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Thanks, and a bit about Holosync…and a very cool new scientific study…

by / Wednesday, 17 October 2007 / Published in Uncategorized

Thank you to everyone who read my inaugural post about developmental levels, and to all of you who posted comments. I appreciate all the compliments! I’m hoping this blog will be a better way to communicate with each other. So far, I’ve posted every comment we’ve received.

Because we have hundreds of thousands of people using Holosync, I’ve unfortunately had to limit access to me to those who are in my Life Principles Integration Process online courses, or those who come to Centerpointe Retreats or other live appearances. It’s not that I don’t want to interact, but I have so many things on my plate that if I spoke to everyone who wants to talk to me I wouldn’t have time to do all the things I’m trying to do to deliver even more value to you and make your growth easier and more fun.

So, though I can’t answer every comment, or even post all of them, I do enjoy hearing from you. Your feedback will help me know what to write about, and how to best serve you.

Here are a few quick answers to a few of the posted comments:

In response to Tom:

Autofonix, our proprietary silent messaging technology that we use for the custom affirmations (chosen by you and recorded in your own voice), where the voice tones are frequency modulated into the high-frequency “dog whistle” range, is based on research done on the profoundly deaf, and cited in Science, Vol 253, July 5, 1991. The reserach was done by scientists M.L. Lenhardt, Department of Otolaryngology and Biomedical Engineering Program, Medical College of Virginia, and Ruth Skellett, Peter Wang, and Alex M. Clarke, also of the Biomedical Engineering Program, Medical College of Virginia.

Here are a few pertinent excerpts:

…eight additional normal, young adults (20 to 29 years of age) served as listeners when words were completely modulated into the ultrasonic range…In order to quantify speech recognition, the same eight subjects were given an abbreviated version of the Word Intelligibility by Picture Identification (WIPI) test, a closed-set, picture identification task. Each work was presented in the ultrasonic range, and the listeners were instructed to point to the correct one of six pictures…Mean recognition scores of 83% correct (with a range of 70 to 90%) were observed for both carrier frequencies. These results were well above the chance level of 16%.

Then, a bit later in the same article:

The present results suggest that some neural substrate is capable of encoding speech signals when these speech signals are modulated into the ultrasonic frequencies. This is true in the normal hearing individual, the older listener with compromised auditory function, as well as in the profoundly deaf person with no substantial auditory function.

So, you can see that there is good reason to trust that the Autofonix method of delivering affirmations (which is NOT subliminal) works. From my own studying of research on traditional subliminal affirmations, subliminals do not work.Also for Tom:You mention the Gamma Compassion CD and how much you like it. FYI, you can add this CD, with Autofonix affirmations, to any level of the program, with the same carrier frequency of that level, so you don’t need to do any home mixing in order to add affirmations.To Leslie-Ann and a few others who asked about past Mind Chatter articles:For now, the Mind Chatter archives are still there. The url is


These articles will soon be incorporated in the new service we’re creating, which is going to blow everyone’s mind and make Mind Chatter, as great as it was, look pathetic in comparison. More on this in a later post.

To Walt, who didn’t think he would ever see the email telling him about a new blog post, which meant he would never see this blog again:

Walt, just save the blog in your favorites, and visit every Saturday, or whatever. Or, sign up for the RSS feed, which will notify you without email. (I belief there is a link on Centerpointe’s home page, or maybe at the top of the blog–if not, it will be there soon.)

To Hildegard:

When I said in discussing developmental levels that I’m not saying that some people are better than others (that a higher level is “better”) I am saying that a broader, more encompassing perspective is preferable, more resourceful, and more caring than a narrower, more restricted perspective. A view that honors “all of us” is preferable to one that honors just “our in-group” of “just me.”

And, I am saying that a perspective such as that of a saint, who sees everyone and everything as a manifestation of God, and who has love for everyone and everything is preferable to that of a Nazi, who advocates killing innocent people and thinks some people are intrinsically superior and others are scum who should be eliminated. Yes, in an ultimate sense there is no “better” or “worse.” But here on the relative sphere of existence, there IS. Here on Earth, those who bring love are better than those who bring suffering.

To Matt:

When I said that The Secret is preconventional I’m referring to the idea that you can magically get what you want just by putting it out to the universe or wishing for it–but without taking action, and without that action benefiting someone. Such magical thinking is preconventional child-like thinking, though many adults do it. And, as I said before, the idea that you are going to control the universe with your mind is very narcissistic, another characteristic of the preconventional stage. There is a lot you can control, if you know how, but you aren’t going to control the entire universe.

However, the idea that all achievement begins with your mind, and that when you focus your mind on something you tend to attract it or make it happen (by taking action,  mind you), is true. So I’m saying that the magical part of The Secret, the idea that all you have to do is wish for something, is BS, but the idea that in focusing your mind you have tremendous power is true. I have an entire online course that shows you, in detail, how to master this power, and you can read all about it and listen to a free lesson (

Okay, on to something else. 

I’ve become so interested in deeper aspects of growth (including the whole idea of developmental levels, which I intend to write quite a bit about in this blog) that I sometimes forget that people have lots of questions and concerns about Holosync. So, I want to talk a little bit about Holosync today.

Here’s what I like the most about Holosync: results. Holosync delivers results. Some traditionalists poo-poo Holosync because it’s high-tech, and because it promises to make meditation easier and faster. Traditionalists contend that there is a benefit to sitting for hours at a time, year after year, to doing it “the hard way.” “You have to pay your dues,” they say.

Actually, I agree. You DO have to pay your dues. There is no free lunch. However, consider this. At some time in the dim past, someone figured out how to meditate, and discovered the rewards of introspective contemplation. Before that, I assume that some humans were doing something to grow and evolve, that people were doing something to find answers to the age-old questions of what it’s all about, why we’re here, and so forth. Was doing formal meditation, when it was first conceived, “too high-tech” because it was faster? Did someone say, “You’re not paying your dues if you do it that way”?

Or, to use a more modern example, is it cheating if I fly from Oregon to New York, or would it be more appropriate if I ride a horse, or walk behind a covered wagon? People keep coming up with faster and more effective ways to get from A to B, and if they work, I’m all for it.

I was a traditionalist myself, prior to discovering that meditative states could be created using certain combinations of sine wave tones. When I first heard this idea, I thought it was far-fetched and immediately dismissed it.

Once I tried it, though, my doubts disappeared, because I was a very experienced meditator, and I could tell that the states I was experiencing were the real thing–in fact, deeper and more profound. Then, after using a prototypical form of Holosync for four years, and my entire mental/emotional/spiritual life had been totally transformed, and I was experiencing things I’d read about but rarely experienced for more than brief moments with traditional meditation, I was convinced that something remarkable was happening.

So for me, what matters are results. Does Holosync create the same changes as traditional meditation? Yes. Does it create some additional changes that would require the equivalent of sitting in a cave for many years? Yes, it does. Does it do all of this much faster? You bet.

And, do you still, in one way or another, have to pay your dues? Absolutely.

