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The Five Stages of Enlightenment…

by / Monday, 19 May 2008 / Published in Uncategorized

Hello again, everyone. Thanks for all your comments about the article on the Unitive level of development. Judging from the fact that as I write this over 140 people have posted comments, many people found this post interesting. I could respond to your comments, but since there are so many, and because it’s time to move on to something new, I’ll resist the urge. I wish I had time to respond to all your comments, but I have a million other irons in the fire and I just don’t have enough time to do so. I hope you understand.

I do appreciate it, though, when you post a comment. In fact, I’d be interested to hear from you about what you’d like me to write about from this point on. I can’t promise that I’ll write about everything you suggest, but I’d love to have your input. So please let me know what you’d like me to write about next.

Here are a few of my own ideas: a discussion of the ideas of Ken Wilber; or those of Eckhardt Tolle; a series about Holosync (how to get the most from it, why it works, what happens when you use it, how to deal with what happens when you use it, and so forth); a series on the shadow aspects we all have and why dealing with these shadow parts dramatically accelerates your growth.

There’s also a lot I could say about success, how to create what you want in the world, how to make more money, and other related topics. I have a lot to say about how what goes on in your mind unconsciously creates your moment-to-moment feelings, behaviors, the people and situations you attract or become attracted to–and, really, your entire experience of life–and how you can make this creative process conscious and have much greater control over it.

So let me know what you would like me to write about.

Now, on to something else…

Zen master Genpo Roshi and I presented another workshop on May 2-3 in Seattle. As with our Los Angeles workshop, it was packed–actually oversold, with a waiting list–and again those in attendence were blown away by what happened. (If you were there, I invite you to post your comments. And whether you were there or not, I invite you to come to our next workshop, June 28-29 in New York. Just go to to register–and, I just extended the Early Registration discount for a few more days, saving you $200.00 if you register right away.)

This workshop was different from the one we did in Los Angeles. First, Roshi and I both present extemporaneously, in the moment–which allows the material to be always fresh and different. Second, each workshop is new and different because the people are different each time and, as we present, we spontaneously respond to the immediate needs of the group.

As I watched Roshi present and work with people I was struck by several things. First of all, the material he was taking people through (experientially, not just intellectually) is something only a handful of enlightened teachers in the entire world even know about, much less teach. Second, NO ONE in the world could present it the way he does.

First, a teacher has to be fully awakened to even know about this stuff, and there are VERY few people anywhere who are where he is. Trust me on this. I’ve been around a lot of very highly evolved people–people who are considered to be awakened–and I’ve never met anyone like Genpo Roshi. He IS the real deal. And, the Big Mind process he has created (and is still creating, since it continues to evolve) is a real stroke of genius. With it Roshi can teach anything experientially, so that you ARE it rather than just learning ABOUT it. The insights, the big ah-ha’s that happen in this process come out of the audience members. Genpo Roshi facilitates drawing it out of you, but it’s all inside of you–which demonstrates that it really is true (and not just a cliche) that all the wisdom in the universe is inside of you.

You just have to know how to access it, and Genpo Roshi has created an elegant way to do that.

His skill in working with people continually amazes me. In my post about the Unitive level of development I noted that Unitives catalyze others just by showing up, and Genpo Roshi is a great example of this. There’s something about just being with him, even before he does any teaching, that affects you. Just watching a person who is so completely comfortable in his own skin, so totally comfortable being a human being, does something to you.

Quite frankly, as I write this, I’m somewhat at a loss to express exactly what I mean by “being so completely comfortable being a human being.” You just have to spend time with him to appreciate how different his way of being in the world is from that of other people. I so hope you’ll find a way to come to one of our workshops so you can experience this for yourself.

One thing Roshi did in Seattle was to take people through what are called the Five Ranks of Tozan. Tozan was a Zen master who lived about 1200 years ago, in the 800’s A.D. Tozan described five stages of enlightenment (you can google this, but most of what I’ve found online is not very clear, and Roshi tells me that most written material leaves out a lot of esoteric stuff that he does include. Plus, his way of teaching has a way of making all of this very clear and accessible to modern people).

At any rate, Roshi took the audience through these five stages, not by telling about them, but by having people BE in and speak from each stage so they could see what it’s like. This is part of the genius of the Big Mind process–it allows you to BE something rather than just be told about it. I’ve been in several small groups of four or five people where he took us through these stages, and it’s been a profound experience each time. This time, however–even though it was with a much larger group–I thought the way he took people through the Five Ranks was particularly stunning. I sat there thinking, “Wow. You couldn’t experience this with anyone else, anywhere else in the world.”

Let me give you a brief tour of these five stages. I can’t, in a blog post, give you the experience of each stage (though my wife, when she read this post, told me that she experienced an altered state), but I can tell you a bit about them. I think you’ll find this very interesting. And, because some of you want shorter posts, I’ll take you through stages one, two, and three in this post, and then I’ll finish the Five Ranks with stages four and five in my next post.

First, I want to make a distinction between a state experience and a stage exerience. When you experience the transcendent while listening to Holosync, or with the Big Mind process, you are very likely having a state experience. You visit, and then, when your Holosync session ends, or the Big Mind process is over, you return to the relative world, the world of your mind, the world of subject-object, of me and not-me, of separate things and events.

In a stage experience, however, you permanently inhabit a place rather than just visiting. In my posts about the developmental process, each stage I described is a place you inhabit, not a place you visit. In terms of spiritual attainment, you might have a spontaneous experience of a higher stage, or you might have such a experience because of a practice you’re doing (Holosync, vipassana, TM, Big Mind, etc.). When the experience is over, though, you’re back where you were before. The experience becomes something that happened.

Later, if you have enough of these state experiences, you may get to the point where you fully embody that experience, at which point it becomes a stage you inhabit, rather than a place you visit. Instead of visiting, you embody the experience in every moment. Each visit, each state experience, does affect you, but it usually takes a while before these state experiences grow into a true stage experience, a permanent embodiment of a new and higher perspective.

So when Genpo Roshi takes you through the Five Ranks, even though he’s able to give you an experience of each stage (in the Big Mind process, you become each stage, at least during the process), these experiences are almost always state experiences. This is because there are some deep and fundamental shifts in perspective that need to take place if you’re to fully inhabit these stages, and you might not be ready to make those shifts.

Very few people on the planet actually live in these stages (though we seem to be in a period of history where a much larger number of people than before are growing into them). And, it appears that through the Big Mind process a person can move through these stages more quickly. Still, fully embodying each stage does require a fundamental, internal change of perspective, and these changes don’t happen easily for most people.

Still, these state experiences are extremely valuable. They can eventually lead to stage changes, and they also give you a preview of where you’re heading–or at least a preview of where you could be heading. These experiences give you an understanding of what road you’re on, and what the journey ahead might be like. And, these experiences can have a very positive effect, even if you’re “just visiting.”

Finally, there’s so much more to say (and even more important, experience) about the Five Ranks than I could possibly cover in a blog post, so this will of necessity be incomplete, an overview, a taste.

Nearly all human beings are “pre-stage one” in terms of the Five Ranks. In pre-stage one you’re living in the relative world, and don’t really know about the transcendent, at least on an experiential level. You’re caught in the mind-created world of separate things and events. Pre-stage one would include, for instance, all the Susanne Cook-Greuter stages up through the Strategist–which includes 98-99% of all people. The Magician is probably the first stage that could embody a stage one perspective in the Five Ranks.

It’s possible to have an experience of the transcendent at any stage, but until the Magician it’s much less likely that a person would be interested in exploring the transcendent if they did have a spontaneous experience of it. There are, of course, exceptions. Also remember that you will interpret any experience from your current developmental level, and the Magician is the first such level to see things, at least some of the time, in a non-dual way.

In pre-stage one you live in a solid world of separate objects and separate things, the world of subject-object. In this world certain separate “things” do something to other things, and the world is divided into separate events, separate objects, and separate people. This dualistic, relative world is a world of good and bad, here and there, yin and yang, life and death, having and not having, appropriate and inappropriate. It’s a world where the past and future are real (as opposed to a world where Eckhardt Tolle’s now moment is the only reality).

Once you get to stage one, though, you’ve realized that there’s more to life than just the relative world. You’ve had an experience of the transcendent which underlies the relative world, and you’ve learned how to get into the transcendent when you want to. You can’t, however, stay there. When you stop doing whatever allows you to get there, you return to the relative. You can visit, but you can’t stay.

In the transcendent, everything just “is”. It isn’t good or bad. In fact, there are no qualities to anything, and no distinctions are made. Qualities and distinctions are part of the relative world. What’s more, the transcendent has no beginning and no ending. It’s unborn and undying. It also has no boundaries. It includes everything. Everything is in it, and it is in everything. From the transcendent, there’s nowhere to go, because you’re everywhere. There’s nothing to get, because you’re everything. And, there’s nothing to be afraid of, because there’s nothing outside of you that could threaten you. Everything, including the suffering of the world, is just part of the dance of the universe. Everything is perfect, peaceful, and timeless. In the transcendent, it’s always now.

You visit this place, once you learn how to do that, and it renews you, revitalizes you, beckons you. It tells you that there’s something more to life than you thought there was. Eckhardt Tolle is inviting people into this space, and gives some great hints on how to get into it. Unless you make certain fundamental shifts in perspective, though, your mind keeps pulling you back to the relative world, to the world of the past and the future, and out of the now moment.

So that’s the first stage. You can visit the transcendent, but it isn’t your permanent experience. To get to the second stage, there are some important insights you need to have and certain things you need to drop. The first thing you need to do to get to the second stage is to fully surrender to what is. In doing this you understand at a deep level that there are certain things about the universe and about being human that just are the way they are. There’s no escape from them, and there’s no changing them, and resisting them just creates suffering.

For instance, people, things, and events exist in time. They come into being and eventually pass away. Because of this, and because to be here as a human being you have to be attached, at least a little bit, to the people, things, and events in your life, there always will be suffering in the world. Most people, of course, are attached a lot, and as a result they suffer a lot. People live, and then they die. There are causes and effects–karma. Sometimes you don’t get what you want. Sometimes you get what you don’t want. Resistance to these fundamental facts of existance, and attachment to it being otherwise, creates suffering, and keeps you stuck in the relative world.

To move into stage two you have to surrender to all of this–not intellectually, but at a deep level.

This is, by the way, the first of my Nine Principles for Conscious Living–Letting Whatever Happens Be Okay. Surrendering isn’t passivity, however. It doesn’t mean that you don’t act to get what you want. It does, however, mean that you understand (and accept) the way the universe works, and even while you take action you aren’t attached to your actions turning out a certain way.

So, surrender is the first step in stage two.

The second step is even more difficult: submission. Submission is generally accomplished by submitting to the living embodiment of the Way, the Tao, the way things are. In Zen (and in other traditions) this means submitting to an enlightened teacher, one who is the embodiment of the Way, the Tao, or whatever you want to call it, though it could also mean submitting to Jesus, for instance, or some other idealized or non-physical representation. It just turns out to be easier to submit to a living embodiment rather than an idealized one.

Westerners, of course, have a lot of trouble with this one. This is probably because we have such an independent point of view and the idea of submitting to another leaves a bad taste in our mouth. But we also resist it because there are so many egoic and false teachers around and we’ve become jaded and untrusting (for good reason). It’s difficult to trust that a teacher could really have our best interests at heart and not have some personal agenda. What if he brings out that big barrel of kool-aid?

Submission, though, is essential for the next step (or at least makes it MUCH MUCH easier), because in the next step you have to do what in Zen they call “stepping off the one-hundred foot pole”–stepping into the unknown–and that takes a lot of trust. You have to know that if you step it will be okay, that someone will catch you. The teacher, having already done this himself, helps you realize that it can be done (he seems to be okay, in fact, more than okay). His example and reassurance allows you, hopefully, to take that leap, that step into the unknown. Submission is, at least partly, your saying, “Okay, I trust that it will be okay when I take that step.”

To take that step you have to go through what Genpo Roshi calls “Great Doubt.” This is where you doubt–and I mean really doubt, totally, without reservation–that any of the stuff upon which you’ve based your Self, your identity, and your life, will ever save you, make you happy, solve the problems of being human, get rid of the basics of the human condition (including that all things–including you–are in time and eventually pass away), lead to any sort of salvation, or end your suffering.

This means that you doubt your ideas about yourself, the world, other people, life, and anything and everything else–all of them. You doubt your concepts, your premises, your way of seeing things, and the memories you string together to create a sense of an enduring “you”. You doubt all your personal defenses. You doubt the past. You doubt the future, and especially that the future will save you in any way. You doubt the value of all your accomplishments, the badges you’ve earned. You doubt your identity, your roles, your story, your idea of who you are. You doubt all your healthy eating habits, your meditation practice, your ideas about the way the world should be, your ideas about mental health, and so on and so on. You doubt the separate self. You doubt that any of this will ultimately save you or get you anywhere.

You also doubt the teacher, enlightenment, meditation, religion, spiritual growth, personal growth–all of it. None of this, you realize, is going to save you or change the basic human condition. All of these things, ultimately, are ideas about life, creations of the mind, representations of reality–but not reality. They are hopes, but not realities.

If you really doubt EVERYTHING, if you throw out all hopes, it leaves you with nowhere to stand, nothing to hang onto, no reference point. Everything you thought life was about, you doubt and discard. When you do this, really do it, there is utterly NOTHING left but now and your awareness of now. This is what Eckhardt Tolle is talking about, though he’s suggesting ways that for the most part allow you to experience the now for a few moments. Great Doubt is the doorway to being there all the time.

Is this doubting of EVERYTHING, including your own sense of self, scary? Thinking about doing it certainly is. My own experience of DOING it wasn’t scary, but thinking about doing it, for most people, certainly is, because it’s a death of everything you think of as “me”. This is the step off the hundred-foot pole I spoke about, the step into the abyss. It seems as if this step would be an annihilation of yourself, of your life. In reality, it’s an annihilation of what you mistakenly thought was you, which creates an opening to the real you. But when you consider it, it certainly doesn’t seem that way.

You can probably see why you have to have supreme trust, supreme faith, in order to do this. Otherwise you won’t really do it. This is also why, when Genpo Roshi leads people through this step using the Big Mind process, it’s likely to be just a state experience. You doubt, you let go of everything you’ve been clinging to, to whatever extend you’re able or willing to do (which varies from person to person), and to the degree you really do it, you have some amount of experience of what it’s like. But unless you’ve REALLY surrendered and submitted (which is what gives you the trust and the faith you need to fully go into this experience) you won’t fully do it. If, however, you do really do it, something extrordinary happens.

That something is what Genpo Roshi calls Great Death. This REALLY sounds unappealing, doesn’t it? When I experienced this I was ready for it to be very negative. Instead, it turned out to be incredible, and nothing like I thought it would be. Great Death turned out to be a rebirth, a rebirth into Big Mind, into the transcendent. Once you really let go of ALL the mind-stuff, there’s nothing left but the transcendent.

In nearly every spiritual tradition the teacher will tell you that your mind is in the way of experiencing yourself as bliss, peace, God, the transcendent, the All, Christ Consciousness, nirvana, Great Liberation, or whatever you want to call it. But to really drop your identification with the mind you have to doubt EVERYTHING related to it, and since we’re so attached to all those ideas, concepts, beliefs, idealized futures, identities, and so on and so on and so on, the actual dropping of them, on a deep and visceral level, turns out to be really difficult.

In fact, you might ask, who is dropping these things? The one who is dropping them IS the mind, the ego, the separate identity, the sense of being a separate self. Can the ego drop the ego? That would be like seeing your own eyes, or biting your own teeth, or touching the tip of your finger with the tip of the same finger. So this isn’t really something you can decide to do, because who would do it? The ego, the identity, the sense of being a separate self is just an idea, and an idea can’t do anything–any more than the number three (another idea) can do anything.

When you identify yourself as an ego it really does seem as if the ego, the separate self, is the one doing something. In actual fact, doing happens, but there is no separate self that actually does anything. I know that this flies in the face of common sense, but nevertheless it’s true. Doing happens, but the separate doer is an illusion. For that reason, the no-self state (or whatever you choose to call it) is something that either happens or it doesn’t. A teacher like Genpo Roshi, a fully enlightened master with great skill and experience, can sometimes put you in a place where it happens, if you are ready, but it isn’t something that you can do, because the separate you doesn’t really exist. What you think of as you is really your idea of you, and that idea can’t do a thing.

Ken Wilber has said that enlightenment is an accident, but meditation (and other spiritual practices) make you more accident prone–one of his better bon mots.

So, if you really doubt everything, which probably only happens if you fully surrender and submit–though, as I said, it is possible though more difficult to do it by submitting to an ideal rather than another person–you can step into the abyss (in other words, drop everything you always thought was you), or at least what seems like the abyss. (More accurately, you might say that if surrender and submission happens, stepping off that hundred-foot pole might happen, too.) The irony is that what seemed like a potential disaster–having nothing to hang onto, having not even a single molecule to stand on–turns out to be the doorway to the infinite.

If this happens, you are in the third of the Five Ranks. You are established in the transcendent, not as a place to visit, but as a place to live. This third stage is what is generally thought of as enlightenment–taking up permanent residence in the transcendent. In this place you aren’t just “one with everything,” you ARE everything, and everything is you. (In fact, you always were everything. It’s just that now you’ve realized it, not intellectually, but experientially.)

The experience is one of having no boundaries, no beginning, no ending. From this perspective everything is just as it should be, including everything you used to think of as “good” and everything you used to think of as “bad.” D.T Suzuki described this experience as “just like normal life, but about two inches off the ground.” Alan Watts said that it can be felt in one of two ways: either it feels as if when the universe moves, it moves you, or it feels as if when you move, it moves the universe. Both are really the same experience, but from two different perspectives.

The Third Rank is a great place to be, since everything in that place is perfect. You can hang out here forever, and many people who make it this far do. Most of the people you’ve heard of who are thought of as enlightened are (or were) in this third stage. However, there’s more, and in the next post I’ll describe, first of all, what’s missing from this third stage, and why you can be just as stuck in this stage as most people are in the pre-stage one relative world, and then I’ll describe stages four and five.

Until then, be well.


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168 Responses to “The Five Stages of Enlightenment…”

  1. Suzanah says :

    I would love it if you would write in response to Eckhart Tolle’s teachings, especially if you watched the webcast with Oprah and have read his books. I have heard that Ken Wilber places him at green – although I’m not sure that is true. I don’t see Tolle or his teachings as at green at all, although some people interpret his teachings at that level – of course that would be the case if that is where they are at themselves. I was a part of a book club where I saw all the different interpretations based on people’s level of development which was interesting to watch.
    I am concerned about teachings at these higher levels being misunderstood and misapplied particularly when it is mixed in with New Age ideologies. I am even more concerned that I myself will get off track somewhere. Even though I am somewhat well versed in the pre/trans fallacy, it can get tricky to sort it all out when “higher truths” that come from genuine awakenings (which I definitely believe Tolle has had) are mixed in with green thinking. I realize green is a tremendous breakthough for many people at this point. However, having gone through the painful realization of its shortcomings, I am sometimes weary of my mind falling back into its seeming comforts if I am not vigilant in my thinking. After all, applying all these conceptual interpretations can be a dangerous game.
    So, thats my vote; although, I look forward to whatever you decide to address next.
    Thanks so much for taking this time with us.

  2. Daniel S. says :

    How about some posts that are more personal and a little less abstract? Your teaching has helped me transform my life–for which I am extremely grateful–but I get it now and lately I have found myself pushing the “surprise” button. I would love if you shared a bit about the things you do for fun, the things you value, your big goals and dreams for the future, and maybe even tell us a story or post some music you’ve written. In short, surprise us.

  3. Basilia Scott says :


    My name is Basilia and i am from Sydney Australia. i have been aware of Centrepointe for quite some years and have actually started using your program.

    I feel quite lost I have read Eckkhart Tolle, Gary Zukav, Wayne Dyer & Deepak Chopra all amazing.

    I am looking for answers but just when i feel i am getting somewhere i find i am overtaken by shawdowy impulses such as alcohol or pharmacy medications nothing too dramatic i hasten to add I have successfully stayed away from alcohol for some time now…….but i find i am always thinking about it or tablets…….i am really really trying to stay away from all this rubbish and i am very very tired of “trying so hard” at times overwhelmed …….i was wondering if there is a book that anyone out there could recommend to me …….perhaps something I havent read before or something i may not be aware of ……..anything really would be appreciated……….i am married with 2 beautiful children……….

    very kind regards

  4. Greta says :

    Hi Bill,
    wow- these blogs have been incredible and I love the fact that I now know I have sooo much to venture towards. This is the first really clear, step by step, easy to understand explanation of this type of growth I have come across.I found the readings refering to Dr Cook-Greuter easy to understand and inspiring. For each step I felt a minny moment of awarness of what it would be like and could link some past experiences to what what being explained. I am only at the beginning of level 3 Holosync and am in the process of doing the work in Big Mind but already feel some much more comfortable with and able to understand this new and exciting information.
    My life is taking on new shapes, shades and tones each day and with it I seem to be getting calmer and calmer.
    This has great material to have while entering level 3 Holosync for me. Bill I love your work, thanks so much for all your hard work

  5. Nakedi says :

    Hi Basilia

    I have just tried this Holosync program for the first time last night. I borrowed it from my sister as she has been using it for a while. I belong to another school of thought and have been using their meditation programs for a while. I was impressed with how quick holosync takes you deep.

    From my experience in the years I have been meditating, every now and then I also get to a point where I grow . All of a sudden i get these big urges to do something CRAZY. Something out of my normal way of thinking or behavior and event stuff that I have left behind. Sometimes I give in a little but while in there, it hits me like a ton of bricks – like how I am over this. I’m starting to feel less guilty or punishing myself more and more . Cause the more you develop, the more you will learn to let go. Letting go is not something you read from a book. It is personal and most of the time to really let go – you have to experience what is holding you back.Once you do that then it does not seem so bad after all.

    Some times to surrender well what helps me is to write down what bugs me and why am I back at that stage again. I write it down in my meditation space as if I am talking to the peace of paper. As if the center of my chest is burning with the feelings of the words I put down. Once I’m satisfied that I cannot write anymore. I take that peice of paper and burn it in a candle as a symbol of letting go. Sometimes I would combine this with talking with some I trust, if you like speaking to a trained person to help get over the hudle.

    the first step to change is to identify a challenge. Once you do that, then you get the guts to move on to the next step which what you have done.

    I cannot recommend any books but I hope my post has shared a light for you..


  6. Lalia says :

    Hi Bill,

    Any of the topics you mentioned:

    “Here are a few of my own ideas: a discussion of the ideas of Ken Wilber; or those of Eckhardt Tolle; a series about Holosync (how to get the most from it, why it works, what happens when you use it, how to deal with what happens when you use it, and so forth); a series on the shadow aspects we all have and why dealing with these shadow parts dramatically accelerates your growth.”

    All are good topics.

    I am not a blind follower of Eckhart Tolle. I think he has some good ideas, his depiction of pathology is quite good, but he also misses the boat on a bunch of things. Thus, I look forward to your comments, since I have seen little criticism of him, and all that from lower stages of development–religious traditionalists.


  7. Sam says :

    Regarding what to cover next i’d vote either something about shadow elements and the relationship with holosync
    more about Holosinc itself. Possibly the relationship between holosinc and “enlightenment” … Can listening to holosinc make you enlightened? etc.

    All the best

  8. Loretta says :

    Regarding to Suzannahs post; this reminds me of the story where the devil is walking with his assistent down a road. While walking there they see a monk, bending down in total bliss and he picks up something. He’s so blissfull! the assistent gets worried. He asks his master (the devil), ” what did he found?” The devil answers: ” Oh, he just found a piece of the truth”. the assistent gets concerned: “doesn’t that worry you? I think that can be very dangerous!!!! If the truth gets spread, we’re out of business!” and the devil smiles: “No worries mate, before you know it they’ve made a system out of it, some sort of religion, will fight with other truth-finders, get organised, stop thinking themselves etc etc…., no on the contrary: work enough for us!”
    Thats why they say: if you meet the Buddha, kill him!

  9. christopher Burant says :

    I’m a long time user of Holosync(since 2003 using Purification level 3 now) and can feel subtle yet deep changes in myself. The sensitivity and clarity I’m gaining has led me to an issue that has taken over much of my daily thought. The topic?: “Peak Oil”. Our way of life, our very civilization seems to be on the brink of chaos and catastrophe of epic proportions. As petroleum supplies decline hunger, disease, pervasive social unrest will become common features of our era. Many predict a ‘die off’ of human life. Indeed this scenario seems to be slowly unfolding what with ever rising gasoline prices and food riots in many countries. the more I study this trend the more bleak I feel. What are the uses of ”enlightenment’ in the face of these drastic changes? Sincerely, Christopher

  10. Terry HS says :

    Hi Bill,

    you took my suggestion of not leaving it so long this time. Thank you! :)

    All the topics you mentioned are fabulously interesting and I know you’d do a stellar job of teaching on them.

    I’ve been using Holysync for just over a year and I’m finishing up Awakening Level 2. I know you hear this all the time but your CDs and materials have made a huge impact on my life. I feel very different inside; I still have stuff that needs clearing up but generally I get alot more peace now. Things are actually moving forward outwardly too and as a result of recommendations that you’ve made, I see a bright financial future ahead.

    It was a great post, but please, not so short next time! I was just getting into it then boom, over. I like your previous length; nice and thorough. As a unitive, I’m sure you’ll have no problem pleasing everyone. :)


  11. jerome lutz says :

    I think what you’ve written is great i believe i attained the third stage a while ago. but I believe I talked about it and people sent me to a psychiatrist , I knew and i am not sure how but that he would prescribe a pill and the experience would be over. took the pill as y wife was afraid and i did not want to cause her any trouble. since this experience i’ve been trying to get back (as the beatles said). my question is what do you do after this experience, how do you chop wood and carry water in the taoist sense. or how do you go on. It would seem that you or i have something to give to others or some responsibility to fulfil

  12. Eddie says :

    I have doubted doubt.

    FROM BILL: Excellent! Now doubt that.

  13. Roy Webley says :

    Hi Bill,

    I’d much prefer that you help us explore what Eckhart Tolle is communicating.

    Thank you,


  14. S. Brimacombe says :

    Bill — please write about this (from your blog)….
    I have a lot to say about how what goes on in your mind unconsciously creates your moment-to-moment feelings, behaviors, the people and situations you attract or become attracted to–and, really, your entire experience of life–and how you can make this creative process conscious and have much greater control over it. THX!

  15. Chuck says :

    Hi Bill,
    In your request for comments about what we’d like to see:

    My strong desire is to read a series about Holosync (how to get the most from it, why it works, what happens when you use it, how to deal with what happens when you use it, and so forth); as you mentioned. It would help me and I’m sure many others who use this program faithfully.



  16. Kat says :

    Dear Bill:
    I loved this post, thank you. Though I haven’t attended any seminars with Genpo Roshi, I was able to view a DVD of his Big Mind process and I was blown away! I can’t even imagine what it would have been like in person. I’d love to see a DVD of you and Genpo working together.

    I also am very careful about what I read and who I’m learning from. It can be very confusing and frustrating hearing conflicting theories and analogies from so called “experts”. I purposefully have NOT participate in Oprah and Eckhart Tolle’s classes because I was afraid I would receive information that would not support my current studies through Centerpointe’s Accelerated Change Maximizer™ Online Classes. As a student, it’s hard to know who really is the “expert”. But I do know that Holosync Meditation & the Centerpointe Online Classes have remarkedly changed my life for the better. So you Bill, are my current expert!

    You have mentioned Ken Wilber many times in the past and have recomended some of his books. I purchased one and I have had a difficult time getting through it. Purhaps you could simplify some of his theories for us.

    Looking forward to what you have to share!
    Most sincerely,

    FROM BILL: I am actually launching a free online course in just a few days in which several awakened teachers and I will discuss Eckhardt Tolle and what he is saying. Stay tuned.

  17. Eric Dujardin says :


    I enjoyed the five stages of enlightenment and think I’m going to like whatever You decide to do next for blog/podcast.

    Now, “shadow work” is what is happening i my holosync process – and a topic, which I for one would really velcome.

    May we all be well,


  18. Ms. Haze Hammett says :

    I like your suggestion about a blog on Holosync and Eckart Tolle, actually I hope you do both. I always find you interesting and compelling.

    Best Regards,

    Haze Hammett

  19. S. Brimacombe says :

    Hi Bill – I just want to say — Don’t stop writing! Anything you write feels like a sane lifeline to me. I’m in that DOUBT EVERYTHING stage that you just wrote about — and it’s not fun. Nothing has meaning for me anymore and that barrel of kool-aid… I had to laugh but I know that a cup of that sweet stuff ain’t going get me to where I want to be any faster than where I am right now. Thanks for the humour. It feels like the back of my shirt is stuck on that 100 foot pole and I’m dangling. I can see where I want to go but the shirt I’m wearing — it seems to be made from some pretty tough fabric.
    I sure hope you and Genpo Roshi do another west coast workshop within the next year — bring scissors because I’ll be coming!
    Blessings to you,
    PS — your wife is right — your blog does have transcendent qualities to it — mucho thanks.

  20. Susan Hay says :

    Bill, I would be very interested in knowing more about the Shadow Self from you, in your inimitable clear and concise style. Thanks!

  21. Laura says :

    I always felt different and it wasn’t until I read your book when I purchased Holosync Bill, Thresholds of the Mind, that I finally got what made me different was that I was always more comfortable living my life as “the witness” rather then living up to someone else’s expectations of who I was supposed to be.

    These same teachings come through in The Tao and in Eckhart Tolle’s teaching. Drop the ego and become the witness to life because when you let the ego go into death, you become the angel of witness and a feeling of peace of not being in charge, but surrending that to the powers of the Universe let you understand we are all connected as one huge power of life. By being the witness and making no judgement on what you are witnessing is still something to work on for myself, but I have come so far.

    Life really does come full circle. I have been with Centrepointe/Holosync for over a year and have definitely read The Power of Now, A New Earth, Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life The Teaching of The Tao and was continually struck with the actual power of the now. Learning to change habits that have been instilled in me of what was appropriate living, like self-worth in yourself to want to be a better person, according to whomever made up the rules has been a part of who I was for a very long time was a relief for me to change the me I had become, who was not a very happy me.

    Please do continue with your teachings and include how both Ken and Ekhart, which are only names to look at and no one more special then you or I, have come to be enlightened and both accept the fact that not everyone can get it and they do this without letting the ego control them by feeling pain from rejection of certain people.

    Western society has blindsided us for so long on how that to be a successful human being in this world you must be “the best” rather then teaching us that the best is only someone’s opinion and not what is really going on when it come to survival of the mind or lack of it.

    My personal opinion, which would be my ego making an opinion, is that there are few people out there who are even willing to make an adjustment in their way of living due to fear of what others may think of them, so if you are compelled to write long blog posts let what is inside of you flow. Only those who are genuinely want to read what you have to say will read. The others want you to make what you have to say convenient for them and their ego. Do what the YOU, who I am a part of, inside of you, that is the real you, tells you is right at the particular time you are writing.

    I can tell you that the me inside of the body that wears this living bunch of cells is living a life of babysteps learning all over again who me really is due to people who have shared their experiences and insights to let me know that I am not different. I am not even unique. I am a part of energy with a self created ego that I can control.

  22. Mike Z says :

    Hi Bill!

    I would like to know your perspective on Shadow. How holosync deals with this aspect of personality, how it is connected to phenomenology and non-judging witness. What are the best methods to deal with it (except creating non-judging witness) and so long…

    Best wishes

  23. Jessica says :

    I know the book you need. It’s called “The Mood Cure” by Julia Ross. She explains methods using nutrition to overcome all those cravings. You personally don’t have any trouble with conceptually understanding the reasons you need to keep away from alcohol, drugs, ect. but your body has the cravings for various reasons. She explains in detail what natural amino acids you need to take to start overcoming the cravings. I’ve linked to it from my “book suggestions” section in the web site linked from my name.

    With an attitude of gratitude, I thank you for your commitment to this blog. May everyone who reads be positively changed.

    FROM BILL: How about the craving to be alive? Will nutrition overcome that?

  24. Gail Rice says :

    Dear Bill,
    Thanks for asking. I think I’d most like to hear more about Holosync. Have there been some ideas or insights about Holosync that you’ve been thinking of sharing? I’m not aware of discussions about this going on somewhere else so this topic is especially welcome.
    OFF TOPIC: I appreciate the audio feed – thanks – Gail Rice

  25. Visvas says :

    Hi Bill,

    The shadow aspect is very interesting. I would like you to talk about that because that is important in the process of growth using the Holosync technology. I believe coming to terms with the shadow aspect is a very important and integral part in getting the most out of life and personal change and growth. At the same time you can also write about the whole process of using holosync and what happens as one goes through the levels of deeper personal change.



  26. Faye says :

    Is this really material that most have not yet heard of????….. It certainly is very easy to understand just how exciting this would be if it was the first time one had ever heard about these states of consciousness!… (I suspect Bill that many on your e-mail list are likely far more advanced on their spiritual paths’ than you may have realized.)

    By the very fact that we are here as unlimited consciusness, (temporarily very pointedly focused here in this dimension,) – makes us all, not just capable of grasping these concepts, but actually already in possession of them!! The idea that one requires a ‘guru’ of any sort is to deny the inherent power and wisdom that exists within each of us. You state that ‘westerners’ seem to have difficulty with the idea of ‘surrendering’ to a guru or teacher…..I believe there’s a very good reason for this!’s a reflection of an inner knowing.

    There is no doubt that receiving some guidance and insight from others along our path can be helpful, but to rely on any power source outside of oneself is looking for answers in the wrong place. All any of us truly needs to do is to look within, for therin lies all of the answers to any question that could ever be asked. There is really no ‘outer’ it is all ‘inner’, and once this is realized, the necessity to seek answers outside of ones own consciusness, will never again be necessary.

    Reading about these stages is interesting, but it’s been my experience that these stages are not so cut and dried. Yes, “states” does in fact more aptly describe an experience that is for a short duration of time, However, when these ‘states’ can go on for days at a time, only shifting back through a deliberate choice being made by the individual perceiver, to experience through a different level of consciousness, then the lines become a bit blurred between “state” and “stage”.

    Ex: While in the back of one’s mind, she’s always conscious of the fact that she, her personality, beliefs, in fact everything within what she would call ‘her reality’ is in fact nothing more than a creation of her very own – there are still times where she chooses -for the sake of the exhilaration and sheer experience of it all, to temporarily overlook this fact, and just play her part in this grand charade to the fullest! This does not mean that one is longer at a particular ‘stage’, just that she’s made a conscious choice to experience her reality in a different manner. In truth we all have all ‘stages’ and ‘states’ within our reach at any given time – it merely involves making a choice.

