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“You can live your life from a transactional or transformational point of view. When you choose the transformational viewpoint, you realize it is a continuous journey…one that is more generous, bountiful and fulfilling over time.”

~MaryEllen Tribby, Centerpointe CEO

Journey To Transformation | Centerpointe Research Institute

In a World Full of Chaos and Turmoil, How Do You Contribute to Positive Change? 

Where do you begin?

What would your life…your family…your community…your world…look like with all of your emotions in balance?

Imagine going through life, day-to-day, without pain, contention and disappointment. 

What if YOU had THE KEY to transforming:

  • Anger into Patience

  • Melancholy into Joy

  • Worry into Grace

  • Despair to Courage

  • Fear into Serenity

Journey to Transformation Soundtrack | Centerpointe Research Institute

Is it possible to balance your emotions and heal the hurt in your heart,
mind and body? Of course.

 And it doesn’t have to be HARD work.

Monday, 1:11pm, Beaverton, Oregon

Journey To Transformation | Centerpointe Research Institute

Dear Friend,

You can’t turn on the television these days or open your computer without being inundated with horrible news.

From remote countries across the globe, to the schools on Main Street USA, to the turmoil under your own roof…

…chaos swirls around us.

In fact, one of the worst days of my life came on Valentine’s Day 2018 with the Parkland school shooting at a high school near my home in Florida.

Thankfully, my son, who attended a nearby high school, came home safely that day. Physically safe,  I should say. We as a family are still working through the emotional pain he witnessed that day. You see, videos of the school shooting were sent to him and his classmates within 20 minutes. Real life murders of children his age, no one should ever see.

Yet he was one of the lucky ones.

Seventeen kids were murdered on the Marjory Stoneman Douglas campus that day, and 17 more injured in a rampage that could have, should have, been prevented.

Lives lost, families destroyed, children terrified and victims facing
 lives forever changed.

As the CEO of Centerpointe, I feel we owe it to society to provide powerful tools to address the chaos swirling in our hearts and minds these days.

Yes, we have been providing tools and helping everyday folks all over the world for 30 years.

But now is time for a stronger change. 

So, Centerpointe’s neuro-audio engineers recently rolled up their sleeves to address this issue of global chaos. Beyond my wildest expectations, they created…

…an extraordinarily powerful tool to help people literally transform their inner turmoil. A Suite of soundtracks called:

The Wu Xing Power Suite

Wu Xing Power Suite | Centerpointe Research Institute
Wu Xing Power Suite | Centerpointe Research Institute
Wu Xing Power Suite | Centerpointe Research Institute
Wu Xing Power Suite | Centerpointe Research Institute
Wu Xing Power Suite | Centerpointe Research Institute

I want to tell you all about it (see below), but first let me explain why this is so critically important.

We can’t help but feel profound emotional responses to the world we live in. 

As a wife, mother, friend and CEO, I always want the best, most harmonious processes and outcomes. I want all the people in my life…

…to thrive instead of struggle, to be happy instead of sad and to be joyful instead of angry.

Journey To Transformation | Centerpointe Research Institute

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

~Mahatma Gandhi

Journey To Transformation | Centerpointe Research Institute

There is no better time than NOW to embark on a path of transformation. (You’ll see as you keep reading, there’s also no better WAY, to embrace change.) And it all begins with YOU.

You can’t change the world, your country, your community or your home for the better, until you change yourself.

At the core of mastering yourself (before you take on the world!) is the mastery of your emotions. So let’s begin there. 

To be Human is to Feel

We all have experiences of worry, anger, melancholy/depression, despair and fear in our lives. These emotions are inescapable. No one, seriously, NO ONE gets through life without facing these challenges.

Some emotions are harder to let go of than others. Some roll off our backs. Just part of doing the business of life. Others, though, (whether we are consciously aware of them or not)...

...follow us like shadows lurking throughout our lives. 

Some wounds we carry throughout our whole lives. And if you’ve ever been told to “Just get over it,” you know how unkind and impossible that sounds. Healing is a process, not a Band-Aid.


These emotions (and the scars they leave behind) aren’t just tucked away in a vault for only you to experience. They manifest in your body, mind and emotions. They affect your physical health and the well-being of those around you, including all your relationships…

Journey to Transformation | Centerpointe Research Institute

…and your ability to live a truly fulfilled and joyful life.

That is why, for the first time ever, we have turned to the . . .

Five Element Theory

Wu Xing

Fortunately, we have 2,400 year-old wisdom from Chinese medicine to draw upon in order to heal our emotional states and restore our good health and positive state of mind:

In traditional Chinese medicine, balancing the Five Elements is the KEY to healing.

“Five Elements is one of the major universal laws. Its significance and power cannot be emphasized enough.”

~Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha

Journey To Transformation | Centerpointe Research Institute

Drawn from an ancient Chinese medical text, Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine, the practice of Wu Xing (pronounced woo sheeng) balances the energy (Chi) within your body, mind and emotions.

Sounds incredible, right? Well it should, as so many of our Centerpointe family members have been asking us for this very thing, including the ability to:

Transform your emotions from:

Journey to Transformation | Anger to Patience | Centerpointe Research Institute

Anger to Patience

Journey to Transformation | Melancholy to Joy | Centerpointe Research Institute

Melancholy to Joy

Journey to Transformation | Worry to Grace | Centerpointe Research Institute

Worry to Grace

Journey to Transformation | Despair to Courage | Centerpointe Research Institute

Despair to Courage

Journey to Transformation | Fear to Serenity | Centerpointe Research Institute

Fear to Serenity

If only you could do that at the touch of a button! We’ve got you covered there, too.

The Technology Behind the Transformation

It might seem counterintuitive that technology has a powerful role in helping us transform negative emotions (and the resulting behaviors) into positive ones, BUT:

Holosync neuro-audio technology, has been optimizing people’s brains and transforming their lives for 30 years. 

This powerful brainwave technology safely retrains your brain in very little time and with absolutely no effort…

...creating changes that used to take decades of meditation.

By adding statements that reinforce your intentions, we are able to deepen and amplify your results. Our proprietary Autofonix technology, embeds positive statements beneath soothing soundtracks, where…

your subconscious mind picks them up and puts them into action.

From emotions running amok (and running your life), comes a solid, day-to-day foundation of balanced living. This foundation becomes a platform from which…

...your good thoughts, feelings and actions spill into the lives of others. 

This technology works for everyone. It will help you:

Turn your anger into patience, forgiveness & calmness under pressure

Turn your melancholy into joy, optimism & connection to others

Turn your worries into grace, confidence, peace & balance 

Turn your despair into courage, strength & resilience

Turn your fears into serenity, optimism, acceptance & peace

To give you this life-changing technological enhancement, Centerpointe’s team of neuro-audio engineers created a special collection—a suite of five Holosync soundtracks called…

Wu Xing Power Suite

More than a map, the Wu Xing Power Suite is a guided journey through the five phases of the Chinese Wu Xing. 

When the Five Elements of Wu Xing are out of balance, you will be off center, easily “tipped over” and reacting (often overreacting) in ways that don’t serve you...or others.

Using a combination of Holosync tones and Autofonix affirmations, the Wu Xing Power  Suite helps align and balance your emotional states:

Wu Xing Power Suite | Centerpointe Research Institute
Wu Xing Power Suite | Centerpointe Research Institute
  • Wood Element: Anger transforms to Patience
  • Fire Element: Melancholy transforms to Joy
  • Earth Element: Worry transforms to Grace
  • Metal Element: Despair transforms to Courage
  • Water Element: Fear transforms to Serenity

The Wu Xing Power Suite helps you balance each of these elements and transform your emotional states.

In the Five Element Theory, each emotion has a balanced and an unbalanced aspect. Each element also has an associated color, season, direction and other symbolism, which makes this process...

…super interesting, easy and fun!

But it’s also a serious undertaking. Your ability to live a rich, deeply fulfilling, profoundly happy life lies in your ability to balance the emotions (elements) of the Wu Xing.

And this is exactly what the Wu Xing Power Suite was created to help you with.

With this new Suite, we’ve taken our proprietary technology to the next level. You won’t find anything, anywhere in the world, for any price, like the Wu Xing Power Suite.

And we’ve made it ridiculously inexpensive. The Wu Xing Power Suite includes five downloadable soundtracks and some really powerful Free Bonus Tools to enhance and accelerate your results.


Transforming Anger

Patience is designed to help you move away from feelings of anger, irritability and aggravation toward a state of patience, kindness and composure. 

We all “lose it” sometimes. We blow up with anger, even disdain. Sometimes justified, sometimes not. It may be the jerk who cut you off in traffic, a child acting out, or someone who is…

Wu Xing Power Suite | Centerpointe Research Institute

…threatening the way things “should be”.

The more unbalanced we are in our emotional lives, the more extreme (and inappropriate) our reactions will be when things don't go our way. Even a minor transgression can trigger an outburst that you later regret. 

In the extreme, anger can lead to violence towards others and even towards yourself. In our day-to-day lives, nothing good comes from anger. Centered patience is the path to resolving conflicts. Patience also becomes a choice when you are in balance through the power of The Five Elements.

The Wu Xing element of patience is WOOD. Its color is green, its season is spring, its power comes from the east, and it is symbolized by a dragon.

When you balance the element of wood, anger becomes patience.

Journey to Patience | Centerpointe Research Institute


Transforming Melancholy

Joy is designed to help you move away from feelings of sadness, pessimism and melancholy toward a state of joy, happiness, and optimism. 

