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“Here’s the fastest and easiest way to lose weight, boost performance, and break bad habits.”

~ Bill Harris

Imagine how much better your life would be if...

You were at your ideal weight

Were physically strong and healthy

 Had eliminated your bad habits and…

Were highly motivated all the time


Monday, 1:11pm, Beaverton, Oregon

Dear Friend,

Have you ever made a promise to yourself to lose weight, go to the gym regularly, or cut back on the things that you know are bad for you (chocolate cake, cigarettes, wine, or worse)...

...only to find yourself lacking in motivation after the first few weeks (or days)?

Perhaps you find it easier to binge watch TV with a bottle of wine than to haul yourself to the gymor take a walk around the block (or hike a trail).

Does a well intended 60-minute workout turn into a half-hearted, 10-minute stint because it gets really hard?

Does the prospect of New Year’s resolutions fill you with an equal mixture of hope and dread?

You’re not alone.

Here's a shocking fact
(that may not surprise you):

Statistics tell us that a whopping 98% of those who try to eat a healthy diet or add regular exercise to their lifestyle

It’s true. Studies show that only 2% of those who have all the knowledge they need to lose weight–or become truly fit– actually follow through and achieve their goals!

Why do ONLY 1 in 50 people succeed?

Here's why: Even when you know what to do, and even if you really want success, there are many ways you unconsciously sabotage yourself.

In fact, your behavior – and your willpower – are much more powerfully influenced by what you do unconsciously than by your conscious desires and intentions.

If you're unaware of what you're doing unconsciously… may be (in fact, you are) sabotaging yourself without even knowing
that you're doing it!

Do any of these things sound familiar to you?

You quit if you have a setback

You procrastinate ("I'll start tomorrow") 

Your willpower fails you exactly when you need it ("It's a birthday party. I'll just have one small piece of cake")

You unconsciously make bad decisions ("I'm too tired to exercise today")

You likely have deeply held beliefs about yourself, fitness in general, your body, your ability to succeed, or something else…

...that causes you to act contrary to what you consciously want.

Even with the best of intentions, and even if you know what to do, you still may unknowingly sabotage yourself.

“You can’t have a good life without making good decisions.”

~ Bill Harris

Today, however, we live in an amazing new world where technology easily solves problems once considered “insurmountable.” This includes technology to:

Reach (and maintain) the best possible physical health

Improve your overall performance (in sports, recreation and the rigors of daily life)

Develop healthy habits (and eliminate bad ones)

Begin each day with a “can do” attitude

We’re lucky to be alive in an age where technology makes what has always been slow and difficult…

easy and fast.

Today, with the flip of a switch you can get the mindset you need to achieve your goals and the motivation you desire to choose healthy food, drinks and habits. All resulting in a slimmer, more energized and fit you​, by clicking on the orange button below.

Instead of indulging in self-sabotaging thoughts, feelings and actions, you’ll stay committed to accomplishing all of your health goals.

Motivation, perseverance and the ability to overcome self-sabotage, 
are qualities all winners share.

And believe me – no matter what your present situation – you, too, can have these qualities – with very little work, and in a relatively short period of time, if you order now.

To give you this life-changing technological boost, Centerpointe’s team of neurotechnology sound engineers have created a special collection – a “suite” – of Holosync® audio tracks called...

...Total Health & Fitness Suite

This incredibly inexpensive brain-enhancing suite includes three downloadable Holosync soundtracks that give you a number of desirable advantages:

You have a new confidence that–no matter what your current age or fitness level–you can achieve and maintain optimal physical and mental health 

How do we accomplish this magic?

Holosync sound technology delivers precise, positive (and safe) changes in the brain, creating electric brainwave patterns
associated with:

Positive and healthy neurochemical changes known to improve health and support your body’s own anti-aging mechanisms.

Using proprietary combinations of precise Holosync sine wave audio tones, embedded under soothing music or gentle ocean waves, we created these beneficial brain wave states to enhance your motivation, perseverance and willpower.

Total Health & Fitness Suite includes three powerful soundtracks that
will be sure to blow you away:

Eat, Drink & Be Healthy

Eat, Drink & Be Healthy is your secret weapon to help you lose weight–and keep it off–by sticking to a healthy diet.

Everyone knows the importance of eating right. While there are countless diets and ideas about what you should and shouldn’t eat, it really all begins with motivating our unconscious mind and developing awareness around what we consume.

Even the best diet can fail if we don’t have the right mindset
 or enough awareness

By listening to Eat, Drink & Be Healthy, you can overcome unconscious resistance to eating right and build lasting “thought networks” (unconscious patterns of thinking that drive our choices) that support a healthy and nutritious diet.

Listening once or twice a day helps support your healthy intentions to help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight. (What could be easier?)

Eat, Drink & Be Healthy is designed to be listened to in a relaxed position and features your choice of soothing music or gentle ocean waves, and affirmations encrypted with Centerpointe’s proprietary Autofonix “silent messaging” technology.

These affirmations were specially selected to improve your ability to make healthy choicesovercome your subconscious resistance, and stay motivated.