    My advice to all who are seeking higher levels of consciousness as though their very life depended on it, possibly creating disharmony for themselves in the process due to the fact that they are feeling ‘less’ or ‘not at a high enough level’ etc….If your purpose in ‘being’ was to reside at the highest level of consciusness – a level where you no longer idenity with yourself as an individuated personality, where you no longer have the capacity to feel negative emotions, and where you merge completely and totally with the all…….you would not now be here inhabiting this physical body – having this temporary physical experience.
    It’s actually quite hilarious when you think that we chose to temporarily separate ourselves from our experience of being one with all, to come into the physical realm, to play and mix it up!…and here we are so seriously and relentlessly, trying to get back to what we already are!!
    What is the hurry? – when these bodies die – we’ll be there instantly!…and will no doubt have a great laugh about just how seriously we took this, and how much time we wasted when we could have just been enjoying the ride!

  27. Tunji Giwa says :

    Hello Bill,

    My name is Tunji Giwa (TJ), What I want to discuss today is about my recently started journey through Personal Growth. I have to say it’s been completely amazing while I have been effortlessly going through my Holosync CDs as it makes the process much simpler. I will like to share with you what my family background, my experiences and my thoughts.

    I come from Nigeria,Lagos and I am a Yoruba. I am the First born and growing up you are the person that your siblings look up too. Even though my parent also did their part by making sure we grew up to be good happy people.

    I came to the United State in the Spring of 1999, went college and graduated in the Spring of 2004. My brother joined me in the U.S because he was getting into trouble back home and my parents thought my brother would be better here with me because we had a close relationship. I also have a Sister who resides with my parent till she gets married.

    I graduated with a degree I did not have any interest in making a career. I think that was the first time I was lost in life and did not know what to do. A few of my friends went back Home but I choose to stay here and keep moving forward.

    As Time went by I notice I developed a strong hold towards my family, and recently was aware of my Fear of Failing my family and how it had made me very impatient towards things/opportunities around me, hindering my progression in life, and also made me determined, driven, a what ever it takes attitude person. What holosync has help is to take away that Fear, Feeling of Impatience and so on. And Strengthened my Positives.

    I believe it was not by coincident I came across Holosync. I had just learnt about meditation and was practicing it the traditional way. I was very determined to learn more about meditation and on my quest web surfing, I found your Free Demo CD.

    I have being using it for a month including the week and a half I used the Demo. It was 4 days (05/04/08) into the Dive I experieced my first upheavel. It felt Horrible but what I experienced after that was quiet something. I think it was a Dream but I remember it like it happened in real. It felt like a bust of energy and I was in the same place but I could change anything I wanted. It happened for a very short time. I did not really put much thought on it till I started reading your blogs and recorded CDs.

    Reading your Blog, I came across your ealier posted blogs that discussed on how we need to DOUBT everything. I understand that the mind has over years of experience being able to create who we are today. And who we really are is tainted by our Mind. I am begining to Master being a witness and it is amazing how I am able to connect situations/events to mean something, you said to watch everything about myself, and as I do they are feelings or situations I do not understand. How do I understand this feelings and thoughts? I guess I should let what ever happens be Okay.

    I am Loving every minute of my experiences. They are still some thing that I am aware off and are from my past but I don’t know how to let go of it. I know if I am able to Doubt all this experience, It will be a new beginning. You talk about getting the Idea of who I am out of the way. How do you do that? where do you beginning?

    I hope you can share with me what you think about all I have told you. Thank you.

  28. Bob says :

    I have read Eckharts book A new earth, and watched the Oprah series, i must say it really has accelarated things, and now Oprah is doing a series with the stroke lady….extremly interesting….i would love to hear some stuff on all this, i am keen to find out what my right brain thinks but i cannot tell when it is thinking…hmm. But aside from that the unconcious attraction process would also be very good to hear about.
    you are held in high regard
    Take Care


  29. Andy says :

    I’d love to hear more of your thoughts on Tolle and “A New Earth” as well as how to get most out of Holosync.
    I did attend the Seattle workshop with my wife and we were both greatly entertained and blown away. I had no idea how hilarious you and Genpo would be, each morning was like a standup routine. Then in the afternoon things got very serious as I experienced things I certainly never had before. When Big Mind first started, Genpo spoke to just one woman and watching that I thought, this is all an act, a scam, I’m not going to get anything out of this. Then Genpo spoke to us all and I was immediately answering as the voice he asked for. I won’t even try to describe anything else for it truly is an experience that must happen first hand to be believed. I recall seeing Bill on Sunday afternoon standing at the side of the room looking at the crowd with his jaw hanging – that’s when I really knew this was something special.
    Thanks for a great weekend. I’m knowing looking forward to the Centerpointe Retreat.

  30. Twyla says :

    Well I too have been reading and Holysyncing. I’m just about thru Eckharts’ A New Earth book and I think it is changing me. I never looked at myself as someone with an ego, but oh me oh my I have this huge ego and deep seeded pain bodies. Not good for sure, but it leads me to how do you overcome all this without or letting go of the ego? We humans (some anyway) have these great big minds and what do these minds do, they think that is what they do. So what I have come to understand and have no idea how to do is QUIT THINKING. I mean what else? If you think then you are usually in the past or the present. So it does seem to me that are big minds or our being are now evolving by coming as far to realize we shouldnt think. At least I know I shouldnt think as all it is is a big ego or a pain body….. I say AAHHHHH.
    I would absolutely love to see Genpo and learn from him. So far from the 3 stages you’ve mentioned, I’d have the least problem with stage 3. I need to read more on the 9 Principals of Conscous Living and letting whatever happens be ok as I am certainly having issues with this one.

    Thank you Bill!

    FROM BILL: When Tolle talks about ego he isn’t using it in the sense of being egotistical. He’s talking about the creation of a map of who you are, a representation of who you are, a conceptualization of who you are, an idea of who you are–and then mistaking that map, representation, conceptualization, or idea for the real thing. The ego chops the universe into separate things and separate events, when really all of it flows together as one thing. The main separate “thing” the ego makes up is the separate self. Once that happens, we feel estranged from life, we feel afraid, we feel anxious, we long for the future or for something else to save us–all from something we’ve made up. The truth is that the ego is a great tool, but it isn’t who you are. Your idea of “you” isn’t you. So killing the ego isn’t necessary. Ceasing to identify with it, however, creates huge relief, huge inner peace. I’ll write more about this at some point.

    In the next few days I will be announcing a free online course featuring some of the top awakened teachers in the world discussing the work of Eckhardt Tolle.

  31. Santiago Jimenez says :

    Beautiful as always Bill:

    I feel so fortunate to be a part of your blog readers,

    I was wandering if you could write about the true and false teachers and how to learn to differentiate them, because it can be very tricky, and actually dangerous.

    Lately I was watching some videos of U.G. Krishnamurti and was some how disappointed on his apparent bitterness when he talked ( I saw no calm in his words ) and about the way he said that enlightenment is just a purely physical process in which the mind is liberated from the senses, (no mysticism).

    I guess I just have to doubt that right ? If any fellow blog readers have opinions about U.G. Krishnamurti I would love to hear them.

    Again thanks so much for you wisdom bill, just one more practical question:

    What’s the final advice for everyday attitude ?….. should I watch ? or doubt ? should I watch myself doubting ? or should I doubt that I am watching ?

  32. Jessica says :

    “FROM BILL: How about the craving to be alive? Will nutrition overcome that?”

    I understand that Holosync induces the production of serotonin and inhibits the production of cortisol. In this way, Holosync can help lift a person out of the dark depths of depression. Since Holosync works with brain chemistry, doesn’t it also make sense that an additional method to increase serotonin and reduce cortisol like Holosync is through the foods we put into our bodies?

    Julia Ross, the author of the book, says that she would have patients in her care (psychology) who would make no progress while others would improve. She found that for those who couldn’t progress with talk therapy alone, the addition of amino acids to the diet made all the difference in the world to their emotional breakthroughs.

    So, although nutrition cannot solve every physical or mental problem we have, it certainly holds hands with technologies like Holosync very well.
    I hope that’s what you meant by your comment! Best Regards, Jessica

  33. Joe Kresoja says :

    Hi Bill ,It would be nice if you would address soul travel to different planes, this is never mention here.

  34. Greg Turner says :

    If you think the Oneness Movement is a valid approach to this “enlightenment thing” I appreciate you writing on the aspects of similarity between it and what you and others are doing. If you are not acquainted with it, just google it or read “Awakening Into Oneness” by Arjuna Ardagh. Thanks

  35. Anthony says :

    Great post.

    My votes are for posts on shadow work and Eckhart Tolle. I’ve already heard the other stuff.

  36. Anon says :

    How can you describe what can’t be described? I’m unqualified to ask as I’ve not experienced what you’re writing about. My limited understanding is that personal, intimate experience of the “transcendent” or GOD is beyond human conception or language. So what’s left is the “new” person, dramatically changed to the perception of everyone else; but quixoticly still the same.
    Surrender – yes. Submission – yes. (Easier said than done). Doubt, or ego destruction – yes. (requires faith based upon a belief that the universe, or GOD, loves us & has our best interests at heart). Enlightment an “accident”? Grace, perhaps? Can’t earn it. Can’t make yourself “worthy” or entitleted to it. But seems as though sincere desire & persistent effort draws the infinite to you?
    Thanks, Bill, for Holosync (in my second year). Thanks for the posts. For my own personal growth, I’d like to receive more about “shadow” work.
    P.S. What is the unmoving & unmoved mover?

  37. Patricia Kerr says :

    To Basilia, I recommend The Work of Byron Katie and also to connect with Marshall Rosenberg. Reading is not enough. In addition some of Gempo Roshi’s Big Mind work emerges out of Voice Therapy – finding someone to work with in that could have results for you.
    And so, I would appreciate less words.

  38. Ben Caswell says :

    Perhaps it is because I was in Seattle and experienced the 5 Stages (at a state level) along with the group. Or perhaps it is because of your particular ability to use words. For whatever reason, I found your description of what we went through to be transformative. Maybe it was a sense memory but the verbal cues of GREAT DOUBT and GREAT DEATH took me back to those places and in reading your description of them I got them in a new and different way. I thank you for this.

    It is indeed an amazing way to spend a weekend. May we do it again. Or not.

    “sitnamananda” might be a good blog subject.

    Also, I wanted to share a breakthrough moment for me at the Seattle BIG MIND weekend. You were facilitating and I was the voice of DAMAGE. And was in such pain. And yet, it was a sweet pain because for the first time since that moment in Landmark Forum where everything is empty and meaningless, I realized and experienced me outside of that pain. I realized and experienced me outside of “my story.” What a gift. And now, my voice of DAMAGE resides in me but is not me. And as a result, I have my life back. I am not looking for my wife and my job and my kids and my bank account and my accomplishments and my diet and my shape to make the pain stop, to heal the damage. It is not something that can be healed any more than the sun can be not hot. Its job is to be DAMAGE and I found myself in gratitude for the part of me that helped me survive…called Damage. And more grateful that I don’t have to live from that voice as me. I can have it and not be it.

    I am going to Salt Lake to experience Genpo Roshi present the 10 drawings of the path — the last of which is “re-entering the market” — on July 1, 2, 3. Looking forward to being again at his feet and drinking from the well.

    Thank you, Bill. What great integral work you guys are doing.


  39. Henry says :

    I’ve been using ‘the dive’ & ‘immersion’ since 2004.
    I’m interested in generating more money .

  40. Kim O says :

    Bill – Thanks for all your efforts to make this process of awakening more comfortable and understandable for us all.

    I’ve been studying Esther Veltheim (she’s written the book, “Who Am I?” and some articles found at: At first, reading that we have no free will really upset me, but in the past 14 months, I’ve really studied her materials and feel I have gained a lot of perspective, released a lot of old beliefs and grown a great deal from that study. I was wondering what your ‘take’ on her materials might be, your interpretation, your perspective.

    I’ve also studied a number of satsangs by Adyashanti, from his website and from YouTube or one of those video cast sites, as well as his book, True Meditation. His big thing is to let everything be OK as it is, which I know you agree with…

    Anyway, addressing those materials and perhaps writing about bringing the shadow side out would be really great topics from my perspective.

    I feel that I’m on the cusp of really ‘getting’/embodying some of this enlightenment/awakening stuff but could use all the guidance and support possible. I KNOW Holosync has helped me a great deal, I’ve been listening daily for almost 3 1/2 years and it has done all that you say it will in your lectures. Thanks for that!!!

    Hugs, Kim

  41. Max Tobin says :

    Exploring the fine art of co-creating with the divine. There is only the eye of the needle to discover and journey through, for there we discover where we always were. (or is it the ‘I’ of the ‘I AM’)

    I do enjoy to read these posts it is reassuring that folks seem to be committed to waking up all over now (makes it easier to avoid being committed for waking up eh!!).

    Many ways up the mountain; but the view from the top is always the same, just exactly what you choose to focus on!!

    Surrender, submission, awakening to the NOW, embracing the ego and befriending it from another perspective (intend focus and know that there is a heart space ‘knowing’ >calm, ease, joy, peace, bliss) are IMHO all the same thing. (different facets of the diamond light of the Creator)

    Choice is to be hu man and to experience this amazing journey of return. The key is in decree (ask, allow and align then speak into being) and the fact of our prexisting connection to the unity field of the oneness.

    Have fun playing within the holo gram, its all good (even the current leaders have their place and role to play in the awakening of this day.)

    Blessings from Downunder.

  42. Wayne says :

    Dear Bill,

    As someone who came to spirituality and meditation through the Rave culture of the 90’s I am very interested in the researching the similarities and differences between trance states induced by Holosync and those produced by percussive sound and trance-signatures. They seem to be working in different but similar and maybe synergistic ways. I have achieved some of the highest states of meditation and release via ecstatic dance with very loud beats and trance music. (I mean loud, literally vibrating the crap out of my brain) This is a completely different approach than the “stillness” model of eastern meditation. I have experimented with listening to Holosync and trance music at the same time, with some interesting results. I think a Holosync Sacred Dance Track would be a hot product. I would love to discuss this with you further.

    Warmest Regards,

  43. AnnieinPDX says :

    Ha ha “that big barrel of kool-aid”. Well put.

    In the future, I’d love to see more written about fear and anxiety. These conditions are so prevalent these days. I know so many people taking SSRIs and benzos for anxiety and panic attacks. I think fear reveals itself on the spiritual path, and the medication dulls that forward motion.

  44. Tina says :


    Thanks for another great post! I plan on taking in a Big Mind seminar as soon as I finish my professional exams in June. I’m at what would be described as the third stage here, so I think Big Mind would be helpful. Why don’t you people ever come to Canada? LOL

    I’ve not read Eckhardt Tolle as I am “read out” and am concentrating on the application of all of the principles I have learned through your materials, another program to which I belong, Dyer, Wilber and a few others. I actually feel like when a book or program comes out it’s the re-invention of the enlightenment wheel. While I’m certain that each has valid points or provides certain “aha” moments to people, I turn to the Universe for points in the right direction.

    Therefore for future blogs I’d like to see some discussion on the shadow aspects and how Holoync can be used for identifiying and dealing with those aspects. I already have my own strategies for this, but I’d be curious to see what you have to say on the matter Bill.

    Thanks again for all of your hard work and diligence for the masses. I know this chick appreciates it!


  45. Andre says :

    Hi Bill,

    Your “podcast subscribe” link works only with iTunes! :(

    This way you are forcing me to use iTunes if I want to hear your voice… ;)

    … I, and a lot of power users, don’t use iTunes — as it keeps several processes running on Windows at all times, wasting memory and CPU cycles.

    More info at:

    We prefer having only a standard feed reader running at all times, alerting us of any new post.

    So, my request is simple:
    Could you link directly to the podcast feed? So that people can subscribe with a regular feed reader?

    Thank you very much.


    We have added a non-itunes link on the right side under ‘Subscribe to Bill’s Podcast’. Its the first link under this heading, ‘Subscribe now’.

  46. Andre says :

    Ah, and regarding future articles my votes go for:
    – Shadow work
    – Money and Success

  47. Bertram says :

    Awesome stuff Bill. Thank you. It is my intention to get to one of your workshops with Genpo Roshi from Down Under.
    Also, I would love to hear about what what you have to say about the Shadow

  48. Matt says :

    I would love to hear how the changes that Holosync cause relate to David Hawkins consciousness calibration levels or what level of consciousness Holosync calabrates at.

  49. Eileen Codino says :

    Thank you
    Eckhart Tolle please
    more of.
    The series with O was really interesting. But more Eckhart please

  50. John Arbogast says :

    You should enable people to share your blog posts on Facebook.

  51. Lisa says :

    Hi Bill

    First to Basilia who posted the comment about wanting answers to why she feels the need to turn to alcohol and tablets – there is a book by Jost Sauer (AUSSIE) called Higher and Higher – it goes much deeper into the world of drugs and alcohol and how he became a heroin addict and deserter but his story is amazing and he is now one of the best Chinese Medicine practitioners we have – he really understands why we as humans turn to substances for answers – brilliant and insightful.

    I myself understand how the draw to substances can almost give you a feeling that you are drawing closer to those stages of enlightenment that bill talks about but Jost breaks down all the reasons why this is not really happening even when it appears that it is!!! brilliant ! try it – you will see yourself the world alcohol and drugs incl pharma in a totally different light.

    be inspired

  52. Lorna says :

    Thanks for your explorations Bill, they are very enlightening!

    I’d definitely like to see what you have to say regarding Eckhardt Tolle’s A New Earth. I’m also interested in your take on Spiral Dynamics, particularly in relation to your recent posts regarding the Five Ranks and Susanne Cook-Greuter’s work.

    Again, many thnaks for all that you do.


    FROM BILL: I actually gave a 3-hour talk about Spiral Dynamics at the United Nations in 2003, and later wrote a series of three articles about it. They used to be available on our website, but now are not. Soon, however, we will launch a new service which will include access to these articles, and over 200 others I;ve written.

