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Is life what happens while we’re making other plans?

by / Tuesday, 13 May 2014 / Published in Human Behavior, Personal Growth, Success

I just reunited with a very old friend–after 25 years. I went to high school with Mary Morrissey, and then worked closely with her for several years when we were both in our early thirties.

I have to confess that in those days I was a difficult and angry person–something I’ve described in some of my other writings (thank goodness for Holosync, which miraculously changed all that).

Those were days of intense emotional suffering for me. My extremely low emotional intelligence was driving many people away–which was my plan. If I drove them away, they couldn’t hurt me.

Mary, who even then was a wise and compassionate teacher, saw through my off-putting personality. She saw something positive in me–something I wasn’t aware of–and she nurtured it.

This nurturing turned me into a new direction–one that allowed me to create Holosync a few years later, and to go through a period of intense emotional healing.

It also pushed me to become an expert in many different therapeutic methods ranging from psychotherapy to Zen.

In reconnecting with Mary I was looking back and realized how important she had been in helping me move from being an angry, unaware emotional cripple with little chance of success, to where I am today–helping others with similar problems and teaching them how to live successful lives.

As you might imagine, I was flooded with gratitude.

In a few “catching-up” conversations we had I discovered that over the last 25 years Mary has created a very successful personal development company, starred in her own PBS Special, written best-selling books, spoken three times at the United Nations, and…

…(at his invitation) spent several intimate weeks collaborating with the Dalai Lama.

Mary was quite wise and discerning in the 1980s, when we were working together. She’s even wiser today (thankfully I am, too). Her main area of expertise, though, is helping people reconnect with their dreams–what we dreamed of doing with our lives when we were younger and more idealistic, but never did anything about once life began to “happen” to us.

Most of us became “more realistic” and settled for something else (hence the title of this post).

Mary has a way of reconnecting you with what you’ve always wanted in life–and then showing them what they need to do to make it a reality. In fact, she’ll show you how to get in tune with several basic “laws of success” that make creating your dream suddenly seem totally possible.

In fact, her students routinely create outcomes they thought were impossible. That’s why they call Mary “The Dream Builder”.

Most of us, unfortunately, never act or follow through on our dreams. We have lots of reasons, some of them quite convincing.

Somehow, Mary shows you how–despite what seem like insurmountable blocks–you really can create that dream you probably still have in the back of your mind.

In fact, she’s really good at it.

Believe me, I understand this process because after a terrible start, I did create my dream. Believe me, at one point it seemed totally impossible. I’m quite impressed that Mary has created such an effective way to take anyone by the hand and walk them through a process that I had to figure out on my own, with very little help.

Still, 25 years ago Mary did point me in the right direction. So I guess even then she was helping people create their dreams.

Over the years I’ve become a sort of “curator of information”. I sift through many things and then present and explain the best to others, saving them lots of time and effort.

So, as I often do when I meet someone who’s demonstrated excellence in some area of life, or who has valuable wisdom that might benefit others, I asked Mary if I could interview her.

She said yes, and I’d like you to listen to our conversation.

One extremely powerful story she shared when we were talking:

Something happened to Mary between her junior and senior year in high school (I knew her then, too). This is one of those nightmarish “Oh God, please don’t let that ever happen to me” kinds of stories.

What this terrible situation led to, though, was so unexpected, and so amazing, you’d think it was from a movie script, but it set the stage for all the remarkable success Mary has experienced since then and her ability to so effectively help so many people.

And, quite frankly, this story contains a nugget of wisdom that, if you “get” it, will change your life.

That’s just one of many things you’ll get from this intimate conversation.

Click on the player above to listen or click here.

Please do listen!

Be well.


4 Responses to “Is life what happens while we’re making other plans?”

  1. Lynn O says :

    I cannot get the link to work to listen. :-(

  2. Carmen says :

    I’ve been trying to listen to the interview for almost one hour now, yet I couldn’t find it avaliable. Please, tell me what I can do to get it. Thank you in advance. Carmen

  3. Nina says :

    Hi Bill. I listened to the interview and was impressed. Then I did a google search on Mary and it seems in the past she has been closely associated with embezzling money through her church. Her then husband went to jail for the embezzlement however it seems the organisation was something they were both running. There is some pretty bad press on her. Do you really believe she is someone to trust? Have you done any back ground research on what she has been up to since you knew her many years ago?

  4. Jim Hussey says :

    Thanks, Bill for the interview. I was at your Think and Grow workshop way back in, what, 1984? The Living enrichment Center was seminal in my early development and I still have connections with friends from those days. I have lost connection with Mary and Haven and found in enjoyable to hear what Mary is doing in recent years. P.S. still using Holosync