"What we once enjoyed and deeply loved we can never lose,

for all that we love deeply becomes part of us."

- Helen Keller

In those moments filled with anguish, despair, loneliness,

confusion and shock, how do you find the strength, comfort and courage to carry on?

Grief is one of the most uniquely challenging and difficult of all human experiences…and one we will all face during our lifetime.

Dear Friend,

If you’ve recently lost someone or something close to you, then maybe these scenes look familiar: 

  • You fight to hold back the tears
  • You struggle to keep your composure in front of others
  • You feel like you are walking around in a fog
  • You find it hard to get a restful sleep
  • You find it difficult to confront places or situations that remind you of your loss
  • You have trouble concentrating and focusing
  • You turn to unhealthy habits as a way to cope with your loss

We know exactly what you’re going through because…

...we’ve been there too.

Our founder, mentor and friend, Bill Harris, passed away in 2018 after a long battle with cancer. This was a blow that shook the Centerpointe Community and everyone who Bill had touched throughout his life.

Even though we knew the day would come, the pain was nevertheless excruciating, and our collective grief was palpable.

Over the years, our team at Centerpointe has lost loved ones and relationships; momentous plans have been cancelled; friends have moved away; hearts have been broken.

No one is immune to grief. But in the words of the late, great, Bill Harris…

"To make your peace with life and death, you have to look it SQUARELY in the eye."

You see, grief is not a single emotion, but a multitude of feelings that can catch us off-guard and sometimes overpower us, haunt us, and rob us of peace and joy - even when we think we’re done grieving.

Sadness, anger, confusion, despair, loneliness, numbness, and shock are only a few of the feelings that can come and go as we try to cope with grief. 

While this is a natural process - and one we need not fear - we can sometimes become so overwhelmed with grief, or resist the process of grieving so much, that we slow the process down and become stuck in our own sadness and misery. 

Some grief will naturally dissipate on its own over a long period of time, but we’ve found that there are ways to lessen the torment associated with grief, and even learn from it - like we did.

Grief Isn’t Meant to Make Us Suffer

Loss is devastating.

We are often ill-equipped to navigate the journey of grief and are unfortunately sent many confusing messages by professionals, friends and family alike. 

 One of the most damaging things we have been told is that there is a specific process one must “go-through” to “get-over” loss.

 Feeling depressed, angry, or non-accepting of a loss is normal for someone who is grieving. The same goes for apathy, confusion, detachment, happiness, relief, and so many other emotions that don't fit nicely into a precise process.

No one should feel like they are grieving “wrong”. That’s heartbreaking.

Grief can also be unexpected and sudden. Sadly, we are never truly prepared for it; never given the tools to cope and even grow through grief.

 At Centerpointe we have seen this over and over during our 31 years of helping folks from all over the world heal and grow through upheaval. 

That’s why it’s more important than ever that we provide this resource to our community. It’s really helped us, and we know it can help you too!

Introducing Passages to Healing:

Coping, Caring, and Growing Through Grief

Whether it’s the death of a loved one or a dear pet, the breakup of a relationship or marriage, a job loss, health crisis, or any other experience that causes us to grieve... 

Passages to Healing can see you through those dark times and help you heal and re-center yourself so you can move forward in peace.

Passages to Healing uses the proprietary and powerful Holosync and Autofonix audio technologies and has been designed to help with the challenging and heavy feelings of grief and sadness we all experience in life.

Holosync is a powerful tool with a light touch for sensitive times.

Holosync neuro-audio technology has been optimizing people’s brains and transforming their lives for over 30 years. 

This powerful brainwave technology safely retrains your brain in very little time and with absolutely no effort…

...creating changes that used to take decades of strict meditation to achieve.

By adding statements that reinforce your intentions, we are able to deepen and amplify your results. Our proprietary Autofonix technology embeds positive statements beneath soothing soundtracks, where…

…your subconscious mind picks them up and puts them into action.

Each track includes a soothing musical track and the option of a “nature-only” version in which the music is replaced with environmental sounds. 

And while Passages to Healing is not intended to be a replacement for in-person therapy, it’s a perfect way to get some instant relief - a supportive tool for those days when it’s hard to even get out of bed.

Please take a look at the remarkable soundtracks you get with Passages to Healing:

Track #1: Present & Centered - Acknowledging Loss

Healing grief begins with an acknowledgement and acceptance of the loss itself. Once we’re able to calm our minds and spirits, and become present to the moment - including the difficult feelings and experiences that come with that moment - we can move to a place of healing and comfort. 

