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Your FREE Holiday Themed Images Are Ready!

Each of these festive images work great as screensavers, desktop backgrounds, framed photos or even wrapping paper!

They are our gift to you this Free Friday.

And I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

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Get a Jump on Your Holiday Shopping!

I’m excited to announce that our newly updated CRI-400 Earbuds are back in stock!

These special new CRI-400s come in a fashionable Brushed Brass finish that elevates your style just as it elevates your sound quality!

In fact, our CRI-400’s pack the BEST sound quality and comfort into lightweight, fashionable earbuds that you’ll feel confident wearing all day long.

Earbuds of this quality typically retail for upwards of $249!
But to celebrate the season, you can get a set of CRI-400 Earbuds right now for just...

...$89 plus FREE shipping!

Here’s what you get with your new CRI-400 Earbuds:

  • Exceptional sound range (extra-wide frequency response range)
  • Crystal clear, balanced, powerful sound (super-high resolution)
  • Control volume, playback and phone with multi-control buttons
  • 6 sets of ear tips for the best fit and feel for YOU
  • Moisture resistance: Because accidents happen
  • Easy to tuck-away-and-go CRI carrying pouch
  • Special “Brushed Brass” luxurious exterior
  • Special discount
  • FREE shipping

(Due to high demand we must limit this offer to three pairs each.)

Here’s what people are saying about our CRI-400 Earbuds:

Just want to let you guys know that I've owned over 30+ earphones to listen to at work and these earbuds are THE MOST AMAZING sound I've ever heard in an earphones, especially with the bass for some of my favorite songs.  This past 3 months I've bought over $500 worth of earphones and if I had gotten this earlier, I would rather use it towards more of these models.

I hope you guys continue making these earphones high quality, because so many on the market decide to cut costs and they break easily. Will definitely purchase more of these in the future for family.


I received the earbuds in the mail today... and I am IN LOVE with them! They are so freaking comfortable in my ears! Holy moley! All of the ear buds I've tried previously were either too large for my ear canal, and hurt, or they were too small, and slipped out easily. I didn't even need to change the little rubber pieces out that were already in place on the product. Those already in place choices were perfectly on target for my ears. I am soooo looking forward to listening to my holosync tracks with these earbuds, going forward.


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