So what are those dues? The real dues, the real price you have to pay, isn’t sitting for hours each day in meditation (which, by the way, I am not against–I’ve done it, both with and without Holosync). The real price is dealing with yourself, and with or without Holosync you’ll have to do this if you want the pfofound changes meditation can bring.

When you begin to meditate, you have a certain perspective, a certain way of experiencing who you are and a certain way of seeing your relationship to other people and the universe as a whole. This perspective is like water to a fish–you are so immersed in it that you don’t see it. And, some parts of that perspective don’t work very well and are very often creating unhappiness, suffering, and other problems for you.

When you use Holosync, something quite remarkable happens (this same thing happens when you meditate traditionally, but it happens much more slowly–unless you meditate 5-8 hours a day). First, you become more aware. This means that you begin to observe your current perspective. Your immersion in your perspective diminishes (in other words, you are less caught in it), and you move from being it to having it.

Many people, for instance, are caught in their emotions. They have no perspective on them. When strong emotions happen, they are swept away by them. At such times, they are their emotions. A higher level of development, though, involves being able to see yourself having these feelings, to observe yourself. This is a higher, broader perspective, and it comes from having greater awareness.

Other people are caught in their beliefs, their point of view. Again, this is a “fish in water” sort of thing. And, if your point of view, your beliefs about yourself, other people, and the world, are creating negative results for you (which I see all the time in students), the way out is to develop the ability to step back and watch, to observe these beliefs and what they are creating. To do this, you have to develop a new and higher perspective, and this takes awareness.

And Holosync creates this awareness.

In fact, all development involves steping outside of your current point of view, your current perspective, and watching. And, it’s harder to do than it sounds. If it was easy, there wouldn’t be so many people creating unhappiness for themselves. Everyone, including me, is immersed in a certain way of being in the world, and when you can step outside of it and observe it, you move to a higher perspective. This is what personal and spiritual growth are really about.

This gift of awarness gives you choice. Taking a meta position to wherever you are allows you to see the aspects of your current perspective that don’t serve you. This tends to shake up your current perspective. As a result, it becomes difficult to continue to relate to life in the same unconscious, fish-in-water way. Your view of yourself changes, as does your view of others, and your view of how you fit in to the rest of the universe.

You can see, I hope, that something that pushes you to adopt this meta-position is very helpful in creating growth.

If you resist these shifts, though (which a lot of people do), you will experience some upheaval, which could be mental, emotional, or physical. THis is why I place a lot of emphasis in the support material on how to deal with your own resistance. If you master resistance (in other words, stop doing it, or at least do less of it), to that extent you end discomfort and upheaval–not just in relation to Holosync, but in life in general.

Why do people resist these changes? Why do people resist moving to a broader, more functional perspective, especially given that such shifts create such positive change? Because they associate their current perspective with safety. They’ve suffered some sort of trauma and they figured out, given their situation, the best way they could come up with for being safe, or at least as safe as possible, in that situation. Then, when something comes along that tries to pry them out of that perspective, even though the end result is going to be much better, they unconsciously hold on to the old way of being in the world because they believe it provides safety. This resistance is one of THE causes of suffering.

The shifts created by Holosync are developmental, which is one reason why I’ve decided to write a lot about developmental theory in these posts. When you leave a particular perspective, you evolve into a new one, and the available perspectives have been researched by some very smart people. And, they must be experienced in order (sorry about that, but it’s true), without skipping levels. One evolves into the next, which evolves into the next, and so on. Each is broader and more inclusive, and you must stop at each in order to integrate it. Holosync doesn’t allow you to skip levels, or to avoid stopping at each one to situate yourself, but it does dramatically accelerate the process.

The price to be paid, then–the dues–involve dealing with yourself, with your resistance, with your tendency to cling to the old perspective instead of allowing the new one. As you move from one perspective to the next, you must deal with and ultimately leave behind ways of being in the world that won’t work in the new perspective, and this tends to be hard for people. It turns out to be well worth it to allow the change, but it often doesn’t seem that way while you’re going through it. We often make these shifts kicking and screaming (think about it–the big positive shifts in your life probably happened at the most intense and uncomfortable times). These shifts feel intense–and they feels even more intense if you resist them.

Holosync allows you to create these developmental shifts (through increasing your awareness and your ability to step outside of your current perspective) without waiting for some sort of intense life situation to force you to adopt a new perspective. And while Holosync accelerates the developmental process, and makes it possible to get to the place where changes start happening a lot faster, there is no way to escape the fact that you have to deal with your stuff. This is why we provide support for you. This is why I write so many articles and provide so many other ideas and resources. I want to make the process as smooth as possible.

In other posts I’m going to describe these developmental levels in more detail, so you can recognize where you’ve been, where you are now, and where you are going, and I think you’re going to find it very interesting–and, very useful.

What most people don’t know–and have no way of knowing–is what it’s like to come out the other end of the process. Yes, the change process can be intense, but the rewards are so huge, so worth it, that if any person really, really knew what was going to happen, and what their life would be like, they would walk on their knees over broken glass to get there.

That’s why I offer my perspective on what it’s like on the other side. Twenty years ago I was totally screwed up, and as I used Holosync my process was incredibly intense because I was super-resistant. But as I persisted in meditating with Holosync, day after day, even when it was hard (and, though it was hard for me quite often–I made it hard–it was also quite often wonderful) changes happened that I never would have conceived.

If someone had told me twenty or thirty years ago that I would be the person I am today, living the life I live now, knowing the people I know and doing the things I get to do, I never would have believed it. So I try to provide a glimpse of what it could be like for you. Your life won’t be like mind because you’re you and I’m me, but the possibilities for you are just as huge as they have become for me. That, I promise you, is true.

So all I can do is encourage you to keep on keeping on, and to take advantage of the support we offer. If you do, you won’t regret it.

My plan is to dig more deeply into this whole subject of development, since I think it is crucial in understanding yourself, other people, the world, art, politics, religion, and just about every other aspect of human life–as you will see.

Okay, enough of that. Here are a few news tidbits and a comment about a really amazing research project:

I leave on Saturday, October 20th, for Los Angeles, where I’ll be speaking at Raymond Aaron’s “The Truth About the Secret” conference, along with Jack Canfield, Lisa Nichols, and Hale Dwoskin (and maybe a few others I don’t know about). Then, on Monday, I leave for Austin for Centerpointe’s Fall Retreat. These retreats are always amazing, so I’m looking forward to seeing those of you who will be there. Once the retreat is done, I fly to Denver for a 3-day Integral Institute President’s Circle meeting with Ken Wilber and other Integral Institute teachers. Finally, on November 1, I’ll be home again.

Look for an announcement soon about a 2-day workshop Genpo Roshi (the highest ranking Zen master in the world, outside of Japan) and I will be conducting in Los Angeles in February. Genpo is mind-blowingly amazing, as you will see, and I hope to see you there.

