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Does Holosync resolve shadow material?

by / Wednesday, 27 May 2009 / Published in Uncategorized

Someone asked me a great question regarding my post titled, “More about the power of awareness”. Though I gave a quick reply, I’m writing an expanded version here.

Here’s the question, and then my (expanded) response.

Hi Bill,

I’m convinced that watching with awareness will integrate any shadow material, but I don’t understand why Ken Wilber in his many books is stating otherwise. Terry Patten, Adam Leonard and Marco Morelli wrote in Integral Life Practice [a book recently published by Integral Institute]: “If I meditate, and meditate very deeply, what can happen? I can watch my fear and sadness arise as objects in my awareness. I can relax my ‘identification’ with them. (…) But unless I do shadow work in addition to meditating, I probably won’t truly face my shadow.”

In one of the editions of Mind Chatter [Centerpointe’s now-defunct newsletter/magazine, which was replaced by this blog–hence the name, The Blog that Ate Mind Chatter] you said that you were going to ask Ken about Shadow work versus Watching with awareness, aka witnessing. You wrote that your own experience and many others showed that witnessing can resolve shadow material.

Have you ever asked that question to Ken. If you did, what was the answer? If you didn’t, will you ask it? I’m just curious about this topic. I know that shadow work can be useful, but the method you are proposing is a lot faster, easier and more effective than 3-2-1 process [a process taught by Integral Institute for re-owning shadow material] or any other type of therapy.

This is a great question. Here’s how I see it. [If you aren’t clear on what a “shadow” is, you might want to read my previous post, “What’s Hiding in Your Shadows”.]

When the people at Integral say that you can meditate forever and not deal with your shadow material, I think they are right. You can meditate for years, even decades, and not deal with your shadows, and many people do. That’s because there’s more to dealing with shadow material than just observing your feelings during meditation and “relaxing your identification with them”.

This is a bit of a detour, but I think this idea of “relaxing your identification” with your feelings is a mis-statement of what actually happens in meditation. It assumes a separate self that feels something and then identifies (or dis-identifies) with it. What hopefully happens in meditation is the realization that while feelings happen, there is no feeler–no separate “you” who then feels something. Feelings happen, but a separate feeler is not necessary and does not exist (contrary to what nearly everyone takes to be common sense).

What we take to be the feeler is, in fact, just another feeling, a ghost in the system (you could also say that what you identify as the “thinker”–i.e., “you”–is just another one of the thoughts). I know this seems like a weird idea, but sit with it and see what happens. Look for the thinker or the feeler (or the walker or the talker or any kind of doer) and see what you find.

Here’s another example, one that doesn’t involve the question of a separate “you”, but illustrates the same point: it’s inaccurate to say that there’s something called “lightning” which then does something–it flashes. The lightning IS the flashing, and the flashing IS is lightning. There’s just flashing, but no need for a flasher, a separate something that does the flashing.

Requiring that every action (every verb) include something that does the action (a noun) may be a grammatical rule and a social convention, but it isn’t what happens in reality, and it’s the essence of an unreal and unnatural duality.

The doer is nothing more than an idea. All supposed “things” are actually actions, events. A cat is “catting”, a table is “tabling”, a tree is “treeing”. Action does not require an actor, and assuming that an actor exists ultimately creates the (seeming) duality that keeps people in anxiety about life (but that’s another story we won’t go into here, but which I have written about in other posts).

What’s missing from this Integral Institute description is the fact that those feelings (or, other consequences, such as actions taken, results created, etc.) are generated by something inside the organism (its internal cognitive processes–or, you might say, the “respond-ability”–of the organism). Feelings are a response the organism’s nervous system has to stimuli from the environment, and they happen without the need of a separate self who “has” these feelings.

The feelings, however, aren’t the problem. The problem is the illusion of a separate self. Since the feelings aren’t the problem, dis-identifying with them isn’t the solution. If there is no separate self (which there isn’t, even though almost everyone operates as if there were), who would dis-identify with them? Perhaps it feels as if there is a dis-identification in the early stages of meditation, before the separate self is seen as an illusion. Such a person is still under the delusion that there is a separate self that now “feels less identified” with the feelings or thoughts.

In fact, dis-identification with these feelings might even contribute to making them into shadows. Dis-identification causes us to say, “This isn’t coming from me.” It makes you think the feelings must come from outside of you, when they actually come from you (not the separate-self “you”, but rather the responses of the organism you associate with “you”).

But I’ve gone far astray in order to make sure you get that the people who wrote the Integral Life Practices book are speaking as if there is a self who can “identify” with feelings. So let’s get back to the real question of whether Holosync will allow you to deal with and resolve shadow material (otherwise, who knows where we’ll end up!).

I think the point the Integral folks are making is that what they are calling dis-identification with your feelings (and what I would rather call a realization that there is no separate self) isn’t going to resolve your shadow stuff. In fact, even if you had the spiritual insight that there is no separate self–even if it becomes luminously clear that doing, feeling, thinking, etc. do not require a doer, feeler, or thinker–the shadow stuff would remain. An organism’s “doing” is a learned response, programmed into its nervous system. Something happens, and the organism responds in a certain way. For instance, another person acts in an angry way, and you become afraid.

To continue with that same example, that pre-programmed response might include being triggered by angry people (which happens if you’ve disowned your own anger). It would also include expressing anger in covert and dysfunctional ways, which also happens when you have disowned anger. If this is the case, it won’t matter if you are “dis-identified” with the anger, or even if you’re firmly established in a no-self point of view. The shadow response is programmed into the organism’s nervous system. It’s just as automatic as moths being drawn to a porch light.

There is another way for a nervous system to operate, however. Responding in pre-programmed ways has its advantages, because you don’t have to re-think each event you experience. Disowning anger (or any other human quality) has its benefits. If anger is disowned, it probably was the best response the organism could come up with in order to deal with the anger of others during childhood.

There is, however, a largely untapped talent humans have where responses are not automatic. When this talent is developed, the person responds spontaneously and intuitively in each moment, perhaps drawing on pre-programmed responses if they are appropriate, but exercising choice rather than just responding automatically. Instead, the person responds from a wider pallet of choices that come out of the needs of the moment.

This talent, if you want to call it that, depends on awareness.

If you’re aware enough to see, for instance, that your internal representations (your internal pictures and internal dialog) directly create your feelings, as they happen, you’ll see that 1) some of the feelings created don’t serve you, and 2) that you have choice about the internal representations that generate the feelings (awareness creates choice–without awareness, internal processes operate automatically).

Usually these “creative” internal representations happen automatically, outside your awareness. If so, they create a pre-programmed response, as I described above. You can, however, become aware of the process by which these responses are created. Once you do, your responses stop happening in a pre-programmed and automatic way. They become a choice.

So it’s the awareness that internal representations (along with a few other internal processes) generate certain responses–and their consequences–that creates the shift. If you have a shadow–an aspect of yourself which you’ve disowned and projected outside of yourself, onto others–and you merely experience the feeling of it during meditation (with or without “detachment” or a no-self perspective), it isn’t going to shift anything. The automatic response will continue to happen whenever it is triggered.

That’s because there’s nothing about experiencing the feeling that causes you to realize that it was created in your own mind. You could still assume (as people do all the time with feelings) that the feeling was caused by external events. If the point of choice (which internal representations are made) is outside of your awareness, you’ll naturally assign another “cause” to the feelings. Or, you might assume that feelings “just happen,” without a specific cause.

If, then, as I said above, you dis-identify with those feelings (as the authors of the Integral Life Practice book describe it), it makes matters worse. Dis-identifying (or a no-self perspective, for that matter) certainly isn’t going to cause you to get that the feelings are being generated by your own internal processes.

However, when you become aware enough to see that what you do in your mind generates how you feel (which also includes the realization that the environment is the trigger, but not the cause), it becomes clear that you’re doing it, that what you feel comes from your nervous system’s pre-programmed responses rather than from something “out there”.

Or you could say that you see that what internal representations are made in response to a certain trigger (i.e., experience) is a choice, and the pre-programmed response isn’t the only choice. This realization requires that you own the feeling (i.e., acknowledge that it comes from something in your nervous system), which dissolves the shadow.

Remember that “disowned” really means “it doesn’t come from me–it’s out there. It isn’t my anger, my selfishness (or whatever), it’s that other person’s.” Owning something means that you SEE (in other words, are aware of) that it’s coming from you. Seeing this creates choice. And, it’s important to realize that this doesn’t mean merely knowing that you create it, but rather seeing how you do it, as it happens.

With even more awareness, you also see the potential consequences being created, and that these consequences originate from something you do.

This is why, if you’re aware, you have choice–because the feeling being created originates in something YOU DO. Or, you could say, to the degree you are aware, to that degree you have choice. If you’re aware of what you’re doing, and how you’re doing it (what you’re doing inside to create it), while you do it, you have choice about it (which, with even more awareness, includes seeing the potential consequences).

The consequences of disowning a human quality include 1) being constantly triggered by it when you see it in others, 2) attracting people who exhibit the disowned quality so that the world seems to be full of that type of person, and 3) expressing the disowned quality yourself (though you don’t see that you’re doing so) in covert and dysfunctional ways.

In clearly seeing that the response is coming from something in you and not from something outside of you, and in clearly seeing the consequences, it becomes difficult keep doing it when the consequences aren’t resourceful. In that case, the shadow is re-owned and the automatic responses it was generating becomes difficult or even impossible to continue doing.

I want to add another wrinkle, though, for the sake of completeness. A major point of my last two posts is that despite the fact that you potentially have all this choice (if you’re aware enough to exercise it–a big assumption), and despite the fact that this choice gives you much more power and control over your life, there are still two things that you can’t escape from: the impermanence of all things and events, and the fact that you are caught in a huge web of cause and effect, most of which you have no control over.

The consequences affecting you from all the events in the physical world (galaxies, stars, the sun, the earth, gravity, cosmic rays, the weather, that rocks are hard, what your body needs to stay alive, etc., etc.), and from the actions of all the other people who have a different agenda than yours, are like “cause and effect bullets” wizzing around you. When you’re aware enough, you avoid many of these bullets because you’re more likely to be aware of them and step out of the way.

The more aware you are, the more you see this huge web of cause and effect and how it might affect you. In doing so, you have more choice. You avoid involvement with certain bullets–for instance, unpleasant people and situations, bad investments, risky situations, and so forth–that you might otherwise, with less awareness of the potential consequences, get involved with.

A shadow represents a lack of awareness. When you have a shadow, you unconsciously attract certain difficult people and difficult situations, and you act in ways that create negative consequences. Being unaware, you don’t see yourself doing this, so you keep doing it. As certain consequences happen, you place responsibility for them outside of yourself. See this process (and your part in it) with awareness, however, and the shadow is re-owned, the consequences seen, and what happens in your life changes for the better. You avoid the bullets previously generated by that particular shadow.

The more aware you are, the more of this suffering you avoid, but there’s no way to avoid all suffering (other than dying, I suppose). First, there are just too many bullets for anyone to avoid them all. With enough awareness, though, you can avoid a lot of them. Even though the choice created by increased awareness only affects a small percentage of the “cause and effect bullets,” it’s enough to dramatically improve your life.

Second, there’s no way to avoid the fact that everything in this universe is impermanent. Everything, no matter what it is, eventually falls apart. You can surrender to impermanence, and in doing so end the suffering created by your resistance to it, but you’ll never get rid of impermanence itself.

If you come to terms with these two, you become a master of your life. Few people do this, however, because there’s a price to pay to have this kind of awareness, and most people aren’t willing to pay it (by using Holosync, though, you are paying a large part of it). This “coming to terms with what is”, by the way, is the point behind the first of my 9 Principles for Conscious Living, Let Whatever Happens Be Okay.

I respect Ken Wilber’s opinion that meditation does not help a person deal with shadow material. I’ve seen many long-time meditators who are still screwed up emotionally and have lots of shadow material. At the same time, I’ve personally known thousands of Holosync users who clearly have resolved all kinds of shadow material.

Over the last 24 years, many Holosync meditators have become aware of how they create their feelings, their behaviors, which people and situations they attract or become attracted to, and what meanings they place on what’s going on around them. As you gain this awareness, you stop creating what does not serve you–which includes disowning certain aspects of being human, which is what shadows are.

My friend John Dupuy, who has applied Ken’s Integral theory to addiction recovery, and has made Holosync the cornerstone of his approach to drug and alcohol recovery, tells me that he has observed the same phenomenon: nearly all the addicts he treats who use Holosync seem to shed emotional problems in a way non-Holosync clients don’t.

Another good friend, psychologist Dr. Beverlee Marks Taub (who, by the way, has  been using Holosync since the very beginning, way back in 1985) works with many Holosync users in her therapy and coaching practice. She has been telling me for years that Holosync users move through their “stuff”, including their shadows, far more quickly than non-Holosync users.

There is considerable evidence that the awareness Holosync creates dramatically accelerates the process of seeing how you create your life.

Shadows are the result of a lack of awareness. They cause you to inadvertently step in front of the bullets I referred to above. When you disown a human quality (making it a shadow) you are, by definition, unaware of it. You’ve pushed it out of your awareness because being aware of it feels painful to you. Someone in your childhood taught you (usually through positive and negative reinforcement) that it’s something bad or wrong. They made it painful for you, so you disowned it.

When that shadow, that human characteristic, does intrude into your awareness, you respond to what seems like an emergency by making it seem as if it’s coming from someone or something else, something outside of you–rather than seeing or admitting that it’s actually a part of you. It isn’t your anger, your selfishness, your weakness (or whatever). It’s someone else’s anger, selfishness, or weakness that bothers you.

So you can see that if you begin to become aware of how your feelings, all your ideas, all your premises about life and reality, all your behaviors, and how you become attracted to certain people or situations, all originate in your own mind, it becomes increasingly more difficult to disown something, to project it out onto someone or something outside of you.

For whatever reason, Holosync seems to create that awareness in a way that traditional meditation does not. I’m not sure why. Perhaps it’s just a matter of degree. Perhaps traditional meditation just doesn’t create quite enough awareness, or perhaps you just have to do it much longer to get the same result.

It could also be that the shadow recognition we see in Holosync users is at least partly the result of all the information we share with you, including the information on this blog. Whether we look at the entire population of Holosync users or the entire population of, say, Zen practitioners, we see some people who are aware of their shadows (or, we might say, are in the process of becoming aware of them, since no one seems to be aware of all of them), and many who aren’t.

When I look at Zen master Genpo Roshi, who I know quite well at this point, I see someone with a great deal of awareness of his shadows, and who works on re-owning them as fast as he can become aware of them. I like to think that I’m doing the same–my relationship with him has had helped me to become much better at doing so. I also see plenty of people in the Zen world, as well as in the Holosync world, who have lots of shadow material and seem to be relatively unaware of it. Is this just a matter of how much Zen training, or how much Holosync training, a person has? Is it a matter of how much additional outside-of-actual-meditation training a person has? I’m sure we’ll learn more as time goes by.

All I can say is that Holosync users seem to own shadow material much more easily than non-Holosync users, and with much less outside feedback, than those who use traditional meditation only. If you’re not yet using Holosync, what are you waiting for?


Finally, before you go, I’d like you invite you to spend the weekend with with Zen master Genpo Roshi and me in Vancouver, British Columbia, on June 27th and 28th. This will be the sixth in our series of Big Mind workshops we’ve been doing for the past two years. No public event I’ve ever done has received the raves Genpo and I get for these workshops, and nothing I could say could fully convey the huge benefit you’ll receive by spending this time with a true Zen master (and me!).

I truly can’t think of anything I’ve done over the last 30 years (other than Holosync) that rivals the experience Genpo Roshi and I have created for you in this two-day event.

Just to give you an idea of what might happen for you when you attend, here are a few of the many comments we’ve received from others:

“Hi Bill, I was one of the 220 participants in the two day workshop of Big Mind/Big Heart. I can attest that all you say is true. It is a mind blowing experience, and like the gift that keeps on giving–days after I am still basking in the glow.” –April

“I have been in the audience of many wonderful teachers, but nothing in my experience compares with this last weekend. I had no expectations really (except my usual nagging feelings of self doubt i.e., I won’t be able to get this). I must admit that my mind is still trying to figure out what took place. It’s still hard for me to put into words, but I can say the experience and clarity is beyond any doubt. I must truly say that this is THE most extraordinary experience of my life so far.” –Richard

“For someone who lives in their emotions, this may seem phony at first. But actually, it is quite liberating. It freed up a lot of stuff for me, just to see that it was possible to live in a different way. Would we attend another conference? Absolutely. Why? Because it’s a great thing to participate in the group dynamic, Genpo Roshi, Bill Harris. Did anyone mention that Bill and Genpo are funny together? They can almost go on the road with a standup routine.” –Sandy

“I knew very little about Zen or Genpo Roshi; signed up intuitively. I’ve been meditating, attending growth seminars, workshops, studying, seeking, for 40+ years and most recently Holosync-ing, which I Love! AND I was completely amazed to be in Big Mind, experiencing the Transcendent State, feeling Bliss and One With Everything completely out of the ego state within the first 5 or 10 minutes of Genpo’s process. Exhilarating! Such an elegant, simple process, masterfully facilitated by Genpo Roshi and also Bill. At the end of the 1st day I realized a lifetime of shame and shallow breathing had been released. My body still feels very light and fully breathed, effortlessly, with an added measure of Happiness, Joy; Far less grasping at what I thought was ‘Reality’. –Jani

I’ve emphasized awareness a lot in recent posts. These workshops are one of the fastest and most powerful ways to increase your awareness I’ve ever seen. You’ll not only experience the transcendent, the state of Oneness everyone talks about, you’ll also leave behind several shadows that (trust me) have been causing suffering for you for years. So please come and be with us. It will transform you.

And, this is my chance to meet you in person and get to know you. As you’ll see, both Genpo and I are very approachable and available to you during this weekend. Do come up and introduce yourself so I can get to know you.

To learn more, and to register while there still are seats available, just go to Because of the tough economy we’ve reduced the cost significantly, so this is the time to attend a Big Mind workshop.

And, if you’ve never been to Vancouver, it’s one of the most incredibly beautiful cities in the world, especially in June. See you there!

Be well.


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124 Responses to “Does Holosync resolve shadow material?”

  1. carlos says :


    I just finish reading “The Sedona Method” and practice the info in the book and I think the Sedona Method is also very helpful in dealing with our shadows.


  2. Barb says :

    Hi Bill. Thank you for your latest post which was very insightful and helpful as always. The idea that there is no distinction between the doer and the action is one I have never heard before. It took me a few minutes to grasp the concept but is obviously correct when you give it some thought and has added a new dimension to my life and to my actions – thank you. The only thing I have ever read from you that I don’t agree with is that we have no control over most of the effects in our life. I’m not saying you’re wrong but I believe that whatever we give out into the universal energy (or whatever people want to call it) is what we get back – 100%, can’t be changed, universal law type thing. Obviously there is a delay factor but if you keep giving out “good” stuff, eventually all you get back is “good” stuff. I find that this is what’s happening in my life. Do you see this differently? Am I missing something? Thanks for Holosync and for everything. Love, Barb

    FROM BILL: Yes, you are missing something.

  3. Kevin Barrett says :

    Hello Bill,

    First off, thank you for this posting. Shadows, Parts… not dis-similar… I agree with you… as long as we perceive that these are outside of us or aspects away from ourselves… things will not be integrated… I have worked for years with NLP.. Time Line… Parts Integration, hypnosis and Paraliminals… along with Meditation… over 25 years…. I began integrating binaural beats with my hypnosis, NLP and Time Line Sessions in the early 90’s, the results were forgive the pun… “Light Years” ahead in speed of integration and awareness…

    I remember during one of my training sessions with Jose Silva… Jose said something in passing that stuck with me… and made all the sense in the world.

    “When working with emotions, unconscious behaviors, you have to go to the “Brain Wave Activity” where it was created to “Re-solve It”… “ He then said… “Re-solve means become as one… or recognized”… This was in the early 90’s…

    I have used the Silva Method, since the late 80’s…. I began using Hemi-Sync in the early 90’s and creating my own… Binaural beats since then…

    Holosync… is a tool to trigger… unaware aspects to become aware… and with the use of “Parts integration”… or Shadow… whatever you call it is really academic…. The end result is that it becomes recognized and then allows different choice and actions to take place…

    By the way.. I have been using Holosync and am an Inner Circle User…. Why? Even though I can make my own and reasonable duplicate Holosync… The quality and consistency of your product is unparalleled… I continue to use Holosync and have used the Time Line and Parts Integration Process with Holosync…

    The Results?…. as I said before…. “Light Years Ahead”… meaning “Speed of Light”… Awareness..

    Keep doing what you are doing Bill… it is making a difference…

    Kevin Barrett

    FROM BILL: Jose Silva was a true pioneer in the human potential movement.

  4. Dr. David Kamnitzer says :

    This was such an outstanding piece that I feel compelled to write…

    The article reminded me of A Course in Miracles when they talk about Buddha-type awareness as being insufficient to handle the “guilt” issue
    that must be healed.

