most ppl of his status in a sucsseful company wouldnt bother

  19. Taro Kishitani says :

    Thanks much Bill,

    That’s one of the clearest — and thus useful — explanations of this topic I’ve ever read.

    Couldn’t have said it, not even thought it out, better myself. (^_^)

  20. Kris Wade says :

    without a shred of shadow doubt~ I’d love to meet you Bill Harris. Always so crimson in wit some even take offense! lol, extraordinary bill takes time to respond just enough to comments like that to both help the person realize through the slanderous remarks is opportunity to be aware and help them to realization and protect his own integrity as well.

    I just took advantage of your low cost and went ahead with getting my next level holosync. So I thank you for that. Until next time–be crimson in your wit. ;O)


  21. Mark says :

    Hi — just a quick ‘administriva’-type question: is the blog no longer available as an iTunes podcast? (Or am I just having some tech issue on my end?) Anyhow, great content as always, Bill — thanks much.

    FROM BILL: Don’t know. I’m somewhat of a computer idiot, especially regarding things like iTunes, which I always have trouble figuring out. You have to be a teenager to operate today’s technology. My IT people tell me, though, that everything is available in the same way it has always been.

  22. Chris says :

    Bill. I have a question regarding awareness. How come mainstream help doesn’t really talk about awareness and its benefits? I’ve never been to therapy but from what I hear about it it tends to “dabble” in this area but not in the way that your teachings do.

    FROM BILL: Mainstream therapy does value awareness. Many approaches are about creating more awareness. Others do things to create it, but perhaps don’t get that that’s what is behind their successes. I often quote Fritz Perls, creator of Gestalt therapy, who said, “Awareness, in and of itself, if transformative.”

  23. Michael says :

    Thank you, Bill, for your refreshing candor in stating that no one really knows what happens after the (supposedly separate) self dies. Including yourself. We all have ideas, theories, fears, hopes, wishes. But does anyone really know? (And could we really believe someone if they told us with 100% certainty?)
    Wasn’t Houdini was going to attempt to communicate after he died? But all we got from him was silence. Now that I think of it, perhaps he did tell us. Silence. Thanks to Holosync, I am becoming increasingly aware of the silent mystery.

  24. Chris says :

    For a challenging view about THE TRUTH checkout this vid:-

    Be careful though – this is not for the fainthearted truthseekers!

  25. Jakkke says :


    No the iTunes Podcaster is not updating any Podcast after “Does Holosync resolve shadow material”. It’s been like that for a long time.


    FROM BILL: I will look into it.

  26. Rob Frederick says :

    I like Isaiah 26:3, Proverbs 3:5&6, Phillipians 4:19.

    By developing a relationship with Jesus i.e. focusing on Him NOT ourselves

    Romans 8:28 REALLY works.

    God Bless/Be Well

  27. SteAphen says :

    Well, Bill …. something in your recent post and your responses to the people on this blog makes me uncomfortable (ofcourse you will point to the areas in me causing this feeling). I beleive that you could get your point across with a lot more kindness. You sound a bit like those “newly awake” zennies I’ve met before in my life. A lot of arrogance and attitude. This surprises me, Bill.

    Another point I want to make is that your post seems like “buddhism light” and using concepts like “cause and effect” without making it clear what you mean by that isn’t very productive, I beleive. What is the cause of events in your life Bill? What is the cause of starvation, cancer, happiness, gravity, life, consciousness and so on? Can you answer that?


    FROM BILL: I have written extensively about cause and effect in these posts.

  28. Tony Bardon says :

    Hi Bill.
    THank you for another insightful and helpful post.
    I wrote a song about the “thing-event” which I called the “Ocean of Love” which come to think of it might be an appropriate metaphor for the sound of “Holosync”



    The Ocean of Love
    We are waves on the waters of the Ocean of Love
    Unaware of who we really are
    The mystery of the deep has been hidden in our hearts
    As we journey on our way unto the shore
    The stranger in our heads has taken over
    Pretending he’s the answer to our prayers
    He’s either building us up or pulling us down
    So we live in a world so full of cares

    And we don’t realise that we wouldn’t exist
    We’re it not for the Ocean of Love
    And we feel that we’re making it all on our own
    Without any help from above
    And we think of ourselves as separate beings
    Because this is all we can see
    And we can’t comprehend that we’re all one in love
    Just beneath our own reality

    When the waves become aware of the water
    We discover that we’re all really one
    And that we’re here to proclaim the Glory of Love
    Like the moon and the stars and the sun
    When the waves becomes aware of the Ocean
    A whole new world is begun
    Now we’ll all live together in the Ocean of Love
    In the Father the Spirit and the Son

    We are waves on the waters of the Ocean of Love
    Always searching for who we really are
    Still trying to fathom the mystery of our lives
    As we journey on our way unto the shore
    There’s a friend deep inside who’s always waiting
    To help us with all of our cares
    It’s that still small voice from the Ocean of Love
    With the answers to all of our prayers

    Final Chorus
    When the waves become aware of the water
    We discover that we’re all really one
    And that we’re here to proclaim the Glory of Love
    Like the moon and the stars and the sun
    When the waves becomes aware of the Ocean
    A whole new world is begun
    Now we’ll all live forever in the Ocean of Love
    In the Father the Spirit and the Son

    If you wish to listen paste the link below int your browser.

  29. Tim Jones says :

    Bill, if I didn’t know better, I would swear you are trying to snap me out of egoic delusion and wake me up! Hey, maybe when we die, we just realize how completely sucked in we were by ‘the grand illusion’…

  30. Claudia says :


    I really appreciate your honest and commen sense attitude. I used to get off on all of this Law of Attraction stuff, the Secret being one of them. And i would wonder why nothing was happening.

    I’m a holosync user too. As far as the death goes, I’m not worried about dying at all – I never have been. As a kid I used to think about it a lot already. Your description of the wave is fitting. I think when we die, we die. Lights out and as far as I’m concerned the whole universe dies too. Cause I’ll be dead and I won’t remember a thing about it. It’s like there is nothing.Yeah sure you can say ah but history, the thing is though when I’m dead the past and future will be totally meaningless because i will be in that place of nothing.

    I had a really wonderful friend, a man who was many years older than me, who adored me. He promised me that if in any way he could contact me when we he died he would so that once and for all we could proove the thing about life after death, ghosts etc. I know that if he could have he would have. But alaso nothing happened or I am just too dense to pick it up.

    I think the human mind is the most fascinating thing. As a kid i wanted to know if other people see colors the same I way I do, if their headache felt like mine etc. It’s amazing that we all have this individual sense of perception, all looking out at this wonderfull world, even though sometimes one is confronted with suffering. I don’t suffer – but am aware that others suffer. I used to suffer terribly because animals were being slaughtered for meat or fur coats but then I decided i would stop eating them and that helped me tons to alleviate my own suffering.

    Anyway you are indeed the first “teacher” whom I can relate to and haven’t gotten bored with. I don’t know much about Gunpo and other so called mystics/teachers and don’t particulary care about it. I studied everything I could about Jesus for a while – I still find the bible interesting topic but hey I believe I’m on this earth to make the most of me and my time.

    Phew long comment, haven’t done one of those for a while…

  31. Terry HS says :

    Let’s keep digging.

    How curious that you would ask me to take responsibility for my emotional state, and simultaneously hold me accountable for your ‘blunt’ responses. So I’m responsible for MY emotional state AND your behavior. I disagree.

    You also suggest that the fact that I get annoyed with someone who is rude to me, is a marker of my lack of consciousness.

    That’s like saying if a crazed lunatic breaks into my home and hurts my family, it would be egoic and unconscious of me to have an adverse emotional reaction. I disagree.

    With respect to your comments on how you can tell whether or not a person is speaking based on experience – the reasoning just sounds like,

    “Well you got cross with me when I was rude to you plus I’m more awake, so I just know”.

    I’m afraid I don’t find that persuasive. When confronted by posters in this blog not so long ago who resented your financial success, your responses were EXTREMELY reactive – does that mean that you are deeply unconscious and everything you’ve ever said about spirituality is based on books you’ve read? I don’t think so, but if we follow your logic, it must do.

    I’ve never suggested that I am completely awake. I am however far enough along in my practice to be able to distinguish between consciousness and unconsciousness, including my own.

    I don’t need someone to be rude to me in order to see my shadows so please save the ‘yang compassion’ for someone else.


    FROM BILL: I’m doing this to help people, not so I can argue with angry people. You are free to react in any way you like to anything I do. I take full responsibility for any actions I take, or any emotions I create. If you don’t like what I’m saying, though, why do you keep coming back? What are you trying to prove about your life by engaging with me in this way?

  32. Tim Jones says :

    Hi- me again. I just had another thought on all this- if there is nothing more when we die, no eternal consequences or soul, then where is the incentive to live an ethical life here? Why not just rape, pillage and go nuts, if theres’ nothing beyond this life? And if theres’ nothing when we die, then maybe people may as well be deluded, thinking that there is gonna be something, if that faith helps them get through life and make ethical choices…I’m undecided on the whole ‘soul’ question: on the one hand, I see how the promise of future fulfillment in some afterlife would keep one out of seeing things as they are, but on the other hand, this whole journey makes a lot more sense to me if we do in fact have a soul…

    FROM BILL: With less awareness, humans are narcissistic and think only of themselves. They don’t see, or even consider, future consequences. That makes it easy to rape and pillage and go nuts. As a person becomes more aware they see the consequences of their actions, which causes them to act differently.

    So at lower levels of development, people think they need a wrathful cosmic parental figure to threaten them, to tell them the rules and enforce them, because they aren’t aware enough to see the consequences of their actions. At higher levels of development, the consequences become much more clear. This is partly what I mean by seeing things the way they really are.

    In fact, those who think we need a wrathful god and the threat of punishment in order to be moral are the same people who are causing most of the trouble in the world. Hmmm. Maybe this approach doesn’t really work anyway.

  33. Natasha says :

    Bill, I am so confused…

    It feels that as long as I am attached to the idea of me (deriving my sense of self from there) I am not free and I have no free will. It feels like this is a system created by environmental factors and it runs on autopilot. It does what it wants, reacts as it wants and so on.

    Then there are times when I take a step back and observe a behavioral pattern of mine and it automatically drops but I make no choice as to where I will land to – though it will surely be somewhere better. (this step back is not from a transcendent place, its not…back enough)

    and then there are times when I am not attached to my ego (they last a really really short time) where free will feels like the wrong question altogether, cause there is noone there to choose anyway.

    what i mean to say is, that it feels that this whole question of free will depends on my perspective, on where I stand when I ask the question “is there free will”.

    Am I making any sense or have I confused myself even more??

    thank you,

    ps. santiago, are you still here? : )

    FROM BILL: Work on becoming more aware and everything will take care of itself. Don’t fight what you become aware of. Be curious about it. Embrace it.

  34. Sharon says :

    Well, now I’m deflated! I was so happy after listening to
    the CDs you sent with Holosync (an old workshop, I guess
    you’ve sort of evolved since then). I really believed that
    I could make my life whatever I wanted to if I just changed
    my beliefs. What if I still believed that? Would it work?

    FROM BILL: You can make your life into something fulfilling. You just have to do it keeping in mind the truth–that everything is impermanent and that there is a matrix of cause-and-effect forces out there that you can’t get rid of. Focus on becoming increasingly aware, and you will have the greatest amount of choice about your life–but you’ll never have total control.

  35. Chris says :

    I just wanna say I love the new head shaven look Bill, it really suits you.

    And, I’m liking the increase in the number of well placed swearwords you’ve started making more use of. I think you’ve been hanging around that badboy Genpo for too long!

    Keep up the good work.

  36. Tim says :

    Thank you, Bill for a wonderful job sharing what you’ve learned with the rest of us.

    One of my favorite quotations of all time is from Voltaire: “in all things we describe we merely describe ourselves”. To that end I lend a certain amount of weight to the concept ‘what we think about we bring about’, at least with the little things. So be careful where you point your thoughts… someone is listening and that someone is you!

  37. Karen says :

    I would ask you to avoid sarcasm within your comments. It doesn’t come over very well in print.

    Humor, sarcasm, wit, teasing – they need a set-up to be effective, and sometimes appear as serious and threatening without that introduction. After all, major performers all rely on opening acts to set the mood for the crowds. You are on stage, presenting your ideas to us for our consideration. Please treat us carefully. We are here to learn from you, to explore our own lives – with you as our current guide of choice. We feel a bit fragile, trusting you to be careful as we open ourselves and become vulnerable to new ways of thinking and doing. Like Indiana Jones stepping onto the unseen bridge over the bottomless chasm, we are trusting in your guidance to take us further out of our comfort zones and into new territories.

    The student needs to be able to trust the teacher. Yes, we are all human, we are all students, and we are all teachers, and each of us will make mistakes in our relations with others. I imagine it is frustrating to deal with all of us, our many moods, our needs to be heard, our desires to be special to you. Wit and sarcasm are whiplashes to the recipient who doesn’t recognize the intent of the response, stinging and cutting.

    Impermanence is actually interesting. Today won’t last forever, and it needs to be used and enjoyed. This month, this year, this life are also to be used and enjoyed as far as we are able to do so. We create the future out of the past, and the only time we have to do that in is NOW.

    Keep teaching us. You have interesting things to say.

  38. Terry Jennings says :

    I have been using the Holosync sound tracks for 10 years (TM and other types since 1970). I’ve taken the LPIP courses also, today as I read your responses to questions and watched one of your latest videos in the members section, I want to share how much I appreciate your humor. I say this because I see how seriously I take myself, and I am reminded that joy and humor bring needed balance to my current view of the world.

    While I’m sharing appreciation, something came to mind that I read awhile ago:
    “I will serve my customers as being the most important people in the world, I will create products that serve their needs and help them achieve their goals, I will freely give of my knowledge to help everyone who asks for help, I will go the extra mile in all areas of my life, and I will use this technology and any other means available to heal my past and to attain my highest potential as a teacher and as a person.” That’s a great goal, what’s next?

    I see you walking the talk (in many activiities that you engage in) and I am guessing that you do not have to do these things, but choose to. Thank you.

    Let’s hear for Guru Bill and I’d love to see/hear the sequel!

  39. Tertia says :

    Dear Bill,

    Thank you for your wonderful article.

    I’ve been wondering for some time about the question of control….could it be that even the small amount of control we appear to have is an illusion? After all, if the separate self is an illusion how can it have ANY contol at all?

    FROM BILL: The separate self is an illusion because it is an IDEA. Ideas can’t do anything, including have control. The organism you cal Tertia, though, does exist in reality, and does have SOME control. To exercise that control, however, you have to be aware. Awareness is the key to choice.

  40. Elaine says :

    Hi Bill – Interesting stuff! However, there is a term you use, which I find objectionable: Bullshit. Puh-lease: get clear on this!

    Bullshit is lies we tell ourselves or others, knowing we are prevaricating.
    Horseshit, on the other hand, is the lies we tell ourselves or others, without having a CLUE that we are telling lies.

    There is quite a difference.

    tongue-in-cheekily yours, Elaine

    FROM BILL: What? My dictionary of profanity must be out of date.

  41. Nancy says :

    You have been talking a lot about change lately, as if it’s a bad thing. For those who are still growing and manifesting, change can be a good thing…. You talked about change in a positive way when you talked about what Holosync did for you.

    FROM BILL: I did not say that change is bad. I said that you cannot escape from impermanence–which most people spend a huge amount of time and effort trying to do.

    In fact, I’ve made the point many times that “good” and “bad” are ideas about the world, and that nothing is intrinsically good or bad. People try to escape from impermanence because they think it’s bad (and because they think it is possible to escapge from it).

  42. Nancy says :

    Speaking of “free fall”… I was playing tag with some children in a hotel under renovation. I ran through a swinging door into what I thought was a stairwell on the second floor, and there was only darkness and I began to fall…. I mentally evaluated what floor I was on and relaxed for a landing on the first floor…. It was only a fall of a couple of feet.

    Now, did my relaxing, acceptance and lack of fighting the fall change the result? Some would say that I attracted a soft landing.

  43. Samuel says :

    Hi Bill!
    Sometimes when I read articles witch contains “the self is an idea” or any other challenging perspective on why we are and what it is all about, I feel uneasy. I can get terrified sometimes. I can be totally consumed by it and cant stop thinking about it. This is a big problem for me. Can you please help me?

    FROM BILL: It really isn’t that challenging when you think about it. You have an idea of who Samual is, but that idea is not Samual. Yet you strongly identify with that idea, as if it was you.

