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The Magical Wooded Path
A Journey to Mindfulness for Kids (and Adults)

Does your child have BIG feelings? And big REACTIONS to those feelings?

Perhaps they HIDE those big feelings, withdraw or shut down.

Emotions can overwhelm children as they learn to navigate a grown-up world, a world that is often baffling, “unfair” and even frightful to them at times.

BIG FEELINGS are no surprise, of course, not in children or adults.

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Dear Friend,

As a parent, caregiver, guardian or teacher, you know better than anyone how unsettling and disruptive emotional outbursts can be, for everyone involved. Kids will often cry or shout, lash out physically, or throw a good old-fashioned hissy-fit.

Perhaps even more worrisome, some children cope with “overwhelm” by hiding their emotions, thoughts and confusion…

....shutting down completely.

As a mother of three, former sports coach and substitute teacher, I’ve seen it all! I know how easily kids can get triggered. Emotions can easily overwhelm young minds and hearts, and send children into a downward spiral. It’s heartbreaking to watch... 

...and frustrating to endure!

Emotions are hard-wired into humans for the purpose of communicating with each other, and connecting with our own inner realities. But what should we do when our child’s emotions “run away with them” and cause them to behave in ways that are hurtful to themselves or others, destructive, or just plain annoying? 

Stuff them? Let them run rampant? Hug it out? Time it out? Cry it out?

For centuries, monks, masters and spiritual leaders have offered profound wisdom on this topic,  as old as time, as masterful as the universe, and as...  

...easy as child’s play.

There is no better time than now, and no better tool than meditation for children. Starting this powerful practice when they’re young (in a fun, engaging way) sets up a lifelong habit that kids will use throughout their life to:

Diffuse their anger, fear and frustration

Find a sense of calmness

Enable rational thinking

Balance their emotions 

Reduce anxiety...

...and many more benefits that will help them thrive at home, in school, and in life so they can truly rise to their full potential.

That’s why I’d like to introduce your child/ren (and you) to five wise and whimsical woodland creatures who guide a transformative odyssey through…

...a Magical Wooded Path.

This fun, engaging journey takes children (ages 6-12) into a mystical realm where they are guided to explore and experience... 

...the magic of mindfulness.

The Magical Wooded Path

The Magical Wooded Path offers 6 soundtracks for kids (12 minutes each), as well as a companion soundtrack for adults (or an older sibling or caregiver). 

As a FREE BONUS, kids get 5 incredible coloring pages, one for each character they can color over and over in new and creative ways. This will make their journey even more fun and engaging. 

Track #1: The Path to Focus (with Francesca) 
Track #2: The Path to Wisdom (with Oliver) 
Track #3: The Path to Happiness (with Penelope) 
Track #4: The Path to Centeredness (with Montgomery) 
Track #5: The Path to Kindness (with Dalrymple)
Track #6: Soundtrack of Soothing Music and Forest Sounds (No Narration)
Bonus: Fun Coloring Pages for Each Mindfulness Character
Track #7 (Adults): Beside the Gentle Brook 

These are no ordinary soundtracks! 

All of these soundtracks are powered by Holosync®.  Our proprietary neuro-audio technology is backed by rigorous scientific research, and 30 years of success of helping people all over the world. Holosync tones SAFELY guide your child’s mind into the alpha brainwave pattern, prompting...

...emotional balance, calmness, mind/body integration and learning.

The Mindfulness Masters

Meet the five wise and whimsical characters who will guide your child through this magical journey!

Track #1 The Path to Focus: Francesca

Fran for short, this fantastical fox introduces your child to the magical world of mindfulness.

With an occasional twitch of her fluffy red tail, Fran demonstrates meditation, as your child listens, his/her breath becomes…

...ever more slow and calm. 

Your child soon discovers that, little by little, this special path reveals the power of meditation to make your mind sharp and keen…

...and clear of worry and fret.

Fran also explains that all you have to do is sit in a quiet place, breathe, and watch whatever happens on the inside.

Track #2 • The Path to Wisdom: Oliver

Ollie for short, this wise owl lives among the trees that silently protect this magical path...and all who travel within it.

Ollie is the wisdom-keeper of these woods. 

He knows everything there is to know about this path, and he teaches your child that he or she is also a wisdom-keeper.

Ollie shares the great skill of paying attention to things, to keeping your mind flexible, open to learning and hungry for knowledge.

Knowing yourself, how your mind works and what you truly feel inside is the beginning of profound wisdom. Ollie teaches your child...

...the great wisdom that comes in stillness.

Track #3 • The Path to Happiness: Penelope

Penny for short, nothing much bothers this rolie polie panda, because she prefers to be happy.

Penny teaches your child that it’s okay to be sad or hurt or angry sometimes, but you can always choose to be happy instead.

You don’t wait for other people to do something you want or for gifts and games or birthday cake in order to be happy. 

Your child discovers that it’s possible to choose happiness... 

...without anything special happening on the outside. Penny teaches that you can be happy almost any time you want, and that the only thing that makes you happy… you!

Track #4 • The Path to Centeredness: Montgomery

Monty for short, this meditating monkey shows your child how to find a place where nothing upsets him or her. 

A deep breathing exercise illustrates the path to your child's inner center, where he or she will find a calm, centered peacefulness.

Your child discovers how to float above everything, high above outside circumstances like a fluffy pink cloud floating across the sky…

...where nothing is upsetting.

Monty teaches that when you do your deep breathing exercise, you’ll find yourself feeling completely at ease. And you’ll notice a kind of a feeling of total peace, and a...

...calmness right in the center of YOU. 

Track #5 • The Path to Kindness: Dalrymple

Dally for short, this purple dragon is a good friend who's been waiting to see your child for a long time. 

