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Attracting Love

We all need love in our lives. This powerful soundtrack gives you the mindset you need to create the
loving relationships you most desire…, lasting and deeply fulfilling. 

Use the “Attracting Love” Autofonix™ soundtrack to supercharge the magnet of your heart and attract the
 love you deserve in life.

How To Download The Soundtrack

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Attracting Love Affirmations

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Want More Love?

Introducing Centerpointe’s newest Suite of powerful Holosync soundtracks: 
The Embracing Love Suite. 

Everyone needs love. Everyone deserves love. And now you can open your heart and take your love and relationships to a whole new level.

Centerpointe’s newest suite of Holosync soundtracks is designed to enhance every aspect of your relationships.

...including the most important one of all: the relationship you have with yourself! 

What People Are Saying About the Embracing Love Suite...

~Lori B.

"Holy moley!!!! This “Love” Suite seriously rocks!!!

This is what I have been asking for, for the last 10 entire reality has shifted in 24 hours.....everything has truly opened up and gone so much deeper!!

I am sooo over the moon with my purchase!!!

Thank you Centerpointe!!!

Love, love, love, Lori"

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