    Obviously real awareness is the doorway to all true healing.

    Moshe Feldenkrais once said: “You can’t do what you want till you know what you’re doing.”

    How true!!!

    Well done Bill … I salute you!

  5. Rob says :

    Hi Bill,

    Yes, good points. I think all that really matters is to become aware of the shadows. Integration of them or neutralising their power is then a conscious choice.

    Any choice made with conscious awareness is then a healthy one I think.

    The notion of disowning shadows I feel can only be an unconscious choice.

    This is the second post about shadows I have read from you Bill since writing a song called “Don’t be afraid of your shadow”.

    Great stuff

  6. Terry Lyle says :

    I confess that I often feel inadequate (a shadow no doubt) responding to your posts because it often takes me several reads and listens to fully understand everything. I’ve now completed almost two years of Holosync. I can report amazing results that have brought me to a point in life that I never believed possible…I am happy…virtually all of the time.

    I count this a miracle.

    To your point about Holosync helping us own our shadows. I didn’t even know what a shadow was until I started reading your blogs and you sent the Big Mind Big Heart DVD with the last level. I can confess to disowning many shadows in the past. I also know that, mostly with Holosync and all of the support material, that I have come to own some of the shadows the gave me the most trouble.

    Anger for instance. I always believed that I was a peaceful man and didn’t show anger and became intensly irritated by angry people ( my boss of over 25 years for example). I stuggled with trying to change that guy for years. Very soon after starting Holosync, I watched with awareness (as much as I could anyway) as he and I interacted. I saw how his angry approach to life, in reality created great anger in me…a trait I wished to deny…and that my strong feelings of anger in return were created by ME – not him!. ( I grew up with an angry father. I was the peace keeper. Need I say more?).

    Believe it or not by owing my own anger I actually now enjoy working with my boss, who hasn’t really changed. But – I can see past his personal struggles and have come to realize how smart and, in fact, very generous he is in many things.

    There are other shadows that I am becoming aware of through…uh…”awareness”. It’s fasinating to watch. I believe that I could never have done this without Holosync. People who’ve known me a long time actully exclaim what a different (better?) person I am.

    In fact, when my boss is making presentations to our company or others, he often uses me as an example of how anyone can “choose their attitude” and make it great in spite of what’s going on around him.

    Certainly I have many other shadows to own, some of which I freely admit I’d rather not face. But – with Holosync I believe the time will come.

    Thanks Bill for all of your support efforts. You are one of my LIFE HEROES!

    FROM BILL: Good job!

  7. sunny says :

    Hi there Bill,

    great article, i agree 100% to what you say. I started using Holosync passed on from a relative who was doing it and thought he didn’t need it anymore and asked me to try it out.

    It was hard in the first few months too much shadow stuff was coming out, but since then i find i am always aware of those bullets you talk about, i can forsee them and can disable them from affecting me.

    Over the last year i have been much calmer, much more aware and find i don’t have so many conflicts as i used to have and in the process become a better person all around more friendly and more approachable, which trust me i was not and wondered why no one would approach me when it was me all the while.

    Genpo’s Video and Integral methods also have sped me along, but my trusty hand tools still are Holosync and Paraliminals for short durations.

    best wishes keep them coming….

  8. Emma says :


    You write,

    “Or you could say that you see that what internal representations are made in response to a certain trigger (i.e., experience) is a choice, and the pre-programmed response isn’t the only choice.”

    It seems to me that some pre-programmed responses, those directly having to do with our physical survival, are so instinctual as to be inevitable.

    For example my life has been significantly lacking in social contact for a long time. I feel lonely, and really just want someone to tell me I’m OK (I am not going to believe it until I hear it from someone else).

    Humans are social animals. Would I not naturally have this instinct? I’m not saying I want to suffer, but I feel like some of these things are non-negotiable needs.


    FROM BILL: So, yes, humans have needs. Does that mean that your feelings and behaviors have to operate automatically, without choice? Emma, the whole idea here is for you to stretch a bit and consider than you may not have everything totally figured out already, and that these points of view outside your way of thinking might EXPAND your perspective.

  9. Jeff Harrison says :

    Thanks Bill,
    Another enlightening post. Every bit helps the journey.
    A wise man once wrote “This is coming from something in me. Some part of my internal map of reality is generating this feeling, this behaviour, this way of seeing things, this result.”
    Words I try to live by and sometimes I actually am able to keep this in mind as a shadow starts to come out rather than after it expresses. Big Mind, Big Heart was a big help in learning to accept shadows. I think that Holosync aids all aspects of growth from the inside out. Many thanks.

  10. Ghislaine says :

    Thanks for this blog..I am still quite new in this program..but after something like 2 months I really do feel big changes..And I don’t do certain things anymore who are not so good for me..Shadow? Am not sure I understand it fully to be honest but I feel like am facing changes in my attitude towards life. And problems I thought were resolved, like my divorce who occured 7 years ago now…were not, but they are coming back to the surface and then finally go away, and I feel free from them…specially during my dreams who are becoming so clear….
    I don’t understand all but thanks for this blog it makes sense on my shadow and what I have to face now to grow and change

  11. Karen Dionne says :

    Bill, you ask, “If you’re not yet using Holosync, what are you waiting for?” My answer – I can no longer afford it. Bankruptcy has ended my ability to pay for your helpful product. Even if you allowed a sliding scale for people in my situation, I would still not have the funds to purchase it. What’s a person with high hopes supposed to do?

    FROM BILL: Keep using the Holosync you already have, and do your best to meet the needs of others, so as to make more income.

  12. Rick says :

    Hi Bill, as always I’m grateful for the thought and time you put into these posts and podcasts. I’m a little unclear about a couple of points but I think this passage comes closest to encapsulating the part I don’t quite understand:

    “If, then, as I said above, you dis-identify with those feelings (as the authors of the Integral Life Practice book describe it), it makes matters worse. Dis-identifying (or a no-self perspective, for that matter) certainly isn’t going to cause you to get that the feelings are being generated by your own internal processes.”

    Now I understand pretty clearly that disidentifying oneself from one’s feelings in itself doesn’t do anything about them or how they continue to seep out into one’s interactions in the world. If I understand what you’re saying here, it’s much like the crisis at the L.A. Zen Center that led Genpo Roshi to invite Hal and Sidra Stone back in the 80s to work with the monks (are they monks? not sure of the correct term there) in uncovering their repressed shadow material, an event which subsequently prompted Genpo Roshi to create the Big Mind process.

    But on the other hand, recalling your many fantastic posts about cognitive development, and how higher levels transcend and include previous levels (I may be borrowing Ken Wilber’s language here rather than yours), it’s also necessary to learn to disidentify from your feelings, to develop the understanding that these are things that you have as opposed to things that you are, in order to attain a level that allows you to utilize or experience these emotions (not just emotions, but I guess any mental phenomena) in a healthy, what you might called integrative fashion.

    I guess where I’m unclear is whether you’re saying it’s ulitmately an unhealthy thing to disidentify with emotions, or if you simply mean that this is a valuable perspective to learn but not the end of the game if you intend to reclaim your shadow.

    I also am not quite sure if you’re saying the writers of the ILP book are themselves getting caught up in the illusion of the separation between agent and actor. I have the book but haven’t gotten that far into it yet. From what I’ve read elsewhere and various discussions and interviews I’ve watched or listened to, it seems as though the separate self idea can be a convenient fiction to lean upon when conducting these deep internal examinations. What I’ve gleaned of the 3-2-1 process is that it’s possibly not so much effective for the reasons they claim, that is, that it teaches you to take perspectives other than your own; I think rather it’s a handy projection-management tool that teaches how easily it is to fool ourselves into thinking we know what’s going on with other people when they do something we don’t like.

    I guess I’m all over the place here. I’d greatly appreciate any response you can come up with. Thanks again for all the effort.


    FROM BILL: I think your misunderstanding might come from confusing “dis-identifying” with awareness. When you become aware of something (your body and its motions, your feelings, your thoughts, how you create a mental construct called “me”, or whatever it might be) that awareness gives you choice, and I guess you could say, a certain distance from whatever it is you’ve become aware of. This isn’t, though, a dis-idenfication. In fact, it’s a greater identification–it’s an identification from a place of awareness. Previous to the awareness you ARE the feelings (or whatever)–you are “being them,” with no choice. After becoming aware, you could say (this is what Wilber says) that you “have” the feelings, in the sense that you have choice about them. You haven’t dis-identified with them, however. You express them just as before, but you have choice (so you might not express them, if they are not resourceful to express–though that lack of expressing them is not because you have pushed them away or repressed them).

    So I have never said that you have to dis-identify with feelings–or anything else. I have said that it is beneficial to become aware of them, to watch yourself “do” them, with awareness. When you observe anything with awareness, a part of you knows what to drop and what to keep, and that dropping happens automatically.

  13. Mercedes says :

    Dear Bill,

    What an excellent post again. I have done a lot of personal development work before I started using Holosync now around three years ago, together with your life principles integration courses which are excellent. To me, an old master at self delusion, which was a consequence of a very strict upbringing in a catholic upper middle class family and “training” from so called very good schools, disowning my shadows was a way of life.

    I have studied Buddhism in particular Vedanta before coming to Holosync. It taught me a lot about life but my shadows were still present, unbeknown to the conscious me of course.
    There is absolutely now doubt that Holosync increases one’s awareness and thus clears shadows. To me, through the use of Holosync I am becoming more and more aware of the absurdities that are created in my mind, now coming to my conscious awareness.. When I first used Holosync I used EFT to clear stuff and very severe reactions that kept coming up. Increasingly I find that I am more detached from my thinking and have to react less to what comes up.

    While I agree that there are definitely many things beyond our control, I get an increasing sense that we have more influence than we realise. I have worked with people trained by Richard Bandler and people who have practiced HUNA and learned that we can influence our environment. When energy channels are clear and focus is strong, it is entirely possible to clear away negative energies in the environment, like geopathic stress etc. and lengthen or shorten time. While I have cleared geopathic stress etc many times and can do it at will, I have been less successful at getting persistent results with bending time, but have had some success.

    Splitting clouds for instance is a fun thing to do everyone can learn with practice. After all, we are all one and to me it therefore follows that we, as the most conscious form of existence, at least in our present reality and awareness here on earth are able to influence our environment at least temporarily, but it is not an absolute, just as everything is in a constant state of flux.

    Who knows, and you may disagree with me, but perhaps it is possible at some point in our evolution that we will be able to influence at will and instantaneously larger parts of the universe. Alas, this is conjecture and, granted, does not assist us right now in living our lives.

    Genpo Roshi’s Big Mind Big heart process does though, as does Holosync.
    In my experience Holosync works in stages. When acceptance finally happens, and I had to deal with a lot of resistance in the past, a certain amount of peace sets in until the next upheaval. (As you said before that this is due to me still being unaware of how I create my thoughts and I have been paying extra attention to my “resistance patterns”)

    Eternal peace and everything coming up all roses is as yet beyond my reach, and I also believe that this is delusory, lopsided thinking, at least in this reality, but my life is improving in direct co-relation to my increasing awareness.
    However, as our reality is a constantly moving target and definitely not absolute it could be argued that we also made up the “necessity for duality” and are potentially able to supersede that at some point, if enough of us reach that level of development. This has to be a possibility in an infinite universe with unlimited possibilities. The world we live in and what else is out there may ultimately well be beyond cause and effect, even though we presently experience our world as cause and effect, for the most part… There is another world out there and this world cannot be accessed via the linear and intellectual mind and the old “laws” and above all it is not fixed.

    Thank you again for the absolutely brilliant work you are doing.


  14. Lyall says :

    Hi Bill! Great stuff! Getting my head around the ‘self’ and ‘no self’ concept (not really a concept of course) is a bit of brain teaser, but the more I read and understand this stuff, the more self-evident it becomes.

    Also the cause and effect info is great reading. Not sure if you can do an article solely on cause and effect; perhaps it’s already been covered??

    I believe a lot of people don’t really understand how much of a web based universe we really do live in and becoming self conscious expands the ability to doge those bullets you mention. :)

    cya – Lyall

    FROM BILL: The post “There is no escape” is about cause and effect.

  15. Lynda says :

    The best way I can describe shadows is this way: My negative responses to a stimulus clashing with the other guy’s negative responses to a stimulus, like two thunderclouds bashing into one another on a summer afternoon. Thunder and lightening!
    However, it took me a very long time to figure this out: Not reponding with negativity is NOT the same as absorbing negativity. For years, I thought I had to prop up angry, negative people. I had to be the cheerful one in their lives.
    I’ve learned to walk away. Three years of Holosync has taught me that walking away is not selfish–it is self-preservation. The angry people in my life can’t bait me anymore. They can’t get my goat. It feels great and it would never have happened had I not acknowledged my own negative responses.

    FROM BILL: If you own your own anger, angry people won’t bother you anymore, and you won’t encounter so many of them. What “gets your goat” about them is due to your own anger, which it was probably not-okay to exhibit in your family, so you disowned it. Let it speak–own it–and the problem will solve itself. I strongly suggest that you come to one of Genpo Roshi’s and my workshops. See This is a huge opportunity to own all kinds of shadows and instantly “solve” all kinds of related problems.

  16. john dupuy says :

    Great blog post Bill. i use 3,2,1 Shadow work as well as Sedona method and your books in my work. Two things I use with all of these wonderful techniques is the Holosync technology as well as paying strong attention to the somatic element that arises as we do this shadow work. The long illusive shadow is being illuminated. I can’t tell you how exciting that is is for one who has fought in the trenches of drug treatment for years. without re-owning and releasing our shadows there is no healing, but when we do there is not only healing, but awakening also. i had a an insight on my recent trip to Europe. Just as you said there is no separate self, there is no separates shadow and suffering ultimately. It is all one. The work we do to liberate ourselves is liberating the world. I don’t think we will make it to the incredibly bright potential future that is possible unless we recognize, re-own and release our shadow. But the good new is I believe we are entering a new golden age of shadow work, the one thing that always eluded former attempts at psycho-therapeutic and spiritual healing. thanks Bill for your work and your wisdom. It is leading the way.

    FROM BILL: You might share with people your conversations with Ken about Holosync and shadow work.

  17. Sam says :

    I wanted to write in and let you know how much I appreciate this latest post on shadows, and how this integrates with holosync use. I don’t think that holosync eliminates shadows unless someone is really invested in improving their lives (although some sort of extra benefits happen for those who simply passively listen without doing the work) in which case the holosync helps greatly in increasing the awareness necessary to grow. For instance I find that the 3-2-1 method is very useful when applied properly, and holosync helps me to illustrate in my body how the process is going. Whenever I breathe in I imagine that I’m doing the 3-2-1 process in that I’m letting the universe breathe the air into me (and whatever other material the non-existent feeler chooses to add to the nothingness of my process) and whenever I breathe out I do the 1-2-3 of God and let the universe pull the breath (and whatever else) from my lungs. Before holosync use I would have just breathed without any awareness, and then when I would feel heavy feelings in my chest or difficulty breathing I would go into a panic attack. Now with my use of holosync whenever I’m doing the process of breathing (not that difficult for advanced meditators) I sometimes notice my breathing becoming difficult or heaviness in my chest, however now I can just let the universe breathe me rather than trying to control or change the breathing. Whether or not you believe in a larger intelligence, or whether there really is no feeler or something in the void (or emptiness if you prefer) that feels and is conscious, I think that holosync takes the whole controling aspect out of the process and allows one to simply get on with the work. How can one attempt to control breathing when breathing is just something that happens? We often feel that control helps, however it is this attempt to gain control that haults the whole process and makes you resentful and bitter about the whole thing; my life sucks, and you’re not doing anything about it so you suck too, and I don’t care if this is unattractive and drives the people who would help me away because this is just who I am and anyone who tells me to change is just trying to control me. :-)

    I also really appreciate your coaching durring this integration process. For instance I found it useful to do the 3-2-1 1-2-3 processes while listening to your voice, and I noticed several times durring your talk when I noticed myself contracting or finding it difficult to listen. Rather than just going with “I’m board” or “this doesn’t apply to me” I really got into investigating what my breathing was doing, paying attention to whether difficulties came when breathing in (and trying to integrate with the 3-2-1 process) or when breathing out (and difficulty with expressing my emotion with the 1-2-3 of god), paying attention to the context in which the reactions to your post happened for later reflection etc. What I noticed is that I still get board in some situations, or otherwise have similar reactions to other situations as your post, and I also noticed that these feelings don’t just go away. With my holosync use I’ve noticed that it’s much easier for me to sort of witness the feelings and put them asside, for instance if I notice that I’m getting triggered durring Bill’s post then when I get triggered in a similar fassion later I’ll go back to how I’m trying to integrate shadow material rather than getting upset again. Holosync doesn’t make life less of a problem however I firmly believe that if you are willing to care enough about the problems of your world that holosync gives you the strength and pursurverence to push onward (even without a spell check) and get on with the work that we were put here for.

    As usual I ended up rambling a bit, however I hope that I’ve expressed my continued appreciation for you and all that you’re doing to help us. Your feedback regarding this ongoing integration of holosync and useful application really helps me get all my ducks lined up and in a row. I have a lot of ducks to line up, and it’ll probably take some time before I actually start successfully sharing what I’ve learned with the world, however with what you’re doing here I can at least get a good foundation and a running start. Thanks again, and be well in all you do (and wish your shadows well too, because after all all they need is some loving kindness and the willingness to listen).

  18. Sam says :

    I just had a quick PS to this whole shadow thing. Why is it that people write in and tell you that you did a great job on the post, and then go in to all of the illustrations about how other methods and other processes work well for shadows? Do your own godamned work, come up with your own godamned ideas, or shut your godamned mouths! Don’t pull someone else’s work in to illustrate your own point, unless your further illustrating Bill’s point that there is really no cognitive process and that it’s simply a ghost in the machine, running off carma until the whole thing unwinds and you need another “Course in Mirricles” or something to give the boost that you need. I am in no way putting down these courses because I believe that it is the diverse nature of practice that helps our well-rounded development, and by practicing many methods of working on yourself you’re more likely to succeed because you’re trying many different things, however don’t be one of those people who lives their lives quoating from others. Until your fully embodying their work such that you can quoat it as your own, you haven’t really done the work illustrated in the course and you have no business talking about it. I know that this is a shadow for me because it wouldn’t piss me off so much if it wasn’t, but for Christ’s sake care enough about your world to take proactive action rather than always trying to one-up someone with someone else’s work. This makes me sick and it makes me sick that I get so upset about it without being able to do the shadow work myself, however such is life. There’s no feeler here and there’s nobody to blame if this somehow resonates with you in a negative way; this is the higher self attempting to integrate and failing once again do to projection of negative emotions onto the world, so please learn from that. I am by no means perfect and I would like to take the first step in trying to integrate that, however I see no use in pointing out how others work works well for this or that, because perhaps you’re simply living in the positive glow of their work because you haven’t integrated that positive aspect of yourself. If you think that a course works great then go inside durring a holosync session and figure out how it resonates with you, integrate that positive feeling as a positive part of yourself, and go out and create a great life for yourself (and if you’re so inclined help others to do the same and make a healthy living which you can once again share). For instance if I’m pissed off about this I could go out and create my own course in how to integrate all of the other courses, but we all know that I’m not smart enough to do that and nobody would listen anyway. Besides all I do is ramble insessently anyway, and I really need to get this under control. So much for a quick PS huh?

  19. Nancy says :

    Hi Bill,

    Thank you. This was a truly inspired post. I wanted to hear this this morning! As Dr. David Kamnitzer says, it also reminded me of A Course in Miracles ( — It all comes from within. There is no separation.

    In addition to Holosync, the course and Ho’oponopono ( have helped me with resolving or accepting shadow material. I continue to uncover material every day. Such is life. We spent 24 hours a day as children, in theta recording all this stuff, so it will take a while to uncover it all. Additionally, I found Eckhart Tolle ( helpful especially with regard to anger. The idea of “pain bodies”, (although another way of separating from them I know) was helpful to me to understand that this is a normal, if destructive and uncomfortable, internal process. It also helped me to understand why a “borderline” can almost be diagnosed by the distress s/he leaves in her path. And then, Ho’oponopono helped me to understand that it was my responsibility to help to heal that pain.

    All of these help with the idea that it all comes from us, and Divinity. 100% responsibility. This is how I approach every problem, question, irritation, insight and delight. I don’t believe for a minute that this would be possible without Holosync, even with the beliefs engendered from the above studies.

    Thank you and your staff for a great product and your inspiring monthly nudges!

    – Nancy

    FROM BILL: What Tolle calls the Pain Body is really the same thing as a shadow. Tolle says that one person’s pain body attracts other related pain bodies, just as people with certain shadows attract each other (we are drawn to in others–at the same time it triggers us negatively–what is disowned in ourselves).

  20. Ellen says :

    Bill: Loved this post. I just joined al-anon and keep getting feedback that folks can’t believe I haven’t been in the program for 10 years (one month). I have been doing Holosync for 13 months, daily and my life has changed. I think your point about addiction is right one.

