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Ultra Success & Wealth Suite

This 3-track set of Holosync soundtracks (plus bonus soundtrack and a special workbook) is designed to help you succeed and prosper in all areas of life (no matter what your current situation).

With this suite you will:

  • Achieve virtually anything you put your mind to
  • Spot amazing new opportunities
  • Create a solid action plan
  • Build generational wealth

...we’ve got the answer!

Original Price: $69
Sale Price: $48

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Learn More about the Ultra Success & Wealth Suite

Here's what you get:

  • Track #1: Smart Choices
    Train your unconscious to make intelligent and resourceful choices with your money while undoing old patterns of unresourceful choices.
  • Track #2: Abundance Builder
    Learn to spot opportunities to prosper and grow your wealth, whether you have a lot of money to start with, or very little.
  • Track #3: Limitless Success
    Tap into the power of your mind to visualize achieving virtually anything you put your mind to.
  • Free Bonus Track #4: Awareness in Action
    Create a strong plan of action. Visualize, plan, and take action that yields tangible results.
  • Free Bonus Workbook: The Success Advantage
    Explore your issues around money/success, break through boundaries, and create an action plan to get you where you want to be.

Wu Xing Power Suite

The Wu Xing Power Suite is based on the ancient Chinese practice of Wu Xing (pronounced woo sheeng), the 5 Element Theory of balance and restoration

This suite Includes 5 Soundtracks to Help You Transform:

  • Despair to Courage
  • Anger to Patience
  • Melancholy to Joy
  • Fear to Serenity
  • Worry to Grace

Original Price: $99
Sale Price: $78

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Learn More about Wu Xing Power Suite

Here's what you get:

The Wu Xing Power Suite is a unique and powerful suite of five soundtracks–unlike anything else out there–designed to help you balance your emotional states, effortlessly.

Wu Xing states that each of the five elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water) encompasses both a balanced and imbalanced aspect of specific emotions.

The unbalanced emotion of the Wood element, for example, is anger. The Wu Xing Power Suite helps balance your emotions from anger, rage and resentment toward patience, compassion and tolerance.

The Wu Xing Power Suite includes a soundtrack for each of the five elemental “negative” emotions, including anger, melancholy, worry, despair and fear. (Plus some amazing FREE BONUS materials!)

Each soundtrack is driven by powerful Holosync® technology to automatically create changes that used to take years, decades even, of meditation.

We embed silent affirmations beneath your choice of soothing music or ocean sounds, using our proprietary Autofonix™ technology, to deepen and amplify your results.

The soundtracks are presented in high bitrate mp3 format and can be downloaded and played on nearly any smartphone or other media device. 

Super Learning & Memory Suite

The Super Learning & Memory Suite Includes Four High-Quality Soundtracks to Enhance Your Natural Learning Abilities!

This Suite will help you:  

  • Learn, retain and recall startling amounts of new information
  • Increase your focus and concentration, without distractions
  • Give you huge “ah ha” insights, solutions and creative ideas

Original Price: $69
Sale Price: $48

NOTE: Clicking above will place an order instantly using the billing information you just entered.

Learn more about the Super Learning & Memory Suite

Here's what you get:

  • Ultra Focus & Learning
    Retain more information in a shorter amount of time! The ultimate “super learning” track, Ultra Focus & Learning, puts your brain into “the zone” – the ideal learning state where your brain functions effortlessly and performs at its best.
  • Super Memory Stabilizer
    Use Super Memory Stabilizer for “deep learning” to organize and retain complex information that you can easily recall at a later time. It’s particularly helpful right after studying or reading to improve overall retention.
  • Laser Memory Recall
    Test anxiety? Big presentation to make? Laser Memory Recall is ideal for resolving brain fog and generating crystal clear mental clarity. It also helps you relax by reducing mental anxiety and stress, so you can ace the challenges ahead.
  • Eureka Moment
    Tap into your brain’s inner creative genius and generate "Aha!" moments, as well as natural mental highs. Note: You cannot purchase Eureka Moment anywhere for any amount of money, but it’s FREE with your purchase of the Super Learning & Memory Suite.