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FREE 15 Minute Rescue & Renew Meditation!

Your Powerful “Reset Button” for Any Stressful Day

Rescue & Renew is a powerful tool that will help you calm down, find your center and regain your inner strength, when you’re upset about anything.

In just 15 minutes, Rescue & Renew can soothe your anxiety,
clear your mind, calm your nerves, and steady your emotions.

It’s our gift to you this Free Friday.

15 Minute Rescue & Renew

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Wu Xing Power Suite

When life gets tough, how do you balance your
emotions and heal your heart, mind and body?

Using state of the art neuro-audio soundtracks, the
Wu Xing Power Suite helps you:

  • Transform despair into courage
  • Transform anger into patience
  • Transform fear into serenity
  • Transform worry into grace
  • Transform sorrow into joy the touch of a button!

You also get a TON of free bonus materials, including a Wu Xing Journal and a wonderful guided meditation.

You won’t want to miss out on this!

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