  21. Chris says :

    Hey Bill,

    I’ve spoken through a couple of voices before, and at the time they seemed to make me feel better! But since then I’ve seemed to go back to my old disowned ways with those voices. Should a voice be spoken though numerous times in order to truely own it?

    FROM BILL: Whatever it takes. As long as something is happening out of your awareness, it will keep happening automatically. Become aware of it and observe it happen and it falls away. You obviously aren’t doing that yet. Watch.

  22. Meg Donnelly says :

    This is in response to your wonderful blog on how Holosync can help with shadow material. I’m on disc 1 of Awakening Level 2 and I have watched day 1 of Big Mind/Big Heart, NYC that you including in this level.
    Recently, my 5 siblings & I were urgently called to come to Florida because our elderly mother was dying. I was grateful to be allowed to be with her during this process since I live far away from her. But, at the same time I had an inkling of fear that all 6 of us “kids” would all be together as well. We haven’t always been able to function well as a group!
    What I noticed while going through this whole process, which by the way ended up being one of the most beautiful events of my life despite all the sadness, was that when “stuff” came up between us I found myself being the “witness” as it was happening. I was aware of the cause & effect “bullets” as they came at me & made a conscious choice to “dodge” them every time! I also noticed that as I was doing that, the other people involved were automatically “defused” during the situation. It was as if the stop button had been pushed on the video version of the situation! I was amazed & grateful at the same time!
    So, I’m ordering my next level today Bill. I want to thank you so much for all your brilliant research & creativity that brought us this incredible mode of improving our “awareness” & our lives.

  23. luz says :

    wow. thank you for this very clear posting on the shadow self. i have not holosynced in nearly a year and i am getting right back to my practice. i recently received a copy of “the 72 names of god” as a birthday gift. i began the first chapter last night which deals with “jumping into” the shadow self. so, already, with opening & reading your blog, synchronicity is “sooo happening”. life is awesome!
    love, luz

  24. Dianne says :

    I certainly think it does. And, quite easily — especially when the ultimate intent is to release what no longer serves.

    FROM BILL: Instead of trying to “release” anything, or tryng to identify if something no longer “serves”, just watch with awareness. What isn’t resourceful will fall away all by itself. Trying to get rid of anything just creates a shadow, and causes you to attract or create more of it. The whole New Age spirituality culture is crazed about “getting rid of the negative.” This makes New Age people the most negative people on Earth. Everyone needs to stop trying to get rid of what they think is not-okay. Instead, be aware. Watch.

  25. Robert says :

    Thanks Bill for sharing this letter, I just Googled shadow work and came up with a few discussions with Wilber on a family guy spoof.

    This blog is great very educational and enlightening. I have covered so much ground and although have still not subscribed to the Holosync I have followed much of your ideology and al your groovy friends who all explain the I in a way which has contributed a great deal with my interaction with old and new friends.

  26. Tim Jones says :

    I’ve found the effects of holosync seem to ‘spill over’ into everyday life more than the effects of trad. meditation do. I know my dark side isn’t as intense and painful as it was a couple of years ago, when it was damn near unbearable some days. Having said that, I know some people who seem to just be ‘naturals’ when it comes to regular meditation (but I sure wasn’t…)

  27. martin says :

    dear bill,
    I am recently working with the book “I AM THAT” about the talks of SRI NISARGADATTA MAHARAJ and some other material from stephen Wolinski which states that we don´t have a free will. as there is no doer (what buddhism says) who could have a free will. it is said that whatever we experience has already occured, so we´re, so to say, always late and cannot decide anything. I would really like to know what you say about this,
    thank you,

    FROM BILL: You don’t need a doer in order to have choices. Choices happen without the need for a chooser. I think the Nisargadatta crowd are a little out there on their view that everything is predetermined.

  28. Sam says :

    Dear Bill

    I have been reading your blog and articles and they have really opened all sorts of interesting doors for me. I can’t wait to see what happens next, what lies ahead.

    I am at a point where I can occasionally see how feelings/reactions are choices but that has created a whole new problem (challenge, whatever). When I listen to most of my friends I can see how they are very much still at the mercy of their shadows and I just wish I could reach out in a way and help them see that. With a few it works, sometimes I hit a nerve (and then back off as fast as I can) or am met with denial but most of the time I get blank stares.

    It feels like that distance that exists between the “myself” (that I have not yet been able to deconstruct) and the “selves” that are the people around me is growing and that is not an entirely pleasant feeling.

    FROM BILL: You don’t need to fix the people you meet who have shadows. All humans have shadows, and most have lots of them. If you’re waiting to enjoy people until you’ve cleansed them of their shadows, you’ll have a long wait (like, forever). Just deal with your own and the people you attract will change. This need to change others is the manifestation of your own shadows.

  29. Michaela says :

    Hi Bill,
    Another great post although I had to read it a couple of times to get most of what you were saying
    I think we all agree that Holosync definitely creates awareness so when we become aware of these shadows there is no way we can ignore them anymore so we have to look at them and deal with them?
    I’m just wondering where the affirmations we use with the Holosync fit into the whole process. Would it not make more sense to use the affirmations after we deal with the shadows and clear the limiting beliefs? By using them before we do that are we not in some way putting a bandaid over what we have repressed.
    I am genuinely thankful for Holosync and for a teacher of your calibre taking your time to answer our questions here. I am definitely going through a metamorphisis with Holosync and I can say that after only 10 mths use, it is scary and challenging but I know I will finish all levels. I have experienced a lot of resistance but those little moments without resistance have been the most alive of my 44 yrs here.

    Go raibh maith agat ( Irish for Thank you )


    FROM BILL: Just watch and everything will take care of itself. There is no need to try to get rid of anything. Trying to get rid of what you don’t like is a disease.

  30. James says :

    Hi Bill,

    I’ve used holosync every day for 3 1/2 years.


  31. carlos says :

    I would like to comment on “attracting /dealing with angry people which seems to be a big problem for many people .

    I have read some people that says that they overcame their issues with angry people and they just walked away and things like that.

    In my mind refusing to play the game anymore with people that trigger our shadows is a good step . But our shadow is not integrated until we stop being trigger by those people .
    Walking away is a fly response . We feel threaten and We fight or fly people that trigger us . We know that we have owned a particular shadow when those people stop triggering us . We start to even like those people even when we deal with their attitudes in an effective way(which happens only when we stop hating or disliking those people . We just address their attitudes but we dont demonize them as people)

    I grew up with a very domineering , insecure, angry father.
    as a consequence I was trigger by angry people ,bullies etc all my childhood and teenage years. I attracted those people over and over . I needed them for me to feel self rightous , a victim etc.

    Due to holocync mostly those people dont bother me anymore . Now I can even see things from their perspective.

    I think angry people ,bullies etc grew up being disrespected so anger and violence was their way to defend themselves.
    They probably feel they are disrespected by “their victims” and they are.
    I know that was how I played that game with them. I desrespected them . I think my subconscious message to them was ” I dont consider you important enough for me to stand up against you”

    So our shadows trigger each other. It is a 50/50 game . We are 50%responsible .

    I believe all that angry , abusive people want is respect. The moment you communicate to them in an assertive /respectful way , the moment you stand up for yourself in a mature way , all their anger and aggresiveness dissolves.

    I love this quote

    ” All the dragons of our lifes are just princesses waiting to see us standing beautiful and strong”


  32. chris says :

    Thanks for your reply bill

    I’ve been working on watching aspects of myself for the past few months and I have to admit, its been difficult for me to do this without constant analysis and judgement. I assume it may get easier over time?

    FROM BILL: Just be curious.

  33. Alemenia Mclean says :

    Hi Bill I shure want to express my greatfullness for sending me the e-mail about the cd’s from Bob Proctor,vic Johnson,lisa emaniaz, and Jim Rohn, They sure have been a great help to me. It seams that with each e-mail you send me anothr tool. It is like a interconnected web, one benefiting from the other, the hypnisis, I just feel so powerful. It seams like with most of the questions from the online course they all seam to want the end result without truly understanding themselves. I know that each step of this journey has its let it be ok whatever happens, once I understood that I was able to relax and see it as a part of the journey. Having someone who has been there and done that before me and show me how they did it is invaluable. I like bob proctor just would like it better if someone else did what I don’t want to do and I would pay them. and the bad luck thing. I had a flat and said danm, the truck came and fixed my tire and I gave him some money and he was able to put food on the table for his family. I went to have a tune up and thought about how much it would cost and for the first time I didn’t think about the cost. The money I spent helped someone feed their family keep a roof over their head. They kept my car running well so I could get to work to pay m bills. I saw a slowing of traffic on the freeway and said danm I am going to be late. futher up the freeway I saw a child laying on the ground in a pool of blood I am a nurse and was able to preform cpr until the ambulance came and save a life. The best part was If the traffic had not been backed up that could have been me in a pool of blood with no nurse avaliable. It has really helped me appreciate the oneness I feel with all of life. I love you Bill Harris. for all the suffering you had to go through so that I would be spared the struggle. You Be well.

  34. Thanks Bill,

    I have been investigating a lot about the “after enlightenment” stage and most of the teachings I’ve found, Shinzen Young, and I think I even heard Genpo say it too, is that “enlightenment” is not a “one time event” like a Kensho or Satori.

    You can have the experience of no-self (or the eternal now) but it doesn’t mean that you don’t still have a long way to go (a lifetime actually), and the answers I found relate to resolving shadow material. So even after seeing the no-self we can still have suffer-creating patterns and behaviors outside our awareness. One zen master (I don’t remember who it was but I think Genpo quoted him), when asked about it said “what I do now is untying knots”.

    Also I see that there are 2 kinds of “awakened” people. The ones that sound “out there” (Tolle, Katie, Adyashanti) and the ones who sound pretty normal (Genpo, Shinzen Young, and actually all zen masters). I was kind of confused about the kind of person I was supposed to be after a no-self experience, but now it doesn’t seem to matter that much.

    There have been a lot of awakened people with not so politically correct behaviors (Trungpa Rinpoche and Alan Watts liked to drink and Adi Da and Mutkananda had “reproachable” sexual lives).

    I guess it’s kind of a normal process after a strong experience to try to change the way we are as persons. I wanted to be loving all the time but that was actually creating problems, and somehow saying that “All is love” (even though that’s how it feels during the experience, at least for me) is trying to pin the world down and making it into “something”.

    The world is not “love” the world just “is” and ANY label we attach to it is incomplete. I guess the best one I can think of is that the world is “flow”.

    Once Maezumi Roshi (Genpo’s teacher) when asked what is enlightenment ? said: “Well, I think you could say that it is the passing away of the distinction between enlightenment and non-enlightenment.”

    So I guess the deeper one goes into emptiness the less need one has to make the world or the self into an object and the more one can be in the flow moment by moment, becoming more and more liberated of the world of mind. But it is something that grows over time (and practice, which may include holosync I guess), not a one time event. Do you agree ?

    As usual, thanks for your wisdom, this helps me a lot in avoiding pit falls.



    FROM BILL: Good insights, Santiago. Ordinary mind is the way.

  35. Kristian says :

    Hi Bill, thanks again for a very interesting and helpful letter.

    When I tried Holosync the first time it was “love at first sound”, and I knew almost instantly that I wanted to do the whole program. I’ve been using it for some 20 months now, and it has been extremely effective in raising my awareness.

    I have a comment on the difference between Holosync and traditional meditation, which I personally think is important when it comes to shadow material. I couldn’t see it was adressed, so I’d love to hear Bill’s comment on this.

    Traditional meditation is endogenous (change in states induced from the inside), and Holosync as meditation is exogenous (change in states induces by sound from the outside). This means that Holosync “pushes” you in a way that traditional meditation, almost by definition, cannot do. I think this is one of the reasons Holosync is so effective in releasing shadow material. It makes it much more difficult for the shadow to keep hiding when something is “forced” on you from the outside.

    This is the best explanation I could come up with when pondering about this. I praticed traditional meditation for some 10 years before starting with Holosync.

    I have another question for Bill, which has to do with moving through the leves of consciousness. I took a test with Susann Cook-Greuter just before I started with Holosync, and a second some 18 months later, after using Holsync for 16 months. I am absolutely convinced that my rate of growth had a lot to with using Holosync.

    Is there any studies on this, how Holosync may accelerate this particular kind of growth? I’ve heard Ken Wilber many times talk about the effect traditional meditation has on this, which he says has been verified scientifically.

    Love from Kristian in Norway.

    FROM BILL: Good point about exogenous vs endogenous.

    Ken has said to me that he believes that Holosync does in fact push one through developmental levels more quickly. I would be willing to bet that Susanne suspects the same. I will ask her the next time we speak. So far, though, no actual data exists to support that conclusion–other than the testimonial evidence of quite a few people.

  36. mindtube says :

    In my experience with the program the Cd does nothing in respect to shadow material …. it is the user .

    FROM BILL: It’s the AWARENESS created by using Holosync that does something about the shadow material.

  37. Colin Noden says :

    Thanks again for an excellent article Bill.

    You do a great job of taking something which can only truly be understood through experience, and putting it in print.

    I liken it to the struggle that those “near death experience” victims have when trying to explain the peace and detachment during their out of body state. Holosync seems to do the same thing, except our bodies ( and brains) are still running around, doing all manner of crazy things!

    Of course I’m NOT talking about emotional anaesthesia. Which makes it even harder to explain. I’ve actually been attacked for seeming too dispassionate.

    Dealing with the shadow self is made harder because of the Soap Opera quality of the content, and the profitability of many self help programs which encourage egoistical growth.

    Also, we all naturally think of ourselves as the as the most fascinating creatures in existence. What would we talk about if we eliminated shadow gab from conversations? (joke)

    A hard thing to do, but somehow I”m noticing that Holosync is doing it in some organic manner.

    Thanks again. I look forward to more articles. They help to reinforce that which I am gradually understanding through experience.


  38. Gloria says :

    I really enjoyed this post. The idea about the feelings being programmed into the nervous system cleared up for me the confusion I have had about witnessing the feelings and letting them go. I thought there was something seriously deficient in me that no matter how I have tried with certain issues, they seem to tenaciously hang on… and on…

    I know you have spoken a lot about trauma Bill and how the fear ‘gets locked in’ (my understanding of what you have said) but it never quite registered to the degree that this post did. I had a lot of childhood trauma.

    I am wondering if it is not just the nervous system though, but the energy system. I have had a lot of release using EFT, especially using it in conjunction with the 3-2-1 process. When I tap on things that have been ‘done to me’ as though I am the person doing it, some amazing insights arise and then the forgiveness process of EFT (‘even though I have done this thing, have this attitude etc., I deeply and completely love and accept myself’) brings about a resolution that awareness by itself just doesn’t touch. I have had long standing issues just dissolve using this process.

    For the record, I have now been using Holosynch for 6 1/2 years and sometimes get frustrated and wonder why I’m still struggling so much. I have also struggled with ‘keeping the faith’ that it is working when I seem to have to do so much else. A Course in Miracles (which I love, and is really about how to integrate the shadow), EFT, dreamwork and now traditional sitting meditation with a very loving awakened teacher.

    My understanding is that Holosynch is bringing ‘stuff’ up into my awareness and my increased awareness is opening me up to the inner guidance that leads me to whatever else I need to do to deal with the ‘stuff.’ My experience of sitting meditation compared to Holosynch is that Holosynch is a kind of ‘forced’ meditation. You can’t not meditate with Holosynch, whereas in sitting meditation it is very easy to manipulate the experience and delude myself that I am getting it right.

    There is simply no objective way of proving the value of Holosynch, but for me I never seriously consider not keeping it up and seeing it through to the end. I want to be as conscious as I possibly can be, even while knowing that I have resistance to that. My initial decision to try it was a leap of faith born out of sheer desperation and when I see how far I have come compared with friends who are using various other methods I use but without Holosynch, my faith feels justified.

    In the final analysis, I think it comes down to commitment. It would be great to be in a conscious state without having to do all the ground work but it doesn’t seem to happen that way for most people (sigh).

    FROM BILL: When you were traumatized you developed certain responses to it: certain internal representations you make, certain beliefs you developed, and so forth. These now operate automatically whenever anything even reminds you of the abuse. As long as these internal processes operate outside your awareness, they will keep doing what they were programmed to do (which was the best you could come up with at the time in order to cope with what was happening to you). The feelings you have are the end result of all of this.

    If and when you are able to observe these internal processes, as they happen, and clearly see exactly how they generate the feelings you have, whatever part of those processes that doesn’t serve you will fall away. If you are reacting with fear in situations that aren’t really dangerous (but remind you, unconsciously or consciously, of situations that once were dangerous), you’ll see yourself do it and see that it isn’t resourceful or necessary. And, you’ll stop doing it. If you are believing something about yourself (no one likes me, I’m vulnerable, there are lots of dangerous people out there who will hurt me, etc) that causes you to attract certain people and situations to prove that you are “right”, and you see yourself do this, you’ll stop doing it. You’ll also stop attracting such people and situations.

    Awareness in and of itself is transformative. The past can only create your responses in the present if they operate out of awareness. Observe them as they do their thing, and what isn’t resourecful falls away. This does not mean “know” that you do them. It means watching the actual creation, as it happens, which means you have to be aware enough to observe your internal processes.

  39. Natasha says :

    I just wanted to write in and say that Santiago’s remarks totally express how I feel and what I have also been thinking. I too found that some teachers sound “out there” and others seem grounded. I too, wondered what kind of person I was supposed to become.
    I have also had a few transcendent experiences after my first one early april (I wrote to Bill about it after being quite shocked by the aftermath and he helped me a lot).
    One of the things I realised is that I was playing a hard game of back and white, where love must win, and that I had to become completely loving and that that was my path (a lot of which coming from the lack of love during my childhood). And because I feel true love (oneness) when I have the experience, it became another struggle for me to actually have these transcendent experiences.
    I am now at the stage where I try to get out of this fight, and just let things be, without struggling for anything really. Its pretty hard I must confess, because of the nostalgia for “that place” and the disappointment when I “fall down” back to being identified with my ego. But what I try to do is what Bill says, practice witnessing, even to this. That is also helping me in not turning the ego into a shadow. Its really hard though.

    As for the shadows and holosync, what happens with me is that when I meditate, voices come out from inside of me and they speak and I just listen without judgement. I do not do this consciously, they just come out, and now that I’ve read about shadow work, I just name them when they present themselves and that has been extremely healing. So for me, holosync has definitely been resolving shadow material.

    all my best,
    and once again, thank you Bill for all the help you are giving to all of us.

    FROM BILL: There’s nothing wrong with the ego. Just know what it is: you IDEA of yourself. As an idea, it can’t DO anything. It’s just a handy tool, like your idea of the city where you live allows you to navigate around in it. The only problem that can happen with the ego is thinking that your idea of yourself is the same as your real self–which is all the inter-relationships that connect you to everything else.

    Also, just let it be okay that you’re human, and contain both “good” (whatever that is) and “bad” (again, difficult to pin down). Be human, and let it be okay that you have it all. This is also true for everyone else, even though most people are busy trying to appear as if they don’t have any “bad”. This, of course, is why they exhibit a covert and dysfunctional version of “bad” and end up causing a lot of suffering for themselves and others.

  40. carlos says :


    You said in this post that some advanced holocync meditators still have big shadows. Why do you think is the program not working for them? What are they doing wrong? What are they missing?


    FROM BILL: It isn’t that the program isn’t working, it’s that they aren’t looking at their shadows. What you are unaware of operates automatically. When you are aware of something, if it doesn’t serve you, it falls away. Holosync isn’t magic, and it isn’t something that “just changes you.” You need to do something, too. Why do you think I provide all this information about what to DO with the additional awareness Holosync creates? But if someone stubbornly refuses to look, they can’t see. If someone decides that they must hang on to their ideas, even if those ideas create suffering, they will suffer.

  41. Mike says :

    Barb posted:

    Hi Bill. Thank you for your latest post which was very insightful and helpful as always. The idea that there is no distinction between the doer and the action is one I have never heard before. It took me a few minutes to grasp the concept but is obviously correct when you give it some thought and has added a new dimension to my life and to my actions – thank you. The only thing I have ever read from you that I don’t agree with is that we have no control over most of the effects in our life. I’m not saying you’re wrong but I believe that whatever we give out into the universal energy (or whatever people want to call it) is what we get back – 100%, can’t be changed, universal law type thing. Obviously there is a delay factor but if you keep giving out “good” stuff, eventually all you get back is “good” stuff. I find that this is what’s happening in my life. Do you see this differently? Am I missing something? Thanks for Holosync and for everything. Love, Barb

    FROM BILL: Yes, you are missing something.

    What is she missing???

    FROM BILL: She’s missing the fact that you have no control over the actions of LOTS of people, who act the way they want to act, regardless of what you want. She’s missing the fact that the sun does what it does regardless of what you want. The same goes for magnetic fields, cosmis rays, gravity, and a zillion other things. You have SOME control, and you have SOME ability to determine which people and which circumstances you get yourself into, but there are so many effects out there you can’t control them all. This is the essence of magical thinking: the idea that you are going to control the universe. You aren’t. That’s why I said that there is no escape from impermanence (they fact that everything comes into being and eventually passes away) and cause and effect. You can exercise enough control to have a nice life, but ultimately, impermanence and cause and effect will win.

