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Will Holosync make you enlightened?

by / Monday, 07 July 2008 / Published in Uncategorized

Many of you have asked that I write about Holosync, so beginning with this post, your wish is granted. There’s so much I could say about Holosync that it’s difficult to know where to start.

Here are just a few of the topics we could touch on:

    • How Holosync affects the brain, and how those changes in the brain create changes in awareness and consciousness…
    • The various brain wave patterns and what happens when your brain makes each of them…
    • How Holosync affects what Eastern meditation schools call the subtle body..
    • How Holosync affects dysfunctional feelings and behaviors…
    • How Holosync affects your ability to think more clearly and effectively…
    • How Holosync affects such things as ADD, hyperactivity, autism, addictions, and other such problems…
    • What neurochemical and hormonal changes are created when you use Holosync, and how those changes affect how you feel and function…

  • How Holosync affects awareness, what awareness actually is, and how increased awareness affects your life…
  • The difference between Holosync meditation and traditional meditation…
  • Why we provide progressively deeper levels of Holosync–and the huge benefit of continuing through those levels…
  • An overview of what happens when you use Holosync, why it happens, and what to do about it…
  • How Holosync raises your threshold for what you can handle from life…
  • How Holosync improves physical health, longevity, and resistance to disease…
  • Why some people have trouble using Holosync, and what they can do about it…
  • How Holosync affects the developmental process I’ve written so much about, and…
  • How Holosync affects enlightenment or awakening.

Whew! How do I write about all of that? A fair amount of this is addressed in the Support Letters I’ve written for Awakening Prologue and Awakening Level 1 (those for Awakening Level 1  are new, and just starting to go out to people), and in my other writings. I’ve found, though, that most people read this stuff once (if I’m lucky), and don’t absorb a lot of it.

Why does this happen? Because if I describe something that happens as you use Holosync, but it hasn’t happened for you, YET, you probably won’t remember having read about it when, later, it does happen. It just wasn’t of concern when you read it, so your brain deleted it, disregarded it. Then, when you do have the experience, you probably won’t remember my reference to it.

For that reason, I highly suggest that you go back and reread the Support Letters and Special Reports I’ve sent you. You’ll find yourself having all kinds of ah-ha’s if you do, because what I’ve said will mean much more to you now–and you’ll much better understand what you’re experiencing, and where all of this is heading.

I realize that doing this takes time. I’ve written a ton about Holosync over the years, and that you have other things to do besides use Holosync and read what I’ve said about it. On the other hand, when you use Holosync you’re exposing your nervous system to a very potent stimulus that creates some rather amazing changes in the way you see and experience yourself, your world, and other people. If I were you, I’d want to know what I was feeding into my brain and how it works.

Since we’ve been talking about enlightenment in this blog, and because several of you have specifically asked about this, let’s talk about Holosync and enlightenment. So, are you going to become enlightened if you use Holosync?

First, perhaps we’d better decide what we mean by enlightenment.

I realize that in posing this question I’m opening Pandora’s Box. Defining enlightenment isn’t easy, partly because the whole subject is ineffable, which means it resists description. We’re trying to describe something non-dualistic with language, the whole premise of which is dualistic (i.e., that certain separate things do something to other things).

Another potential problem is that every reader will interpret what I say from his or her own individual perspective (his or her current developmental level) which by definition (excuse me for saying this, but it’s true) is incomplete, making what I say only partially understandable. Nearly everyone’s perspective on enlightenment is a collection of IDEAS, not something they know from experience.

Whatever. Let’s give it a try, and see what happens.

You could say that enlightenment is waking up to the truth about reality, or the truth about who you really are. So, then, what is the truth about reality? And who are you, really? Again, we have a problem, because you can’t really say what reality is. Being ineffable, it’s beyond description. We are part of a multidimensional reality that cannot be described with linear and dualistic language.

For this reason reality is generally described by saying what it ISN’T. (In theology this is called the apophatic approach. Another approach is to describe what reality is like, which is called the cataphatic approach–the approach of poetry or metaphor, as when we say, for instance, that God is love, or God is like a father and we are his children.)

So what I’m about to say will be partly what reality is like, partly what it is not, and partly what it is–even though anything you can say about it really isn’t it.

So, on one hand, we have the common sense notion that reality is composed of separate things and events–and that you are one of those separate things. The awakened person would see that this chopping of reality into separate bits is an illusion created by the mind, and that in actuality everything goes together and exists in relation to everything else. It’s all one continuous thing and one continuous event. For the awakened person this isn’t a way of thinking about the world, a theory, but rather an experience of the way things are.

As I’ve said in previous posts, this also includes the realization that all pairs of seeming opposites are really one, that they arise together and depend upon each other, and that the supposed conflict between opposites is also an illusion created by the mind. This is what I’ve referred to as the Game of Black and White–the idea that life, for instance, must (or could) win over death, that good must win over evil, that having must win over not having, or in general that what you want must (or could) win over what you don’t want.

Further, the very nature of who you are–and the nature of every other “thing-event” in the relative world–is emptiness. In Buddhism they say, “Emptiness is form, form is emptiness.” This “emptiness” is called Śūnyatā in Buddhism, and signifies that everything one encounters in life is empty of any absolute identity, permanence, or any sort of in-dwelling ‘self’.

This is because everything is interrelated and mutually dependent, as I said above, which means that nothing has any independent existence (when they use the term emptiness Buddhists don’t mean that everything is NOTHING–emptiness is their way of describing this lack of independent nature). All things are in a state of constant flux where energy and information are continuously and forever flowing throughout the natural world giving rise to, and themselves undergoing, major transformations with the passage of time.

In other words, everything is impermanent. What seem to be substantial and discrete things come into being and pass away, endlessly. This misperception that there are solid and separate things with some sort of independent existence (including the idea that there is a separate you with an independent existence) is caused by the psychological tendency to grasp at all objects of perception as if they really existed as independent entities.

Some think that this is a result of our resistance to impermanence, particularly death. This resistance causes ordinary (unawakened) beings to believe that separate and stable objects exist ‘out there’ as they appear to perception. (Ironically, when you stop resisting impermanence, and embrace it, you are free.)

This delusion that there are stable things out there is like seeing a whirlpool in a river and thinking that it is a solid, permanent thing, when in really it is a constantly changing flow that just looks like a stable and constant “thing.”

Here is what the Dalai Lama said about the Buddhist idea of emptiness in his book The Universe in a Single Atom (and yes, I will get back to Holosync):

One of the most important philosophical insights in Buddhism comes from what is known as the theory of emptiness. At its heart is the deep recognition that there is a fundamental disparity between the way we perceive the world, including our own experience in it, and the way things actually are.

In our day-to-day experience, we tend to relate to the world and to ourselves as if these entities possessed self-enclosed, definable, discrete and enduring reality. For instance, if we examine our own conception of selfhood, we will find that we tend to believe in the presence of an essential core to our being, which characterises our individuality and identity as a discrete ego, independent of the physical and mental elements that constitute our existence.

The philosophy of emptiness reveals that this is not only a fundamental error but also the basis for attachment, clinging and the development of our numerous prejudices. According to the theory of emptiness, any belief in an objective reality grounded in the assumption of intrinsic, independent existence is simply untenable. All things and events, whether ‘material’, mental or even abstract concepts like time, are devoid of objective, independent existence. To intrinsically possess such independent existence would imply that all things and events are somehow complete unto themselves and are therefore entirely self-contained. This would mean that nothing has the capacity to interact with or exert influence on any other phenomena.

But we know that there is cause and effect – turn a key in a car, the starter motor turns the engine over, spark plugs ignite and fuel begins to burn… Yet in a universe of self-contained, inherently existing things, these events could never occur!

So effectively, the notion of intrinsic existence is incompatible with causation; this is because causation implies contingency and dependence, while anything that inherently existed would be immutable and self-enclosed. In the theory of emptiness, everything is argued as merely being composed of dependently related events; of continuously interacting phenomena with no fixed, immutable essence, which are themselves in dynamic and constantly changing relations. Thus, things and events are ’empty’ in that they can never possess any immutable essence, intrinsic reality or absolute ‘being’ that affords independence.

Suffering happens when we cling to these phantom “things” and “events”–and in particular, to the most significant phantom of all, “me.”

When a person awakens, they see through all of this–or, you might say, “there is a seeing-through of all of this,” since part of the waking up is the realization that there is no separate person there to actually see anything. (This is why it’s so hard to describe this with language, which implies the very separate things and events we’re saying aren’t real.)

This realization isn’t a theoretical understanding, or a belief. It’s an experience, and at first a quite stunning experience. And along with that experience is a complete freedom from clinging to the idea of “me,” or to the world being any certain way. All the conflicts that seem so real in the Game of Black and White are seen through, and in seeing through all of this, there is complete freedom.

Geez, I just wanted to talk about Holosync, and here I’ve been sucked into explaining one of the deepest philosophical questions ever raised. So let’s just say that the above describes the awakened experience, even though such an experience can’t be described. And, if this doesn’t make sense to you, let that be okay. Before you start to actually see/feel/experience the truth of the above, it can just seem to be theoretical mumbo-jumbo. Once you have the experience, though, the above just seems like a description (though incomplete) of what is obvious.

So how does Holosync tune you in to this experience and awaken you to the illusion of separate things and events and the futility of resisting the universe the way it is?

It actually makes more sense to look at this question the other way around–to ask how in the world a human being can come under the illusion that there are separate things and events, and that there is a separate doer who can move them around through some sort of power that is separate from the whole.

Here’s the typical explanation. The mind, by its very nature, chops the universe into separate things and events, something I’ve discussed at length in other posts. This chopping is called maya in Hindu and Buddhist thought. Maya comes from the same root word as measurement, and it’s the idea that we take an essentially wiggly world and try to “straighten it out,” to explain it (ex-plane it, flatten it out), to “square things away,” to “iron things out,” and so on.

If humans were in charge of clouds, for instance, they would all probably have regular geometrical shapes. The natural wiggly world is too complex for our simple minds, so we try to simplify it by dividing it into this and that, separate things and events, and create simple representations of the exceedingly complex  (actually, infinitely complex) multi-dimensional goings-on of the natural world.

For instance, if you tried to describe what happened to you during the last five minutes whatever you said would be a tiny fraction of what really happened, because what happened actually included all your sensory impressions, attended to or not, all your relationships with everything else (ultimately) in the universe, all the cells that divided in your body, all the heartbeats that happened, all the muscle movements, and a whole lot more–and that just can’t be described. It would take an infinite amount of time to explain all of this, since it’s all happening all at once. We live in a multi-dimensional universe that just cannot be grabbed hold of, physically or mentally! (It’s been said about Reality, the Tao, that “You can’t grab hold of it, and you can’t get rid of it.”)

So the way out of this fragmented way of living and seeing the world (a way of seeing that is the root cause of the suffering in the world) is to stop mistaking this chopped-up way of looking at the universe, through the filter of the mind, for the real thing. And, to do this, you first have to get out of the mind entirely (though once you “get it” you can go back to using the mind, but this time without being fooled that what it creates is more than just a representation of reality).

Holosync (as well as traditional meditation, for that matter) creates connections in the brain that gradually allows you to see more and more how everything really does go together, to see how everything is really one big “thing-event”, and how separate things and events (especially the separate “me”) are illusory.

This, of course, is the end-of-the-line ultimate realization. As you know if you’re using Holosync, this isn’t what happens during the first week. As you use Holosync, though, you gradually see how things go together and, as this happens, you relax. Things that bothered you before (aspects of life around which you were playing the Game of Black and White) don’t seem to bug you as much. Seeing the world as a conglomeration of separate things and events (that aren’t you, and are potentially dangerous) creates anxiety, because it makes it SEEM as if you are separate from the rest of the universe–and, as a separate self, that you are in danger, or at least potentially in danger.

As you increasingly see how things go together your anxiety diminishes, along with depression, anger, fear, and other “negative” emotions (the emotions of separation). At the same time, your various coping methods for dealing with what seems like the danger of existence also calm down–addictions, eating problems, withdrawal, projection, behavioral acting out, and so on.

Most people don’t, at first, see these changes as being a result of seeing how everything goes together, because that isn’t apparent in the beginning–at least to most people. But just a little bit, even if you aren’t yet consciously aware of it, is enough to change your experience of life. The ah-ha, where you see that, yes, everything is connected, and you are not separate, comes later.

Another way to approach this is to realize that the mind, in chopping the universe up into separate bits, creates an illusion. As the mind calms down, this illusion loses power. Holosync quiets the mind, at least over time, and as this happens you become calmer, you feel more connected to everything, and the emotions and behaviors characteristic of separation diminish.

On the other hand, as many of you know, you can experience upheaval as you use Holosync. With any kind of meditation, the mind, the ego, will fight back. All those areas of life where you’re playing the Game of Black and White (trying to resist or get rid of something) will eventually surface, and the upheaval you experience is really just your own resistance to what is.

In other words, all the areas of life where you think things should be THIS way and not THAT way, will come up, and you might have strong resistance around each of them. Of course, you don’t have to resist. You could surrender to what is and let the world be the way that it is, but most people fight for their IDEAS about how this should win over that. This fighting, of course, creates upheaval and suffering. This is what I’m referring to when I tell people as they use Holosync to let whatever happens be okay. Most people, at first, have a hard time taking this advice. Still, I give it.

(By the way, I am not saying that you can’t do something to create change in your life. As long as you do so without resistance, create all the change you want.)

The more you’ve been traumatized in your life, the more likely you’ll fight for your version of the Game of Black and White. This happens because the trauma you’ve suffered gives you a strong belief that the world is a dangerous place, and that you MUST protect yourself from that danger. What you think of as danger is Black in the Game of Black and White, and you can’t let it win, so you play a HARD version of the game in an attempt to defeat it. The Game of Black and White, though, is an unwinnable game. This is because in reality Black and White go together and are really one thing. Having one side “win” and eliminating the other would be like having up win over down. What’s more, ultimately, Black and White are just ideas, not realities. Desirable and undesirable are not qualaties that are intrinsic to anything. They are ADDED by the mind, from the outside.

So, if your experience is intense from time to time as you use Holosync, you have to realize that you are doing it, by (unconsciously) playing the Game of Black and White–which means clinging to your idea of how things should be, in other words, resisting what is. Again, this is why I suggest that you let whatever happens be okay, at least emotionally, and just watch with curiosity. And, I’ll admit that at first this isn’t easy to do, so you might have to go through a bit of upheaval from time to time. I sure did.

So, will you become enlightened? This, of course, is a trick question. The truth is that there is no “you” that could become enlightened. The “you” you’re hoping will become enlightened is the ego, and since enlightenment is an ending of unconscious identification with the ego, your IDEA of who you are, “you” can’t become enlightened. Trying to become enlightened ultimately bumps up against the fact that the trying is just a strengthening the very thing that stands in the way of it happening.

Well, shit, you say. Bummer. Maybe I’ll go to someone who’ll be more encouraging. But what I’ve just said isn’t bad news. The reason you can’t become enlightened is that you don’t exist, and that realization IS enlightenment (or at least one stage of it). The truth is that enlightenment can HAPPEN, but “you” can’t do anything to make it happen because you don’t exist!

As Ken Wilber says, enlightenment is an accident, but meditation makes you more accident prone. Enlightenment happens, but there is no separate self that it happens to. I will say that since meditation makes you more accident prone, and Holosync meditation is undeniably faster and more potent than traditional meditation, using Holosync makes you REALLY accident prone. And, even if enlightenment doesn’t “happen,” “you” will, over time, at the very least drop a lot of your emotional bullshit, gain a tremendous clarity of mind, and dramatically reduce the amount of suffering you experience.

Again, if you’ve suffered a lot of trauma in your past, you’re almost sure to be playing a seriously hard Game of Black and White, in which case your path will probably be much more intense (the more trauma, the harder we play the Game of Black and White). When this happens, the mind, the ego, fights back even harder.

This was the way it was for me. I had HUGE upheaval, tons of cathartic stuff. I made the whole process very difficult for myself. But if I can come out the other side, anyone can. It’s because of the potential for upheaval that I created the support letters and the support hotline. Some people need more support. I didn’t have any support, which meant that I unknowingly made things more difficult than they needed to be. Now the only way you can do that is if you don’t ask for support, or reject it when it’s offered (as many people do–we tell them exactly what they need to do to stop suffering and they get pissed off at us).

To make all of this even more paradoxical, once you’ve realize that you are IT (or, rather, that the center you thought was you is just an idea, and that the real you is the entire going on of it all), once you get that there is no separate you, you have to somehow integrate that realization back into the relative world.

The truth is that humans DO create a world of separate things and events, and you can’t get away from the relative world. Trying to do so is just as much a delusion as failing to see that separate things and events aren’t real. So once you realize that the relative world, the world of separate things and events, is a mentally created illusion–what is commonly referred to as awakening (the Third Rank of Tozan I described in a previous post) you go back into the relative world and learn how to function in it WHILE AT THE SAME TIME knowing who you really are.

This is necessary because of one of the basic laws of reality: everything is in time and eventually passes away. There’s no getting away from this, and it’s for this reason that to be here, as a human, there is going to be SOME suffering. To be here you have to become attached, at least a little bit. You have to play a LIGHT version of the Game of Black and White. There’s no reason to be here unless you do. Genpo Roshi, for instance, is attached to some things, but it’s by choice. He’s attached to his children, his wife, his friends, to Zen, to helping others wake up, and so on. In the same way, I’m attached to certain things. And, because all things come into being and pass away, there is suffering built into all attachment.

The difference between Genpo Roshi (or anyone who has awakened and then goes back into the relative world) and the average person is that the awakened person chooses what to become attached to. Genpo Roshi calls such a person “the one who chooses to be a human being.” Once you “get” the truth that everything is one thing, you could just sit in that place, in Big Mind, but in that place there’s nothing to do, nowhere to go, nothing to get. In that case, why be here? This relative world is a place where we at least play as if there IS something to get, somewhere to go, something to do. It’s just that the awakened person is choosing those things, while the unawakened person–busy playing an unconscious Game of Black and White–unconsciously stumbles from one type of suffering to the next, without choice.

So the answer to the question of whether or not you will become enlightened if you use Holosync is yes. And, it’s also no. And maybe. I’ll tell you this, though. Enlightenment is about two things: awareness (of what is real and what is illusion, and who you really are), and surrender to what is (in particular, to impermanence). You must see things the way they really are, and awareness is needed if you are to do that. Then, you must accept things the way they are, which means that you stop playing the Game of Black and White, except as a conscious choice. You see the way things are, and also that ultimately there is no escape from the way things are.

Once you do that (again, accepting the fact that, in reality, there’s no “you” to do this, but that’s the limitation of explaining this using language), you are FREE. People think that freedom is winning the Game of Black and White. It isn’t. Freedom is stepping out of the game, then stepping back in, but this time doing so consciously, intentionally, knowing and accepting the consequences.

Whew! This was a long one. I hope this is helpful. See you next time.

Before I go…

1) I just returned from presenting a workshop with Genpo Roshi in New York. Again, it was mind-blowing. Everyone raved about their experience. If you were there, please post something about your experience. I strongly urge you to come to our next workshop, in Las Vegas, on September 20-21. You can sign up at

2) Also, if you haven’t registered for my FREE online course about the work of Eckhart Tolle, please do. Those who are taking this course are raving about how helpful it is. Just go to to register.

Please tell EVERYONE YOU KNOW about this course, which features Genpo Roshi, Ken Wilber, Byron Katie, Diane Hamilton, Sally Kempton, Saniel Bonder and Linda Groves-Bonder, and…me!

Be well.



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135 Responses to “Will Holosync make you enlightened?”

  1. Bruce Sims says :

    “The truth is that enlightenment can HAPPEN, but “you” can’t do anything to make it happen because you don’t exist!” ; well said.
    Perhaps others may benefit from this persons experience:

  2. Tom DeCaro says :

    Bill, it was a privilege to experience you in person at the New York Big Mind conference. Genpo Roshi really integrated what you are saying in this blog at the energy and spirit level of most of the participants. I have been cycling thru Stage 4 (I call it mini-stage 4 because although I’m in the shallow end of Stage 1, I seem to cycle thru the 5 stages at the level I’m at) and I was MAD at the suffering I perceived in my experience in general. Your blog helped very much explain what happened at Big Mind when I got “reset” on the path I’ve been following. Even though I know what is going on at the level of thought, I need help (and help from your organization is most effective) to integrate. Thanks.

  3. Jeff says :

    What an excellent post. Thank you!

  4. Tim Johnson says :

    Hi Bill,

    Thanks again for the wonderful post. I appreciate it. I, for one, have read all the Support Letters and other material I’ve been sent many, many times and I’ve gotten a lot out of them, especially the “Oneness Isn’t Metaphysical” booklet. I make a point to read them every 3 months or so and they are very helpful, so thanks for making them available.

    Looking over the topics you listed I would just like to let you know which ones I am most interested in:

    How Holosync affects what Eastern meditation schools call the subtle body..

    The difference between Holosync meditation and traditional meditation…

    How Holosync improves physical health, longevity, and resistance to disease…

    Why some people have trouble using Holosync, and what they can do about it…

    How Holosync affects the developmental process I’ve written so much about, and…


  5. Jessica says :

    “Trying to become enlightened ultimately bumps up against the fact that the trying is just a strengthening the very thing that stands in the way of it happening.”

    This is the theory I took to heart when I realized, 15 years ago, that searching for happiness will only keep me away from it. Searching for happiness implies that I don’t have it already within me. So I sat down to meditate.

    One of my teachers instructed me, “Don’t be attached to the outcome.” That is, you can have a favorite this or that, but if God gives you some of the other, don’t be mad!

    Favorite quote from The Matrix (first movie of the trilogy): “There is no spoon.” Similar to your current post! “The truth is that there is no “you” that could become enlightened.”

  6. Elaine MacDonald says :

    Thanks Bill. I love the ambiguous answer to the question of whether or not Holosync will make us enlightened.

    Could I sum it up this way(?): the only truth is, everything is both true & untrue; it’s up to you.

    Or how about this bit of doggerel:

    If you think you’re enlightened,
    You’re not.
    If you think you’ve transcended Ego,
    You Haven’t.
    If you…something something something, I forget the rest of it.

    I too look forward to reading more about Holosync, especially things like this which aren’t covered in the books & CDs (LOVE the CDs-from-a-Retreat which I’ve listened to over and over and over and….)

    Thanks especially for inviting feedback. Best Regards, Elaine

  7. Steve says :

    Thanks for the post, Bill. I love hearing about things relating to Holosync, especially any new information that relates to Holosync or the benefits of meditation as new studies are conducted.

  8. Jason Fredericks says :

    Wow! I just wanted to thank you for all the posts on human developement and especially for this last post on enlightenment. Although some of the material is over my head I always feel so much better after I read them. I don’t have too many people to discuss this stuff with so it is always good to go back and re-read the info. Thanks so much, Bill.

  9. Jeff Harrison says :

    Once again Thank You Bill,
    You do have a talent for explaining what can’t be explained.
    A few years into Holosync now and I can truly say I’m glad to be here. No big ahas (many small comforting ones though), no major traumas (just little ones). All I’ve gotten from Holosync is a gradual lightening of the load, an increasing peace of mind, a lessoning of angst and a cheerfulness that is contagious. Excelsior!
    Please keep writing; of all who you’ve introduced me to with your Blog and programs you seem to be the one I resonate to the most. Somehow your depth comes across the mind barrier and is truly beautiful to experience.
    Stay well,

  10. Terry Lyle says :

    I read all of your stuff over and over (feel better?). But then, I’m also the kind of person that reads all of the instructions before I put anything together. By the way, you didn’t mention THRESHOLDS OF THE MIND (I’m on my fourth reading).
    Even though I read your blog faithfully (and download your podcasts) I’m not usually one for offering my 2 cents (there are plenty of those who can do so more elequently than I). Yet – I felt I had to speak to this blog.
    I’ve been using Holosync for almost a year now (next month). As to whether or not I will be come enlightened (like eckhart) – WHO GIVES A CRAP?! – I have never been happier or more at peace IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. I spent 54 years “suffering through it”, then came Holosync. Without belaboring the details I went from “I wish I wan’t here ( I was suicidal in my younger days) to “I AM GRATEFUL TO BE ALIVE.
    Everyday is a JOY. The people I work with think I’ve gone off the deep end…and I suppose I have in a way.
    My wife and I also have been deeply invloved in Tolle’s books and the Oprah “event” – which was great. But here’s the clincher. After reading and listening to Tolle, I went back and read your THRESHOLDS OF THE MIND. Page after page I stopped to think “OMG…that’s what eckhart meant!”
    Whether or not I become “enlightened” through Holosync I can’t say (it would be a nice “perk”). What I can say is that I am the luckiest person alive to have found it.

    Thank You

  11. Amit says :

    Hi Bill,

    This was your BEST Post yet! I look forward to accidentally becoming enlightened. ;)

    Amit Mehta

  12. Penny says :

    Bill, Great blog on enlightenment from Holosync. Lots of laughs in it as the mind is tweaked. Really, if we are all illusions then why bother about anything anymore? So much was answered and touched upon brilliantly but I am still challenged on the idea of attachment. We could end all suffering if we are not attached to anything and to me that would seem to mean give up love – full stop. I am not attached to my own life, but I am attached to comfort, which seems to be dwindling away. As I let go of attachments, people are letting go of me and so is my income and my life it seems. I hear what you say and love it but there are amazing philosophical contradictions still. Words are not able, in my view, to describe paradoxes, nor to explain anything. They are powerful and yet useless at the same time. Our interpretations are as ilusory as anything. But I rave about Holosync. So much garbage has slipped away from my experience and a lot more to go if I can last the distance. You have to care to keep going and yet caring is an attachment. You have to believe in something for even Holosync to matter. Even thinking is an attachment to this illusory life. It is all a great wiggly.

  13. Janet Muller says :

    Excellent explanation of “enlightment” – thank you.

  14. Hello Bill,

    I can not but agree with everything you wrote. I could not have written it as eloquently as you did Bill. I am very grateful for your talent. I have been committed to listen to the Holosync CDs daily for the last two years and I am planning to stay committed. I agree fully with the conscious choices we make as we become more aware of how things fit so well together – as everything is part of the whole.
    Again, thank you for your time and energy.
    My very best in everything you do!

  15. Rob C says :

    Hi Bill,
    Thanks for your great insights again. I’m currently on Awakening Level 1, due to move onto level 2 in August. I am a fair way into your Life Principles Program too (course 2) and certain a-ha’s are taking place.
    What amazes me (but I am starting to see that it is no coincidence) is some of the things that “happen” in total synergy with a thought or feeling.

    A quick example:
    Today I was sitting down to write a song (I am a songwriter) to capitalise on a lyrical idea I had in my head. After a few minutes my lyrics got around to the heart, the mind etc… and in a flash of inspiration Genpo Roshi & Bill Harris appeared in my head and the song was born called Big Mind, Big Heart… literally 2 minutes later your email arrived to inform me of this post…

    Thank you for providing something that is enabling me to truly wake up.

  16. Helmut Garz says :

    Yes ,I am one of those who does not know whether one is or is not “enlightened “.
    Once upon a time I was under the opinion that I was not quite “normal ‘ ( Whatever that is ) and became a member and studies of a metaphysical order .This membership saved my psychological life . I understood my mission in life as it related to my spouse . I became FREE. “There were of course times of great inner upheaval resulting into “sorting things out”.
    After many years of doing other interests ,mainly the persuit of economical security
    I decided to check back into what we are persuing now .
    I must say that I have no quarrel whatshowever with either the words and action of all teachers , Centerpointe or Intergral Institude .
    However nothing bombastic ever occurred (Also practicing Chi Gong ).
    I have no REAL problem with anything nor anybody ( Safe the present administration , but not to the point of being “negatively” affected ).
    I am AT ONE with the “cosmic” entity have no fear . Nor am I affected by any serious malady .
    I am however amused by the type of Problems expressed in tragic operas and terrible problems of the country song type .
    There is one thing I must say : Whatever occurs to you as reality is definitely not reliable to be viewd as reality.
    And That can open up a can of worms .
    Also the question is when working with Natural Laws , insofar are mathematical relations real or not . They seem to work everytime according to the “Law” as proof by valid results .
    I wish I would be enlightened to answer that question .
    Do not be concerned about me . You are doing splendid work
    Be you all well

  17. Santiago Jimenez says :

    I was one of the participants at the Big Mind workshop in NY and should say that it triggered what I believe is the biggest breakthrough in my life to this point.

    I am still somehow “integrating” what happened into the relative world and discovering what and how much to get attached to, so far all I can say is that it changes–constantly, and of course that is how it’s supposed to be.

    I wish words could explain it, the only thing I could say to anybody who feels a call to wake up is: please go.

    Lots of love.


  18. Carl Stange says :

    Thank you Bill for taking some very “slippery” concepts and allowing one to make an attemp to grasp them…Intellectually, I get it. Now to release this version of me as I acknoweldge my “being” in all of these magical “happenings!”

    I very much recommend that readers of the above blog now go to the Bill Harris/Genpo Roshi interview at for more VERY complementary awarenesses and understandings.

    I am grateful for you, Bill as our enlightenment advocate!

    Oh yes, I might add that I’ve been listening to Holosync for two years and there have been major transformations: tolerances of the inequities of life have risen, acceptance of stress without being so affected by it, more open to loving relationships – to name a few. Am looking forward to the next two years.

    Carl Stange/USA

  19. David says :

    Hi Bill,

    Brilliant!!! Reading this was so enjoyable :O) Thanks for writing it, the whole thing is a bit of an a-ha moment haha.

    Have a good one and thanks very much for being so helpful,
    Dave :O)

  20. Andrew says :

    So life is just a game played with oneself for no reason at all and when you wake up you just keep playing cause there’s nothing better to do? Isn’t that idea just an illusion too? Just between me and you maybe we’ve just made this whole thing up and haven’t got a clue until time passes and we really wake up to something no one ever thought of before because it never was. See you there!

  21. Jack Urbany says :

    Thank you Bill for taking the time to write this very interesting discourse. You have a way of explaining that is much like a Mother’s kiss to a booboo. It makes it “better” without making it “better”. I have been perusing “A Course In Miracles” and what Gary Renard says about it. What you are saying here and what Mr. Renard says about the course sound very similar. Regardless, you always seem to say what needs to be said in a way that brings me up a level and doesn’t presume to make it necessary to point out my inabilities as much as what my abilities and potential can be. Thank you and Be Well!

  22. luis felipe says :

    That was truly truly great, and quite insightful.

    I have been using holosync for more than 8 years, Its been quite a ride and I certainly know what Bill means by: there is no-one to enlighten, no separate “me” to awaken.

    Although I have to admit I still fall into the world of duality often it doesn’t bother me anymore, both the transcendent and the world of duality are ok, but there is a strong clinging or attachment to the transcendent which again creates suffering.

    Its so wonderful to read Bill’s insights about all this as it helps me accept this as another part of the journey, another resistance to integrate.

    I do have some comments on the view point and Bill’s interpretation of the selflessness nature of reality.

    Bill, It seems as you have adopted the viewpoint that there is ultimately no self and the whole universe is just happening as one whole unified field.

    Along with the famous buddhist concept of sunyata is the profound concept of the sulinata found in the yogacara tradition which may seem opposite to the void, saying that Brahman (Parabrahma to be precise) or ultimate reality manifests itself as Paramatman or the individual yet infinite nature of the individual self not as a separate self but as an all inclusive multiplicity in the great ever present BigMind.

    As it`s quite true one can experience this state of oneness thanks to the BigMind process of Gempo Roshi in this state I have found two profound realizations, one that although there is no perception of a “me” or not “me” this state have not created what it is, the chair I’m sitting in, etc. And although I can feel oneness with all I can perceive and clearly see how boundaries or concepts are just that, there is ultimately a Gempo in the screen (I only have the dvds) and another part of this whole which calls to the concept of me, yes being infinite but also finite.

    Without falling into the need of creating a concept that there is “something” called me, in the end we must recognize that this void where it all arises although being the same in nature of the void where this words are being read (i.e. another self reading this) is ultimately not the same but one with another.

    Like a mirror made of an infinite amount of reflections (sides of the mirror), all made of the same material but each reflecting a different aspect of all of this being reflected (the universe or reality) all being part of the same “mirror” yet all reflections an individual part of the whole.

    So I agree with everything you say but I wanted to post this hoping for a comment on the selflessness (sunyata) vs. true self (Puroshotama Paramatman) that translate on the void of each moment, the “the now” and the thing being manifested the reflection of the self into world “the here”, the “you” which is empty of itself but it is still “there” being felt as itself being “everywhere”

    thanks for the enlightening post

  23. MIhaela Minulescu says :

    Dear Bill,
    first I would like to thank you for everything you are developping to arise human spirit.
    I am psychologist and psychotherapist in Jungian school, and what you say is very meaningfulll for me. I am sorry the distance between is to large and so, I could meet you only by your blog. I am deeply interested in what are you saying and doing. However thare are some slightly differences to consider.
    I am used to think a little different. For me, “all pairs of seeming opposites are really one, that they arise together and depend upon each other”, but I do not think and do dot find that the supposed conflict between opposites is also an illusion created by the mind.
    If world has to go on, it’s energy is provided by this oppositions going on and having real meaning. I guess, to become wise is to be able to stand, like Crhist, in between oppositions and consider them right. To bear the tensions between the oposed directions is the redemtion. And, perhaps, understanding that and by doing so you will find the peace.
    To be able to give sense to any of them is the key, I guess.
    I am looking forard to reading more of your considerations.
    Light and serenity with you, Mihaela Minulescu

  24. What you have said, you have said beautifully.
    You Say… “Everything is interrelated and mutually dependent, … which means that nothing has any independent existence (when they use the term emptiness Buddhists don’t mean that everything is NOTHING–emptiness is their way of describing this lack of independent nature). All things are in a state of constant flux where energy and information are continuously and forever flowing throughout the natural world giving rise to, and themselves undergoing, major transformations with the passage of time.

    In other words, everything is impermanent. What seem to be substantial and discrete things come into being and pass away, endlessly. This mis perception that there are solid and separate things with some sort of independent existence (including the idea that there is a separate you with an independent existence) is caused by the psychological tendency to grasp at all objects of perception as if they really existed as independent entities.”

    If this is understood than the being becomes Enlightened. I have experienced this, being an astute believer in, what I call ‘ the Path to Higher Living”.
    Have been a Reiki practitioner, have done the Firewalk and intensely believe that power of thought enables Success as and when desired.

  25. Anders Lönn Wege says :

    Hi Bill

    I’m sad to say I don’t read very many of your blog entries but this one was a good one and this will be my first comment to any of them. Also as with all of your blog entries I have read I had a bunch of Ah-ha:s and got some clarification on some of my thoughts about “all”. “All” basically is a short for the reality of non-reality, everything and nothing, opposites and that they’re not, etc. It would require a comment as long as this blog to describe “all” but basically it is described in this blog entry.

    But aside from that I wanted to share some of my thoughts I got while reading younr blog entry so I better get to it.
    First I just want to say I’m not religious in any way unless you call thinking a lot about what is and what isn’t and that it really doesn’t matter but still it does a religion so be it so it is better to say I’m not following the tenets of any religion. Even with that said while reading this:
    “For this reason reality is generally described by saying what it ISN’T. (In theology this is called the apophatic approach. Another approach is to describe what reality is like, which is called the cataphatic approach–the approach of poetry or metaphor, as when we say, for instance, that God is love, or God is like a father and we are his children.)”
    I got the distinct thought of God = reality. Because if god is like a father then he must foster us and provide for us, well isn’t that what reality does and that we are his children would in that respect would be true since everything is a “child” of reality and since reality often only is what a person perceives then certainly god lives in everything and all of us.
    Argh all of that came from me and i don’t believe in god and just to be clear I can’t believe in his supposed opposite the devil if I don’t believe in god.

    I had some thoughts on this:
    “It actually makes more sense to look at this question the other way around–to ask how in the world a human being can come under the illusion that there are separate things and events, and that there is a separate doer who can move them around through some sort of power that is separate from the whole.”
    That is easy to answer because it is a choice made when we are to young to even remember it when we are old enough to wonder about it and the answer is because it is “easier” to think that things are separate. On that thought you can’t (or it is really hard to) really think that things are non-separate, ofcourse you can intellectually know it to be so if you accept that as a possibility but thinking that it is so is just not possible since thinking is based on language which you have said is based in duality. The only way to not think that things are separate are to experience it as a whole (which as far as I understand it is enlightenment) and experience transcends the boundaries of any language.

    “This fighting, of course, creates upheaval and suffering. This is what I’m referring to when I tell people as they use Holosync to let whatever happens be okay.”
    I had a thought on this since the “to let whatever happens be okay.” part didn’t really work for me, or didn’t work well enough, I created a group of deviations that had a similar meaning but since where created by me had a greater impact or worked better. My favorite is “let’s see where this leads” I don’t know if I translated it right but I think it still means the same. But basically in the end it still means accepting what happens but to me accepting without failsafe is not good so basically I resisted “to let whatever happens” be okay so I created my own that reserved accepting until I had already seen what happened if I let it happen and to me experience can’t be rejected, but still with meditation and mental growth whatever works for you stick to it until it doesn’t work for you anymore and then find what works for you again. Since nothing is permanent this should be a fact and since mental growth is change the same tool should ultimately stop working eventually.

    Black and white is the same even physically, both are every other color they just treat them differently black is the absorption of every color and white is the reflection of every color.

    Just one last thing now you don’t have to play the game of black and white. Now how can I say that, well if white is good and black is bad (suffering) and suffering is resistance to what happens then you could live while only playing the white part and when ever something black happens i.e. some one you care about dies or your favorite CD cracks and stops working, you could simply accept it and move on. Sounds simple but it is not trust me I have experience in that department as everyone have. But instead of regretting the death of a person you could remember them as they where and thus, if you believe such things, make them happy even when they’re dead, since I certainly wouldn’t be happy if my death caused suffering and someone to spend the rest of their life mourning me.

    Phew that became long oh well first post and all and still I haven’t written all thoughts spawned by reading your post Bill.

    If I may be as bold as to give a suggestion on what to write next I would really like you to write in greater detail than in your support letters about:
    What neurochemical and hormonal changes are created when you use Holosync, and how those changes affect how you feel and function…

    Well thanks for reading and I hope I made some sense.

    Until next time
    /Anders Lönn Wege

  26. Rakesh Sawant says :

    Hi Bill,
    On this auspiscious Hindu Day I read your article. The ideas presented in this article are thoughts provoking!

    I will try to churn each and every sentence in this article and understand in more holistic way ,till then see you with more such articles…

    Thanks and Regards,

  27. Mark says :

    Recognizing how accident prone I am, the ego has been careful to avoid slipping.

  28. ian whippey says :

    Simply put ….. brilliant.

  29. Grant says :

    greetings Bill :)

    I’m gonna be a trouble maker here hehe, okidokey, in my experience (about bloody time too), is that awareness is created through observation of the mind, observing the stuff that’s going on, or as you say “get curious”… and coming to a realisation that you can make a choice to move in any direction you desire regardless of the “stuff”.

    Ok here’s a choice based quote from your post:

    “the difference between Genpo Roshi (or anyone who has awakened and then gone back into the relative world) and the average person is that he chooses what to become attached to.”

    So choice is at the core of our power as human beings in a multi-dimensional existence. As powerful beings we don’t really need to give our power away to anything, ayahuasca, lsd, magic mushrooms and even holosync are a form of looking outside of ourselves for self growth but before I’m misconstrued here, I’m a huge fan of holosync and your teachings, and they simultaneously have their place and this is why:

    As you portray so eloquently in your writings, nothing is black and white in existence and everyone are at different stages.

    For sake of an analogy, if I had a car that could drive on water, I may take a short-cut across that water, however, if I told someone with a regular car that I usually go across water they would be dumbfounded. They wouldn’t understand and would have no option but to drive the long way around.

    So, anyway, lets skip back to meditation/holosync. In my experience I have had the most profound meditations on holosync and it’s a fantastic “tool” for promoting self awareness, but my true shifts in awareness have come from applying that awareness to life, interacting with life, being triggered by people’s comments and acttions and judgements and observing it and moving past those issues and self judgements.

    As a Warrior of Life I see holosync as a secondary weapon. :)

    For me, meditation creates awareness but choice and observation release power and new perspectives, but I realise that within infinity there are coutnless routes to new awareness and your research on aware states in the brain point to this. (isn’t pointing fun :) )

    (I’m also an undisciplined mediator which is why I love holosync so much lol )

    So yeah, Bill you’re awesome and I think you are brilliant individual who understands how to meet people where they are at.

    Nothingness=everything-ness; going around and telling people to just make a choice is completely meaningless and devoid of value to someone who is stuck in their mind trying to get out of a tight squeeze.

    Thanks Bill, if you’re still looking for a story for your book ;-)

    Grant :-p

  30. Christina says :

    This post is a work of art.

    A symbol is a derivative of ____. By its very nature, a symbol is not ____ in itself. Thus, with human language, a system of symbols, we can perhaps put together certain words to experience a derivative of enlightenment, never enlightenment itself. This you have beautifully explained. Moreover, in your attempt to describe THE most important, relevant idea/phenomena/_____–enlightenment– you have used the imperfect yet fascinating evolved mechanism of human language to its fullest potential.

    THANK YOU! This post is epic for homo sapiens! :)

  31. ellen king says :

    Hi Bill,
    I spent 20 or so years meditating and wrestling with the suffering that resulted from a very traumatic past. I had some improvement but it was shaky and theoretical. I was seriously considering entering a monastery but was very conflicted about that. In desperation I tried holosync for the first time 4 years ago and somehow, over time, the wrestling has diminished to almost nothing. Halleluja! I cannot tell you what a relief that has been. As for enlightenment—-who needs it?
    Thanks for your always very lucid explanations of the unexplainable.

  32. Bill,
    Thanks for a really great message. I love your down-home way of speaking about the ineffable. Now that’s true democracy. Lots of love, and let’s keep the clouds wispy, Mary Ellen

  33. Gloria says :

    Fantastic article! I’m a bit puzzled over the Ken Wilbur statement that enlightenment is an accident. Does that mean that this whole universe is an accident? Is life itself an accident? Is conception an accident and does having sex make you more accident prone? It was Einstein, I think, who said that he didn’t think God played dice and I must say the idea sounds a bit unsettling to me. I have decided to apply the principle of resourceful beliefs and prefer to believe that enlightenment is intrinsic to the evolutionary process and a given rather than an accident.

    FROM BILL: Saying that enlightenment is an accident means that there is nothing “you” can do to become enlightened because “you” don’t exist except as an idea, a concept. The real doer is the entire going on of it all. The individual doer is an illusion. If what you think of as you becomes enlightened, it’s the universe doing something, just as a molecule of water that makes it to the ocean didn’t “do” it, the entire river did it. So, if the universe as it does its thing includes the molecule you call Gloria meditating or doing Big Mind or some other type of spiritual practice, that “molecule” might be more likely to make it to the ocean. Saying that enlightenment is an accident is a tongue-in-cheek way of saying that it isn’t a linear event: do this, you’ll ALWAYS get this result. Some people meditate for their entire lives and do not awaken. Others, like Eckhart Tolle, for instance, have a spontaneous awakening. Just keep using Holosync and keep watching as I have described in these blogs and in the Centerpointe support materials. This will make you accident prone (of course, there is no you to be accident prone–this statement is a metaphor, and the whole situation is a paradox, as is everything in this universe).

  34. Maggie says :


    All of this seems to be overwhelming, but in the same time it just fits together perfectly. But I’m curious about one thing: what are the enlighten people’s views on life when they’re no longer human beings (at least when they’re not the concepts they are now). I know it may seem trival or ridiculous, but things that you write REALLY make sense to me even though I’m not living with this experience, but I always tend to get astep further with question: what’s in it (or what’s under it, what’s the core)? You write that transcendent is a place where tehere is nothing to do, that’s why we should act with our concepts and minds on earth. But what’s next? Reincarnation to some higher (or maybe lower) levels/planes? Or just passively being The Big Mind? Do you – the Enlightens happen to think about it, or is it obvious, or isn’t it the point any more (if so, why?)?

    Sorry for so many questions,but I would love to get some feedback. This post was very insightful and light to read. Thanks a lot =)


  35. Barbara, London says :

    Bill, this blog really hit the target for me, producing laughter and tears as the a-ha’s unfolded. I even found myself clapping my hands like a happy toddler at times! I just want you to know that your commitment and persistance are beginning to pay off!!! ‘Thanks’ seems such an inadequate word, but I will thank you by honouring you in my way of being.

  36. Sally Larkham says :


    I also now and again re-read the support material that I received for Awakening Prologue, and continue to get more out of it each time. This is the first I’ve heard of the new support letters for Awakening 1, though. Would it be possible to post these somewhere we can see them? Though I’m further through the program than that now, I have no doubt they’ll still be helpful.


  37. Terry HS says :

    Hi Bill,

    it’s your self-titled favourite student here!

    Thanks for this post. It was very interesting although a little naughty that you posed such a yummy question then really didn’t give a direct answer! Perhaps that’s just my dualistic inclination to ‘straighten things out’ :-)

    The ideas for future blogs sound good. Posts on any emprical studies of holosync technology would be great. I vaguely remember reading somewhere that you guys were conducting a study in a hospital here in the U.K costing 1 million dollars. It would be interesting to hear how that panned out.

    I recently got the ILP starter kit that you recommended and I have found the 3-2-1 process incredibly eye opening. It’s amazing how much awareness of your internal patterns and processes this reveals. I am discovering things about myself that I simply never knew and I experientially understand what you mean by an increased awareness that allows you to observe subconscious unresourceful patterns. It’s amazing.

    In the past I spent a considerable amount of time, money and effort looking for the answers to my problems in seminars, informational materials, other people and so on. I now see that whilst a few of these things can serve as useful pointers, the real answers to EVERYTHING lie within.

    Thank you.


    I ALWAYS read your supporting information, again and again…I think I deserve a gold star!

  38. Joy says :

    Another fine example of the “Bill Harris American Way to Awakening” I have been suggesting for almost a year to the man in my life to give you a read, no far east lingo, no mystical mumbo jumbo, no giving up all your material goods, just good common (almost corporate) sense that most american males can relate to. (Eckard says men are further away from enlightment) This blog might do it!
    I am about to start level 1 of holosync and I, too, read everything you send. Although I study and enjoy others, you truly are a balance to the mix. I am looking forward to the future

  39. Roger Sullivan says :

    You pulled it off!
    Thank you for writing the unwriteable, for explaining the unexplainable.

    A couple of topics from your list which would be very interesting and helpful are:

    – Why some people have trouble using Holosync and what they can do about it (You have promised something similar in your next support letter);

    – How Holosync affects what Eastern meditation schools call the subtle body (Ken Wilber mentions the various bodies in the DVD you’ve just sent me; I’d like your take on the subject).


  40. Hi Bill –

    Another brilliant post – thanks for your perspective on black and white thinking, and the power of choice. Extreme black and white thinking, in my view, causes so much avoidable suffering in this world – the ego in action. But then again, this is also choice.

    Holosync, along with the vast knowledge that you so generously share with your readers have become a valued part of my own search for personal understanding and truth (that’s truth with a small “T”).

    Thanks for what you do.


  41. Hi Bill,

    This was a *highly* interesting post! I enjoyed reading it very much.

    I want to address two things you mentioned.

    1. Enlightenment: I personally believe that a person is enlightened the moment they discovered their purpose in life and express it in all areas of their lives. Therefore there is not ‘one’ enlightenment but everyone is experiencing it at their own special level.

    2. Reality: The same with reality. There is not one reality but everyone experiences their very own reality. It depends on their core beliefs, expectations, and life experiences. As soon as they start changing their beliefs, etc. they change their own reality.

    Best regards,
    Peter R. Sherman

    From Bill: Peter, these sound like IDEAS you have, opinions–not something that comes from experience. What you call a thing is arbitrary. Enlightenment is just a word, but it does have a meaning to those who have had the experience. You can decide for yourself that enlightenment and reality mean something else, for you, but then you will be on a different page than the entire centuries-long traditions of those who have had these experiences. When I use the word “reality” in this context I’m talking about the capital “R” reality than underlies all the individual realities that each person creates for him or herself.

  42. Barb says :

    “Happy to be!” That’s what using Holosync has done for me. Knowing that every moment, of every day it is my responsibility, mine alone, to choose my state of mind – every single moment! Many people do not want to accept the fact that they are completely, irrevocably responsible for their moment to moment state of mind. That is a huge responsibility but it is an undeniable fact of this plane of existence. It is the game of black and white and I am extremely grateful that my life is mainly played in the grey! Ever since I figured out that I am completely, totally responsible for my state of mind, life has become extremely fun. As Bill recommends, I play Hamlet but I know I’m not Hamlet therefore the story continues and evolves.

    FROM BILL: At a deeper level, however, you have NO responsibility because there is no you. Like the water moleclue has no agenda for where to go in the river, you just go where the flow takes you. Awakening is partly the transcending, and including, of both the taking of personal responsibility AND the fact that there is no you that really makes any decisions or takes any INDEPENDENT actions. Actions happen, but they are the actions of the whole. This is the paradox of existence, what many call The Mystery. Taking responsibility is only one corner of the triangle. No responsibility is the other corner, and the apex of the triangle is the transcendence and inclusion of both, simultaneously.

  43. John Arbogast says :

    The unity of all reality is an experience that is created in each moment-perspective as it synthesizes/unifies the set of all moment-perspectives that preceded it. As each moment-perspective unifies the moment-perspectives that preceded it, it groups certain subsets of moment-perspectives into enduring objects. The objects created in each momentary synthesis include such “things” as trees, chairs, rocks, and one’s own individual “soul.”

    The path of awakening that many people have taken has been to the realization that the various “things” in their experience are merely parts of the underlying unity of their experience. The distinct and independent individuality of “things,” including the enduring soul or ego, are merely “ideas” or “illusions,” as you say, illusions created in and by consciousness. As you say, many people stay at this level of realization, what you call the third rank of Tozan.

    But the reality is that even this supposedly ultimate unity of all things only exists in and for the various moment-perspectives. The unity of the whole space-time continuum is recreated in each moment from each new perspective. The reason that it is impossible to free oneself fully from the “illusion” of multiplicity and abide exclusively in the transcendent unity is that this unity is itself created in each of the many moments that arise one after another. The ultimacy of this unity is itself an “idea” that one must be freed from in order to rise to what you call the fourth and fifth ranks.

    There is no escape from the ongoing process of the world because this ongoingness is the ultimate reality. The unity of the world exists within each moment-perspective of the process of the world and is recreated in, by, and for each moment-perspective as it synthesizes the moment-perspectives that preceded it and anticipates those that will succeed and synthesize it in turn.

    As Whitehead put it, “The many become one, and are increased by one.” Each moment-perspective unifies the many that precede it and thereby creates a new multiplicity for succeeding moment-perspectives to unify in turn. And so the process of the world goes on everlastingly: many, one, many, one, many, one, many, and so on forever. There is no perspective from which the process of the world is complete and finished, no FINAL unity. The idea of an ultimate, final unity is just that, an idea. No one has ever actually experienced it. The only unity that anyone can experience is the unity of their own moment-perspective and of the parts of the various moment-perspectives that are synthesized in their moment-perspective. Which is the unity of the whole space-time continuum for the present moment-perspective.

    The moment-perspectives themselves are the actual real things, not the space-time continuum, which is merely an abstraction that exists in and for moment-perspectives. Moment-perspectives are nothing but syntheses of other moment perspectives. The experiences of past moment-perspectives become part of the experience of the present moment-perspective, and the way in which the present moment synthesizes the experience of past moments is a free choice of the present moment, undetermined by the past moments themselves. Each moment of experience synthesizes past moments of experience and anticipates being appropriated and synthesized in future moments of experience.

    This is the only relationship that exists among moment-perspectives, the inclusion of the experience of one in the experience of another. And this ongoing process of the synthesis of the many in a novel unity, creating in turn a novel multiplicity for synthesis in further novel unities, and so on, is the way that the universe recreates itself in each and every moment, and these moment-perspectives of experience are the only things that really exist. Every unity is always provisional. Each moment of experience is a “perpetual perishing.”

  44. Hi Bill,

    Nice one.

    Holosyync is Holography. Just another piece of the Maya.

    Awakening, a karmic release, a freedom from the prison of the mind; a “peace that passes all understanding”; as Christ is reported to have said – as well as “seek the truth and the truth shall set you free.” For that truth exists in us as us, as you have so delicately put it. And as Ramakrishna has said,” if one could gain enlightenment by reading, then you could squeeze the farmers almanac and get rain.”

    Knowledge does destroy ignorance and that is a good black and white game. Liberation is a direct result of a direct experience of itself; I said that.

  45. Chuck Carroll says :

    I sort of understand what you are talking about as far as an awaking bringing you to the realization that everything is emptyness. I do understand that everything is inter-related, without another existence my existence is irrelivent, therefore we for all pratical purposes feed off of each others existence.
    I don’t claim to be an “Awakened” individual, as you can tell, but I am begining to understand the concepts thanks in part to your series with Echart Tolle and your level One Holosync. (I just ordered level 2)
    My questions is, does an “Awakening” happen like a revelation, all at one time or does it happen over a period of time and you just all of a sudden realize it happened?

  46. Michelle Beaton says :

    Hi Bill,

    I would love, love, love to hear from people who have been using Holosync for different periods of time at all different stages so as to get a general idea of what to expect at the different stages, and to possibly hear the similarities of the examples people have had that have used Holosyc for one year or what they are percieving or experiencing after two years and so on, especially the people that have been using for 8, 9 and 10 years.

    What triggered this idea in me was a question someone asked you that you replied to. They asked what the difference was between going from Awakening Level four, to Purification. The question was to the effect of:
    “Could it may as well be called Awakening Level five, or was there something different about Purification”, and your reply was that basically the Awakening levels were the stage that you clear up alot of emotional stuff and Purification was more of an awakening of the fact that everything really is okay.
    I am at Awakening Level three and hearing that question asked and answered not only helped me realize that “yeah, alot of my emotional stuff has quietened down”, it just comforted me to hear that ‘period’, and that potentially gave me a feeling of hope that everything REALLY IS going to be okay,it really is working, and to just keep going, even if I don’t understand EVERYTHING, just keep going.
    I guess it gave me more faith in what I was doing and gave me motivation TO keep going.
    It’s like “this is what I have to look forward to”. The reward for my commitment.


    What do you think?

    Would it be possible to set something like this up?
    Do you think the more experienced, longer time meditators would be willing to put in their input?
    There is nothing quite like “hearing it from the horses mouth”, so to speak.
    I purchased the entire program and am committed to completing it, I would just love this bonus insight.
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed. I hope to hear a reply from you on this.

    Thanks heaps

    Michelle Beaton

  47. Sam says :

    I wonder if we could discuss some of the common elements of the holosync experience, in general what tends to happen and what users have universally noticed. I know that in my own experience holosync has created quite substancial changes in the way I view my world, and I’m wondering if perhaps some of these things might somehow be tracked. For instance I’ve noticed that my mind is much more spacious now, in that there still seems to be all of the mind chatter however now there seems to be more space into which to place all of it; it’s as if my map has expanded to include more of the terretory which, while not reducing the terretory or limiting it, makes it much more manageable and results in the mind chatter no longer being perceived as such a problem. In fact for me it seems that there is more mind chatter than before, however I can much more readily identify with it and come up with my own ways of understanding it. I imagine that this is similar to what’s being witnessed by others, and I’d love to hear what others experience in this regard.

    Similarly to the levels of development you’ve been discussing, I wonder if there is any marked progress as one uses holosync. Have you noticed stages that people go through, or certain indicators of where individuals are at with respect to their level in the program; I recall you saying something about how it seemed as if holosync opened up each chakra in turn, such that the proper order is maintained, and I wonder if there is a way to measure this progress. I also wonder about how holosync might effect our ability to use the law of attraction or other such principles, as compared to those who are not participants in the program (we could also look at whether or not the person is encorporating other material such as your internal map of reality expander course etc). I am also interested in the effects of holosync as it pertains to effecacy in energy psychology applications (EFT and the like) although this is probably more of an intuitive, rather than intilectual, measurement. I would also be very interested to note the effects of big mind process on people who use holosync, and it would be really cool if we could do these studies as they relate to carrier frequency; I myself have noticed some very suttle effects of using this process, and I’d be interested to know whether or not my holosync use is part of this.

    I could go on and on about this, as this whole process intregues me quite a bit. I’ve done some of my own research and have come up with some pretty interesting stuff, however I am currently unable to find a way to substanciate what I find. I think that it would be wonderful if we could somehow conduct studies of holosync’s effecacy durring different tasks, perhaps by using EEG or some other measuring device, and get that data into the scientific community such that others might start researching this as well. I have faith that this day will come, however for now I believe that what you’re doing is spot on. Keep up the good work, and be well.

  48. Sam says :

    One last comment about carrier frequency. I’m wondering if you’ve noticed holosync users being able to influence other people, or perhaps carry their emotions somehow? You speak of holosync over time lowering the vibratory rate of a person’s energy field, and I imagine that this somehow effects the physical world (as well as suttle and causal realities respectively) by way of causing others to resonate with the same lowered frequency; sort of like how Genpo can fascilitate people going into big mind, or how in one of the lessons in your “mastering the power of now” course you had a couple on who spoke of transmitting energy states. They also speak of guru’s being able to fascilitate spiritual openings etc by causing followers to resonate with their frequency akin to a tuning fork. These are all pieces of the puzzle, and since you write about this in support letters I’m wondering if it has practical application which we can notice? I know I’m all over the place in these posts, however it is my hope that perhaps my ramblings will give this conversation a fruitful nudge. Thanks again.

  49. Kevin says :

    Hi Bill
    I gain more insight with every seeing/hearing of all of your enlightening communications. I have not yet experienced the Reality that you describe but I can feel it arriving with ongoing use of Holosync and LPIP. Everything you say makes sense to me. One aspect that I keep returning to as I reflect on the enlightenment experience is that the mind I inhabit appears to have a unique and personal perspective and consciousness. I wonder whether, in the experience of Big Mind and enlightenment you describe, there is a collective consciousness experience where all minds are experienced as one.
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience.
    Best wishes

  50. Barb says :

    You are absolutely on the mark about “Awakening is partly the transcending, and including, of both the taking of personal responsibility AND the fact that there is no you that really makes any decisions or takes any INDEPENDENT actions.” That’s what makes this life so much fun to me. I have a particular meditation that I enjoy very much while using Holosync – I visualize myself as a leaf floating down a river, going where the current takes me. Occasionally “I” bump into the rocks or shore, swirl around in a whirlpool, join up with other leaves, get stuck on a tree limb, but always continuing the journey of where the river takes me. It is a visualization that is so very much like every day life that it helps make every day life flow for me because “I” know that no matter what I bump up against during the day, the current will continue to take me and I can relax and let whatever happens be okay. It is transcendence and inclusion.

  51. Tammie says :

    Dear Bill,

    I too just want to say thanks for another amazing piece of work. I’ve only been using Holosync for nearly a year now and my state of mind has improved more than I ever could have imagined. I fully believe that it is largely due to my use of Holosync and all of your writings to which I always look forward to. I’ll be eternally grateful for your contribution to my awakening – however far it may go. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  52. Terry says :


    This is for Michelle who asked for comments from long time Holosync users. I am in the middle of the third set of Flowering, which is the last phase of Holosync. In other words I have one set of four discs left after this one. How long have I been doing Holosync? Well I have been meditating in some way or other since 1972, and doing two hours per day since 1980 and have tried various methods. So I am not really sure when I began Holosync, but it has been many years. Am I Enlightened? No. Do I feel much better? Yes. Holosync is by far the best method I have tried.

    I need to share a little of my personal history so you can put this into perspective. My Internal Map is geared toward SAFETY as I have two chronic illnesses, starting with polio when I was 4. I can barely walk now and experience great fatigue and coldness. In my teens I began noticing symptoms of Crohn’s which is an inflammation of the intestinal track. It is like having an open sore in your intestines and you can imagine the discomfort when your stomach juices (acids) pass that spot. Unfortunately I did not repond to any of the treatments so have had 4 major surgeries to remove the infected spots. The trouble is the Crohn’s returns. So now I just live with it because there is not enough intestine left to take out. It causes acute stomach pain along with constant diahrrea. (I am on morphine for pain so I haven’t mastered the art of letting eveything be okay.). Along the way I have also had surgery for irregular heart beat, both gall and kidney stones, insomnia, four minor strokes and numerous other ailments including gout and skin diseases besides drug reactions. I list all these not to draw sympathy but to emphasize how my world view was shaped by my experiences. The world was a scary place for me, thus my need for safety in my Internal Map.

    So my journey with Holosync has not always been a smooth one as resistance was the name of the game for me. But I persisted, reading everything Bill sent out, taking his on-line courses and have finally gotten to a place where I can “let whatever happen be okay” most of the time. I also experience peace and happiness inside which was always overwhelmed before by my physical circumstances. I volunteer where ever I can, particate in chat groups and do what I can to help others. I look forward to finishing the Holosync program, although I will probably continue to meditate with it just because it is so ingrained in my daily program.

    After reading Bill’s description of the 5 Stages of Tozan I realize there is a lot more to come. But I just focus on the peace and happiness I feel today, even though I know it is not the Ultimate Reality. And as I said before if I reach that level fine, if not, that is fine also.

    Terry M

  53. Gloria says :

    Thanks, Bill for responding to my comments on the ‘accidental’ nature of enlightenment. The notion quite sent me into a tail spin for a few hours and your response has made me realise how fearful I still am, to have taken the idea so literally.

    I am committed to seeing Holosynch through to the end. I am nearly 6 years into the programme now. Recently I had an urge to do ‘regular’ meditation, which I have always had difficulty with, and so sit for just 1/2 a day. It seems to be helping me with my Holosynch experience as well, as my mind is less frantic when listening, and I can stay awake more during HS.

    I have also had the great fortune to find an enlightened being with whom I spend 2 hours meditating once a week – right here in the backwoods of southern Australia!. In addition, I do A Course in Miracles, work with my dreams and watch and read and listen to a heap of stuff like Eckhart’s.

    I truly was beginning to wonder if there was something so badly wrong with me that I needed to do all of this, but I am slowly coming around to the realisation that I had a very, very, messed up childhood which led to creating much suffering in my adult life and this is just ‘my’ way of clearing all the karmic goop.

    In surrendering to the fact that I am in this process, I have found, much to my surprise that I am ENJOYING it all. What felt like hard work, forced onto me by life’s unfariness, is becoming a joy and a pleasure. Gone is the resentment over my ‘forced’ withdrawal from the world and the guilt that I should be doing more in the outer world. I am seeing at last that resistance itself is the problem and not what is being resisted.

    Thanks, Bill and to all the posters. I love reading the comments as much as the blog.

  54. Gloria says :

    Have just read Michelle Beaton’s comments and thought it might be worth mentioning that I am halfway through Purification Level 3 and the levels really don’t mean much anymore. I have used the CDs pretty much everyday for the past 5 years, 9 months and joined the inner circle after about 2 years. I used to worry that Centerpointe would go bust before I finished the programme!!!

  55. Robert says :

    Hey Bill,

    I’ve been using the Holosysnc solution for the past eight months and I’m waiting for the arrival of Level 1. Now, I got involved because for the past few years I’ve tried a whole range of other things for personal development to no avail however just doing the Awakening Prologue has made a tremendous difference. Anyway, I know a few people who meditate traditionally and have never heard of Holosync. I’m not after their approval however they have an intriguing question, “How do you ask Q’s and receive answers from the subconscious mind/expanded self/source energy/big mind (or whatever you’d like to use) if your mind is not actually quiet?

    Any help is much appreciated.


    From Bill: First of all, the Holosync soundtracks do not keep you from experiencing your own intuition of Higher Self, or whatever you want to call it. Second, the purpose of meditation isn’t to ask quesitons and get answers. Third, your intuition (which does become super-strong as you use Holosync) is accessible any time, not just during meditation. Fourth, using Holosync dramatically quiets the mind. These questions really come from not having a true understanding of meditaiton and how it works.

  56. Paul Clarke says :

    “The truth is that enlightenment can HAPPEN, but “you” can’t do anything to make it happen because you don’t exist!”
    The mere listening to holosync to ‘achieve’ enlightenment means that once again you’re trapped in the intellect. If englightenment is an intuitive perspective only apparant when the mind is free of thought then trying to use the mind to become enlightened is pure folly. The mind can’t comprehend the uncomprehendable, so why attempt to use the mind to achieve it. Most peoples motive for using holosync is fear, fear of death, fear of trauma, fear of the little ‘me’ dying, etc. Whilst I’m motivated by that fear then my thoughts are conditioned and limited by that fear and so cannot be open to allow that which is beyond the mind to be. The same would be for formal/normal meditation.
    If however, I decide to use holosync like I might choose to brush my teeth, then I may be closer to being open to allow this thing to happen.

    Why does someone need someone else to explain about Eckart Tolle? Why don’t you readers just go and read his books for yourself and see his DVDs yourself, or watch excepts of him on YouTube and make up your own mind. If you go running to someone else constantly to answer your questions, then you’re throwing away responsibility, or at the worst handing that responsibility over to someone else. It’s something that you need to come to yourself, no amount of having someone else tell you about it will help. It’s like reading books on how to swim, they mean nothing once you’re thrown into the water.

  57. Catherine says :

    Dear Bill, Where can I start? Maybe back in 2003 when I “jumped off” and joined the inner circle and started meditating every day with holosync. I am on the edge of starting “flowering”. There is no rush with this program. My life has become more and more amazing to me – pushing beyond limits is my passion. Before the “Law of Attraction” hit the mass media (very cool) it was working for me because I was able to “get it” by following Bill’s teaching (starting with the “Nine Principles” and through his excellent Life Integration series of courses). Here is what he taught me: “Focus on what you want” and “Let whatever happens be OK”. When you dive back in to play the game of life it is actually FUN most of the time because “you” know that you now have the power of “YOU (Big Mind)” in your court at all times and you just need to focus, act, trust and the little you will be amazed. I think of it as Super Consciousness (God) and God’s love for every one of us is limitless. so ASK! And believe that it CAN happen! If you ask for bread, God WILL NOT give you a stone! (And don’t forget to thank Him!)

    Bill, I can’t thank you enough for being a BIG part of helping me break through my self imposed limits to an ever expanding awesome life! I am planning to schedule one of your retreats into my life in the coming year.

    Again, thank you, and I also thank myself for letting you into my life!!

  58. Bob says :

    Another cracking post :)
    im really into this atm

    the best things 4 me aside from all the enlightenment stuff is the conciousness holosync brings into your world, it has really helped me in bringing up my two little girls, in so much as the behaviour that i see in them is really just a reflection of my own behaviour and i can now clearly witness it in me instead of just flying off the handle with auto react ego.
    The way i interact with the folks that come into my universe has changed in massive ways and im only half way thru level2. I aplaud you on your knowledge of all this and am inspired every time i come back to read your blog. As i was lying in bed last night after another session of h/s the immense gratitude i was feeling is just undiscribable it almost brought me to tears and it wernt because i was sad (i was wondering if it was upheaval lol) but anyway i could go on with more slush but hey you know it all already

    Bill Harris
    Top Bloke

    Loadsa love

  59. Will says :


    And thanks for ‘Will Holosync make you enlightened?’ A question I, and I guess many others, have been waiting to be answered. You have of course answered this question before (google, Mind Chatter issue 25 Sept 1999) in replying to ‘the’ question by Neil Myres.

    Comparing the two articles, almost ten years apart, makes for interesting reading!

    Your answer this time round is a lot less vague than in 1999, but the question still remains: Do you know of Anyone who has used Holosync(as their main spiritual practice) that is at Tozan Zen rank 3, what generally most people would consider Enlightenment.

    i.e Quote from yor post:
    This realization isn’t a theoretical understanding, or belief. It’s an experience, and at first a quite stunning experience. And along with that experience is a complete freedom from clinging to the idea of ‘me’, or to the world being any certain way. All the conflicts that seem so real in the Game of Black and White are seen through, and in seeing through all of this, there is complete freedom.

    The above sounds good to me and an EXAMPLE of someone experiencing this realization who mainly used Holosync to make them,as you said, ‘REALLY accident prone’ and fall into this realization, would I feel give a definitive answer to the question Will Holosync make me enlightened.

    Thanks again,


  60. Julius Ko says :

    Hi Bill,

    Great Post, As usual.

    – Julius

  61. Spida Hunter says :

    Bill, it’s my first post!! Thanks for posting this as this has helped me so much with a description to the feelings/thoughts I’m getting from Holosync.

    I’ve found it so difficult to put into words my “experiences” to date since joining about a year ago!

    I’ve read and watched a lot of your DVDs/Books you send however this post is where I seem to “get it”!

    Thank so much for help putting my “transformational experiences” into words.

    Healthy Regards,

  62. Yaneth Chavarria says :

    wowow, Thank you for this blog, I have been working last years with this and I heve been finding benefits in all ways in my life, a great experience of awareness and a process since 1999 still learnig this and how to handle every day…
    Thnak you so much for your support
    love & light

  63. Ellen O. says :

    Thanks for the excellent post. First, enlightenment has not been something Ive thought to seek. It seemed too ephemeral, almost non-human after reading too much that was paradoxical or simply too complex in the efforts to explain the unexplainable.

    This post, however, provided the one thing that now allows me to know it is attainable. After all, why spend all that effort on something that is unattainable? But the assertion that one may achieve enlightenment, be conscious of it, BE it, and then return to our ultimate – which I think of as – Birth reality. We did incarnate into these lives, therefore, we must be here for a reason – perhaps it is as simple as Awakening.

    The Holosynch connection for me is this: I have been unable to figure out a reason or reasons for being here. And was unable to stop looking for it, to just BE. The resistance to being unable to find a reason, (my attachment) has lessened considerably with Holosynch use. More importantly, resistance in general to all that does not serve being peaceful and in the moment is lessened. Now, I still do not know the reason I am (we are) here but I am at peace with it – do not search for it. This is the “letting it be ok” Centerpointe refers to – a concept that made me quite angry in the beginning. I’m “ok” with many others things too now – and it did simply happen.

    Bottom Line – my goal, after reading this post, is to become fully conscious within both experiences: the human duality reality and an awakened consciousness. For those making note of Holosync reactions: I am just switching from Awakening Prologue to Level I. This took about five months. Within AP I progressed from resistance reactions that included physical illness (flu, nausea, depression, serious nervous agida) then through more psychologically based resistance: trying not listen, anger (this I treated exactly the same as I did my young son’s behavioral outbursts – with compassion and loving firmness – “just do it and stop whining, it’ll be OK”) and finally, onto knowing that, like drinking water each day – it is a wonderful, refreshing, caring thing necessary to quality of life.
    Potential users please note this is not necessarily a linear progression! Regression to be anticipated.
    It is my intention to continue and to grow and Let It Be Ok, and to get back on the horse when I fall off. Perhaps I shall become awakened, if not, I am already more happy, peaceful and centered.
    Thanks to all at Centerpointe

  64. Matthew says :

    Bill what happens if you meditate (using holosync technology) more than one hour, will that increase the probabilty to get enlighted.

    Keep it up

  65. Constance Stevens says :

    Where’s the Presence?

    I am new to Holosync (and to Beaverton, Oregon!) so perhaps you have addressed the issue of Presence before. I enjoyed the new online interviews relating to Tolle’s rudimentary teachings and I tried the demo CD, which was like being bathed. Lovely. So, I have begun the program for the sheer deliciousness of being bathed in light. Certainly more fun that, say, an hour of TV!

    I am a long time meditator and can access a state of Oneness at will. After the first day using Holosync, I added the Immersion CD and I find it wonderful. Like my regular meditation, it puts me in an oceanic state of peaceful non-duality. However – what it didn’t do was activate the dimension of Presence. Only after I additionally opened my heart, invoked gratitude for constant Presence, surrendered to the divine, and dissolved into Oneness, that I instantly felt that dimension of infinity within eternal infinity. That is home to me; that is enlightenment as I have experienced it.

    I wonder if you have thoughts on this in relation to your concept of enlightenment. There is certainly a dimension of feeling-perception (not emotion, but a kind of awareness) that I did not feel with Holosync. Some may call it bliss, I suppose. I’m quite interested in your opinion because I don’t find the concept of this Presence or bliss in classical literature, notably in the Buddhist writings. I think perhaps this missing element is the Presence which Tolle writes about. It is hard to tell – as you pointed out, it feels rather silly to try to describe the wholly ineffable with verbal analysis and description. Any thoughts?

  66. David Lee Finley says :

    ‘INEXTRICABLY CONNECTED’ by DragonRyderWhiteWhirl, Pen Name of: David Lee Finley

    Form: Quatern

    All the dots are connected and all the paths lead to the same place.


    An active acceptance of faith,
    The substance of my religion.
    Belief inextricably mine,
    Following me all of the time.

    Spiritual well at my side,
    An active acceptance of faith.
    Characteristically developed,
    Temperament so instrumental.

    The degree this feeling exists,
    Conditions themselves will surmise.
    An active acceptance of faith,
    Enveloping with no surprise.

    Now, how can this be explained,
    Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
    Existence is interpreted,
    An active acceptance of faith.

    © David Lee Finley 2008

    A Quatern is a sixteen line French form composed of four quatrains. It is similar to the Kyrielle and the Retourne. It has a refrain that is in a different place in each quatrain. The first line of stanza one is the second line of stanza two, third line of stanza three, and fouth line of stanza four. A quatern has eight syllables per line. It does not have to be iambic or follow a set rhyme scheme.

    line 1
    line 2
    line 3
    line 4
    line 5
    line 6 (line 1)
    line 7
    line 8
    line 9
    line 10
    line 11 (line 1)
    line 12
    line 13
    line 14
    line 15
    line 16 (line 1)

  67. Fredrik says :

    Thank you Bill!
    Your post addresses exactly concerns I´ve had lately, ever since the separate self was seen through and replaced by This Ever-Present Self-shining Awareness that I Am which is Emptiness and yet not other than Form. Enlightenment is the Great Joke. How could you leave the Now (Eckhart Tolle would say)? Tolle defines enlightenment as the separation of Awareness from thought, I like that one. What´s wrong with right now unless thinking about it?, says “Sailor” Bob Adamson.
    Then there is “once you get that there is no separate you, you have to somehow integrate that realization back into the relative world.” That is an issue that has arisen in Awareness now and then lately. And I´m grateful to You for having addressed it here!

    Brothers and sisters – Holosyncers everywhere please look closely and tell me who or what You Are, without words. Take the shortest path and notice What Is doing the looking. You say you cannot see it… That is it. That is the No-thing that You Are. Do you see that Everything is arising in You? That is your Original face.



  68. Brian says :


    I am a holosync participant. I just started level 2 and am feeling positive effects of the program.

    Could you touch on psychic phenomenia that could occur while meditating, such as remote viewing or lucid dreaming. These are very interesting & whenever I try to do research on it, all I seem to find are websites selling a product. What do you think about these topics?


  69. Megan Gilbert says :

    Thank you Bill!
    Explaining upheaval with the Black and White metaphor is an AWESOME idea! I hadn’t seen that in any of the support material. I definitely suggest that you add that metaphor in. I have had so much upheaval – I’ve been on Holosync for 3 1/2 years and I still can’t finish Level 1 CD#1. I denied to myself that I’ve been highly traumatized because my past seems so normal. Just to admit to myself that the first 20 years of my life included a lot of trauma has been so difficult!
    You have done an excellent job explaining enlightment and “why are we here?” I think more explanations about upheaval and what specifically happens to the body during upheaval and how the ego fights for its version of reality would be VERY beneficial in the support material.
    Again, thank you for giving me an ah-ha with the Black and White metaphor!

    FROM BILL: Whether there has been trauma or not, the problem is playing The Game of Black and White, where you have divided the world into what is okay and what isn’t, and then decided that the okay MUST win. Trauma just creates a BELIEF (not a reality) that certain things are not okay. And, regardless of whatever has happened to you, or anyone, what matters is what happens NOW. Leave the past in the past and stop importing it into now as if it was still here.

  70. Craig Ryder says :

    I guess I am not sure what I have read or how to interput what I have read. I guess that is because I have not been able to bring meditation and prayer into the normal everyday activities of my life. I have tried for about ten years. I do meditate almost everyday but I am still not consistent where I feel I can move to a higher level in Holosync.

    As I finished reading this blog for the third time I thought why am I spending an hour or sometimes two a day meditating to find big mind when once I get there There is nothing. Is the problem that I am still in the physical world and cannot figure out the difference between the two.

    I am not asking for advise I am just trying to figure out my own path. This blog has certainly made me think a a litlle.


    FROM BILL: Stop meditating to try to get something. That, too, is playing the Game of Black and White. Stop trying to get rid of anything and stop trying to get anything. Embrace everything. Just do your meditation and BE AWARE. Watch with awareness and curiosity. If you see something you are seeking, observe that, without any agenda. If you see something you are trying to get rid of, observer that, again without any agenda. Just watch. And how do you know if you aren’t ready for the next level? Maybe you are. I suspect you’re looking for perfection before you go on. Check the instructions for guidelines for going on. And, are you using the support coaches, or just struggling on your own? Finally, the “nothingness” you talk about might just be the answer you are seeking (and, by the way, I said “emptiness,” not nothingness).

  71. Karl says :

    Bill, you write: “Part of the waking up is the realization that there is no separate person there to actually see anything…..This realization isn’t a theoretical understanding, or a belief. It’s an experience, and at first a quite stunning experience.” For me it only creates feelings of panic and utter isolation – realizing that there is only “one”. That to experience or just imagine being another (person/being) it must be done – can only be done – the way one is now. Put another way: think in terms of the five senses, the capacity for thought, and the capacity to do action – if you were another person there would be no difference – oh you would have a different set of memories, different history, different preferences, and different physical capacities, etc. – but I’m speaking from the perspective of simply the knowing of, and experiencing of, another person/being. There is always a center from the inside looking out – which could lead one to ask if there really is another, if the only way to be sure there is another is to experience/know through one’s present state. This is where the isolation comes in; the panic from realizing everything has been – is an illusion, wondering what is real, if anything is “real”. Of course, I’m using a lot dualistic expressions which can lead to all sorts of counter arguments, debates, “corrections” etc., I’m probably even contradicting myself many times, but your writings, Bill, are the only ones that have come close to discussing the experiences I’ve felt, although not with the outcomes I’ve had. My “nightmare” (for want of a better term, perhaps) is that no one will understand what I’m attempting to explain, no matter how clear I try to be; and get hung up discussing/debating other details of my descriptions; not understanding it and writing it off with a clever comment; or understanding but “not wanting to go there”; or not being posted!! The most frivolous and ignorant comment I’ve ever had was “If you’re not experiencing bliss and a freedom and release, then you haven’t been experiencing what we’re talking about”. Case closed, the rest of my explanations be damned! Maybe I’ve missed something and it’s just not obvious to me; if so, Bill, I would sincerely be interested in your response.

    FROM BILL: If the experience of oneness creates panic, I don’t see it in those I know who are in that place, and I don’t experience that myself. This place is one of peace. Your lack of peace has to do with your continuing to play the Game of Black and White, where something MUST be a certain way. The universe is the way it is, and dividing it into things/events that must be and others that must not be creates suffering–even panic. This includes wanting/needing others to understand.

    There certainly is a “looking out” from your senses. The universe is looking out through ALL senses, of all sentient beings. There is something “real” out there. The illusion is that IDEAS about the universe, and particularly your ideas about who you are are the same as the real thing. They represent the real thing, but are not the same. Confusing the two creates suffering.

  72. Ron Golbeck says :

    Bill, I am using Holosync and listenting to level 4 of the deeper levels now. Bill my friend, and I am not using the term my friend lightly. You and Holosync have literally changed my life. Everything you say in this blog is true and a whole lot more could be said. I listen daily in the morning and evening. But your suggestion to also record personal affirmations within the sound bed of the audio is brilliant. I remember Brian Tracey recommended that a number of years ago on his Phoenix Seminar tapes. I did that back then and it produced miracles in a couple areas of my life. However Holosync and the personal affirmations are even more powerful. Thank you Bill Harris… thank you so very much.

  73. John Zimmerman says :

    When I saw the title of the post I realized it doesn’t matter to me. After 2.5 years I am busy inhabiting the present and everything is ok.

  74. Robert says :

    Hi Bill,

    I’m in the Awakening Level ( 2+ years now), and I wish that could say that it has changed my life for the better. But I can’t.

    Much resistence, much resistence, much upheaval, and more resitance.

    I accept and own the fact that I’m the one or at least my internal map of reality is generating the upheaval and resistance to what is. Or at least I try to at times ( I hate to admit that I have a PhD. in projection).

    Will the upcoming workshop with Roshi really help me get around all the beliefs that keep me playing the Black-White game. (Shadow material I guess)

    When I was three and four my mother would beat me senseless if I ever challenged her dictate and demands. And I mean senseless. When she finished wiith me everything around me took on different prespective.


    I need to stop this comment right now —- for I feel everything inside starting to unravel.


    FROM BILL: First of all, you very probably need some expert therapeutic help, either a local therapist who specializes in traumatized people, or call Dr. Beverlee Taub, who works with a lot of Centerpointe people by phone and is truly a genius and really can help. Here phone is 503 640 9342. And, yes, the workshop with Genpo Roshi ia nearly all about getting rid of shadow material–which are those things that cause us to play a HARD version of the Game of Black and White (which you are doing–when a person is traumatized they tend to dramatically catagorize everything into okay and not okay, safe and unsafe). You can’t count on JUST Holosync, or JUST a course or workshop, to shift this. It ultimately comes down to what YOU do, now. Though you were abused, that was then, this is now. It’s what you do now that matters, and that is a choice, even if it doesn’t feel that way. Because you have been abused you have certain chronic negative thoughts and beliefs, which you BELIEVE. When you entertain them you feel bad. However, these thoughts are NOT true, and they are not resourceful. You need to distance yourself from those thoughts–watch them, but without believing that they are true. “Oh, there are those thoughts again. Hmmm.” Watch with curiosity but without getting involved with the thoughts as if they were YOU or represent the truth about you. Call Dr. Bev and do come to Las Vegas.

  75. Patrick says :

    Hope I am not too late to post … I’m sure it has been said here. To reiterate…We are already Enlightened we just have not awakened to it. I know their are different schools of thought of what is enlightenment is but to me it’s awakening to our Divinity. Once we know this …we are.

  76. Lewi says :

    Wow Bill what an “enlightening” post… hehehe

    Just me “The Great Fool, Great Joker” :o)

  77. Peter says :

    Hi Bill!
    Thank you for Holosync!
    Thank you for the onLine LPIP Course!
    Thank you for this blog!
    Thank you for the onLine 6 Lesson Course!

  78. Peter says :

    I would like to read more about the ideas of Ken Wilber from your perspective!

  79. Julius Ko says :

    Are there any ‘enlightenment’ communities that meet in person regularly? Like I feel that centerpointe, wilber’s integral institute, etc; but is there a ‘hub’ that connects that in-person as well?

    – Julius

  80. Devin Rand says :

    o you guys still show these to people?

    I’d like to thank you for developing a tool that has helped me become as resilient as I am now.

    This was written online by myself the summer before eleventh grade:

    “I have enough friends I should say. Of course I’d like to have more, but most people I’m too eccentric for or too shy to talk to or just downright annoy me. So I’ve found my niche among decent, long-haired citizens who seem like stoners but have never smoked pot, and a couple goofy girls who actually are potheads, something rather annoying to be around constantly. My friends listen to everything from Motley Crue to Bob Marley to Built To Spill to David Bowie and everything in between, but nobody I hang out with listens to metal.

    Most of the people I know who listen to the same metal I do are the most immoral, slutty, drug-addled freaks you will ever find. I like their style, respect their individuality, and obviously enjoy the same music they do, but really they need to get back on track.

    So really the only people I can talk to about extreme metal are people whose faces I’ve never seen, whose dirty deeds I’ve no awareness of. Then again, I did talk to someone whose favorite bands include Tool, Opeth, and Amon Amarth for like an hour at my brother’s graduation ceremony (I was pretty bored I guess), and I’ll be in orchestra with him next year, so maybe I’ll gain a metal friend yet. He certainly seems more moral than any of his friends…

    I’m not really on topic, am I? Well basically I’m trying to say that one reason I frequent this forum is because I don’t have any metalhead friends. Another is out of sheer boredom. And also maybe a little out of loneliness, though I’m not constantly using internet forums to absolve any shyness or depression like I used to. That was really a dark chapter of my life.

    I think the main reason I use this forum so much is that people get so tired of hearing me rant out the music I’m so passionate about that I need an outlet where I can express it as much as I please. Actually, that sounds pretty healthy. I don’t feel bad about wasting time here any more.”

    … And fall of eleventh grade:

    “I fell hard for this girl, you see, and didn’t know how to handle it at the time. I was going through changes and was trying to make them all myself. Everything matured, ultimately, except my true feelings for her. I just buried them under heaps of bullshit that was only relevant to me.

    When I came back to school and realized that there are so many better people to get involved with, I began to question my “love” for her. She really was just a very, very unhappy pot-smoker when it came down to it, I thought. So I got judgmental. I avoided her, and when she asked me about it I just exploded. I just basically yakked at her about how I’d rather smoke pot with her than watch Corpse Bride. Since then we’ve tried to rebuild our relationship. It hasn’t worked.

    Today I told her what I was going through as it applies to her. I just said I had no idea if we could be friends right now, and that was enough for then.

    And I realized that rather than throw my love of music out the window, I have to unravel my choice of music, figure out what it has said about me in the past and still says about me.

    I went back to an album that spoke to me very deeply, though I couldn’t place why in Spring of last year…

    Disintegration (The Cure)

    I’ve jammed “Love Song” so many times now, I just knew there had to be a reason it wasn’t coming out right. I poured my recent spirituality into the song last night at church band practice, and maybe they could tell, because it finally came out right.

    Just now I played the song, first on my bass and then with my voice, that spoke to my subconscious the loudest:


    And I realized something: I had based a very large portion of my emotions towards this girl on that song. With this in mind, I realized the true horror of the lyrics. When I sang it out, it came out right, because I now know how it had spoken to me.

    The song is all about false love. It’s all about unrealistic expectations and insincerity, and where it lead Robert Smith. Yeesh, I don’t want to be Robert Smith…

    And now I’m finally able to laugh about it. No joke.

    And now iTunes has moved on to “Lost” by the same band. And now I realize how insane it was to get lost in those lyrics. So I feel good about where they’re ultimately taking me.

    Don’t do drugs, do music.”

    I was obviously really into my own beliefs and drama. Just after I wrote that second forum post, I began meditating with Holosync. I’ll never forget my first session. I felt like my life was falling apart; felt like shit. I came home with my head downcast, and was mumbling about my bad day when my mom was like, “Just put on these headphones and let it take you to a different place!” After the 1/2 hour session of Awakening Prologue, I felt more at peace within my dramatic social situation. Life didn’t seem hopeless anymore; moreover, it seemed that I didn’t have to create attitudes about my situation that would “make life hopeless.”

    I spent most of high school as a melancholy hermit, but I grew internally with Holosync. In twelfth grade I had my first girlfriend, and a support representative recommended me what is now my favorite book, Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now. Upon first reading it I probably just made a bundle of beliefs out of it. But over time, those beliefs have acted as “signposts” to help me access my inner body and get out of my head and into the now.

    I’m now on Awakening Level 4, disc 4. It’s been a long, slow journey out of “hell,” but I’m beginning to really love life! I have an AMAZING girlfriend right now who is going to grad school to study poetry, and I’m a music student at the College of Idaho. I’m working as a Cutco sales representative now, a job that I initially resented, but I am now enjoying the opportunity to interact with all kinds of people one-on-one and get paid for it!

    I still have issues sleeping – I’m not totally comfortable with the Floating soundtracks, so I don’t sleep with them. But I’ve put my pride away and I’m going to get some help with that at a sleep clinic. My “sleep schedule” has been really scattershot lately, but I feel pretty good anyways… I guess you’d call that resiliency!

    Things are much the same as they ever were. I still listen to melodic death metal; I’d be lying if I said I never took anything that could be called a “drug” (alcohol, coffee, meds, etc.); I’m still attracted to superficial girls sometimes. However, I have enough distance from my “dharmas” (thoughts & beliefs) to watch those tendencies, see them for what they are, and even enjoy them a little.

    So. Bill, staff, and everyone else involved: You truly have made the world a better place with your contribution. I encounter nay-sayers to “electronic meditation” every so often, but, for example – I told my Intro to Buddhism professor about it, and he said the traditional equivalent would be Zen chanting. So people are really opening up to this stuff!

    I’m really stoked for next year. I’ll be living in a Delta Tau Delta frat house with really down to earth, unique people who strive to understand one another, and I want to get involved with a lot else! I could resurrect the “mens’ group” that used to be on campus and was a group for men to share their emotions with one another and just be heard. I could run for “choir board.” We’ll see!

    Thank you so much,
    Devin Rand

    FROM BILL: You can tell your intro to Buddhism prof that one of the top Zen masters in the world (Genpo Roshi) uses Holosync every day (as do many of his monks and several of his Dharma successors) and he just told me that he is going to insist that all his new Zen students use Holosync for 6 mo. to a year before he teaches them traditional Zen meditation. And although Buddhist chanting does, in a crude way, create a trance-like state (as does drumming, singing devotional songs, Sufi dancing, and several other rhythmic practices) Holosync is MUCH more precise and takes people to states none of these can create. Buddhist chanting has other benefits, as well, of course.

  81. Terry Heart Solomon says :

    Hi Bill,

    Your favourite student again. A couple of thoughts that came to me which I thought would be fun to share.

    Is it possible to talk about disidentification with the mind and enlightenment as though they are separate? In other words, would you say that disidentification with the mind is enlightenment or would you say there is more to it than that? Perhaps yet a clearer way of asking is, is it possible to be disidentified with the mind and NOT enlightened?

    If the answer to that question is no, then it seems highly unlikely that after several years of holosync use along with a lifestyle that is supportive of evolutionary growth, one will not become enlightened. So with that in mind, perhaps your answer could have been ‘yes’, as opposed to ‘yes, no and maybe’.

    Perhaps a couple of case studies of of five or six people who have used holosync over a period of 10 years or so and completed the programme would be helpful. It would be good if this included individuals who just used holosync and no other transformational practice.

    Another thing that could be beneficial would be a few examples of ways in which one can combine holosync use with other transformational practices such as ILP in order to accelerate their spiritiual growth – a discussion of how holosync affects the causal and subtle bodies would be great in that regard.

    Whichever way you go, I’m sure it’ll be great but I do think it would be best to discuss things that are not covered in the support materials.

    Until the next time.


    FROM BILL: A baby, and children up to the age where they are capable of abstract thinking, are not identified with the mind, yet are not enlightened. Some mentally impaired people are not identified with their mind and an IDEA of who they are.

    A child does not divide the world into bits until adults teach it to do so. However, it seems to be necessary that we learn to do this, in order to get around in the world. We learn it so well, however, that we forget that it is just a TOOL, and take it for reality.

  82. Darren L says :

    Bill, I caught you on the Secret… I just bought and am so pumped about this program. i have suffered from depression, relationships falling apart and a big anger issue. i had no tolerance for anything…. if this does what i am hoping it will…. i will owe you my life. I am to the point in my life where I have no choice but to reclaim what has been lost forever.

    Thank you very much

    Darren L Utah

  83. Terry Heart Solomon says :

    Hi Bill,

    I take your point about the mentally impaired and babies being disidentified and not being enlightened. But I was thinking more in terms of a person with a ‘normal’ identification with their thoughts and feelings, who undergoes a powerful transformational practice (like holosync together with a supportive lifestyle) on a consistent regular basis over a period of several years.

    Is it not most likely that this person will become disidentified with their mind? In the sense that they come to see it as object rather than subject. And isn’t that what enlightenment is? Isn’t that freedom? An experiential awareness of the fact that we are not our minds, thoughts and feelings. I can’t imagine anything more freeing. But if there really is more to it than that, I would love to hear what else there is.

    Incidentally, I took the sentence completion test and found it pretty interesting. It actually confirmed my assessment of where I felt I was on the devlopmental ladder. Individualist. Obviously, my aim is to broaden my awareness to the point where I fully wake up. I’m currently on Awakening L3 and using the ILP starter kit – 321, and weight training. I’m finding 321 in particular really illuminating. But I still wonder if I’m doing enough to achieve my goal (waking up). It would be good to hear your thoughts.

    Until the next time,

    FROM BILL: Disidentifying with the mind is part of it. I’ve written a lot in this blog about what else is involved.

  84. Lawrence Higgins says :

    Hi Bill;

    I am on the third CD of Awakening Level 4. So far it does not seem to have affected me in any strong defining way. I have not had any great upheaval, I have not had any thoughts of resistance, I have had thoughts that this is not having any affect on me whatsoever. I may be more calm (I’m not really sure); I may have some more awareness, but I often think that calmness and wareness is a part of getting older and simply learning about myself as time goes on. I have been a United Methodist Minister, and a psychiatric social worker, and I consider myself to be resonably intelegent, and I have been paying attention to how I behave and respond to others for a longer time than I have been using this program. So it seems that this program, for me at this time, may just be sitting and listening to gongs and rain. I really cannot clearly identify any significant changes in my overall behavior or level of awareness at this point in time.

    FROM BILL: Hmmm. All the things you say are happening is what I tell you is going to happen. So how can you say that nothing is happening? If you are calmer and more aware, it’s working. If that is the effect of getting older, why aren’t all older people calm and aware?

  85. Will says :


    And thanks for clearing up the issues surrounding enlightenment.

    Of course there is plenty of misleading information available. For instance any one who becomes a ‘seeker’ is very likely to read Yogananda’s Autobiography of aYogi.

    From a previous post you write: ‘I love Yogananda, but that dosen’t change the fact that a belief in miracals that still surrounds him is preconventional, magical thinking. No evidence whatsoever exists that people can dematerialize, for instance or that any of the other soughts of magic described in that tradition can actually happen.’

    So why would Yogananda write such a misleading book? Was he at a preconventional level? Was he not expecting it to be used as a ‘bible’ by future generations? Was there some other reason?

    Yogananda was 52 when the book was published and had been accoustomed to the West for 25 yrs, people hanging on his everyword. Why would he put forward such misleading information about Enlightenment?

    Thanks again for the clarification.


    FROM BILL: Much of the Hindu world is at preconventional, which involves magical thinking. A person can be enlightened at ANY developmental level, at least in the sense that they can be established in the transcendent. You could be having an ongoing unitive experience at a conventional level, a preconventional level, a postconventional level, an integral level, and so forth. Ken Wilber has a new way of looking at this, which I think is very intriguing–that a truly enlightened person is fully established in the transcendent AND ALSO living at the highest developmental level currently existing on the planet. These two he calls “state stages” (one of which is unity consciousness) and “structure stages” (the developmental levels I have written about). Sorry, but the laws of nature and cause and effect are LAWS, and those who believe they can be broken (that something can “magically” happen that does not follow those laws) is deluded, even if they are experiencing unity consciousness in terms of state stages.

  86. Indrajit Paul says :


    Good post.

    However, I believe you went wrong about one tiny thing. My primary intention is to correct you in it. As a secondary, it tells me that there is more of the waking up, that you will have to go thru (sorry, if that comes hard).

    The thing where I think you went wrong is proposing, or at least playing with the concept of a “awakened” person, going back to live amidst the sleeping “world”. That’s grossly off the mark.

    Those who wake up, wake up for good. I heard this Buddhist saying, “those who awaken, awaken forever”. there is NO GOING BACK in awakaning. so all a awakened person does is “find out his own work and applying himself entirely to it”. which is not much different from what a non-awakened person’s gotta do really. coz, the reality is there is not much difference between a sleeping and a awakened individual. both are in reality, one with the Tao, the Brahman, this infinite-dimesioned reality. BOTH ARE the Brahman. One is suffering from the illusion of being a separate entity and the other is established in the knowledge of the fact of BEING the brahman. the rest of the mind-body functions remain the same. only the attitude changes in such a way, that doing exactly the same thing, one draws a cartload of attachment (packaged with the associated suffering) and the other stays free…NO KARMA GENERATED.

    so summerising my point…enlightenment is a one way door. there never had been and never will be any “going back” in it.

    and the disclaimer goes like: this comes from my own years of work at understanding the phenomena of enlightenment and the enlightened themselves.


    FROM BILL: I didn’t say there was any “going back.” You’re readling too much into what you think I’m saying, and you’re reading too many books about enlightenment.

  87. Terry Heart Solomon says :

    Okay, this will be my last go on this one as I’m not sure I’m understood, probably in part because of the limiting nature of language that you’ve touched upon. Or maybe my perspective isn’t sufficiently broad to grasp the material, or maybe both.

    My understanding is that the reason we don’t live from our true nature is that the mind gets in the way. So what I am suggesting is once the mind is out of the way, we will live from our true nature. Of course I have noted the ‘levels’ or ‘stages’ of the experience of this true nature that have been touched upon in both the recent blog and previous ones. But as they are all experiences of our true nature, it seems to me that they could all reasonably be described as enlightenment. It seems to me that everything comes down to moving beyond the feeling of separateness and dualism which derives from identification with the mind. And all of the other things – feelings of oneness, seeing how things fit together, broader perspective, falling of way of dualism, peace compassion etc.. seem to me to be natural consequences of a healthy disidentification with the mind.

    I wonder if you have read the book “My Stroke of Insight” by Jill Bolte Taylor – a fascinating story about a brain surgeon who had a stroke in the left hemisphere of her brain. She ‘lost’ her mind, along with her ability to communicate as well as various other motor skills. Naturally most people would view such an experience with horror. But fully conscious with an undamaged right hemisphere and a self that was free of mind chatter and devoid of an attachment to a separate ‘me’, Jill experienced what she described as nirvana – a feeling of oneness with the universe. Through a painful rehabilitation process (which she chose as recovery was a decision), she subsequently recovered her faculties. However she now exercises choice with her thoughts and sees her mind as object rather than subject. She now lives from a place of peace and compassion, and appears to be extremely healthy and functional. Regardless of the various stages, ranks and so on…it seems to me difficult to make a persuasive case that such a person is not enlightened, because they haven’t experienced the ‘great fall’ or some of the other things mentioned as being part of the waves of development leading towards enlightenment.

    But perhaps my mistake is in getting caught up in taking the descriptions of these ranks too literally, and I need to remember that they are the map and not the territory.

    I look forward to hearing from you again either in response or on your future blogs.

    Until the next time,

    FROM BILL: Terry, I’m not sure why you want to tie this up in a neat package, where everything depends on disidentification with the mind. Certainly seeing through the mind is an important aspect of this process, but it isn’t the only thing. And, quite frankly, I suspect that you may be trying to get rid of the mind with the mind.

  88. Oscar says :

    I believe Bill is fundamentally right, as I argued in my blog entry this week.

    A commitment to a Holosync-type program is an excellent addition to a serious Integral Life Practice or ILP.

    I agree with some of the comments voiced here in the sense that we cannot force enlightenment: and yet it would be a great mistake to believe that crossing our arms is a valid option.

    It is simply short-sighted to close ourselves to the great possibilities offered by this novel technology for humanity’s spiritual and psychological development. Let us keep an open mind and continue to research and refine this promising technology just as Bill and the Centerpointe Institute are doing.

  89. Terry Heart Solomon says :

    I don’t want you to get fed up with me so I’m going to resist the temptation to engage you in debate about the notion that one cannnot use the mind to transcend the mind. I’ll just say that I disagree and leave it at that :-)

    Thanks for the blogs. Thanks for Holosync. And thanks for your generosity of spirit in taking the time to answer all of these comments.

    I look forward to hearing more from you in the future.

    Until the next time,

  90. Connie says :

    I am so grateful for getting involved with Holosync and experiencing what I think is what a person should be, at my level (which is level 1). It took me around a year to listen to the demo that was a regrettable thing for me to do. My family has noticed such a difference in my attitude and my personality they say many positive things about me. I have already done the Silva Mind control course and that fulfilled me long ago. It set me on my path but there are many things that passed in front of me to tempt me away from the new path and made me leave. But because I do the holosync meditations every day now I don’t feel that the temptation isn’t there anymore to make me leave. I like this technique so much it has positive effects on me. The whole idea is to quiet that thinking mind and when its almost peaceful thats when your life comes together.

  91. Balu S Nair says :

    I feel compelled to respond to Indrajit s message above.There is no sophisticated process involved in becoming ‘enlightened’ Indeed one should stop trying to get enlightened, though i wont say it is a prerequisite. Just one thing i want to emphazise .. this can be a valuable marker for everyone on the ‘path’ the one word is silence or stillness . Experience it . there is no place for intellectual exercises in that vast ocean of stillness. And Bill , there is still something more about the ‘magical’ aspect of hinduism :) Its not too far when science becomes religion.

    FROM BILL: What I’m trying to get across is that there is no one to become enlightened. The idea of a separate you is an illusion, so who is it who becomes enlighened? Enlightenment is the realization that what you thought was a separate center, an ego in a bag of skin, is just a mentally-created phenomenon, and that who “you” really are is the entire matrix of relationships that makes up EVERYTHING, looking out from the organism you used to think was a separate you.

  92. Bob Hughes says :

    Interesting Bill,

    Following up on your “accident” metaphor:

    You say, “using Holosync makes you REALLY accident prone.”

    Well, ‘shit,’ you say.
    Good advice, Bill.

    For me, at least, post-prostatecomy incontinence takes REAL accident proneness to new levels.

    Actually, meditating with Holosync after emptying bowel/bladder makes it much easier to get into the Now/Presence/Enlightened state.

    So I wonder if there is any relationship between internal-fullness and the lower frequency brain waves?
    Aren’t they both connected with the hypothalamus?

    I’ll continue to sit on this problem.

  93. Hi Bill,
    Et al if there is still anybody reading these blogs. — Hi to Connie and Terry and Oscar. You probably thought everyone had quit and gone home. I just got here late, but I love you all.

    Thanks to Bill and Holosync, people are still thinking. I refer everyone to this product. I think it’s a miracle.

    Whether we are enlightened, or not, and whether we can give up our egos for a little while, or not, Holosync still makes life more enjoyable, less stressful, and my partner and I are finding that we seem to be smarter! We don’t really think that we’re smarter, but that we ARE able to use more of our brains, and more of the creative right side that recognizes our connection to everyone.

    I don’t know if we are allowed to post website connections in this blog. Forgive me if we aren’t, but this is the only way I know of to get to this video of a neuro-anatomist who talks about the left-right brain in the most enlightening way. From her description, clearly the ego resides in the left brain. Enlightenment resides in the right brain. Holosync allows us to visit both consciously.

    Bravo to Bill and team!!! We love you!!!


  94. Balu S Nair says :

    Thanks Bill. Enlightenment is the same as Realization. Thats as simple you can put it :) . As is above so below,as inside so outside. Cryptic but meaningful.

  95. Darren L says :

    i just have to say WOW, i received my awakening package on Tuesday this week. so far listened 3 times. i get back to my feet and i am wasted
    i can definitely feel something going on. it is the best 1/2 hour of my day.
    Bill i just have to tell you thanks.
    I have come to a point in my life where I need to change almost everything about me or I am going to loose the most important thing that has ever came into my life, and that is my wife Kristy. this woman has had the patience of a saint. To be able to live with my Outbursts and shutting her out of my life. Bill, if this program will straighten out my depression, anger and walls i have built….. Then I will owe you my life.
    i have been to the doorstep of suicide a number of times.
    i no longer think about it. this program is helping me right from the get go

    God Bless you sir.
    between holosync and living the law of attraction my life is making an amazing transformation.

    Bill, you always end with “be well” It is something that I know you really mean.

    Darren M Liston
    Springville Utah

  96. Balu S Nair says :

    A brief response to Ms Strummels observation above. The compartmentalisation of the brains region for various functions is a bit dated theory.Its true that the motor functions can be elicited by stimulating certain cortical areas.But the thought and emotive aspects are far more complex and cannot be put down to any single region.The latest theories are about plasticity wherein any part of the brain can seemingly take over the function of a damaged area.Nerology and psychiatry has still a long way to go for us to have a proper understanding about thought and consciousness.So mathematics does occur in the right brain just as einstein said :).

  97. Hi Balu,
    I appreciate your wanting to put out the most up to date information. I suggested that people look at Dr. Jill Bolte’s video, because her experience was only a few year’s ago, enough for recovery and to do this video to describe her experience. She is a neuro-anatomist who suffered a stroke that took out her left brain (literally, physiologically) and allowed her to experience what it was like to be a totally right brained person.

    I would like to hear from someone who has seen the video. Since Holosync is strengthening the connection between our left and right brain, wouldn’t you like to know more about the two?

    Again, you can find it at

    Thanks again, Bill

  98. Sean says :

    And so now Bill, the big question is……

    “Is Bill Harris Enlightened?”


    By the way, you should interview our mutual friend, Scott D. for the Understanding the Power of Now series. I’ve learned a lot from him about it at our office and it’s been huge help. He’d be a great bonus to have.


    FROM BILL: There is no Bill Harris. Who, then, would be “enlightened”?

  99. Balu S Nair says :

    Hi Nancy
    Thanks, thats a great video.I would like to suggest one very good book ‘Phantoms in the Human Brain’ by Prof V S Ramachandran.I would like to put in some comments regarding the experiences by Dr Jill Bolte from a purely medical perspective but i am not quite sure in which way i should put it.So i guess i can do it a bit later when i have more time.But for the time being please read prof Ramachandran.I would say its truely humbling to know how much we dont know !

    Balu S Nair

    ps : to Bill .. i am curious about this one. this is something i have experienced myself, it doesnt matter to me now but at that stage it was indeed a bit of problem .As we strengthen the internal communications between the left and right brain .. ( actually i did a test to find out whether i was balanced and indeed it came out as 51% for the left brain and 49% for the right brain.)Now at this point in time everything was ok , i was able to make the most of both, but here was the catch .. my decision making was good too but it took a long time !! Now the whole point is was i right in balancing the two.It was a lot easier when i was left brained ! Does this happen to everyone? and is this a process that happens along the ‘way’.I guess you would be the better person to know about this after relating to experiences from a lot of people.

    FROM BILL: Hmm. I make almost instant, intuitive decisions (though I can “analyze” if it is appropriate to do so) and they are rarely wrong. There’s more to this than just synchronizing your brain. It’s about 1) awareness, and 2) knowing WHAT to be aware of (at least when operating in the relative world). This second criteria is the equivalent of a musician being able to improvise, without thought, because he spent years learning his chords and scales, tediously, day after day. Awareness allows you to make/see instant connections and understand all the possibilities and all their consequences, without analytical thought. Practice at whatever you need to make decisions about–learning ALL about it–allows you to know where to place that awareness. I would HIGHLY suggest that you take my Life Principles Integration Process online courses, where I teach you how to do this. You can listen to a free preview lesson at

  100. Nancy says :

    Hi Balu, and Bill and all,
    I should say that I became interested in the brain in 1980 or so, when a friend’s husband suffered a massive stroke in the language area of his brain. The doctor’s were very discouraging and said that he was “a vegetable” because he didn’t have any language and wouldn’t be able to think. ….

    I am a writer and an artist, and at the time had been teaching young children. I was appalled. I love language, but my dreams have always been Movies rather than Books and many of my “understandings” have come when I have “seen” the solution…. Pre-verbal children are very alive mentally…. I couldn’t believe those doctors said that, and as it turned out he regained his ability to communicate, proving them wrong about thought as well as about his condition.

    Thank you for the recommendation about Prof V S Ramachandran. I will look for his book.

    — Nancy

  101. l'artiste says :


    I have been listening to the brilliant follow-up interview series that you created after the webinar event on “A New Earth.”

    I came to the book in the middle of a huge life-transition. I am a longtime student of Yoga, Meditation, Conscious Breathing, my own art making_ the result of a powerful childhood epiphany, as well as the benefits of cognizant psychology.

    I was drawn to “A New Earth,” due to the energetic environment that spontaneously arises when human beings come together to inquire about the nature of reality.

    I am currently experiencing homelessness in a very supported way; an important detail in a larger family “‘story,’ all of which is part of this leg of my journey in this life. I am experiencing everything right now. So, the biggest part, and the reason that I write here after listening to your particular broadcast in the “Mastering the NOW” interview series, has to do with working with someone close to me who is diagnosed as OCD/ Bi-Polar diagnosis: Can Holosync help inside the reality of what seems extreme mental health issues? If you think this is possible and/or know of those with these conditions who have benefited from Holosync in particular, can you tell me how it might help? Maybe even point me in their direction?

  102. Chris says :

    Hey Bill, just a suggestion….

    It may not even have to be a big thing to write about, and maybe something you can just throw in really quick into one of your future blogs. I’ve read tons from you now and can’t recall your opinion on what “gratitude” is about. I know you have your quirks about “The Secret” and such, but gratitude is a great feeling to express and have. I don’t know what you think about the whole…. “brings in more” stuff, but I’d love to hear your opinion!

  103. Brad Auzin says :

    dearest bill,

    i have been reading you for years and loving it. sometimes change can take a while. i have been one of those times! the series you did on Tolle’s living the power of now was the item that put me over the top. your dedication to the process of change is inspiring, and i thank you! i just ordered the demo CD and believe i’ll be an owner of the complete progam in short order. thanks for all your great material and ongoing support.

    be well, Brad
    Vancouver BC Canada

  104. Aaron says :

    I’ve tried a million billion self improvement gimicks and I’m currently trying a few more…some are so outlandish that I’m actually embarressed to discribe them! But, Holosync so far has been the one thing that I’ve stuck to long term because it actually lives up to it’s promise.

    FYI, I’m on Purification Level 3….wow…that makes me special, haha! But seriously, my quality of life has completely turned around and I’m actually accomplishing things. So there.

    I’m not sure I’ve ever thanked Bill, so…thanks Bill.


  105. Terry Heart Solomon says :

    Hi Bill,

    no need to post this comment. Just wondering when we can expect your next blog. It feels like it’s been a while now.


    FROM BILL: It has been a while. I just happened to be particularly overwhelmed with a ton of dealines and other obligations right now. I am looking for a window of time when I can write something new. Stay tuned.

  106. Faisal says :

    Just to share a celebration within that is taking place in the now hope it touches at awakens something within u …..

    I’m the Divine…

    I the self the name the label the identity the past the future the mind the heart the body the separateness want to convey my joy to you “the divine” of being separate from you all these cycles of death, birth & rebirth thru out space & time & the delicious illusion of being lost wondering feeling disconnected for eons eons of time ,suddenly realizing the illusion the maya the absurd seeking in this space in this time in this beautiful created dream, I now know that I’m you I’m me I’m us I’m the I , I now know me the divine I’m this delicious experience of being separate & suddenly realizing that i never was but I say the following as the divine:

    I’m the Divine the eternal untouched beyond infinite uncontained vastness that pulsates in everything & nothing, I’m the life & that which is behind the life, I’m these words & the vastness behind these words, I’m separateness & connectedness, I’m the experience of being separate & the realization of awakening, I’m the maya & the nirvana, I’m the illusion & the reality, I’m the dream & the non dream, I’m the reality within the dreams & the dreams within the reality, I’m the awakened & the lost, I’m the conscious & the unconscious, I’m the stages & the levels of all consciousness, I’m the creator & created & the uncreated, I’m the essence of the essence of the essence of all that is of the seen & the unseen of the reached & the unreached, the form & the formless, the limited & the unlimited, I’m the energy & that which is behind the energy, I’m the light & the dark & all shades in between, I’m the physical & the non physical, I’m the seeker & the seeked. I’m the knowingness & the ignorance, I’m the violence & the peace, I”m I’m I’m.

    I’m this beautiful mind that is forever seeking & it’s as an aspect of my divinity, I’m the restless mind, the tired mind & I’m the no mind the free mind the liberated mind, I have created the mind to experience the illusion of it to get lost & to realize my light thru the maya the dream of forms & without the mind no realization of me was ever possible in this level of existence as how can I know oneness without separateness, the mind is my gift to me, it’s the blissful instrument with which I experience the physical, it is with which I can create & manifest & expand, I can’t merge into this physical reality without the mind & the body. I’m the experience being experienced in trillions & trillions & trillions of forms & non forms thru out the pulsating ever expanding energies, within me the body “UR” body is already all the experiences built inn U-Me have access to all that is, here & now, u can choose to be anything u want NOW, I’m the chooser the choice the choosed & the no choice, I’m the observer & the observed , I’m this & that. I’m all at once.

    I’m the Godliness that prevails in all the before & the after & the NOW.

    I’m simply consciousness creating itself.

  107. Lewi says :

    Good Morning Bill,

    I just finished listening to your final mp3 on MasteringThePowerOfNow.

    Towards the end Bill you really begin speaking from a transcendant voice and I resonated deeply with it.

    This is all happening as the sun is rising over the eastern ridge of the Catalnia mountains here in Tucson, and the light is appearing through my window.

    For the past week or so I’ve been doing very little as I’ve been floating a few feet off the ground in a state of isness. You could say I’m practicing non-action.

    But the past few days my ego has been nagging at me to get something done. Once again I’ve been questioning my purpose and how I can take my business further and blah, blah, blah.

    I want to thank you for your momentous words and reminding me to allow my natural purpose to unfold.

    As Lao Tsu said: “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”

    With that note, I’m going to go to the canyon to take a nice hike. I’ll let the birds do the work today!

    Your friend,

  108. Nathan says :

    Bless you Bill.


  109. John Neilson says :


    I am half-way through Level-4 of Holosync and have previously noted a list of changes which I have perceived in my behaviour, attitudes to life and other people, and general demeanour.

    I have read somewhere that at the end of Level-4, big changes often occur. Maybe I’m ahead of the game, because recently I have noticed some quite significant changes. These include:

    *a general sense of peace with the world and my place in it.
    *a degree of detachment from mundane things like news, politics, day-to-day events.
    *little or no wish to engage in the game of White Must Win both in personal relationships and community involvement activities.
    *greatly increased tolerance of the foibles and suffering of other people.
    *a sense of oneness with the world and all it contains . . .the universe even!
    *greatly reduced reactivity to little frustrations and annoyances.
    *a sense of things starting to go my way.
    *much less interest in personal development programs – less clutching at straws in my search for meaning in my life.

    There are probably others I can’t think of at present . But they aren’t the point of this post. What is important is the fact that I attribute these changes in large measure to my daily practice of Holosync . Other influences have been your and Oprah’s discussions of Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of NOW” and re-reading the book itself.

    So I’m a believer in Holosync! I intend to sign up for the whole enchilada at my next level purchase. So many thanks for your program, and for these posts. Not to mention the re-issue of the support letters #1 & #2. More strength to your elbow :-)

  110. Bob says :

    still waiting for the next installment…but hey…what i would really like to hear about is lets say…aday in the life of bill harris or a day in the life of genpo roshi…whats it actually like to be in and act from that perspective…even if we cant understand from our level of development…what does happen when you have “no worries” and did you think like that before you became a successful person…hmmm…interested…interested..

  111. Thank you Bill for offering the world the opportunity to be conscious of thier creations. You interview with Joe Vitale, was music to my heart and mind. I finally knew the missing componet in my steps to creating my reality. Bravo! You have both successfully woken up one more person. I am looking forward to hearing my new CD.

    I was a Hypnotherapist years ago, with the understanding of the power of your subconscious. Bill you have taken this to a new threshold, thank you and again, Bravo!

  112. Neelesh Marik says :

    Hi Bill,

    I got introduced to your work only very recently.

    Your mastering the power of now series caught my attention because of my intense experience with Eckhart’s book. The series has been very insightful, and complements and supplements the book in many ways.

    Another recent personal development has been my reading of Ken Wilber’s works. I am beginning to see a wonderful convergence between all the exponents in the Mastering series, your own work through your blog and the holosync phenomenon.

    I have to admit that these developments within me are more at an intellectual level than experiential. To accelerate the latter I have just requested your Holosync Awakeing prologue.

    I note that there are many events in the United States for the growing number of seekers (that may be an incorrect word in some sense!), to get a first hand experience of the good work that you, and Genpo, and Ken and Saniel/ Linda, and others are doing.

    This message is partly an enquiry to find out if such events are planned in other parts of the world, outside of the United States.

    If so, given the importance of critical mass in terms of numbers of interested people, would London, UK be a likely candidate?

    I am glad to be able to help in that matter, both as a matter of personal interest in getting deeper into these things, and also to help widen the remit of getting this experience to a larger number of people.

    Thanks and regards,

    Neelesh Marik

  113. Michelle says :

    I love that you are making your blog postings available as podcasts. This is a much more realistic way for me to keep up with your writing. I never found the time to do all the reading!

    At the beginning of this posting, you list a variety of topics you could cover. Of particular interest to me is the application of holosync in treating ADHD, autisim, and addiction. I have family members who stuggle with these issues, and when I first heard about holosync, I was googleing to see if I could find more information about the successful use of holosync for these conditions. Alas, I found nothing, but I decided to try holosync for myself and then see if I could convince my family members to give it a try. So far it’s still just me using it with good results, but I would love it if you could give me more information to show my son who has ADHD, tourettes syndrome and addiction issues how holosync would be of benefit to him.

    I would also be interested in hearing you speak more about linking Eckhart Tolle’s work and holosync. My personal experience is that using holosync has made it much easier for me to understand what Tolle is referring to when he speaks about being in the present moment, and having the sense of being “the witness”. I believe that holosync has made that state of awareness much more a part of my daily life.


    FROM BILL: Are you aware that I have an entire FREE onine course called Understanding the Power of Now? It features me, Genpo Roshi, Ken Wilber, and several other awakened teachers discussing awakening both from the Eckhart Tolle perspective and from that of each of the teachers. Just go to

    We have many parents who tell us that when their ADHD child listened to Holosync that they experienced extraordinary improvement. Something seems to balance, or normalize, when kids with these problems use Holosync. One woman told me how her grandson was getting up at 5 am, going like crazy until midnight, and then doing it again the next day. He was driving everyone crazy. One day he said, “Grandma, can I listen to you headphones?” (She was listening to Holosync.) He put them on, and within 10 minutes was asleep (this was at about 7 pm) and slept until about 8 am the next morning. They began having him listen each evening and within a month they said he was a different kid. I’ve heard similar stories many times. I’d love to find someone who works with such kids who is willing to do a more structured trial, but it’s clear to me that Holosync has a significant effect on ADHD.

    Years ago we had a participant who worked with autistic kids. He said that it usually took 30 minutes to just make contact with a kid (in other words, get them to look, or in some way give an indication that they were even aware, when you clapped your hands–or something similar–near them). He started playing Quietude, and alpha brain wave soundtrack we give people with Awakening Prologue, over speakers in the corners of the room (not even the most effective way to use it). When Quietude was playing, he said he made contact in 5 minutes. Again, there is a lot of room for investigation here.

  114. Sheila Smith says :

    I just finished listening to your free demo. Wow! I have a powerful mind, which actually makes it difficult to meditate at times. I felt a wonderful, peaceful, empowering state of being just from your demo. Some of my first thoughts were this should be applied to children. There is a seeming epidemic of childhood maladies such as ADD, ADHD, and autism in the world today. I believe some of this is due to the inundation of stimulus in our fast-paced world. It creates a child who cannot be peaceful. This amazing technology would abate these problems, probably unequivocably. Just think of the wonderfully whole individuals this could produce. Futures are unlimited!

  115. joey says :


    Everyone who advocates using these CDs seems to use them every day. They don’t teach your mind to be independent of the technology? Do you have to keep listening to reap the benefits?


    FROM BILL: Your asking without knowing anything about what you’re asking about. Do you eat every day? Do you listen to music or do other things you really enjoy every day? Do you exercise? People use Holosync because it dramatically improves their lives. They love doing it and they look forward to it. Their day is better when they do it. They also use them every day because that’s what the directions tell them to do–and the directions tell them to do that because I have found, over 23 years of experience, that that’s the most effective way to get all the benefits.

    However, Holosync also causes deep and PERMANENT changes in mental health, spiritual awareness, well being, and many other parts of life. I haven’t done Holosync myself, other than sporatically, for 16 years. The benefits I received not only are still there, they keep increasing because Holosync creates a positive momentum in a person’s life that seems to continue indefinitely. Why not TRY IT for youself and find out why people are doing it? There’s a one year money back guarantee (which hardly anyone takes advantage of because they don’t want to send it back), so there’s no risk to you to find out for yourself.

  116. Janelle says :

    I have been using Holosync for … oh, I’ve lost count. 9 or 10 years. I’ve slowed down a bit (using holysync) recently, because I was busy enjoying the life I had created but I’m back to it now (while still loving the life I have created!!).

    I was one of the people who had a pretty good life… no major problems… except maybe fulfillment. I was 35, then 40… and starting to think ‘I haven’t done all the things I’ve always wanted to do’. I started Holosync… I didn’t notice the incredible changes many noticed, but something compelled me to ‘tune in’ every day. I enjoyed my hour. It relaxed me. I looked forward to it… and for those reasons alone, I kept listening.

    To keep it short I’ll highlight the changes that have happened to me in the last several years. I’m one of those ‘hindsight holosyncers’… those who don’t realise it’s happening until we look back on how our lives have changed.

    *My marriage of 24 years finished following the exit of our youngest daughter to her own life and home.
    *I studied a new career… something I loved and not one I was obliged to work at (family business).
    *I packed all I needed into the back of my car (left the rest to my daughters) and drove north…. and in Queensland Australia, that’s quite a way…. over 2000 klms.
    *I began my new life in Paradise… Port Douglas in Far North Queensland and spent some of the best years of my life there (2.5years), working and making friends with people who only knew me as Janelle (not ‘the wife of’ or ‘the mother of’… what a great feeling!)… and during that time I met a man who ‘thought’ the way I did. I’d never experienced that before.
    *In 2007 we sold everything, left everything and everyone …. and went to Europe.
    * Bought an old but lovingly restored boat and lived and travelled in the Mediterranean and all over Europe. After 16 months we left ‘Tommy’ in Corfu, Greece to be sold and we came home.
    * Being home is no trial… we live on the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. Close to the beach, close to the green hills of the hinterland, close to my children and parents (2 hours) and a plane ride to Sydney for the family of my man (2 hours). I love my home, I love my job… I live in another Paradise… My life is perfect.

    Did I manifest this with the help of Holosync which in turn means …. the power of attraction? I believe so. Positive thinking… It works. I refuse to allow a negative thought to enter my sphere.

    I know it all sounds easy for me. It wasn’t! I made some very difficult decisions (I left my family, my children (although adults by now, but the guilt reared it’s ugly head… the conditioning of a woman/mother), my friends, my home)….
    The world has worked against us sometimes (the world financial crisis)….
    Reclaiming the lifestyle I once enjoyed isn’t easy…. but I’ve also learned that you don’t need a lot to be happy.,,, and fulfilled.
    To get rid of clutter and the years of accumulated non essentials, is liberating…. and it feels absolutely wonderful!
    I believe Holosync put me on the road to this fulfillment and I can never thank Bill and his vision enough.

  117. Leroy says :

    I am pretty simple minded and gravitate toward I’m OK, Your OK. After comptemplating the Best Seller book – I just realized that Ok is not Ok because it’s a form of Black and White. So, I am neither Ok or Not Ok and that’s Ok with me. Been listening to Holosync for who knows how long – it’s OK by me. getting better every Ok – almost to So What? Who Cares? having one of those hit the concrete wall moments – Damn that hurt

  118. Leroy says :

    Opps – I was floating merrily, merrily down Spring River here in the beautiful Ozark Mountains, leaves changing colors – when I got to the damn. Damn – hit another concrete wall. Oh well – picked up my canoe, carried it around the damn and started down the rapids. After going over a beautiful waterfall and I got stuck, canoe jammed into a boulder with ass of the canoe sitting at the top of the waterfall. The canoe is teetering sideways – Opps – no one around to help me out of this dilemna, not even Holosync. Tried freeing canoe off boulder, slipped and fell and cut my leg on another rock. Canoe stayed – I floated on down – thanks life jacket – who needs a canoe anyway – everybody needs a life jacket sometimes. True story – happy ending – I am writing this NOW – WOW My older brother, Tomcat, yelled at me “Don’t go that way” I should have listened.
    What I learned – Before you dive / jump to conclusions – be prepared for what’s lying under the water. Damn that hurt, won’t go that way again. Life is kinda like my canoe ride – live and learn. Smooth sailing and may the wind always be at your back, it won’t. At least I didn’t drown. Enjoy the ride! Thanks Holosync – still laughing about my adventure! Tomcat keeps saying, “I told ya not to go that way.” So, did my momma and your momma, too. Listen to Bill – I will – go with flow – it’s easier if you have someone that’s already floated down the rapids.

  119. Don Bryant says :

    Dear Centrepointe,

    I can not tell you how wonderful the Awakening Prologue and Dive, have been the last several years. The proof is in the immediate difference one feels after listening to the recordings. I would like to advance to a new level, and recall that their use to be several levels of the recordings one could use, after the initial ones had been utilized. Many, many thanks to Centrepointe Research Institute, for this wonderful tool. If anyone knows how to advance to the next level, please feel free to let me know……thanks..don

    FROM BILL: How about calling Centerpointe and saying, “I’d like to buy the next level of the program”?

  120. Dale Bent says :

    One of you asked for information about different people’s progress toward “enlightenment”. Here’s a short version of my story.

    I’m now 70. When I was about 18, I read some of Alan Watt’s books, and became intrigued. Right away, it seemed important and inspiring. At that time, Canada was not a hospitable place for a spiritual seeker. No one I knew seemed enlightened, nor knew anything about it, or even cared. I tried meditating but didn’t know what to do or expect.

    For years, as an academic, I floundered about in the “literature”, trying to understand what, after all, is just under our nose. The closest I got to a meaningful practice was attending hatha yoga sessions — which started to be common about 30 years ago.

    Over the 50 years to so since then I first heard the word “enlightenment”, more and more resources have come available. Ken Wilber’s writings really opened the door for me, and finally I found Holosync. I’ve now gotten to level 4, and I’ve found that my path is opening up more and more. Right now, I’m reading and re-reading Eckhart Tolle and I’ve found Bill’s initiative in explaining how Tolle’s ideas fit together with Holosync and Integral LIfe Practice most helpful.

    I’m not in a hurry any more. Every day offers redemption, blessings, and knowledge, if only we’re open to receive it.

    Thanks to Bill and all of you for your sincere help along the road.

    Sincerely, Dale Bent.

  121. Marlina Rinzen says :

    Dear Bill,

    Your generosity knows no bounds. I am continually impressed by your commitment to serving and the many innovative ways you have found to help all beings. You are right here for each of us as listener, mentor and friend.

    Thanking you as always, with love,

  122. Christina MacDonald says :

    I am new at this “Holistic Healing” audio. I just ordered my free demo for it to check it out. I am an Bi-polar female, I have a lot of emtional scaring inside that holds me back. I have read what this demo is good for, and after reading the blogs, it seems like it really works good, or course with the effort to want to change your thinking of course, I am really excited. I hope this works. I have tried many things and have found they have not really helped me out much. I have a fast, racy mid, where I have tried Meditation and it has not worked much, I cannot seem to get my mid to relax enough to get into it, I give power to the peole who it does work for!

  123. Steve says :

    It makes sense that Holosync could help some people achieve a higher state of consciousness. I just think the person has to be ready of course. Everyone is at different state’s of evolution to don’t let people fool you into thinking everyone is here to achieve enlightenment, at least not in this life time. Everyone is at different places, but the bi-rhythms or whatever should really help everyone regardless program new beliefs. Wishing everyone the best. I can’t wait to buy a few of the CD’s.

  124. justin says :

    Thanks Bill,enjoyed the sample cd and am looking forward to the whole course.

  125. Laura says :

    Hi, my name is Laura, i’m from Mexico City, please I don’t speak english, I speak only spanish, help me, I require but information in Spanish of a technology of audio that causes a deep meditation. My e-mail is, thak’s.

  126. Connie says :

    Bill, without holosync all my mind does even while I sleep is think about problems. It’s just such a waste of thinking and it has a tendency to draw a person into negativity. I just feel that without holosync I have no control over the aggressive mind that does not know how to control these negative thoughts from taking over. Thank you Bill for helping me!


  127. Michael says :

    Hi Bill,
    This is a great blog!
    I’m on the programme because when I was 19 I lived in a state of heightened awareness for 1 year, before it faded away. It is impossible to convey to others how it feels, as you say, it cannot be described with linear and dualistic language. I just wish I could have kept that mental state.
    I also want to say how pleasant I find The Dive and Immersion.
    It asks the question on your homepage ‘why isn’t everybody meditating’ and then gives the reason about how long it takes to get results with traditional meditation and how difficult it is. But, given Holosync, I’m still asking why isn’t ‘everyone, bar a few, meditating (with Holosync)?


    FROM BILL: Not everyone knows about it, yet. They will, though. You can help out by telling everyone you know. In fact, everyone readig this: don’t keep this a secret. Tell everyone about Holosync. They will thank you once they’ve used it awhile.

  128. Margie says :

    Could I listen to the tape while I sleep? What is the best time of day to listen to the tapes. Does the amount of time a day I listen to the tapes increase my results.

    FROM BILL: This is not meant to be a place where you get support for Holosync. These questions are answered in the FAQ we send to all users, or call our support coaches at 503 672-7117.

  129. Alemenia Mclean says :

    Bill Harris I don’t even mind if you never read or see this. I just have to get it out of my mouth. I woke up on the 28th day of February made phone call that changed the course of my life, My first thought was “I am going to lose everything. How could I have not seen it comming. This little voice said to me you did see it. you know all along that this was going to happen, because you neve wanted this to begin with. Ever sence that statment to myself things have been running full throttle. I lost the house.
    I got in my car drove from Tucson to Dallas in 13 hours. one thousand miles. In the two weeks I was there I did 29 of my new years resolutions. I vowed to date 100 men in the year 2009. that todals 37 all together. I drove back to Tucson with the same detrermination as I drove away. I made me a big sign that read “Homelsess Grandma yard sale” everything must go. Heck they even bought the food out of my fridge. Today I listened to lesson three and I understood for th first time what it felt like to need nothing have nothing, the house is gone the clothes the dust collectors. the furniture, bills the waking up at thrree am wondering how I’ll do it again this month. I decided in order to have it all I had to see what it look like with nothing, evn my family felt abandoned at the beginning of all this but I under reactd played it down. slowly moved into this new way of living. Even though it feels like everything went real fast. Today is May 2, form February 28 to May 2nd. I went form a whopping 239lbs sad fearful confused, tired depressed, lonely,misunderstood made fun of to 185lbs full of life, When you want it bad enought and its all you think about when you wake until you sleep. you get it inspite of your self. When I realied it was my mind getting in the way I got it out of my way. Sure its not perfect. I never signed up for perfect. My three year old hears me talk about this stuff all the time and one day he heard me say I am a Human (being) He ask grandma are you a Human (Bean) and I said yes baby. I laughed till I cried because I am growing. Alemenia

  130. Lorraine Hough says :

    This was a nice post and I would like to add something additional. You speak about the importance of finding out who “you” really are, but at the same time say there really is no “you.” You speak of getting “out of your mind,” but this is impossible. There is only one way to do that and that is to “not be” for consciousness is mind. I use a simple characterization to describe self using a cob of corn. Individuals are the kernels and are all rooted and connected to the source but at the same time each expresses as a fully contained whole, yet each kernel is distinctly individual and unique. There is nothing to create as everything is already within the whole and within each individual. Each individual unfolds uniquely however, or has an individual take on unfoldment, and that is what the unique “you” is, or the individual. You are your individual understanding, or your highest sense of what is true about you as a whole. And yes, in a relative sense our true sense of ourselves is constantly unfolding which can appear to be a change, but is nevertheless and unfoldment, and can appear to go over time, and is not constant, but in truth there is no time, just one thing always, and that is our highest sense of the truth of our being. It is all seems paradoxical, but in fact it is not. The higher the sense the more simple life is revealed to you, you do not create anything. There is something that “you” individually can do, however, and that is to use the active force of your mind, your reason, to unfold your understanding through conscious awareness of what you already are so you can enjoy all that you are.

    I love your posts and all that you are doing.


    FROM BILL: Quite frankly, this seems like a lot of beliefs, not something you know from experience. And, you are misinterpreting what I am saying. The “you” you think you are is just and idea. Just as your idea of a potato isn’t a potato, but rather a representations (in your mind) of a potato, your idea of “you” isn’t who you really are. You are really the infinite relationships that connect “you” to everything. In reality, there is one thing, not many, one event, not many. It is handy to pretend that there is a separate you–in other words, it is useful to HAVE a separate self, just as you have any other useful idea, but when you mistake the idea for the reality you create all kinds of suffering for yourself, and for others.

    I would suggest DOUBTING all your ideas, and especially the idea lf “me.”

  131. Michael says :

    I’ve been using Holosync for 3 months now and have started to realize how angry I am with my family. I’m the youngest, aged 45 and I finally see that my two brothers have been as thick as thieves all these years, while I never had a chance to fit in.
    Although I never really bothered about it before because I wasn’t close, I now am bothered about it. I feel like I can see what the relationships are now and I resent them.
    My relationship with my wife has gone downhill since I started this programme too and we have to get out of our home in October.
    I wonder if Holosync has brought these feelings to the surface and will they be resolved? Even I think it’s to much of a coincidence.


    FROM BILL: Holosync makes you more aware. When you become more aware, a certain amount of what you become aware of is the negative shit you’ve repressed and disowned. Now it might seem like a good thing that is was repressed, but it isn’t, because when it’s repressed it expresses itself anyway, but in a covert and dysfunctional way. Becoming aware of it allows it to “mature,” as Zen master Genpo Roshi says, from something that creates suffering for you and for others into something beneficial.

    What you need to do at this point is to watch all these feelings very carefully. Pretend that you’re a scientist, and you’ve been waiting for this to happen so you could observe it. Just paying attention to how the feelings appear in your body–where, in what way, to what degree–will create a huge shift, but in addition to that also observe what you say to yourself while you are having them (or before you have them), and what internal pictures happen before and during them.

    There is a direct, causative connection between your internal dialog and the pictures you make inside, and what feelings are created. Your feelings are created by your internal representations. Right now these internal representations happpen automatically in response to certain triggers (something triggers you into thinking about your family, for instance, which starts a chain reaction of internal representations). The thing is, you have a choice about what internal representations to make, IF you are aware enough. If you see yourself making the internal representations that cause you to feel resentful, and doing that doesn’t serve you, you won’t be able to keep doing it. If, though, you are UNaware of what you’re doing (which is the case with almost everyone), some pre-set way of making these IRs will just run automatically.

    So when you become aware of HOW you are creating the feelings, and you watch yourself do it, as it happens, you just can’t keep doing it. Any enthusiasm or motivation to keep doing it just falls away. This is the main value of Holosync–it makes you more aware. At first it seems that this awareness is just of a lot of stuff you don’t want to be aware of–the stuff you’ve disowned or repressed. But this stuff is affecting you anyway, and because it’s repressed it affects you much more negatively. Watch it with awareness and it matures into something good.

    So the feelings you have about your family are something you DO, and you do them by the IRs you make. Make them unconsciously and automatically and you’ll probably keep making the same ones and keep having the same feelings. Become aware of how you make them, and the feelings will probably stop happening. The same with your problems with your wife: how you feel and how you behave originate inside your head, with certain internal processes (most of which involve IRs). Most people do all of this without awareness, which is why they keep creating the same problems over and over. Do it with awareness, though, and you find it impossible to keep doing it, IF it doesn’t serve you.

    So, yes, this stuff will resolve itself. The more you are able to step aside and watch it, with awareness, as if you were keenly curious about it all, the faster that will happen. I will tell you that whatever happens will be SO worth it, as you will see. Have you taken advantage of our support staff? I highly recommend it. 503 672 7117 between 9:30 and 5:00 Pacific time, M-F.

  132. Michael Kay says :

    Hello Bill,
    Well, I’ve been trying to be the watcher for years now and it’s not making any difference for me. The same as when Eckart Tolle says watch your breath. If I’m doing it wrong then I’d like to learn how to do it right as I know it’s worth every effort!

    Thanks and best wishes,

  133. Michael Kay says :

    Hello Bill,
    Well, I’ve been trying to be the watcher for years now and it’s not making any difference for me. The same as when Eckart Tolle says watch your breath. If I’m doing it wrong then I’d like to learn how to do it right as I know it’s worth every effort!

    Thanks and best wishes,

    FROM BILL: Watching means being aware of something. When you are aware of something, you have choice about it. Don’t get so balled up in trying to get somewhere with it. The idea here is that there are certain things you do automatically and unconsciously, and as long as you do them without awareness, they’ll keep happening in the same way, automatically. In that case, you keep getting the same results. If you weren’t aware of your body, it would move automatically, and you wouldn’t have any choice about how you move. You are aware of your body, though, so you can choose to move it in certain ways. A trained athlete is probably MORE aware of his or her body that you are, and can move it more skillfully–ie, with more choice.

    If you’re like most people, you are only partly aware of your emotions, and probably totally unaware of what YOU DO inside to create them (make certain internal representations that then lead to certain feelings). So, you need to observe your internal representations, the pictures you make in your head and what you say to yourself, and see how these things create your feelings. Until you do that, your feelings will “just happen.” But watch how you DO your feelings, and you’ll gain choice over them.

    The same with your thoughts. Become more aware of them, and you’ll have more choice about them. You’ll begin to notice when you are focusing on what you don’t want, which leads to bad feelings, a loss of motivation, and taking actions that usually aren’t resourceful. When you become aware of and watch your thoughts, you gain choice over them. Since your thoughts create your world this is a pretty good thing to have choice over.

    Watching your breath when meditating is great practice. Part of doing so is noticing when you aren’t focused on your breath, when your attention goes to your thoughts, your body, or something you hear. Noticing that is witnessing.

    Quit worrying about whatever you think is supposed to happen and just watch.

  134. NICK says :

    Well I am really puzzled. I have been using HS for 10 months now and absolutely nothing has happened! Zero. Nada.
    considering this cd cost me $200.00 I am very disappointed. Support just keeps saying keep using it. Well after 10 months don’t you think that something would have changed?

    FROM BILL: I understand your discouragement and disappointment. This, however, isn’t the forum to address this (in an extended answer to your post). I would suggest that you find the Special Report we sent you as part of the support letters entitled How to Tell If Something is Happening. That may give you some insight. If you call support, ask for Marc Gilson, who is director of customer service.

    Not knowing you, anything I say is speculation, but the usual reasons for this are 1) reality not intersecting with expectations–expecting something that doesn’t happen; 2) a strong connection between the way you organize your world (your beliefs, ideas, premises, emotional strategies) and your feelings of safety–if you strongly need to hang onto your current way of navigating the world (because there was significant emotional–or even physical–danger in your childhood), you may successfully resist the changes that are trying to happen (which is why they say keep going, because Holosync will “win” eventually because it’s stronger than your ability to resist); or, plenty is happening, but you just don’t see it–this is VERY common, culmunating in a sudden realization that all along things were happening and why couldn’t I see it? (I have received many letters from people telling me this.

    Go find that Special Report (it might also be on our website–I don’t remember) and call Marc. I want you to succeed with this.

  135. Reiki Tutor says :

    I found your blog on Google. I’ve bookmarked it and will watch out for your next blog post.