“The more successful you become the better the world becomes.”

Bill Harris, Founder 
Centerpointe Research Institute

Imagine how much better your life would be if…

...you were free from debt, did not need to live paycheck-to-paycheck, found new financial opportunities, moved beyond your current limitations 
and were capable of achieving true success.

Monday, 7:21am, Beaverton, Oregon

Dear Friend,

Do you find yourself stressed, frustrated or stuck when it comes to your finances?

I’ve listened to hundreds, maybe thousands, of participants just like you for over the 20+ years that I’ve worked at Centerpointe, who have “money problems.” One of the most common issues we hear from people is their frustration with…

...repeated failure and disappointment with their money. 

“Brilliant” ventures that always crash and burn before they reach their potential

Living paycheck-to-paycheck, never able to get ahead

Unexpected expenses like needing a new roof or car

Entrepreneurial opportunities that don’t materialize

The burden of student loans or credit card debt

Great ideas that never get off the ground

Busting your budget by overspending 

If any of these things describes you, you are not alone!

Here are some shocking facts 
(that may surprise you):

48% of Americans surveyed said they spend as much or more money than they make

46% of employed Americans said they usually run out of money between paychecks

77 million Americans, 35% percent of adults with a credit file have debt in collections

Well, I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to be stressed about money again!

Here’s a really good reason–beyond material aspirations–to break out of your cycle of lack, failure, frustration and insecurity about money:

Financial insecurity can have devastating effects on your mental, emotional and physical health. Sometimes the consequences creep up on you slowly. Other times, the stress is a steady tension throughout each day.

It's no coincidence that those with money stress also often suffer from health issues such as sleep deprivation, bad digestion, and even heart problems.

And did you know that the number one reason people get divorced is money? Like relationships are not hard enough, now throw in financial trouble, well it’s pretty much over.  

“I’ll tell you a secret: Your dream is possible.”

~Bill Harris

It’s possible to earn the amount of money you need, want and deserve (and more!). It’s possible to manage–and grow–your money wisely. It’s possible to make smart choices and investments that pay off handsomely. It’s possible to pass on a rich legacy that helps others reach their dreams.

And it’s easier, much easier, than you’ve been led to believe. 

Try as you might to break out of the cycle of failure, frustration and disappointment…

…you may be (in fact, you probably are) sabotaging yourself without even knowing that you’re doing it!

Do any of these unresourceful beliefs about money & success sound familiar?

Someday, I’ll have a lucky break that will solve everything

Some people just have the “Midas Touch” but not me

You can either be rich or happy, not both

I don’t know where all my money goes

I don’t come from a wealthy family

I just can’t seem to get ahead

I’m a terrible money manager

Your attitudes about money–often formed during your childhood–directly impact your ability to earn it, keep it, save it, and have enough left over to pass on a monetary legacy.

Like all of us, you have deeply held beliefs about yourself, other people, and the way the world works…

…that cause you to unconsciously sabotage your best efforts.

Even with the best of intentions, and even if you know how you want to think, feel and act, you still may unknowingly sabotage yourself.

Whatever you currently believe about money and success, wherever you currently are in your career or your retirement, whatever is in your bank account right now, you can bust out of self-sabotaging feelings, thoughts, and actions…

...and change the trajectory of your life.

“You don’t need anyone’s permission to think bigger or dream bigger.”

~Bill Harris

Having heard firsthand about so much stress, failure and disappointment–knowing how important financial security is to your overall health and wellbeing–we went to the drawing board and developed a powerful, targeted and comprehensive solution to…

...propel you beyond the limits you’ve previously experienced.

We’re thrilled to be able to offer a BRAND NEW collection of powerful Holosync soundtracks:

The Ultra Success & Wealth Suite

Each of the Ultra Success & Wealth soundtracks includes its own unique Holosync® session tailored to each topic, as well as affirmations carefully selected and recorded with our proprietary Autofonix™ audio encoding method.