    Those who see things the way they really are are the Buddhas, the Christs, the enlightentened. Those who grasp onto certain beliefs, thinking that finding the right thing to believe will save them, are deluded. I suppose that pretending that things aren’t the way they really are might make someone feel better, but it won’t change impermanence or cause and effect. As Alan Watts said, “From the moment of birth, we are in free-fall. Grasping onto those things falling around us isn’t going to help.”

    Thw assumption some of you are making is that if you acknowledge that you don’t have control (yes, you have SOME control, but ultimately not that much) something bad will happen. The opposite is true. That’s why I said that those that acknowledge this are the Buddhas, the Christs, the enlightened. Those who acknowledge what is so are FREE.

  42. Raj says :

    Dear Bill,

    In your LPIP course you mention: “According to Hale (and me) you should let go of everything, whether you want it or don’t want it.”

    In a response to comments to this post, you mention: “Instead of trying to “release” anything, or tryng to identify if something no longer “serves”, just watch with awareness. What isn’t resourceful will fall away all by itself. Trying to get rid of anything just creates a shadow, and causes you to attract or create more of it” and “There is no need to try to get rid of anything. Trying to get rid of what you don’t like is a disease.”

    So my question is, do you think releasing will create shadows, OR, do you recommend LPIP course participants use releasing in addition to watching, etc.? Should I stop releasing while using LPIP, and then resume? Is there another facet to this that I haven’t understood?

    I appreciated this comment of yours: “Also, just let it be okay that you’re human, and contain both “good” (whatever that is) and “bad” (again, difficult to pin down). Be human, and let it be okay that you have it all.”

    Thank you for your excellent blog and course.

    Sincerely, Raj

    FROM BILL: Release trying to not be bad.

  43. Eric says :

    Hi Bill,
    Srange how things work. I was discussing “witnessing” with a friend recently, who works with Body Talk (including a something called Breakthrough) and she said that Holosync users tend to become aware of their behaviours and that they are responsible for them (not to blame), but Holosync clients never seem to be able to deal or eliminate That which caused the “shadow” in the first place. This means that we (I am a 2 month long user of Holosync) never resolve our “issues”. I have to agree with Terry Lyle that sometimes it takes some doing to undrestand the concepts.

    FROM BILL: Why would you have to eliminate what caused a shadow? You don’t. You just have to become aware that whatever the shadow is, you have it in you, too. When you gain that awareness, you stop expressing the shadow in a dysfunctional way. Instead, it matures into something that is beneficial to you and to others.

    The only thing you have to do is watch with awareness. When you do that, everything sorts itself out. There is nothing to understand. Concepts are not important. Concepts are just ideas ABOUT something. They are handy, but are not the things they represent. Would understanding the concepts of “strawberry” help you know what they taste like?

  44. Money Play says :

    Another awesome post Bill, keep ’em coming. This post made me realize that I was working on re-owning my shadows and I hadn’t really yet become aware of what I was doing. This fits beautifully into the concept that nothing is outside of who we really are, even the “bad” things. I was using that idea to help me re-own my shadows but I had not realized that until this post. Thank you.

    -Money Play

  45. Andy says :

    Hi Bill,
    Just wanted to share the only truly similar voice to yours I’ve found out there (just in case you’re wondering what your ideas sound like through another’s mind). His name is Philip Golabuk. He is founder of a little post-new age coaching site called, “The Field Center.” His style is very different than yours: He is east coast to your west coast; he is niche boutique to your transnational brand; he is MTV unplugged to your stadium concert. Still, I really enjoy the symphony of wisdom and encouragement that the blending of your voices in my heart creates. Maybe this “stereo” effect will be beneficial to some of your other readers as well. Thanks.

  46. Steve says :

    Thank you for a very thoughtful and helpful post.

    I have a confusion, or maybe it is just a question: You say there is no feeler apart from the feeling and there is no thinker apart from the thought. I hope I have represented you accurately. You also say to witness the thoughts and feelings that come up in (or out) of meditation. My question: Who is witnessing?

    FROM BILL: That’s your assignment. Find the one who is witnessing. This search will yield the discovery of a lifetime. Ask yourself, “Who is watching? Who is eating? Who is walking? Who is listening?” Ask until the answer comes.

  47. Josh says :

    Hi Bill,
    I’m just sitting here after my daily holosync meditation experiencing a release of wonderful hormones from my brain, also i can taste a sweet flavor in the back of my throat i have heard referred to as the “Amrit Nadi Nectar” aka “Nectar of the Gods” and I am feeling quite blissed out:) needless to say four years of holosync use has revolutionized my life. Thank you Bill.

    P.S. Awesome post as always!!!

  48. Sam says :

    I was reading the previous post by Steve to this blog regarding the witness and I wondered if we might go into this more deeply. I’ve noticed that your nine principles for conscious living have gone a great deal towards my re-integrating the part of myself that can simply witness without adding internal dialogue, and I wonder if you illustrating the process of going through the principles with respect to a particular shadow might help us experience what we’re discussing here. When I’m on the treadmill I often go over the nine principles by way of an internal dialogue with myself, and I notice that the dialogue that I have doesn’t go anything like what I had thought that it would; I’ve been studying these nine principles for a while now, and I thought that I had gotten every learning from them possible, however I am always astonished and surprised to witness myself having one ahah after another regarding how these principles apply to my own life. Because there was no feeler/thinker/witness there before there seemed to be nothing more that I could learn, however when working out I noticed that there was some part of myself–perhaps the witness that’s being cultivated–that could add novel interpretations which weren’t there before.

    I’m not quite sure where these novel interpretations are coming from, but I can tell you that it’s giving me a whole new interpretation on life. For instance because I’m just starting to get in shape and exercize it’s easy for me to get discouraged about working out and then angry at myself, or perhaps sometimes fear comes up when I think that it’s too much for me and I’ll never be able to get it under control, however when I focus my mind on the nine principles I notice that the witness pops up to give me insite on what’s going on when I’m working out. When and how do I make things not be ok; how is my overall threshold changing as a result of exercize and how might this effect what I’m experiencing; how in this exercize setting is chaos a desireable thing and how might I get into the chaos rather than push it away as in daily life; due to my looking at the chaos how am I having different insites about how the map is not the terretory and how does this new invigoration while exercizing correlate to the invegoration I’ll soon experience as a normal part of my internal map of reality; how is my ability to deal with anger and fear while working out showing me how I can respond in a more empowered way in daily life etc. These nine principles give us a whole new take on disfunctional feelings and I think it might be useful if you could take some sort of shadow and show us how you would go through the nine principles with respect to that shadow? Hearing you make it through this process and showing how much different the world can look will show people that at least it’s possible to live in a more conscious way, and even if they don’t deal with their shadow now or ever they’ll know that there is a path to take.

  49. MrTeacup says :

    Shadow material is disowned at two levels: first, let’s say I repress my anger. But then, I repress even the fact that I am repressing my anger. So the other part of shadow is not just projecting the first level (“I am calm; why are you so angry?”), but also the second level: “I have integrated my demons; why are you so repressed?” This isn’t caused by a lack of awareness, just the opposite: it’s a problem of too much awareness of things that I don’t want to know.

    I think understanding this second level of repression is crucial for understanding why shadow material isn’t automatically integrated by meditation. It’s not that I can’t see the shadow, and I just need meditation to show it to me, then I will integrate it. In fact, I don’t even want to know about the shadow, and if my awareness is increased so that I can see it, I will work twice as hard to avoid it.

    This is why disidentifying with emotions is actually important, regardless of the theological/spiritual problems. I repress my anger (and my repression) because the experience is too strong. If I can take myself out of the picture a little bit, allow myself to experience first my repression, then what is being repressed, then healing can occur. If you are familiar with 3-2-1 process, the first is the 3 and 2, the latter is the 1. You notice with 3 & 2, we actually rehearse the repression itself. This is necessary because it’s not a simple matter of getting in touch with your feelings, it’s actually getting in touch with your repression.

    Perhaps meditation can take the place of the 1, directly encountering the repressed emotion, and some emotions are not fully repressed, at both levels, so it can work. But for complete repression, it is still necessary to do the shadow work.

    Of course, then you have to deal with the flip side of shadow: fetishistic disavowal. In a way, it’s the opposite of shadow. With shadow, I am an optimist, floating along in my bubble having hidden all the dirty, negative stuff out of sight. With fetish, I am a pessimist: I put all the negative stuff in full display in the light, even exaggerating it, but I do so in a way that prevents me from really feeling it. The healing of the trauma is staged for myself and others so that I can continue having the trauma.

    FROM BILL: Too confusingly intellectual for me.

  50. Duff says :

    Holosync/binaural beats can certainly bring up deep unconscious material, as can meditation, especially during “dark night” periods. Sometimes these unpleasant emotions and thoughts are useful to deal with psychologically, other times it’s best to just accept them and go back to the meditation technique. It’s quite an art to know when to do what.

    Many psychological techniques involve accepting emotions as they are to integrate them. The reason we need additional techniques besides vipassana or anapana meditation (or binaural beats) is because there are many facets to the diamond of consciousness. Sometimes a meditator can develop concentration that keeps unconscious psychological material from arising, especially when doing so leads to profound bliss states (jhanas). Not engaging in certain social contexts, family life, money, social criticism, trains of thought, etc. can also keep shadow from arising, which is why action and dialogue is critical to shadow work too.

    One thing that Holosync and mediation don’t do is resolve cultural shadow. There is an ongoing dialogue about personal wealth and the ethics of selling spirituality for high prices with pushy marketing amongst those who are also customers of Centerpointe, Integral Life, Genpo Roshi, etc. No amount of meditation will necessarily resolve these socio-economic problems.

    FROM BILL: Give me a break. “Selling spirituality” is not a problem. When someone buys something from me, or from Genpo Roshi, or from Ken Wilber (or anyone else) it’s a voluntary transaction–one in which the buyer wants the offered benefits more than the money. At the end of the transaction, assuming that what has been purchased delivers as advertised (which it most certainly does in the instances I cited above), the buyer is happier, and so is the seller. The whole thing was voluntary, and both parties benefited. Where is the problem?

    Anyone who doesn’t think the product was worth the cost just doesn’t buy. What’s more, there are plenty of places where people can go and receive free instruction or free “spiritual mentoring,” if they want it. In fact, there is a lot of it offered by Genpo and by me.

    You forget, my friend, in your immersion in your anti-marketplace shadow, that without paying my employees, rent, phone, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc. I wouldn’t be able to offer ANYTHING for very long. It costs money to do what we do. Organizations that offer what they do for free always end up with a small handful of students, because they can’t afford to serve more than a few people. In fact, only organizations that do charge something can afford to offer some services for free to those who can’t afford them, as both Genpo Roshi and I both do. Right now you’re taking advantage of this blog, which is a free service. Genpo offers many services to the homeless, to prisons, to hospitals, and to the community. Last year alone, I personally donated $650,000 to charities that help kids.

    This is your shadow, my friend. You have disowned the marketplace. This is a very self-righteous position. If you had your way there would be no Holosync, because I wouldn’t be able to afford to offer it and all the other support services. There would be no Big Mind, for the same reason, and there would be no community support serves offered by the Salt Lake CIty Zen Center. The reason that meditation, Eastern philosophy, etc., has become an increasingly important part of Western society society is BECAUSE it has been offered for sale. Prior to that, it was practiced by a few small groups and was unavailable to most people.

    As I said, give me a break.

  51. Money Play says :

    Bill, since you say you are always looking for ideas for your next post, I think it would be an amazing post to elaborate on this as quoted from you above:

    Ask yourself, “Who is watching? Who is eating? Who is walking? Who is listening?” Ask until the answer comes.

    Just reading this makes me think in a different way. I’m not sure if you can post on this as it could just be one of those “figure it out yourself” things, but I think many of us would love to hear more about this kind of thinking. You said asking yourself this will yield the discovery of a lifetime, and that is definitely a post-worthy topic to me.

    FROM BILL: Good idea.

  52. Bill could you expand more about the watching process and the integration to the relative ?

    For me it’s kind of impossible to describe. I mean, how can we be “not watching” ? that’s impossible, we are always watching. It is always there.

    The way it happens for me, is that trough the day I feel like I’m the witness some of the time, in those moments the world is like a movie and there is no center, everything is very “light”. But sometimes, specially during “difficult” interactions (emotionally charged) the center comes back to be inside the organism, and I don’t realize when it happens, I just see it after it happens, (and see that I kind of just responded automatically) and then it sort of comes back to not having a center.

    I still find it a little confusing, because is like living in 2 worlds at the same time, but it’s not very stable. At this time is clear that there is no ME but I kind of loose that perspective during certain moments.

    But if I “try” to watch it doesn’t work, because I can see that the one who is trying is not the watcher, it’s the ego trying to be the watcher.

    I also could say that when the witness is out, the feeling is that of being an activity and when the ego is in command is like being a “thing”.

    I heard Shinzen Young say that there is a period during which the “no-self” has to learn to be in the world, like a rebirth.

    I can also say that when the witness is clearly realized, there is an openness to whatever arises, like every fiber in the nervous system is receptive to everything, but as I said, is not so stable (yet?).

    You speak a lot about the chaos and reorganization period, does this also apply for the relative/absolute integration process ?

    Would you say that living as the witness (transcendent) is kind of living in the unknown, completely open to whatever arises ? Is this what the zen people call beginner’s mind ?

    Thank you so much for the help in clarifying my insights, it would be MUCH more difficult to do without the help of a teacher.

    All the love,


    FROM BILL: Watching is about awareness–you can only watch what you are aware of. For instance, you are aware of the fact that you aren’t a separate self (something most people aren’t aware of–they might know intellectually, if they’ve studied this topic, but being aware of it is something else). To watch yourself HAVE a separate self instead of BEING a separate self requires you to be aware of how the illusion of a separate self arises, and to be able to watch it. If you’e not aware of it, you will think you ARE a separate self, which is where most people are.

    When you were a baby you weren’t even aware of the distinction between self and other. Once you became aware of that, you still weren’t aware of your sensory and motor activities. Once you became aware of them, you were able to direct them. Whatever you are not yet aware of, you can’t watch, whether it’s your body, your emotions, your throughts, or your idea of yourself, your ego.

    So it’s very possible to not watch, because you can only watch what you are aware of.

    When you lose awareness, as you describe, it’s a symptom that you’re continuing to make a distinction between relative and transcendent. That’s the next step, to realize that they are really the same, not two. At one stage you become aware of the transcendent, then you become established in the transcendent (as opposed to the relative), which is where you’ve been lately. Then you integrate the two, ending the (illusion of) duality between them. Finally, you integrate the apparent duality in the relative, so that even there you see that there is no duality.

    Just keep doing what you’re doing and it will come. It doesn’t come for everyone, but I dd think it will for you. The experiences you have had a very rare, which makes it more likely, I think, that you will transition at some point to the next stage. I would let it be okay to be in the relative, including the feelings, the lost feeling, etc. Part of the problem is thinking that THAT isn’t “it”–that that part of life is somehow a problem.

    Remember that the ego is just your idea of yourself, so it can’t “do” anything. Doing happens, but there is no doer. Verbs needing nouns is a grammatical rule, not a rule of reality.

  53. Duff says :


    I was not suggesting that there is no way to charge money for things that could accord with spiritual principles, and I was not suggesting anything about your shadow or anyone else’s. This was not a personal attack–sorry if it came off that way to you. My writing seemed to have stirred anger in you, and that was not my intent. I apologize.

    What I was suggesting is that personal work–whether meditation, self-help, personal development, etc.–does not necessarily resolve *our* ongoing discussions of culture, economics, and politics–how to live together, whether or not or how much to charge for spiritual products and services, how to structure socio-economic conditions, etc. Meditation and shadow work won’t necessarily resolve issues money any more than of abortion, gay marriage, etc., in my opinion, although they can help to have a more sane and equanimous public debate!

    I do have certain opinions about marketing and culture however, and enjoy the ongoing dialogue. I consider your response to my comment part of this public dialogue, and appreciate your opinions. I think selling spirituality is an enormous problem, especially at high prices and for the personal financial benefit of the teacher. I do not see things as black and white, selling for high prices or giving everything away for free. There are many models that walk a middle path with money and do so fairly successfully. S.N. Goenka has proven a dana-based model for retreats, and Insight Meditation Society a fee-based model. Jack Kornfield seems to make a reasonable living from books and psychotherapy clients. I have no objections to any of these models, albeit there is still ongoing public debate even about these organizations and ways of serving. There are other concerns with the sale of spirituality discussed regularly, including selling something that cannot be given to anyone else and the commodification of the sacred, but I won’t get into those issues here.

    I think charging for spiritual services is not necessarily more of a problem than in business generally, except that spiritual teachers are seen as role models for enlightened action (but so are CEOs), and therefore amassing enormous personal wealth in particular seems out of place according to my values and what I’d like to see in a harmonious and peaceful society.

    I recognize that this view is not shared by all people, obviously, which is why personal growth and meditation won’t resolve the ongoing dialogue on the subject, as it is necessarily collective, cultural, social, and economic. This is my larger point, not to try and convince you of any specific position nor attack you personally for holding a different view than me! :)

    You seem to indicate in your reply that debates such as these are a matter of personal shadow material and could be resolved by doing personal shadow work on money. While I think such work is helpful, I disagree that personal work will solve any collective social and economic problems, for the concern is not my personal relationship with money, but *our* *collective* relationship with money and the structures of society. This is an enormous shadow of our individualistic Western culture that tends to be culture-blind as many cultural critics have pointed out.

    That said, the opinion of nearly everyone I know who’s had contact with Centerpointe’s marketing has ranged from “they are relentless” to “they are obnoxious” to “they are seriously overpriced.” That was my experience too as a customer of your company, and of other companies that use a similar school of marketing. Just some feedback for you–do with it as you’d like.

    Respectfully Yours,

    FROM BILL: Clearly you HAVE disowned money and the marketplace, and I would hope you would do some work to reown it.

    Why should selling “spiritual” things be in a different category than anything else? Who decides what is spiritual and what isn’t? What is this dualistic point of view, as if some things were better than others?

    All of you people who have money and marketplace shadows think that somehow it is “wrong” to charge money (or “too much money”) for “spiritual” things. Such things trigger you emotionally, which is a clear sign of a shadow. If you think something costs too much, don’t buy it. Why stand around whining about it all over the internet chat boards? This is just more proof that you’ve been emotionally triggered. If I think someone is charging too much for something I want, I forget about it 10 seconds later. Anyone is free to charge anything they want for their product or service, and I’m equally free to not buy it.

    So to all of you who think Centerpointe charges too much, DON’T BUY. Since we are by far the largest personal growth company around, someone must think what we provide is well-worth the cost. What’s more, we’ve just barely raised the price of Awakening Prologue in TWENTY YEARS. And, Holosync deeper levels are about 30% less expensive than when the company started. As a buyer, YOU get to decide whether something is worth it to you. So, decide, but quit bitching about it if the product costs more than you want to pay. Grow up.

    The question is, who should deicde what the price of an item should be? Should it come from your subjective “spiritual principles”? Or should it come from the voluntary decisions of a buyer and seller? Shouldn’t the buyer decide whether or not the price of something is “too high”? Buyers do this all the time. In fact, they do it in every transaction. In fact, the market is an extremely elegant system, where the price of everything is set by the collective decisions of millions of people. If the price gets too high, people don’t buy, and the price comes down. If it gets too low, it isn’t worth it (or practical) to the seller to offer it for sale for that price, and the price either goes up or the product is no longer offered for sale. In this way, prices seek a fair level. Not fair according to your personal and subjective opinions, but those opinions are YOURS and should only apply when YOU buy something, in which case your decision to buy or not buy. The idea that you should have something to say about what other people do in buying and selling situations, or how much money they make, is the height of arrogance. (If someone makes a lot of money, it’s because a lot of people voluntarily traded their money for the value they made available, and as a result THEY DESERVE THE MONEY!)

    The only exception to the well-oiled workings of the market happens when someone forces people (usually the government) to pay more or sell for less than they wanted to. When this happens, the consequences ripple through that market and cause all kinds of problems.

    So if I have to choose between having you and your pals apply your subjective spiritual principles to what I and a freely acting Centerpointe buyer do, or, allowing the market–the collective choices of buyers and sellers–to decide, I’ll choose the market. It seems incredibly narcissistic and arrogant to think that you, or anyone else, should be telling people what they can and cannot do, especially when a valuntary process that works great is already in place.