  53. midge daniels says :

    Thanks Bill,
    I really enjoyed the blog and must say that it is really great to hear these stages clarified and itemized, even tho they have to be experienced in order to really make them real to the individual seeking. Most of this defies language to describe and explain. How do you speak when there is no one there? Much light and love, Midge

  54. sbadalera says :

    Bill you blog is awesome, i am on Holosync I, after a while i did experience i think i am not sure but somewhat of a special feeling like a chosen one, thats it and then nothing more. I like your clinical analysis of all the research, it saved me the trouble of reading through reams of stuff, i have done more than my share. I believe i am now slowing down on reading all this, it doesn’t do it that much as before and i feel like an observer many times and i do find i can change the outcome sometimes based on how i choose to label or not label things thats something i am sometimes now aware of this process and try to stop it and let it be neutral. I was leaning towards spirtuality not anymore and i find after reading and listening to all your stuff and Genpo Roshi i find its all BS and only label’s applied by my mind and mean nothing. I try Ekhart Tolle way of trying to be in the moment, guess like ZEn, when tired sleep when hungry eat. Oh well you do write well and helped me understand a lot and helped me piece it together and i have seen Genpo Roshi’s video on YouTube and followed it, even though they were short clips of 5 min or 8 min i did feel his guidance and saw a glimpse of what he wanted me to see. I wish i can one day attend his course but not really driven or the want is not that strong that i have to do it one day :) Wish you all the best.

  55. sbadalera says :

    I did post above i had one more thing to share i find, everything Western isn’t bad and everything Eastern isn’t great, yes the evolved thought process is great and Eastern contribution is great i acknowlege that being from the east india. The western thought also has schools of this thought but more hidden and not as exposed, i personally like the Western thinking or logical reasoning and deep research and validation of everything in our physical dimension and reality. Even if it seems like of little value when compared to the estoric teachings, i find the reality based thinking and contribuition has what has made living in dimension more stable, yes there have been growing pains but it has evolved too and is now open and welcomes Eastern ideas and has validated quiet a few strange and unexplainable things by way of Physics espcially Quantum physics, Chaos Theory and E=MC square. I think we as a species are about to do a quatum jump and evolve and acknoweldge we are one, there is no east or west or directions or race but only human experiences. The Western contribution especially Internet, Google, Blogs, Youtube have accelerated this process hugley, I would like to end this by saying special thanks to every soul that contributed to us being here, and enjoying now all the work that went before us so we can stand and enjoy the view. East or West = Together we are the Best.

  56. Mark says :

    I think the levels of enlightenment, like the levels of development are interesting. I also see them as limiting, especially if they are taken too literally. It becomes a more or less subtle version of allowing someone else’s view, no matter enlightened or well researched, to define you.

    After years and years of meditation, including about five years of using Holosynch, I can enter transcendant states pretty much at will — I just checked in to make sure it is true right now – and even though I’m at work, listening to my iPod playing Thin Lizzy (of all things), its still true.

    On the other hand, I often forget that I can experience transcendance at will, and might go several days or a week, without a conscious thought at all–just droning along playing out this skeptical Mark person that I do so well.

    And, I don’t know if that is a stage of enlightenment or not. I have extreme doubts about such things. I even doubt doubt itself. I find myself really enjoying songs by Insane Clown Posse — just for their irreverent and vicious commentary on all things human. I doubt my spirituality and I doubt my humanness. I doubt trusting enlightenment (whatever that is), or that some so-called embodiment of enlightement is going to help anything. If you meet the Buddha on the road, and all that.

    I even doubt transcedence itself. I am doubtful of everything, because all seems an infinite regress…strange really.

    I doubt the correlation between the five levels of enlightenment and the Cook-Greuter development model, at least as they are currently being presented. Mainly because I can see that whatever it is that I am, appears to exist across a spectrum that isn’t really contained in either of these models separately or together. That said, it appears to be a good way to intellectualize the human experience in order to explain things.

    Anyway, just a thought from a doubting Thomas — now listening to louie, Louie, Louie.


  57. Jim says :

    This was popular in Germany in the 1930s.
    It was also the vehicle used in a sci-fi novel by which an alien race demobilized a planet prior to attacking them.

  58. Viraj Perera says :

    Hi Bill,

    A blog on Holosync wouldbe beneficial since most of the blog readers are Holosync meditators.

    I’ve heard from your retreat CD’s that Holosync will enable meditators to become ‘one’ or become one with the universe. In other words when the brain synchronises the two hemispheres, the non-duality will cease to exist. I have always been wondering how this alters the mind because I believe that mind exists independant of the brain. Does it mean that the mind uses the brian as a tool to see the world (through the five senses and mind consciousness itself) and as long as the brain is non-syncronised the mind experiences the world in dulaity. Then when you meditate with Holosync, as a result of brain syncrony, the mind realises ‘Oneness’ with the universe. This is my understanding. Am I right? If it is the case then we can conclude that Holosync has the capacity to take one from the pre-stage through to the first stage (getting there when you like but it’s not permanent). Is Holosync able to establish this and push the meditator into the permanent transcendant stage (second stage)? Would love to know your thoughts.

    Also in terms of your on “fully surrender to what is” is quite acceptable. In fact this is very well described in Buddhism as Anicca (recognition that all phenomena in existence are impermanent), dukkha (recognition that all phenomena in existene creates suffering – which in turn is created by desire, attachment, clinging – law of cause and effect or Karma), and anatta (not-self – recognition that there is no “I”). And it is said that one needs to accept the aforementioned – or surrender or doubt everything – to facilitate oneself to attain Enlightenment. The reason is such doubting facilatetes letting go of many things we clong on to. Many westerners find it difficult to accept these and yes, to surrender themselves to a teacher. Do you think that if one meditates with Holosync with this sort of understanding that one would be able to reach higher stages of Enlightenment?

    One last question: I heard from a consistent meditator that listening to soundtracks would be good for beginners but if you want to reach adavanced states/stages of meditation you need to stop listening to soundtracks after a while because otherwise it becomes too much of a stimulus to the mind (and hence too much of a distraction) when you want to reach states like “Samadhi” – one pointedness of the mind. Any comments?

    Many thanks.

    FROM BILL: In my experience (which includes many years of traditional meditation, many hours a day), Holosync is one of the most advanced forms of meditation anywhere. I’ve seen many people who had been meditating for 20 years who had trouble handling the levels just a few levels into the program, and were transformed beyond anything they had done in the traditional meditation world, BTW, I gave Genpo Roshi one of the deepest levels when we first met, and though he loves it, he also easily handles it–zero upheaval, no matter how long he listens.

  59. Hi Bill,

    After 6 years using Holosync, I’m excited to be graduating to Flowering on my birthday, Aug 1. I can remember desperately wanting to be in the Purification levels (when i first started Holosync). I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate Holosync, “Thresholds of the Mind” and Life Principles course. Holosync is like a secret weapon for winning at living!

    Anyway my vote for your next topics is: a series about Holosync (how to get the most from it, why it works, what happens when you use it, how to deal with what happens when you use it, and so forth); AND a series on the shadow aspects we all have and why dealing with these shadow parts dramatically accelerates your growth.

    Merrill Noreen

  60. Carol Corsi says :

    I’m at Flowering 3 and really am more concerned with whats next after I reach the end of this journey with Holosync. Is that all there is? Aside from that, shadow work sounds like a good post…and where you mentioned that there’s also a lot you could say about success, how to create what you want in the world, how to make more money, and other related topics. You said “I have a lot to say about how what goes on in your mind unconsciously creates your moment-to-moment feelings, behaviors, the people and situations you attract or become attracted to–and, really, your entire experience of life–and how you can make this creative process conscious and have much greater control over it.” That and the other other two referenced topics above sound like good posts.

    I’ve changed immensly since the beginning, but from where I am now, it all seems like “yeah, but, so what” to me…I’m still looking for something more….some kind of fulfillment that I haven’t found yet. I guess I’ve come to the point where I’ve realized that the things that I ‘thought’ would bring happiness in life don’t really…I’ve attained everything I’ve ever wanted over the course of using the cd’s…they really are that good…but once you attain everything you’ve ever wanted…you come to this point that you ask your self, “Is that all there is to life?” Isn’t there something more? I’ve come to a point that I don’t feel like anything really gives that satisfaction that I’m after…its all a big illusion. The things that you think bring happiness, once attained, really don’t. They too get to be old hat and meaningless after a while. So what is it that I’m after? What is it that will bring fulfillment?

    I hope you create more after Holosync, Bill. I’m more than sure that I will be lead to whatever is next for me.


    It seems that you are very close to taking that step off the 100-foot pole. It’s when you really doubt that any of the stuff you’ve been chasing–including enlightenment, spiritual growth, God, etc.–isn’t going to help, and you really let go of it (why keep it–it isn’t going to help)–that’s when you discover who you really are.

  61. Curtis Kastner says :

    Hi Bill,

    Regarding your request for what topic to cover next, I would love for you to cover our shadow aspects, and any additional commentary about Holosync with respect to that. I remember an amazing conversation with one of the support staff (and we were talking about the shadow) when he said, “One way to look at Holosync is that it’s a shadow tool, driving up different elements of it so that we become aware of it.”

    In your 6-disc Centerpointe Retreat set that comes a few weeks after receiving Awakening Prologue, you mention on disc 2 (paraphrasing) that anywhere between Purification Levels 1, 2 or 3 participants experience every situation and every person in their life as okay just the way it is.

    Aside from the above comment (and I would love to hear more about THAT), does Centerpointe have any data regarding what generally happens to participants as they move through the entire Holosync Solution program, all the way from Awakening Prologue through Flowering Level 4?


    As a participant of this program for 21 months now, I am blown away at how different life occurs to me now due to this program; and its become very obvious for the majority of the people in my life. Thanks, Bill.



  62. David says :

    Thanks Bill! Very interesting :O) I’ve collected all your blog mp3’s and find them groundbreaking for me. I vote Eckhart Tolle, Shadow and holosync etc. I await future posts :O)
    You rock the blog world ha,
    David :O)

  63. Bonnie says :

    Hi Bill-
    This is my first time responding to a post. You do such a wonderful job. I really enjoy them and get so much out of them. I am in Awakening Prologue (6 weeks); I’ve read “Thresholds of the Mind” (wonderful, wonderful); Lesson 2 in Course 1; I listen to your CD’s every day to and from work (and I’m not kidding). I love all of it! During my holosync meditation tonight I experienced for a few seconds what felt like I was entering a place where I have never been before. It felt light, yet whole; ever present; total;everything yet nothing;peaceful. But I want to say mostly oneness; All this in just 5 to 6 seconds. Because it was “very new territory” I became a little apprehensive and lost it (poor choice of words probably). It was however VERY APPEALING. I thought about it afterwards and wondererd if that was what I’ve heard you describe as spacing out (one of the many things that can happen while meditating).Then I just read your latest post and though it would be cool if it was even just a glimpse of what is called a state experience. As far as future posts; I know I will enjoy all of them.

  64. Mike Helsher says :

    Thanks Bill!

    What a refreshing gift to be able to listen to your post. Reading from the computer screen hurts my eyes after a while..:)

    “I am not of this world” comes to mind. And also the futility of frozen intellectualized concepts that aim at placing human nature in the realm of something can be understood and put into words. Jung once wrote: “and what was the intellect? not a mirror but an infinitesimal fragment of a mirror, such as a child might hold up to the sun, expecting the sun to be dazzled by it.”

    Keep up the great work!


  65. Jeannine says :

    Many thanks to Bill and everyone !

    I would like to see a discussion about the relationship between our personal energy and money energy. I know I am clinging to some kind of suffering drama/map of reality, that allows me to excel in creating terrific interpersonal energy and the polar opposite in creating terrific money.

    It seems the harder I try the more elusive this becomes. When I give up trying and just allow and be, then things come to me. Like in a manifesting intending kind of way. I still take action and everything, but the doing seems to be mostly busy work, and the abundance comes out of left field in a way I would not have thought of or could have predicted.

    In a related (in my mind anyway) concept — I would love to hear your thoughts about intention and creating your day. It seems to me that this is not at all magical, but through using HOLOSYNCH, one “sees” things that were always there — like solutions to problems, etc. I have noticed using HOLOSYNCH that it helps me get out of my own way. In the sense that I relaz enough to allow the creative/god force/universe/all that is energy to manifest and EUREKA I see the solution. Much like the great minds describe. (Best ideas come in the shower, or driving in the car etc.) I know you described this in one of your books or writings. Anyway, Matthew Ferry (Creating Sales Velocity) talks about a technique he called SEGMENT INTENDING. (I hope I attributed correctly!) This is a technique where you visualize or describe how you want the next piece or segment of your day to go. And then go live it. And then before you move to the next segment of your day visulize or describe how you want the next to go and so forth throughout your day.

    An example: I am going to the store to pick something up, but I don’t have much time, so I SEGMENT INTEND that the traffic goes smoothly and I easily find a parking space close to the door, I am able to find my item easily and efficiently (and on sale so less expensive) and I have no wait time to check out. I am able to leave and get home quite quickly.

    I have tried this with pretty amazing results. First of all it forces you to consciously be aware of youself, the world around you and to be specific about what it is you do want. And since the pieces are smaller it is fairly managable to do.

    What I am wondering Bill, is do you think this works because I am looking for the specific details to happen / manifest ? Do you think this is Quantum Physics at work, because I CHOSE an outcome and that is what manifested.

    So, in writing this, it occurs to me that I should try this on the money things in my life. Try it on a smaller scale, money segment intending and see what happens.

    Also, while I find your writings extremely interesting, at this point I hunger for connection with the HOLOSYNCH fundamentals. I feel isolated some times, because the people around me right now do not meditate – regular or supercharged! and look at me like I am from Mars! LOL

    But I have evolved SO much since using HOLOSYNCH that I am almost daily blown away by how far I have come in such a short time. My life and my health have improved and I am very much happier and a peace!

    Thanks for listening and sharing! Hope to meet you some day. Jeannine

    PS As the Klingons say … and because of HOLOSYNCH, I can truthfully say “Today is a good day to die.” I am at peace. :) HUGS!

  66. Christian says :

    Hi Bill!

    Thanks for the lengthy posts you put on your site. I really enjoyed the last ones about developmental stages as I am very interested in the integral stuff. You asked about suggestions on what your audienve would like you to write about. Well, here’s my preference: the shadow, because that theme is easily overlooked and a really essential part of how we grow or inhibit growth and success in any area.

    Greetings from Austria


  67. Debbie James says :

    I have been doing holoysnc since 2002 and am an inner circle member. I have done all your courses and read all your blogs. It has changed my life profoundly.
    I no longer see things as good or bad I make choices and am not attached to the outcome. I feel very content in this life.
    I thankyou for your transfomational work. You are a great teacher. I look forward to any material you chose to share.
    Blessings to you and the Centerpointe family

  68. Pravesh says :

    Wow. I feel so different listening to this. As if I’m in a trance. It’s very weird ! I’m surprised no one felt that way.

  69. Lori A says :

    I’d love to hear more of your thoughts on Eckhart Tolle and “A New Earth” ,”The Power Of Now” and have you heard of dr. Jill Bolte Taylor.. A brain scientist who experienced a stroke in her left brain. video on
    my stroke of insight she has also been on Oprah’s soul series which is in 4 1/2 interview with Oprah and Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor,, absolutely amazing stuff. please check it out. worth your while.
    take care, Lori

  70. Emilia says :

    Hi Bill,

    It is difficult for us to choose yr next topics;

    you are so enthusiastically talk abt Genpo all the time; Ken’s Life Principles contain one DVD with big mind/big heart – which is revealing a glimpse for us, europeans, who cannot participate right now directly, unfortunatelly.
    Bill, why don’t you explain to us ABOUT GENPO’s states he is bringing up for participants;
    2 things will most probably happen if you Bill do that :

    one is that We will learn ABOUT , at least;

    2nd thing will most probably happen, is that YOU BILL will figure out to yourself how to bring us to this state, to BE in this state, at distance; you sould be able to make a ‘HOLOSINC-BIG MIND/BIG HEART’ , once you focus on it … because if you cannot do it, nobody can… and looks like this is a too important matter, to be experienced only for limited nbr of people…

    All the other topics would be very interesting; in fact, they are all chunks-up or down on things we heard before… but big mind could be different. And I believe each of us is using one voice or another in different decisions we take, in different strategies we produce daily ( I’m in Life principles, lesson 8 -strategies : great staff , Bill ..).

    Thanks for existing Bill,


  71. Peter says :

    Hi Bill,

    All your suggestions are just fine; there is alsways something useful in what you write. Becoming more aware seems to be the key with the added flexibility to adjust thoughts according to what I want. Is identlty connected to who I am and is my ego the same as my identity.

    Keep up your writings.

  72. Justin Walker says :

    Hey Bill,

    I bought the first stage of Holosync a little more than a month ago and I must say that it is the best money I have ever spent. It really has been life changing and I have only been doing it for a month. I do have one question and If you were to answer It I would be very greatful. I buy book after book on enlightenment have read all of Eckhart Tolles books and Meditate with Holosync everyday. I feel as if my gravitation towards living in this enlightned state is growing and growing and I find myself over whelmed in not being there yet constantly looking for the next book to give me the answers. So heres the question- Being just a beginer of Holosync how long does it take to get to these next stages I feel like im on my way but need some guidance. I also plan on joining your LPIP for this reason. Thanks alot.