On another note, I spent 3 hours on the phone on Tuesday with Clifford Saron, the lead scientist in a huge study being done by the Santa Barbara Institute for Consciousness Studies. The Santa Barbara Institute is the brainchild of Alan Wallace, who has been a translator for the Dalai Lama, and spent 14 years living as a monk with the Dalai Lama and other Tibetan teachers. He has a PhD from Stanford, speaks Tibetan, Sanskrit, and several other languages, has been a part of the Mind and Life conferences between scientists and the Dalai Lama (you may have read one of the dozen or so books these conferences have generated), is the author of many books about spiritual practice and the connection between science and spirituality, and is probably one of the most highly evolved spiritual teachers in the West, if not on the planet.

Alan has put together an amazing team consisting of some of the top scientists in the world in the area of consciousness studies (and a few other related fields). These brainiacs are studying the attendees at a three month meditation retreat as they do some very deep meditation work under Alan’s tutelage. The scientists are measuring dozens of different things in these subjects, some psychological, some biochemical, some physical. This is without a doubt the largest and most elegantly constructed study of the effects of meditation ever done.

Because I know Alan–and Cliff Saron (the lead scientist)–I’m going to be able to funnel information about this study to you as I learn about it, so stay tuned (it may be a while before I learn more, but you’ll be the first to know when I do).

Also, to deal with all they data they’re gathering, they need funds. As you might imagine, this sort of thing isn’t being funded by huge drug companies or other powerful interests. I’ve given them a very healthy donation, because I think what they’re doing is extremely important, and extremely interesting.

If you’d like to help, go to to read more about the study, and then click on “donations” to help them financially. Anything you can afford to give will help. I hope you’ll give $1,000 or more, but if you can only give $10, please do that. It’s tax deductible, so you save the money on the taxes you’d pay on the amount you donate. This study is HUGE, and it’s your chance to be part of something that really will change the world.

Until next time, be well.


64 Responses to “Thanks, and a bit about Holosync…and a very cool new scientific study…”

  1. Steve says :

    Bill, I really enjoyed seeing more about Holosync, the technology, and how it affects our growth. I look forward to your future posts!

  2. […] Bill Harris added an interesting post on Thanks, and a bit about Holosync…and a very cool new scientific study…Here’s a small excerpt: Some traditionalists poo-poo Holosync because it’s high-tech, and because it promises to make meditation easier and faster. Traditionalists contend that there is a benefit to sitting for hours at a time, year after year, … […]

  3. Bill,
    WOW. This is what I have been searching (and struggling) for my whole life. Thank you Thank you. A wonderful idea to evolve the aritcles and help into a blog. I feel like we are having an intimate conversation.

    I so appreciate your sharing in detail the “what’s it like to come out the other end of the process.” Attempting personal development like this without specifics is like trying to solve math problems with jello cubes instead of numbers!

    In the past I have “perfected” the process of starting things, but never completing much of anything. I always seem to get stuck and then revert or cycle back to where I started without significant process. I have repeated this so much that I have over the years become acutely aware (witnessing) that I do this.

    I have a strong feeling that using Holosynch while working on my “stuff” is about as close to a “magic wand” as I’ll get in making life changing development. (I have just completed my first 4 months!)

    I am SO excited about this — these are thrilling times — with all the things we are learning about who we are and how the brain works. It is truely mind blowing.

    Thank you again Bill. I hope to shake your hand and give you a big hug sometime soon! Jeannine

    I believe that if you can do it, I can to and am grateful that you share your personal experience with all of us. I think you are very generous and compassionate person.

    Thanks again.

  4. Louise says :

    Hi Bill,
    Since you are talking about developmental stages and Holoysync, my question is this: Could you please elaborate on the purpose of all the different levels of Holosync? I appreciate that you’ve said the first level of Holosync (Dive/Emersion) are all we need but why then all the other levels? How do they relate to the developmental stages you are talking about here? Will this wonder-full ride slow down if I don’t move to the next level? Does it mean the benefits will be fewer and farther in between? I find myself hungry for these shifts now, as weird as that sounds because some of them have been quite uncomfortable, but the more I learn to welcome them, the more I want more! I definately want to experience what’s on the other side!


  5. David says :

    Hi Bill

    Thanks for a wonderful website and blog. I am a holosync participant of about a year now, and I am very impressed and happy with the results so has not been easy, but I thought i could ahare something I found useful:

    When I started awakening prologue, I fit into the class of people who have very phsycial reactyions to meditation, as I guess I am quite sensitive. I was quite freaked out after I first listened to awakening prologue and promptly did not listen to it again. (I experienced severe disorientation)

    A month later, I decided to give it another try:
    this time I was methodical, I began with 5 minutes twice a day, a few days later I progressed to 10 minutes, and within two weeks I could easily listen to the whole of the dive without a problem, two week slater, the whole hour was also quite easy. The physical reactions became less intense, and I think I was releasing stuff more on an emotional level.

    The point I’m trying to make here, is that i had to learn how to pace myself, by not pushing myself too hard, if I felt it was getting uncomfortable, I would just slow down a bit, and this works very well for me. I am taking your advice: there is no rush, enjoy this marvelous ride!

    By the way, Bill, I find your writing to be really helpful as you put concepts so clearly, that I can undersatnd them, without any mystical phew phew..So I really appreciate you helping me to put everything together intellectually.

    One question, I would like your comments on at some time. Many people speak about the shadow and shadow work. i would like yyour thoughts on how to work with the shadow, how holosync helps with this and how I can work with my shadow.

    To me, the shadow, is all the disowned aspect, issues or feelings we have that we possibly project onto others.

    Your work has helepd me to work on this though, because, I learnt from tyour teachings to begin taking responsiblity for all my feelings. In other words, I see this as starting to own my own projections. This I have found to be very liberating, that no matter, what I’m feeling, those feelings are mine, and I need to own them. Once I do this, I no longer feel like a victim, I feel empowered.

    Now what is the next step, and is there a way to further heal these shadow issues?


    David Stein

    ps. I have gained alot from your comments on developmental psychology, it is very interesting.

  6. Mikael says :

    Hi Bill,

    I would like to thank you for all the knowledge you share with us but I do have a small request. Please could you cut it to smaller bits instead of having us scroll forever :)

    Personally I’m having a hard time reading that much info in such a compressed format. The printed MindChatter pdf was quite a bit easier to read (IMHO).


  7. nathan says :

    Bill, its great to read the blog, I like it very much already! But I wanted to give you feed back about the offer to help further research and the passing of information gained from your new adventure into consciousness with the awesome team of scientists and specialists. Thank you for allowing us to be apart of the advancement and learning of knowledge. For me personally it’s very impacting and gives me a huge sense of satisfaction to feel that I’m involved in the cutting edge ideas and advancement. You are still on the path to once again surpassing the current value offered to us here and once again you surprise me on how you choose to achieve it. But like always, it’s exciting and unexpected! Thank you for continually growing and advancing not only this exciting aspect of science but us as well! Be well!