    The whole New Age movement, though, has a shitload of shadows about morality, integrity, money, race, political correctness, and a lot of other topics. That’s why many New Age people are immoral, out-of-integrity, poor, racist, and arragant. As a result, they want to self-righteously tell people (I should have said “force”) what they “should” do–in fact, what they can and can’t do. As for me, I prefer freedom of choice. No one has to buy anything from Centerpointe, or from Integral, or from Big Mind. If not enough people buy products from these companies, I guess they’d have to charge less, or stop offering the products. Since no one HAS to buy anything, and in fact all three companies offer lots of great free stuff and lots of great low-cost stuff…

    Oh, forget it. As long as you have this shadow, you’re deaf to all of this anyway. Let’s just say I’m pretty sick of all this self-righteous moralizing about marketing and selling. If you don’t like what we’re doing, don’t participate. No one appointed you to interfere in voluntary activities happening in the marketplace.

  54. Duff says :

    lol You’re too funny, Bill. :)

    There’s a difference between moralizing and a dialogue about ethics. Moralizing is saying “I’m right and you’re wrong.” Dialogue is saying “I have this opinion given these premises but would like to hear your opinion and I’m open to questioning my own assumptions.” I’m attempting to do the latter, but you seem to think that I am doing the former!

    Clearly you believe in a libertarian free-market capitalism, where the market determines the price of goods and services. This is a common political-economic belief system. Do you think that if I do enough “shadow work” I will necessarily also hold this belief system? That doesn’t make much sense to me, as political arrangements are worked out collectively, in dialogue and in political action, not in one’s individual psyche.


    FROM BILL: The market works things out collectively better than any other mechanism, because it includes the actions of EVERYONE. “Dialog” leaves out most people. I assume that in your dialog you are looking to reach “consensus” (which never happens–I’ve been there), and at any rate it’s unnecessary, since the market sorts all of that out beautifully–the actions of the market IS a dialog, Even after the dialog, some “expert” or politician or bureaucrat ends up making decisions they think are “best” for other people. There is a name for this way of making decisons. It’s called fascism. Why do you want to take away the ability of people to make free choices about what they buy or don’t buy, sell or don’t sell, and what amount they buy or sell for? No one is ever forced to buy anything, or sell anything, or to pay (or sell for) a price they don’t want to pay or offer.

    You have your own idea of the way things should be (or, you think a “dialog” will reveal that way). Then you hope to impose it on others. Either that or you’re really niave and you think that with enough “dialog” everyone will see the light and do the “spiritually right” thing and you won’t have to force it on them. You, of course, are the arbiter of what is “spiritually right.” Ugh.

  55. Duff,

    I used to be in a position like yours, it seemed incogruent that someone could “sell” elinghtenmet, spirituality or wathever.

    But if you look closely you’ll see that this perception of the marketplace is very influenced by a set of values that were transmitted to you and you assumed as “right “. In my case I come from a latinamerican catholic background in which “money is the root of all evil”. In this kind of culture rich people go to hell.

    It took me a hell of a lot of time to realize this. Even after seeing that most of those christian conventional values where just a controlling tool, it somehow unconsciously stayed with me. It wasn’t actually until I started to see for myself all the suffering this kind of thinking was creating (for me and the people who are close to me) that I had to change my values regarding money. It was either that or loosing my company and leaving my employee’s families without food on their table.

    There is nothing wrong with creating economic growth, if fact now I see that by growing my finances I can help more people (provide more work through my company, etc). Money is energy and energy is to be circulated, (not necessarily accumulated) or it dissipates. Actually if we as humanity are not able to increase economic growth is very unlikely that we will survive. I see however that an overemphasis in money has created many problems. But that is not the fault of the process itself. Making money is NOT bad.

    I gotta say though, that there is something different about Bill in contrast to other “spiritual” teachers, like the guys in the secret (James Ray, Joe Vitale, etc) that may trigger shadows.

    Bill is not the kind of guy that looks like he is “exuding” love all the time. In fact I rarely see him smile. I gotta say that I was projecting a lot of stuff on him (greediness, grumpiness, cynicism , aholeness). And that can be misleading…. however, EVERYTHING in the world is misleading anyway, and I learned that from him. Waking up is seeing that.

    But my friend, if you have used holosync (and read this blog) you should admit the tremendous benefit this guy has brought to humanity. I have no idea why he chooses to act the way he does, I guess he just digs it.

    But I really think this guy is a honest and conscious human being.

    I recommend that you investigate about spiral dynamics, it helped me a lot in understanding where I was, I was in a place like you are now, and it’s actually a very advanced place (but it can be very narcissistic), is the last step before second tier.

    When you jump to the next stage you will no longer have the need to judge other people’s values, like you do now when you say that centerpointe marketing is “relentless/obnoxious”. It will bring you peace of mind.

    Peace and love, but most importantly, freedom, brother.


  56. Sam says :

    What MrTeacup from responce 49 is telling you is that you need to look at shadow with respect to your nine principles for conscious living, because only when I identify when I don’t let whatever be ok and which thresholds are causing me problems etc will I fully integrate my shadow. Some people like to talk about shadow work because it gives them something to do–I’m “doing” the shadow work–when what’s really going on is that things are repressed for a reason and don’t need to be dealt with because there are many happy and successful people who don’t worry about this shadow stuff or how to get rid of something that’s trying to tell them something. If I continue to repress my creative nature then I’ll continue to write in here rather than coming up with my own course that shows how to eliminate suffering in your life forever, and I won’t know why; I have a shadow around creativitty and I just don’t know what to do about it. If I look at what’s important for me in that I don’t let certain things be ok, if I can determine where in the creative process I hit a threshold which for some reason I’m worried about going past, if I can look at the chaos which always comes up when I go past this particular threshold as helpful information to get me on track for what I really want to be doing in life, if I can get my head around the fact that the map (this shadow bullshit) is not the terretory (what I’m using as an excuse for staying stuck because there’s a lot of danger out there and we must always watch out for it), if I can admit that I’m no different from the person who has no shadow and can take responceability for the fact that I’m not special and can get empowered the same way as the unenlightened person does… If I do all of these things I’ll understand why I need to put certain things into shadows and I’ll have conscious tools with which to at least figure out how to look at this shadow stuff in a more resourceful way. We repress things for good reason because they are too painful to look at, and when we continue to discuss shadows and awareness and holosync (oh my) we’re just perpetuating a disfunction because we’re not willing to do the work to gain a certain level of awareness.

    Often times I’ll talk a lot about shadows to my parents, for instance, and they just don’t want to hear any of it. This of course gets me all pissed off, because everyone knows that shadows are why things are disfunctional and if they would only do the work… But my parents aren’t interested in their shadows, so they continue to cause suffering for themselves and those around them? But what about my suffering? What about those things that piss me off might I own myself to make the situation better? Perhaps if I truly owned my shadow I would own their suffering and this shadow would be eliminated. Perhaps I could take on the universal shadow and get rid of the root cause of suffering for all of us. However this takes more than just awareness to get the job done; you have to give a shit, and then the awareness shows you how to do the work so that the suffering that we care about removing actually gets removed. Until then we will be doomed to discuss shadows and awareness forever, and if you are higher on the evolutionary scale than those listening to you (IE myself) then we’ll continue to listen to you thinking that we’re getting to the bottom of something; perhaps this is all it takes. Maybe my creative nature will come out when I start my business of selling holey water by the river.

  57. Sam says :

    By the way I don’t mean to be an asshole about this or project anything onto Bill or what he’s doing here, however I think (personal oppinion only) that a lot more could be done with respect to eleviating the suffering of the world than just our awareness of suffering or our talk about shadows. However I find myself at a loss as far as how I actualize this in my own life, and it appears that Bill is doing something great for a lot of people. If this blog helps people then there’s no reason for me or anyone else in here to write in with disagreements because this material doesn’t work for us, and in my case perhaps talking to Bill and getting permission to do my own thing with the nine principles as they relate to shadow work is much more resourceful than blaming him for not putting something into practice. I believe that we all have something escential to contribute here however I feel that perhaps many of us are not coming from a space of love and growth when writing in, and I personally want to take responceability for my contribution to the somewhat destructive feedback. I don’t know what all of that stuff is–we might call it a shadow–however I don’t want to contribute to it. I appologize for any diss-identified shadow stuff that I’m upset about that I write in here about, and I hope that perhaps we can all cut ourselves some slack. After all we’re all in the same boat together, we all might as well row in the same direction.

  58. Sam says :

    Hey Bill,

    I was interested to hearing John Dupuy’s presentation and success using holosync to aid his work on addiction recovery.

    An interesting topic I dont believe you have covered is that of Lucid Dreaming (the act of permiating the dream state with waking state conciousness) and its relation to Holosync technology.

    Interestingly Tibetan buddhists have made a yoga out of this practice as a suppliment to spiritual awakening – (believing it enables a person to purposefully command the subtle body after the gross body dies)

    It would be great to hear your thoughts and opinions on this fascinating topic :)

    FROM BILL: Lucid dreaming is just witnessing while you are asleep. It happens as you progress in your meditation. I find that most people who are concerned about such things are interested because they don’t feel much personal power, and they think lucid dreaming is some sort of “power” that would change things. What’s really important is awareness. There might be some benefit of being aware of your dreams, but in my opinion it’s not toward the top of the list of important things to be aware of. I would focus on becoming aware of your emotions and how you create them, your thoughts and the internal and external effects of your thoughts, and finally HOW YOU CREATE THE ILLUSION OF BEING A SEPARATE SELF.

  59. Erik says :

    I’ve been using Holosync for just 9 years (this July) and I wanted to make a few comments about the resolution of shadow material as well as the nature of Holosync as opposed to traditional meditation as I see it. First of all, I think it’s important to address the question of what we mean by shadow material. I think different people see that differently. Is it the emotional reactions that we have at times of upheaval? I think that Holosync, as it systematically shakes the—“cosmic goop” I think Bill once called it—out of the nadis/energy channels, creates space, breathing room and clarity of awareness that allows one’s energy to flow more freely. That space and clarity also allows one to “see what one is doing” so to say rather than trying to make it through the china shop of life with a blindfold on. A new favorite analogy of mine.

    I liked Kristian’s comment about Holosync, pointing out that it’s an exogenous coming from outside ourselves rather than endogenous (coming from inside us) like traditional meditation. In addition to that point, I see Holosync as effective also because it is measured and constant. Instead of having some meditations that are better than others, different every day, Holosync puts you into those very specific and measured states, creating a level of constancy not available with traditional meditation. I feel this steady reliability is like having yourself on rails. You don’t have to worry about going off the track like with other techniques; you’re on the pre-set tracks and just have to concern yourself with providing the impetus to move forward.

    Also, traditional meditation does not allow for the same kind of specifically metered out levels, each of which goes after a deeper level of your system, constantly putting through those measured waves day after day that, over time, push through the knots and hang-ups in the system, freeing up that energy in a very specific and effective way. There is a particular kind of focus and concentrated relentlessness to Holosync that is also different to traditional meditation. I really don’t think this can be underestimated.

    As regards shadow material in terms of body memories, points in our emotional AND physiological system that are like knots or blockages, held in the body/mind from specific points of resistance to things that happened in or life or which are at least subjectively linked to certain traumatic events or relationships, then I think Holosync goes after those directly by pumping enough energy (incrementally over time) through the nervous system that those are shaken loose. I think that Holosync helps resolve shadow material defined as certain reactions like anger, jealousy [write in your tendencies here] in a more general and indirect way by creating the awareness and clarity for you to see what you’re doing with regard to those emotional habits.

    After 9 years of Holosync, I still have my “favorite” emotional reactions, but there seems to be a tremendous amount of conscious space around them so that, even when I’m riding out a storm emotionally for whatever reason, I can see myself doing it and see my way to resolution of that in a way that I couldn’t before. There’s that witnessing perspective that is a catalyst for transcendence and growth. Again, I feel that Holosync achieves this similarly to traditional meditation, but in a much more intense, efficient and focused way.

    I feel that the clarification, cleansing, purification—however you want to put it—that Holosync systematically provides creates a strong and clear platform from which to continue becoming aware of old or new “shadow material” and to allow it to flow through the system consciously and with ease, without resisting it. I find a lot of value in techniques like the Sedona Method, Genpo Roshi’s talks, Qigong practice as well as many of Bill’s recommendations (e.g. breathing in on accepting; out on releasing). I think that use of Holosync makes such techniques more effective, and in turn the techniques help to ease and complement the cleansing that Holosync brings about.

    FROM BILL: Well said.

  60. So Bill,

    I don’t know man…. about this human game we’re playing…. is ANY of this serious ?

    FROM BILL: I don’t know what serious is. Is it an idea? Why apply ideas to what’s happening? That just takes you a layer removed from it.

  61. Wow !

    Thank you Bill, your answers are just f’n awesome !! I think I know what you mean. I guess I’m still trying to hang onto something…… anything. I’m starting to realize that this next step is all about surrendering to the moment by moment flow of experience. The world just can’t be freezed into “something”.

    Actually it requires an even bigger surrender and trust than the ones needed to take the leap into the transcendent (as you wrote in the post about Tozan’s ranks) At least when I was there I thought the transcendent was “it”. But it turns out that there is no “it”, at least not a fixed “it”.

    Right now there’s a lot of monkey mind and confusion (a lot of seeking mind). Also loosing awareness of thought (being immersed in it), and physical resistance (uncomfortable feelings) It’s like the map still refuses to let go completely and it’s fighting for it’s life (amazing how an idea can fight).

    But somehow I’m cool with it. I do feel a transformation happening (and the resistance to it). I’m not sure what kind of being I’m turning into, but I’ve made the decision to take it all the way, I’m trusting you.

    I can see that the separate self is a mental construct, as well as the rest of the world. Reality is direct experience, and concepts are what create the separation like you said. I can see that, but it also feels like being back to square one somehow, like being a regular, ordinary guy. It’s a hard thing for the ego to accept this. It really wanted to be “an awakened ego”. But it’s just a made up illusion.

    My practice right now is just trying to be aware of the moment by moment experience, just letting EVERTHING in (or at least as much as I can), I think I may just do that and forget about everything else (including this -transition to the next step- stuff, if I can). It’s just that it’s….. well….. scary as shit sometimes, it requires too much trust to COMPLETELY let go of all beliefs and concepts at every moment. I guess the degree of freedom is directly proportional to the degree of responsibility.

    I still can’t see where my actions will come from when the mind is completely silent. But as I said, I intent to take it all the way.

    To really embody the fact that we do create our experience of life all the time is like swallowing a hot iron ball (as our beloved Alan Watts used to say)

    Anyway, for now, I’ll just stop whinnying ;)

    I appreciate your guidance so much Bill, it’s invaluable to have access to someone who’s been so deep.

    All the love,


    FROM BILL: You certainly don’t have to get rid of the separate self or your map of reality. Both are useful. You just want to stop thinking that your map is the territory, or that your idea of yourself IS your self. When you first had your awakening transcendent experience, you let go of all your ideas and concepts. That needs to happen. But once you see all that stuff for what it really is (in other words, that all of that stuff is just a representation of reality, but not the reality it represents, just as a menu isn’t the meal) you can bring it back in again. I don’t think you need to get rid of it in each moment, but you might need to go through a period where you remind yourself qhite often that your map isn’t the territory. At a certain point it becomes so obvious that you don’t need to keep reminding yourself.

    As for your wondering how you will act if your mind is silent, you already do that. It just seems that your actions are predicated on your thoughts and intentions. You’d still act if your mind was silent–I suspect you’ve already had times when that was happening. It’s really the same thing that grows your hair, causes you to breath, beats your heart, and so forth. This is the dicotomy between what is involuntary and voluntary. It seems like a clear delineation, but like all polarities, voluntary and involuntary are ideas, ways of thinking about something.

    When you let go of all your ideas

  62. Matthew says :

    In short, the difference between ‘knowing’ and ‘seeing’? Is that a fair synopsis? An over simplification, no doubt, but true none the less?

    Here’s what I see:

    I believe when Ken talks about awareness here, he’s coming at it from
    the perspective of ‘knowing’. Intellectual. Because, frankly, that’s his background. That’s the field in which he thrives. Not to say he doesn’t have other talents – obviously not.

    I believe that when you, Bill, talk abut awareness, you’re coming at it from the perspective of ‘seeing’. Visual in a sense. That’s been your forte. Meditation through technology and the means to take responsibility through conscious awareness. Or seeing.

    So awareness is a misnomer here. This is a discussion of ‘seeing’ and what creates that ‘seeing’. Meditation alone won’t do this EfFeCtIvely. That’s what Ken is arguing. He argues that meditation lacks an ‘active’ ingredient. Not that meditation can’t create change in itself, it’s just that it’s not a balanced approach. He talks about zen masters being homophobic, for example. You can’t meditate your problems away, in other words.

    So, his remedy would be to do some form(s) of therapy or what you’d
    call work on your internal map of reality, in conjunction with meditation – One’s that involve an ‘active’ role in your pursuit of ‘seeing’, where neurotic unresourceful behaviors fall away organically.

    In comes Holosync…

    I would liken Holosync to a Super Charger: In and of itself, it doesn’t do too much (doesn’t do much for change). But once you press the metaphorical gas, in a sense, there’s a HUGE boost in performance.

    A Super Charger can never replace the engine of a car; Just like Holosync can never replace your own Brain. But coupled together, they become very powerful. Further more, until you actually PRESS THE GAS (take responsibility // become honest with yourself // take a proactive role in your life // examine your internal map // do some form of therapy et al) you won’t notice that much change. You won’t.

    From what I can tell – and others have concurred – this is the difference between those who make extraordinary gains using Holosync and those who have used it for years without noticing much change.

    Holosync creates a lot of PoTeNtIal. From what I’ve seen, the more ‘action’ you take, the more Holosync will shine through. That’s why coupling this with the LPIP courses is a very powerful conjunction; assuming you do the exercises and apply the principles. Or any other kind self-assessment for that matter.

    Holosync does indeed create awareness (another word for responsibility/honesty in my opinion [amongst others]), but that’s not to say it’ll do the work for you. It won’t. I think the confusion comes up because Holosync is more effective than traditional meditation. You can get away with less ‘action’ using Holosync, in a sense. You’re simply adjusting the ratios of meditation vs therapy. In the end, both are absolutely necessary. I just think you come at it from your perspective because of how effective Holosync is and ken comes at it from his perspective because of the limitations of traditional meditation.

    (Actually Ken was concerned that traditional meditation was more effective than Holosync for creating ‘lasting results’ because there was more of an active role [having to maintain a constant focus] as opposed to simply plopping your headphones on and ‘zoning out’. But that’s another topic.) Personally I integrate both approaches and when I do I find it more effective than Holosync alone.

    I think this is a shift for you, Bill. I know in the past you made claims otherwise, but this is a very well balanced perspective. I know it can be especially hard considering Holosync is your baby.

    Good article.

    FROM BILL: I think Ken is talking about the same kind of awareness I’m talking about, though of course he also talks about the “knowing” kind of awareness, by which I mean intellectual knowing, ie, creating a mental map of something. When I use the word awareness I mean JUST being aware, without the map-making, without necessarily naming everything and thinking about it. You can, of course, be aware in that way and then also think about it, but most people are not aware enough to separate the two.

    I think what Ken is driving at is that with meditation along you don’t see certain patterns–for instance, the developmental levels/stages he talks a lot about. You need more data points than just yourself to see this sort of thing. This causes people to take certain things for granted. The homophobic Zen roshi, for instance, is living in a social context that he is likely to take for granted, because everyone else in his social setting thinks the same way he does. Only with a broader (you might say sociological or anthropological) point of view would someone notice that some people see things that way, while others see things in another way. By zooming out and seeing more data points, you are able to see these sorts of patterns (if you look, which many people don’t).

    All I know is that many Holosync users report dramatic shifts in the areas Ken says meditation can’t touch. I suspect that there IS something about Holosync that makes it different than traditional meditation in this respect, but it’s also possible that it’s because of all the information I give people, which may be helping them to see mental, emotional, social, and psychological patterns they might otherwise not see. I think it may be some of both.

    There are a few people who use Holosync and have lesser shifts. I’m pretty sure this is because they were much more traumatized while growing up, which creates a very strong sense of not being safe. Feeling that way, such people are less willing to give up certain ways of seeing themselves and other people, and certain ways they’ve learned to protect themselves, even though those ways of protecting have many negative and unintended consequences. If you become aware of these consequences as a result of the greater awareness created by using Holosync, but the feeling of being unsafe is strong enough, you may not be willing to give up certain ways of being even though you see the consequences. If trauma happens early enough in life, and is strong enough, you’re probably going to need Holosync AND a therapist who specializes in the type of trauma you’ve had. Then someone can help you use the increased awareness to let go of old strategies and open yourelf up to new ones.

  63. James says :

    Hi Bill,

    Can you start up a ‘refer a friend’ page. I saw my friends finger go up his nose in front of a large audience and I know he needs holosync but how do I tell him.

    FROM BILL: The old finger-up-the-nose syndrome, eh?

  64. Matthew says :

    Awareness helps relax your REACTION to your neurosis. Another aspect of awareness Ken is talking about. He was arguing that that’s a good thing, but left alone it doesn’t actually HEAL anything. Everything stays the same (pretty much), it’s just your reaction to it isn’t there anymore. He said something along the lines of (paraphrasing here) “now that itch [neurosis] becomes a little more exasperated, since you’ve relaxed your reaction to it, but haven’t actually dealt with the systemic issue.” Que the trumpets and in comes the magic of therapy or ‘shadow work’.