Who hasn’t had a bad day from time to time (or even much of the time)? As I mentioned above, to be human is to feel.

Wu Xing Power Suite | Centerpointe Research Institute

When bad days turn into weeks and months, even years, you don’t need me to tell you that your emotional life is out of balance. But I’ve been there, too, where you just can’t seem to get over the hump, find a ray of optimism, and move out of the pessimism.

Pessimism and melancholy can all too easily become a self perpetuating loop, where the more you see things through “shadowed” eyes, the more things come your way in shadows. 

If you are suffering from melancholy, it’s time to step back into the light, where you are free and full of hope again.

The Wu Xing element of joy is FIRE. Its color is red, its season is summer, its power comes from the south, and it is symbolized by a pheasant.

When you balance the element of fire, melancholy becomes joy.

Journey to Joy | Centerpointe Research Institute


Transforming Worry

Grace is designed to help you move from worry, anxiousness and unease to a state of grace, safety and gratitude. 

Are you a worrier? Are you often expecting bad things to happen? 

Some people describe themselves as born worriers.

Wu Xing Power Suite | Centerpointe Research Institute

They feel a near constant sense of tension humming just below the surface of everyday life. Other people worry less often, but when triggered, take things to the extreme and “imagine the worst.”

There are certainly things that require your attention in life, starting with the safety and well-being of yourself and others. But living in a heightened state of worry doesn’t serve you.

In fact, too much worry can be counterproductive, and in the extreme, paralyzing.

In the balanced state, you are grounded, accepting and peaceful, and therefore able to take action from a strong, centered place.

The Wu Xing element of grace is EARTH. Its color is yellow, it represents the changes of the seasons, its power comes from the center, and it is symbolized by a phoenix.

When you balance the element of earth, worry becomes grace.

Journey to Grace | Centerpointe Research Institute


Transforming Despair

Courage is designed to help transform feelings of grief, sorrow and despair into courage, strength and resilience. 

Courage belongs to heroes and titans, right? Courage is the birthright of those who face down danger, violence and oppression. It belongs to those who have X-ray vision and wear red capes. But what about us mere mortals? 

Wu Xing Power Suite | Centerpointe Research Institute

What about those of us (everyone) who know the pain of unbearable loss?

When you're feeling such heartache and despair, sometimes it takes all the courage you can muster just to face the day ahead. 

In this state, it’s all too easy to withdraw from the world and sequester yourself in your loneliness. Facing “all the happy people” out there is simply too painful.

I promise you, all is not lost. Your profound sorrow, your grief and the feelings of hopelessness will pass. There is courage to be found, inside of you, to face the world again. 

The Wu Xing element of courage is METAL. Its color is white, its season is autumn, its power comes from the west, and it is symbolized by a tiger.

When you balance the element of metal, despair becomes courage.

Journey to Courage | Centerpointe Research Institute


Journey to Serenity | Centerpointe Research Institute

Transforming Fear

Serenity is designed to replace feelings of fear, unease and angst with those of calmness, serenity and peace. 

We often think of fearlessness as solely the domain of soldiers, firefighters and the brave men and women in blue. But sometimes you have to overcome tremendous fear…

Wu Xing Power Suite | Centerpointe Research Institute

…just to tell your truth to someone.

Countless situations arise in your daily life–work, play, relationships–that can cause fear and doubt. Often we find ourselves tip-toeing around certain people or situations…

...if not outright avoiding them all-together. 

Without fear, you are free to be fully yourself. You can rise to your true height. You are able to take actions–from a calm and centered place–that will bring you the results you want in life.

The Wu Xing element of serenity is WATER. Its color is blue, its season is winter, its power comes from the north, and it is symbolized by a deer or a turtle.

When you balance the element of water, fear becomes serenity.

Free Bonus Materials

Your Wu Xing Power Suite includes fantastic bonus materials that you can’t get, or buy, anywhere else for any price. 


Use these powerful tools to help accelerate your transformation and develop ever increasing levels of patience, joy, grace, courage and serenity in your life.

Wu Xing Power Journal

The Wu Xing Power Journal is a beautifully designed, printable journal to help you document your own Wu Xing Power journey. 

It includes thought provoking questions to help you accelerate your transformation as you work to balance the Five Elements within yourself.

Journaling deepens your experience, provides clarity, and helps you resolve questions and issues in real time…as you write. 

You don’t have to be a writer to benefit from this journal. Use it however you wish, and always remember, there is no wrong way to do it.

Wu Xing Power Suite | Centerpointe Research Institute

Please note: The Wu Xing Power Journal is a digital product (only) for you to download and print at home.

Wu Xing Progress Tracker

Questions are among the most powerful tools in the world!  

By checking in with yourself and deeply contemplating your current emotional states, profound answers will be revealed to you.

So we created a handy daily “check-in” sheet, called the Transformation Tracker to help you stay “in touch” with your emotions on a daily basis. 