  73. kat says :

    My response to Faye who said, “My advice to all who are seeking higher levels of consciousness as though their very life depended on it, possibly creating disharmony for themselves in the process due to the fact that they are feeling ‘less’ or ‘not at a high enough level’ etc….If your purpose in ‘being’ was to reside at the highest level of consciusness – a level where you no longer idenity with yourself as an individuated personality, where you no longer have the capacity to feel negative emotions, and where you merge completely and totally with the all…….you would not now be here inhabiting this physical body – having this temporary physical experience.”
    IS: I agree Faye but what you are leaving out is there are people in PAIN, who are looking for relief. I am one of them, I have read and listened to many teachers and I realize that the truth is in me, but my eyes decieve me and my mind plays tricks that it started learning when I was in the womb and enlightenment may come to a few (and more each day), but it all comes down to easing the PAIN. The sooner the better. Yes I have talked myself into enjoying NOW and life just as I am. I have lived there for days even weeks but I am subjected daily to the “outside” that I know doesn’t really exist. Drags me back and here I am again in PAIN. Now how do I enjoy life this way? One way is to find a better way, so I sugget to you Faye, that The Way to enlightenment itself is part of just being me as I am right now. Confusion, disharmony, that is where we are.
    Why try to avoid it, since trying to avoid it isn’t working anyway?

  74. Kathryn says :

    Hi Bill,

    I would like to affirm the request made by someone else for something exploring solving/moving through peak oil and also climate change. The science tells us climate change is now an emergency and I think it is possibly a wonderful opportunity.


  75. Mitchell Rigie says :

    Hi Bill,

    Thank you for describing the differences between “state” and “stage.” That distinction is extremely helpful in moving forward toward a higher level of sustainability (visiting vs. living in) in the present moment. I also appreciate the clarity in which you describe the differences between the different levels of enlightenment (five ranks of Tozan).

    You are a wonderful teacher in simplification and enlightenment.

    Best wishes,


  76. Eric Dujardin says :

    Thank You Bill.

    This is Wonderful, this must be what life is all about.



  77. Chris says :

    Hi Bill!

    I heard Ken Wilber in one of his interviews telling about reincarnation. He said that an Awakened Person may choose who to be in the next life as opposed to not Awakend Person who can’t.

    I realise that “reincarnation” may be a very tricky subject. I suppose people from different levels of development by reincarnation mean different “things”.

    Specifically, my question is: How does the Unitive person view reincarnation and is this possible to remember one own’s past life? (or one illusory self past life)

    The other topic I’d love to read about is the relationship of one’s genes and psychiatric disorders.

    Although, you have written quite a lot about the relationship between one’s failure in development progression and different types of disorders…

    or maybe you could somehow link genes, development and different disorders together…

    Are the genes responsible for having a low threshold, which causes different disorders, or do the genes directly make one psychotic…?

    I listened to your LPIP courses (1 & 2), awesome. I especially enjoyed the 2 course, which has answered most of my questions about life and made me clear on “what it’s all about”. Now I’m looking forward to knowing all of this experientially, even though, knowing it just theoritically is really cool.

    I’ve used holosync for the last 17 months (I’m on level 3 disc 1),,, It’s fabulous I’m glad I came across this site.

    Thank you,


    P.S I’ve stopped looking for the truth, as everything can only exist in relationship to everything else and the “real” truth just doesn’t exist. That is a huge relief. That is what I was trying to do most of my life,,, very tiring. (Although I’m still looking for the best solutions I realize that something can be considered the best only if looked from a certain perspective)

  78. michael redpath says :

    hi bill, the shaddow stuff seems like it would be a way to go. i do wish we could have the big mind experience here in the uk, that would be fun, all the best, mike.

  79. A.M. KALATA says :

    Hello! Bill-

    I’ve been reading your Holosync or Centerpointe related posts since 2006 it has surely expanded my awareness and now I can relate tings in their right perspective at the intellectual level. Regarding your request for a new topic, Can you talk about the nature of the integrated consciousness?


  80. Ohknan says :

    Thanks Bill
    There are so many wonderful things that have been said… more clearly hear and there by so many but as I grow in understanding of the 5 stages to really create a bigger and better understanding you just need to find the one that works best four you… as within all things they will be united from that wonderful first one and then from there all things will run just for more fun. I Like to test to see what this is four.. and to be honest with you
    I always end up laughing more and more.. Thanks for all the smiles you sent my way…

  81. Carole Spirit says :

    Hi Bill,

    These two things are what I would most like you to tell us about next.

    ‘a series about Holosync (how to get the most from it, why it works, what happens when you use it, how to deal with what happens when you use it, and so forth); a series on the shadow aspects we all have and why dealing with these shadow parts dramatically accelerates your growth.’

    Was fascinated by this last blog. I have visited the transcendent, and would just love to stay there for all time. Once when I spent the night on top of a mountain sleeping under the stars in The Blue Ridge Mountains. I suddenly became absolutely at one with the trees, stars, earth beneath my fingers, everything.
    It was just as you describe it, and so unutterably exquisite. No beginning, no end, no time.

    I’ve been using Holosync for almost two years now and I just get calmer and calmer and more at peace. I sometimes laugh now with a lovely innocent childlike joy of very simple things. Things that bothered me before just wash over me. I’d like to know what more I might experience as I go deeper and deeper through the levels.

    Thankyou for everything you do.

    Carole Spirit x

  82. Julius Ko says :

    Holosync usage and/or Shadow….

    Although; all the other topics are good and profound ones as well =).

  83. kimbo says :

    something,,,perhaps on urban bodishattvas

    be well…


  84. Greg Turner says :

    Another person who has a unique and different perspective on enlightenment is Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor. It might be informative to interview or dialog with her. Just google her name and the word stroke. Or watch her talk on

  85. Nolene says :

    Well done, as always. I must say as someone who has had your voice deeply imprinted into her brain over the past 6+ years I can hear a very big difference in you, my favorite teacher, since you began hanging out with Genpo. In the many lessons in your on-line courses you still had the throat clearing going on. In the other discs (I cannot remember exactly which ones because I have so many) you still sounded so nervous, so intense, it even sounded as if you were going to cry if people didn’t understand what you were trying to teach. Now, you are still Bill with the same physical tools for creating speech but your voice is so smooth, so calm, so easy to hear. If nothing else sells me on this “Big Mind” experience as an aide to living a peaceful, productive life as a human, just hearing the difference in you does a wonderful job.
    When I read what Faye said, “It’s actually quite hilarious when you think that we chose to temporarily separate ourselves from our experience of being one with all, to come into the physical realm, to play and mix it up!…and here we are so seriously and relentlessly, trying to get back to what we already are!!” it reminded me of a story you told once about one of your very enlightened friends telling you that now that he had absolutlely no attachments to anything he was bored. He said he was going to purposely chose a house, a woman, a car and a few other things and get just as attached as possible just for the fun of it. I feel as if that is what I do most of the time, now that I am on Purification Level 3. It is so much fun to get all “wrapped around the axel” about something just for the sport! What a totally freeing experience! Thanks, Bill. You sound wonderful.

  86. Tim says :

    I would like to give a big “Thank You” to Bill for all the wonderful tools he’s provided to me. After 3 years of holosyncing I was relieved of my life-long depression. I am so grateful for this! Now I understand what people mean by “getting the blues”. As a person who was ALWAYS depressed I couldn’t understand what people even meant by “feeling a little down” or “having the blues” temporarily! I plan on holosyncing to the end.

    I also attended the Seattle Big Mind seminar. It was definitely one of the most transformative experiences of my life. Genpo was an amazing teacher and I definitely had a Stage One experience. As wonderful as that was the Shadow work we did was even more profound. I have also suffered from life-long chronic anxiety. No longer. It’s just gone! This is so incredibly profound and liberating. I could say more but really I want all of you to experience it for yourself. The DVDs are nice but nothing beats the group energy and Genpo’s presence so if you can attend a seminar I highly recommend it!

    As to the blog, I would like to hear more about Holosync, Shadow work, Tolle. I also wonder if Bill could give his opinion of Trancendental Meditation. He mentioned at the workshop that he had done TM. The weekend before Big Mind I spent at the Maharishi University School of Management. On the whole it was a great experience but ultimately I didn’t feel like TM was right for me.



  87. Stacy says :

    I am soooo stuck in this stage.. my soul is bound and I can feel it everyday of my life.. I am so close to letting go…surrendering all that I have held onto. I think this is THE most difficult stage… I am peering over the edge, ready to move into this third stage of enlightenment and hoping to take up permanent residence in the transcendent.

    As the quote states….

    “Faith is kowing that if you must step off a cliff, either a step will appear or you will be taught how to fly.” So.. it sounds like I should have total faith in the nothingness that will wrap it’s arms around me? Hmmm. Food for thought. Anyone else want to intellectualize that quote with me? Thanks for the Blogs .. I love them! Stacy

  88. Barbara says :

    What a great blog entry, Bill! After listening to it several times, I want to know whether Holosync will create permanent changes as I use it throughout the full program (creating stages) or creates states that I can use to develop the stages as self-perceptions are dropped? I thought Holosync would create all the permanent changes necessary for enlightenment (as being 24/7 transcendence) just by listening. I have certainly experienced dynamic changes so far! I am excited you are doing a series on Tolle (seeing the DVDs of his or hearing his voice is so much more powerful than reading his books–truly puts me in an alpha state)–thanks! However, I would deeply appreciate exploration of how the Holosync states correlate to shadow work or Wilber’s descriptions of the map or Tolle or Roshi. Is there a way to maximize Holosync by utilizing info from these sources in terms of developing at the stage levels? I want to utilize the descriptions from these teachers without getting stuck in more perceptions about enlightenment. It’s the experience of that which is beyond words that creates deeper change, or so it seems to me now. As I continue with Awakening Level 2, it would be helpful to have your correlations between your dynamic explainations of the teachings of Wilber, Roshi, Tolle, shadow work, intention/law of attraction, etc. in terms of the states and stages Holosync users experience. Thanks so much, Bill and everyone at Centerpointe! Holosync and the Life Principles course have changed my perception of reality enormously! With enormous gratitude, Barb.

  89. Chris says :

    Hey bill,

    I noticed you mentioning your experience of stepping off the 100 foot pole yourself, around the same time mentioning people’s experience of Roshi’s “big mind.” In other words people can experience this, but only temporarily, but you didn’t really let in exactly if you fully transcended and are enlightened, or if you just participate along with the participants and experience similar temporary results along with them.

    I guess a few of us are just curious what your level of development is, and if you indeed are enlightened. Only curious!! :)

  90. Jacki says :

    Thank you for this post. It clears up a lot. This doubting started and it just took over like wild fire. You really doubt everything, there isn’t even one thing you are sure of anymore. It is very unnerving. I was very lost for a while. It does somehow open up an unconditioned dimension of awareness. I can’t really say what was the most instrumental in all this, but I will name a few whose words definitely pointed the way. Eckhart Tolle, Peter Fenner’s Radiant Mind Course, Jean Klein, Lester Levenson and you too Bill. Thank you for the work you do.
    Love Jacki

  91. dd says :

    Hi there Bill,

    The real me finds it difficult to believe that we were all given “egos” only to have to nearly completely subjugate them to be happy.. They must be good for something or else why would we have them . How about a users manual? I am looking forward to the online lesson coming up on yours and others’ clarification on Tolle’s work. I am learning from it but like The Secret I’m sure there’s much more to it and a more practical approach to happiness than just killing off these God given egos (Cant We all Just Get Along in one body??). Which also brings up that I would also love more info on Holosync besides everything you have already written on the subject( I have already read it). I find it helpful to be sure but the cd’s have seemingly stirred up a little conflict (Ok, a Lot of Conflict, more than was there before, call it a war my ego doesnt like trying to be replaced ) between my good ol’ Map of Reality/Ego and the Eternal Watcher Present Self. Fun. And I get to watch! So thanks for allowing my 2 cents. Anything you write is greatly appreciated and I vote Eckhart and Holosync! Or would that also be shadow stuff? Aww heck Bill Looks like your just gonna have to do it all:)

    Thanks for being there! I don’t ‘doubt’ that you’ll make the best choice in the moment.



    FROM BILL: You have misunderstood what I am saying about the ego. I’m not suggesting that you “kill: or get rid of the ego. The ego is your IDEA of who you are, and what the rest of reality is about. It is useful in many ways, in fact necessary. However, when you identify yourself AS that idea of yourself, and mistake your IDEA of reality for the real reality, all kinds of problems and all kinds of suffering happen. I am suggesting that we need a dis-identification with the ego, not a killing of it.

  92. Lyall says :

    Thanks for that Bill. Looking forward to the interviews regarding Tolle; sounds great. Also, don’t forget Lester Levenson, he was speaking of this stuff for along time. Maybe get Hale Dwoskin to speak about Lester: great teacher.

  93. Sam says :

    Hi Bill,

    I just want to through my support in for more about the shadow aspects. And to say that I am really enjoying what you have written about the stages of enlightenment. Zen has always been a path that spoke to me and I appreciate your insights as a fellow admirer, who is not persay a Buddist. I just started lesson one of course two and just listening to what you had to say pealed away yet another layer to the onion.

    Your such a brilliant fellow.

    I looked around for years to find someone who seemed to know what the hell was going on, why and what to do about it. I was so nice to see you in the Secret. I know that there were other trust worthy teachers around for the 20 years that I searched, but you were the first living person who I could relate to on this level. It’s as if I decided that I could trust someone and there you were on my TV. It’s funny because I really truely just decided that people like you were out there and then I noticed you, sorting by possibility and not filtering out your existence. Ha, see I’m paying attention. Day by day I grow more peaceful and I notice others living in the same way. Thanks and a special thanks to Katie who is my mentor.

    And hi to the other Sam way up there, It’s kinda like honking your horn at someone who dives the same car, and when I think about it I like the analogy. These bodies are just vehicles and our names, Sam, Bill, Ford or Honda and just names aren’t they.

  94. Daisy Lee says :

    As I have read your posts over time, it is like finding pieces of my past that that have remained stuck in me as ‘unresolved’. Once I see the flow and steps, which you create by the writing style you use, so many questions I have had just drop away and don’t matter anymore. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Daisy Lee

  95. Michael says :

    Hi Bill

    I enjoyed mind chatter and your blog is living up to expectations. Have completed your online courses and re-doing these now and have been listening to the Holosync for nearly two years. All of this and other practices have helped me immensly. I have read most of Dr David Hawkins and found his books to be of great use. Maybe your explanation of his material would be a useful topic for you to use on the blog that ate mind chatter?

  96. Sam says :

    First I’d like to say how much I appreciate this post on the development of one going through zen-ish stages, as it makes it much easier for me to understand what’s going on lately. I’ve been doing more and more big mind process–both on my own and with some other teacher–and have noticed a lot happening, and these stages help me to understand where I’m at. For instance I’ve noticed while listening to your post that I feel a very strong connection to you (as with all suchness connection I feel I am) which helps me to feel much more empathy for other and myself which is a dramatic shift from previous stages. I’ve often felt this connection before although to a lesser extent, and I’ve previously always dismissed this connection with others because I have trouble trusting it; when I can let go and take the leap off the 100 foot pole I recognize that all such feelings are valid, and by not dismissing them I notice that they all have a place and they all–even the seemingly negative or otherwise unwanted feelings–play a role in my experience of life.

    I also can better understand some strange occurrances I’ve been experiencing, such as hearing the voice of Buddha in my head–or other teacher–or seeing flashes of light corresponding to certain feeling states or sounds, and it is much easier to let whatever happens be ok. Often times with Holosync (especially after starting a new level) it is possible for one to go through a period of chaos before one reorganizes and creates such a map to fascilitate understanding and interpreting experience. I feel that I’m extra sensative to such things and so often times when I start a new level–or otherwise go into chaos–I feel as if I’m going a bit crazy because of all the new thoughts/feelings/sounds/sights and I often tend to feel bad about myself because I feel that these things are me rather than just conception. I imagine that others here can attest to these feelings, and can relate to beating themselves up for feeling bad; a visions cycle. At any rate when one recognizes that it’s all one–there is no me/not me hence nobody to feel bad about anything external–all of the bad feelings change. It’s not as if they go away or are somehow changed from what they are, rather it’s as if the feelings give much needed energy; for instance negative feelings around family members can perhaps provide energy when one resolves such conflict by taking responceability and resolves seemingly external conflict from within.

    I also recognize where I’m at in any given moment. For instance I speak of resolving some conflict, however I also recognize that no real conflict–other than that created in the mind–exists. Until a person reaches a certain point such seeming paradoxes are difficult to understand and maintain, and I think that rather than total understanding at later stages such stages help us to understand when we’re not getting some paradoxical thing and show us the way of such understanding. For instance I can feel bad about the fact that I may not make much sense here and also feel good that in my own way I’m making sense of things, and when I look at both sides of this I recognize that perhaps this might make sense to somebody hence there’s no reason to feel bad; the whole conflict never existed in the first place, and even if it does exist when one recognizes this it’s very simple to just let go and free up the energy we usually use trying to figure out why we’re in certain conflicts or how we could be so stupid etc… There are no real answers at higher stages and also there are no questions, however if one decides to ask questions–I’m not at the point yet wherein I’ll understand why such an enlightened person would continue to do this and ask questions–the field of possible manifestations is such that any question has an answer; be careful what you ask for.

    And also I’d really enjoy hearing your perspective on these stages, where you think you’re at etc, so that we might measure our progress. I believe that this is an ever unfolding process–we’ll see this in later stages–and as such we’re really not comparing personal achievement rather simply sharing experience. If you could somehow share your experience of the stages with us (you’re already doing this to some degree I believe) it would much better help us understand where we’re at. All to often we try too hard to put words on the experience, which ends up hurting the experience if the map is not “large” enough to carry the new experience fully. Rather than seeing this as a problem as many people tend to do we can look at the frustration one might feel in trying to explain these things and share such frustration with others, because we’re all going through the same process in our own way; the form of experience doesn’t matter because this is individual for the person, however the structure of the process is same for all of us. I have trouble understanding how I can be so comfortable in my own skin that I can simply explain freely what I’m experiencing without worrying about getting it wrong etc, and I’d love it if there were a role model to help me see what I currently cannot.

  97. Sam says :

    I was just reading further down the comment page and noticed that you’ll be having a free (always nice) audio course with teachers regarding “A New Earth”. I haven’t as of yet read the book or gotten on the Oprah craze although I’ve heard wonderful things regarding it, however I’ll probably have to brush up before the course to understand where we’ll be going. I just want to thank you for putting on such things for the community, especially the audios, because this is a valuable service to your faithful readers/listeners and also I feel that we’re working to change the world and you’re placing yourself on the forfront of this change in a most amazing way. By creating such audios you help us to better integrate the experiencial wisdom and learning of such teachers (although some might be better readers and more visual I believe audio works best for this sort of thing) and we gain very valuable insite into you; perhaps the greatest benifit of all regarding these stages, as you’re showing us all such maps etc. Keep up the good work, and be well.

    PS: I hear what you’re seeing; talk soon.

  98. Colin says :

    HI Bill, I too am interested in the integration of the shadow self ( I’m a jung junkie) and also of the stage you see the world in ( using your United Nations speech criteria)

    Thank you for your series of on development. It helped me place myself on the map…..please continue on!

    Also, this explains why True Enlightened Masters seem to be Compassionate, Bored, and Breaking all the Rules!

  99. Morgan says :

    Hi Bill – I would like to hear your take on Kundalini. I would also like to know if the physical, emotional and mental upheaval I’ve been going through would have anything to do with Kundalini syndrome.



  100. Elizabeth M says :


    My experience at Big Mind in Seattle 5/3 and 5/4.

    It was all the things that Bill promised it would be. On the first day, I did experience the Big Mind and the Big Heart. It was not a huge monumental thing that I had thought it would be after the indoctrination of hearing about “oneness” be “spiritually enlightened” and other phrases. In reality, it was just a subtle shift, but it was there. I knew it when I reached it. It was a very very peaceful experience.

    I had seen one video of this process and thought that was all there was it. In this workshop we went so much further than the big mind. I know after leaving the first day, I really had no desire to talk to anyone I knew. There was no way to explain to them what I had experienced and I did not want to take the chance of changing and leaving the good space I was in. I was happy to learn the next day from Genpo, that this was a common feeling among the monks and those “sitting” meditation practioners. Then Genpo had us experience the APEX which took us to not only the Big Mind, but the Big Heart where it is ok to be in the world and participate in it.

    On the 2nd day, when we did the shadow work, I was amazed and dumbfounded by what I witnessed and what I experienced. Some people that shared their shadows with us went through profound experiences. Their faces literally changed from start to finish in the process. The room became still and silent many times out of respect and compassion for what they experienced.

    I myself resolved some shadow stuff that I didn’t even know was there. I knew this was holding me back, but because there was no traumatic event behind it, I had nothing to focus on to resolve. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt (even though more time to encounter life would be needed to experience my changed reactions) that I have changed for the better, resolved deep seated issues and will never change back. I could only change back if I were to relive my life and grow up as a young girl and teenager in this society again. That isn’t going to happen; therefore I stand by what I have said. I have resolved something and changed permanently.

    During the shadow work, I did begin to feel energy moving in me. Not a small bit either, to where I wasn’t sure. It was a lot. First my left calve muscle began to twitch a little, then a lot. Next my left arm began to twitch and move in my lap. Genpo instructed us to keep feeling the energy that had been blocked and to release it all. This twitching continued for several minutes. I repeated this at home that night several times until the twitching stopped and then there was a heat, and finally the heat stopped. By being the voice of this shadow, a door was opened and the blocked energy was released.

    Also the next day, I saw another shadow voice in Genpo’s book that we didn’t talk to. I had a very moving experience with this one as well, which brought tears of release.

    And the inbetween stuff was also so fasinating. The two of you are a great pair. My one of my fears is that I will lose this ability. That I will forget, so I have written here and I will try to practice this on my own. I do hope to attend another workshop as well. I know it will be awesome.

    Also I met some great folks there.

  101. Angie says :

    Thanks Bill for this blog. I’m always looking forward to your next post.
    My preferences regarding future posts would be:
    1. Shadow aspects (PLEASE, PLEASE :-))
    2. How what goes on in your mind unconsciously creates your moment-to-moment experience
    3. Eckhardt Tolle

    I am a faithful user of Holosync and I believe that all the support materials we got cover pretty well how to get the most from it and therefore I personally prefer other topics for future posts.

  102. Ismael says :

    Hi Bill.

    Regarding what topic you could cover next, I think dealing with shadow material would be the one I would more interested on hearing about. Maybe you could gives some ideas on how to deal with it while using holosync. Discussing the ideas of Ken Wilber and Eckhart Tolle would be also great, both are a great influences to me.

  103. Annette says :

    I would like Bill’s thoughts & teaching on Eckhart Toole’s New Earth Book & class. I found this very intersting & relaxing way to live. It has helped me along with Holosync to just let be what is.

  104. Katy says :

    Hi Bill. I have been enjoying your blog posts (and haven’t minded the length). I listen to them at work and its wonderful to learn such fascinating concepts there. Thank you for taking the time and energy to make these contributions.
    As far as future topics, I too would like to hear your thoughts on Eckhart Tolle’s concepts and teachings.
    Fort Collins, CO USA

  105. April says :

    Hi Bill! Great stuff as always, and I love my meditation CDs!! Lately, I’m dealing with lots of shadow material, and it scares the crap out of me!!! I’d love for you to share more insight on how to navigate through all of it and understand what is happening with Holosync in regards to our shadow issues. It’s not all bad… In fact, lately I have come to the realization that I’m valuable and worthy of love. It took 3 days of emotional upheaval and crying to come to this acceptance!! And, I can still tell that I resist this on some levels. It’s hard for me to believe that I can be so scared of even discovering good withing myself.

    The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely.
    –Carl Jung

  106. Jackie Batzold says :

    I have been following your blog for some time now, and find it extremely interesting. I have read Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth” and enjoyed every second of it. Now I am re-reading it as he suggests. I would very much like you write about Eckhart Tolle’s teachings in your upcoming blog entries. Your thoughts on this topic of “enlightenment” are expanding my understanding very quickly and easily. I have printed them out and re-read them often. Thank you for your insights.

  107. Dr.Gaurav says :

    Hello Bill and CRI staff,

  108. Dan Heneghan says :

    Hi Bill,

    I would love to read more in-depth, one-on-one interviews and/or conversations between yourself and Holosync users about their experiences since they started the program. Perhaps you could give suggestions for what they could do/think about/try on/focus on, etc. next.

    I know you are doing this through the blog currently—but it is slightly like attending a seminar. A “shot-gun” or large-quantity approach if you will. And while it certainly has influenced my thinking, and opened up my approach to things, I think it would be interesting to read one-on-one interviews and conversations occasionally. A more qualitative approach.

    Perhaps my small, liberal-arts college orientation to learning is influencing this request. ;)

    If you do decide to do this, please consider not only interviewing people at the first few levels, but perhaps a range of Holosync users. I would imagine that Holosync users, as they progress through the program, require less contact and guidance as they gain experience—but I would still like to hear where they are at.

    Bill, you have great ideas and really do think about how to best serve as many people as possible. You’re brilliant and inspiring. I’m sure you will choose something both interesting, wonderful, and thoughtful to write about. I look forward to it.

  109. Chris says :

    RE: Next topic … Well, I haven’t heard of Eckhardt Tolle yet ( will google him/her now ) but my present feeling is SHADOW SHADOW SHADOW. It seems to me both intellectually and intuitivley that this is the key to liberation.

  110. Brit says :

    I am just starting Awakening 2 and of course I feel already like a much different person. But Holosync has simply accelerated a process that began when I participated in Big Mind with Diane Hamilton almost 3 years ago. Since then I have been trying to stay where she was able to take me. Holosync has helped. But now I need to know HOW to create and live a life here, while also being “there”, if you understand. How do you live now that you know what is up (I don’t really know but I for sure know more than I did). I would like you to explore creating a life with one foot in and out of the door. I would also like you to do this for FREE if possible because I haven’t figured the money thing out yet. Anyway thank you for giving me a map, which feels like a lifeline at this point because I don’t really know whats next…
    Big Heart

  111. Jeff Donohue says :

    Hi Bill;

    Great stuff. I seem to remember jumping off a 100 ft pole some time ago, maybe with a double back flip. Why be boring.

    I do enjoy reading about the states of being although I would like to hear how this would improve a person’s daily life. At several times in my HS career there was some big openings for me. The last 2 seemed very stable but it was awkward in some ways dealing with everyday life. And maybe attempting to talk to someone about this seemed ridiculous. OK, let’s have some tea and maybe it’ll go away:)

    There was that questioning and doubting everything but that seemed to fall away and it was more like “So what, it is what it is”. This, in a happy way.

    I’m not feeling any anxiety or great need, although I think it would be interesting to hear how others might live and apply
    their gift. How they view life in general.

    Would also like to hear about the “Shadow aspect” or at least a definition of this, it sounds so ominous.

    Thank again Bill, your work has been of great benefit to me and my family.



  112. gloria says :

    I am wondering if the ‘voices’ that Genpo Roshi talks about are equivalent to Carl Jung’s archetypes. Caroline Myss has done a lot of work on archtypes and says that we all have 4 basic archetypal influences – Prostitute, Victim, Saboteur and Child (in all its manifestations). In addition we have a further 8 which exert a strong influence, with others being less influential. She goes into the process of identifying and working with the various archetypal influences in her book Sacred Contracts.

    I have personally found the concept of archetypes a very useful tool for understanding and growth and there is no doubt that they are a force to be reckoned with. The thing about them is that they have very powerful negative and positive influences (light and shadow polarities). It could be a worthwhile exercise to look at them as a way of expanding on both the Roshi’s work and shadow work, as many people here have expressed interest in both.

  113. alvin says :

    hi Bill,what you think if i tell you to make one work shop in europe you and genpo roshi?
    think about it my friend :))

  114. dd says :

    Hi again Bill,

    Thanks for the clarification above, I didnt mean to imply that I thought you were suggesting to us to kill off our egos, I am aware that what you and Mr. Tolle are teaching is more of a dropping away of them or disidentification with them. What i I meant is that in times of confusion about which is which it FEELS like a killing. ( that has been my perception because its been painful, and the ego puts up a fight sometimes) I recognize that with progressive holosync use this confusion will get more clear. When the ego is entrenched in its IDEAS about itself and mistakes that for real self there is suffering and it can feel like a loss. That is why my personal request is more discussion about holosync and dealing with this confusion as it comes up until one’s consciousness has expanded enough to clearly discern the difference between the larger and smaller selves. (Which clearly mine has not yet :) I will certainly however keep listening, witnessing and doubting and looking forward (in the present moment of course:) to your next post!

    And Oh yeah, a “users manual” complete with instructions on how to operate these egos would be most helpful still. ha. and if not, maybe just some more of your thoughts on what exactly is useful about them since it is becoming obvious why they are not useful, and that we need to detach from them and I wonder why we have them in the first place if the goal is to move away from them (not kill them). I understand from previous readings of yours that they are partially for a sense of safety and I am continuing to explore life without that net. Scary.And Fun.

    Thanks most sincerely,


  115. Sandra Relford says :

    Hello Bill,
    Thank you for your latest post.

    I would like for your future postings to be about your thoughts on creating success in the world, getting the most from Holosync and making the creative process more conscious. Sandra

  116. Helen says :

    This blog is great Bill and I’m looking forward to the next installment.

    Just a heads up for any of you in Europe – Genpo Roshi is currently doing a tour here and you can find details on his website. I’ve just got back from a couple of afternoons in his presence in Amsterdam.

    I find myself laughing at my-self as I realise I’m teetering on the top of the pole and keep wavering between extreme doubt and abandoning all seeking and getting drawn in by the next exciting teaching that comes along (like Bill’s blog or an opportunity to see Genpo :-) ) The contradictions in the Zen approach seem to hold the answers but without experiencing some of them (e.g. Great Doubt and Great Faith being interrelated) it is hard to ‘get’ in any real sense.

    Genpo also mentioned the upcoming Eckhart Tolle commentary which I would certainly love to read. Having also been fortunate enough to see Tolle in person I think through his being he brings a great gift of stillness and offers a mirror to everyone, even offering some uncomfortable truths about attachment with great humour. As with Big Mind he can invoke stillness/oneness in others and his book ‘A New Earth’ seems to be showing the move towards ‘Big Heart’ or what buddhists might call ‘the middle way’.

  117. Wanda says :

    Hi Bill,

    I would like to hear more about Holosync and how to use it to the maximum benefit in my life. I have the CDs from one of your retreats. They are from 2003 so I was hoping for some updates. I have listened to them over and over.

    The shadow information and dealing with that sounds very interesting too. I look forward to all that you publish. I haven’t been disappointed yet.

    Thanks for the work that you do.

    I am looking forward to getting more of the Holosync CDs later this month.

  118. Janet says :

    Hi Bil
    I have read all the blogs, they have helped very much. I would like to know more about Holosync. Also I would like to have more information on Neuroplasticity, could write on that subject .


  119. Jeff Harrison says :

    Shadows please

  120. Patrick kourafas says :

    Interesting read Bill. In response to your question about what to write about next, Please Please write about Holosync. Theres plenty of old articles about the technology and how it works, but there’s always room for more. I can’t get enough information on holosync, it also very much helps me to want to do the program when Im constantley reading about why I should be using it. Thanks :-) My bumper sticker says “The Map is not the Territory “

  121. Robert says :

    Hi Bill,

    Since Holosync is the core of Centerpointe a series about Holosync before going off into Ken Wilber and Tolle would be great. Sharing your personal life story about Holosync would also be great.

    Thanks for all the things you do for us. —Robert

  122. Bob says :

    when are you coming to England….when are you coming to england….when are you coming to England…???

    i’ ll make you a nice cup of tea!



  123. Chuck Carroll says :

    Hi Bill,
    I really enjoy all your Posts. There is always so much to digest each time I read through each one, I have begun a folder so I can revisit them when I find time.
    You mentiond you wanted ideas to write about. I have been reading a lot about accessing the knowledge that is buried in our minds and have read and heard many times that “All the knowledge of the universe is contained in each person’s mind”. I understand that we are currently limited to what we, as a being are capable of understanding, at this point in our development. Are there indications the the “Human Race” as we know it will advance, mentally, to the point we may reach the level of understanding that some SiFi writers have suggested could exist?
    The more I try to read and understand how the mind works, the more it seems possible that there may be a way.
    I understand that there will always be some who will not evolve or want to evolve to such a level, but I would think that with understanding would come a desire to atain the highest level possible.
    Could you comment on that some time?
    Thank You for all the information you pass.

  124. Webs says :

    Hi Bill,

    I’m a new participant in holosync and new to the blog as well. I really appreciate your breadth of awareness of various transformational methodologies and trains of thought. As a psychiatrist in training, I am constantly thinking how to bring both a transformational approach and velocity to the process of therapy (perspectives that have both been lacking in a field dominated by psychoanalytic thought). I would love to hear to hear a discussion on both Eckhardt Tolle AND Ken Wilbur. If it does not create a commercial conflict, I would also to love read a posting on the technology of Landmark Education–which as far as I seen, generates lasting transformation about as quickly as methodology that is out there.

  125. Mary says :


    I’m really glad I read this post. I have been dissapointed in myself lately for all the doubt I’ve been going through. After all I have learned from you the past few years (from your book, Online Course, Holosync material and now Blog) I started doubting anything you (or anyone else) had to say and was becoming angry that I exist at all and no one was going to say anything to make that better. I’ve been letting this attitude be ok as I learned in the Online Course but couldn’t figure out why I developed it other than realizing it was some form of resistance. It makes more sense to me now after reading this. Thanks!

    FROM BILL: The kind of doubt I’m talking about only leads to spiritual breakthrough when it is TOTAL doubt. The kind of doubt you have when your life isn’t working may just make you miserable. If you are doubting everything because nothing is working, you need to learn how to make things work. The kind of doubt I’m talking about usually comes from people who know pretty well how to make things work, and realize that even when you “make things work” it still doesn’t really solve the problems of being human. Before you can REALLY doubt something will help you, you have to be able to do it or experience it reasonably well. Then if it doesn’t bring satisfaction, you can really doubt it. You can’t, for instance, doubt that sex is great unless you’ve had enough sex to know what you’re talking about. Developmentally people go through doubt at the juncture between each new developmental stage. At that point the old way of being in the world doesn’t work, and you have no new way yet. Part of the process of getting a new way is to doubt the old way. I would be willing to bet that this is what is happening to you.

  126. Ilias Glenis says :

    Hello Bill,

    This is a very interesting post. I can relate to all 3 of these stages, actually do more than relate because I’ve lived through them.

    Respectfully skipping Stage 1 to comment about Stage 2… the night before I had to undergo my first open-heart surgery in 2003 is when I hadn’t any choice but to “truly” surrender to the grace of what is… not just in a safe workshop environment. When I was faced with my 2nd open-heart in 2006, I was way past surrender.

    When one evolves through these kind of life experiences, much of the “intellectual process” of evolving through these stages literally falls away from you. Especially when you come out the other side and are required to function like the rest of the world.

