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Holosync® Deeper Levels

Deepen Your Experience. Reach Greater Heights

What will happen when you move to
Purification Level 3, you ask?

Your stress level will go down, even more…

Your mind will become even sharper…

Reactivity and other challenging emotions will improve…

Stress-related physical problems will also improve…

You’ll feel a new and deeper level of inner peace…

You’ll feel more confidence, motivation, energy, and zest for life…

And, you’ll meditate even more deeply than with Purification Level 2…

Overall, your life will change at a fundamental level, everything become a lot easier, and…

…you’ll smile!

So, to motivate you to find out what over 2.2 million other people have already discovered about the tremendous positive changes you’ll experience as you continue to the custom-recorded Holosync Deeper Levels, I’ve dropped the cost…


Plus, here are:

10 powerful “wow extras” you get as you move through the Holosync levels…

…to make it even more effective!

#1: Virtual Audio 3D Technology–Stress-free sounds...

All Holosync Deeper Levels are recorded with Virtual Audio 3-D sound. Virtual Audio is less stressful than regular stereo recordings because it reproduces sound as we hear it in real life

…something stereo recordings can’t do.

VALUE: $297 for CDs/$277 for MP3s

VALUE: $239 for CDs/$219 for MP3s 

#2: Lower Carrier Frequencies–The Secret Sauce...

Each new Holosync level is progressively stronger because of the lower carrier frequency we use in each new level. The lower the carrier frequency, the stronger the Holosync, and…

...the more powerful your results.

For the full story about carrier frequency, read the “How Holosync Works” PDF on this page.

VALUE: $99.00

#3: Custom-Recorded Soundtracks
(with affirmations in your own voice)...

Add silent affirmations to each soundtrack (using our proprietary Autofonix silent messaging technology)

…chosen by you and recorded in your own voice

VALUE: $80.00


*(Your first affirmation recording is free, and you can reuse affirmations you have already recorded on any future level at no charge. If you want to change your affirmations, there is a $40 affirmation remaster fee. This fee is discounted to $20 for Inner Circle members.)

#4: Powerful Deep Immersion Soundtracks...

You’ve already used our second, deeper Immersion soundtrack, Immersion 1.5, which takes you...

…even more deeply into the delta brain wave pattern

Beginning in Awakening Level 2 you also get two more deeper Immersion soundtracks—each taking you even more deeply into the delta brain wave pattern:

  • Immersion 0.5
  • Immersion 0.3

Believe me, you’ll love these two soundtracks—and, experience...

…even more positive benefits

VALUE: $59.00


#5: The Amazing Gamma Compassion Soundtrack...

Beginning in Awakening Level 3 you also get the amazing Gamma Compassion soundtrack.

In 2005, brain scans of Tibetan Buddhist monks revealed that they were making large amounts of gamma waves, associated with tremendous feelings of compassion and loving kindness.

Now you can teach your brain to create these same brain waves, and…

...experience the same beneficial emotions

VALUE: $59.00

#6: The Super Theta Soundtrack...

Beginning in Awakening Level 4 you also get The Super Theta™ soundtrack, allowing you to experience the many amazing benefits of the theta brain wave pattern:

  • increased creativity
  • visionary experiences
  • enhanced learning ability
  • integrative experiences

(“ah-ha” experiences, allowing you to see a previously difficult situation or person in a new and more resourceful way)–and much more!

VALUE: $59.00


#7: The Alpha SuperFocus Soundtrack...

Beginning in Awakening Level 4 you also get the Alpha SuperFocus™ soundtrack, which puts you in the brain state of “superlearning”—where you’ll learn large amounts of information up to 7x faster. Alpha SuperFocus allows you to effortlessly focus for hours without feeling tired.

VALUE: $59.00


#8: The Amazing Floating Soundtrack...

Available in all Deeper Levels, you use Floating during sleep, turning sleep into meditation time—and giving you extra exposure to your custom affirmations.

VALUE: $59.00


#9: Accelerated Results Support Coaches...

With all Deeper Levels you get continued and unlimited access to our Accelerated Results Coaches via phone or email. This high-touch coaching alone is worth more than the entire price of this course. Our coaches are highly trained, knowledgeable, and responsive individuals who will help you navigate obstacles and emotional upheaval.

VALUE: $300.00 or more


#10:  15-Minute Rescue & Renew...

A brand new 15-minute Holosync soundtrack with Autofonix affirmations to instantly calm you down when you’re upset. Collect your emotions, reset your day, and set a new pattern for handling stressful situations in the future.

VALUE: $39.00


Total Value

$1,052 (CD)

$1,032 (MP3)

You, though, won't pay that much!

FOR Purification LEVEL 3, YOU PAY ONLY:


for CDs


for MP3s



For CDs


for MP3s

Or get both MP3s and CDs for the cost of CDs alone!

Now is the time! Go deeper into Holosync and reach greater heights in life.


MaryEllen Tribby

MaryEllen Tribby
Centerpointe CEO

Not sure? Read this from a long time Holosync user before you make up your mind...

Dear Bill,

I’m just about to move to Flowering 4, the last level of the program. Many times I was ready to quit, Somehow, I made it through the first three levels. I knew two other people in the program at the time, both were experiencing astounding changes. What was MY problem?! I didn’t know why it was taking me so long to get things moving. I still don’t know why other than I had so much internal stubbornness I didn’t want to face.

But let me assure you that it doesn’t matter to me one bit now. I can see how those testimonials look like pie-in-the-sky promises. But BELIEVE ME - THEY AREN’T! This program has been an absolute lifesaver to me. When I started in 1991 I was a mess, literally. I was 50 pounds overweight, smoked, hated people in general, hated myself specifically and basically had no life.

I got into this program on a dare from a friend who said he bet that if I really stuck to it for a month my life would change. He was wrong, it didn’t change at all except now I had Holosync to hate along with everything else. I hated Holosync. I hated the support letters. I hated the sound of the rain.

I was ready to send everything back and I had it all in the box ready to go. It sat on my desk in my den for a few weeks. After my life went from bad to worse to sheer hell (my wife left me and I got downsized from a very good job all in the same month) I decided to try Holosync for another month, now that I had all that extra time on my hands.

I finally got another job about four months later. By then Holosync had become a habit and I really had forgotten why I was using it. I just figured it was a groovy to say I “meditated”.

But I can tell you that this program, more than anything else in my entire 55 year old life, has made the most positive difference. I shudder to think what my life today would have been like without this program.

Financially, physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, I am at my prime. I have done things I never thought I could do. I have had relationships I never thought I deserved to have. I have earned a financial security I never thought I would have managed. I feel more blessed than I ever have before. I have more energy than I did when I was 20. My life, while not godly perfect in every which way, is a happy, healthy and exciting one.

Take it from someone who isn’t sitting around wondering what the program might be like or whether the next level is worth it or what might or might not happen in Level 2 or 4 or 6. I’ve done it. You owe it to yourself to stick with this program. It costs money. It takes time. But I DARE YOU to use this program for a year and tell me then that it wasn’t worth twice the money and twice the time. Take a deep breath, dive in, just do it.

- Richard W.

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