Please note: The Wu Xing Transformation Tracker is a digital product (only) for you to download and print at home.

Wu Xing Guided Meditation

This beautiful 6-minute guided meditation will help you engage Wu Xing energies with a breathing practice. Experience the interchange of strong (yang) energies and soft (yin) energies as your body, mind, and spirit find balance through the power of Wu Xing. 

Wu Xing Power Elements

Wu Xing Power is based upon The Five Element Theory of Wu Xing (pronounced woo sheeng). Our beautiful Wu Xing Poster details this transformative balancing act.

Please note: The Wu Xing Power Elements is a digital product (only) for you to download and print at home.

The Five Elements Support One Another

We find the Five Elements in our external environment as well as in our bodies and minds. In fact, everything in our external and internal terrain is the domain of one of the Five Elements.

The Chinese tradition of Wu Xing illustrates “Five Phases” or “Five Transformations” or “Five Orbs” of influence. These elements don’t stand alone as do the traditional “Western” elements of earth, air, fire and water.

Each of the Wu Xing elements has a relationship with the others.

When the Five Elements are balanced, you’ll have better physical health, more success and greater peace of mind. When they’re out of balance, things tend to go poorly for you and you experience “dis-ease” of some type. 

Bringing together 2,400 years of Chinese wisdom and healing practice, we created an extraordinary suite of soundtracks for you: Wi Xing Power Suite.

More than a map, the Wu Xing Power Suite is a guided journey through the five phases of the Chinese Wu Xing

I hope you’ll take this journey with us!

MaryEllen Tribby | Centerpointe Research Institute



MaryEllen Tribby

Centerpointe CEO

P.S. The Wu Xing Power Suite is an incredibly powerful tool in your quest for a more generous, bountiful and fulfilling life. 

That said, The art of transformation is an ongoing process. 

The Wu Xing Power Suite is not a “one hit wonder” or a magic wand. Balancing the Five Elements is an ongoing process, always evolving, always deepening. It’s for serious travelers on the road to self actualization. 

It’s for those who seriously want to make themselves, and therefore their families, friends, communities and the world, better.

Please read this amazing story about of one of Centerpointe’s Accelerated Results Coaches, David, who created the concept of the Wu Xing Power Suite, based on…

...his own spiritual practices and transformational experiences.

As David will tell you himself, “You never stop working on your inner life. Transformation is a process that becomes part of your innermost nature.”

David Before

Six months ago, people would describe David as “mellow.” He was kind, patient, compassionate, knowledgeable and understanding. In others words, the perfect Accelerated Results Coach.

But underneath the surface, trouble was brewing. And had been for a long time. 

While we saw these qualities at the office, in his private life David says he was feeling “kind of numb.” He was, specifically:

  • Worried about the future
  • In a dead-end marriage
  • A procrastinator
  • Unmotivated
  • Overweight

He described his life back then as a “flat line” … bored at work, bored at home, and all the time wondering:

Is this it?

David During

Amateur photography became one of David’s only sources of escape. One day, on the shores of the Columbia River, he was lugging his camera gear through the sandy terrain in an attempt to get some good landscape shots. 

He was alone. He was cranky. He had an upset stomach. He was finding disappointment wherever he turned. He dropped his gear in the sand and said:

“There has GOT to be MORE than this!”

A longtime student of Taoism and other inner work, including Holsoync, David dove deeply into the practices of the Wu Xing. 

He changed his eating habits and joined a yoga class. He was feeling more revitalized, ambitious and hopeful than he had in a long time. Just when things were really starting to look up…

...his wife of 24 years asked him for a divorce.

After the initial turmoil settled, David realized that his wife was right. They had very little in common in those days except their adult son. 

“While I was still grieving the loss of the marriage,” says David, “I also realized that this was a tremendous new opportunity.”

Building on his Wu Xing practice, David knew he couldn’t let himself get mired in melancholy and despair.

He found a new place to live, upped his game at work, renewed his Holosync practice and continued to invest in his self care...body, mind and soul. 

David After

Today, people still describe David as kind, patient, compassionate, knowledgeable and understanding. But he’s not the same David he was six months ago.

Here’s what’s happening on the inside–and the outside–as a result of David’s own personal Wu Xing Power journey.

He has found a profoundly beautiful new love relationship. He has lost 45 pounds. He is optimistic about the future for the first time in many years. He has made enormous contributions to Centerpointe recently, including being the force behind the new Wu Xing Power Suite.

David describes himself as:

  • Resonating with his highest self
  • Deeply peaceful internally
  • Full of vim and vigor
  • Content
  • Joyful

We see those inner qualities shine through David every day. And who wouldn’t
want this result in life:

“I am finding new value and importance in my life and the contributions I can make to the world. My life is rich and fulfilling...from the inside out.”