  8. Demetra T Apostolou says :

    I have received your introductory CD and listened to it for the first time as I sat in my car waiting for a very late client to meet with me for a real estate showing. She never showed up. I was transfixed (if that is a real word) by the cd and having a no show, which generally puts me in a very bad mood, just faded away. Mesmerized might be a better word. But what I am trying to relate is that it reminded me of many of the hermitage type monasteries in Greece. If you have been to a monastery hanging on a cliff, deep silence except the ringing or gonging of the church bell for prayers you will understand the comparison. I now understand why I am attracted to going and staying for as long as possible. It is the tones of the gongs, monks quietly chanting and deep silence that puts me in a state of relaxation that I never find elsewhere. I have never meditated as practiced but I do have my own way of finding a quiet place to unwind. I do believe that your Holosync Music works. I was immediately affected by it.

  9. You do alot of great work and have shown many others the way to do so as well. Just remember time for you is important as well. for the time you have for you gives you more energy for the time you have for others. That is at least what I try to teach my psychic devlopment class and power of attraction classes. Keep up the great work.
    Penny Clark Babson

  10. I’ve found Holosync to be useful and empowering. Thank you.

  11. John says :

    Is a “blog” not a metaphor in this dream for “mindchatter”?…or is this blog more appropriately named BILLS’ concern for the state of “states”… today

  12. Michael says :

    Great site,

    I have used your products with great results.

    How do I become an affiliate?


  13. Hedge says :

    Great Stuff Bill!!!

  14. David says :

    Hi Bill,

    Very interesting, thanks :O). I am aiming to become a member of the inner-circle soon, and am very much looking forward to further holosync catalysed growth. The blog has clarified the process of evolution a bit more for me. Like a fish in water was one of my favourite mindchatter articles and to see further elaboration in the blog is great.

    Keep up the fantastic work,
    David Patterson

  15. Gregory Gaskill says :

    Self-Development 101

    I started the Holosynch process to develop a wholeness to my thinking rather than the pure analytical person I felt I exhibited. And, as an partial answer to input above, I have only recently, the last part of Purification 1, starting to feel the results directly. It is a gradual process – others may not always see it. But I look at life, my significant other, even my dog differently – not as things in my world but rather all things being part of the greater whole. Kind of like being a parent – you must do it to really know love.

  16. Carol says :

    Bill…just a quick thank you for all you do. I have been using holosync for a couple of years now. Tons of things have surfaced…it’s not been fun to face them but I continue. I tried doing the on-line course several times but couldn’t focus. It sat for several years during which time I began doing a lot of self discovery and healing through various tapes and books. Two weeks ago I decided to give another try to Internal Map of Reality and it has been amazing. Now is the right time for me. Lesson 1 on our belief system has been such an eye opener for me. Everything clicked! Hence the saying ‘When the student is ready the teacher will come’.
    Thank you for caring so much for others!!


  17. Cornelia Baleanu says :

    Dear Bill,
    Thank you for being so great.
    I am very glad you gave me the opportunity to find out more about these.
    All the very best,

  18. Jordan says :

    Switching to a blog format is a great idea. I have one request: could you either reconfigure the RSS feed to provide the full text of each post, or offer a second feed that does so?

  19. Bill,

    I have a friend who was born prematurely. his mother was a heavy drinker, and he was most likely born with fetal alcohol syndrome, although undiagnosed since he is 40 something now. He is severely dyslexic, reading is extremely difficult, but he can assimilate information if he hears it. His brain is wired differently — He can visualize in his mind how different parts go together, he is gifted mechanically, is an electrician as well. He is impatient and antsy (like Attention Deficient.) I recommend Holosynch to most everyone, but especially to him. As I believe that if we can grow new neural pathways and release emotional trauma, then why can’t our brains (in time) overcome some learning disorders? What are your thoughts on this?

    Also what about children? Would Holosynch enhance their development? At what age would it be okay to use Holosynch? I am also wondering about Autistic children. Could Holosynch assist those individuals as well?

    Thanks again for all you do – your time/energy/ joy and generously sharing your knowledge!


  20. Dave S. says :

    Thanks for the invite and a very intriguing blog and serendipitous. In the past two years I have been through many different rabbit holes, dimensions, etc.

    I’m wearing a shirt right now that says “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Gandhi. I think those are some of the wisest words ever spoken.

    In a BLINK our entire worlds can shift with a shift in the mind. Experiences of being in a typical hang out and seeing every human in the place as LOVE and Spirit and then as the mind reverts to old thinking in an instant back to typical human behavior. Instant Karma, Instant Manifestations, shifting to lower dimensions where the people are so vibrationally dense you can’t understand them (sound like gerbils) and they can’t see you. Wow. What a ride. It has been about two years since I was in that roller coaster of experiences and then put back to earth. The last 30 days I started to become so focused in my environment (work) that I allowed the stress to create a negative perspective. The world started to become a little darker day by day. With a shift in thinking and in an instant, all the darkness went away.

    I hope the spiritual teachers of this world can help human kind to learn to shift perspectives inward, then outward, which for me colided, brought some chaos and then some peace bringing me to a Unitive perspective.

    Thanks for sharing with us. Dave. :)

    Dave. :)

  21. James says :

    Hi Bill,
    I’ve asked about floating but all they could tell me was that it had affirmations on it. It’s supposed to help us stay in the delta state while asleep. Can you tell me how it does this if it doesn’t have holosync on it, and do you lower the carrier frequency or can I use ordinary headphones that don’t go down to 5Hz.


  22. Jeannie Smith says :

    Just wondering if people like my son who is 24 and has a pervasive developmental disorder known as Asberger’s Sydrome or high functioning Autism can benefit from using Holosync, even though he is “wired” differently. Will these new neuropathways help him develop the skills he needs in today’s society to become a happy and productive member on his terms, but also socially in keeping with the Status Quo?

  23. Gene says :

    Great idea, this will be helpful. Chatter On!


  24. Gamy Rachel says :

    Hello Bill,

    I have gotten the awakening Prologue, and have being raving about Centerpointe Holosync at my blog, cos I like the product.

    Have been faithfully using it since I bought it.

    Thank you for the free book “The Thresholds of the Mind” excellent!

    Be Blessed

  25. Elizabeth says :

    I just read the comments from Jeannine about using Holosync with children with learning disorders, autistic, attention deficit etc. I, too, would be interested to know if it would make a difference in the “wiring” of the brain. It would be wonderful for so many children and adults if it helped them overcome learning disabilities.
    Also, thanks for being the person you are. I so appreciate your generosity! I just began Awakening Level 1, and very much appreciated receiving the booklet on notes sent along with the CDs on last year’s retreat. Thank you. Elizabeth

  26. Bob Crawford says :


    Good luck with the conversion to a blog format! Cool name too! I love reading about Holosync and anything else that offers me the chance to improve my mind/body/spirit connection. Thanks again!
    Bob Crawford

  27. Rene says :

    I find it really interesting and grounding to read about your day-to-day activities – how you are going to that conference in LA, then to Austin for that retreat, then to Denver for a meeting etc. It feels very real.