    Who you are includes too many things to be included in the idea–just as your idea of Centerpointe, or Mexico, or chocolate, can’t include everything about these things. “You,” in total, include such things as all the dividing of all your cells, all the time; all the intake of nutrients to your cells, and the outflow of waste products; the circulating of your blood; the growing of your hair; a zillion other internal processes, secretions, electrical events, etc., etc., etc.; all the interactions you have with the air, the sun, the earth, other people (such as those who grow your food, transport it, and so on, plus tons of other people); and on and on and on. Your idea of “you” also doesn’t include every sensory event you’ve ever had (there’s way too many to keep track of in an idea), but the real you, being shaped by all of those sensory events, does.

    I could go on, but I think you get the idea. Your idea of you has to be incomplete, a caricature, a sketch, an incomplete approximation. The linear mind just can’t grasp all the connections (there is another part of you, though, that can, which is what some people access during profound spiritual experiences).

    The real you is infinitely multi-dimensional. It includes all your relationships and connections with everything else–and because all of this “everything” is interconnected, who you are ultimately includes EVERYTHING (despite the fact that it doesn’t “feel” that way–sometimes people have mystical experiences where it does feel that way, but these experiences are rare, and you’re still connected to everything whether you feel it or not, just as a tall person is tall whether or not he knows he’s tall).

    Another way to say the same thing would be to say that there’s really just one big thing/event–the entire universe–and it’s all connected. That makes you kind of like a wave on the ocean–you could, I suppose, say that the wave is a separate entity (which is something we do say), but really the wave–before it happens, while it’s happening, and after it goes back into the ocean and stops being a wave–is part of the ocean, all of which is one connected thing/event (right?).

    So there’s the real you, which includes all those connections (since you can’t be “you” except in relation to your environment), and then there’s your idea of you, which is a handy mental construct, to be sure, but it’s still just a skeleton of who you really are. Even forgetting all the connection you have to all the things outside your skin (other people, the sun, air, and so on), your idea of who you are can’t even grasp the things that makes up your organism (which, even if you could put them all into your idea of you, it’s constantly changing in every milli-second).

    So there’s NOTHING methaphysical about this. The you you think you are is, for 99.99999% of people, an idea of who you are, but that idea isn’t the real you. It’s incomplete. Just like your idea of South Dakota isn’t South Dakota, your idea of you isn’t you. So there’s no need to freak out about it. It’s not a threat to you in any way.

  44. Richard says :

    Dear Bill,

    I have been meditating with Holosync for almost 5 years now, and I am on Purification Level 3, 4th CD. It’s helped me immensely. I’m also a graduate of your Life Principles series of courses, which I completed in June 2006, and which were instrumental in giving me the courage to launch my consulting business at that time (right after retiring from the military with no business experience).

    Even more important, though, is that I learned a lot about Genpo Roshi from your blog posts, which brought me to attend the first week of his fall retreat at the beginning of November, which was a tremendous experience. I hope to go back again in 2010 for at least a week, and I also follow his Sunday Big Mind sessions on Big Mind TV. It was also a great opportunity to meet many loving and kind seekers.

    Your characterization of Roshi as a highly skilled master is absolutely accurate. The combination of his great humility and penetrating insight are both disarming and elevating at the same time. On the 4th day of the retreat he guided me through a stuck place in Big Mind that led me to a breakthrough. I believe you would say he used a “turning word.” Although I haven’t had an “awakening” yet, I have certainly been processing a lot of stuff since I got back, especially during sitting and while doing Holosync.

    Also, thank you very much for your generosity in producing this blog and for the interview series on Integral Life. I’ve listened to the first two so far, and the first especially was very touching and insightful. It is obvious that you have tremendous respect for Roshi.

    Thank you for your work in creating these tools and in spreading the word about Big Mind and Genpo Roshi.


  45. Peter Impey says :


    Hi again…love the blog. Curious as to the comment about “making Ekhart Tolle blush”? It went over my head.

    The reason it registered was l had this idea that somewhere you advertised a course that enabled people to put into practice what Ekhart has in his book “The Power of Now”. If l am right can you guide me to it, it really resonated with me.

    Thanks again for Holosync and the wonderful time in New York on Big Mind Big Heart.



    FROM BILL: Ekhart Tolle is famous for his book, Understanding the Power of Now. If he is the opitome of “nowness” (which he is to some people) then something that throws you so much into the now moment that it causes event Ekhart to have a huge reaction must be pretty significant, wouldn’t you think?

  46. Chris Z says :

    Hey Bill. Regarding this paragraph you wrote:

    “Humans have created many ways of denying that our personal existence..after-lives, reincarnation, spirit-realms, astral planes, and many other explanations that provide hope that, despite the evidence, there’s a possibility that you will go on after your death..”

    -Bill, there very well may be an afterlife – there likely is – and if so, it may be wise to give that some attention.
    Glad to see you go on later to write:

    “At least that’s the way I see it. Maybe there is an afterlife..Maybe I’ll be surprised when I die…Maybe the atoms that make up “Bill” will keep going just like the water in the wave keeps being water after the wave is gone…”

    -Bill, the atoms that make up Bill will keep going – science has proved that.
    -I just read a book by Allan Watt’s son and Allan, in his later years, believed there’s a very good chance that consciousness continues after death.

    Bill, finally, when you wrote:
    “When the organism you think of as that separate ”you” dies, and the brain that generated those ideas about being a separate self stops working, that separate self, being nothing more than an idea, ends…:

    -Bill,according to people like Deepak Chopra (and many others), the brain is sustained and used by CONSIOUSNESS.
    -Bill, our physical brain is made up of atoms and atoms pulsate into and out of existence (both particles and waves).
    -The atoms do not die, ever. And Awareness is likely not limited to this field/plane of reality.
    -Quantum Physicists (Michio Kaku etc.) now believe we live in a multi-dimensional universe and that there are an infinite number of universes. I think it’s time we expand our belief systems to incorporate a much deeper reality.

    FROM BILL: You are confusing your conscious idea of “me” with consciousness. While consciousness will go on, it won’t be “your” consciousness of what you think of as “you’. I would be careful about taking Deepak Chopra (or Alan Watts, or Michio Kaku, for that matter) as the source of what you believe about who you are and the nature of reality. Why not find out for yourself? Work on increasing your awareness and you won’t have to look to anyone else for ideas.

  47. carlos says :

    Bill ,
    I am just writing this comment to express my sincere respect and admiration for how simple and normal you are in your communication with people in this blog . These traits of yours was what got me into holocync, your online courses and this blog and it is being very , very worth it. I am repelled (my shadow I Know) by so called ” enlightened people” , people who have Egos almost as big as their Shadows and spend a lot of time and effort trying to sound and look a certain way , trying to look higher than others or better than others.
    You on the other hand speak your mind all the time and you are not afraid to say what you mean, You refuse to be put on the pedestal (putting others on a pedestal in my opinion is the most ridiculous thing anybody can do) , you are very sincere and honest which I think is the only way to show real respect for other people. It is a shame some people dont get that.


  48. Joe Egan says :

    Hi Bill.
    Thanks for your reply to my post on your previous blog, it was about free will, choice, decisions etc. Your reply was ‘the more aware you are the more choicce you have. Thank you.

    From my post and your reply I have realised the question and answer are simply an intellectual pursuit. Whether we have free will or not is irrelevant really, we either do or we don’t, the answer will become clear in time or perhaps not. Either way through your reply I have become aware intellectual questioning is in the head and theres no awareness in there. I’ll leave the question open and focus on being aware.

  49. Terry HS says :

    You raised excellent points in your latest response, which gave me pause for thought.

    I’ve recently had three major challenges in my personal life all taking place at the same time. That together with the fact that I am at a pretty advanced level in the Holosync programme means that I have been operating well above my threshold for the past several weeks.

    Quite frankly, it’s a miracle that you haven’t seen me in the evening news.

    The tone of your responses, particularly the one in which you seemed to be questioning my integrity just happened to be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    I appreciate what you are trying to do here and I have no doubt that many people will get a lot of benefit out of it. Your communication style however just doesn’t agree with me.

    And you are quite right – if I don’t like the nature of your responses, it doesn’t serve me to continually engage you.

    That’s why I will continue to use Holosync, but will not return to the blog in future.

    I wish you the best.


    FROM BILL: I didn’t question your integrity. That you think so is certainly a clue for you, though. There’s a shadow in there somewhere. Hmmm.

  50. Chris Z says :

    According to Chopra etc., what we truly are IS consciousness (Awareness). Our individual “egos” may not be eternal, but the Awareness that we are is not limited to an ego.

    Interested to note: The only thing about yourself (myself etc.) that hasn’t changed since early childhood (and likely way before that) is the fact that we are still Aware. Our thoughts have changed, our impulses, preferences, opinions have all changed a great deal since we were little kids(you could say our “egos” have changed). But we are still aware. And we’ll still be aware at age 100 (if we’re still experiencing this 3rd dimensional reality)

    Finally, when you write/talk about EXPANDING awareness, you’re speaking about gaining greater depths of understanding what we truly are.

    FROM BILL: You could cite hundreds of different “According to so and so” descriptions of reality. Even if one of them was correct, what good does it do you if you know know an IDEA about what is right? This is why I keep saying to FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF, which means that you have to become MORE AWARE.

  51. Richard says :


    How do you see the relationship between Holosync and Big Mind? Do you think Holosync can completely replace sitting?


    FROM BILL: They’re both about awareness. Holosync, in my opinion, IS sitting, though there are other benefits of sitting without Holosync.

  52. Sam says :

    Terry HS: Don’t stop writing in here to the blog; you’re not writing to get a responce from Bill, after all, but for a higher purpose. Responces from Bill are helpful guidance, but stick to your optimum trajectory. Include his responces if you feel appropriate, however that game isn’t really what’s important here.

  53. Carol Corsi says :

    You know…you get to the very end of the holosynch journey and it tweaks on your nervous system so much that you come to a point that nothing really matters anymore…I guess that’s the part where no resistance comes in or is that the lack of resistance that I feel…? Nothing is good and nothing is bad…it just all is…There’s this mono-tone of just plain indifference…nothing matters anymore. Its all a big ‘whatever’ Does that make my nervous system so completely conditioned to everything and anything? And does any of it really matter… anymore?

  54. Gloria says :

    Terry HS, I second Sam’s response. If you feel up to it, keep posting. I have always enjoyed reading your comments. This blog is as valuable to me for the posts and responses as the lead article.

    At the risk of playing ‘rescuer,’ I find Byron Katie’s inquiry process a real eye opener in searching for my own shadow material. The final part of her ‘Judge Your Neighbour worksheet (available free on her website) asks you to turn around the judgement that you have leveled at the other. e.g. If this were me, I would look at the belief: ‘Bill shouldn’t question my integrity.’ The turn arounds are: Bill *should* question my integrity; Bill shouldn’t question my dishonesty (or whatever the opposite of integrity is) and the last one is the ‘I’ statement. *I* shouldn’t question my integrity.

    On the other hand, sounds like you are right up to your eyeballs in horseshit, (or is that bullshit) at the moment.

    You will laugh about all this one day soon! IMO Bill is what we here in Australia call a stirrer – At the risk of being repetitive, I’ve left out the descriptive adjective.

    FROM BILL: However, I never questioned his integrity or honesty…

  55. james says :

    Hi Bill,
    my comprehension of your writings about brain frequencies is that there are more than one or several frquencies present in the brain at the same time. Having studied electronics I couldn’t see how that could happen. Now I’ve met someone who used to work with Bill Gates and is now helping construct a super computer that is self aware, they are using what they know about the human brain to help build it. He says without any reservation that the whole brain beats at the same frequency, it’s all connected together making it impossible to have more than one frequency present at the same time.

    FROM BILL: Well, he’s wrong. There are always many different brain wave frequencies going on in your brain, and they keep changing from moment to moment. All you have to do is look at an EEG tracing of any person’s brain.

  56. Gloria says :

    Hi Bill, I understand you didn’t question Terry’s integrity. The point of the exercise is for the accuser to see that what they are accusing the other of is really what they are accusing themselves of.

    Also, in calling you a stirrer, it was done in a tongue in cheek manner. I don’t get American humour and it occurred to me later that others probably don’t get Aussie humour!

    FROM BILL: I understand. I was trying to get Terry to see something about himself, but he got all tangled up in his shadow stuff, which kept him from seeing what he was doing to create the situation, which is where he has choice.

  57. Samuel says :

    Thanks Bill for your response on my comment :)

  58. Sam says :

    I believe that I know quite a bit about awareness but it still doesn’t prepare one for the curve balls that can come along. For instance I read a post by “Carol Corsi” that really worried me about the holosync program–no disrespect Carol so please don’t take offence (although I know you wont)–and I noticed that for a little while I neglected to look internally to see where my shadow lies regarding whatever was triggered there. This threw me into the voice of great doubt that has been written about here, and I recognized that I don’t know nearly as much about myself and my universe that I had thought previously, as well as recognizing that I had a huge grip on what I thought the world is and especially what everything meant. I noticed that it was my grip on what I thought was reality, rather than the situation or whatever was worrying me, that’s caused most of my problems in life and that it would be great for me to simply relax the grip; there’s still worries that I have and I recognize that my letting go of the grip won’t necessarily make the problem go away, however I find that often times the problems do go away and when they don’t I’m much more resourceful in dealing with them. Holosync can help us carry a lot of stuff for ourselves rather than relying on our environment to carry stuff for us, which gives us the feeling that we have increased control over our world. Indeed we do have control over these things, however unfortunately (at least for me) most if not all of my focus is on the grip I have on reality rather than doing things that will actually promote my success in the world.

    This leads me to why I appreciate Terry HS and what he speaks about on this blog. I know that I’ve reached this point with Bill before and it really pissed me off, however something about this “relaxing the grip” thing really opened my eyes about a lot of this stuff. There seem to be a lot of ideas I have about the world or other people that aren’t often matched by the world, or expectations that I have that often aren’t met by my external situation, and when this happens I get bitter and resentful and want to have someone to be mad at and Bill usually fits that Bill; sorry for the redundant pun there. At any rate I’ll continue to get pissed at Bill or resentful in situations over and over again, and don’t understand when he tries to point things out to me because it seems like a totally unique situation wherein (although I may not have been justified in the last blow-up) this situation certainly justifies me getting angry and taking some sort of action to make it right. The thing is that these situations are created by my tight grip on my internal map of reality–the certain way in which I’ve created this map wherein I get mad at people who touch too close to home for my liking and blame them because I feel volnerable–and unless I recognize that the grip isn’t working I can’t step into the aware ego that’s truly Sam and that truly knows that I’m reacting from a place of my own pain; it doesn’t matter if it’s Bill’s pain, or the suffering of the world, but rather my own pain that I have to take responceability for.

    You’re at a crucial point here, Terry, and truly it’s not about you anymore. It’s about all of the people (like me) who are helped by what you write in and also people (like me) who have perhaps lost their persistance in fighting for what we believe in. Most of us won’t put our beliefs on the table because we’re afraid of how we’ll look, therefore these things are never brought into our awareness for possible change. You are a sort of catolast for this type of positive change even if, and sometimes especially if, it doesn’t feel that way. I can tell from Bill’s responces that he agrees with me, and that he cares very much about you and those who you are destined to help in this world. We all have an optimum trajectory or path to follow in life, sort of like the river the zen people talk about, and as long as we stick to that we’re alright. The resistence that you’re experiencing means that you’ve possibly gotten off of your optimum trajectory and are trying to swim upstream rather than let the current carry you to the ocean wherein all currents become one, however I doubt that Bill is somehow blocking you or causing you to faulter here. I believe that perhaps Bill has been on some paths that are not in line with his personal optimum trajectory and is only trying to help us avoid those parts of the path; this doesn’t work either. There is something much larger than any one of us that is trying to emurge here, and we have to just keep on keeping on and let it happen. It will be painful, perhaps the most intense pain you–in general–have ever felt, however it will create the most incredible bliss that one could ever imagine. You are not alone here, because Bill has designed this program such that it’s not a solo path; there’s always people to help you monetor where you are and how you’re doing. We all just have to learn to trust the process.

    I’ve rambled long enough for now, however I really want to express how much my heart goes out to Terry in this situation. I’ve been there before and have given up for now, however there’s still something missing; you can pick it up and own/embody it for yourself, Terry, and create miraculous results in your life. Just don’t give up. You’ll make it, I promice, and your optimum trajectory–your destiny–will be fulfilled beyond your wildest dreams.

  59. Kevin Brier says :

    When I was in Grade School (6th grade I think), my mother asked me

    something like “You think, but, Who is it that is observing your

    thoughts?” This observation of myself at a very young age has

    provided me with a curiosity into what happens in my head. I

    watched but, without guidance did not develop knowledge about how

    it worked, and I believed in the illusion (of my life).

    When I was young and I had a nightmare that I did not like, I

    would through a force of will replay the dream (most often just

    short segments) and make changes to it until I felt like accepting

    it, then I would move on to the rest of the nightmare. This made

    the dreams much more vivid, but, since I was changing it willfully

    I knew it was just a dream, and it was not disturbing to recall.

