FREE Spring Screensaver & Wallpaper Package

This Free Friday, we have a wonderful gift for you!

Some say that Spring is the most beautiful time of the year.
The flowers are in bloom, the color returns to the world,
and the days get longer and warmer.

Spring is also a time for self reflection and a fresh start.
It’s an atmosphere where anything is possible!

So to help you with your own “Spring Refresh” we have
the perfect way to add some mindfulness to your day:

It’s our Spring Screensaver & Wallpaper package!

Download and set them as your computer wallpaper or screensaver
for an easy way to add a little mindfulness to your day.

Or print them out, frame them, and hang them on the wall
for some artistic inspiration!

It’s our gift to you this Free Friday.

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Ultra Focus & Flow State Performance

Ultra Focus & Flow State Performance is the first Holosync suite designed specifically to boost your focus
and concentration.

This powerful new suite does 5 remarkable things:

1.  It helps you achieve a Flow State - a state of pure and focused attention usually reserved only for Zen masters, elite athletes, brilliant scientists, and others whose minds function at exceptionally high levels of creativity and clarity.

2.  It helps you reclaim your “stolen focus” and get back to a state of high-performance attention, memory, and clear thinking. No more brain fog or distractions.

3.  It trains and reconditions your brain to function like it did when you were young; full of mental vitality, energy, and clarity.

4.  It teaches you how to use your breath to achieve superior focus and flow, get “in the zone,” and experience

a truly high-performance mind.

5.  It uses a cutting edge audio technology, developed and improved exclusively for this collection,

called Lateral Carrier Boost.

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