    Thanks for being the person you are.

  28. Susan says :

    I love the idea for the Blog and look forward to your “New Idea”, what ever it is going to be.
    Since you are comparing Holosync and Traditional Meditation I thought I might add that I was a traditional meditator first. When I travel I usually take along my Holosync but occasionally I forget it and instead of not meditating at all I will do my traditional meditation. What I have observed is that my traditional meditation has greatly changed and seems much deeper. I know that it is hard to tell how deep into meditiation you are as you do it but I do notice a lot less “mind chatter” and much greater focus, therefore, I say it is deeper.
    I also wanted to comment on the phrasing you have used in some of you description of levels because I don’t think you mean to say we are ever going to finally “get there” because it is my understanding there is no “somewhere” to be. We are already there, we just don’t realize it. This whole process of development is to discover who we already are. The developmental process is the process of living and it never stops, there is no end result, there is always more to understand.

  29. George Jelinek says :

    I am so sorry that you have become a BLOGGER. Somehow this seems to reduce your superlative website to the level of the soaps for me. Now it is likelyto become nonsense chatter instead of mind chatter, but once again that is just my own reaction. Bowing down to the poorly educated has always been a mistake in my exoerience. Most bloggers that I have encountered have become bloggers because they no longer seem to be able to spell or form articulate written statements. Verbal self discipline seems to be on the way out sad to say

  30. EC Hackley says :

    Good Morning Bill,

    Thank you for the New “Blog That Ate Mind Chatter” series. It’s exciting that we can enter into this new avenue of information on the expansion of consciouness so easily. Your delivery is appreciated in that you have been just as much a “sicko” as the rest of us and are developing nicely. We have been meditating with Holosync for just under a year and already see tremendous change in awareness. Life Principles and The Accelerated Change Maximizer Course have proved very beneficial and enlightening to our progress as well. Keep evolving Bill, we are interested in your new strategies and technologies.

    Be “Totally” Well
    EC Hackley

  31. Chris Gravesen says :

    I am fortunate enough to have had many wonderful mentors in my life.

    I discovered YOU through the Integral Institute Newsletter last month and immediately ordered Awakening Prologue…after one month with this I find myself growing and changing so rapidly, that every day is exciting for me.

    I no longer wake up feeling frightened of being alone, and not knowing what I want to do today! Instead I have immersed myself in studying (having joined LPIP) and reading your book and listening to all the CD’s. I am joining the Inner Circle by the end of November, and in doing so I happily commit to do this every day until all the courses have done their work and my meditation has brought me to the place where I am happy with myself and all the people in my “world” as YOU seem to be!! This is the first time in my life that I have LOVED to MEDITATE! It has always been a chore before!!!Thank you so much for your generosity and your willingness to share your life work with us!! Chris Gravesen

  32. Tom Albertsson says :


    THis is all very cool. Congratulations!

    Kind regards from the land of tulips, philosophers and windmills,


  33. Reg Whelan says :


    My daughter was having awful sessions trying to help her son through his home work lessons. (ADD). I gave her my Quietude CD and a set of head phones to see if it would help. The outcome was that 3 hour struggling sessions were reduced to just 30 minutes.
    Thank you Reg.

  34. Vince Diglio says :

    Hi Bill,
    I just purchased the Integral Life Practice Starter Kit ( on your advice and thank you) with some interesting information which I found to very appropriate to me. Ken Wilbur, author and founder of Integral Life Practice, says on his DVD the MIND MODULE that we all have SHADOW MATERIAL ( projections of dark emotions ), in which any form of meditation does not remove, and he has a specific method of taking care of this. I purchased the Integral Life Practice Starter Kit gold star on this premise only, as I believe pretty much all of my dysfunction is born of some early childhood trauma.
    My question is how does Holosync fit into all this and does Holosync take care of this SHADOW MATERIAL?
    Kindest regards
    Vince Diglio.

  35. Nick Wallingford says :

    Wow, I am glad you connected with Cliff over at Santa Barbara! I attended one of Alan’s retreats in Red Feather Lake, CO at the Shambhala Mtn. Center last summer. Alan is amazingly sharp and clear! He explained the study to the retreatants and I immediately knew that was what I wanted to be a part of. I signed up, went through several tests and it seemed though that I was destined to go in Feb. of this year. I had one test left, the psychological one with Cliff… He asked all kinds of questions, my history, drug use, etc.. Well, I was a college student at the time and sometimes some heavy drinking takes place on the weekends… that was enough for me to be taken off the list! Oh was I devastated! Looking at where I am now, however; I am where I am supposed to be. If I would have gone on that retreat, who knows if I’d hap-hazardly come across Holosync on the internet or gone to two Avatar retreats? Life has a funny way of working out for the best even when you are sure that you know what’s ‘supposed’ to happen :) I am very thankful to have started Holosync nearly 7 months ago. I am very thankful that there are people like Genpo Roshi (Big Mind), Bill Harris(Holosync), Alan Wallace (Shamatha expert), and Harry Palmer (Avatar creator). The combination of these ideas and programs can create such a wonderful place to live in for all beings. May all on this program and on whatever path they lie be well, happy, and free from harm.

  36. Steve Wallingford says :

    Dear Bill,

    So much to say and yet so much of it has already been said. So, just the highlights. As a long term meditator(20+ years) who has had the good fortune, karma?, to have had many life altering experiences, I was very skeptical about holosync. My son, who has been meditating traditionally for a few years now, sent me the website and I decided to try it. Partially out of curiosity and partially out of the recognition that my meditation life needed a boost. It was a good decision!

    Many states of clarity and awareness that normally only manifested after intense sitting periods have come almost effortlessly with holosync. Repressed emotional baggage surfaced and was swept away via being the aware witness on a much more regular basis. Boughts of feeling low and out of sync are much less common. Boughts of feeling really good, which use to require long retreats with very intense sitting periods, now are very common. All this with just 8 months of daily use and into Awakening 1 disc 3.

    How much this quick evoling has to do with the past practices and experiences is hard to say. Maybe Holosync just takes you from where you are and moves you forward? It also seems to go back and clean up some things that were overlooked or glossed over.

    You have my total agreement on Alan Wallace and Genpo Roshi. Both of these men are the real deal. They both are trully gifts to our age. As are you!

    With Highest Regards,

    Steve Wallingford

  37. Dennis says :

    Hello Bill

    Enjoyed the “chatter” and really like the Blog, get a lot from reading other people’s point of view.

    You are very dedicated and spread it around, well done.


  38. David says :

    That was a an excellent description of growth as I understand it. Using a fish in water is only a rough analogy though, When a fish gets its head out of water it really will die, whereas we just feel like we will.
    I’m wondering why you can’t use more reasoned and less sensational language in the Holosync solicitaions you send. I have honestly resisted them because thay sound like used car sales. I am, however, ready to buy the next level.
    My life is about growth because I cannot waste what my life has to offer.

  39. Bev Rosso says :

    Jenny Smith asked if this program would help her son with his developmental problems. I ask can this help someone who has had a history of drug abuse and is mentally on the level of a 15 year old at the age of 39 yrs? Maybe this would, if it works, be a great thing for treatment centers.

  40. Brian says :

    Great blog. Looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun. I was reading a few of the comments above. I can see where you are coming from with the preconventional beliefs about controlling the whole universe. What do you say to these who are so into quantum theory that say that a chair in your own home doesn’t exist until you put your mental focus on it?

  41. P k Mohanty says :

    Hi Bill!

    The blog is very interesting as well as valuable. I can be in constant touch with you throughout without waiting for the mindchatter monthly release as earlier.
    I am on Awakening Prologue level 1. It has done tremdous change to me. My overall awareness has improved. This blog will supplement my work in this field in the time to come.

  42. James W. Meritt says :

    There are various ‘brain wave entrapment’ CDs that claim to produce acoustic “pulses” (or similar beats) which cause your brain to synchronize with those pulses and produce alpha/beta/delta/gamma (as appropriate) waves, and thereby enhancing the appropriate response.

    While I have seen sufficient data to validate that the acoustic beats cause the biological system of the brain to produce brain waves in synchronization with those beats, and I have seen LOTS that particular brainwaves are associated with particular mental “states”, I have not seen anything that indicates that particular brain waves encourage the production of particular mental “states” (example: there is a very good association between light and vision, yet your eyes do not produce light nor does light produce vision). Does anyone have data (NOT “such and such claims”!) that may verify this phenomena?

    Thank you.

  43. Jack says :

    Gregory Gaskill wrote that he “started the Holosynch process to develop a wholeness to my thinking rather than the pure analytical person I felt I exhibited. And, as a partial answer to input above, I have only recently, the last part of Purification 1, starting to feel the results directly. It is a gradual process – others may not always see it.”

    My experience after about six months seems to be more like Gregory’s, rather than any great change, and I appreciate hearing from people who have done this for longer periods of time.

  44. Dear Bill,

    Briefly, where I’m at: Been with you since 2001 and currently on Purification Level 4 (disc 2). Read your book twice and given and referred it to multiple friends. Took your course, Life Principles (and loved it!). Recently added Gamma Compassion to the mix. (Unlike Dive/Immersion, GC leaves me supercharged and unable to sleep. Is that usual?)

    My results after all this steeping in “The End” :) are: I am definitely happier at a core level. I am much more organized. I am much more efficient at my jobs (carpenter/contractor). In fact I have found that by thinking about what it is I’m going to do the following day (while Holosyncing), things just seem to come together almost magically.

    I am also healthier, stronger, more flexible, calmer – in general simply more adapted to handling life situations.

    One thing I have always known for sure, is that I know beyond any doubt that your intentions are noble and you really, really, really want to help people better themselves at the core level. So thank you for that. I’m sure I speak for lots of folks out there who would agree.

    For the past two years I have practiced a thing called Chinese Wand every day. I was so taken by the exercise system and history of the thing, that I wrote an e-book (based on the original book by Bruce Johnson). I included Holosync in the Resource Guide at the end of the book.

    I’d like for you to have a copy, which you can download at and your PIN is: 68226 (Windows only)

    I plan on doing another book and hopefully a DVD titled “Advanced Chinese Wand” in the future. These exercises are very relaxing (I perform them no matter how hard we work during the day); and significantly (to me) they seem to really energize a person. I can definitely see a difference in my performance the following day and they also are very effective at strengthening the entire body – inside and out. (I’m 63 and always amaze people when they find that out.)

    Hope you enjoy the book (I know you are super-busy). In the meantime, know that I appreciate you.

    Respectfully, your friend,
    Merrill Noreen
    Blue Ridge, Virginia

  45. Erin says :

    First-Thanks Bill and associates.
    Extreme mind babble made deep meditation rare.
    Well…that has changed 3 months in with Holosync. The upheaval started immediately with little aches and pains, annoyance etc. 2nd month I decided to finally change my entire art business and drop the swindler reps I’d been acquainted with for *20* years. My Internal Map of Reality FREAKED OUT. Little aches grew into over the top back pain, inability to work, burning joints, more decisions to drop people from my life that reflected my old addictive/arrogant/whiney/annoyed lifestyle, boredom with my old art (the stuff that sold) and a decision that my old ego has to go.
    So Bill- I’m dirt poor literally, no close friends or biological family, no longer attracted to the only type of men I’ve ever known…and BLISSFULLY HAPPY. Go figure. I went from uncontrollable sobbing after dumping my business while in excruciating back pain last month to a new open space of the unknown that is a field of freedom that sends me into giddy excitement.The abuses of energy I received growing up and issued out as a cranky adult artist are meaningless now. I’m letting go.
    I’m eager to move forward with Holosync and look forward to the next layer of upheaval at Level 1 :)- am I a masochist? whatever.
    Big Love~
    I know this is long and any editing is okey-dokey with me

  46. Robert Nelford says :

    Dear Bill,

    I am extremely pleased that you have continued to stay in contact with, and, indeed, deepen contact with Ken Wilber and his developmental/integral focus, and those that are working with him, eg. Genpo Roshi and now, Alan Wallace.

    This is fantastic news. There is every reason a technology as helpful as Holosync should be theoretically and practically in contact with the best that is being thought today, and Wilber and the Integral movement he is leading certainly qualify there.

    Enough of that!, except to say (and steal from the Aussie’s) “Good on ya!”

    To make a small contribution to this discussion, I have, like you Bill, meditated without Holosync for decades: I believe the results ( over the past 2.5 years )from my meditation have accelerated with it, and without long retreats I did before.

    Within the last month or so, as member of Wilber’s Integral Spiritual Center, I watched a video of a man, a therapist, I believed, who worked with people with addictions, and was personally and professionally, using Holosync in his practise. The topic was “Shadow Work”, one of Wilber’s key modules for development. He was asking Wilber’s thoughts about using Holosync as a “Shadow Technology”. Indeed, the caption introducing the topic was just that.

    Fascinating discussion, and very positive results and discussion of how this was working for people working with their shadows/addictions.

    One response of Ken’s was to suggest that meditation with binaural technology should be alternated with simple traditional meditation without it, because sophisticated brain wave technology suggested that that a lot more was going on in the brain when the greater intentionality required by unassisted meditation than with it. More spiritual muscles being used/developed, in other words.

    The questioner didn’t back down, though, and advised that he was using the 3-2-1 techniques recommended by Wilber for meditative shadow work while using Holosync, and was getting great results, personally and in his practise. And, that even without it, serious shadow issues were resolving themselves, spontaneously, as it were, by sometimes just using Holosync alone. When Wilber asked, “How long did the symptoms disappear for?”, the response was “three years”, which certainly seemed to impress Ken.

    Ken said, if I’ve got this right, that “3-2-1 was to binaural technology meditation as Genpo Roshi’s Big Mind was to traditional meditation”. Very cool comment, and, it appears, Bill is about to strengthen the connection between Holosync with Big Mind as well (which I’ve experienced, and am deeply grateful for.)