You’ll also receive the free bonus workbook, The Success Advantage, to help you explore your issues around money/success, break through boundaries…

...and inspire an action plan to get you where you want to be.

Ultra Success & Wealth is for everyone who wants more money!

Bust past the boundaries that have been holding you back

Achieve virtually anything you put your mind to

Spot amazing new opportunities

Create a solid action plan

Build generational wealth 

And believe me–no matter what your current situation–you, too, can have these qualities by tapping into the power of your unconscious mind. And it happens in a relatively short period of time.

Using powerful audio technology, Centerpointe’s team of neurotechnology engineers created this special suite of Holosync soundtracks:

Ultra Success & Wealth

This incredibly inexpensive, brain-enhancing suite includes 3 powerful, state-of-the-art soundtracks (plus FREE bonus soundtrack and a special workbook) to help you succeed and prosper in all areas of your life (no matter what your current situation).

Track #1: Smart Choices

An important part of a happy and successful life comes from living debt-free and within your means

But, too often our internal beliefs are tied to unhealthy or unresourceful choices that lead us in the wrong direction and cause us to make the same poor choices over and over again.

 With Smart Choices, you can train your unconscious to make intelligent and resourceful choices with money and financial opportunities…

...while undoing old patterns of unresourceful choices that may cause you to struggle with financial security. 

Smart Choices is 30 minutes in length and and is designed to be listened to with eyes closed in a reclining or other relaxed position. It features the powerful Holosync neuro-audio technology, specially-chosen affirmations using our proprietary Autofonix technology, and your choice of a soothing musical soundtrack or nature sounds. 

These Autofonix affirmations were specifically selected to improve your ability to make the best possible spending and saving choices.

Click here to see a sample of the silent Autofonix affirmations we use in Smart Choices:

Track #2: Abundance Builder 

Abundance Builder is designed to help you spot opportunities to prosper and grow your wealth

Whether you have a lot of money or very little, Abundance Builder can help you grow what you have to create and increase your financial security.

While there is no “right” or “wrong” experience, listeners of Abundance Builder can expect to feel mildly relaxed, focused, calm, and peaceful while listening.

Abundance Builder is 30 minutes in length and produces a lightly relaxed and focused alpha brainwave state. Unlike other tracks from this suite, it can be used while walking around or engaged in other light physical activities. It can also be listened to on repeat (more than one time in a row) for up to two hours at a time if desired. 

Included are affirmations recorded in the proprietary Autofonix format specially chosen to supply your unconscious mind with positive thoughts around abundance and prosperity.

Over time and with consistent use, these affirmations will anchor in the unconscious and begin to manifest in conscious thought and behavior.

These Autofonix affirmations were specifically selected to supply your unconscious mind with positive thoughts around abundance and prosperity.

Click here to see a sample of the silent Autofonix affirmations we use in Abundance Builder:

Track #3: Limitless Success

Limitless Success taps into that power to help you visualize achieving virtually anything you put your mind to 

Our beliefs and values (when properly aligned) are the fuel that propels change and growth.

Limitless Success targets the theta brainwave state––the place where our unconscious minds are free to dream and imagine without the limits sometimes imposed by the conscious mind.

Limitless Success is 30 minutes in length and is designed to be listened to with eyes closed in a reclining or other relaxed position. It features the powerful Holosync neuro-audio technology, specially-chosen affirmations encoded using our  proprietary Autofonix technology and your choice of a soothing musical soundtrack or ocean surf.

“Take your focus off the obstacles and keep it on your dreams.”

~Bill Harris

Included are affirmations specially chosen to supply your unconscious mind with positive thoughts around success in many areas of life…

...including beliefs and actions that contribute to success, such as time management, follow-through, and managing risks and opportunities. Over time and with consistent use, these affirmations will anchor in the unconscious and begin to manifest in conscious thought and behavior.  

Click here to see a sample of the silent Autofonix affirmations we use in Limitless Success:

Surprise! We’ve added a 4th BONUS track that I know you’ll love…

Free Bonus Track #4: Awareness in Action

Tap into your mind’s ability to visualize and take action that yields tangible results. 