    If I recall you were talking about ‘relaxing into your feelings’ as being different than awareness. At any rate, there seems to be a bit of a different stance on the awareness created by traditional meditation. Unless you simply agree? Then when it comes to Holosync, it’s a different story and whatever ‘awareness’ Holosync creates you both seem to agree it creates a more effective ‘healing’ awareness. If you say Ken is talking about the ‘seeing/healing’ kind of awareness (meditation aside), then it seems he DOESN’T think it is healing on its own (This is why I thought he was simply referring to ‘knowing’, rather than ‘seeing). You do – at least when it comes to Holosync?

    Either way, good discussion, but something probably best suited for in person – Conversations like these can go on for a while. I can legitimately see both of your points. What I’m going to take away from this (something you and Ken can agree on) is that a comprehensive approach, from all angles is the soundest practice. Also, I hadn’t thought about it from the anthropological/sociological angle. That’s a good point.

    Have a good one …or two or three.

  65. Kevin says :

    Hi Bill,

    It might be interesting to write about language and how it relates to non-duality.

    You’ve said in the past that language can’t accurately communicate non-duality. I’m wondering if this limitation is inherent to language itself, or if we are only limited by language as it exists today. In other words, could some type of new language be developed to help people intuitively grasp this state of mind?

    I ask because it seems like language is already used to a certain extent to help people in this regard. Some examples might be koans and dokusan in the Zen tradition, this blog, metaphors, etc.


    FROM BILL: Language is a collection of symbols or representations about reality. NOTHING can be fully or accurately represented by symbols. You can’t eat the word food, get wet in the word water, or have an orgasm from the word sex. On one hand we have the real world, about which nothing can really be described–accurately. No matter what you say about anything, it is incomplete, given that anything you pick is connected to everything else (so you’d have to describe the thing and its entire environment) and is constantly changing, which compounds the problem times infinity. If you tell me about something I’ve experienced, I know what you mean, but what you say still can’t descrbe your experience. If you’ve been to Kansas City and so have I, and you say you went there, I’ll know what you mean, but I’ll never know exactly what it was like for you.

    Ideas about things or events (which is what language is for) are not the same as the events they describe. Ideas about reality do not contain nor are equilalent to the reality they attempt to describe. The map is not the territory (something I’ve written about extensively in many posts).

    When a Zen masters (or any teacher) uses language it is said to be “a finger pointing at the moon”. It might cause you to see the moon, but it isn’t the moon. And, many times, the student sees the finger instead of the moon.

    I’m not against language (obviously). I am cautioning all of you to not confuse the symbols or ideas that represent things with the actual things. Almost everyone treats ideas as if they were more than just mental constructs, and the most egregious example of this is the delusion that your idea of who you are is who you are. 99.999% of people are caught in this one.

  66. Daniel says :


    Thank you so much for all of this.

    It is great to know that people like you live in the same world i do.

    All the Best,

  67. Eric says :

    I just wanted to comment that my friends and I believe that Holosync and LPIP are worth far, far more than the price you are charging based on the results we’ve been getting….But don’t get any ideas about raising the prices. :)

    And this blog offers a ton of great free useful information. I’m constantly returning to the topics on the developmental levels to further my understanding. I look foward to when you elaborate more on that topic.

    FROM BILL: You are obviously a discerning and highly intelligent person.

  68. Markus says :

    Hi Bill,

    Iam not very much into Religion stuff, but I somehow came across an Article about purgatorial fire after Death. to cleanse your soul, actually, from what I would consider shadows too…e.g. jealousy, greedyness etc.

    Its described as People as living “decided” how long they will stay there simply because of their attitudes.(Tale of Sisyphus ) so that everyone comes back “free”.

    What do you think about this stuff?I know you have the Point of Meaningless Life and everything is fine anyway and that WE give meaning with Attachment, but I always asked myself if there is some sort of deeper Justice, simply because I couldnt believe that someone who helps 10000 People just dies and “comes back” as someone who killed 90% of Humanity with a Nuke.
    But man…actually If Iam full of bad Attitudes Id prefer Number2, lol.

    Sorry if I got off Topic here, but Iam curious on your thoughts about it, and I think shadows would be what you want to be cleansed of in purgatorial fire……if there is one at least.

    P.S. Have you ever held Workshops in Europe or more important, do you think you will this or next Year?


    FROM BILL: If you read the posts at the beginning of the blog you will see a series on human development (which you should read–it’s very important information). One aspect of this is the development of the way we make sense of what it means to be human and how we answer questions about what it means to be here, who we are, what is life about, what is death, what causes suffering, how do we deal with it, and so on. As (and if) our perspective grows (our ability to see an increasingly complete pciture), our way of understanding these questions and navigating through life changes. The broad categories of this developmental process are a Magical explanation (we have magic powers, as children often think), Mythic (someone else has magic, or otherwise incredible, powers and knowledge–God, adults, leaders, heros, etc.), Rational, Pluralistic, and Integral (there are other naming conventions).

    The purgatory explanation is Mythic: there is some power above us who “knows” and is all-powerful, and that power will judge and punish us, and that punishment comes at least partly after death. This is a pretty unsophisticated approach, not backed by ANY actual facts. It is a pre-rational attempt to explain good and evil, justice, death, and so forth. Mythic is a developmental level characterized by dogmatism: believing something handed down from the past and from people who are assumed to know because of some supposed communication with God or some other sort of all-powerful being, instead of from actual factual investigation or personal experience or inquiry.

    As a way of making sense of what it means to be human, such an explanation works for some people. What happens with each of the explanations (which you can find out more about by reading my early posts) though is that they work until the person’s perspective and knowledge increases (if it does) to a point where they have information that doesn’t filt into their current way of thinking (their current way of explaining the kinds of questions I posed above). This new information or new circumstances requires the development of a new explanation–one that tanscends the old one and includes the new information. That new explanation works until additional new knowledge or new circumstances and a larger perspective exposes that way of thinking as also being unworkable and incomplete–at which point a new way of making sense of things must once again be formed.

    The Mythic view was the most widely held explanation during in the Middle Ages. As science and scientific investigation of the world grew, though, the Mythic explanations were shown to be incompatible with the facts. A giant conflict ensued between these beginning scientists and the church, leading to what is known as the Enlightenment. This brought a Rational explanation into prominence. Since then other information and changing circumstances has shown that explanation also to be lacking in certain ways, leading to a Post-modern or Pluralistic way of thinking. This explanation is currently being challenged by what many people call an Integral point of view.

    Every person starts at the beginning and goes through these stages, beginning in childhood, though some never make it past the Magical stage. Others stop at the Mythic stage, orhers at the Rational stage, and so forth. The Religious Right, for instance, are at the Mythic stage in explaning what it means to be human. For them, that explanation makes sense and satisfies them. God is the boss, he sets the rules, and things are pretty simple: there is Good and Evil, and you avoid the evil and seek the good. In other words, black and white thinking. Others believe in the Rational view, the scientific view. For these people, the Rational explanation makes sense and satisfies them. And so on.

    I’m looking at things from an Integral or perhaps even post-Integral view. The vast majority of people never make it past Mythic or Rational stage, though there are more Pluralists today (Obama, for instance, is a Pluralist), and there are a small but growing number of Integrals. If, however, a person does continue to develop, at a certain point he or she sees that THERE IS NO EXPLANATION, that all explanations are bullshit, that life and being human is a paradoxical mystery that can’t be explained. Such a person becomes comfortable with the idea that there is no pat answer for what it’s all about.

    People at a particular developmental level, though (until Integral, that is), are pretty locked into their explanation, and will defend it vigorously–until something happens (if it ever does) to force them to expand their perspective.

    Go read my posts on development.

  69. Michael Reynolds says :

    Dear Bill, First thank you so much for your work. It has changed my life completely. I have been studying some summaries of Buddha’s Four Noble Truths and I recently attended a session with you and Genpo where you announced you and your wife had become monks. I am assuming, Buddhist. If so, I am asking if you might do a blog on the idea of ending the cycle of birth and death and what that actually means. Again, thank you for your love and compassion.

    FROM BILL: I really don’t advertise my personal “religious” point of view–if you want to call it that, since Buddhism really isn’t a religion, though many mistakenly think of it that way. I want to emphasized that I’m NOT trying to get anyone to be a Buddhist–or, for that matter, anything else. What I want people to do is to FIND OUT FOR THEMSELVES what is real and true, who they really are, and so forth. My hope is that the information I share is helpful, but it is not meant to be a way to avoiding thinking for yourself. Most people have accepted someone else’s explanation for what life is all about, which in my opinion has little if any value.

    I’m attempting to do two things: help people gain greater awareness, which is what Holosync does (so does traditional meditation, but not as quickly or easily), and show them where to direct that awareness in order to speed up their investigation of who they are, what it’s all about, and so forth. In Buddhism, in fact, there is nothing to believe (though some approach it that way). In fact, one of the main points of Buddism is the droppng of ideas and beliefs.

  70. carlos says :

    I agree with Eric 100%. Holocync and LPIP are very reasonably priced and I dont have any problem with centerpointe marketing or any other company’s marketing for that matter as long as they deliver what they promise.

    However I think that many companies use marketing to sell a lot of crap that absolutely does not work the way they promise and although the marketplace might sent those companies out of business in THE LONG RUN , in the short run they can make a lot of money and screw up a lot of people making them buying things they dont need or things that dont work.

    I Know that the consumer has the responsability to make the right buying decision, but most people are not very aware (including myself ,now I am getting much more aware thanks to holocync) and marketing can be very manipulatively effective playing on thesed people fears and insecurities.

    Ex You can see an ad on TV where a guy is lonely and then he buys a shaving cream/cologne /Car etc and after that he is surrounded by beautiful women.(after a while you might even get the belief that is all about the car etc)

    Or they sell a push up device that “you can use 5 min a day and get rip and strong ” and you see a very rip , muscular guy using it . ( the truth is that that guy was born with muscular genetics and He probably spends hours in the gym.

    My point is that in my opinion marketing is like science , religion etc . They can be used to help people or to screw people up.


    FROM BILL: Though I agree that many people aren’t aware in terms of buying decisions I think there’s another explanation–a reason why many people don’t BECOME more aware and exercise more diligence when they buy something. We live in a culture where people have fallen for the incredibly mistaken idea that the government will take care of them–that if there’s problem, the government SHOULD, and is the best choice, to do something about it. This is despite the fact that everything they touch turns to shit and leads to even greater problems.

    Because of this attitude, most people exercise very little self-reliance. Personally, if I have a problem, my first thought is “What am I going to do?” not “Gee, I sure hope the government will solve this problem for me.” I know that the government hasn’t solved ANY of the problems they’ve tackled (and, trust me, folks, Obama isn’t going to change this).

    For that reason most people don’t exercise much due diligence when they buy something, and don’t go to the trouble to develop reliable criteria regarding what they buy. They assume that the government regulators (or someone) has done that for them. Well, they haven’t. There’s no way the authorities can police everything, and even if they could their criteria is never going to be the same as yours. If they could police everything, it would rob you of your freedom of choice. If they don’t think something should be sold, you won’t be able to buy it, even if you’re sure you want it. If a person wants to be protected from scam artists, they should investigate for themselves, before they buy. Assuming that Obama or Barney Frank (or whomever) will do it for you is unrealistic.

    Protect yourself. Become self-reliant. This isn’t a political statement, just common sense. Though dishonesty is and should be against the law, waiting for the authorities to protect you is a very naive position. If there was a wave of buglaries in my neighborhood, I suppose I could wait for the police to do something about it. The police, however, show up AFTER the crime. The only protection they provide is if the criminals think the police are watching, which isn’t happening in nearly all situations. Personally, I would figure out what I could do to protect myself: get a home alarm, a dog, better locks, a gun, etc. If the police pitch in, great.

    When buying something, investigate for youself. Make the company prove that they can really deliver the benefits. Blame yourself if you buy something that doesn’t work. Take responsibility for your life. (BTW, this little rant isn’t directed against you, Carlos.)

  71. carlos says :

    Thanks for answering Bill ,

    It is funny ,I grew up in Cuba where the goverment controls everything . That is probably the reason why I was so gullible when I first got to US about 7 years ago. If I saw something advertise on TV , I thought ” It is on TV , it should work as they say”

    Although I dont like the idea of the goverment controlling everything (thats maybe the main reason I came to US) I believe ( and I know I might be wrong) that the goverment should control some things( I might have gotten this believe due to my growing up in a communist environment)

    For example They said health care in Canada is far superior to health care in the US and deregulation in Heath care and Education has brought bigger problems in those areas .

    Could you give me your thoughs about this?

    I have gone through a lot of confusion in the last 7 years of my life. I went from hating Castro and idealizing America to hating america ( when I first move here) to now where I think that everything has good points and bad points.

    basically I think that in Cuba you disowned individualism.

    in USA many people disowned collectivism


    FROM BILL: Personally, I think that though some things might need to be controlled, the worst one to do so is the government. Most people in the US don’t realize that the whole reason for the US Constitution was to prevent the government from controlling the citizenry. Over the decades those who want power have found ways to subvert this idea, and now the government exercises a growing number of powers that were not assigned to it. Again, this is made easier by the fact that so many people buy the ridiculous idea (based on zero evidence in real life) that if there is a problem, “the government should do something!”

    The only people who really think health care is better in socialist countries are those who have a vested interest in bigger government. Government controlle ANYTHING ends up being rationed.

  72. Michaela says :

    It really all comes down to personal value for money. For me Holosync has proved to be worth more than the financial expenditure ( and I am in no way financially wealthy). That does not even include all the other valuable support, articles, this blog etc., which for me are proving to be invaluable in my awakening process. Holosync definitely creates more awareness but without all the other help Bill “GIVES FREELY” with it, especially access to his own highly intelligent opinions through this blog,
    it probably would not be as effective. And I think what Bill is saying is that we do not have to take anything he or anyone else says as Gospel. We make up our own mind based on our own experience and what resonates as right with us. Thanks Bill!!

  73. Thanks Bill,

    Can you expand a little bit about the pluralistic to integral perspective ? You say Obama is a pluralist, I thought he was integral. Do you think he believes his point of view is the truth ? (that all points of view are equally valid). I think he’s able to see categories of validity in different points of view.

    (Just to be clear, I also don’t believe Obama is going to save anybody)

    According to my research the integral point of view is fairly new (30 or 40 years ago). But what about the awakened guys that appeared hundreds of years ago ? zen masters, etc. They knew there was no explanation, so where were they ?

    BTW your rants are hilarious (and illuminating) keep them coming !

    All the love,


    FROM BILL: Trust me, though the people at Integral like to think so, Obama isn’t Integral. Neither is Hillary. And Obama doesn’t believe that all points of view are equal. Pluralists say that, then turn around and call those who disagree with them vile names.

    To learn more about the Pluralist developmental level (or any other) see my extensive posts about human development at the beginning of this blog. I believe the post about Pluralism is entitled “Everything is relative, right?” Or something like that.

    Ken Wilber talks about two types of development, state development and stage development. Stage development is what I’ve been talking about in my recent answers to peoples’ questions, and in the early posts about human development. State development is about attaining (if you want to call it that) non-dual states. Ken would say that the ancient Zen masters were highly developed in terms of state development, but often much less developed in terms of stage development. A lot of ancient mytical thought was magical or mythic–that where the center of gravity in their society was. Rationalism, Pluralism, and Integral were yet to appear. New stages appear as they are necessary, in response to environmental, social, political, economic, etc. changes.

  74. Money Play says :

    Wow Bill… I’m actually beginning to feel my nadis slowing down and expanding. This is pretty amazing. Is this normal?

    FROM BILL: There’s no such thing as normal. You’ll be fine.

  75. Chris says :

    So then you think guys like Obama may observe himself as he observes his thoughts?

    FROM BILL: Well, I certainly think that Obama’s attention is mainly on himself, so in that sense, yes. Not, however, in the way I’m meaning it.

  76. Money Play says :

    So Bill if normal is defined as “the usual or expected state, form, amount, or degree”, no thing that humans experience can be constituted as usual or expected? I’m just trying to get a grasp of things…

    FROM BILL: “Normal” is a word, an idea. What difference does it make if the collective idea of something is that it’s normal or abnormal? If something is “normal”–or not–it’s only because a group of people (or, sometimes, an individual) decides that it is so. Based on what? All such things are arbitrary. Nothing is intrinsically normal or abnormal.

  77. Natasha says :

    Dear Bill,

    when I holosync, sometimes my mind starts to play tricks on me and I get really really scared.
    I see frightening images, or my mind tries to persuade me that if I open my eyes I’ll see a ghost or something scary, or that I will see someone standing right beside me (I was not scared of this prior to these experiences). I get really scared but if I make it and watch this and not believe it, then an amazing energy takes over me, the idea of ‘me’ drops and its just consciousness.
    But when I’m not meditating and I stop my thoughts and just sit having my cup of coffee and just listen to the birds or observe the sensation on my body, sometimes again consciousness comes (i don’t know how to say this since it doesn’t really feel like “I” am doing anything) but without getting scared or anything like that.
    Do you know maybe why there’s this difference?

    thank you very much for all your help,

    all my best,

    FROM BILL: When you use Holosync, you become more aware. A great part of what you become aware of, especially in the beginning, are all those aspects of yourself and the world that you’ve disowned (read my earlier blog post, “What’s Hiding In Your Shadows?”). Everyone, to some degree, is taught while growing up that certain things are good and appropriate while others are bad and inappropriate. Especially important are all the things you were taught are wrong or bad or imappropriate about you, and all those things that are the horrible of horribles about the world–those things we sometimes have nightmares about.

    We do our best to disown or push all of this bad stuff out of our awareness, and most of us do a reasonably good job of it. These disowned aspects of life or of ourselves are called shadows. You cannot, however, get rid of them. They express themselves anyway, in covert and dysfunctional feelings and behaviors, in deep and dark fears, in nighmares. Many of the problems of your life are the “leaking out” of your shadows. Much of what you are triggered by in life is the leaking out of your shadows.

    So when you become more aware through meditation, one of the things that happens is that your shadows come into awareness. If you embrace them, if you own that all this bad stuff is part of being human, and part of you, and that all humans contain all the good and all the bad, then this stuff matures into beneficial qualities, and you become a rather remarkable person.

    Most people resist this stuff, though, because they’ve been taught that it’s bad. Sometimes this has been beaten into them–or it has, at the very least, been taught with some sort of negative reinforcement. If, however, you acknowledge that all of this is part of you, and that it’s okay to be both good and bad, appropriate and inappropriate–if you reown the shadows by watching them with awareness and seeing what they do and what effects they cause, it will free you.

    People want to feel their “Oneness with everything,” but don’t stop to think that if you’ve made half of everything bad or wrong, they’ll never feel it.

    You could say that this is a cleansing, a purification, of all the negative stuff you’ve repressed. Just watch it with curiosity. Don’t resist it. Actually, nothing is good or bad. Both are ideas about reality, but not reality itself. Reality is neutral, and then people project onto it their own meanings. Just watch, and keep watching, and something amazing will happen–maybe not right away, but it will happen.

  78. Money Play says :

    Bill, what is The Truth?

    FROM BILL: An idea.

  79. Bill,

    Do you have ANY beliefs you act upon, or do you make them on the fly moment by moment ?

    Did you know R.H Blyth once wrote a telegram to Alan Watts saying ” I have decided to abandon satori and are trying to get attached to as many people and things I can ” ?

    Funny statement, I think I’m doing the same ;)

    All the love,


    FROM BILL: It’s okay to have beliefs, as long as you know that they are just beliefs, just ideas about reality, and not reality itself–and that you see their potential consequences.

    I am very familiar with R.H. Blythe’s letter to Alan Watts. He is talking about the fact that attachment and non-attachment are two sides of the same coin. You can’t have one without the other. Life with total attachment is filled with suffering. Life without attachment is dry, with no juice. Why be here if you won’t allow yourself to be attached? As you’ve heard Genpo Roshi say, the highest achievement is to be The One Who Chooses to Be a Human Being–the one who chooses his attachments, knowing full well the consequences, but also knowing that without some attachments, there’s really no point to being here.

    The aware person, instead of being unconsciously attached in a way that creates all kinds of random suffering for self and others, sees the web of cause and effect and knows what he’s getting into and what the likely consequences will be when he chooses to become attached to, for instance, his wife, his children, his friends, his students, or whatever. If he sees himself becoming too detached, as with R.H. Blythe, he moves toward the other pole, becoming more attached. If he sees himself moving too far in that direction, he may move back in the other direction and detach himself. It’s an oscillation, a play, a kind of breathing in and out, as are all things in the universe.

  80. Lyndelle McCoy says :

    Some time ago I decided the reason I have run into so many ugly, mean spirited, just plain rude females in my lifetime, (I am a 74 year old woman), is that there must be an ugly female in my head – an idea of course. She changes shape, sometimes very fat, or very skinny, sometimes very beautiful or physically repulsive. Is this what you call a shadow?