    In any event, fascinating stuff, and very useful too. I urge to interested to join to view the exchange on Wilber’s Integral Spiritual Center.



  47. Susan says :

    Hi, Am responding to your comments to Matt re: “The Secret” Please comment a little more on this subject. I am becoming more and more confused by what you and other “masters” featured on “The Secret are saying. The movie spoke of documented accounts of people that wished/believed health into their lives. Joe Vitalle recounted stories of wishing/believing parking spaced into being. None of these things require action, only belief. You were in the movie, that’s how I came to find your phenomenal Holosync program. I’m not trying to be argumentative here, just trying to understand. It is totally ego to believe that we can control the entire universe but is it not possible to regain eyesight, recover from a terminal illness (much like Hale Dwoskin’s mentor)? Am I missing the point of your comments? Are you saying that all of the movie is BS or that there is some mis-understanding of the movie? After all, you and the other participants profited fromn the movie and from subsequent sales of your products. In fact, many of the participants are now selling their version of “the truth behind the secret”. I have seen stuff out there by John Assaraf, Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield, all capatalising on “The Secret”. Having heard your Holosync CDs, I find it hard to beleive that you knowingly participated in what you say BS. Maybe I have completely mis-understood your respons to Matt. Wow, I hope my comments don’t get tossed out in the screening process. I really am trying to understand. Again, I love Holocync program. I really hope you respond. This is a question that has been troubling me for a while now. Thanks for opening the door to someone that is willing to address the movie.

  48. Karin Wildman says :

    I love the new blog and all of your insights and recomended reading. I look forward to learning lots more. Thanks!

  49. Janet says :

    Hi Bill: Thanks for all your great comments. I’ve enjoyed reading them as I gear up to get the “first” Holosync cds in the mail. In the meantime, your comments about the brain and its different levels in relation to religion are intriguing. I am blessed to work with wild animals, who have taught me so much about being human!!! First, if a spiritual experience can be “viewed” in the brain through electrical activity in the old brain or mid brain, and most other “higher” species also have the mid-brain area as we do, then it seems to me that we could logically assume that animals also have spiritual experiences as we do, or at least similarly. Looking at a beautiful landscape creates similar, if not the same electrical activity in the same place in the brain as does a spiritual experience, and is reported in the research to “feel” the same. The description of the feeling of a spiritual experience – whether induced or just experienced is that of being part of something bigger than yourself, being connected, etc. It would seem that the interpretation of the experience is where there might be a difference, because it would be the neo-cortex area, the area of reasoning that would “translate” the old brain experience. Since most all other species appear to have limited neo-cortex capacity just based on the brain development, then it would seem logical that this would be a major difference in the interpretation. Also, this is where the notion of “I” is in the brain also — few animals are self-aware, but humans are mostly completely ego-centric. Anyway, most animal brains are also not left and right hemispheric differentiated and therefore experience a more integrated response to their environment, which it seems Holosync helps to develop more of for the human brain. Also, humans really are pretty new at this game of “higher reasoning” so our relationship with the higher source (or “something bigger than ourselves”) would make sense that we as a species would also think of it rather childlike –rather pre-conventional or conventional in the ways you spoke of in your comments. Since patterns always repeat themselves in nature, then it would also make sense that the pattern that occurs within one person (or any species for that matter) of being a child and becoming an adult (being told what to do, and then choosing to integrate into yourself what to do without anyone having to tell you) would also exist as the same pattern as the relationship within a species growing from a “child” state to becoming “adult” by integrating lessons, truths, experiences into oneself without having some parental or god-like figure to dictate what to do….am I making sense here? In my little brain, this is so what you were saying about developmental stages….. and our relationships to a higher source – first it is magical, then outside us telling us what is right or wrong, then inside us, then we are of it! I would love your thoughts about this more… thanks. Janet

  50. Linda C says :


    I recently became a member of the inner circle. I cannot put down your collection of articles: Oneness Isn’t Metaphysical, the Real Secrets to Spiritual Growth. Where can I purchase reprints for friends and family? Now that I have read this, I want to change my floating cd affirmations! I want to repeat over and over again: “let whatever happens be OK.”


  51. DJ says :


    You are AWESOME!! Thanks so very much for YOU being YOU, which in turn is helping ME become the best ME ever!! You work so very hard and give so very much!

    . . . May the blessing you are, be returned to you one thousand-fold!!

  52. Tina says :

    Interesting post about “taking it slow” due to physical discomfort.

    Prior to ordering the Holosync demo cd, I had been doing traditional meditation and found that it just wasn’t getting results. I was also using other things like EFT and found that excusing myself to go to a bathroom stall was getting too inconvenient. I’m a rather impatient person, so I wanted results NOW. I tried Holosync and was mesmerized.

    I’ve been using Holosync for a month now, and I still get somewhat disoriented when I use it. I was, in fact, downright hallucinating monsters for the first few days. While it was strange, I kept the faith and pushed through it.

    I found that by intending something, or by posing a question I wished answered that the disorientation is less intense.

    I did read through all of the material provided, as well as through a few issues of Mind Chatter and found that any experience is normal, so I persevered, and I will continue to persevere. Already I feel calmer, more focused and just generally happier!

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful product with the world, Bill. I look forward to enjoying the benefits that Holosync (and the support materials) will provide me for years to come.

    Edmonton, Canada

  53. jean schoenecker says :

    Are there any studies you know of that outline the benefits of mediation on alzheimers patients or those experiencing dementia? Does the creation of new neural pathways from Holosync benefit those losing their memories/judgement in any way? I know Holosync has had an amazing impact upon both me and my husband, and I am considering having my Dad (very early memory loss) try mediation with Holosync, too.
    Any thoughts? I know many baby boomers are dealing with this issue and looking for new answers!

  54. Bill Harris says :

    Hi Bill~
    My experience with Holosync has been positive and I’m very interested in the Integral Institutes use of Holosync as well….
    I’m intregued by the development levels and Mind model you’re discussing in your blog…..
    You wrote….”That’s why I offer my perspective on what it’s like on the other side. Twenty years ago I was totally screwed up, and as I used Holosync my process was incredibly intense because I was super-resistant. But as I persisted in meditating with Holosync, day after day, even when it was hard (and, though it was hard for me quite often–I made it hard–it was also quite often wonderful) changes happened that I never would have conceived……”
    “How do I speak to people who are at other levels?”
    As to the idea of people at other levels, I tend to resist the idea of levels and the evolutionary process on the basis that we were all created to Be and have everything already. If that is true, there has to be a way to jog everyones knowing which is ever=present, just protected, defended… It is that knowing that drives me to try to communicate where it seems impossible, while at the same time asking constantly to be shown where I can be effective… As ACIM says – always ask which miracles God would have you perform today so as to avoid exhaustion… At the same time, ACIM also points out – It has taken much time to be who we are not, it takes NO time to be who we are… therefore, I do not want to limit myself to trying to communicate the message of the Oneness of all humanity to those above a certain level of consciousness, as though only a certain level is ready. I believe we are all so much more ready than we realize. We just need to accept this truth…then it is so. Thanks for giving others tools to facilitate the process….Nameste, Pauline

