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Jack Canfield

~Jack Canfield, Co-author of Chicken Soup for The Soul and world renowned motivational speaker

“A great part of my professional mission has been to help people feel that special heart connection, and to emotionally and spiritually improve the quality of their lives and the lives of the people around them. This program, created by Centerpointe Research Institute, is something I feel can very powerfully help you do that, greatly enhancing the quality of your life and helping you create dramatic and powerful personal change.”

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​~Pete Bissonette, author, President and Publisher of Learning Strategies Corporation/Paraliminal Learning

“All of our ‘Paraliminals’ [self-improvement recordings] come with Holosync on them. And they’ve gotten to be more effective as a result. We know that from the surveys and the results people have been telling us about, before the Holosync and after. And they’ve seen the difference. So that’s cool!”

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​~Gay Hendricks, PH.D., Co-Author of Conscious Living and President of The Hendricks Institute

“Bill Harris has helped thousands of people reach new heights of awareness. With the remarkable Holosync® audio technology developed at Centerpointe Research Institute, all of us can now learn to live at a new and higher level of functioning. Do yourself a huge favor by working with Holosync® audio technology.”

​~ Mary Morrissey, bestselling author and internationally recognized expert on dream building

“What Centerpointe offers you is the opportunity to expand and experience profound depth of your own capability. It reaches inside of me and pulls to the front of me, the very best of me.”

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~Dr. Daniel Amen, Best-selling author and Director of The Amen Clinics

“I’ve been a huge fan of Holosync for many years. It soothes people’s minds, it helps them focus, and it begins to take down that busy nervous system so many people have.”

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​~Daphne Rose Kingma, Author of The Future Of Love, Heart & Soul, and Coming Apart

“With a loving heart, Bill Harris guides us to the thresholds of the mind…an invitation to explore the mystical interface between technology and the soul.”

~Stephen Simon, Film Producer, Author

“Bill Harris’s Holosync® process and the Centerpointe program perfectly blend the technology of the new millennium with its new spirituality. We are definitely not in Kansas anymore! Thanks, Bill!”

​~don Miguel Ruiz, Acclaimed author of The Four Agreements

“I feel so grateful for you sharing this information as a gift to humanity. Thank you so much. My deep regards.”

​~Dave Asprey, author and entrepreneur, founder of Bulletproof 360 and Bulletproof Nutrition

“I first learned about Centerpointe about 15 years ago and I’ve been using it regularly… I’m a big fan.”

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​~John Assaraf, Best-selling author and CEO of Neurogym

“I’ve been a Holosync user for about 15 years…You’re always on the cutting edge of making things better!”

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