"I have the key to help you create a happier, more peaceful and fulfilling life."

~ Bill Harris

An Extraordinary Life is Waiting for You!

Master teacher and personal development legend, Bill Harris, is going to show you how to Master Your Life, break negative patterns and...

...automatically attract what you want in life!

Are you experiencing the same problems in your life over and over?

The same frustrating relationships
The same disappointments
The same dead-end jobs
The same health issues
The same mistakes

Let us help you change all that and MASTER YOUR LIFE with this breakthrough strategy:

Get extremely powerful tools that you can use immediately to make your life better:

Master Your Life | Centerpointe Research Institute

The “secret sauce” to success and happiness that will give you a happier, emotionally peaceful and successful life

Master Your Life | Centerpointe Research Institute

How to focus your thoughts and feelings to attract the love, career and health you want, automatically

Find the missing piece between what you hear and see, and how to respond to it in a constructive way

How to automatically dissolve unresourceful patterns, bad choices, anger, fear
 and doubt

Master Your Life | Centerpointe Research Institute

How to bring your “shadow” parts out of the basement and turn them into assets that will benefit you and others.

Master Your Life will put the power of your brain to work for you. It will help you make conscious choices, and automatically attract what you WANT in life, instead of what you don’t.

Beaverton, Oregon 
Monday, 8:00am

Dear Friend,

Many of us find ourselves in the same frustrating situations over and over again. Sometimes we feel “stuck” in certain types of patterns, jobs, and relationships.

Have you ever noticed that?

Think about something that is troubling you RIGHT NOW. Do you see a pattern? Have you attracted a similar person, situation, or result into your life BEFORE? Perhaps many times before?

This isn’t bad luck. And it isn’t your fault. There’s a reason this keeps happening to you!

And the same reason (universal law) that has been causing you to draw unpleasant people and circumstances into your life, is the very same TOOL you will learn to use to automatically drop negative patterns and…

...attract the people, situations and things you WANT into your life.

Master Your Life will do just that. Teach you how to cultivate deep levels of awareness about why your life is the way it is…

...and easily create a life you’ll love to live.

“Whatever happened in your past isn’t as powerful as awareness.”

~Bill Harris

In four powerful Master Your Life lessons, over the course of eight weeks, you will learn:

  • How to make unresourceful (so-called “bad”) thoughts, feelings and actions dissolve automatically
  • The difference between “knowing” and “awareness”...and why that makes ALL the difference
  • How to prioritize your life based on YOUR deepest values
  • How you (unconsciously) create your own reality
  • How your core beliefs drive your (bad) results
  • Why you would rather be right than be happy
  • How taking responsibility gives you power…
...and why simply “changing your mind” about your behavior doesn’t work.
Success Story

“I now vividly see myself succeeding at every goal I set, and this vision gets stronger every day, as I now realize only I am responsible for everything that happens to me. “

~ Valerie

Master Your Life includes four powerful lessons released every two weeks, with video lessons from Bill Harris, homework, exercises, a transcript of each lesson, Master Your Life Guiding Principles (cheat sheet), and a priceless asset to boost your results:

Unlimited access to our Accelerated Results Coaches. Our coaches are highly trained, knowledgeable, and responsive individuals who will help you get the most of the powerful Master Your Life Course. The most successful people in the world decide to get personal coaching for life issues, obstacles, and emotional upheaval.

What will you learn? How will your life change?

Lesson #1


“Awareness is the answer to all human problems that actually have a solution.”

~Bill Harris

Learn the hidden step between “what happens” and how you respond to it. (This one step changes everything, by the way.) Explore your “triggers,” internal dialogue, assumptions, and emotional responses.

You’ll also Increase your awareness about how you create your own life. When you understand and accept this concept, a whole new world of possibilities and personal power opens up to you.

Take charge of your actions (the actions you know you want to take, but for some reason don’t)

Discover that creative “something” you’re doing that creates every feeling you experience

Stop attracting people and situations into your life that you don’t want

Make your feelings a choice

End regretful behaviors

See if any of these ring true to you:

  • You get tipped over by outside circumstances/by what others say or do
  • You make snap decisions that don’t serve you in the long run
  • Your motivation to do things diminishes over time
  • Communication skills fail in the heat of things
  • You often  fail to act in your own best interest
  • You criticize yourself for your shortcomings
  • You have automatic knee-jerk reactions

Lesson 1 of Master Your Life addresses all of these issues and many more. With awareness–of your underlying beliefs, your triggers, your fears, and of how you create your own life–you  become like…

...a powerful magnet for all of the things you want in life (and none of the things you don’t).