    When I was 11 I had a motorcycle accident that almost killed me.

    I do not remember it, and I did not remember anything before it. So, my life essentially started when I woke up in the ER at the hospital.

    Although I have slowly begun to remember certain memories from before the accident.

    I do not remember 99.99% of my life from before the accident.

    I remember sitting in the hospital bed for days at a time and I

    would watch the sun come up and go down (the Intensive Care Unit I

    was in had small windows up high on the opposing wall so I could

    see the outside sky). Then after I was got home, I walked over to a friends house early in the morning (we were going to fly U-control model airplanes), his

    house was about a mile away from our house and I distinctly

    remember seeing a gate in the fence that surrounded my friends

    home, which I did not remember him having before. So I walked

    though the Gate (I have a very vivid memory of walking through the gate), and then around to my friends bedroom window. When we were leaving My friend started to climb

    though the fence and I said “hey, why don?t we just go though the

    gate?”, and I pointed over to the section of the fence that I had

    just walked though, now noticing it was a solid fence…
    I have had many other experiences that were less dramatic. But,

    these experiences started me to question reality. Which I came to

    just accept later on. Although, every once in a great while, I

    still have something happen that will surprise me (of course I do

    not ask others about it, or even mention it anymore, because

    nobody knows what the heck I’m talking about).

    I took the EST training in October 1979 in Phoenix, Arizona.

    There are many things about the training that have stuck with me.

    But, the one that I have been reminded of recently through Bill’s

    writings and also from listening to some speeches that Lester

    Levingston (Sedona Method) made in the 1950’s. So, in my own

    words: “The Brain accepts all sensory input to make sense of the

    world, but, the world out THERE may NOT EVEN EXIST, since you can

    experience Memories or Imagined worlds though hypnosis that are

    totally real (until you wake up), or a really vivid dream is real

    (until, you wake up), using the bathroom is real (until, you

    unpleasantly wake up ).

    Terry HS: I was considered one of the stars of my EST training, I

    heard that from many of the people that went through it with me.

    But, I did NOT do anything special! I was just willing to share

    my experience and realizations in a room full of hundreds of

    people (that were not allowed to go to the restroom without

    permission from the instructor). By sharing yourself here you

    provide many others (including myself), with a mirror by which we

    can view ourselves and get a peek at how our own unconscious

    shadow material effects us (in a way that that we maynot be able

    see readly ourselves).

    Terry HS: As far as being pissed off or reactive, That is just

    fine. “Just learn to let whatever happens be OK”, I’m sure you

    may have heard that somewhere around here before, Yes? And like

    one of Jack Canfields early teachers/employers Convince yourself

    that “the universe is plotting to make you succeed.” Because it

    truly is (but, you have to look for it ). Start

    Looking where you stand or sit, in the moment that it all is

    happening. You now have the Awareness needed to watch yourself

    during your reactive moments. Look see your possible benefits to

    your present situation, then write them down to remind youself

    later (and also to see that those bennifits came true).

    As far as having a LOT of personal stuff going on. I will share a bit of

    my life with you… Prior to 2005 my life was pretty peaceful (in

    fact it was boring), Then in 2005 my wife and I had Twins (a boy

    AND a girl), In 2006 I invested a LOT in real estate (seeing that

    my income was not going to be sufficient). I was over a $Million

    in debt. A neiphew was staying with us and he took our cars for

    joy rides without permission (or knowledge), discovered it later when he got arrested. Then Later on he got

    involved with drugs and refused help to get cleaned up, so I threw

    him out of the house (almost physically). The whole family was

    angry with me for this. My neiphew showed up the next night,

    because another homeless man told him it was dangerous and he

    should go home. Still he refused to get cleaned up. So I threw

    him out again. He was gone for 3 weeks, before he came home, a

    bit more willing to get cleaned up…
    In 2007 we had another girl. In 2008 my wife was diagnosed with

    breast cancer, and tenants in my homes were not paying rent and

    tearing up the homes when they left. Then this year I filed

    BankRuptsy and lost my home to the bank which had refused to

    refinance me (saying that I could not afford it), now, they are

    still trying to sell the foreclosed property for less than half of

    what I would have had to refinanced it for. My wife’s last MUGA

    scan showed a decrease in heart function (which put her into

    an emotional tail spin). So now her Chemo treatments have been

    put on hold or may stop completely. We owe $thousands in medical

    bills, which will start growing even more next year.
    AND the only reason, I have made it though all of this as well as

    I have is because of Bill’s teachings and the Holosync that I

    have Meditated with since 2006. I have never heard the demo CD or

    even seen it, I bought the program, because Meditation appeals to

    me, and I read the actual published article by Dr Harold Oster

    , of the article that started

    Bill to experimenting with the technology).
    If you had not taken soooooo darn long to post your “Part 2,

    seeing things the way they really are” article, I would not have

    started reading the additional reader comments. Having done So

    however, I have discovered that they are as benificial with your

    comments as your articles are for opening our eyes not only to the

    current article you published but to previous ones as well. And

    Yes, you do repeat yourself a bit to help us… I would like to

    make a suggestion that you also make an audio version of the

    reader comments and your replies, possibly using some of your

    staff to voice the readers comments, maybe bringing up more shadow

    stuff by those of us submitting comments (or short stories).

    I Salute you! Bill Harris. and I Thank You! I crave your

    teachings and writings. And Yes, that is a beautiful (and

    expensive) Marble pedestal that I have put you on (I hope you

    like it)!!!

  60. Guillermo Ojea Quintana says :

    Bill is in fact correct about brain wave frequencies. It is not so simple as saying that the neural net that is our brain has a single clock to which all neurons sincronize.
    According to the neural net mathematical models, neural networks tend to have a sinchronized behaviour but the brain is divided into areas that communicate between each other and this areas could be at different frequencies, mind you that the frequencies in the brain do not vary so much.
    What holosync does is entrain the brain wave frequencies toward a common frequency which becomes predominant but there will always be some areas of the brain which are working slightly differently.
    Perhaps only in death (frequency = 0) you do have se same in the whole brain :-).

  61. Melissa says :

    Hi Bill.
    Just a thought. Its hard to tell whether this is Yang Compassion from you or “just bad male behavior” (Genpo’s words) here in this format where there is no inflection or intonation of the voice to ascertain what is actually trying to be communicated from you. It seems that every time you post a blog, (or at least the ones I have read,) you get into this kind of thing with someone like Terry HS. I have to agree that sometimes your responses come across as rude, but as I said, I am aware that these words could be said verbatim in person and actually not be offensive due to a kind or compassionate tone of voice. It might be time to introduce a little Yin Compassion into your blog voice … or not.

    FROM BILL: Okay. I haven’t said anything about this little snit so far, but now I guess I’ll have to. First of all, I’m trying to get Terry to see that HE is responsible for his reactions (which, in this case, were based on some sort of weird conclusion he drew from my agreement that those other enlightened guys were, indeed, a drag). No matter what anyone does, he has a choice about how to feel and react–IF he owns the choices he has and becomes aware enough to watch how he creates his reactions. If he is miffed, I would like him to figure out what he did inside that created that feeling, what he’s trying to prove is true (unconsciously), and what shadow he’s looking through (there’s a positive one and a negative one at work here).

    If I had to guess, I’d say that Terry had/has a difficult relationship with his father, and he put me on a pedestal as the “good father” he never had (a while back he posted that he loved me). Under all of this, though, is a belief that “Dad will never really approve of me.” For that reason, he plays a game with authority figures where he ends up getting to be right, feels the same hurt he felt with Dad, and then stomps off in a huff–or maybe a minute and a huff (old Groucho Marx joke). I was telling him, in my own charming way, that I wasn’t going to play, either the part of the glorified father figure or the part of the demon father.

    Terry needs to stop getting his self esteem from what male authority figures think of him. He needs to stop sucking up, on one hand, and stop feeling hurt on the other. This is done by 1) knowing that through your actions you are proving that something you believe is true, and 2) watching yourself do it. This causes a non-resourceful belief to fall away, because when you watch yourself prove it you clearly see that it isn’t serving you.

  62. Gabriel says :

    Hi Bill,
    My wife and I began using Holosync back in January of this year. It was referred to us by one of your colleges from the secret. We have been seekers of truth for as far back as I can remember and that brings me to your work. First of all I would like to thank you for creating Holosync, it has been an increadible experince for me. My threshold has never been very high through out my life and I am now able to easily handle the events that used to trigger me. I am excited to enjoy the process as it assists me to become a more peaceful and aware person. I have listened to all of your blog posts several times over and appreciate your wisdom that you have to offer. Also I think your humor is refreshing from society’s view of being politiclly correct.
    I look forward to the day my wife Diana and I will meet you in person.

  63. Danielle Underwood says :

    Dear Bill,
    Wow, let me start with… Christ Bill, lol! I wrote this after reading the first post from Terry HS now I wonder if it’s appropriate at all to post… at the very least maybe you would like to read another perspective. (do as you wish as far as posting).

    I read some of the responses and wanted to thank you for your post and particularly for your honest response (as an example) to Terry HS. In my opinion, your response shows that you do care more about assisting others with their personal development than being worried (like a lot of other p.d. teachers) about what people think of you and, that to me, is a sign of a decent teacher.

    Please bear in mind that I realize that you are continuously changing but what I recall of you from our meeting in Vancouver in June 09 would blow anyone’s idea of what an enlightened teacher might be (please take no offence, it’s a compliment!). From what I saw of you, I’d guess that you’re an introvert as you appeared somewhat uncomfortable being around people, yet you put yourself on a podium and engaged with people while sharing your teachings… that’s commendable. I have to honesty say that you come across as an ass** a lot of times in how you respond to people (no warm and fuzzy feelings here) yet that’s when I felt you cared most about the people you were engaging with.

    What I like about you is that you cut right through all of the crap, the social expectations, the games that people play, to deliver the straight goods. You give people an opportunity to see the Truth which isn’t a very popular position to take in our society. Yet you do it, probably because you are a decent teacher who cares about alleviating the suffering of others.

    Yes I’d say it is true that you exercise biting sarcasm for which you have often been criticized but experienced first hand, it felt like an expression of ruthless compassion for another human being blended with a deep understanding of how the game of life might be manifested. I’d even say that it’s your unique way, Bill Harris’s way, of expressing that you care. Yet, people insist on expecting you to be different, to act enlightened which you might be but is really besides the point here. Your bristly personality probably wouldn’t make you my favourite person to hang out with but who cares about that (unless you’re going to move to my neighbourhood) since I deeply respect your teachings and your courage to continue to express yourself.

    I love the person, the teacher that you are even more because of all your imperfections and your humanness. Bless you Bill for all that you are.

    Love, Danielle Underwood.

    Btw, thank you for your little chat over lunch in Vancouver where you asked me what I thought of the workshop and what my expectations were… another sign of a great teacher and of someone who cares. Also I’d like to thank you (or curse you… I’ll let you know later) for introducing me to Roshi. I went to SLC for the two-week fall retreat and became one of his student.
    P.S. Say hi to your lovely wife, Denise.

    FROM BILL: Bristly personality? Me? I’m a sweet and kind person with love in his heart–who tells people the truth as he sees it when asked. You would LOVE hanging out with me!

  64. Rodhisattva says :

    C H A N G E and D E A T H …

    get used to them… get happy

  65. Richard says :


    Note: Danielle and I met and became friends during Genpo Roshi’s fall retreat. Yeah, Danielle. It’s me Richard Martin. These comments are meant to be exploratory, a kind of brainstorming.

    Your comments are very interesting, but they are also representative in a way in a how we all tend to put the teacher on a pedestal. Why is there an expectation that the teacher must or should be perfect? The teacher’s job is to teach. The student’s job is to learn. Both teacher and student are conduits for the teaching. As you point out, it is a very good thing for a teacher to evolve and continue to learn while he/she continues to teach. The student can also, in a way, become a teacher to others as he/she evolves and develops. Not all students will want to become a formal teacher, but there is a sense in which we all become teachers.

    On the other hand, why do some students (myself included) feel compelled to instruct the teacher? Why can’t we just accept the teacher for what he or she is, and assess them on the basis of the teaching and teacher-student relationship? Why do we have to project our own stuff on the teacher, or try to get the teacher to act or talk in a certain way? Why do we feel compelled to put the teacher on a pedestal and demand moral and ethical perfection, a perfection, by the way, which is largely a figment of the student’s imagination in any case, whether the teacher instantiates it or not?

    One of the great things that Genpo Roshi did during the retreat was delve into this whole question of the teacher and student. We explored the voices of the teacher and student in ourselves, both owned and disowned.

    End of rant. ;-)

    Where else can we do this kind of exchange?

  66. eva robin says :

    FROM BILL: With less awareness, humans are narcissistic and think only of themselves. They don’t see, or even consider, future consequences. That makes it easy to rape and pillage and go nuts. As a person becomes more aware they see the consequences of their actions, which causes them to act differently.

    Hmm. Why embrace any so-called moral or ethical behavior? These are all mind-made separatistic ideas, that have nothing to do with the ocean. The “ocean”, the whole ever-thing, does not act morally. It just is .
    We make up our ethics just because here in our separate ego-life, we do not want that others hurt us, so we do not hurt others.
    It is ok somehow for living – but really isn’t worth anything beyond.
    So, if a person decides for himself to make choices, that usually would be seen as non-ethically, I wouldn’t label him as purely narcissistic.
    Depending on the level of awareness of this person, if he makes his choices, that anarchy is an option for him – well, it is a choice. With consequences, of course, like all choices. But still: in the bigger picture the choices and the consequences are falling away.
    Living a moral life is delusional, living an anarchistic life is the same.
    The choice is: what part in the play I choose to create? Why look at choosing to play the bad guy is “primitive and narcissistic”? In this sense: isn’t this a “valid option”, too?

  67. Melissa says :

    Yes I understand your point of view, and you are right about it all. I wasn’t saying that you are wrong, just that the same thing can be communicated in lots of different ways. Sometimes a bitter pill is easier taken with honey… it doesn’t change the pill, just makes it easier to swallow … and swallowing the pill is what must be done to actually breach a person’s defenses. Or you can continue to use a forceful way… it works. It just turns some people off who would be happy to hear what you have to say if you were a tiny bit less in-your-face confrontive. Those people turn away from the pill and reject it entirely, even though it is healing.

    I am only saying it because I had to learn it myself, and it has helped my communication with others tremendously. Anyway, I think maybe this is just your way, and I accept it.

    FROM BILL: You might notice that I am only “in your face confrontive” once in a while, when my intuition tells me that this is the only way I can shake someone up enough to get them to look at themselves. Of course it bothers those who have shadows in this area.

  68. Michaela says :

    I suspect that with Terry HS, Bill was using the ” You gotta be cruel to be kind ” approach.
    Great post as always. Thank you.

  69. Melissa says :

    Yes I notice. Thank you.

  70. Terry Lyle says :

    Thank you so much for these last two posts. They have resonated within me creating some deep feelings and understandings that have shown me some “light”.
    I, too, appreciate Terry HS’s comments and his trend of making Bill’s comments adversarial. ( I also suspect Bill’s assessment of the cause to be true…I’ve been there!). The reason I so much appreciate Terry’s participation is that, with Bill’s responses, we are almost getting an “online course” for free. There are some tremendously insightful lessons in Bill’s responses. And, indeed, from all of those who’ve had responses from him. (Don’t get the idea of billing us Mister Harris!)
    I’m not much with words so I couldn’t write some of the lengthy responses that others have. But for those that can, I appreciate reading where you are all coming from. Using Holosync, I’ve finally come to a place where I don’t feel the need to argue with anyone or critisize. I also seldom feel the need to justify. That has been an interesting and welcome change.
    Every teacher I’m currently involved with has said, one way or another, “What I’m telling you is already inside you. You already know this. I’m not “right”, I’m just pointing the way.” This has been the greatest gift. I urge everyone to take what Bill says ( or any teacher) and “sit with it” ( a term I’m not quite comfortable with yet, but you get the idea). Instead of holding Bill responsible for your ideas, beliefs, feelings, take what you’ve learned and make them your own.
    Fifth and last:
    Why on earth would anyone who has read or listened to Bill Harris and used Holosync with some success ask him to change the way he is?
    I love you the way you are Bill.


    Oh, I enjoyed the video and laughed so much at the concept that I had a hard time focusing on the message. But, I think we have a marketable gimmick here…”Guru Bill”…I can see the lifelike doll on the store shelves! The Chatty Guru Bill Doll!

  71. Gaudeamus says :

    Bill, does this information help me to overcome the fear of death and illness? Or how can I overcome the fear of deat?