As Centerpointe founder and Holosync creator Bill Harris said, “Awareness creates choice.” And choice gives us opportunity.

With Awareness in Action, you can supercharge your brain to move beyond only dreaming and begin to take action toward your goals.

Because it targets the gamma brainwave pattern (higher than the normal wakeful state of beta) you can expect to feel a heightened sense of alertness and focus. You may also experience moments of euphoria or other pleasurable experiences associated with high-frequency brain wave patterns.

“With enough awareness, you’ll always choose what serves you and drop what doesn’t...automatically.”

~Bill Harris

This unique track is 30 minutes in length and can be used to tap into your mind’s ability to visualize and take action that yields tangible results.

Included is an audible guided meditation specially chosen to allow the conscious mind to grasp a set of positive concepts around developing a heightened sense of awareness.

The audible guided meditation we use in Awareness in Action is a relaxing, powerful and inspiring 8-minute journey that helps you move confidently toward a life of abundance and prosperity. The statements in this meditation, which you will hear out loud…

..will be absorbed into your subconscious mind where they will support and uplift you during your journey to success and wealth.

NOTE: You can’t purchase Awareness in Action anywhere at any price. But it’s FREE with your purchase of the Ultra Success & Wealth Suite!

Click here to see a sample of the audible affirmations we use in Awareness in Action:

We’ve made the Ultra Success & Wealth Suite astonishingly effective and surprisingly affordable.  

Over the course of our recent testing period, these four soundtracks (and the Success Advantage workbook) have really impressed me. I’ve seen people go from financial struggle and stress, to a state of confidence and security.

People are telling me that they have a solid plan of action. 

They’re earning more money, making smart spending and saving choices, and finding tremendous opportunities around every corner. It really has been amazing.

I’ve seen people become vastly less stressed and more enriched before my very eyes (people who had all but given up).


Free Bonus Workbook: The Success Advantage

Explore your issues around money/success, break through boundaries and create an action plan to get you where you want to be.

Your Ultra Success & Wealth Suite also includes a special journal, The Success Advantage Workbook...

...to help you explore your issues around money/success, break through boundaries, and inspire an action plan to get you where you want to be.

Resolve unresourceful emotions and attitudes toward money, get crystal clear on what you most value in life, develop positive, actionable steps to take toward your goals…

...and learn to make incremental (but quantum) changes in your financial future.

Please note: The Success Advantage workbook is a digital product (only) for you to download and print at home.

As always, we offer personal coaching and support

Accelerated Results Coaching

Remember that we’re here to support you on your journey!

 We invite you to reach out to our Accelerated Results Coaching team every thirty days (or anytime you have a question) to discuss your progress and experiences with your Ultra Success & Wealth Suite.

Centerpointe’s Accelerated Results Coaches are here to help guide you and be a resource of support and encouragement.

This is one of the most amazing products we’ve ever developed at Centerpointe, and one I’m particularly proud of. 

Click below to learn more about our new Ultra Success & Wealth Suite.

Take care,

Marc Gilson

Centerpointe Director of Client Services

P.S. Here’s the bottom line: If you want to make more money, live more abundantly, accumulate generational wealth, and have the financial freedom to live the lifestyle of your dreams…

...you definitely want to invest in the Ultra Success & Wealth Suite. (It just may be the single best investment you ever make!)

P.P.S. Most of you know that Holosync has been used by over 2.2 million people across the world to optimize their brains and live happier, healthier, more successful lives.

Holosync neuro-audio technology can tap into the power of your unconscious mind and help you rewrite your “money story”—from a pattern of limits, struggle and failure, to a life of tremendous prosperity and abundance.  

By adding statements that reinforce your intentions, we are able to deepen and amplify your results. Our proprietary Autofonix™ technology, embeds these statements beneath soothing soundtracks, where…

...your subconscious mind picks them up and puts them into action.

You simply won’t find anything to match the power of the Ultra Success & Wealth Suite, anywhere in the world.