Click to see the silent affirmations we use when you buy Eat, Drink & Be Healthy

Optimal Fitness

Optimal Fitness helps your brain get “in the zone” where exercise becomes easy and enjoyable.

It is the ideal track to use while exercising––whether doing intensive core training, cardio, osimple movement exercises like walking or yoga. Unlike other fitness soundtracks, Optimal Fitness puts your brain into the ideal, energized state associated with peak physical performance.

It’s like having your own neuro-tech personal trainer, always ready when you hit the gym or take a walk around the block. 

Optimal Fitness also features a high-energy musical background to help you stay motivated in your exercise routine and support healthy internal “self talk” around getting and staying fit.

...stay motivated in your exercise routine and support healthy internal “self talk” about getting and staying fit. 

Positive Mind

Positive Mind is a simple and easy way to ensure that your brain becomes your 
ally and not your enemy.

Optimal physical health begins with strong mental health. 

Positive Mind is designed to do two simple, but very important, things:

  1. To create and maintain a positive, healthy and empowering state of mind so you can overcome any obstacles (including your own self-sabotage) to lead a healthy lifestyle filled with energy and vitality, and...
  2. Trigger the release of positive and healthy neurochemical changes known to improve health and support your body’s own anti-aging mechanisms.

That’s why we built this track on the original Holosync research from Dr. Vincent Giampapa (Nobel prize nominee in 2014).

Positive Mind targets three powerful functions of your brain that impact your well-being and longevity: cortisol (bad for you), DHEA (good for you) and melatonin (what you NEED for better sleep and rejuvenation).

Carefully balancing these “biomarkers” helps your body function at its peak: vibrant, healthy and much better able to combat disease.

Click to see the silent affirmations we use​ when you buy Positive Mind

Surprise! We’ve added a 4th “bonus” track that I know you’ll love…

Bad Habit Buster

It’s okay to admit it–you’ve got a bad habit or two you’d like to get rid of. 
Hey, we all do!

Whether it’s a certain weakness for chocolate cake, that extra glass of wine, smoking, or any number of other behaviors we know are unhealthy, or perhaps even dangerous. These habits can sometimes take over our lives in terrible ways.

It’s been said that we’re each a result of the choices we make. So it makes perfect sense to rid ourselves of our bad habits and choices…

...and exchange them for healthy ones. That’s precisely what Bad Habit Buster will help you do.

Rather than taking an “avoidance” approach to breaking old habits (i.e. “stop doing this, stop doing that…) Bad Habit Buster is designed to use the natural power of your unconscious mind to help you kick those bad habits to the curb and begin creating new habits that lead to a healthy, fulfilling and enjoyable life.

Bad Habit Buster takes full advantage of Centerpointe’s powerful Autofonix technology to supply your unconscious with a specially designed script to help release resistance based thinking around your choices…

...and replace it with healthy, intentional, and powerful self talk that can allow you to achieve anything you put your mind to!

Click to see the silent affirmations we use when you buy Bad Habit Buster

“Your goal is to be at choice, rather than just operating automatically and unconsciously.”

~ Bill Harris

Bad Habit Buster is not available separately. When you purchase the Total Health & Fitness Suite, however, we’ll include it FREE!

Soundtracks available as digital downloads only.

We’ve made the Total Health and Fitness Suite astonishingly effective and surprisingly affordable. 

Over the course of our recent testing period, these four soundtracks have really impressed me. I’ve seen people move from the couch to the gym with enthusiasm instead of dread.

People are telling me that they are making better choices about what they eat and drink, and how they choose to recreate.

And I’ve seen better all-around attitudes (enthusiasm!) about health and vitality than ever before.

I know you’ll be impressed with Total Health and Fitness Suite. I certainly am.


MaryEllen Tribby

MaryEllen Tribby
Centerpointe CEO

P.S. If this has ever happened to you, you need to get the Total Health & Fitness Suite:

You’ve decided to lose weight and get fit–for real this time!

You have a New Plan: great motivation, a reputable diet plan to follow, and a fridge full of healthy food.

Three days into your New Plan, one or more catastrophic things happen to sabotage your goals:

  • You get hungry
  • You get bored
  • The holidays arrive
  • Someone puts a plate of cookies in front of you

    All your motivation has flown straight out the window, and eventually, you give up entirely.

  • These same types of distractions can also sabotage your plans to exercise.

    For example, you’ve decided to get some physical exercise today. sit down in front of the television instead. Just one hour, you say to yourself, to relax and unwind from the long, hectic day/week/month/year.

    Three hours later, you’re still in front of the television set.

    Your best-laid plans–to go to the gym, walk around the block, go to yoga class, ride your bike, hike with your friends–have been have been zapped by inertia.

    It’s all too easy to procrastinate, get a little lazy, “cheat” and become entirely unmotivated–unless you’re plugged into the Total Health & Fitness Suite.

    You can only benefit. Give it a try...just in time for the New Year!

    ©2020 Centerpointe Research Institute

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