    FROM BILL: I would say, yes, it can. If you become aware of how the world works, which includes a realistic awareness of cause and effect and impermanence, you acknowledge that no one can escape from these two things, and you embrace the fact that this is the way things are, you free yourself from being afraid of the way things are. Most people are busy trying to escape from that which cannot be escaped, which is why life, for most people, is chronically frustrating (or worse).

  72. ROSARIO says :

    Dear BILL,
    PLEASE what is the difference between CONSCIOUSNESS and AWARENESS ?

    FROM BILL: These are just words, what linguists call signifiers. The represent something so two people can talk about it and have some idea of what the other is referring to. I would say that consciousness is the ability to have some sort of a response. If you hit a rock with a hammer, there is a response–there is a sound, the rock moves, the molecules respond. This is a very primitive consciousness (and one reason why mystics would say that everything is conscious–as I’ve been saying, everything is inextricably responding to everything else).

    When I use the word awareness I mean the ability to observe something as it happens and see the causes and effects at work. Usually I use the word awareness in terms of you observing what you do inside your head to create how you feel, how you behave, what people and situtions you attract or become attracted to, and what things seem to mean. What you are aware of, you have choice over.

    So something can be conscious (ie, respond to the environment in some way, as everything does), but not be aware. Awareness means watching, witnessing.

  73. Gloria says :

    Thanks for the Q & A on consciousness and awareness. Great explanation.

    For anyone who has taken up the Integral Life membership offer there is a brilliant conversation on the Integral website between Ken Wilbur and Tami Symonds who created Sounds True. It is very pertinent to this blog and ensuing discussion – about 40mins long.

  74. Elaine says :

    Re this matter of “conscious” vs “aware” …. is awareness a mental/intellectual activity?

    While listening to my H’sync CDs, I find myself watching my grasshopper mind hopping around from thought-topic to thought-topic.

    The watching,or rather, the awareness that I am watching, seems to be just another blade of grass that the grasshopper has landed upon. So I dunno… I just think I am watching with awareness? Or am I actually watching with awareness?

    Or is watching with awareness a state which I haven’t actually experienced yet?

    Are we confused yet? E.

    FROM BILL: Not being inside your head, how would I be able to tell?

    There is nothing exotic about this. If you scratch your nose, and you are aware you’re doing it, you’re watching with awareness. Quite often, though, people scratch their nose without being aware that they are doing it. They’re paying attention to something else while they do it.

    I’ve written many blog posts about this, so the best thing to do is find them and read them, rather than me writing a lot more here. The long and short of it is that there are things you are aware of, and those things you have choice over–such as how you move, or what you decide to look at–and other things you do/create that you aren’t aware of. Those things happen automatically, controlled by unconscious processes.

    For most people, feelings, thoughts, beliefs, meanings, and a lot more things are mostly generated unconsciously. The biggy for a lot of people interested in spiritual growth is how you automatically create the feeling/illusion of being a separate self. If you learn to watch these things, and the internal processes that generate them, you gain choice over them. You stop BEING them and move to HAVING them.

    The short summary of what I do is 1) offer a tool that increases awareness (Holosync–traditional meditation works, too, but is slower and a lot more work), and 2) show people where to direct that awareness so they can become aware of those parts of life that they are not yet aware of. For most people, this is quite a lot.

    And, in these last two posts (and in a few others), I’m additionally pointing out that there are some things you’ll never be able to totally control: cause and effect and impermanence.

  75. richard mccaul says :

    i want a bill doll. o and holosync has given me back my sense of humor.+ my channel dedicated to holosync an spirituality

  76. ROSARIO says :

    Dear Bill,
    1) we are AWARENESS,
    2) and what do awareness is WITNESSING.
    3) the problem is that we have believed to be the voice that believed to be a doer
    4) we believed what the voice says
    5) and to execute what the voice says we have forget our awareness becoming automatic and unsconscious
    6) and created problems for ourself.
    is that correct ?
    the solution is:
    HOLOSYNC and
    1) don’t believe any more the voice
    2) recognize our identity as awareness-presence
    3) be present and conscious no matter what happen
    4) observing how works the voice and everything
    we have to shift from being the doer, as said the voice, to be the observer ?
    is that right ?

    FROM BILL: Too complicated for me.

  77. Sam says :

    It seems that what we’re talking about here involves our having an either-or choice regarding cause and effect, in that you’re outlining that we can either try to control cause and effect or give up this effort for something more resourceful. However it also seems that there is a glimmer of control somewhere in all of this because you do speak a bit about the little control we do have over the process being leveraged in our favor. I’m wondering how this minute amount of control plays into our daily lives, especially those of us who use holosync, because the fact that we indeed do have some small effect on the process is quite miraculous.

    It’s said that when one uses holosync that one’s energy field vibrates at a more powerful level. In this vibration one can experience how this increased vibratory nature of the energy field effects nature’s vibration akin to a tuning fork, such that the laws of effect are suttly changed. For instance one who’s used holosync for some time can change the environment of the people around him or her simply by putting out a vibration of happiness and causing the others to resonate with it; I’m sure that those of you who’ve tried it know what I mean. While we can’t change how cause and effect works in the world, it does seem that perhaps holosync–and the changed field–causes the laws of cause and effect to be more readily available for us to consciously interact with. In other words while we can’t bend time and space, we can move the laws of cause and effect that dictate these things being bendable closer to our location and hence can access that part of the universe wherein these things are possible; this probability is one in millions upon millions, however it is theoretically possible. When you go into delta your awareness becomes sort of like the awareness of the energy field without a self to witness it, and one’s awareness transcends time and space meaning that one is opperating outside of the matrix containing cause and effect. Although one’s awareness is located outside of the realm of time and space, one must still somehow operate within time and space to make these manifestations of the one consciousness come into being. I can understand though how it’s possible to go outside of time and space to figure out the rules for cause and effect that create what I want to have happen. Even if the probability of what I want to happen with respect to cause and effect is one out of millions upon millions, because my awareness is outside of time and space I have an infinite universe to play in and an infinite amount of time to wait for the conditions to be right.

    Furthermore when we use a system like big mind to separate from our personality we can much more readily understand how to bypass the ego to get to the background reality; we can access the void that we access in delta without a self coming in to create a version of it that overlays true manifestation and distorts it. I’ve found this quite useful because I can see Sam and what he’s doing, and what’s more when others interact in the world I can see myself reflected in them; I don’t know what’s been going on for Terry HS lately however his continued saga on here continues to teach me about a lot of stuff that I couldn’t see before about myself and my own interactions with Bill and others; thanks Terry. It’s getting easier for me to see myself as the one reflected by the many other selves around me, and it’s also becoming easier for me to see Sam as one and the same of these selves rather than the center, however I still can’t see the suttle neuonces of cause and effect for myself. I can learn from Terry and his interactions on here, for instance, but I can’t see myself doing what Terry does and the reactions I get; I could see how Terry interacted with Bill and then, all of a sudden, something clicked for me and I went “oh my god; that’s me!” which was the most enlightened teaching I’d gathered in some time.

    I’m wondering if this sort of thing is what we’re talking about when we use awareness. It seems that sometimes I experience a higher inteligence guiding this whole thing towards an ever-increasing unfoldment into a bigger and bigger picture. This is almost as if this higher intelligence appreciates people who pay attention to the suttle awarenesses going on all the time, and it favors people who pay attention to the signs that come regarding their optimum trajectory. As Bill says it’s not about finding one’s purpose but rather deciding on it, and akin to a definite major purpose an optimum trajectory need only be set and then one need be open and receptive for what comes. I have an optimum trajectory, or definite major purpose, for my life; I’m not so sure how to listen yet, and perhaps this comes with the awareness born of practice.

    FROM BILL: The small amount of control you have “plays out in your daily life” by you making decisions about those things you are aware enough to make decisions about. The rest happens unconsciously, based on the way your nervous system was set up by your early life experiences.

  78. Dee Miron says :

    I was relieved to read your blog on on the buddhist characteristics of impermance and no-self, especially after reading about your appearance on the secret. I don’t disbelieve the secret but I feel much more comforable with the reality of impermance and no-self (even though I am still looking for insight into really understandign the no-self). I have kept up a pretty regular meditation practice the past few years and hope the holosync will fit into it. After reading your blog, I think it will.

    FROM BILL: “No self” isn’t as mystifying as it seems. It really just means that you have a mental concept of who you are, which is the self. That mental concept, however, isn’t who you are, any more than your mental concept of Portugal is Portugal. Having a concept of who you are is valuable, and helps you navigate through life, but when you confuse the concept for the real thing, which nearly everyone does, you create additional suffering for yourself because you feel separate and it seems as if it’s you on one side and the rest of the world on the other–and that that “you” must go on. This would be like a wave in the ocean thinking it had to remain a wave and that going back down into the ocean was a disaster.

  79. Brian says :

    Hi Bill, I had a question. I recently read on another blog someone talk about anxiety. They said people who have anxiety are locked in a mode of thinking, where they constantly are thinking about and questioning their condition, basically trying to solve it all in their head. He said the way to overcome this is to accept your condition and try your hardest to focus on external tasks to keep your mind occupied. Over time he said this will change your mind’s habits and you will feel more integrated with the world. Do you agree with this or can you relate this to what you teach?

    I am asking this because how this person describes anxiety reminds me exactly of how I feel. This other blog I keep referring to I’ve actually known about for a couple years. When I first found it, it had a tremendous impact on me. I can’t even describe the amount of relief and peace I began to feel over the next couple months. It is a very simple website too, basically all it teaches is understanding and acceptance of anxiety. It says anxiety is a result of you exceeding your threshold for stress (exactly what you say), and all you need to do is realize your body needs a break from your worrying and questioning mind. Though this is a simple message, I thought it was the most brilliant thing I had ever heard when I first found it.

    I bought holosync and am asking for help now because obviously this peace and relief did not continue. 5 months after finding this website, basically when I thought I was just about recovered from anxiety, I hit a brick wall. Suddenly the message of the website wasn’t having the same impact on me, and my anxiety came back stronger than ever. I have been back in the pit of anxiety for about a year and a half now, and all I want is to get out. I just want to understand what I was doing during those great months of peace and relief, so I often try and compare what you teach to this other website.

    I feel like I spend way too much time analyzing everything, whether it be thinking about my anxiety or what awareness means. After 10 weeks of holosync, some of my anxiety behaviors have improved, but I feel like the vast majority of my anxiety is still in me, in fact sometimes it feels like it is actually getting worse (like right now). I just wanted to share this and see if you had any comments on this. Thank you Bill.

    FROM BILL: Anxiety is created when a person focuses on what he doesn’t want (which is what this other blogger is essentially saying, too–the person who is constantly analyzing does so because there’s some perceived danger he wants to avoid). When you take this other bloggers advice, you change your focus, taking it away from what you don’t want and placing it on whatever the task at hand happens to be. So far so good.

    However, what ultimately drives a person to focus on what he (or she) doesn’t want is the underlying premise or belief that “there’s danger out there” (or in there) to be avoided. This belief comes from experience–especially childhood experiences. If you had a childhood where there was danger–whether mental, emotional, or physical, and whether from cruelty or neglect (or accident)–you will tend to be on the lookout for more of it, so as to avoid it.

    The only way out of this that I’ve found to work is awareness. If you observe HOW you create the feeling of danger, which then leads to focusing on what you don’t want, you see that YOU (not the circumstances) are creating the anxiety by your automatic and unconscious making of internal representations of what you don’t want whenever you are triggered by certain things that remind you, consciously or unconsciously, of the danger.

    When you see that something you are doing is creating the anxiety, and that it isn’t serving you, it becomes difficult to keep doing it, so you change your internal representations (which happens pretty much automatically, without willpower).

    The formula is TRIGGER–>YOUR INTERNAL REPRESENTATIONS OF WHAT YOU DON’T WANT–>ANXIETY (or other bad feeling). You may or may not have any choice about the trigger, though many people will just hide from whatever triggers them. This, of course, limits your ability to live and do whatever you want. The second step, though, is where the choice resides. The internal representations you make CAN be a choice, but only if you are aware of them, as they happen, AND are also aware of the consequences they create (in this case, anxiety).

    This is why I often say that awareness is the answer to all of life’s problems that have an answer (some don’t). And, I suspect that there’s no way to totally eliminate anxiety. If you’re human, you’ll feel anxious some of the time. The more aware you are, the less it will happen, but in some cases anxiety is useful. If a lion was about to pounce, you’d better feel some anxiety so you can summon the wherewithall to run like hell. In other words, when there really is danger, it’s a good thing that some part of yousounds the alarm. It only when there isn’t really any danger (something just reminds of you it, but it isn’t a real danger) that anxiety is misplaced.

    So when you see how you create anxiety, you stop doing it except when it might actually be useful to you, which it occassionally is. Until that point, you will feel anxious, as if there is danger, not because there IS danger, but because something reminded you of danger and because it seemed a necessary part of avoiding it, you automatically focused on what you don’t want.

  80. Julius Ko says :


    Thank You..

    Gassho =)

    – Julius

  81. Dale says :

    I am currently on level 8 and have thoroughly enjoyed the ride I’ve been on and all the changes. My family doesn’t know what to do with me and I can’t understand why they are not jumping to do the same :-). I cannot imagine the past 6 years without holosync to help me get through and stop resisting the inevitable. My beliefs have changed so much that I think my family believes I’m athiest now, which isn’t true…they cannot understand that you can be spiritual and not religious. But that is their issue and not mine so I keep meditating on…. Thank you so much for holosync!

  82. Anne says :


    There was a time you believed in the idea of the Secret.

    As your ideas and realizations change, you project a new idea and reject the previous one. It’s interesting to watch you become more aware.

    There is however, so much more to be aware of. As we are all limited in our present awareness..

    Thank you for allowing me to express my awareness of right now…

    FROM BILL: There probably was a time when I believed in the idea of The Secret–but it was before The Secret was made. I truly did not know what perspective Rhonda Burns was going to take–all I knew was that she wanted to shoot film of me answering certain questions. I did not know how completely mired in magical thinking she was. In fact, when I saw the first version (before it was finished) I thought it was so ridiculous that I never actually watched the final version. I saw my being in The Secret as a way to possibly get access to those who watched it and tell them what I really thought, so as to help them get OUT of magical thinking–since it is destructive to those who are caught in it.

  83. Chris says :

    Bill, thanks for your last comment — I really resonated with that brief formula you offered for how anxiety works (“TRIGGER–>YOUR INTERNAL REPRESENTATIONS OF WHAT YOU DON’T WANT–>ANXIETY”). I realized that in groups of people (the trigger) I tend to start worrying that people will treat me like I don’t matter (internal representation). It happens very quickly, but “oh no, please don’t neglect me” definitely comes up. And then my nervousness probably does have people treat me as unimportant sometimes, so it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. Anyway, thanks again for that awareness.

  84. carlos says :


    It is great to have your perspective about “The Secret”, I must confess( not without feeling a little embarrased now) that I totally bought into the secret when I first watched it. I started to do visualizations etc. In my case I think my position was not completely “magical thinking” . I knew that I would not get checks in the mail. but I thought that if I visualize hard enough it would get to the point where I would take the right effortlessly actions. ( of course I didnt)
    Now I know that I was just plain lazy and afraid to take action. I think this is the main reason why so many people loved “the secret” it promised rewards without real effort.
    All the concepts presented in ” the secret ” were explained by Napoleon Hill in his book , but Hill also enphazised on taking action.


    FROM BILL: I have nothing against visualizing. I just don’t want people to think that visualizing creates some sort of magic. What it does do is put you into action. The action creates the result.

  85. Greg Brown says :

    Hello Bill,

    Thank you for putting so much of your heart into your writings. You are very passionate about what you do. I love you and I will continue to pray for you. I am certain the day will come when you will see God. You are very close.

    FROM BILL: I hope so.

  86. Matthew says :

    I think as long as you can square:”Doing happens, but there is no doer” with “You create your own reality”, then you’re in good shape. As Treya put it: “This is closer to the whole truth; it leaves room both for effective personal action and for the wondrous rich mysteriousness of life.” The former and latter are, by themselves, lopsided.

    I’d also briefly mention this idea of there being “no individual(s)”. This, of course, is incomplete. In the sense that there are no SEPARATE individuals, from their environment, that’s true for what it is. But not complete. An individual is also separate from his environment. That’s what makes him an individual. Both separate and one.

    You’re separate in the sense that your disease is yours and not mine. Your thoughts are yours and not mine. I have no idea what it means to be married to your wife. You have no idea what it means to do a backflip, frankly. That is how separation exists. And, of course, it does. There’s no doubt about that.

    You’re one in the sense that you cannot be separated from your environment. You cannot be defined, unless you also include the definition of your environment. And until, as you say, you’ve included everything in the universe.

    I think this idea of there being no individuals comes from the natural desire to clump things together as “one” and leave it at that. A way to put the mind at rest – an end point. Also, perhaps a lack of pioneering spirit. But either way, it’s an overreaction to the statement: “individuals are separate”.

    Though true for what it is, completely incomplete. I rarely hear a complete statement on the subject of individuals.

    To me, ‘individual’ is more synonymous with ‘unique’ than it is ‘separate’. I am a Matt. You are a Bill. Two uniques, one of a kind – or individuals if you prefer – connected to the same ground; separate and one.

    FROM BILL: Yes, I am saying that there are no SEPARATE individuals. In fact, “individual” is an idea about reality, a way of thinking about it.

    And, actually, “my” disease cannot be isolated from my environment. It is part of the environment and could not happen were I not a continuous part of the environment.

  87. carlos says :


    One question about shadows. Every time We exhibit a characterist ( in an inmature amount) like being very arrogant, or very jealous etc We do that because We have disowned the opposite?? like humbleness for example?


    FROM BILL: No, it’s because you have disowned your own arrogance or jealousy. As a result, it comes out in a dysfunctional way. Own your arrogance (for instance) and it matures into something beneficial, such as confidence. The difference is that the new quality will be beneficial to you and to others, while a disowned quality will express itself in a way that is harmful to you and to others.

    All people have the capacity to be arrogant, or jealous, or selfish, or angry, or an infinite number of other “negative” qualities. When we try to disown something that is part of being human, it comes out in covert and dysfunctional ways. When we own that we are human and contain all these qualities, they mature into something beneficial to ourselves and to others.

  88. matt says :

    i really enjoy your post. I was thinking about the emptiness post while i was with my son, whom i worry about constantly b/c he’s autistic and i feel a lot of anxiety about what his life will be like after i pass away. Something about the thought about emptiness clicked for a moment and it made me laugh to think that it mattered – or something, i can’t really put my finger on why it suddenly be came funny, but it felt better or a lot less stressful anyway.
    Your posts are really good.

    The real reason i’m commenting, however, is: what happened to itunes? your blog posts don’t seem to be updating there anymore.

  89. Elaine says :

    Thank you Bill, for all the time & thoughtfulness you give to responding to us (I speak for everyone, right?)
    I have to ask – does it tell you anything when a person says, “I’m on Level blah-blah, CD such and such” ?

    I am guessing that my awareness-level as I do “Awareness Level 3, CD 2” (for example) could be completely different from another person.

    If person A, who already had a pretty high threshold, and who’d been blissing around with TM for 30 years, began doing Holosync on Day 1, and Person B, who is 23 yrs old and chronically anxious, began doing Holosync the same Day 1…. Wouldn’t they be at different developmental levels by Day 372?

    It seems to me that we are all on the same highway, doing Holosync, but some of us got onto the highway at Mile 1 while others got on at Mile 27, so that saying how many miles we’ve come says nothing a’tall about Where We’re At.

    ps I’m on Awakening Level 2, CD 2. Is that where people always ask this question?

    FROM BILL: While everyone is, as you have noted, different, there is some correlation between the awareness we see in people and which level they have completed.

  90. Natasha says :

    Bill, is it usual for people who have a strong transcendent experience to have suicidal thoughts afterwards?Is learning how to overcome this part of the process?

    FROM BILL: If you are having suicidal thoughts, IMMEDIATELY call a suicide hotline or a mental health practitioner. No, a transcendent experience does not create suicidal thoughts. If you are having such thoughts, I would be very surprised if they were related to a transcendent experience. Please call a professional right away and deal with this.

  91. Elaine says :

    Thank you Bill, that is MOST interesting (about the relationship between our holosync level, and our awareness levels). I can hardly wait to experience the next levels of awareness! What an adventure.
    However, despite my eagerness to experience more awareness, I do like to wring the most….richness? possible out of each level, so I generally do more than the six recommended weeks. Your blog & videos, and being able to participate in this commentary, all add hugely to the adventure. Thank you!!!

    FROM BILL: My suggestion is to follow the directions regarding when to move on to each level.

  92. Sam says :

    You have a course on the secret wherein you interview other teachers in that movie, and in your wrap-up lesson you speak about how we can ask the magic question of “how can I get x” whatever that means. I replaced the blank with a “visualization” of my breath that I do in meditation, and I’ve noticed that my awareness of what you talk about with respect to this subject is becoming increasingly more clear. I know that in Tibetan Buddhism they use this visualization process quite intently in their meditations, and they’re able to do some pretty amazing things with the mind, and by way of my breath I’m looking to integrate much of their experience with ideas coming from the secret and other teachings; a long stretch, but I love a good challenge. Could you tell us some of the things that you’ve used that question
    on? I know that you’ve probably used this process to some degree in creating a great company with Centerpointe research and visioning your future and what you want with respect to that, but also are there any personal successes that you’ve had with this process? I’m interested to hear your application of this right down to your escence (ok that may have been a bit awkward).

    FROM BILL: How can I get lunch? How can I figure out how to answer some of these questions I get? How can I lose 5 pounds? How can I give a good speech today?

  93. sammy says :

    “At least that’s the way I see it. Maybe there is an afterlife, or a next life, or something else. Personally, I think these things are just fervent hopes. Maybe I’ll be surprised when I die. ”

    Try Past Life Regression, Bill, for a direct experience of past and future lives. Bruce Goldberg and Charles Tramont are some of the best in the business. Or you can successfully regress yourself (as I have done) and experience first hand that along with awareness, our mental substrate perseveres. You might be surprised…

    FROM BILL: I have no illusion that your mind is going to be changed by anything I say (and I don’t care either way), but you don’t think there just a slight CHANCE that a past life regression is something that comes out of your head, and just might represent some sort of internal fantasy? Sounds a lot like magical thinking to me. There isn’t a reputable scientist in the world that believes in such things, and there certainly isn’t any kind of acceptable proof that has passed a peer-review process–not even close.

    If there is some sort of life after death, there is no way to prove it.

  94. carlos says :


    I get that when I disowned something I exhibit it in Covert ways , ( and I know I had/have disowned arrogance) but some people are arrogant Openly and Clearly (not in covert ways) in that case , are those people also disowned arrogance?


    Yep. Though if you think they are arrogant, and it triggers you, you need to look at yourself and your own disowned arrogance.

  95. ROSARIO says :

    is it true that our mind has never been able to create the nothing, but only to create our way to experience it
    because life is unfolding by itself spontaneously ?

    FROM BILL: I’m sorry. but the question makes no sense to me.

  96. Elaine says :

    Bill, I don’t get this “Yep” response to Carlos’ post.

    If someone really is arrogant – as Carlos says, “Openly & Clearly”
    – as opposed to my thinking they are arrogant – how is that “disowned”?

    For example, Joe-Schmoe says “Yup, I’m arrogant! So what? It’s just the way I am!” (the fact that I agree, and find his arrogance repulsive, is irrelevant)

    How can Joe’s arrogance be called “disowned” arrogance? Seems to me he is owning it. I’m confused. Please elucidate?

    FROM BILL: I should have given more explanation. Just because someone’s says, “Yep, I’m arrogant,” doesn’t necessarily mean they have owned it. Quite likely they don’t see how arrogant they are, even though they say that. Such a person is often dysfunctionally arrogant, and proud of it. They believe they are entitled to be arrogant–that any negative outcome that comes from it is someone else’s fault (those they are arrogant to deserve it).

    It’s certainly possible that someone who says that, yes, they are arrogant has, indeed, owned their arrogance. In that case, however, they wouldn’t behave in the way we ordinarily think of as arrogant, in the sense that their arrogance is harming others. If you are arrogant (as everyone is, since it’s a normal part of being a human being to be arrogant sometimes), and you really own it, turns into a kind of positive self confidence which is beneficial to others.

    Remember, though, that no matter how much you own something, the immature form is still there, at least in potential.

    I’ve written several posts about shadows. You might want to find them and read them (if you haven’t already) for a more complete treatment of the subject.

  97. Matthew says :

    “FROM BILL: Yes, I am saying that there are no SEPARATE individuals. In fact, “individual” is an idea about reality, a way of thinking about it. ”

    “Individual” IS an idea about reality, in the sense that you’re describing something using linguistics/symbols/references. We can call it ziggy ziggy bola for all I care. But it’s not an idea about reality – from what I can tell – in the sense that individuals “don’t exist, period, because they’re an arbitrary idea (quote on quote) about reality”, as some go on to claim. I agree, SEPARATE individuals do NOT exist. But nor do “whole” individuals. If the latter WERE true, then yes, there would be no such thing as an individual and it would be an arbitrary creation.

    When describing an individual, maybe I’d use a made up word such as one-part. or whole-part. or separate-one. Kind of like physicists use the word space-time. You can’t talk about one without relating it to the other in some way.

    I mention this, because I find it rare to come across a person who can include both, without favoring one or the other. It’s actually difficult. It’s somewhat of a primal urge to cling to one side or the other – A knee jerk reaction.

    “And, actually, “my” disease cannot be isolated from my environment. It is part of the environment and could not happen were I not a continuous part of the environment.”

    I agree. Though “you” is very useful for what it does (dances for nickels).

  98. Sam says :

    I appreciate the questions that you posed as a responce to my last post, and they’re a good start for getting what you want, however perhaps we can go a bit deeper than this. When I’m doing this exercize for myself I often ask myself “what would that give me” when I come up with responces for what I want. For instance in your case:
    What would it give me to aquire something to eat?
    What would it give me if I had a dedicated connection to the “big mind” that answers all questions posed by myself and others?
    What would it give me to loose five pounds?
    What would it give me if I could give a flaughless and profound speech today that expresses the inner-most desires of my heart in such a way that those listening felt that resonate within their hearts such that that becomes their desire?

    I know that this process is very useful for me because I often get too caught in the details of my manifestation, and fail to notice the bigger picture for why I’m doing this. For instance I often focus on golden vibratory light when doing my breathing meditation, and this light causes all sorts of magical things to happen. I’m quite sure that with this light and accompanying breath meditation that I could quite literally create whatever I want to create in the world. However until I do the process of figuring out very clearly what Sam wants and then chunking it up to see where it matches with the big picture all the high vibration and golden light mean nothing to me. And until I see this process done with others I will continue to be unaware of all of the blessings that I could share with the world, and how easily and effortlessly one could go the extra mile for others by way of this golden light. I could make all of the people who talk about “love and light” very happy for sure, however for some reason I can’t use this light to gain the confidence necessary to motivate me to come up with a product to sell. It seems that you’ve got a good handle on this, and this is why I love watching you go through this process. Maybe this is a sort of start towards what I want to “manifest” in the world.

    FROM BILL: Breathing and meditation and golden light isn’t going to get you anything tangible in the world. Action gets you something tangible in the world.

  99. carlos says :

    Hi Bill,

    I just realized that not all arrogant people bother me. Some people are arrogant , stuck up , feel superior etc and I pretty much like those people and found them funny.

    It is the kind of arrogant people who like to humiliate others or to put others down to feel superior the ones that bother me.

    I was thinking of your answer and I was thinking of my shadows and It seems to me that people who are “openly” arrogant for example might think of arrogance (or the good side of arrogance ,confidence) as a positive trait they dont have but WOULD LIKE to have , they focus on the good side of arrogance and they disown it as a positive trait not a negative one and they try to act and behave arrogant because they think they are not confident but they would like to be so they overdo it.

    It also seems to me that when you disown one side of the coin you also in a way are disowning the other side.

    For example in my case I disowned arrogance , I focus on the good side of Humbleness ( which the way I see it is to be Normal,simple and unassuming) and I disowned humbleness as a positive trait so I put “Normal and simple” people on a pedestal. Also as I have disowned arrogance it comes up anyway in covert ways ( I might be patronizing and condecendent)

    So by disowning my arrogance it seems to me that I am disowning both sides of the coin.


  100. dlite says :

    Those who wanna be enlightened, gotta lighten up!!

  101. Dan says :

    I am a little confused with the voice of the ego and the narcissist. When speaking as those voices do we say stuff like “The self is the best” and “I only care about the self” or do we say stuff like “I am the best” and “I only care about me”? I’m confused because on the DVDs I have and stuff I see people speaking in the latter way but I would think being that your not the self as the ego or narcissist you would be thinking that the self is the best or the self is all I care about, not I am the best or I am all I care about.

    FROM BILL: BE the voice, and you will know what to say. When speaking from a voice you start each sentence with “I”–“I” being the voice you are speaking from. If you are the narcissist, you will probably say that your needs are most important, that you are more important than anyone else, and that you are willing to do nearly anything to get what you want, regardless of how it affects others. You will probably say that you see only your own perspective, and not that of others. As you own this voice, it matures, though, from a selfishness to a self-love.

  102. Milan Vujovic says :

    Hi Bill!
    I can easily see how deeply this approach to life can cure unnecessary suffering and unhappiness. It is a rather esoteric approach, like you said, and unfortunately those that need it the most do not see it. Sad but true! Bill! I’m one of those cherry- picking seekers that in everything you wrote I was seeing things that I agree with, but I tried not to ignore things that don’t fit my beliefs. Why? Because, at the end of the day, there is only one reality and six billion plus people, that see it differently but we all have to use each other’s experiences to get the closest we can to the reality. If I read it correctly that exactly what you did with Genpo Roshi, that’s what I’m doing through your lessons.
    We form our beliefs, like you said, in early childhood and they are creating to the most part what is happening in our life. Some of us never change them; some of us correct them till we reach the point that we are OK and some of us stop because we fear the unknown. Ultimately, we are all seeking true reality and what is all this about. We know that we don’t want to suffer and if we figure it out even suffering might be justified. But if we live in this world we suffer. If “we are in the world but not of the world” we don’t (or we suffer less).
    So we don’t want pain in our life (desire) and we don’t want this life to end (desire again). It seems all problems we have are because of our desires. Better we control desires, the closer we are to seeing things as they are. And if we get rid of them completely (through prayer, fast and meditation like Jesus did in the wilderness) then we see things as they really are. Then no option is better the other, we are not attached to the outcome and we can live our life peacefully accepting things as they are coming our way.
    The teachings of Jesus Christ (at least the ones that I believe in) or the teachings of Mohamed, would translate this into: ”God’s Will” or “Allah’s Will”! It is my humble opinion, unfortunately, without deep awareness; this is only lip service without really understanding what is going on. I believe that all religions, including Buddhism, are based on the same Eternal principles that we use to govern our life. Buddhism doesn’t see them as separate entities but inseparable parts of the whole picture. Either we as humanity recognise that these principles exist or not, we govern our life according to them. I don’t think that these principles have to win all the time but I use them as the ‘lighthouses” to correct the direction of my traveling. Sometimes I forget that they are there. Those are the times that the Spirit is directing me and that a Higher Power is in control. Meditating with Holosync dramatically deepened my awareness, helped me clear my views and cleansed them from myths and labels. Thank you Bill!
    At the end you said that almost all people decide what is true and real based on what someone else tells them or on something that they read. Almost all people, but not every one. In my lifelong spiritual journey I had once an out of body experience. I’m not going into details of this event except that it happened after deep contemplating of the book ‘The Eagle’s Gift” by Carlos Castaneda and there was another person aware that this happened to me. Through a miraculous chain of events I lived in the war in Bosnia where 250,000 of my countrymen perished, I’m now living in Canada and enjoying my religion and the gifts of Holosync. I have some beliefs (one of them is that anything that will help people living happier life is worth my engagement) but I’m still searching to find out why all these things happened to me.
    Deepest and sincere regards,
    Milan Vujovic
    P.S. One curiosity! The word Buddha translates in my language to Buda, and the word budan means in my language “being awake.”
    PPSS I would love to work for you!

    FROM BILL: I don’t care what you believe, as long as you realize that all beliefs are made up. Believing creates it’s own evidence, which actually should alert you to the fact that all beliefs are arbitrary. The goal is not to find the “true” beliefs, but rather to realize that beliefs are something that happen in the mind but do not intrinsically appear anywhere in the real world. They are ideas about reality.

    Isn’t your desire to get rid of (or regulate) desire just another desire? Humans desire, and would die if they didn’t. Yes, when we get what we don’t want or don’t get what we want we suffer–unless we become aware enough to realize that desiring is natural and necessary, and we embrace the fact that we will never get everything we want or escape sometimes getting what we don’t want.

  103. ROSARIO says :

    DOER-CREATOR (PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT:Jack Canfield, etc.) or OBSERVER (NONDUALITY:Nisargadatta, etc.) ?