    I do have one issue so far about submitting to a “teacher”. The issue is that, when one introduces the concept of the teacher, one also introduces the concept that there must be a student. This in and of itself is dualistic in nature, which conflicts with the way you present Stage 1. At what point in teaching… does the teacher relenquish their ego to become the student? In essence the very premise of a teacher, student, or enlightenment as something to be obtained is an illusion.

    I’m sharing this with you, because the whole time I’m reading your post my ego is wanting to jump out of my chair.

    I mean, just look at this title that you wrote:

    “Zen master Genpo Roshi”

    If you, or I, or Genpo were truly “masters”, there wouldn’t be any need or desire to describe ourselves as anything, because we would be aware that “it” will all take care of itself.

    Once the idea of a master is introduced, the hairs on the backs of ALL egos will stand at attention.

    The true masters are the ones who sit by themselves, by the side of a lake, giving thought to nothing.

    It’s all illusion. (Please excuse the meta-violations). Every thought, concept, or idea is merely a device by which our conscious “selves” project into a world that we perceive as permanent to make it last… and to make a living teaching meditation or enlightenment or what have you. Yet, nothing lasts… not even enlightenment.

    No “one” knows anything and in that is bliss… but to truly attain that one must cease to “be” or hold a perception that they exist in the world at all.

    in understadn why these “things” must be taiught in workshops, etc. so that others may learn it… or will they?… Or is it even necessary?

    For the collective makes up the whole and the whole is always running around, away, and into “one” another until we all just let it go… or those “things” we hold so dear are simply taken from “us”.

    Ilias Glenis

  127. The Librarian says :

    I said to my soul, be still, and wait without hope
    For hope would be hope for the wrong thing; wait without love,
    For love would be love of the wrong thing; there is yet faith
    But the faith and the love and the hope are all in the waiting.
    Wait without thought, for you are not ready for thought:
    So the darkness shall be the light, and the stillness the dancing….
    In order to arrive there,
    To arrive where you are, to get from where you are not,
    You must go by a way wherein there is no ecstasy.
    In order to arrive at what you do not know
    You must go by a way which is the way of ignorance.
    In order to possess what you do not possess
    You must go by the way of dispossession.
    In order to arrive at what you are not
    You must go through the way in which you are not.
    And what you do not know is the only thing you know
    And what you own is what you do not own
    And where you are is where you are not.

    — T.S. Eliot
    East Coker, The Four Quartets

  128. Svetlana says :

    There is no perfect stage.. Whatever you call perfect doesn’t have any quality. It certainly attracts people :-) we all are looking for something better, ultimately perfect…Those stages just are……like everything just is .. You are having the same life…the same problems…. the same everything … What changes is a perception….
    One doesn’t get reach or whatever he wants at that stage..

  129. Kevin says :

    Hi Bill

    Thanks for the blog: as always, very enlightening.

    It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on owning and maturing the various aspects of the mind including the disowned shadow aspects and how to integrate all aspects to operate effectively together.

    Be well


    PS: Aswell as your reading your blog, I am finding your Life Principles Integration Program to be a great complement to Holosync (and vice versa): taken together, they are enhancing my experience of life enormously and for that I thank you.

  130. Michele says :

    “So please let me know what you’d like me to write about next.

    Here are a few of my own ideas: a discussion of the ideas of Ken Wilber; or those of Eckhardt Tolle; a series about Holosync (how to get the most from it, why it works, what happens when you use it, how to deal with what happens when you use it, and so forth); a series on the shadow aspects we all have and why dealing with these shadow parts dramatically accelerates your growth.” Bill Harris

    Dear Bill- I want to thank you for your time and effort put into this wonderful and insightful blog. I have found it extremely helpful and interesting. ALL of your ideas for future posts sound equally exciting. I wish to add a request of my own. I have a keen interest about the overlap of modern western psychology and the nondual. I’ve found that understanding the points where both meet, helps me to digest it better (western education) and proves useful in applying to everyday life situations. I had lingering questions about the value/importance of ego for everyday walking around, and how (exactly) to step back into witness mode, in a useful manner. Since I’m not affiliated with any organized religion or group, I lack the support of a teacher or ‘master’, to help through the finer points of application. Modern western transpersonal psychologists are blazing a path in bridging the two. Meditation and holosync puts one in the driver’s seat. I’m just looking for the buttons to the moon roof and the rear window defroster… Kind regards, Michele

  131. Johnny says :

    Hi Bill,

    Like an earlier poster, I’d love to hear your thoughts on Holosync and where the various levels tend to calibrate on Dr. Hawkins’ scale of consciousness from 0-1000 (from the book Power vs. Force). I found that book amazing and I often compare my progress on Holosync to his descriptions of the characteristics of individuals along this scale. What are your thoughts? Thanks in advance

  132. Yolanda says :

    I am so greatful to Eckhart Tolle and Oprah for turning me onto Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor and her beautiful book “”My Stroke of Insight””. Her story is amazing and her gift to all of us is a book purchase away I’m happy to say.

    Dr Taylor was a Harvard brain scientist when she had a stroke at age 37. What was amazing was that her left brain was shut down by the stroke – where language and thinking occur – but her right brain was fully functioning. She experienced bliss and nirvana and the way she writes about it (or talks about it in her now famous TED talk) is incredible.

    What I took away from Dr. Taylor’s book above all, and why I recommend it so highly, is that you don’t have to have a stroke or take drugs to find the deep inner peace that she talks about. Her book explains how. “”I want what she’s having””, and thanks to this wonderful book, I can! Thank you Dr. Taylor, and thank you Eckhart and Oprah.

  133. Will says :


    And thanks for the free Eckhart Tolle course.
    In relation to Tolle, who seemingly had ‘one dark night of the soul’ and then awoke with unity conciousness, how does this relate to stages not being skipped? Is Ramana Maharshi another example of this?

    Future topics:How about spiritual traps?or What is ‘real’ or not i.e angels, ascended masters,channeling,dematerialising saints, astral travelling,2012etc.


    FROM BILL: The stages I was talking about are called structure stages–different perspectives from which we see life. Unity consciousness is what Ken WIlber (and some other developmental theorists) call a state stage. States would be, for instance, waking, dreaming, deep sleep, turya, and turyatita. The last two are varieties of unity consciousness. Anyone, at any structure stage, could have an experience, or even live permanently, in a certain “state stage.”

    A tribal-level shaman, for instance, who in terms of structure stages might be at a magical level of development, could have an experience of (or live from an experience of) unity consciousness. When we have different state experiences (or, permanently live from them, in which case they are called stages rather than just state experiences), we interpret our experience from the structure stage we’re at.

    Someone who has an experience of unity at a magical stage might describe it, for instance, as the nature spirits entering him. Someone at a mythic level might say that Jesus (or whomever) came to him and infused him with the Holy Spirit. Someone at one the higher Susanne Cook-Greuter levels would have another experience and description of it.

    Wilber arranges these two (state stages and structure stages) in a lattice, where one axis is state stages and the other is structure stages. The highest level of development and consciousness, then, would be unity consciousness AND the highest (broadest, most all-inclusive) perspectve–in terms of structure stages–available on the planet. This is difficult to explain well in a few paragraphs. For a deeper treatment of this idea, see Ken Wilber’s book Integral Spirituality.

    You cannot skip stucture stages, though, because each stage builds upon the last. Skipping stages would be like molecules coming into being before atoms, or proteins coming into being before molecules. Since molecules transcend and include atoms–they are made of them–atoms have to develop first. The same with proteins and molecules–molecules have to come first.

    In structure stages, you have to go through each stage in order. There is no way to skip stages. In state stages, waking, dreaming and deep sleep are available to everyone. Then, some people have peak experiences of turya or turyatita (google these for more info). Or, after an event such as Tolle’s spontaneous awakening, or after a lot of spiritual practive, a person can become established in one of those places. Turyatita, though, builds on turya, just as with the structure stages, so you’d have to experience turya first.

    Tolle’s awakening came, by the way, because in his depression he surrendered–something I discussed in the post about the first three stages in Tozan’s Five Ranks. Someone at any developmental level could surrender, or have a powerful state-stage experience. It will, though, be seen and interpreted at the structure stage that person inhabits. My guess, based on his writings and talks, is that Tolle is either at Susanne Cook-Greuter’s Pluralist, possibly higher. He expresses a lot of Green values in his books, which correspond to the perspective of the Pluralist, possibly the Strategist.

  134. Connie says :

    I am just going on my 2nd level in Holosync and so far it’s been a wonderful experience. Also I did something that normally I would never and that was to quit my very tiring and going no where job. It was a frustrating decision but I have to admit that it was making me “Toxic”. I also came to a conclusion that this is a new step for me and that all the jobs prior to this one were of the same “Toxicity” but this one was the worse that I have ever had. I did notice that because I was not truly happy there it caused my surroundings to become combatant. There were moments that I was happy for a while but when that wore off it was back to the same old thing. I feel so much better and this was long over due. This contributed to my awakening feeling because I felt like I was in bad dream state and then to finally come out of it was the awakening part. I am so much more happier than ever and I feel like doing things that I couldn’t do before because of that awful job. My self-esteem rose up almost immediately and I attribute my feeling to the Holosync program because all the things that used to bother me before they just don’t.

  135. Sam says :

    Regarding jumping off the 100 foot pole as described in your post, is this a one-time thing wherein afterwords we’re enlightened, or is this something that an individual may go through more than once; also interestingly might both situations be true, depending on your level of development and awareness of how you create your reality. It would seem to me that it’s possible to take the leap (so to speak) and by doing so become enlightened in a certain way relating to the situation in which the individual made the leap, however I imagine that this leap (of faith or whatever) might be made more than once and as such more than one “enlightening” experience can happen. For instance if I’m feeling anxious in a social situation, I might decide to step off into the abis and just go with what I intend to do anyway, and in doing so have a really enlightening experience of having a great time being myself and not worrying about what others think of me; previous to taking the leap from the 100 foot pole I would have stayed in the smaller anxious state and acted like a dope, simply because I was anxious (having nothing to do with the situation at hand until I worried about worrying). This may not be enlightenment for most people–if this sort of thing isn’t the flavor of enlightenment you mean I’d certainly be interested to hear your take on this in the next post–however this concept you’ve laid out clearly shows me how I might become a completely new person in such situations where a leap of faith–the faith that all will work out if I trust my unconscious mind–is required. In this way I see myself having enlightenment after enlightenment, with no regret of my not being enlightened yet; after all if one could jump off of the 100 foot pole just once and become enlightened there would be no opportunity for further enlightening experience which, in my estimation, is the whole reason for living. And what about taking the leap of faith regarding ignorance, and how such ignorance creates the world? We ordinarilly treat ignorance (and the attachment it causes) as a bad thing or as something to be overcome, whereas if we take the leap of faith which demonstrates that we can live a fulfilled life regardless of our ignorance (or unconsciousness) we open ourselves up to such a greater freedom of understanding and expression.

  136. Will says :

    thanks for the clarification in you reply.

    I think my confusion was around the ‘spontaneous awakening’ aspect.

    Quote:Or, after an event such as Tolle’s spontaneous awakening, or after a lot of spiritual practice, a person can be established in one of those places. Turyatita , though builds on turya, just as with structure stages, so you’d have to experience turya first.

    i.e Tolle and Ramana with their spontaneous awakenings ‘seem’ to have gone to a state stage of Turyatita. But i’ve probably got that wrong and I do accept that stages can’t be skipped.

    Thanks again,


  137. Nemolar says :

    I would appreciate receiving your views on Tolle, Holosync (how to get the most from it, why it works, what happens when you use it, how to deal with what happens when you use it, and so forth); and a series on the shadow aspects we all have and why dealing with these shadow parts dramatically accelerates your growth.

  138. Robert says :

    As it was with stages of human development and the Unitive stage, this is a wonderful discussion of stages of Enlightenment. I look forward to reading the conclusion of this blog segment on the last two stages.

    My being is very appreciative of anything free to help others realize Enlightenment. In relation to that, permit me to ask a question to anyone who cares to comment. In your opinion, would a being that is truly enlightened at least to the third stage as defined in this blog charge money to convey Enlightenment to others?

    FROM BILL: I’ll comment. Enlightenment has NOTHING to do with money, or any behavior, for that matter. Enlightenment has to do with knowing who you really are, not what you do or don’t do once you know. You might NOT be a saint if you become enlightened.

    It takes money to run a business. I pay $45,000 a month just for health insurance for my employees, along with Centerpointe’s portion of social security and medicare taxes, for instance. The people who do those things that allow you to use Holosync have families to support. I have to pay them to get them to come to work each day. We have telephone bills, rent, internet expenses, and on and on and on (and on). I couldn’t do something like this for free, even if I wanted to. A month later, I’d be out of money (probably sooner), and then I’d be doing nothing to help people–unless I sat around and taught 20 people for free in my living room. Personally, I’d rather teach hundres of thousands of people all over the world.

    At any rate, Holosync is ridiculously inexpense. If you do each level for the recommended time period, you can do the entire program for forty-four cents a day. Yes, if someone is REALLY poor, they can’t afford to do it. For anyone else, it’s a matter or priorities. I’ll bet that almost everyone who complains about the cost of HOlosync owns a TV, a car, and many other items that cost a lot more than Holosync, and spends way more only on beer and cable TV than they do on Holosync–because those things are more important to them. If someone can’t carve out $.44 a day for Holosync, it’s a choice they’re making.

    And, you can become enlightened right now for free. Just stop identifying yourself with your idea of who you are. Live outside the world you are creating in your mind. Holosync is voluntary, and if someone doesn’t think it’s worth it to trade their money for it, they don’t have to.

  139. Honest says :

    Hi Bill, how come you are always trying to sell me something? Every other e-mail from you is a referall link to one of these things your trying to sell us on. Commercialized expensive spirituality always strikes a message of falsity with me. This stuff is meant to be free / affordable, I doubt it’s part of the Divine plan to charge money for “enlightenment”. Rather, one should look to serve in the best way possible.

    FROM BILL: If I knew about something that might help you, but I didn’t tell you about it, what would you think of me then? All buying is voluntary. If I recommend something and it offers benefits you want, at a price you think is worth it for those benefits, then get it. If not, forget about it. This is your stuff about money. If people didn’t offer things for sale, you wouldn’t be able to buy anything, and I’ll bet you DO buy things. And, I make nothing on anything I tell you about other than Centerpointe. Enlightenment IS free. Just stop identifying with an illusory separate self you made up.

  140. Albert says :

    Dear Bill

    Your comments are always highly meaningful, insightful and enjoyable. They build on previous teachings and reaffirm the path taken. Thank you.

    Almost for each Holosync disk, I get to a stage similar to the one you call submission, where I feel I cannot hold to anything, any believes. Believes appear just fake, which makes me feel almost desperately annoyed.

    However, after that experience, which usually takes one or two days, everything seems so refreshing and new, as if I am discovering a new dimension to the very things I see every day. The funny thing is that every time it happens, I only realise after it’s gone; sometimes I say to myself “well this may be the works of Holosync”. Mainly because it happens once every two months, and it is a bit scary since my existence seems to be rather smooth and coping with most things without problems.

    The other great comment was in relation to the “doer”. This is, I believe, something difficult to grasp for most people, because everybody thinks that “if they let go” nothing will happen, therefore, there is this vicious circle of attachment to the things the way they are (and implicit belief that they cannot be different: hence I am not in control of my reality, and then to paradoxically conclude “why to bother?”)

    The topics I would like you to talk about is “Shadow aspects” to dramatically accelerate change.

    Thank you again.

  141. Josh Sorenson says :

    Hi Bill,
    It has been an awesome journey through the cognitive stages of development. I thank you for sharing it with us all. Since you are taking requests on what we’d like to hear about next I thought I’d put my two cents worth in. I’ll just make a list of things I’d like to hear your opinions or perspectives on I wasnt going to comment at all for fear that my suggestions would be wierd but then I heard a lady say she wanted you to write about what you did in your free time so I thought it would be safe to throw my requests out there so here is a list.
    your thoughts on:
    2012 and the planetary Ascension
    12 DNA Activations
    Enlightenment vs Ascension are they the same thing or different things?
    Remote Viewing and Influencing in theta and Delta states
    If you think Holosync corolates to any of the above?
    Well thats all I can think of off the top of my head. I know some of those things are probably out side of the realm of what you might normally discuss but there are more and more websites devoted to these topics every day and I am curious to hear your thoughts on these topics.
    Thanks for your time,
    Sincerely Josh Sorenson

  142. Chris says :

    Bill, Chris here again!

    Just saw my earlier post about asking if you’re enlightened. After responding to some comments (and much self observasion about my own world and potential developmental level) it’s obvious you are where you are, and it AWESOME!, As I just ordered AL 2 and am looking forward to increasing benefits (3days in).

    Just wanna say I love what you’ve created and on top of that, just saw the “truth behind the secret” video, and MAN! You just have a way of explaining, that is well…. truthful???? I don’t want to talk of “submitting” too early to a master, but there’s something different about the way you explain things, and how up to date you are to helping people. I’m gonna stick around! :)

  143. Robert says :

    Greetings Bill,
    Thank you for commenting directly on my post above. Your explanation of charges resonates well with me. Who could argue with reaching hundreds of thousands versus twenties of people? On top of that you are supporting other humans who have opportunity in some way of spreading awakening (employees there) and you are able to offer many free ‘pointers’ like this blog, others you highlight like Genpo and Ken Wilbur, and like the free online lessons about teachings of Eckhart Tolle, not to mention the devotion of your own energies. It is certain that none of this would be possible without some form of income, and it does not go unrecognized, and it is appreciated. Donation to such activity would be the pleasure of many.

