Amazing Audio Products from Centerpointe

If you were to wave a magic wand over your current headphones or earbuds, what would you wish for?

We’ve been listening to the Centerpointe Community and what everyone is asking for is:

A comfortable fit with crystal clear, balanced, high-fidelity sound that accommodates the deepest levels of Holosync.

(If you haven’t heard by now, meditating with Holosync gives you 8x the results!)

Centerpointe has been a leader in neuro-audio technology for over 30 years, and sound quality is of paramount importance to us.

So when we created our headphone audio products from the ground up…

...we knew we needed to make sure it was of the highest quality!

Any headphones or earbuds, or other accessories with our name on them MUST meet our rigorous standards.

And today we’re giving you the option to choose the headphones or earbuds that fit your lifestyle.

It’s our Headphones Mega Sale!

Our famous CRI-300 Headphones and CRI-400 Earbuds will send your ears to
soundwave paradise!

They also make the perfect gift for a loved one.

CRI-300 Headphones

There’s no better way to block out all outside disturbances than with noise-reducing CRI-300 headphones with super soft, deeply padded ear cups.

It is very hard to find headphones on the market today with a wide frequency response range at an affordable price.

But we’ve done that work for you. Here’s why it’s important:

The wider the frequency response range, the more able your brain is to hear sounds in their clearest, purest resolution. 

Using the CRI-300s is like focusing a camera lens on sound, bringing it into…

...crystal clear, tack-sharp focus. 

You’ll hear more sounds, at a “higher resolution,” more clearly and more true to its pure origin (fidelity) with CRI-300s than with typical headphones, and you’ll do so at…

...a much lower price than you’ll find elsewhere.

If you want a “sound” experience like no other, you simply have to listen through our custom-made, CRI-300 Headphones.

These headphones were custom-built to enhance the meditation experience of our flagship product: Holosync!

The CRI-300s have been engineered specifically to handle ALL the frequencies we use on ALL levels of the Holosync program.

And these are the same headphones our sound designers use to create our Holosync tracks… you know you’re getting professional-grade technology.

Whether you want to get more out of your meditations or you’re just looking for a more immersive experience in your movies, video games, or music playlist…

...the CRI-300s are first-class in comfort and sound quality!

By the way, we are so confident in the quality and durability of these headphones, we're offering a full two-year limited warranty in case you find any defects as you use them.

And please remember: These are the newest, strongest and most durable version of CRI-300 Headphones that we’ve ever offered.

The ONLY place you can buy these is from Centerpointe, and believe me, you will not come close to finding this quality without paying more than twice as much.

Retail Price: $279 

Sale Price:

Learn More About the CRI-300s


  • Frequency Response: 5Hz - 26kHz
  • Impedance: 64 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 100db
  • THD: <0.2% at 1kHz
  • Weight: 10.2 Oz
  • Acoustic Principle: Closed
  • Driver Type: 42mm, Dynamic
  • 3.5 mm Connection

CRI-400 Earbuds

Nothing beats the CRI-400 Earbuds. They are simply the BEST earbuds you’ll find in sound quality, range and fit!

We know that when it comes to audio earbuds… want (and deserve) the highest quality, clearest resolution and the best fit and comfort available.

And even though all the analytics tell us we should be RAISING our prices for these earbuds...

...we know that our Centerpointe Community deserves an affordable way to get the MOST out of their Holosync journeys.

Which is why we’re keeping our prices low for you - the Community!

The CRI-400s work with virtually any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or media device, and they come with a volume control and mic on the cord for convenient phone use.

Centerpointe has long been a leader in neuro-audio technology… when we went to the drawing board to design custom earbuds for our customers, we were uncompromising in our standards.

No apologies for that! 

The CRI-400s handle the lowest tones of the deepest levels of the Holosync Solution Program, including the remarkable Virtual Audio 3D technology we use on our deeper levels…

...without any sacrifice to sound quality.

If you meditate, listen, stream, jam or the gym, on your commute, during your travels, on the job or at home… will definitely LOVE the CRI-400 Earbuds.

We promise.

In fact, we back up that promise with a two-year warranty against defects.

That’s how confident we are in the CRI-400s.

When you hear the sound quality, and choose the exact ear tips for your fit and feel…’ll be as excited about the CRI-400s as we are!

Pick up a pair today and hear the difference of quality sound.

Retail Price: $99

Sale Price:

Learn More about CRI-400s


  • Control volume, playback and phone calls with multi-control buttons
  • Exceptional sound range (extra-wide frequency response range)
  • Crystal clear, balanced, powerful sound (super-high resolution)
  • 6 sets of ear tips for the best fit and feel for YOU
  • Moisture resistance: Because accidents happen
  • Easy to tuck-away-and-go CRI carrying pouch
  • CRI-400 Frequency Response Range: 5-40K Hz
  • Connection Type: 3.5 mm

No matter what headphones you choose, you know you’re getting the highest in quality and dependability.

CRI-300 Headphones

Retail Price: $279

Sale Price:

CRI-400 Earbuds

Retail Price: $99

Sale Price: