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Are your ideas about “reality” unconsciously sabotaging your life?

Fix that in 12 weeks with a new Internal Map of Reality for greater success in all things!

If you’re like most people, your Internal Map of Reality is broken. It’s based on things you learned as a child, to survive in a world you didn’t understand and had no choice over. Things like:

I can be rich or I can be happy, but not both

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there

Love doesn’t come easy

Beliefs such as these are running your life and sabotaging your dreams!

Your Internal Map of Reality is not truly reflective of who and where you want to be in life...and you probably don't even realize it! But, for better or worse, your current Map of Reality is creating the life you’re living right now… by day, moment by moment.

With a new Internal Map of Reality, which will evolve as a result of a few powerful insights and practices, you can EASILY create:

  • Fulfilling Relationships

  • Greater Happiness

  • Financial Success

  • Better Health, and

  • Inner Peace…

Your Internal Map of Reality | Centerpointe Research Institute matter what your present or past circumstances.

From the Desk of MaryEllen Tribby
CEO, Centerpointe Research Institute

Monday, 7:14am, Beaverton, Oregon

Your Internal Map of Reality | Centerpointe Research Institute

Dear Friend,

I want to introduce you to a whole new way of “rewiring” the map in your brain that is currently sabotaging you by leading you away from your goals and dreams…

...instead of toward them.

Hello, my name is MaryEllen Tribby, CEO of Centerpointe.

Just imagine what your relationships, your health and your career would look like if you could:

Automatically choose whatever serves you and others...every time

Automatically drop unresourceful thoughts feelings and actions

Focus on the possibilities instead of the problems

Overcome whatever obstacles stand in your way

Attract helpful resources like a magnet

Your Internal Map of Reality | Centerpointe Research Institute

Your Internal Map of Reality is either programmed with these beneficial  things. Or it isn’t. If you look closely, you may find that:

You believe things about yourself that are NOT true:

Your Internal Map of Reality | Centerpointe Research Institute
    • That you’re not smart, pretty or talented enough

    • That you’re unworthy of your dreams

    • That things always go wrong for you

You believe things about others that are NOT true:

Your Internal Map of Reality | Centerpointe Research Institute
    • That some people are born lucky

    • That your __________ is an idiot

    • That no one understands

You believe things about the world that are NOT true:

Your Internal Map of Reality | Centerpointe Research Institute
    • True love only happens in fairy tales

    • No good deed goes unpunished

    • Rich people cheat, steal and lie

Your focus on things that SABOTAGE you: 

Your Internal Map of Reality | Centerpointe Research Institute
    • You worry about all the “bad” things that could happen

    • Your fears keep you from acting

    • You dwell on the obstacles

You have values that are in CONFLICT:

Your Internal Map of Reality | Centerpointe Research Institute
    • Security vs. Adventure 

    • Family vs. Freedom

    • Career vs. Passion

These, and many more aspects of your Internal Map of Reality... 

...create every result and every experience in your life.

But...and here’s the GREAT’re not stuck with the internal “reality” you have created for yourself. You don’t have to attract the same dead-end relationships, or frustrating jobs, or financial missteps. You can make the necessary changes to your brain that easily enable you to consciously and deliberately…

...create happiness, inner peace and personal success.

The fastest, best and easiest way to do that is to spend the next 12 weeks (longer or shorter, according to your own pace) exploring:

Your Internal Map of Reality:

Secret Life Principles to Create the Life of Your Dreams

Based on decades of cutting edge brain research and experience in helping millions of people all over the world, our founder, Bill Harris, created a powerful online course called, Life Principles Integration Process (we call it LPIP). 

Since his untimely passing in 2018, we took the most popular and critical module of LPIP and created a brand new course that we've never offered before, Your Internal Map of Reality, which will allow you to:

Uncover–and overcome–all the things that are unconsciously sabotaging you, so you can create the health, relationships
and success of your dreams.

Each of the 12 lessons in Your Internal Map of Reality takes you deeper into your interior landscape, where you’ll discover internal treasures and “navigation” tools that make your life easier, richer and more fulfilling. 

And here’s something else that makes this program truly unique and life-changing:

Personal Coaching

FREE with your enrollment, you get invaluable personal coaching from two of our most experienced and insightful Accelerated Results Coaches: Jen Kennedy and Marc Gilson. 

These personal mentors will help you understand Your Internal Map of Reality, master the material in the course, and put it to use in your daily life.

With unlimited email access to a personal mentor to help you reprogram Your Internal Map of Reality… someone will be there to hold your hand…

...through every step of this process!

PLUS you get the complete Q&A Archive that houses Bill’s greatest insights and wisdom that answer hundreds of student questions.  

It isn’t enough that you understand this information on a theoretical level. Simply “knowing” the information won’t give you the lifelong changes Bill was determined to help you make. 

Knowing isn’t the same as awareness.

Centerpointe Research Institute | Marc Gilson | Accelerated Results Coach

Marc Gilson

Marc Gilson has served as the Director of Client Services and Product Design at Centerpointe for over 20 years. He worked alongside Bill in the early days of Centerpointe and helped develop and refine many key concepts of these teachings.

Jen Kennedy | Accelerated Results Coach | Centerpointe Research Institute

Jen Kennedy

A certified life coach since 2003, Jen Kennedy has been at Centerpointe for over 15 years and brings great wisdom and compassion to her work. Jen is unmatched in her ability to help people integrate these powerful concepts into their lives and to reach their goals. 

For most people, mastering this material means discovering the unconscious blocks that make it difficult to really change their thinking and their actions…

…to match the thoughts and actions of those who are already getting the results they want.

Once you adopt these more resourceful ways of thinking and acting, the results you want will flow to you…

…almost effortlessly.

You don’t have to go through life in pain, frustration and repetitive patterns that don’t serve you. Instead, decide to make fundamental, positive changes in your own life. I urge you in the strongest way possible to participate in this online course.


Centerpointe Research Institute Testimonial

”Just want to take a moment to thank you so very much for all that you share with us. Your heart, time, attentiveness to detail… I have never participated in a course (even at college!) where the information was so well organized and so accessible. You have beautifully broken this down so that any person of any educational level can understand it. I can readily see that if I don’t progress…it’s my fault. Thank you!”

~ Mary F.

Why Bother?

Your Internal Map of Reality | Centerpointe Research Institute

Your Internal Map of Reality course helps you become conscious of the internal processing system you use to create every result and every internal or external experience in your life. 

You will learn how to use your Internal Map to make the changes that will allow you to consciously and deliberately…

…create happiness, inner peace and personal success.

Bill helps you take apart each aspect of your Map of Reality, discover what works and what doesn’t, and then put it back together again in a way that allows you to create the results you want.


Centerpointe Research Institute Testimonial

“Already I am getting more than I could have expected from this course. This personal correspondence is making the price seem to be a giveaway. The wisdom of your words resonates very deeply with me and your encouragement is inspiring me in a way I haven’t felt in a long time.”

~ Harry F.

You’ll go from automatically and unconsciously creating your life, to consciously and intentionally choosing each result—and making it a reality.

Here’s the key point: Awareness Creates Choice.

What you create outside your awareness runs on autopilot—which is okay as long as your Internal Map is programmed to create resourceful outcomes. But what about those areas of life that aren’t working so well?

These areas are going to continue to be a problem for you as long as you’re creating them outside your awareness. You will see for yourself how you’re creating outcomes you don’t want, and with enough awareness…

…you just can’t keep doing those unresourceful things!

Do you see how this works? What you do with awareness becomes a choice and then you naturally (and instantly) choose to drop what doesn’t work and replace it with what does.

Vital Teachings in Your Internal Map of Reality Course

  • How to focus your mind…and why this is THE key to everything in your life.

  • More than 20 unconscious filters you use all the time and how they determine what’s possible for you, and what happens in your life.

  • A fascinating process for getting to the root cause of why some areas of your life don’t work…and how you can feel good—and make your life work the way you want it to.

  • Exactly how you create every feeling and every behavior…and how to make these things into a choice.

  • The many ways that you unconsciously sabotage yourself, and how you can instantly stop doing it (this isn’t what you think, either).

  • How what you believe determines a LOT of what happens to you. Bill shows you an amazingly simple way to make your beliefs support what you want.

  • You’ll examine your values, the main engine of motivation. You’ll find the conflicts that sabotage you, and resolve them. If your values don’t support what you want, you’ve set yourself up for failure, no matter what you do or how hard you try.

  • You’ll learn about your unconscious strategies, how they create your feelings, behaviors, and decisions. You’ll learn how to end the strategies that create unhappiness and failure—and to create new ones that create happiness, inner peace, and effectiveness.

  • You’ll see how powerfully the meanings you assign to people, things, and situations affect your life—and how to consciously create and assign new, more resourceful meanings that will completely change your life.

  • How to get rid of unconscious beliefs that are ruining your life.

  • The fastest way to become excellent at anything.

Your Internal Map of Reality Lessons  

Your Internal Map of Reality course combines a variety of resources in 12 powerful lessons:

Your Internal Map of Reality | Centerpointe Research Institute

Clarifying Guided Meditation

Your Internal Map of Reality | Centerpointe Research Institute

Life-changing Audio Content

Your Internal Map of Reality | Centerpointe Research Institute

Revealing Self-assessments

Your Internal Map of Reality | Centerpointe Research Institute

Personal Mentorship

Your Internal Map of Reality | Centerpointe Research Institute

Self-discovery tools…

...all combined to help you get the most from the material and make it work for you.

Here is an outline of the course, including some of the life-changing tools you’ll get:

1. Beliefs

Beliefs, quite simply, are what you HOLD to be true. (Not necessarily what IS true.) 

What you believe has a powerful effect on your life, for good or bad. You will learn to create beliefs that SERVE you, and others, and bring the results you WANT (instead of those you don’t).

2. Internal States

Are you living on autopilot? Your unconscious mind leads to the mental and emotional states you experience, as well as your decisions and behaviors. 

Discover how to stop using methods that lead to unhappiness and failure. Learn instead how to create new and more resourceful strategies that create happiness, inner peace and effectiveness in the world.

3. Values

Values are those things you think are important, and therefore focus on and spend time on. 

Values motivate you, and you can’t produce results unless you’re motivated. Learn how to determine what your current values are, and if needed, how to resolve conflict between values.

4. Values Assessment

Find the root cause of things that trigger you and remove the emotional charge from them. These are the things that cause you to focus on–and get–exactly what you DON'T want. 

Bill also narrates a special “Timeline” meditation to help you uncover your deepest values and conflicts.

5. Representational System

In order to get the best results in your life, you need to be making conscious choices

Bill explains how different “representational systems” (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, or auditory digital) serve you better in some situations than others. So you can choose!

6. Metaprograms

In a world with a mind-boggling amount of information coming at you all the time, metaprograms tell you what to pay attention to and what to ignore. This lesson is crucially important, as metagrams often…

...create your distortions to "reality" and sabotage your efforts.

7. React or Respond

Are you reacting (overreacting?) to situations in your life, or are you thoughtfully, consciously responding in the most skillful ways? This lesson helps you heal what needs to be healed and make…

...major improvements in your ability to create what you want. 

​8. Strategies

This lesson shows you how to create the outcomes you want in life.

Every action you take, every feeling you feel, every outcome you experience–inside and out–is the result of a strategy. Since everything you are creating, in each moment, is the result of a strategy, if you change the strategy, you will change the outcome. So you will get better outcomes!

​9. Modalities

Modalities help you configure the outer world to yourself, inside your head. You make pictures inside, you hear sounds inside, you have emotions, and you talk to yourself. 

10. Modeling

To get different results, you have to be willing to think and act differently. 

Modeling is learning to replicate the results that others are getting by discovering how their Internal Map of Reality is set up...and then adopting their way of doing things. You can also adopt the best parts of their external attributes, such as their behaviors and physiology.

​11. Your Internal Map

You are at the “cause” end of the cause-and-effect spectrum. 

Generally speaking, you are not the victim of events outside your control, even if that is the way it sometimes seems. Your Internal Map creates your experiences in the world. Bill demonstrates how to organize your beliefs, values, metaprograms, etc., to create the outcomes that you want.

12. How Can I?

By now you’ll have made some powerful changes in your life! 

The goal of this course is to help you create a life that is happy, peaceful and successful. In your final lesson, you’ll discover ways to ensure the continuation of the changes you have decided to make… master your Internal Map of Reality and create the life of your dreams!

Your Internal Map of Reality will show you how to gain conscious control over many key aspects of your life that are usually unconscious—and which may be holding you back from being happier and more effective.

What’s more, I can prove it!


Centerpointe Research Institute Testimonial

​“I think this course is an absolute gem—an incredibly powerful, invaluable tool for transforming your life, a brilliant masterpiece, a true gift.”

~ Nicole

Let me explain something Bill taught me that changed my life forever:

Most people, sadly, are little more than automatic response mechanisms, dealing with most of what comes their way unconsciously. Such people create their life…

…largely outside their conscious awareness.

But here’s the deal: Running your life unconsciously works great—if your Internal Map of Reality is programmed to deliver the results you want.

Which is, unfortunately, quite rare.

To one degree or another, most people create a fair amount of unhappiness, anxiety, failure, self-sabotage, and lack of personal fulfillment.

Some create a lot of it.

And frankly, this drove BIll bananas. He knew he could help people stop sabotaging themselves, and create the awareness they need to make the right choices in life, such as:

  • How you feel…
  • How you behave (or sometimes fail to behave)…
  • Which people and situations you attract or become attracted to…
  • What meanings you assign to what happens…
Your Internal Map of Reality | Centerpointe Research Institute

Everyone wants to have more choice, of course. However, there’s something else about choice that is absolutely amazing:

Once you have a choice, you’ll always choose what serves you, and
 drop what doesn’t!

Think about that for a moment. Awareness—because it creates choice—provides a way to get rid of the problems you’re unconsciously creating! (Trust me on this—you’re creating most of them.)

When you become aware of how your own internal mental processes, you begin to see (often for the first time) how the choices you make and the results you experience come from something in younot from external circumstances.

This means you can change these results, if you want to!

As you can see from the Success Stories, people are blown away by what they learned. And, these are just a small fraction of over 15,000 letters we’ve received…so far.

In these online lessons, Bill teaches each principle, in detail, and explains exactly how to master it. Several lessons also include easy quizzes and interesting and informative cheat sheets designed to help you determine how your own Internal Map of Reality…

…is creating your life.

You’ll be shocked by what you learn! 

In addition, each lesson contains resource guides that ensure mastery, making sure that you’re the boss of your own life–no one else. 

You really do gain the ability to have choice about how you feel, act and behave—no matter what your past or present circumstances! 

Once you can do this, you’ve got it made!

Not only that—if you read the rave reviews on this page from those who have taken these courses—you’ll see that Bill has been able to successfully teach many others how to create what they want.

He can teach it to you, too!

Bill didn’t tend to brag about his many accomplishments in life. He described himself as quite an ordinary fellow who was fortunate enough, and persistent enough, to…

find the secrets that allow any person to take his or her life from wherever it is now to a point where anything is possible.”


Centerpointe Research Institute Testimonial

“Wow, you are not kidding when you say you really want to help. I knew that already though. Thank you so much. You, your program, and your teachings have changed my life completely”

~ Lee

And it’s simply mind-blowing. Your Internal Map of Reality will allow you to:

Make happiness, inner peace, and personal success a choice—no matter what your present or past circumstances…

Eliminate hidden beliefs and other mental programs that sabotage you from getting what you want…

Focus your mind with laser-beam clarity and intensity so you can achieve your goals and creatively solve your problems…

Eliminate fear, doubt and worry from your life…

And many more super-powerful and super-effective personal growth and success secrets and strategies.

Your Internal Map of Reality | Centerpointe Research Institute


The powerful material you'll learn in Your Internal Map of Reality really works. In fact, this course works so well—for everyone who applies themselves—we can absolutely guarantee it. 

So if you don’t think this is the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself, we’ll refund your entire tuition.

Note: I’m not guaranteeing your part: Your motivation, whether you like Bill, agree with Bill, approve of the way Bill teaches, or how the course is laid out, etc.

This is my promise to you:

I’m guaranteeing the courses and the results they’ll create for you. I’m guaranteeing that if you do each lesson, do the homework, and take the action steps Bill suggests, that…

…you’ll get all the benefits I’m describing here.

If you do all of this (and can show us that you did), and you don’t get the results I’m promising with one year, we’ll cheerfully give your money back.


Centerpointe Research Institute Testimonial

“Wow!  I could feel my feelings and not feel enslaved to them.  In particular, during a rough spot with my partner, I could hear him with compassion and want him to move through his discomfort, but not need to control it.  I suspect this is the tip of the iceberg and am pretty excited to imagine what life might start to being like for me. Thanks!”