    I’ve identified some of the unpleasant feelings and ideas that come with them with “The family will be better off without me”, “I’m stuck in this world where there is no place I belong”, very strong anger at the current “female” and lately, even deeply felt “I hate her!” Lately to the point I want to hurt her if not kill her.
    Well, I can’t kill her. She’s a figment of my imagination, so…

    No doubt I had to repress anger as a child when my older sister abused me, and I had much anger at our mother for not protecting me from her abuse. I suspect I have memories of the two times my mother attempted to abort me. She wanted me gone, and I could only thwart her desire by resisting. So this female is a composite of my mother and sister as they appeared to me at different stages of our lives, with no set form or figure. “She”, the physical female, always presents as a self appointed wannabee authority over me.

    From reading your three blogs dealing with shadows, I’ve concluded that the only way this creature’s behavior or a memory of past or imagined future behaviors can really affect me is by triggering feelings that are actually generated within my own body’s nervous system, and that I can choose to experience any number of more enjoyable feelings by becoming aware of this fact.

    Okay… it’s the feelings generated by the behaviors of the physical females that cause me such discomfort. These feelings hit hard, fast and they don’t go away easily or quickly. Now what???

    FROM BILL: Yes, yes, yes! These are shadows, and the experiences you cite are the very kinds of experiences that can lead to one’s need to disown certain human characteristics or qualities. I would hazard a guess that you may exhibt some of the qualities you abhore in these females–but may not know that you do.

    The way to own these shadows is to allow the parts of you that reflect them, but have been disowned and buried, to speak. Perhaps sit down with a sheet of paper and “be” that femaile, and write down what she has to say, how she feels at being disowned, what she does (exhibits in you) because she’s disowned, what she would do if she were fully owned (it always turns out to be something beneficial). Another possibility is to do a phone session with Denise Harris, who is very good at facilitating amazing shifts with these shadows, and seems to know just what vocies to speak to and how to help you experience big insights and breakthroughs. Her number is 949 375 3043.

  81. So being totally detached is as much delusion (and still with consequences – a dry life ) as being completely attached. Yes, you can’t have an inside without an outside.

    Thank you Bill.

    BTW Have you consider merchandising some pajamas with the centerpointe logo on them ? or having a joint venture with frosted flakes ?

    All the love,


  82. carlos says :

    Bill ,

    It looks like when you are detached of something you want (at some level) you are far more likely to get it. Whether is money , friends , a date etc. If you are 100% detached you wont even want it in the first place , but being to attached to it you are likely to get in your own way.


    FROM BILL: I’m not sure I agree that detachment gives you what you want, though it might cause you to want what you get.

  83. carlos says :

    Bill ,
    I did not mean that detachment gives you what you want.What I meant is that in my opinion when you are too atached you are more likely to screw things up . like the salesman who really needs to make the sale (attached ) is more likely to blow it. If he is a little more detached /less needy he has better chances.
    Or the guy who is very attached to a particular outcome in a date will look needy and he will look like he has an agenda. but if he detaches a little from the outcome he is more likely to act relax and confident.


    FROM BILL: The salesman who really needs the sale blows it because (or if) he focues on NOT blowing it (in other words, if he focuses on what he wants to avoid). When he does that, he gives his mind an instruction to slow it.

  84. Sam says :

    I was wondering if you might discuss some of the stuff in your LPIP course in this blog, particularly the idea of on and off discussed in your second course, as it relates to our development. I’ve been studying some Buddhist teachings regarding the idea of emptiness and how our adding our projections of reality onto the inherrently empty nature of the universe creates our world. It seems to me that when one understands emptiness one can more readily understand one’s projections onto the world, which seemed similar to your idea of everything having an on/off aspect with the “on” representing our projection and the “off” representing the emptiness which exists always without our mind creating something with it. I think it would be quite fascinating if you illustrated some examples of this, although I’m not quite sure how applicable this would be here. I just know that these teachings have helped me a lot in getting a much clearer look at myself and the way my mind works, and quite frankly I’d like to hear a more modern teaching from you which isn’t so hard to understand due to broken language etc.

    PS: I love the last comment you made; hope you don’t mind if I use it.

    FROM BILL: This blog is full of discussions of these things.

  85. Money Play says :

    So you’re saying detachment does not, at least to some degree, help give people what they want? I feel like detaching from something a little bit takes the edge off and frees up the mind to do more efficient work in attaining something. Is this untrue?

    FROM BILL: You can’t have detachment with out attachment, just as you can’t have buying without selling, or up without down. Both are part of being human, both have their advantages and disadvantages.

  86. Dave says :

    Hi Bill

    Brilliant post but I seem to be a little bit confused. Hopefully you can clear this up.

    You say that “…..there is no feeler–no separate “you” who then feels something. Feelings happen, but a separate feeler is not necessary and does not exist …… The doer is nothing more than an idea.
    ……. but exercising choice rather than just responding automatically. Instead, the person responds from a wider pallet of choices that come out of the needs of the moment.”

    My question is who is making the choice? The map of reality/ego/idea?, Consciousness? (since you “need awareness to make a choice”) or just the organism itself. If it is none of them and the fact that there is no separate self, then who is it?

    The same question applies to the following statement “This realization requires that you own the feeling (i.e., acknowledge that it comes from something in your nervous system), which dissolves the shadow”

    Who is owning the feeling?


    FROM BILL: AH! You’re getting it! Choices happen, but no chooser is necessary. You see, this is the ghiost in the machine, so to speak. Everyone has fallen for the grammatical rule that every verb–every doing–needs a doer. That’s a gramatical rule, but not a rule of reality. Show me the separate agent who “does.” You can’t. If you eally look for this doer (which is what a good Zen master or guru has you do), you find that there’s nothing there. Still, doing happens. So obviously doing does not require a doer. The doer is an idea, not a reality. I plan on writing a more extensive post about this. I’ll say, though, that this is one of those things that you have to experience to really get–kind of like you can’t “get” sex until you have some. All the talk about it doesn’t really clue you in. Nonetheless, I will write about it soon, at greater length.

  87. Terry Heart Solomon says :

    I learned this morning that one of my heroes passed.

    After recovering from the initial shock, I felt a strange sense of relief – for I know that he had suffered greatly for many years – unbearable pressures, painfully ill health, day to day life that was a cage like existence, no authentic relationships to speak of – and an all consuming self-loathing brought on by abuse he suffered as a child.

    Now in the evening as I write this and reflect upon my day, it astounds me that I was able to function, let alone laugh and joke with colleagues and perform with clarity, and presence of mind.

    Before Holosync, an incident like this would have completely devastated me. Yet here I am feeling….okay.

    Whilst there is sadness at his passing, I also feel a strong sense of joy as I know that he can now rest, free of the torturous feelings of inadequacy that plagued his short, accomplished life. He has returned to Source and will suffer no more.

    Rest in peace Michael.



  88. Julius Ko says :

    You rock Bill… finally I have a holosync partner.. my girlfriend is now doing it too.. =)

    Hope all is well.. and about shadow material…. holosync doesn’t occur in isolation.. I personally think all of your reading materials, online courses, support letters, access to the blog, videos, etc… ALL that DEFINITELY helps with the Shadow….

    Just my opinion.

    – Julius

  89. carlos says :

    It is curious how the media is saying good things about Michael now that he is dead and how they only ridiculed and demonized him when he stop selling records a while back . and yet again how they made a god of him in the 80’s. This is another reason why I believe I should not give a f… about what anybody thinks and just be true to myself.


  90. Michaela says :

    Hi Bill
    I am looking forward to the post you will do regarding the doing minus the doer, I too am having a hard time grasping this. We’ve all been taught that the verb or action requires someone or something to carry the action out. As you said to Dave, ” That’s a grammatical rule,but not a rule of reality”. I guess this too comes back to that wonderful word you’ve used before – experiental. My other question is, what is reality and and what are it’s rules? Doesn’t our own individual concepts create our own reality and so it is constantly changing for each of us and thus the only rules are the ones we create for ourselves with our own ingrained beliefs?

  91. Sam says :

    I understand that everything in this blog–in fact everything in the universe–is an illustration of emptiness when examined closely. For instance I’ve studied the law of attraction for some time now and have not been able to come up with any examples of what they call high vibration, although if one studies Bob Doyl (for instance) one recognized that most of the law of attraction is empty or void of any actual vibration which might be discovered “out there” somewhere and that once one has it one is secure and everything just flows. However in Buddhist sutras they sometimes describe golden light which can be used to manifest things and, being that many of these paths illustrate how to manipulate the fabric of the universe, I’ve been looking at how we might use the idea of the golden light (also illustrated in your second course) to make it more likely that one gets what one wants; this means of course the entire world rather than an individual person, although some pretty outstanding results may manifest for the individual in rare–you working together with me on this–sircumstances. The thing is that there really is no golden light which can be used in this way, rather the idea is to study the emptiness behind everything in the universe and use the idea of golden light to represent the “on” or, in other words, stand for what we want. Certain things do happen when tapping into these mind streams, and a lot of this ancient wisdom is about how to get rid of what we don’t want and strive more towards getting what we all want, however it is only by reflecting on the inherrently empty nature of all things from which manifestation comes; it takes responceability taking and massive action, most of which most people aren’t interested in, however if one is willing to learn the universe’s gates open wide and manifestation becomes quite literally a breeze. I was just curious to note weather or not you’re interested in pushing further into this, however this isn’t for everyone; if you feel that I’ve missed something already regarding what the future of this exploration will uncover from your past blog entries, please point out specific examples rather than informing me that I’ve somehow missed something because this is hurtful to my self-esteem and isn’t productive of what we’re trying to do here (unless your last responce to me was inherrently empty from your side). There really is something to the whole idea of the law of attraction, however many find it really difficult to understand that we reap what we sew, or what goes around comes around. This tells me that we’re really in need of something, however I’m not quite sure what that is, and I’m hoping to work more towards that with our explanation. For instance your post “it’s all about awareness” was one when you used a certain kind of voice that made me feel good for some reason, and for whatever reason this type of education is very important to me. Some things that come easily for you might not come so easily for others, and I’m asking you to please be patient and perhaps put out something more for a baby who’s just learning to do all of this. I don’t know about high vibration, but can’t you coach us in how to put out good vibes? How do we act like everything’s fine when it’s not? I mean our lives are what we believe them to be are they not, and if not for that then everything would be empty. We’re worried about emptiness, so rather than following through with this perhaps an other is in order. But I went on too long again, as always.

  92. Bill,

    Can you comment about how we project our shadows on public figures also ? I think this helps in the realization that shadows are basically empty energy.

    I was shocked at the shadows MJ’s death triggered on me. Being a musician I could feel myself relating so much to Micheal, also the paradoxes of his life, being “loved” by millions and at the same time so hungry for love and intimacy.

    I can’t say exactly what it is, but it seems like the world (or at least part of it) feels the guilt of the pain he endured, we project that onto him.

    Also I want to say that even though there was a lot of emotional intensity (I couldn’t help but cry watching his videos) there is no “suffering” (I am not saying “I don’t want this”, there’s no resistance and I can allow myself to mourn for someone I never knew, in fact I think I’m mourning for a part of ME that is projected)

    I can even honestly say that I enjoy it, it somehow makes me connect, it makes me more open, I don’t think I would want to get rid of that, it is a beautiful expression of our humanness.

    It’s feeling sorrow and joy at the same time, I could see how they are one.

    It is very different when we are in the transcendent. In there I couldn’t help but thinking that if people could just “wake up” they wouldn’t suffer. Now I feel VERY human, somehow MORE human that before. Because I can let myself FEEL everything more deeply.

    Anyway I thought you could use this event to expand on the post.

    As always, all the love,


  93. Sam says :

    If you aren’t going to go into the emptiness (difficult to articulate here I imagine) please then do a post regarding something to do with the breathing. I find that when I become the breath that everything becomes easier, I don’t have to figure anything out, and I know just what to do in every moment (until I stop paying attention or breathing) which sounds a lot like the awareness that you talk about, yet there’s still a shadow aspect of myself that I’d like to get rid of which for some reason I can’t quite get. For instance one can’t study emptiness because there is always a shadow–a stane–remaining which prooves that the self does in deed exist, however when one becomes the breathing one becomes one with emptiness and the shadow or stane disappears; you’ve no doubt witnessed this as I imagine, because you’ve talked about emptiness all through this blog. However we cannot deny that this self exists, hence there is always a shadow or stane where the self was before due to carma etc, hence there is no true emptiness because there is always something. Even when the self itself appears to be non-existent there is no getting away from the fact that there is always something left behind in the form of a shadow or stane upon the mind, therefore we know that the self exists and cannot be ignored. However it is very difficult for the self to witness the shadow that is left behind because the self is unaware of the carma that it creates while asleep in ignorance, therefore the self (in this case me) needs some sort of feedback or monetor to act as the other side to reflect what the self cannot yet perceive. I need you to do a blog post regarding the breath, because I need a monetor with respect to holosync capable of articulating emptiness right now and rather than trying to convince you I’m hoping that your post on the breathing will help clarrify some things. And if you aren’t truly interested in all of this shadow stuff, with stains from selfs that don’t exist and the empty nature of carma and how we could change the entire world with one in-out breath and all of that, please move on to something more appropriate for someone of your intelligence and experience. If you’re heart’s not really in it you won’t really resolve anything for yourself or the world, and in my humble oppinion you should create a blog post that really captures your heart and allows it to sing loudly and proudly for everyone to hear; otherwise everything’s emptiness anyway, and you’ve already discussed that so why push further in to it, blah blah blah. Do something on here that really makes you happy, and you’ll be much better and you’ll help push through this wall that’s been here for quite literally longer than time. This isn’t a game anymore, because there’s too much in the world going on right now to continue to focus on what I want and how I can make myself happy! It’s time for us to want to get rid of our shadows because we want to make the world a better place, rather than trying to make ourselves more palateable for the world around us so we can gain some sort of advantage. It is time for great enlightenment, and I’m trying to get you in on the ground floor, and if you’re not interested please make this abundantly clear; this goes for all of you complainers out there (including Sam) who’s world isn’t the way one wants it to be. If we’re not really interested in making our world a better place, I’ll fix it, but I have to know what I’m up against. There are countless forces against me, numberless cause and effect bullets and all of that, but at least if I know the world’s not interested right now that can avoid many many of these “bullets” and I can sleep easier. Genpo mentioned the crazy guy screaming about enlightenment in the middle of Zion one time on one of his talks and, rather than get arrested, I’d like to figure out if I’m the one or not. Thanks a bunch!

  94. Terry HS says :

    Hi Bill,

    so I was thinking about the various stages of enlightenment and reading and re-reading and listening and re-listening to your fantastic posts on them. But I couldn’t help wondering to myself? “Why on earth would I EVER want to leave the Transcendent state?”

    I hear what you’re saying about the potential dysfunction in that there’s the possibility to disassociate with the fact of cause and effect, but then I look at someone like Byron Katie (who I think we can agree is at the Transcendent stage) and I think, well she’s not only totally at peace, all the time, but she’s also extremely successful in the world. It could reasonably be argued that Eckhart Tolle is in the Transcendent space and the same applies to him.

    It seems to me that in order for a person to be successful, they must either be extraordinarily fortunate (e.g. win the lottery, inheritance etc.) or have an underlying grasp and application of the laws of cause and effect – even if it’s unconscious and automatic. As far as I know, neither of those two either won the lottery or inherited a fortune.

    So after ‘attaining’ the transcendent, or waking up to it, realising it, embodying it or whatever, would I be able to choose to remain there if I wanted?


    FROM BILL: The transcendent is a place of delusion, just as is the relative world. It is also a place without heart. To have heart–to have compassion–you have to feel the pain of the world, which you do not do in the transcendent. In the transcendent everything is just fine, and you wonder why you can’t get all those other people who are suffering to see this.

    Ultimately this isn’t a matter of “should you”–or even “could you”. Cause and effect keeps you from staying in the transcendent. It’s called the fall from grace. Sometimes a person is cared for by others to the point that they are for the most part protected from cause and effect, and for that reason might stay in the transcendent, even if in that case cause and effect WILL effect you.

    The real pinnacle is to integrate the relative with the transcendent.

  95. Sam says :

    Can you please do a post regarding altered states of consciousness? It might be interesting to hear about what you’ve experienced with the audience at your presentations of big mind with Genpo Roshi, because from what I’ve experienced this is a gold mine for learning about such things. Have you experienced any alteration in your state due to your experience with big mind? I don’t think that altered states are necessary persay when working with yourself or others, however they often provide the wiggle room necessary to get useful work done.

    You illustrate something in your first course called a cybernetic loupe, which you used to point out that we can alter our internal map of reality in various ways and when that when we change certain things about our map it results in subsequent changes in the other parts which are connected by way of this loupe. For instance when we change our internal representations–our sights, the sounds we hear, our internal dialogue etc–we effect a change in our behavior–we take different actions based on different experience– and our physiology–our mood for instance– is changed as well. In this way I hope to use what you teach to apply the internal map of reality to altered states of consciousness, in that understanding how our state changes might account for internal representation changes, or perhaps by thinking in a certain way we can effect an alteration in our state which can help us better understand our world. I understand from your first course that this material can actually be applied to real life and that factual information about our world can be drawn from these altered states to give us useful information about how our internal map of reality works; I used your modeling process with a recording of Ram Dass and learned that there’s always someone to talk to if I want about this if I use my imagination and wisdom. What I mean is that I imagine it possible to listen to Ram Dass and obsorbe some of his knowledge into my internal map, and if we can explore alterations in our state then we can better understand how flexable our internal representations become.

    I think that shadow work is very important for our well-being, however if we can have fun with our internal map of reality I believe that we can get a lot of useful work done without it seeming like work. I notice myself going through many many altered states while doing big mind work, however when I encorporate voice dialogue process to really get shadow work done it becomes much more than just a journey into la-la land. It seems to me that holosync helps out quite a bit with this, with particular respect to my ability to come back to my center of being from somewhere to continue the work and resolve shadow material, and that if we take the right approach to this–that of a curious adventure–we could really make this a great joy for everyone. There’s a lot going on with the economic situation, the world’s not doing so great over all, however I believe that if we all do our part to be happy then the rest will all fall into place.

    I don’t know if you’re interested in such things, but some pretty cool things are happening for me with respect to holosync (some of which can seem pretty scarry at times) and I’m wondering if any one else has had any experience with altered states or anything regarding personal experiences of expanded consciousness. I believe that there’s a lot of potential in what Genpo Roshi is doing in his big mind process, and I feel that perhaps we’re bearly scratching the surface regarding this exploration. It seems also that you’re on the leading edge for some of us regarding these things, and it would be cool if we could stretch ourselves a bit.

    PS: if nobody is interested in such things then I appologize once again for the rant, but I felt like getting the ball roaling on something.

  96. Bill says :

    Hi Bill, A few months before I came across Holoscync on the net I took part in a eight day process call The Hoffman Quadrinity Process which brings into awareness the counterproductive beliefs, perceptions and emotional needs that have been adopted from parents or childhood mentors etc. This process enabled me to become aware of disfunctional patterns (or shadows) which were controlling my life. We were told it would take at least 2 years to become fully intergrated with the process. I did the process in March 08 and started using holosync in September 08 (have not missed a day!). I am sure I started using Holosync because of my renewed awareness which put me on a quest seek further self improvement. Although The Hoffman Process was benificial to me however the stress and anxiaety I was experiencing due to my marriage breakdown would still get the better of me. Emotionally I was a wreck. Holosync has elevated my thresholds to a level where even my X thinks there is something wrong with me because of my calm and relaxed behaviour. She thinks its weired especially as I no longer follow her unconscious attacks on me which because of my conscious responses now hardly occur and when they do I usually get an apology or explantion for her disfuncional behaviour. Unless i was conscious of my reaction to her attacks this breakthru would not be possible. Although she still thinks im being wierd and that i am a walking ‘time bomb’ waiting to go off, all other people in my life are amazed with the positive changes in me and know this is who i am without any underlying fear.

    FROM BILL: I know the people who run the Hoffman Process, and highly recommend it. It’s one of THE best ways to deal with a lot of old stuff quickly and deeply. My wife did it and experienced a huge shift. Done with Holosync, the Hoffman Process is even more powerful.

  97. Money Play says :

    I’m starting to feel as if there is only One Cause, and everything else is just an effect… but on the flip side, also realizing these are only labels used to represent…

    FROM BILL: “Cause” and “effect” are ideas. Just like dividing the world into “things” and “events”, causes and effects are conceptual, a convenient way to talk about things, but not real in any tangible sense. You can’t hand me a cause or put an effect in your pocket. Just as you could say (as I have done) that everything is one infinitely big “thing,” or one infinitely big event, you could also say that everything is one big cause or one big effect.

  98. Terry HS says :

    You know I really didn’t think you’d be able to sell me on moving beyond the Transcendent. But you really did – nice work :)

    I’ve heard people talk about the expense of your product but I think if they understood, just how much value it provides, they would be falling over themselves to thank you for your generosity.