    In view of your opening comment about Enlightenment, please permit me respectfully to ask another question. There is no intention of offering anything negative to detract from your posts on Enlightenment so feel free to moderate/eliminate this and the following paragraphs in any way you choose before posting, if at all. It is just that there may be misinterpretation. You wrote:

    “..Enlightenment has NOTHING to do with money, or any behavior, for that matter. Enlightenment has to do with knowing who you really are, not what you do or don’t do once you know. You might NOT be a saint if you become enlightened.”

    My intellect has been struggling with this. It seems to indicate that the transformation of sense-of-self ‘from’ a finite, separate, ego-oriented being (pre-stage one relative world) ‘to’ a sense-of-self as infinite and one with all (stage three) has nothing to do with what one does (or does not do) thereafter. If this be so where does Eckhart Tolle’s ‘New Earth,’ Paul Tillich’s ‘New Being,’ and Genpo Roshi’s functioning with wisdom and compassion toward all beings come from?


    FROM BILL: Seen from a certain developmental level (usually the Pluralist, but it could be others), enlightenment is seen as being about behavior, about “being good,” or “being saintly.” This is a reflection of the consciousness of the person making the commentary, however, not an intrinsic aspect of enlightenment. The truth is that USUALLY an enlightened person is going to behave in a way that IS “good.” However, that may not be the case. The enlightened person is beyond good and evil, which are seen for what they are: ideas, not intrinsic realities.

    In short, enlightenment is not about being “like Jesus.” And, Jesus pitched a fit about the money lenders, you may remember, and many Eastern masters were knowed for being assholes in various ways, often being quite abusive (at least it looked that way) to their followers. One reason for this is that they were in non-dual STATES, but sometimes at lower levels developmentally (you could be at any of the developmental stages I discussed in my various posts and at the same time be living from a non-dual state of consciousness). There are tons of stories about Buddhist bodhisatvas who, as a skillful way to liberate others who were in a certain situation, took the form of a prostitute, or a thief, or some other “negative” persona.

    So enlightenment is about being aware of the empty nature of all existence, being aware of the transcience of all things in the relative world, of not confusing one’s ideas about reality for reality itself (especially one’s idea of who one is–which is really what the ego is)–and especially knowing, feeling, experiencing oneself as the entire going on of it all, empty, unborn, undying, etc., etc. How a person behaves once they have this realization might be “saintly” and it might not. How a person’s behavior stacks up is an interpretation, and that interpretation is a reflection of the interpreter’s developmental level. Because an enlightened person really KNOWS that he is everything, he is unlikely to harm others, since that would be like harming yourself. On the other hand, he also knows that nothing in the relative world in any sort of ultimate sense matters–everything is perfect, including suffering, destruction, or whatever.

    Eckhart Tolle doesn’t say that you will be “a good person” once you are awake, though he does imply that you will behave in a way supportive of the whole, which is generally true. He would also agree, though, that in an ultimate sense nothing can harm the whole, the idea that it can be hurt is an illusion.

  144. Robert says :


    Greetings again, Bill.
    Thank you so much for taking time to respond to my quandary over your statement – ‘Enlightenment has nothing to do with any behavior.’ Your responses are always humbling, particularly because of the lucidity and comprehensiveness with which you write on such topics.

    Still, puzzlement remains. Could it be semantics and perhaps my lack of understanding in your use of the term, Enlightenment? (Genpo’s last two stages are anxiously awaited.) To help clarify what may be the basis of my problem, let me explain that for me Enlightenment is best described from ‘above;’ that is, from the non-dualistic view. Enlightenment is when the Infinite (the Source, God) realizes itself through human consciousness. Enlightenment is the term that one can apply to the total resultant manifestation in all aspects including all three corners of Genpo’s triangle of dual-nondual-integration and Big Mind plus Big Heart. Would it not be the centerpoint of doing and behavior thereafter?

    Does not your own life exemplify this? Or, take the case of the master who becomes a prostitute as a creative way towards the purpose to ‘liberate’ someone. Does not the ‘purpose’ come from the master’s own Enlightenment? Or does not Genpo’s central purpose to aid awakening of the planet come from his own Enlightenment?

    Again, feel free to ignore my comment and not post it if you feel it detracts from the thrust and intention of this blog in any way. The comment is offered with the sincere hopes that your responses will contribute to the understanding of Enlightenment in all of us – the subject of this five-part segment of your blog.

    As Always, Best Wishes,

  145. GERTRUDE says :

    Hi Bill and others,
    Your writing about the transcendent, clarifies a lot of who i am.
    Feeling at home, being me at that state, but always falling back in a world of pain, my own and others, coming from prenatal trauma (surviving abortion, and total exclusion within family of origin).
    Having focused on that for many years, through therapy, feeling i was put on the wrong foot by many theories, i have to find and master my own different approach of how to let go of all the trauma and finally create an emotional threshold. (your book was extremely helpfull in understanding i totally lack on, not knowing the difference between my feelings and others)
    My transcendent state is being recognized when walking in the street. I lovingly connect with, and they with me, many people, sharing light.
    On the personal level realationships i get traumatriggered, so for now i am abstaining from those.
    As the Druids say, some people(very few) journey an opposite journey, coming from above, having to descend into their human body.

    As many western writer you write about including all, yet in your list i see no mention of Allah. Having my feet firmly planted in both worlds, the esoteric as well as the muslimworld (having become a muslim, after integrating many esoteric views and recognizing them in the Quran, as well sensing the presence of the divine in the book), it feels as if your mind you are not only excluding me, but also other millions of sensitive, traumatized believers. I expect more of you.
    It is a good opportunity for me however to speak out, that i do not want to be excluded, coming from being totally unwanted (being a calendar accident) within my family of origin. Constantly repeating the experience with others, who had the need to abandon, abuse, attempt to kill.
    Being the descendant of french huguenots refugees, slaughtered in France, being denied their religion, my present position seems undoubtingly to be fitting to my spiritual development. Being who i am, it also enables me to kindly remind you, to ponder on whether including me in this world might not only be the correct idea, but also about time.

    With my exhusband, an algerian refugee, without status, talking about all these states, was easy, as was feeling truely connected. Wars are about injustice, often fuelled through historic traumatized collective emotional states of peoples. Having had the privilege to be included in understanding has clarified much for me. Though much is wrong in the islamic world,(i also lived that) there is also so much correct beauty, western people could learn from. I have learned from. Peace to you all and may God be with you all. Gertrude

  146. Maya Pitell says :

    Bill, In your May blog you ask for suggestions about what to write on. You suggested Holysync. I for one would like to read that because, frankly, when I listend to the CD’s I didn’t get it. I almost wondered if there was something wrong with my recording or my hearing. At any rate, maybe if I understand the background better I might try it again. Thanks, Maya

  147. Connie says :

    Bill the way you explain this is so thorough and if people have a problem with understanding it they should read Eckhart Tolle’s book again “The Power of Now”. I read that book about 2 years ago and I really got something wonderful out of it. Then I read his second book “The New Earth” and I really got an enlightenment feel that he promised all who read it would get. That book was really wonderful for me and while reading it I had so much chaos in my life at that time. Most of the chaos was from trying to get rid of bad thoughts that had been part of my life for far too long they are not easy to get rid of and should be surrendered if anything first. I did notice when reading certain chapters that I would go through these stages of realization from all the changes that you are making in your life. From those changes there were these strange attitudes that no longer stayed with me and they actually attached onto people that I came in contact with. Those things that I am talking about were the restless states of mind that people have in themselves that don’t even know it. What it might be is the alter ego which can be thought of as the thing that causes turmoil in all of us. The book teaches you how to get rid of that thing and not to give too much thought on things that are not important which are worries that you can not doing anything about. After reading those books getting into Holosync was the best thing I ever did.

  148. Kathleen says :

    I woudd be intersted on an article on Holysync and how it works and how to get the most out of it etc.I have found your other articles very interesting and thank you for taking the time out of you busy schedule to do free lessons on Masters of the Secret and Eckard Tolle and co.Again Many thanks

  149. Kathleen says :

    Hi Bill
    I think i read somewhere that each stage of Holysync is stand alone .? that correct and are the changes or transformations with each stage permanent or do you need to practise some form of maintenance.
    Many thanks

  150. Raywyn says :

    Thanks for a great set of articles. I just read them and am thrilled to understand the stages of enlightment we are going through. This helps take away the fear and support others on their journey also – great job Bill! Blessings RaywynME

  151. theresa lynch says :

    I am very much enjoying your series on Eckhart Tolle, and I must admit that, as a Christian, I’m learning new things about Christianity from your interviews. I knew, for instance, that Mother Teresa described her personal pain in her diaries. I was not aware that she associated the source of her pain with her feeling that she was “estranged” from Jesus. This concept, of course, is not based on Biblical teachings, in which Jesus says, “I am with you always,” and leaves his followers the rite of the Eucharist, in which they mingle Christ’s body with theirs.
    There is so much overlap in the teachings of the East and the West, and I would like to see you interview a non-fundamentalist Christian on this topic. I would suggest Father Thomas Keating, or possibly Monsiegnor Chester Michael, author of Prayer and Temperament. Actually, you could do one interview with each, to get a broad scope on the topic.

  152. Damian Harvest says :

    Will these advancement in STATES OF BEING or can they be, or are they on Holosync CD’s. They seem familiar to me but I’m not sure.

  153. David Vaughan says :

    Dear Bill: I’m an older dude, a meditator of a few years, and just began dive this past week. It’s lighting me up. I’m also a student of Genpo Roshi. Could you do a talk on specific ways Big Mind works with Holysync in AQAL(All Quadrants All Levels-Wilber)? Does invoking Big Mind bring on Delta state? It can, but usually more meditation is needed to sustain it. More with Holysync in meditation is then less time sitting in order to get positive results. That’s my take. Thanks for everything. David

  154. Louise Feeney says :

    Can you let me know what would be the difference between the Centerpointe’s products as opposed to the Silva Mind method and Lifeflow system. I would also like to know how long it takes to go through all the differerent levels of cds you provide.

    Many thanks


    FROM BILL: Call Centerpointe at 1-800 945-2741 with questions about Holosync.

  155. Kevin Hoffman says :

    Wow!!! I just stumbled across your website and was so intrigued by what I have read in the first 15 minutes that I have ordered your Holosync program. I am a recovering alcoholic/addict. I have experienced the three stages you have talked about in your blog here, but the experiences have been fleeting. They seem to come and go. I understand it is a perfect world outside of my ears. I have participated in Deepak and Dr. Wayne Dyer’s lectures since the early 90’s and have been a believer in the laws of attraction for quite some time having watched The Secret and What the Bleep Do We Know several times. I have also read every book I could get my hands on along these lines as well as practiced the 12 steps to the best of my abilities. I have been practicing meditation consistently (20 minutes a day) and am very excited by the profound effects it has had on my daily life. It seems everything outside is a direct reflection of what goes on inside the mind. It also appears that my mind seems to be the enemy or the “roadblock” to further development. I have also read Eckharte Tolle’s books. I have a very difficult time practicing staying in the moment, but seem to be getting better at it the more I quiet the mind. I am thrilled to have found you and your site. I have been looking for like minded people and it seems I have found them. I am currently writing a book called “Anything But Sober”. It is “hope for the hopeless”. Help for alcoholic/addicts who can’t seem to recover. It took me 18 years of relapsing before finally learning what it took to stay sober and I would like to share my experience with the world to possibly advert some suffering of others having the same problem. Please let me know if there is any other information or sites you might recommend for someone like me and thank you so very much. Please also advise me of any service I can become active in along these lines.
    Thank You Thank You Thank You
    Kevin Hoffman

  156. Maggie Olsen says :

    It is delightful to read quotes from other old friends I’ve met (read and attempted to practice) along “The Way”. Many thanks to the tutorial of The Blog.

  157. sally katzenstein says :

    and now for something (not so) completely different.
    I’ve just returned from a “Soul Healing and Enlightenment” retreat with Master and Doctor Zhi Gang Sha. He’s recently authored “Soul Wisdom: Practical soul treasures to transform your life”. And they are. I ordered the Centerpointe tapes many moons ago and have tried many forms of chanting/meditation and this book presents totally new material: Soul language, soul dance, soul tapping, soul movement and soul song. On Master Sha’s website is an introduction to very ancient, until now secret chanting practices of Yin Yang chanting and 5 element chanting. These raise individual and collective frequency and are a joyful and practical way to counteract what is amiss with ourselves and our environments.
    This is big-time enlightenment- and it’s fun!!!

  158. tettd says :

    i’m from addis ababa ethiopia i realy want to know all about meditiation even if i can get a chance i would like to have any cources which can vast my knowledge

    FROM BILL: Go read

  159. Jordon says :

    Thank you so much bill!

    This blog post and the next one are the only places online that I have been able to find a clear explanation of the Five Stages of Tozan.
    There is, however, one section of this post that is unclear to me.

    You describe the need to let go of western doubt and scepticism, and submit to an ‘enlightened teacher’. You later contradict this statement when you say that “You also doubt the teacher, enlightenment, meditation, religion, spiritual growth, personal growth–all of it”.

    I would much appreciate it if you were to explain how these (seemingly) contradictory cocepts of submission and doubt fit together.



    FROM BILL: I didn’t say to let go of doubt–I said to doubt everything. However, part of “everything” is to doubt doubt, too. (Again, though, I didn’t say this in the blog post–I said to doubt everything that you think is going to help you, save you, make you happy, get you anywhere, etc. Doubt is the royal road to enlightenment.

  160. Vj Montanye says :

    Bill, I would love to have your next writing be on our adaptability to experiences of life, how to get the most positve out of them with Success. Going on three years with you and holosync.. thanks Vj

  161. k fuller says :

    Could you talk about romantic love in the transcendant levels? At the third stage of Tozan, it sounds like there is not much room for jaw-dropping, head-over-heels love.

    I am head-over-heels in love with my wife of 15 years. So far, holosync, your on-line courses and blog have helped me deal with changes in our relationship that I consider related to reaching mid-life. In fact, I don’t know how I would have dealt with my wife’s changes in perspective if I had not been letting everything that happens be okay.

    Can romantic love get deeper upto and including the third level or should I expect to become distant in that way?


    FROM BILL: Genpo Roshi sure seems to love his wife, and I love mine. Romantic love is a very human condition, and though people at the third rank often deny the relative side of things (which comes back to bite them in the fourth rank)–which could include a denial of romantic love–I don’t think there is anything (other than the delusions of the third rank) that would make romantic love end. In fact, my own experience is that it just gets better.

  162. Alemenia Mclean says :

    Hi Bill. This is some great stuff. I am taking you on-line expander course. I can hardly put in to words what I am going through. The Holosync has made this transition so much eisier. I would highly recommend it to everyone. I have been in a constant state of suprise sence the first lesson. Every thing that I need just seems to come to me the minute I say “HOW CAN I”. I will give you an example about how i proved to myself that the unconcious mind knows every thing you can do everything you have seen thought everything you are capable of. It was going to be a pretty cold night the weather man said drop below freezing and I had not been able to get someone out to service the heating system. we had already experienced 44 inside the house last winter and I said How can I get this thing going. I walked streight to the unit and as if I had done it a hundred time got it up and running even replaced the filter. Another time I ask myself how can you come to grips with the places that scare you and that very evening I was in the book store and My hand seemed to have a mind of it own it reached for a blue and black book By Pema CHodron “THE PLACES THAT SCARE YOU. A guide to fearlessness in difficult times. I ask why I feel the need to look for the answer outside of myself.(for a mate that want disrespect me,beat me steal from me in more ways than one) I am never perfecect enough. that day I experienced the same feeling and found the book ‘THE IDEA OF PREFECTION”. by KATE Greenville an amusing and moving story of unlikely love. and so many others that bring me to tears just to think of them. I do not have copy or print capabilities on my computer so I hand write everything from the test to the homework. to the lessons word for word. I think that that also happend because I needed to pay closer attention the words and not get stuck in the details of am I doing it right. I have been so blessed sence the firs day all this started from The Secret there is a clear path to this very e-mail I am now sending. I just wish I could see you face to face and thank you, words pale. You be well Menia Mclean.

  163. Alemenia Mclean says :

    I looked in the mirrow the other day and fell in love with me. for the first time in my life I know what it feels like to love myself, from the rub of my hand on my arm to the lotioning of my body. I really feel comforted by my own hands. This was there all along and I did not see it till I awakened enough to take the wheel of my own life. I feels good not to know, not to want to kno,A feeling there is nothing to get,nothing to be, nothing but moments of pure moments. A puzzel that touches your very soul, and is there even when I am not. Who would of thunk it this country girl with a 6 grade education has always been perfect and oneness with all things

  164. Hi Bill

    I am still digesting some of the content of the above. I have recently wrote a book in which i describe my experience in overcoming tragedy and what processes helped.

    I am interested in the bit about the difference between transcendence and dwelling. In my book I refer to the difference between passing through and dwelling when talking about survival for example.

    The subject of non-attachment continues to fascinate me because there is on the one hand the things we wish to manifest in our lives which become the focus of visualisation, yet at the same time balancing that with a non resistive state, or non attachment.

    However I think the relationship we have with ourselves is paramount and we need to experience ourselves more fully and in a loving way as part of expressing our unique potential and contribution to this world

    Best wishes

  165. Davina says :

    There is so much potential within each of us and it is such a shame that many find that so hard to believe and comprehend. Although we live in what is often a surface world, there is such depth and power and true beauty in the human spirit. We may have got lost in the cleverness of technology along the way, but with the advent of holosync, then it can really work for us – on a much deeper level than just our intellect.

  166. Excellent post this is the true meaning of life!

  167. Thanks intended for delivering such amazing articles.