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“Journey to Your Inner Center”
16-Minute Guided Meditation

This guided meditation led by late Centerpointe Founder, Bill Harris will take you on a relaxing journey to find your inner center…

…and leave you feeling peaceful, confident, and recharged.

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Rescue & Renew

15 Minute Rescue & Renew | Centerpointe Research Institute | Wellness

Use Rescue & Renew any time you’re feeling stressed, upset, angry, hurt or full of anxiety.

This powerful soundtrack creates brainwave states that calm your racing thoughts and help you achieve a state of serene control.

Click the play button below to listen:

Attracting Money & Success (Autofonix Soundtrack)

The Attracting Money & Success soundtrack powered by our Holosync and Autofonix technologies rewires your brain to automatically attract success in your life through a paradigm of abundance and personal power.

The silent affirmations embedded with Autofonix removes mental blocks that are sabotaging your efforts and gives you a boost towards reaching your goals.

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