    Dear BILL,
    Am I the DOER-CREATOR of what I WANT to manifest (JACK CANFIELD)
    am I the OBSERVER of LIFE unfolding SPONTANEOUSLY and NATURALLY by itself (NISARGADATTA) ?
    Because if I am the DOER-CREATOR I will THINK continually HOW CAN I CREATE WHAT I WANT,
    if the MANIFESTATIONS happen by itself and I can only be the OBSERVER, I will sit back OBSERVING and EXPERIENCING WHAT IS HERE NOW
    but I can be the OBSERVER only if really everything happen spontaneously by itself.
    So’ what is the TRUTH ?
    Everything happen spontaneously or I create it ?
    I have to continually THINK HOW CAN I CREATE WHAT I WANT or
    am I the DOER or the OBSERVER ?
    ROSARIO (italy)

    FROM BILL: Doing happens, including the kind of doing Jack is talking about. I’m not saying that you should do things. I do things all the time. I’m also clear that the “me” I’ve made up, the “self”, is just an idea. That self isn’t the one who does the “doing”. Doing happens, without the need for a supposedly separate doer.

    This is not a question of “to do or not to do.” It is an AWARENESS that what you always thought was the doer is nothing more than an idea, and that doing does not require a supposedly separate doer. The self, the separate doer is an IDEA. You HAVE a self, but you aren’t that self. The self you have is your idea of yourself. That idea of self, however is just one of the thoughts–it isn’t the thinker of the thoughts (this is what Nisargadatta is saying). So you’ve made an artificial distinction between whether or not you should act or watch. Both will happen. Acting will happen all by itself, and it you are aware enough, you will observe it.

  104. Sam says :

    Taking action with breathing the golden light, such as making a list of the internal representations that come up regarding shadow material, or witnessing shifts in the body to notice when my perspective shifts as in big mind, is very useful to create real-world results. Would you like to continue our discussion?

  105. Alemenia McLean says :

    Hello Bill Harris. I was so excited to get your last e-mail i wanted to put it on your blog for thoes who may have had the same wonderful experience I did. You recently sent me a about a guy that made a movie of what he wanted out of life and played it over and over. several areas of his life as a matter of fact and he offered the movies to me free. I have been playing them two or three timese a day ever sence I got them and I have told everyone I know and some I don’t know. Thank you bill harris for I love you as always Alemenia

  106. Elaine says :

    Further to the “disowned arrogance” discussion:

    Thank you, Bill, for explaining that in more depth. I’d been mulling on the question of “What is the identifying characteristic of the Disowned Stuff?” (for lack of a better word).

    It seems to me that we might possibly identify “disowned” characteristics as those which tend to seperate a person from others–the “stuff” which creates greater seperation, taking one further and yet further away from awareness/experience of our Oneness. In short, Disowned ‘stuff’ is divisive, rather than unitive.

    Am I making sense here? I want to be able to look at my own thoughts, feelings, behaviors, etc. and say, “Aha! That apears to come from something disowned. I’d do well to examine that more closely.” That’s why I want a clearer understanding of Disownerment.

    Or is it just a matter of looking at what irritates & annoys me about others (mirror mirror) & so knowing that it is something I need to check out within myself?

    FROM BILL: If a quality in others triggers you emotionally, it’s a shadow. That’s the easiest way to tell. If it triggers you in a negative way, it’s a disowned “negative” quality. If it triggers you in a positive way, it could be a disowned positve quality. See my other writings about shadows.

  107. Gloria says :

    If anyone is interested in finding out more about the shadow there is a very in-depth but also very readable book called Meeting the Shadow: The Hidden Power of the Dark Side of Human Nature edited by Connie Zweig and Jeremiah Abrams (1991).

    It is an anthology of essays by several contributors, among them Ken Wilbur, on all aspects of the shadow – its development, how it manifests and how to work with it. I was loaned it 10 years ago by a therapist I was seeing and was impressed with it then. It was the first time I had come across the concept and it would be many years before I could really understand it let alone clear my own shadows but it sowed good seed.

    I recently borrowed it again and lo and behold a week later came across a cheap copy in a bookstore which I snapped up. I read it now with new eyes and new appreciation.

    A couple of quotes from the front page:

    Something we were withholding made us weak, Until we found it was ourselves. Robert Bly.

    If only it were so simple! If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart? Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

    That which we do not bring to consciousness appears in our lives as fate. Carl Jung.

  108. ROSARIO says :


  109. carlos says :

    Yes Gloria ,

    That is a great book with great quotes.

    Also ” If you bring forth what is within you what you bring forth will save you ; if you dont bring forth what is within you what you dont bring forth will destroy you ” Jesus C


  110. Mike says :

    Hey Bill,

    I have been following your discussions and opinions concerning magical thinking, and I was just wondering where you felt “energetic practices” such as Qigong and Taiji (along with some forms of yoga, namely Kundalini) fell into this. Is it magical thinking to feel and manipulate the subtle body (I feel all kinds of things happening “energetically” when listening to holosync). Your thoughts would be appreciated.

    FROM BILL: As with many of these sorts of things, when something is really happening (rather than just something delusional, as when someone attributes magic to an outcome that has a rational explanation, or believes in something where there is no evidence to support it other than wanting it to be so) there is an explanation that obeys the laws of nature. When I talk about magical thinking I am referring to the idea that somehow the laws of cause and effect are going to be suspended–which does not happen.

    Most people have no idea what the “suble body” is, and assume it is some sort of ghost. The truth is more prosaic. The subtle body is how your body FEELS. Have you ever noticed that sometimes your body “feels” different than it looks, or that it can look the same on two different days but feel very different? The way it feels–which could be bigger, smaller, ligher, heavier, and a lot of other things–is your subtle body.

    I do think that there is something to Qigong and other so-called energetic practices. They obviously do DO something and they do change your subjective experience of how you feel. I do, in some cases, disagree with the explanation given for why these changes happen when that explanation is at odds with the laws of nature.

  111. Elaine says :

    Thanks as always for your responses to my questions, Bill. There seems to be a consistant thread running through the responses you’ve given me, which is, (I paraphrase) “Study what I’ve already written about this!”

    Hmmmm. This triggers some resistance in me; some shadow is raising its ungainly head. I’ll go back and study your previous writings some more to see if I can get clearer about it. What’s the point of having a teacher if we don’t take their advice? (rhetorical question)

    I appear to have wandered into a high school classroom here, and to not know enough yet to know that I’m not really qualified to participate. Perhaps by the time I’ve ramped my brain up with more Holosync, I’ll get this stuff, and won’t be asking elementary questions anymore! I’m certainly enjoying the process of ramping it up….well, to be honest, most of the time I enjoy it. Sometimes an uncomfy button gets pushed. Oh well.

    Tata for now, Elaine

    FROM BILL: I just don’t have time to re-say what I’ve said in greater detail before. Ultimately, I want you to find out for yourself what is so. I’m just helping to save you a little time by pointing the way. You should never believe something purely based on what someone else says. Find out for yourself–in this case by meditation and awareness.

  112. Sam says :

    Being that there is something to Qigong and other such practices (kundalini etc) how is it that there is no value in something like breathing golden light? I’m sure that the way that kundalini masters or Qigong practicioners got good at what they do is through taking lots of small action over time, and although it may not seem at the time that much action is being taken the cumulative effect of actions taken over long periods of time causes the conditions for the energetic work to take place. Couldn’t the same be said for breathing golden light?

    Meditators have used the breathe as a gateway to deeper states of meditation for thousands of years, meaning that on this particular form many thousands upon thousands of actions have already been taken by many individuals and no doubt we anticipate many more actions being taken in the future. Tibetan munks have used the power of visualization and combined it with meditation for thousands of years, and have in some cases combined these visualizations with their breathing meditation, meaning that once again on this stream many thousands of actions have already been taken. If one could model these streams of the mind one could tap into the actions taken by many for thousands of years, and start to mimic these actions. One could, by way of the grooves laid down in consciousness by previous meditators, use the information in your first online course to translate these grooves or tracks into metaprogram configurations that allows one to articulate the map of cause and effect to consciously intend the meditation to go the way it should go; who the one is that’s taking this action is unclear, however since there seems to be no separation between people this shouldn’t matter.

    Things like golden light and the breath are sort of like chess pauns that we use with the mind to move around and create what we want. Kundalini is this same sort of thing, although with breath work one can notice a certain progression in the suttle body that correlate with what some others have experienced when doing the same work so it can be useful for the sake of exploration. As long as we know clearly where we stand these things shouldn’t be much of an issue, and we should have fun playing with our suttle body and understanding more about how it works. For instance if I breathe golden light in and out while using holosync, and then after when not using holosync this type of breathing gives me the same feeling and clarrity as holosync, one shouldn’t stop oneself from exploring. Many people are taking action to explore the mind, and some of them are finding each other and finding out that if one has already taken there is no need for many others to do the same; there is a thing called borrowing benefits, that means that if someone like Ram Das has already done this progression in the suttle body then that incarnation can make it easier for the rest of us to use that channel. There’s no need to take “massive action” to re-invent the wheel, however right action is appropriate.

    FROM BILL: I didn’t say that there was NO value to breathing golden light. I said that you aren’t going to magically get material things or create worldly outcomes by doing it.

  113. Heikki says :

    Hello Bill!

    Nice, you wrote what I have expirienced a while. Shortly, I stopped “trying” and just start again;-) “being” after over 40 years

    Its really just a ride;-). I mean life. My life.

    I know there is about 6 billions other minds and 6 billions other realitys and 6 billions other human lifes.

    Im the most important human being, to me;-). Im not sure that the other 6 billoins have same attitude, yet.

    I live in middle of heaven nowadays, and “the hell” was/is;-) only in my mind.

    Ps.Now Pur 2 cd2;-)

  114. Sam says :

    I knew that there was some value in breathing this light, and I imagine that this value comes from the awareness that such practices can give. For instance when breathing the golden light I’m inspired to look at a situation that keeps coming up, however from this perspective I can clearly see my role in what happened and see how I could integrate the shadow elements that I was responceable for such that the situation changes; it’s as if I am doing a sort of timeline exercize wherein the positive learnings are given to me in a way that I can understand, and the situation in my mind changes without my doing anything other than being aware. It also helps me when I’m doing holosync because while I’m listening to holosync I notice that I create some sort of energy that’s noticeable when I breathe, however it’s not been quite clear what this energy is or how I can use it. Now when I breathe this light I notice when the energy that I create goes towards the light (or the optimum way in which the energy should flow for greatest benefit) and I can also tell when I’m focused on what I don’t want and interpret this energy as overwelm wherein it feels hard to breathe and the energy is certainly the one orchestrating my experience rather than the awareness of that energy and how it could best flow. It seems that this light helps to uncover internal resources of various types, however unless I take actions to integrate these awarenesses into my life these different awarenesses won’t mean anything. For instance I can be aware that I create energy while using holosync and that this energy can help to balance out myself and the environment I’m in, however if I don’t notice myself finding it difficult to breathe due to overwelm and then take actions to produce the same results that caused the balance durring holosync all the energy created will never due anything. I’m aware right now that there’s a building of energy however this doesn’t tell me anything, because energy is both the form of fullness and the void of emptiness without any inherrent nature to it; what’s needed is awareness to add life to the energy to make it mean something.

    You had a meditation in your course wherein we do a breathing exercize and then imagine the breath as a golden mist. Also in your course on The Secret you talk about getting “x” as I mentioned in a previous post, and I imagine that what you want also includes what you wanted to accomplish with your online course. Being that we’re focused on this golden light for now as a reference point for our focus, could you perhaps elaborate a bit on your focus in the second course? Or perhaps comment on the students’ focus when taking the course, for instance what you might have the student focus on when breathing light in the meditations; what was the escence behind the meditation, that which you wanted us to discover and cultivate?

    The reason I keep harping on this is due to my fascination with fields of energy. For instance I believe that it’s possible to have a meditation retreat or course wherein a field is created around the subject, and one can then access this field in order to further understand one’s own mind. For instance if there are a bunch of students studying big mind and asking resourceful questions about it, I often find it easier for me to consintrate because there is more than one mind working on the process; this could be in my imagination but I’m pretty sure that you’ve noticed this same thing happening around the centerpointe retreats, wherein the group creates an energy that helps everyone grow together.

  115. Catherine says :

    Yes awareness is the key.
    Would it be fair to say that as a human race we are being manipulated into NOT expanding our awareness?
    Do I need to make a list of examples?
    Any thoughts?

    FROM BILL: The more aware you are, the less likely it will be that anyone can manipulate you.

  116. Anna says :


  117. Sam says :

    Perhaps the self that is unfindable when looked for is the same self that needs to be loved? After all if the self cannot exist independently of causal factors relating to seemingly separate manifestations, perhaps the only way this works is to note how nothing can exist by itself and thus must accept love from the world; as long as we disown love, we’ll look for quick solutions to our problems and continue to argue about whether or not something exists truly or not because we have to win rather than have fun. Also all of the golden vibratory light in the universe is useless because we are disowning much (if not all) of the wisdom that this experience could bring us.

    I hope that someone wakes up and starts to own the love that they deserve. Until then it’s just me here, and we all know that I can’t exist independently because that’s just how interdependence works. When two selves recognize emptiness then everything is fine, however until then the one who does recognize the emptiness that is the void nature of everything is called “guru” or “buddha” or other names that keep the one realizer further and further away from the truth.

    FROM BILLL: Your “self” is your idea of yourself.

  118. james says :

    Hellow Bill, hope you are well today. Bill, if you can’t get angry when you are sick, what is wrong with being angry, why get rid of this emotion. Both anger and fear are a reaction to perceived danger and are both very usefull.
    I really know what you are going to say about this, but I just thought I’d mention the bit about not being able to get angry when you are sick.

    FROM BILLL: Everyone gets angry. Those who deny or disown their anger express it in dysfunctional ways. See my posts about shadows for a full treatment of this.

  119. ripuree says :

    First time on this site. I just ordered Holosync. First time hearing about it too.

  120. richard mccaul says :

    i have to say that i have gained an incredible amount of awareness of my ego on level 2.its hard to stay stuck on my emotions for long.awareness is gold for human life ur were correct bill.

  121. Catherine says :

    Yes I understand that.
    I think you know that I understand from my question.
    Does consciousness turn a blind eye to mass manipulation?
    Wouldn’t it be an interesting topic for discussion?
    In terms of helping people to become more aware, I think it could do so (for some) in the blink of an eye.

    With respect

  122. Sam says :

    I want to write in and wish everyone a happy holiday and newyear. We’re celebrating Christmass and so I would wish everyone a Merry Christmass, however those who celebrate other holidays may not feel included. Perhaps we could ask everyone to speak from big heart and experience what I mean, but we all know what cheer the holidays bring anyway without any shifts of consciousness etc.

    I had hoped that this would be all, however I started reading the comments again and this got me going. First off, the self and all other manifestations are ideas at a certain level of awareness. Similarly love of course is only an idea, however perhaps this is one of those experiencial things wherein ideas only do justice to the subject when we’re paroting the words of others because they sound good. Once one experiences love from within oneself one needs no ideas about what love or the self is and, in my humble oppinion, no ideas about enlightenment either. There is still hope for the one who thinks that love is only an idea, because this points to the school(s) of philosophy that need be followed to get that one to experience love from within. Buddhism for instance says that three out of four times the self doesn’t exist, however for the 1/4 of the time that the self does exist certain very specific lines of inquiry are followed to make this make sense; this is why this type of buddhism deals quite well with the paradox that the self both exists and does not. We use skillful means to get what we want to have happen happen in the world, rather than repeating what the “buddhists” or others say about existence, because not only is it much more fun but you feel the fullness of life even while discovering emptiness.

    Also Catherine is quite right regarding the manipulation of the self by mass consciousness, and I believe that this stems from our looking externally for what we want. For instance if there are a lot of us who need love in the world, it could be quite easy for me to say that I have a high vibration called love and that you only need pay the price (buy my course) to have this high vibration for your very own. If enough people believe what I have to say then there is a general trend in mass consciousness of following the “high vibration” rather than finding love within, and with this external focus mutually reinforced by the culture we in escense train ourselves out of loving ourselves because we have learned that we can only get it in very specific and ritualized ways. After some time those who follow this will start to talk about how when you have this high vibration you can attract things to yourself, such as material posessions or other such things from the world; they don’t tell you that the one who loves himself or herself naturally naturally has these things flowing to him/her, because then this would make their existence meaningless and people wouldn’t see any benefit in vibration (high or otherwise). If you know solidly who you are, either through awareness training or specific inquiry into who you are, you won’t be manipulated by anybody else. You will know what is in line for you regarding your highest good, and you’ll always follow that vibration. This vibration is said to be a high vibration, however when you truly link in with it you’ll start to hum from a vibration that comes within rather than from sweet words that someone outside tells you.

    To richard mccaul: You’re right on; awareness is the gold that we’re looking for! Some schools of Buddhism call consciousness a sort of stuff in that they consider it to be a phenominan that can be observed in our material universe, therefore I’ve been using “golden vibratory light” as a nice metaphore to play with until we understand further the wisdom that this school is trying to enpart to us, however your jump to awareness is quite right. It’s much easier to separate from the level we’re currently on to help ourself get unstuck from disfunctional patterns when we have this awareness, and what Bill says about this is golden.

