​Brooke Schnittman

Worldwide ADHD/ Executive Function Coach, Educator, and Public Speaker, educating and empowering others to live a more fulfilled life and achieve their goals.

Brooke Schnittman | Expert | Centerpointe Research Institute

About ​​Brooke Schnittman

Since 2006, Brooke Schnittman, MA, has worked with clients with ADHD and Executive Function difficulties. Brooke obtained her Master’s from New York University in Students With Disabilities. She was a Special Education Administrator and teacher in the number one school district in the country.

As an ADHD and Executive Function Coach, Brooke started her company, Coaching with Brooke to support children, teens, adolescents, adults and parents in achieving their academic, professional, personal and organizational goals.

If you are looking to become better organized at work, school, and/or at home, learn how to prioritize, produce, be held accountable, and build simpler, smarter habits and routines, look no further!

Programs, Strategies & Courses

​Discover ​​the tools you need to learn how to prioritize and become better organized in life!

Brooke Schnittman | My Coworker Has ADHD | Centerpointe Research Institute
​My Coworker Has ADHD

Guest Cari Ilysa speaks about her personal experience of the collaboration, frustration and friendship of having a coworker with ADHD.

Brooke Schnittman | ADHD and Relationships | Centerpointe Research Institute
​ADHD and Relationships

With Special Guest Coach Jesyka Samborski, Women’s Relationship Coach

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