    I don’t think you can put a price on having someone teach you to live a life that’s happy and fulfilling, where you feel peaceful and centered regardless of what’s going on. But that’s just me.

    Anyway, in ‘the early days’ when I first started (only 2007 but seems like many years ago), I was an individualist. I know that most people find it difficult to judge their own level, but after reading your description of the Individualist, there was just no doubt in my mind. My accuracy was confirmed after taking Susanne Cook-Greuter’s sentence completion test.

    In the past few weeks, I had a realisation during a Holosync session. I began to think of the challenges that I faced as a child and some of the unpleasant things that had happened to me. And it became clear, on a feeling level, that had it not been for my suffering I would not have had the incentive or motivation to pursue this path, and certainly not with the persistence that I have applied even when it’s been hard. So as unpleasant as these experiences were at the time, they really were a gift and I’m grateful to life for them.

    As I continued to observe my mind, I noticed that I was exercising a new found ability to create and interpret my stories in ways that would generate feelings of happiness, well-being and encouragement within me. I saw that I was applying these strategies more and more in my everyday life and had used them to achieve important personal goals…. I had become a Strategist.

    It’s gratifying to have made this progress, but a huge amount of credit must go to you. There is NO WAY I would have developed this much so quickly without Holosync and the LPIP course.

    I know that through regular practice, the old mental patterns will subside, and consciousness will become aware of itself through me.

    You are a gift.


  99. Paul says :

    I have been using Holosync and have seen definite changes in what I believe is my awareness. What seems different about my sense of awareness after using Holosync is an ability to watch my own thoughts and actions. However, prior to using Holosync it seemed like I knew about these same problems, but thought that was awareness.
    What I am not 100% clear about is how does knowing about your problems differ from being aware of them? I have heard you describe the difference as know “what” or “why” you are doing from “how” you are doing it? Specifically, how does seeing “how” you are doing it create more awareness? For example, I know I spend too much time watching T.V. and I do it to de-compress and relax, which answers the what and the why, but the how is still a mystery to me. Is there where awareness comes in?

    FROM BILL: The “how” is what you do inside your mind that, for instance, causes you to watch too much TV. What do you say to yourself? What internal pictures do you make? What beliefs are involved, and what kinds of internal dialog and internal pictures are involved when you believe it? When you see yourself doing this stuff, inside your head, as it happens, and also see how directly this stuff leads to what you feel, how you behave, and what people and situations you find yourself attracting or being attracted to–that is awareness of what you do and how you create it. Just seeing the final result doesn’t help at all (as you know).

    You should take my Life Principles online courses, where I go into all of this, step by step.

  100. Mmadikila James Ratlhagane says :

    I have purchsed Awakening Prologue in 2007 sometime. I have been using it with great success. You have been sending me advise since but now that I have changed companies, I have lost the contact with you.

    The point is, I want to proceed to the next level and want to know what should I do to get the next package which is Level 1. How much will it cost me?

    FROM BILL: Call support at 503 672-7117 between 9:30 and 5:00 Pacific time, or email

  101. Joyce Schlachter says :

    Hi Bill,
    I have a question. I recently started “Tapping” (i.e., Emotional Freedom Technique-EFT) in addition to Holosync. Are you familiar with EFT? I want to try to tie the two together. I would like to tailor my subliminal affirmations for Holosync with those that are used when “Tapping”. I understand the importance of focusing on the positive instead of the negative when creating affirmations. When tapping, one would “setup” by saying “Even though I have this (state the problem), I deeply and completely accept myself”, as they tap on accupressure points on the body. When “tapping” you verbally acknowledge that you have a problem; with Holosync I’ve been encouraged to only verbalize what would be the positive outcome, e.g., “I deeply and completely accept myself”. What do you think about this? Your insight is appreciated.

    Thank you!

    FROM BILL: I’m not into tapping. I’ve never seen anyone who seemed to be a really clear and emotionally healthy person as a result of tapping. If you think it works for you, go for it. I’m sure it will be fine if you state the problem before you say the positive affirmation.

  102. maggie cameron says :

    I have just purchased your CD series.
    Could you tell me if you ever bring your workshop to New Zealand, or Australia, and if so, give any details?? Would love to attend.
    Many thanks

  103. Samuel says :

    Hi, good article.
    Ive just started using Awekening Prologue and I want to start working with my shadow. If I get you right from your articles and what I learned from Big Mind, this is how I start working with my shadow:
    1. Discover what my shadow materials is (disowned anger etc.) by noticing what most triggers me in others, and be awere that the response is coming from me.
    2. Speak from that voice and let it express itself (and thereby reowning it).

    And of course continue with my Holosync CDs

    Is it that simple? Or is there something more you want to add, or something I should keep in mind? And why is it so important to reown your shadow and what are the benefits? Sometimes it feels hard to do this on my own, and I dont have a teacher or faciliator.

    Another question I have is about beliefs, focus and shadow.
    If something isnt working in my life, some area. What is causing that? My beliefs? What I have focused on? Or is it a shadow part of me that is responsible? I just need some directions on what I should focus my awareness on when something isnt working in my life.

    Thankful for answers, and I am very excited to be in the program.

    FROM BILL:L Come see Genpo Roshi and I at one of our workshops: for NY, for Houston (that site may not be up yet, but will be soon if it isn’t).

  104. Samuel says :

    I would love to, but I cant. I live in Sweden and I dont have the money and time off to go America. But Genpo is coming to Denmark I January. Ill be there.

    Do you have any videos of your workshops that I can check out?


    FROM BILL: Yes, Genpo will be in Copenhagen in January. For details, see The rest of you, come see Genpo and me in New York on September 19-20 ( or in Houston on October 24-25 (

  105. Donna says :

    Hi Bill

    I have been doing holosync for a while now currently doing awakening level 2. I have been trying to get my head around the shadow and trying to work out what my shadows are. I can tell you what annoys me people who smother me, are controlling, selfish, and who lie and are insincere. I dont think I am like any of those things if anything I am the opposite but from what you have said thats what I am expressing. why am I attracting people like this there are so many people who in my life are like this, I must tell you to that I am not a very assertive person I run away from everything instead of dealing with them and confronting people I would like to have more guts. what do you think?
    I have to tell you holosync has helped me incredibly so thankyou for that, I hope you come to australia someday I would love to come to one of your workshops

    FROM BILL: I think those things that bother you are your shadows. Everyone but you can see it, because you have disowned these parts of yourself. You need to speak from “the one who smothers”, “the controller”, “the liar”, “insincerety” and “selfishness”. You have disowned these normal human aspects of yourself, so they are being expressed in a dysfunctional ways in you, and you are attracting others who also express these qualities. Let them out of the basement and they will mature. Let them speak.

  106. Paula Varns says :

    Thank you for making the distinctions. Well written blog! The way you have articulated the shadow has made this so much easier to understand intellectually and to take action on. I’m in agreement with you about mediation and shadow work. What we don’t know about meditators is what other types of healing work they may be doing. These other methods may or may not be contributing to integrating the shadow.

    Meditation has helped me to be aware. Thank you for the work you do and the services you provide.

  107. Donna says :


    Not long after I wrote that comment I had a big AHA! moment. I thought there was no way I could be displaying some of those qualities that I absolutely hated. I realised that I had disowned those qualities because a long time ago I had displayed those things fully in my life and people didnt like me so I changed myself and hid them away but I realise that you are right I just wanted to tell you that, and I will try speaking from those perspectives. Thanks Bill

    FROM BILL: Great insight. Good for you.

  108. Dee says :

    This was a Huge amount of food to take in. New stuff for me, thanks

  109. Ajda says :

    dear Mr. Bill,
    I bought all Your cd s books and everything You so gently offered here so as soon as i have what it needs to start doing HOLOSYNC,i m with You!
    One last(but not the least!hehehe)thing(amongst million things i d like if i may to ask,talk,discuss with You and with Your gentle consence if i ever manage to have a chance,and i ll do aything to have it..even to come to Vancouver or somewhere in Europe some other time to listen Your “conferences”or much beter-teachings)
    I wanted You to know-to warn You!hehe,that as i was reading all Your previous emails and especially this one when i decided to buy everything and “START”,i think i can be able if not to “overtake”You-My Master,than at least i know(feel!!)i can be very very soon at the same “level”of Yours!
    This doesn t seem “very” humble,but i JUST FELT that I HAD to write You this,to let You know at what point i already just by reading all this blogs and everything i already”K N O W” and i don t know how,but i had and i am aware when and somehow sometimes even why-all those 7sensations you were talking about.I am reading a lot-and i mean-a lot,so it s a little from here little from there i suppose!i also think that i already use what i have in huge amount and this i know and fell-and that gift of mine is-my constant awareness.
    All in all ,i lost my “flow”of thoughts!hehe,and i don t know what briefly(call it -briefly you said!i hear you!!hehe)i wanted to explain from inside of me,so i ll stop here-promisse!!
    I m sendind you my warmest and most respectfull regards
    i apologise if i in any way or with any word offended You-as it was last(non existing) of all my intentions.Again-please forgive me if i was rude or said something i wasn t supposed.(i always say wrong things in wrong places-other of m great gifts!hehe)-All this only for stopping You from calling an ambulance car for “mentally ill verry dangerous people “!hehehe
    Big warm hug
    Wish You all the best in Your work and life
    and hope to talk sometimes somehow personally with You-at least-silently and long distantly!!!! ;) :)
    Yours sincerelly
    Ajda B.

  110. Xenitron says :

    Bill Harris buddha respons is self-refuting. If there is no genuine self, then there is no one that realizes anything.

    “What hopefully happens in meditation is the realization that while feelings happen, there is no feeler–no separate “you” who then feels something. Feelings happen, but a separate feeler is not necessary and does not exist (contrary to what nearly everyone takes to be common sense).” But who is doing the realization? And who wrote this comment? No one? Furthermore are we going to end all system of justice as well, after all, if there is no self to punish and the crimes just exist in thin air what point is there to punish anyone?

    Another absurdity is also obvious in the analogy with flashes “but no need for a flasher, a separate something that does the flashing.” This seems to deny the distinction between cause and effect, which in turn denies the second noble truth of buddhism, that dukkha is cause by desire. Thus, the version of buddhism Bill seems to be advancing seems to be incoherent.

    FROM BILL: You have missed the point. There is an organism that, in response to its environment, acts (the environment and the organism are really one thing, however–the distinction between the two is mental). What people think of as the self, however, is not the actor. The self is a collection of ideas with no more substance that your IDEA of happiness or blueberries or hot sex.

    So when I say that acting happens without the need for an actor, I am saying that when acting happens there is no need for a supposed separate self. I didn’t say that there’s nothing there that feels something–I said that there is no separate self that feels something. The organism responds to what is going on around it, but the “self” doesn’t respond (it’s just an idea).

    You’re right that there’s no one who realizes anything, though. I’m saying that there is no SELF that realizes anything. The organism’s nervous system creates ideas. The idea of “I” is, however, just another one of the ideas. It is NOT the actor or the decider.

  111. Xenitron says :

    I cannot see that my arguments misses the point. Are you saying that there is no ‘you’ that decided to answers my post, but rather ‘the organism’ ? Are all our acts just responses to environment by a biological organism and not decisions by independent subjects? Again, what about moral responsibility how can there exist morality without any self that owns moral quilt, for instance? If no one commits the moral or immoral act then morality itself seems to vanish. How can such a metaphysics be reconciled with the view that, say, Hitler was bad whereas mother Theresa was good? Was it only their ‘organisms’ that was good or bad? Does that even make sense? What about love, is that also just an idea?! Love seems to presuppose a relation between two subjects, two selfs. How can real love exist if there are no one that loves?

    FROM BILL: Read my other posts on this blog. I’ve explained it in detail in other places. What you think of as “you” is your idea of you. Ideas can’t do anything. An organism with a nervous system can do something, but the ideas that nervous system has are not doing anything. This is the mass delusion of humanity.

    Read the many other posts I’ve done about this.

  112. Xenitron says :

    Ok, I will try to read your other post about this. However it seems difficult that your position has absurd implications and/or is self-refuting. It seems to me that an organism cannot have ideas, only minds can have ideas, and then in a sense everyones mind would be a self. An organism is a biological entity incapable of having immaterial ideas by itself, only a mind can have ideas, thus it seems more plausible that we are our minds instead of saying that we are an organism. You state: “What you think of as “you” is your idea of you” my question is: what does “your” refer to in this statement? The organism? Only a mind can have delusions not a nervous system.

    FROM BILL: An organism’s mind creates ideas. One of those ideas is the idea of “me.” That idea of me, however, is NOT the doer, nor is it the organism, anymore than the organisms idea of reality is reality, or it’s idea of any particular thing IS that thing. Ideas represent reality, but they aren’t the thing they represent. All I’m saying is that what you think of as me is an idea, and it isn’t YOU–yet you (and almost all people) confuse the idea for the reality. As the great Alfred Korzibski said, “The map is not the territory.”

  113. Gary says :

    >But I’ve gone far astray…

    But I found that part very interesting because I always had a problem with the notion that we are split into separate parts. The first time I had this problem was trying to figure out what was the mind vs the body vs the spirit; and who was in charge of me.

  114. Chad Avalon says :

    I am on Holosync awakening level 2 disc three. I believe I may have I have some important contributions/inquiries.

    Frankly, I am afraid to get off Holosync. I am afraid that once I stop listening that I will lack the ability to feel deeply into my soul as I have been lately. When speaking about the addiction potential, John Duprey stated: “Another of the extraordinary things about using brain entrainment technology with meditation, which I have found in myself and heard reported by others, is that even when not using the technology, the Holosync® practitioner is able to access deep meditative states”. I meditate with Holosync everyday for 45 minutes and continue sitting for the full hour and once a week do the full hour. (I find myself too stimulated when I do the whole thing, too emotional). Then at night I meditate for 30 to 45 minutes. I have no doubt that my meditation has deepened by the use of Holosync but my concern is, will it continue if I were to stop completely? What about when I cant afford to purchase anymore levels? Will I be doomed to samsara because of my lack of funding as a college student? It is like the saying that it is better not to start the spiritual path than to start it then stop. Is that even worse for Holosync? I am afraid to quit.

    In the morning, I feel as if I am truly living in the mystery of the universe. Strangely though, I rarely ever feel the radiant Love of existence like I do on meditation retreats. I just experience the Suchness and the Mystery aspects of awakening. It is truly interesting and amazing and wonderful, though while on the peak of this delta wave change I never stop and analyze my experience to say ‘this is cool’, I just fully appreciate what is in front of me. Truly a shortcut, in my opinion, to awakening. Which is not good or bad necessarily, as the next section reveals. I am so wowed by the Mystery that I don’t even ‘know’ that I am in the Mystery.
    Also, all of my, ‘filters of mind’ are seen through. So much so that I cannot even ‘see’ the filters that are being seen through. That takes time. And as a ‘bonus’ my intuition increases by a ridiculous degree. It shocks me how I can just ‘know’ things sometimes with such little reason to.

    As I come down, in the evening, my soul begins to come back to the reality of a habituated ego, but with the trust and openness from experiencing the ‘high’ of Holosync. Every night is like a rebirth into ego. This is the time when I can become very emotional and expressive and my soul is let out, crying for the heaven it had but did not know it had. I do have emotional ‘leaks’ during the day, but they come and go so quickly that there is no time to digest them and explore their roots. For this, I have found that the Diamond Approach is a superior method of exploring the amazing relationship of Soul to Spirit. The soul is ‘prematurely’ let free from its cage of ego when on the high of Holosync, so our egoic position of a peak experience finds these things threatening, which is why I keep it at 45 minutes as the leaks become too much to handle. When in the safety of my own home, I can deeply, and I mean deeply, explore the beautiful inner terrain of my soul. This, I believe, is ABSOLUTELY essential for Holosync to have truly ‘expedient’ results as a spiritual tool. Otherwise you bump and bruise and learn blindly and eventually your soul catches on and relinquishes the illusion of ego. Is that really faster than just plain mindfulness or any other practice?

    Also, I experience a significant degree of calm while I am ‘high’ from it (which, by the way, peaks for about 4 hours and slowly settles more and more throughout the day). I mean, sometimes I am suuuuuper calm.

    So back to my original concern about its addictiveness. I can feel when Holosync starts to wear off later in the day, even during one hour days, and am back into a normally conditioned self. So my fear, once again, is that I’ll never be able to access the depths of my soul if I were to quite completely, as Holosync gives me the trust to access those depths. This may just be one big ‘bleh’ about my own spiritual path. Who knows, maybe all ‘teaching’ is just that and we all learn from one another’s stories.

    Why do we use Holosync? Is it the burning desire to know Truth? To know God? If, as spiritual teachers say, this very desire is the fire that burns away all of our illusory veils of ego, why do we need Holosync? I do not do it for the spiritual ‘high’, because honestly, its not intrinsicly desirable or pleasureable. Its up and down just like life is, its just more dynamic while being able to retain a sense of calm. What is more desirable for me is to burn away all of our resistances to the simple Truth of what is right now, which occurs in the night when it starts wearing off. This is for the soul work in other words. Its silly to want the state of Holosync because there is no glory in it, no sweetness. Its just raw experience, a ‘premature’ awakening. How is that desirable to a soul that is believing the lie of ego? It is the work itself that we desire. The slow freeing of our souls conviction that there is something better somewhere else, something more satisfying. It is a catch-22. A paradox. A loop with no exit. We cannot want the experience of Holosync and want the Truth at the same time. The Truth is not found in any experience, no matter how raw it is, no matter how many filters of the mind are suspended. So, I guess my intention of using Holosync is for soul work, not ‘spiritual development’. It is best for what is called in the Integral movement the Shadow.

    Now this is a weird thing to talk about but truthful nonetheless. So I am experiencing someone during the day while I am still ‘high’ and am calm and authentic throughout our interaction. Then I see them in the night and I am a rip roaring talkative crazy guy that wants to get everyone excited and moving. (Ennea-type 7, by the way). So dynamic. Strangely though, I don’d mind it too much. Others though, can seem to get dissapointed when they see me so ‘real’ during the day and speedy and avoiding at night. So dynamic.

    Is it really worth it? I would have to say yes. In spite of my fears of addiction and the other confusing and difficult aspects of dynamics I would have to say that, yes, it is worth it. My soul screams yes, breathing the fresh air of beauty that surrounds her.

    FROM BILL: Whatever changes Holosync creates are permanent. And, believe me, there is a lot more to come. You are going through a phase where the applecart has been upset, but it will stabilize (and then be upset again, and then stabilize again, and…). Talk to someone from support.

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  116. Jim Smith says :

    Regarding your “give me a break” answer to Duff’s comment; here is my angry shadow recognizing your angry shadow

    FROM BILL: Though I get angry sometimes, and feel completely comfortable being angry when it happens, I don’t need to be angry to want Duff to give me a break.

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    FROM BILL: Awareness resolves shadow material. Holosync creates awareness.

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    FROM BILL: Well, the information about shadow material is very pertinent to your life, your mental health, and how you create your life, despite the many grim financial problems in the world.

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  123. vicente cardenas says :

    about 5 years ago I requested the free sample from centerpointe; i liked it, but after a few days i had several panic attacks. (i do not suffer from that). So a couple weeks ago i tried another binaural system, named shinka. After using it for 7 days i had another panic attack, (altough not as severe as 5 years ago). so, is there some people for whom this type of program doesn’t work? Your opinion on this will be greatly appreciated…

    FROM BILL: Sounds like you do suffer from panic attacks. Holosync brings to the surface unconscious unresolved stuff. It would be good for you to resolve it. Holosync shows you who you are under the facade. If you kept using it you would eventually resolve whatever in you created the panic attacks and your life would be infinitely better.

  124. Ed Whalen says :

    Well, after reading your post reply above where you talk about the “new age community” I want to say you’ve helped me get the clarity not to buy your product. I am not enlightened , (I don’t even have many moments that way), but I must believe that someone who uses that language is not nearly developed. As such I lose faith in a product whose #1 user shows such contradiction. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think I’ll go somewhere else where I feel more integrity of image and actions.

    FROM BILL: Well, Ed, I wrote this post a long time ago, and I don’t remember what I said about the New Age community, but it was probably that New Age people disown the negative. They think that everything should be “positive” and that you should avoid, disown, repress, or resist the “negative”. It would be nice if we could, but negative and positive go together–the exist IN RELATION to each other. You can’t get rid of the negative. If you could, you would be turning your back on half the universe.

    When people disown the negative (and New Age people are champions at doing this), those negative traits appear MORE, and they appear in an immature way, a way that is harmful to the self and to others.

    If you think knowing this and recongnizing it makes me “not developed,” I don’t know what to do about that. I think it makes me a) discerning, first of all, and b) well educated regarding human psychology and human development. It doesn’t do New Age people any good to disown the negative, and it makes them quite annoying. There are things in life that are tragic, such as when a parent loses a child, for instance. It is normal to be and feel “negative” at such times. New Age people I know in such situations quite often shame the suffering person because they won’t put on a happy face when something horrific has happened.

    In my opinion, if you think there is something wrong with my outlook on this, YOU have a problem.