Dalrymple-the-Kind shares a transformative story, about how all the other dragons used to make fun of him because he was different from them…

...which used to make Dally very mad. 

Eventually, Dally started to realize that getting mad at others didn’t help much. Feeling sad all the time…

...just makes you sadder. 

Your child discovers that it’s okay to be different from all the other kids (or dragons). In fact, being unique can be a GREAT thing! The important thing is to show kindness and compassion to others…

...and to yourself!

Track #6 • The Wooded Path (without guided narration)

In this “Wooded Path” soundtrack, your child will hear soothing music with birds chirping amidst a beautiful melody. 

This track has all the benefits of the other 5 tracks, but without the guided narration. This track is designed for children who’ve listened to the five “story” versions more than once, and want…

...the journey to mindfulness without the guided narration.

Track #7 • Beside the Gentle Brook (for Adults) Mindfulness isn’t just for kids! 

This 12-minute companion track allows you to listen along with your kid/s (or by yourself!) to help alleviate stress and worry. 

By listening to Beside the Gentle Brook, adults can experience a deeper level of meditation, with a deeper brainwave target and a stronger Holosync stimulus.

Beside the Gentle Brook offers incredible feelings of calm, centered resilience to outside circumstances. 

Bonus: 5 Coloring Pages

Each character is brought to life in these detailed coloring pages!

You’ll find Fran, Ollie, Penny, Monty and Dally in their own unique environments. Not only are these pages fun to color and share, the child’s creative process helps trigger the imagination, anchor the colorful lessons, and...

...illuminate the transformative process of mindfulness.

We don’t always know how to deal with our emotions...even as adults!

From joy to rage, love to fear, pride to guilt, and every feeling in between, emotions have a habit of coming upon kids without warning, as they learn to navigate the world… the best of their young abilities.  

Outside triggers and internal feelings are unique to each child, but the coping mechanisms that manifest on the surface tend to range from silence to fury, shutting down to lashing out...

...and everything in between.

There are many ways of coping with unwanted emotions, and most of them aren’t good for any of us in the long run.

Meditation, however, is an ancient and profoundly healing tradition that has been SCIENTIFICALLY proven to benefit CHILDREN in many transformative ways. When children meditate, even for a little while, they:

Build emotional & psychological resilience

Create core emotional regulation skills

Learn how to breathe properly

Increase their ability to focus

Calm their stress & anxiety

Behave better in class

Discover independence

Find ways to “unplug”

Nothing can serve your child/ren as profoundly as a practice of meditation.

It’s much easier and more effective to introduce a meditation practice to children when they’re young than it is to wait and try to instill this terrific habit to older children. Even adults, who understand the benefits still balk at taking the time to do it.

Like brushing their teeth, meditation is an essential habit for children to learn YOUNG and continue throughout their lives.

And there’s no better way to start than with the Magical Wooded Path.

Like most things in life, we want to cultivate the good things and avoid the bad ones. 

But we can no sooner stamp out “negative” emotions than we can or want to avoid feelings of satisfaction, glee or excitement. 

Negative emotions also serve an important purpose us vital information on our behavior, our social structure and our environment. Emotions tell us when something is amiss. They can also provide a clear compass that guides our actions in positive directions. 

When children stuff their emotions, they are creating a habit that is just as “destructive” as breaking toys or yelling at everyone in sight. Meditation can help children observe their emotions and manage their reactions, creating…

...skills that will serve them (immensely) throughout their entire lives.

This Unique Suite Includes 7 High-Quality Soundtracks to Help Your Child/ren and You Find Emotional Balance and Calm Mindfulness

Get the Magical Wooded Path Suite…
...including the FREE Coloring Pages!

Get this 6-track set of Holosync soundtracks (12 minutes each) for kids aged 6-12, PLUS a companion soundtrack for adults, AND 5 fantastical coloring pages.

The Magical Wooded Path suite is designed to help your children find immediate relief from stress and emotional overwhelm, AND…

...establish a transformative mindfulness practice FOR LIFE.

Here's what you get:

  • Track #1: The Path to Focus
    With Francesca the Fox
  • Track #2: The Path to Wisdom
    With Oliver the Owl
  • Track #3: The Path to Happiness
    With Penelope the Panda
  • Track #4: The Path to Centeredness
    With Montgomery the Monkey
  • Track #5: The Path to Kindness
    With Dalrymple the Kind Dragon
  • Track #6: The Wooded Path
    Soothing music and forest sounds with no verbal narration
  • Track #7: Beside the Gentle Brook (Free Bonus for Grownups)
    12-Minute companion track for adults
  • Bonus: 5 Fun Coloring Pages (Free Bonus)
    A coloring page for each of the Mindfulness Masters
Suite Price: $99

Listen to a sample of The Path to Focus  with narrated story here:

Listen to a sample of The Wooded Path without narration here: 

Listen to a sample of Beside the Gentle Brook for grownups here:

The Magical Wooded Path is truly amazing...from its powerful vision, to the whimsical artwork, and to the technical engineering that powers this extraordinary journey for kids.

This suite will give your kids immediate tools for inner strength and resilience, and set them up for a lifetime of success.


MaryEllen Tribby
Centerpointe CEO

MaryEllen Tribby

P.S. As a mother of three, entrepreneur, and CEO of a global brand, the education of the next generation is extremely important to me. 

As we look to the future, it’s critical that we teach our kids inner resources and emotional intelligence as well as book smarts. Nothing will help our kids so much in the journey into adulthood as… a solid foundation of mindfulness.

There is no better time or place to start than now and here...

...with the Magical Wooded Path.

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