Remember, what happened in your past isn’t as powerful as awareness, and moving forward. Awareness literally and instantly dissolves unresourceful thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Because when you are truly aware...

...you cannot act in any other way but that which serves you best.

Lesson 1 of Master Your Life will show you how to create a life where YOU are in control of your emotions, your thoughts, your feelings and your actions. And you will learn to…

...always and automatically 
choose what’s best for you.

Success Story

Don’t give up! All my feelings and whatever situations I am in today is all coming from one place: my mind, and I am responsible for that and I can control and change that in a way that serves me. Choice is a power.”

~ Baha A.

Lesson #2


“Your focus organically changes to what you want, and you begin to get it.”

~Bill Harris

Get the “secret sauce” to creating success and happiness, as you create your life, day by day, moment by moment, choice by choice.

Learn a major key to living a happier, emotionally peaceful and successful life

Control what you focus on; Take charge of your negative feelings

Avoid upheaval by controlling your focus and your resistance

Find the root of passive-aggressive behavior

Discover ways to increase your awareness

What you focus on is THE KEY to what you get in life. Your thoughts and feelings give instructions to your mind to create whatever it is you are focusing on. You mind doesn’t toss your negative thoughts and feelings to the trash bin.

In fact, the more emotion and passion you have in your thoughts and feelings, the more powerful the “magnet”
of attraction will be. 

IMaster Your Life Lesson 2, you will learn to put your thoughts and feelings to work for you, instead of against you.

Does this sound familiar to you?

You think of something about yourself that makes you feel bad. And since you don’t want to feel bad about yourself, you “stuff” that feeling into the shadows. You might even distract yourself from that feeling with food, cocktails, sex, gaming…

...or any number of other unresourceful distractions. 

Guess what?

You just made that feeling stronger. We call these “disowned” aspects of ourselves “shadows.”

Shadow parts always leak out, no matter how hard we try to squelch them. And they always manifest in covert and dysfunctional ways.

But here’s the great news:

​Every shadow has a mature form, and can become a benefit to you and others.

“Awareness will cause your shadow to mature into something wonderful.”

~Bill Harris

Turn Your Shadows to Light

In Lesson 2 of Master Your Life, you will learn how to “re-own” your shadow parts and literally transform them into mature positive aspects of your personality. In this way:

Anger becomes passion, and can be used as advocacy or for the protection of others

Blaming others turns into self-responsibility and personal power

Narcissism matures into healthy self-love and love for others

Greed becomes generosity

Envy turns into gratitude

Remember, When you make certain behaviors “wrong” you attract more of them.  As Bill Harris used to say:

“Knowing” is the booby prize in personal growth.”

To know something isn’t the same as to be aware of it––to call it into the bright light of day, and therefore deplete its power.

Success Story

“I feel clearer, more focused, more competent in my job and, generally, more centered. All of the things that you said might happen, I finally began to feel.” 

~ Paul

Lesson #3


"Master your beliefs and you can

create whatever you want."

~Bill Harris

As you believe, so goes your life. Everything is true to the person who believes it. And while you may fight to defend the “rightness” of what you believe, not all of your beliefs actually serve you. In fact…

...your beliefs have the power to attract people and situations into your life that you are trying to avoid.

Your feelings, behaviors, and what and whom you attract into your life, are generated by something you do

Create positive change by carefully watching what you're doing in that creative part of your mind

Learn how your internal processes create most of what happens in your life

Discover which lifelong beliefs strongly affect your life

Control how you interpret the behavior of others


  1. You will interpret whatever happens, no matter how innocent, as confirming your belief is true

  2. Like a magnet, you will attract people and situations that fulfill your belief

  3. You will act in such a way that makes your belief come true


Your deeply held beliefs cause you to see yourself, other people, and the world in a certain way, regardless of the actual circumstances.

What you believe feeds on itself. You get to be right, but at a terrible cost. But, if you can make your limiting, false beliefs come true...

...imagine the power you also have to make your positive, empowering beliefs come true!