  123. Sam says :

    Also could you please consider doing something about the different levels of holosync? You said that there are specific traits that often go along with one who is at certain levels of this awareness, and I’m very much interested to experience what you’re talking about. Even if you do it covertly or simply change your speaking slightly when directing focus to other levels, this will be quite helpful for me because I can pick up on these different awarenesses and hopefully what they’re requiring of me such that I can understand what’s needed.

    Also again may you and yours have a very happy holiday season, and may the newyear bring you a fresh look? perspective on you the self that is idea (beginners mind).

  124. Evan says :

    Regarding the supplemental CD’s that ceneterpointe sells – the ones with subliminal meessages ( I recently purchased attracting money and sucess) have you ever come across any credible data that indicates the effectiveness of regular listening?


    FROM BILL: Are you kidding? We have nearly one million people all over the world who would tell you why “regular listening” is effective. Why do you think so many people go on to the custom-recorded levels of the program (about 96% of those who complete the first three levels continue through the entire program). I certainly don’t have time here to list all the evidence for HOlosync here. Your own experience should tell you how effective it is, plus all the information we have sent you, plus all the information on our website. Zen master use Holosync. Many (most?) of the top personal growth teachers use it. The biggest expert in the world in the world of brain waves and spiritual growth said on December 23rd (in response to someone else’s question), “Holosyn is more powerful than meditation.” If you have doubts, don’t continue. Personally, I would if I were you, as Holosync has changed the lives of a LOT of people, and it will change yours.

  125. richard mccaul says :

    to evan i used making change easy 1 and it was extremely effective i found myself so adaptable to new work situations.change used to freak me out.But now i just easy adapt no question

  126. ROSARIO says :

    Dear BILL,
    if there isn’t no I-ROSARIO-DOER
    because the UNIVERSE is DOING everything
    and I can just OBSERVE/EXPERIENCE from the PERSPECTIVE of ROSARIO [LPIP centerpointe course 2] ,
    why do you say that “I” can BE, HAVE and DO everything “I” DESIRE [LPIP centerpointe course 1 and 3] ?
    It is like to say to a apple tree “you can CREATE every fruit you DESIRE to CREATE”, when it can only CREATE APPLES no matter how many THINKING and ACTIONS it is doing.
    ROSARIO [Italy]

    P.S: I wish you an HEALTHY, FUN and PROSPEROUS 2010.

  127. Karen in NC says :

    I liked this video….very informational and also entertaining :) (the devil was quite amusing at times) . I like the message it brought……to me it is similiar to LOA (law of attraction) that which you focus on is what you will bring into your life. I do believe all is connected but we always have the choice as to how we THINK about something and what we give importance (focus) to.

  128. Jennifer says :

    Hi Bill, since peace and freedom are what I tell myself I really want, and as I’ve just determined with new clarity my need not to get hooked into partner’s invitations to spar (new and innovative methods arising weekly), this is a message which doesn’t get old. I feel like there’s a little more peace in there already. I may need to re-read – and re-read, however!

  129. Cassandra says :

    Hi Bill…just watched your latest video on black/white — cute…and a super way of getting across some very important information. Why don’t you put in on You Tube or let us Holosyncers download, so we can forwarded on to our friends?

    Great job!


    FROM BILL: We do plan to put it–and other–videos on You Tube. Did you see the one where I am a guru sitting on the mountain top? It think it’s still on the site if you click on videos on the left side once you’re in the participant’s section of the website.

  130. Dear Bill, I am on Awakening Prologue I disc 2 and have really had quite a good experience with it as I was already meditating before and had begun about a year ago doing this-as a Christian. I know you mention Buddhism and Hinduism a lot but there is that one faith that many believe in which is to you “Christ conciousness. I know that I know…in other words I have seen the supernatural, healings, miracles and felt like I was completely covered in a blanket of love-so much so once, many years ago singing and meditating with my twin that we actually could not stand up and we felt as if we were “drunk” (in the spiritual since. I know you must have other Christians using Holosync who have been overwhelmed with power from Yeshua and the Holy Spirit. Even meditating cannot compete with that but I have to tell you the one thing that really drew me to Holosync was that I wanted a way in which I could “sit still” and I do believe that if we really believe, we can receive what we ask. I guess we just go about it a little differently. I understand the “Oneness” and being aware and even have had a few crises that bubbled up from the soul that I had to deal with so it is very instrumental in my spiritual/soul/body growth and the customizing of our CD’s are wonderful and something I have been trying to really ingest and with Holosync and Autofonix it is possible. One thing bothers me however. With the Secret (which I read and agree with most of it, some people really went “off” and even died. Anything taken to an extreme (not in moderation, can go terribly bad and I just don’t understand what happened there but I am really enjoying it and wanted to give a new perspective because I’m not a Buddhist, or a Hindu, but a Christian and it still enables me to progress in many areas of life. I fully believe that if we “claim healing” , truly believing we can make a living and make money, etc. that it will happen. Negativity is certainly not useful to me at all. Even though I am having some strife with a grown son, I have to let go, learn and let it be. Thanks, Annette Brazil

  131. Anna says :

    Hallo Bill and everybody!!! I have just read the post from Anne and Carlos (Dec.9th +10th) I do watch “The Secret” sometimes .What I understood just right from the beginning was that I HAD TO change my core beliefs. Recognize them and change them. I never thought the movie was like “the magic thinking bla bla bla…” There are very good parts in the movie. But there are also parts that I absolutely do not believe, like , for example, the speed that things may change…..but the “speed” is a Hollywood-like way to sell DVD. You by yourself , Bill said that it took only six weeks for the man to change his life completely. You did not tell about the weeks of session that he definitely had been taking before. And probably still does. I got to Holosync through The Secret and I am very grateful you did not tell everything. I probably would get even more depressive… The purpose of my healing is to finnaly love myself as I am, to recognize my talents, my potential, my gifts that are inside me, to enjoy my life everyday and to BELIEVE that I AM able to make MYSELF happy. Not my mother, father, sister, husband, Bill Harris, Brad Pitt, the fantastic and very handsome President of the United States…. It is only UP TO ME… We are all geniuses. It is UP TO US to discover it. I do have to admit that I was VERY VERY sceptical about Holosync. But I was too desperate not to try….

  132. Richard says :

    The biggest expert in the world in the world of brain waves and spiritual growth said on December 23rd (in response to someone else’s question), “Holosyn is more powerful than meditation.”

    Hi Bill,

    You wrote that quote above a few posts ago. Would you care to elaborate a bit?


    FROM BILL: Dr. James Hardt said this in response to a question by a man wanting to know if Holosync created meditation. I was sitting next to this (skeptical) man when he asked this question. We were looking at brainwave EEG records of 4 people who had just listened to an hour of Holosync while hooked up to electrodes connected to Dr. Hardt’s bank of EEG machines. I thought this was particularly significant since Dr. Hardt (who I’ve known for years) was previously skeptical himself (before seeing the brainwave evidence, and before seeing the brainwaves (not while using Holosync) of many Holosync users at his biofeedback trainings.

  133. Beth says :

    This is a story I wrote a long time ago. I think it speaks to the energy that’s created when one moves into that which is magical about awareness.

    The Gift

    Driving for home, it is late and I am tired. My heart begins to vibrate. I am getting close to that place where my understanding shifts. I can feel myself slipping into “Elsewhere”.

    What’s this? The headlights illuminate a large bird lying in the road. Her wing points straight up at the moon, signaling like a flag.

    “Could the wind move her wing that way? I ask myself.

    The answer comes back, “No way.”

    I turn my truck around.

    She is unconscious.

    I pick her up and weigh the situation. She’s about the size of a cat. Hollow bones and powder-soft feathers make her look big, but she is very light. Nothing appears to be broken, however, she is not out of the woods yet. Intent on seeing her in more light, I gently set her through the broken window of my camper top.

    Since owls are the familiar of the goddess, Lilith, I call her by that name. My dog, Jake, welcomes us home with his usual song and dance. The bird is still knocked out as far as I can tell. I don’t give picking her up a second thought. Halfway to the house, Jake’s routine barking spurs Lilith to heroic effort. An armful of wild-eyed raptor wakes up.

    Intuition becomes a tumultuous, heart-pounding intensity for me as surge of adrenaline shoots up my spine and detonates my focus. Fragmented and paralyzed, I am suspended between all I know about birds and all I don’t know about owls. Is this one strong enough to put up a fight? Am I her most immediate obstacle? Should I let her go?

    Naturally, Jake jockeys for an opportunity to handle my problem for me. I know that the bird’s beak is made for tearing flesh and that she’s got his own set of daggers on the ends of her toes, but I can’t let her go in the middle of the lawn with a monster frothing to meet her!

    Amidst the cacophony of mental and physical noise, my spirit begins to rise. I’m the best chance Lilith has. I have more than fear to share with her. I venture to lead both the supernatural being in my arms and the hellion at my feet simultaneously.

    A calm, gentle voice entices Jake to fall quietly in step behind me. For the bird, I make myself aware of all the things that are not happening. Then I show her how I want her to be with me … by being that for her.

    Lilith responds by hiding in my arms. Clearly, she is frightened, but she is not looking to make a getaway. Her tenderness buoys me up. I gently press her close to my chest to comfort and contain her. Time expands again. We relax.

    Inside a safe space, I become a steady perch. It’s a barred owl sitting on my wrist. I support my elbows on the floor. She presents her back to me. Again, her demeanor is way beyond my experience. No parrot I know would be so brave. I marvel at her.

    I think of my own birds. They are keenly aware that they are prey animals. Paradoxically, within the flock, their social status is determined by how well they can dominate a conversation. This owl, on the other hand, is a predator and a loner. What kind of social skills does she use? Will Lilith show me the truth about how she feels? Will she try to hide her weakness? Will she bite me in an attempt to let me know who is boss? Come what may, I’m looking to find out.

    I walk my talk for her by keeping my face very close to her head while we sit together. Outwardly, my proximity reinforces a very strong message about our mutual trustworthiness and intimacy. Inwardly, I watch the way she holds her body, the condition of her feathers, and the shape of her eyes to gauge how badly she is hurt.

    Does she feel threatened? Am I too close? Should I avoid looking directly into her eyes? I have a lot of questions for her. Judging by the grip she has on my wrist, she has a few for me too.

    I doubt that she is as calm as she appears to be. I reach that conclusion just as her talons dig in. Her head begins turning my way. She’s bracing herself for what she is about to see. She’s turning around. She’s turning around! I’m eye to eye with a barred owl for the first time!

    I slip into sync with her. I want this to go well. Maybe she’ll follow like a parrot does, I don’t know. Since I’m the first human she’s met, how in the world am I going to show her my intentions instantly without explanation? We have no time for translation. I’m asking Lilith to agree to what I’m asking him without question. Will it work?

    I become totally yin to reach her and close my eyes. This makes me completely vulnerable. My heart pounds loudly in my ears.

    Sitting in her presence this way internalizes my struggle. A new adrenaline rush ignites my heart. I’ve never felt so engulfed in flames without trying to escape. I use my mind to direct my chi back down into my dantien and turn my fear to smouldering embers.

    The sudden release of tension catapults me into a state of heightened awareness. I hold all of my diametrically opposed emotions in limbo and free the energy.

    This is the moment I’ve waited for all my life.

    I feel a rush of unconditional love.

    Intensity and detachment strike a balance, the gates between us crumble.

    It’s the most incredible feeling I’ve ever felt.

    We are one!

    I open my eyes and almost burst out laughing. My owl’s reply is impeccable. Her soft response is unmistakable. Her eyes are closed too!

    The thrill is sublime. I feel electric! I’ve just made a heart connection with a wild bird! More than simultaneous surrender, I catch a glimpse of the infinite transcending even species.

    For a moment, I am a shaman crossing the valley of death meeting my totem animal–one pure spirit wearing two masks. I share my beauty and vibrant strength with her. She takes it! She gives it! The energy moves between us.

    My heart pounds through my chest as if I am empty, but I have never felt so full. Nothing could prepare me for the euphoria of it. Complexity melts into simplicity. Timelessness blankets us.

    I watch that single moment expand until all the moments of my life line up behind it making sense in a new way.

    My wrist pulses with pain. I am acutely aware that asking my owl to shift her weight will end our love affair, but it’s necessary. The pressure of her razor sharp claws marks my skin. I hold my breath and try to simply reposition her. Lilith lets me know my compassion may be weightless, but my willpower isn’t. Heaven fades as Timelessness melts back into linear time.

    Exerting even the slightest force brings out her wild nature. She takes his cue, leaps out of my hands, falls into the corner, flaps against the wall, and loses a few feathers.

    I scrutinize her body and watch her wings work. She’s breathing well. No broken bones, no blood, bright eyes. I’m certain this owl hit a car while she was flying, not the other way around.

    Scooping her up again in my arms, I walk out into the moonlight. Somewhere between boldness and reckless abandon, I take a final liberty and kiss her wild, symbolic wings.

    I can feel the electricity in my fingertips. I can feel it in the wind moving my hair. I am much bigger now than I could ever be by myself. A deep sense of gratitude enfolds me for all the perfect synchronicity that has already occurred throughout time to allow this miracle this to happen.

    Lilith slips back into the dark.

    All summer long I listen to a barred owl in the woods behind my house. Low and sweet, she calls, reminding me how to surrender. I am listening with every nerve, every pore to a language I have always wanted to hear. What she taught me in a few moments, I will never forget.

    Native Americans put feathers in their hair as a sign of their brave deeds. On special occasions, I wear the ones that barred owl gave me. They dangle from my ear on a tiny chain. They may look like feathers, but they feel like wings in my heart. Those feathers remind me how I can affect the world. In a moment of grace, I saw it for myself on many levels. What gift could be more precious? The one I give or the one I take? Now, I see, they are both are the same.

    “A bit of fragrance always clings to the hand that gives roses.”
    ~ Chinese proverb

  134. Alemenia McLean says :

    Hello Bill: I loved the blog. Well I have to say that I have quit smoking finally I got it. I have been struggeling with this thing for over three years I gave up a lot of things i felt were distroying me and my health. The 24th of december I was at my favrite vets club smoke was like a fogg on a cold damp day. I felt at home because i go i feel like a alien from another planet. Two hours later and about 6 to 10 smokes later. I left the club,sorry for littering but I rolled down the window and threw them away. I have been so free and full of laughter and yes now i feel guilty for littering. but i did the time line came to grips with the trigger just before i threw the smokes out the window. I saw thousands of cars running over them. I actually drove back to the spot where I threw them out and saw somthing far worse on the ground. I picked it up and .disposed of it. 2005 I discovered. Holosync for the first time and Bill Harris,The Secret. I have used it with great success to date Dec 30 2009.
    I do my inventory at the end of every year. personal inventory that is and I foud somthing that has helped me this year. “MAKING PEACE with YOURSELF. by Kathryn J Hermes”. I would like to share one item from the book. SEPTEMBER PASLM:
    Calm my restless spirit,my terrified soul.
    Lead me to that haven where I may behold you beauty,peace,and joy hid behind the vale of tears.
    Restore my peace of mind, heal my fearful heart.
    Take me to that lonely,quite place apart.
    There my soul will find rest in the shadows of the night.
    Revive my drooping spirit,my downcast will.
    Pour your soothing oil over my wounds until
    death has lost its hold on me and new life enters in.
    Then will my soul rejoice-my spirit sing praise
    To you (myself) make music throughout my days
    For now you are Comforter,Healer,Savior,Father.

    Thank you again Bill Harris. ( And all the centerpointe gang) Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

  135. Sam says :

    Can you speak about that part of us that knows how to answer any question? I believe that perhaps this part of myself is awareness, but I’m not sure if we’re talking about the same “awareness” or even the same realm of thing. I do think that seeing things the way they really are has something to do with our tapping into this part of ourselves, and it would go great with our discussion; it’s especially true for those of us who are setting Newyears resolutions at this time (if we ask ourselves ahead of time why we’ll break them in the future then perhaps we’ll be guided to take better actions now).

    FROM BILL: When you ask yourself a question, and keep asking it, the answer, or how to get the answer, will eventually come to you. It might come immediately, and it might take years. It might involve you educating yourself in order to get the answer, and that might take time. In might involve finding someone else to help you with it, and that might take time. But if you ask, ask, ask, and keep asking, eventually the way to get the answer will come to you.