Present & Centered is designed to help create that place and ease feelings of unrest and upset, and to impart a state of grounded mental and emotional safety and stability allowing us to be present to the moment.

A carefully chosen set of affirmations using our proprietary Autofonix encoding method is included.

Track #2: A Peaceful Space - Self-Care in Difficult Times

It’s vitally important to take care of ourselves when dealing with the heaviness of grief and the sharpness of the feelings that can accompany it. 

Self-care means allowing ourselves space to feel what we feel, and to respond to the needs of our minds and bodies. It means being patient with ourselves and remembering that grief unfolds differently for different people and in different circumstances. And it sometimes means taking specific actions to ensure that the needs of our bodies and minds are fulfilled. 

Listening to this track is a great way to practice self-care. It helps create a safe and peaceful space in your mind where feelings related to our grief - both consciously and unconsciously - can unfold and dissipate.

 A Peaceful Space takes you on an audible guided meditation to a soothing and healing place where you can reconnect with yourself and tune into thoughts and feelings in a safe and comfortable way. It’s ideal to use daily or anytime you feel the need for a peaceful mental health break and to help release feelings of tension, sadness, and stress. 

Track #3: Healing the Pain - Mindfully Recovering from Loss

Mindfulness is key to healing and processing grief. While the feelings of grief can be painful, grief can also help us to stop, slow down, and notice what we’re feeling.

Grief can bring with it an opportunity to become more mindful, and to learn to heal and grow even in the darkest of times. Through mindfulness, we can respond (rather than react) to what’s happening around us. We can make choices about the thoughts and feelings we allow into our hearts and minds. And we can create an outlook of peace, hope, and healing in directed and intentional ways. 

Healing the Pain is designed to create a very deep state of mindful meditation for the listener. Targeting the deepest of the main brainwave patterns, delta, this track can sometimes elicit emotional releases in the listener.

A carefully chosen set of affirmations using our proprietary Autofonix encoding method is included to help recover in the wake of even the most challenging of grieving experiences. 

Track #4: The Path Forward - Learning How to Let Go and Move On (BONUS TRACK)

Grief comes in many forms beyond losing a loved one or a dear pet. We can also grieve the loss of a job, places we’ve lived, periods of time, or the loss of a social circle or support system. 

Part of healing these forms of grief entails a healthy and conscious release of attachments to whatever it is we have lost, whether it’s a job we enjoyed, a place we lived, or a connection to an experience. 

Passages to Healing will eventually lead us to the need to release any lingering attachments.

That doesn’t mean we must forget our loss or pretend that what we’ve lost no longer matters. On the contrary, releasing our attachments frees us from the suffering of grief so that we can look back fondly, if we so choose, on those relationships, connections, and experiences in our lives that have helped us to become the person we are today. 

 This unique soundtrack includes affirmations recorded in our proprietary Autofonix technology designed to help you let go of old thoughts and feelings and replace them with thoughts to help you move forward, heal, and grow. 

Even More Free Bonuses to Aid Your Healing Journey

In addition, your Passages to Healing suite includes a beautifully designed Digital Journal as a tool for reflection and healing. The journal includes prompts based on the themes of each of the four soundtracks to help you through any part of the grief process. You can print out the pages and use them daily, or anytime you wish. 

And as another bonus to support your healing process, we’ve included access to our Audible Healing Library. This is a collection of narrated articles that you can listen to anytime. 

These supportive and insightful audible narrations cover a range of topics focused on helping you process feelings of grief, embrace healing, and move forward with a sense of hope and peace. They’re our gift to you as part of your purchase.

Even in Times of Great loss – Science is the Answer

It might be hard to believe that you can use science to reprogram your brain for healing from a traumatic loss.

What we’ve learned in the over 30 years that we’ve been helping people all over the world to live better, happier and healthier lives is this:

When you change your brain for the better, your life automatically starts to… 

...get better and better automatically!

We are almost always grieving something

Since everyone and everything is constantly changing, we are often experiencing loss for something that is no longer present in our lives.

However, many of us have been taught to either ignore, disregard, or avoid grief at all costs.

Well no more. To grieve is to be human.

Please let us help lift you out of suffering and support you throughout your grief transition.