Michael Harris

Coach, Yoga Trainer, Entrepreneur

About Michael Harris

Michael Harris is a multi-talented individual with a truly incredible gift for empowering others. Whether you're looking to take care of your health, share your story with the world, or build a thriving business, Michael has the expertise to guide you to success.

With multiple bestselling books under his belt, Michael is the real deal when it comes to coaching, training, and entrepreneurship. He's dedicated to helping people of all walks of life share their message with the world and make a real impact.

Michael started a yoga practice in 1987 as the result of a near-fatal health condition. In the early 90’s he began teaching, and has never stopped. The man's a true master of his craft, having trained 1,000’s of yoga teachers to confidently speak and teach in groups of any size, without ever getting twisted. In addition, he coached yoga businesses around the world on how to accelerate their growth and membership to the tune of millions of dollars.

Michael is a true believer that nature holds the key to living our best lives. It's just a matter of learning how to apply what you already know, so you can have better health, share your message and live the life of an entrepreneur.

Programs, Strategies & Courses

Discover for yourself the powerful habits that Michael learned on his journey to success with these amazing resources.

Free 16-minute Guided Meditation created by my late brother, Centerpointe Founder, Holosync Inventor, and Co-Author of the NY-Times #1 Best-seller “The Secret,” Bill Harris. Bill leads you on a journey to your inner center while his proprietary Holosync technology puts your brain into an advanced meditative state automatically!

Step into the extraordinary with "Within" – a captivating collection of life-altering essays that will ignite your soul and revolutionize the way you live. Embark on an exhilarating adventure alongside celebrated authors Michael Harris, Rajashree Choudhury, and an esteemed lineup of 26 other experts, and unlock the awe-inspiring, transformative power that resides within you. Get ready to embrace a life beyond imagination – your journey starts now.

Finally: a safe & effective trauma recovery program anyone can use to release repressed trauma, calm an overstimulated brain, and build resistance to stress
- with coaching included!