  136. Samuel says :

    Hi Bill! As may have noticed if you remember me from writing here before, I can pretty easily be thrown into discomfort and turmoil when I am reading and listen to “views” in the area: “What its all about” or “what is reality” or “seeing things the way they really are. I swear it can really shake my world around and push me over my threshold. I dont know why this keep happening, a few days ago I listend to support letter number 8 and I was thrown into distress once again. It happend exactly when you said “you begin to se who you really are”.
    I guess I somehow interpret what you are saying to something I dont want.
    I have to ask you: Is there a ME that can have choices, make desicions, love other people and strive for things in the world?
    Somehow I interpret what you are saying, that everything is an illsuion and there is no “me”, you shouldnt do anything and dont care about anything or anybody. It isnt fun to think that way. Can you explain how what you are telling does NOT mean what I sometimes interpret. And that what you are saying do mean that you should care about other people and strive for things and live a normal human life. Thank you so much

    From BILL: I didn’t say that there is no you. I said that the real you isn’t the same as your idea of you–which is an illusion, an idea, a mental construct. The real you includes all your connections to everything. In fact, there is one YOU, and it includes the whole going on of it all.

    You are feeling bad when you hear me say this or that for one reason and one reason only: because you make internal representations (internal pictures, internal dialog, etc) of what you don’t want when you hear me say certain things. You need to become aware enough that you see these internal representations, as they happen, and also see the feelings they cause. Then you’ll see that YOU create these feelings (not the trigger, whatever I say). Once you REALLY see this, you’ll stop doing it because it doesn’t serve you in any way, and you’ll clearly see this.

    I suggest that you take my Life Principles Integration Process online courses, which go into this quite deeply and show you how to become more aware.

  137. ROSARIO says :

    Dear BILL,
    you said that we BLOCK our SUCCESS
    RESISTING to the CAOS (-) and we don’t allow
    the natural process of prigoginian
    level of functioning to happen.
    if “I” don’t EXIST and so I can’t do nothing
    THANK YOU for the help.
    ROSARIO [Italy]

    FROM BILL: Rosario, how many times are you going to ask essentially the same question? Go find the last time I answered it and read my answer. Better yet, meditate on it and find out for yourself, instead of getting the answer from something I say–which is obviously not sinking in.

  138. Marianne Masuda says :

    Yes, I didn’t read all of your blog but I did read the part when you mentioned that the body is impermanent and when you die, you are gone forever. All things, including us, are born spiritually before becoming physical. You were a spirit before you gained your body and when you “die” your body stays on earth but your spirit returns to the spirit world or what we call “heaven.” When you are resurrected, your body will reunite with your spirit and you will live forever. In fact, you have always lived forever. That is not impermanence. In fact, in the perspective of time, nothing is impermanent.

  139. ROSARIO says :

    Dear BILL,
    what are the ILLUSIONS ?
    3. TIME
    This HUMAN EXPERIENCE is real or is an ILLUSION ?

    FROM BILL: I have spoken about all of these endlessly. The answer you want is going to come from YOU not me. Meditate.
    ROSARIO [Italy]

  140. Dale says :

    Marianne…how do you know that?! I use to believe the same but it stopped making sense to me years ago and now I see it as a nice story for those who need something to believe to make them feel good. But a story all the same…a story someone made up, someone just like you and me, a long long time ago. A story that lots of people have used to make lots of $$ off of people who are afraid and need a story. Instead of believing what you’ve been told, reason and think and use holosync, it helps clear the mind of old debris.

  141. Alemenia McLean says :

    Hi I have been following you Bill for over three years now and I am quite happy with my results. I am in a fight with side of myself that see’s only fear,doubt well all the negative thought deeds and so on. It seams like it has a life all its own, I am constantly questioning it’s motives. I seems like it dosne’t want to be happy, or glad, or greatful, It has less and less control over me, but it’s always ready for battle whether is looses or not it want a good fight. Is this ok to argue and challenge that part of me that loves sadness,fear,doubt,anger,well you know the gambet of drama. I battle it more when I am in twilight sleep just before I wake or just before i sleep. I always wake up and bound out of bed ready to go happy, this part of me is mean, and vendictive,angry,blaming, when I know that it’s all comming from me but it sure make me feel like I am a phyco. and I also feel powerful and in control. I just didn’t know if I am suppose to battle like that against the paradine.

    FROM BILL: “It” seems to have a mind of its own because you’re DOING “it” but you’re doing it outside your awareness. You need to take my Life Principles Intergration Process online courses (or do them again if you already went through them). Fear is something YOU DO, not something that happens to you. If you are aware of how you do it–not know that you do it, but see the actual internal representations you make that create the feelings, behaviors, etc.–then it won’t feel like it’s just happening anymore. You’ll see that you are doing it, and you’ll stop. Feelings and behaviors that seem like they aren’t a choice are the result of a lack of awareness. Awareness creates choice.

  142. Alemenia McLean says :

    Bob Proctor said that he battles the paradine everyday and that he is winning. Why does it feel so good to battle agains the double bind.

  143. ROSARIO says :

    Dear BILL,
    I am continually meditating and observing.
    If I submit a question to you is because I have not the insight that you have now.
    So when I submit a question to you and you answer me saying meditate or see by youself it doesn’t serve me because I am doing it.
    I know it is your STRATEGY to help me to EXPAND my AWARENESS and I have GRATITUDE to you for this.
    But, PLEASE can you answer my quesrtions ?
    THANK YOU no matter what you choose to do.
    ROSARIO [Italy]

    P.S: I hope my english express what I mean.

    FROM BILL: Rosario, you are asking me questions about which I have written many detailed articles. If the articles did not answer your question, and you don’t have a SPECIFIC question about some part of what I’ve said about which you need clarification, then there’s nothing else I can say. When I’ve written long articles answering the very question you’re asking (and I know you’ve read them), I don’t knwo what else to tell you.

    This is why I say that you need to find out for yourself, which means to study, meditate, and watch with awareness. My articles are fingers pointing at the truth, but you have to USE the finger to help you find the truth. The finger is just a pointer.

  144. ROSARIO says :

    Dear BILL,
    if there isn’t no I-ROSARIO-DOER
    because the UNIVERSE is DOING everything
    and I can just OBSERVE/EXPERIENCE from the PERSPECTIVE of ROSARIO [LPIP centerpointe course 2] ,
    why do you say that “I” can BE, HAVE and DO everything “I” DESIRE [LPIP centerpointe course 1 and 3] ?
    It is like to say to a apple tree “you can CREATE every fruit you DESIRE to CREATE”, when it can only CREATE APPLES no matter how many THINKING and ACTIONS it is doing.
    ROSARIO [Italy]

  145. Peter says :

    Hi Rosario,

    Maybe I can answer your question re the apple tree.
    The apple tree is programmed to produce apples (that is the limit of it’s consciousness). You on the other hand are the creator of your current reality (as you see it) because you have been created with a mind that allows you to examine the nature of consciousness.
    Therefore you can create whatever you desire. You do this by faith which leads you to your result. Awareness allows you to make decisions which support you in moving towards your desire.
    You might not get what you want because the wanting produces just that. But you allways create your reality.
    To Bill. I really appreciate what you are doing with Holosync and these blogs. I have been a user now for three months and have already experienced a lift in my awareness and subsequent results in my life which has been more fruitfull than ten years of meditation.
    Regards, Peter

  146. Colette says :

    Hi Bill,
    Just thought I would let you know that I know for an absolute fact that we do exist beyond this realm and that it is no hocus pocus story. On July 11, 1986 I died on the operating table during the C-section birth of my third child. I was dead long enough that I had the official toe tag on my right toe and some one from the morgue was there to pick my body up. On my end of things, I was consciously aware that I was dying, and then that I was “dead” as my form of me that is spirit lifted out of the part of me that is my physical body. I spent some time not in my body, long enough to learn many things as to what I had been taught from a religious point of view that is true and that which is utter non-sense. Your analogy of the ocean and the wave is very apt. Spiritual matter is the ocean and the wave, never separate, always one, but distinct in nature for the ocean water surrounds all that is land and can be a tidal wave in one place and placid in another. And while all things are possible, not everything is probable. The Secret is not, nor was it intended to be the end all be all of information, but rather the appetizer for those who are seeking to be fed Spiritually – and please, don’t confuse the term Spriritually with Religiously.

    FROM BILL: Many people have had such near-death experiences. Whether they represent what you take them to represent, or are and end-of-life dream, no one can say for sure. If I have a meditative experience where I speak to Jesus, was Jesus really there, or did my mind create it. Who can say? People have all kinds of “metaphysical” experiences, but there is no way to know if they are just creations of the mind, or something “real”–in fact, a large portion of everything you experience day to day is created by your mind and isn’t really there in physical reality.

  147. ROSARIO says :

    Dear bill,
    please, “who” have to “recognize” the “double binds” of everything so that “ta-riki” can happen ?
    the ego or the awareness ?
    thank you.
    rosario [italy]

    FROM BILL: There is no one to realize it.

  148. ROSARIO says :

    Dear bill,
    so the spontaneous ta-riki will happen by itself, if it will happen, no matter if one do meditations or not because
    nothing can cause ta-riki ?
    thank you.
    rosario [italy]

  149. Leo says :

    But has you applied your own critical advice to your own views? “Be mindful. Examine your beliefs and realize that all of them are just mental bullshit.”

    Is there any evidence at all for you strange worldview? It does sound a lot as buddhism. How does it explain that the world exist. You believe in cause and effect, what then, or who caused the existence of this world?

    FROM BILL: Leo, no one knows who “caused the existence of this world.” People make up lots of explanations, but no one knows. At a certain point in human development, a person stops needing to make up explanations and is instead comfortable with the fact that it is, indeed, a mystery.

    Also, I am not putting out any worldview, or asking you to believe anything I say. I am suggesting that you not believe anything without knowing that it is just a collection of ideas about reality, not reality itself. Whatever you think describes the way things are, doubt it. On one hand you have the world, and on the other you have IDEAS about the world. The ideas, however, are not the world. You seem to think this is a competion between different sets of ideas. All the ideas are just mental constructs about reality. I’m more interested in the reality itself, which must be experienced.

  150. Leo says :

    “You seem to think this is a competion between different sets of ideas. All the ideas are just mental constructs about reality. I’m more interested in the reality itself, which must be experienced.”

    You seems to confuse different things. When we describe reality we use ideas about reality based on experience and/or other ideas. I’m not claiming that ideas about reality is reality, rather if our ideas correspond to reality then their are true, if not they are false. This is what any realist philosopher would claim.
    Your description about reality is as such no more based on experience than any others. You have made many claims about the nature of reality, these claims are no more “experience” than any claim by someone else. They are ideas that claim to be true and to be interested in reality is to interpret experience which becomes our ideas about reality. One cannot have meaningful experience without interpreting it. We all stand on common ground in that regard. Is there any argument for your interpretation of reality?

    FROM BILL: First of all, I’m not arguing for any interpretation of reality. I am describing a process of becoming more aware, along with what people who follow that process become aware of when they do the spiritual work that creates more awareness. I describe this as a way of motivating people to do that work, first of all, and as a way of making it easier for them to find their way as they do so (much as you might say, “turn right after 1.6 miles, right after the Shell station”).

    I disagree that when ideas conform to reality they are true. No ideas conform to reality. Your idea of “me” doesn’t include even 1% of who you are, and no description of anything can capture it, no matter what it is. We describe things with ideas in order to communicate with each other, and to the degree that you have experienced whatever I talk about (being in Mexico, being married, having eaten a pear, or whatever) it will make sense to you. But what I say isn’t “true” because it is just a crude approximation. Nothing I say about eating a pear will give you the experience. In that sense, no ideas about anything are true.

    Yes, when we describe something, we come as close as possible because that furthers communication, but a map of anything, if it is complete (and therefore “true”) would have to be identical to the territory. That’s why the famous phrase of Korzybsky, “The map is not the territory,” is so significant.

    When you evoke truth I think you are talking about facts such as “rocks are hard,” or “oxygen has 8 electrons.” Such statements are either true or false, but that’s not what I’m talking about.

    So, let me be clear. I am NOT putting forth a description of reality that I want anyone to believe or adopt. I’m a tour guide. I’m not trying to say, “Here is what Mexico is. Believe me.” Instead, I’m saying, “Go to Mexico. Find out through your own experience what it’s like.” And, to motivate you to go, and to help you find your way around (and save you a certain amount of trial and error) I’m giving some hints about what you might find and what you might look for. Anything I say about Mexico in this analogy is NOT Mexico, and whatever I say about life or reality in what I write is not life, nor is it reality.

  151. Jakkke says :

    Again – The iTunes Podcaster is not updating any Podcast after “Does Holosync resolve shadow material”. It’s been like that for a long time.


    FROM BILL: I’ll look into it.

  152. ROSARIO says :

    dear bill,
    please help me to understand the difference between before and after the awakening.
    Before I unconsciously believed that I am the chooser-doer of my life choosing and creating what I want to be, have and do [THE SECRET movie].
    After the awakening I am “AWARE” that there is no rosario-chooser-doer because everything (thoughts, feelings, actions, results, etc.) is happening spontaneously bi itself.
    Is that the final LET GO ?
    rosario [italy]

    FROM BILL: That’s something you’ll have to figure out for yourself. This is a philosphical question people have been debating for as long as people could think and communicate. In an intellectual sense there IS NO ANSWER. It is a mystery, a paradox. If you meditate enough, and have the insights that come to those who go into such questions deeply, by sitting with them, FOR YEARS in most cases, you will come to the place where you understand the paradox, at least in the sense that 1) you see that it cannot be understood, and 2) you stop being bothered by it, as you are now.

    All the questions you keep asking me are insoluable. And, though people do experience something, with enough spiritual practice, that resolves them in the way I said above, there is no way to understand any of this intellectually. GIVE THAT UP. You keep wanting to “get” this in your mind. You NEVER will. It isn’t possible. The answer, if there is one, is outside the realm of the mind and its creations.

  153. Paul says :

    For some reason I cannot download an mp3 copy this article to file on my computer.

    FROM BILL: I don’t know how to help you. Find someone who understands computers to help you. I know it works, as others are doing it.

  154. Premilladevi Pillay says :

    Hello Bill
    Great to reconnect with you. I have made a big leap in moving to the west coast to be near my son and family after 40 years in Ontario. This I did after much soul searching. The adjustment is challenging at this stage of life but the expansion of consciousness and connection to a community of like-minded people interested in personal and global mindfulness is exciting. The content of your work is enlightening and supportive and will be shared with others.
    Salt Spring Is. B. C.

  155. Leo says :

    You state. “I disagree that when ideas conform to reality they are true. No ideas conform to reality. ”

    The problem with this is that this very idea does in itself claim to be true and therewith refutes itself.

    You state: “But what I say isn’t “true” because it is just a crude approximation. Nothing I say about eating a pear will give you the experience. In that sense, no ideas about anything are true.”
    But if that is correct then also *that* would be untrue!

    You state: “when we describe something, we come as close as possible because that furthers communication . .” This again claim to be a true description of how it is, and therewith contradict your statement that no description is true.

    You seem to confuse truth with reality, they are not the same thing and therefore is it wrong to claim that a true map is complete with the territory. Truth is a property of propositions, not of reality.

    FROM BILL: This is actually very simple. You are missing my point. Reality is not the same as the signifiers that represent it. What’s more, a map that really did fully represent reality wouldn’t be a map–it will have to be an exact duplicate copy or reality. Signifiers are very useful, because we have an agreement about what they mean and what they refer to. They are, however, NOT the same as the things the represent. More specifically, what you can “me”–your idea of who you are–does not contain all of who you are.

  156. k says :

    Dear Bill,

    after reading your explanation of how things really are I agree with a lot of what you say. I don’t think we’ll ever really know the answer or be able to control things and that we’re part of a bigger organism experiencing this “thing-event” from a specific view (which is our ideas of reality)? Don’t know if this is exactly how you meant it, but my problem comes with the day-to-day application of these insights. What do I in fact do in the morning when I get up – do I become a doctor or an artist, do I have kids or not, do I try and be environmentally friendly or not – what do I take into account in choosing one of the available responses to the environment when in the end we can’t really make much of a difference anyway. I might have misunderstood you, but as I see it and as I understood you whatever our actions in the end we can’t really change the outcome because we can never see the full picture. So what is life about then? Presuming I have accepted that I don’t have control over so many things and that things are impermanent what do I do with my time here on earth if I can’t change the outcome through my actions? How do I make choices regarding the things which I can control?

    Thanks for the blog. Gets one thinking.

    FROM BILL: To get the full picture, take my Life Principles Integration Process online courses, as I can only give an overview in this blog.

    You potentially have a choice about 4 things, IF (IF) you are aware enough to see how you create them (which is why we use Holosync): 1) how you feel, 2) how you behave, 3) which people and situations you attract or become attracted to, and 4) what meanings you assign to what happens. Become aware enough to observe how you create these four things and they become a choice.

    Being more aware of course makes it easier to see what to do, since you see more of the variable. I suggest that you do what you like doing. Yes, circumstances will get in your way, just as they do for every other human being. So what? That’s what we have to work with. Do what you want without harming others. Strive to alleviate the suffering of your fellow creatures. Have a good time!