You Get to Decide

Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy?

You can’t have both.

It might not seem possible that you could make what you believe come true, or at least seem to be true, but you do it all the time.

As long as you continue to think and act in the same way, you’ll continue to get the same results. To get different results, you’re going to have to adopt a different way of thinking and acting.

As you become more aware of how your mind that creates your life, what doesn’t work falls away and is replaced by what does work. By being aware…

...you’ll know just what to do in every situation.

Success Story

“Horrible beliefs about myself have been replaced with "I'm beautiful, I'm so happy, my life is so wonderful, and I can achieve anything I want to achieve.”

~ Mandy

Lesson #4


Values are the source of motivation.

~Bill Harris

Your values, simply put, are those things that are important to you. They are a source of motivation and right action, but they can also be…

...a source of self-sabotage and guilt. 

Surprisingly, many people are truly unaware of all their values and how, sometimes, those values can conflict with one another…

...causing stress, guilt, and shame.

Since you spend your time, money and energy on the things you “value” most, it’s really important to evaluate your values and determine if they are…

...serving your highest good, or sabotaging it.

In lesson #4 of Master Your Life, you will learn how to deeply evaluate the values that are running your life. You’ll learn which of your values rank higher than all the others, which of your values are “shoulds”, which of your values are actually obligations…

...and which of your values are truly yours. THOSE are the values that will drive your life with love, and passion, and joy.

That’s why Bill Harris says, “When you are aware of your values, a whole new world opens up for you.”

Discover how Holosync can help you manage disowned thoughts

Discover your values and how they relate to your life

Learn how to correct your responses internally

Control who and what you attract into your life

Use Holosync to increase your energy

What you get in Lesson 4 of Master Your Life, is more aha! moments. You’ll see how your values can conflict with each other and sabotage your best efforts. And you’ll discover the values that are…

...the truest and most authentically YOU.

And this is the beginning of a life of emotional mastery, abundance, authentic joy, and peace of mind.

Success Story

“I can see a new life seeding itself and I am ready to nurture it with the support of my newfound beliefs, values and attitudes.”

~ Kara

Learn to Master Your Thoughts, Your Emotions, and Your Life

Each of the four lessons in Master your Life has powerful, life-changing insights to help you change your life in ways you may never have thought possible.

When you apply these life-changing ways of controlling your thoughts and feelings, you will cultivate deep levels of awareness, and easily create a life you’ll love to live

4 video lessons from Bill Harris (who invented this profoundly amazing course)

Printable transcripts of each lesson (to get every inside secret)

Homework assignments (to help you internalize the insights instead of just learning them)

Exercises (to apply these powerful principles in real life situations)

You’ll also get an extraordinary tool that no one else offers in online courses:

Accelerated Results Coaches: This high-touch coaching alone is worth more than the entire price of this course. Our coaches are highly trained, knowledgeable, and responsive individuals who will help you navigate the Master Your Life course.

Get personal coaching for life issues, obstacles, and emotional upheaval.

Master Your Life is for you, if you want to learn how to gain a broader, wiser perspective on life, experience greater peace of mind, think and act intentionally, and build emotional mastery.

We are so confident in the life-changing power of the Master Your Life course…

...that we GUARANTEE your satisfaction for a full 365 days. Please see Terms & Conditions for details.

Questions: Contact the Centerpointe Accelerated Results Team: at support@centerpointe.com or 503-672-7117.

Imagine if you would, right now, what your life would be like if you were to automatically choose to act in the best interest of yourself (and others) in every situation, every time. This is what happens when you get the Master Your Life online course.

This extraordinary life is waiting for you.


MaryEllen Tribby

MaryEllen Tribby
Centerpointe CEO

P.S. Take heed: This course isn’t a magic wand. You don’t get to sit back, watch a video, and be instantly healed. (If that’s what you’re looking for, Master Your Life isn’t for you.)

If, on the other hand, you’re willing to dive in head first, do the work, look “under the hood” of your own self-sabotaging behaviors, and apply these lessons with rigor…

...you can create a life of choice over circumstance:

New patterns of attraction over old, disappointing habits

Forward movement over stalled ambitions

Empowerment over blame

Calm over stress

A life well lived.

I invite you to become the master of your own life, starting right here, right now.

©2020 Centerpointe Research Institute

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