~ Pam

And, quite frankly, all of this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Bill poured three decades of wisdom, experience and useful tools into this course, so that you can be happy, centered and peaceful...

…and able to create any accomplishment of your dreams.

I promise you can do this! 

All you need is to know is what to do, and be committed to doing it. And that is exactly what Your Internal Map of Reality will do for you!


Centerpointe Research Institute Testimonial

​“Looking over the events in my life while taking this course, I’m astounded at how far I’ve come. Too many miracles to even tell you. I have changed circumstances in my life that were energy-draining and now find myself in a worry-free zone—daring to try what I wouldn’t have tried before—and succeeding!”

~ Vicki S.

If you’re really serious about changing your life and finally becoming the person you crave to be, now’s your chance. 

With Your Internal Map of Reality you’ll learn the real, practical steps that will take everything in your life to a higher level. If you want to begin consciously creating exactly what you want—rather than settling for whatever your mind creates unconsciously…

...then Your Internal Map of Reality is for you!

And, right now you can enroll at a special—and incredibly low—price.

If you’re still not convinced, I have 4 extra bonuses for you that you will LOVE.


Free Welcome Call:

Get in on the conversation! I will be hosting a Welcome Call with your mentors, Marc and Jen, to personally welcome you to this course. This call will give you inspiration, deep insights, and a head start on the program materials. It will definitely help you get the most out of Your Internal Map of Reality. (Value: $297, free with registration)


Video Seminar:

Bill’s live, two-day special event for students of his Life Principles Integration Process, on which Your Internal Map of Reality is based. You can look in and learn everything they learned. (Value: $197, free with registration.)


Unfolding Perspectives:

A digital Special Report by Bill Harris about the stages of human development. This is crucial information for anyone who wants to understand themselves, and why human beings are the way they are. (Value: $59, free with registration.)


Q&A Archive:

With this massive treasure trove of in-depth questions and answers, you don’t have to start from scratch if you ever get lost or confused. You’re not alone! When Bill Harris created the Map of Reality curriculum, he answered hundreds of questions from curious participants. You’ll find the answers to many of your questions–and to some you wouldn’t even think of–in the Q&A Archive. (Value: $197, free with registration.)

That’s $750.00 worth of bonuses, absolutely FREE!

Unless your life is already everything you want it to be, there’s really no valid excuse to not be a part of this amazing series of courses—especially given the huge discount we’re offering.

Bill was an amazing mentor to me, personally, as well as to millions across the world. To be able to continue his legacy, and bring this extraordinary course to you at this incredibly low price, literally brings tears to my eyes.

You owe it to yourself to take a look now.


MaryEllen Tribby | Centerpointe Research Institute

MaryEllen Tribby
Centerpointe CEO

P.S. Here is what a few others have to say about their amazing results:


Centerpointe Research Institute Testimonial

“I absolutely love your impeccable program. You’ve summed up just about everything that I’ve heard from many other tapes and books, but they did not hand you the formula for the answers the way in which you did. Bright Blessings”

~ Janet G.


Centerpointe Research Institute Testimonial

“WOW. I just listened to Lesson 1 of this second course, and I must say I am very excited to be participating in the next 6 months. I look forward to the challenge. I have been a student of metaphysics for many years and understand on a theoretical basis what you are talking about, but I will now gain something on a more daily experiential level. Thank you for sharing this with me.”

~ Billy


Centerpointe Research Institute Testimonial

“I really like the way that this course is set up, i.e. downloadable lesson and notes. I’ve listened to the lesson twice and having the notes to follow along has been very helpful as well.  Your notes/outline is very good and allows me to listen along quite effectively. Looking forward to the next lesson! Thanks.”

~ Terry I.


Centerpointe Research Institute Testimonial

“The course is definitely helping me, and I’m sure many others, immensely. I appreciate how you hammer home the same message from many different angles. In my opinion, the material you are teaching is the most important subject on the planet. Please keep up the great work.”

~ Lee


Centerpointe Research Institute Testimonial

“Thank you very much for these three courses. The information is very well researched & detailed. You have a wealth of knowledge & experience and thanks for generously sharing it with us. As a result of these courses, I’m more self-aware, and I’ve become more motivated, focused, and goal oriented. I have learned heaps and had many AHA moments…”

 ~ Winnie M.

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