  55. Mell says :

    Hi Bill, I’m on Purification level 2 now, and I just love the program! I have had a significant increase in peace and in the ability to be ok or even good with the way things are, just as they are without changing them. Awesome! Because life certainly happens, and the way I respond to it definitely is the deciding factor as to whether or not I suffer over issues, or let them roll off my back. I recently got pregnant with my best friend, and he had a reaction I wasn’t expecting at all. He was terriffied, and he bailed as fast as he could. Then I had a miscarriage. So I lost my best friend and my baby in the span of a month. I was so devastated, but this feeling only lasted for a month and a half. Had this happened to me before Holosync, I would have been incapacitated by the experience and permanently jaded. This is not to say that I feel nothing….I feel disappointed, instead of destroyed and hateful. So I am incredibly thankful for Holosync. Can’t wait to hear about the levels of consciousness development! Its always great to read the stories of other users. Thanks for all you do,
    Much Love,

  56. Linda says :

    Hi Bill,

    I’m currently on Awakening level 3. Nothing has happened as far as upheaval in my life so far. I’m pretty happy about that. When I read about other listeners who mention various life crises that have occured since beginning Holosync meditation, I think to myself, thank God that’s not me. I’m such a chicken. But the only thing I remember that did happen, was when I listened to Awakening Prologue for the first time, tears started rolling down my face. That happened for the first three days during meditation and then stopped. The sound of rain and gongs etc. felt physically like I was being “washed” or “cleansed” on the inside. The tears just happened on the outside even though I wasn’t sad or happy or anything. I just felt an immediate sense of peace.

    I was struggling with various MS symptoms, before I began listening to Holosync. One symptom was that I would go completely blind in one eye almost every six months and then my vision would return weeks later with some missing vision that I was told would never return, and that each time I went blind the damage being done would progressively get worse and so on. I got the same story about my legs and balance etc. etc. But quite frankly I tend not listen to stuff that doesn’t suit me even if it comes from authority figures like well meaning compassionate doctors. That is, I suppose, a character fault of mine which I must get onto fixing one of these days…

    I’m not completely crazy and did take the drugs that my doctor prescribed and followed his instructions methodically for two years but my body just didn’t feel right and I started to emotionally “resist” injecting myself every second day. So, after finding out that there would be no adverse reaction in my body if I stopped taking the drug (I don’t think my doctor meant to tell me that bit of information), I stopped taking it and didn’t go back to him. All this happened well before I found and began listening to Holosync.

    BUT, the highlight of this wonderful and longwinded story is that since I started listening to Holosync I have had no symptoms at all – none! There is no phama drug that would have given me this result because I tried them. I have always worked on diet and exercise but these things were not stopping the progression of MS damage either. But now, my body has actually gotten healthier and fitter than I was before I was first diagnosed years ago. Interesting huh? I could probably now enter a marathon (if I could see a point in doing something like that). I’m 36 now and probably fitter than I was when I was 18.

    I’m not saying that Holosync is a cure or anything, just that something is somehow mysteriously working for me now that I listen to Holosync. I’m experiencing a wonderful coincidence of good health. I am in no hurry to get to the end of the program. I am pretty layed back and usually on each level for much longer than I need to be and just listen for more than an hour a day rather than move straight on to the next level.

    I hope sharing my experience gives some comfort to at least one other listener. My motto (borrowed from somewhere) is “don’t sweat the small stuff”. I think it’s a title of a book that I haven’t read. I suppose I don’t need to…

    Thanks Bill for providing a tool for me to get my life back.


  57. Faye says :

    I am a new user of the Holosync technology. I am enjoying the program. However, I was reading in one of the older newsletters your views about playing the lottery and your reasoning that by playing the lottery one is not creating value. Could you explain your views about obtaining money in this manner?

  58. Vishal says :

    Hi Bill,

    I know that your tool will work. In fact, there are many masters in India who can also do the same thing by guiding you to awaken your Kundalini. Or like you mentioned, you can take the traditional approach of meditating daily.

    The point here is not whether your tool works or not. It is really whether the user of this tool is able to handle it. Spiritual Enlightenment is about discarding everything within you that doesn’t serve you for your highest good. Imagine years of rubble and emotional baggage. And imagine all that emotional baggage collapsing in your life all at once in just a few months because you have embarked on an accelerated enlightenment program. It can turn your life around. In fact, so much energy may be released that your physical, mental and emotional bodies may not have evolved enough to handle it. Remember the all important term called Balance? You don’t want your spiritual body to grow much faster than your other bodies. This will create a big imbalance and lots of problems in your life.

    That is why we have something called “The Illusion of Time” in our reality. So unless you are really sure what you are doing, you may wanna think twice before you use this method. I know it will work yet I won’t try it. It’s just too fast and can really burn you out. I’d rather let Divine guide me. And what’s the hurry about Spiritual Enlightenment. You have the whole life. Experience and enjoy the journey. That’s the most important. When you learn to do that, enlightenment will come knocking on your doorstep. I don’t intend to scare you. If this rings true in your heart, good. If not, let it go without judgment because it probably was not meant for you.

  59. Nick says :

    Hi Bill,

    First congratulations on your blog. You have put a lot of thought into it and the quality shows. Unfortunatly, it’s taken me this long to get to it.

    I have one suggestion, please make it shorter if possible. I read a lot of posts a day and it is difficult to read long ones, even if they are great quality. I feel a blog has to be short, relevant and to the point. It needs to elicit thinking and make you want to read more. This way you could have the longer version sitting on your website.

    Thanks for the great work.


  60. Sally A says :

    I thought you might like a heads up on this, as it is something which Holosync users could integrate with their HoloSync Experiences!

    I am very much enjoying my first set of CDs and look forward to trying out your “new sound system” on the next one.
    Fortune for the year!
    Sally K

  61. Greg says :

    A question for Bill —

    I’m very curious whether there have been any studies or articles comparing Holosync with Quantum Mind Power, which claims that Monaural and Isochronic beats are far more powerful with brainwave entrainment than are Binaural beats.

    With regards,

    FROM BILL: “Isochronic” beats are monaural beats, which everyone abandoned long before any of this sort of thing became popular (back in the early 1980s) because they really don’t work very well and don’t allow you to do much of what is possible with binaural beats. It is a marketing angle, nothing more. In no way is it even remotely as powerful as Holosync. Try both for yourself and find out.

  62. Ela Barrett says :

    PJ8NFL. I have trouble to log in to
    Thank you

    FROM BILL: Contact support.

  63. shanthi says :

    Dear Sir,
    I purchsed your awakening prologue and after two weeks I received a mail saying thanks for the purchse and said I could avail a gift by logging on to But on trying to log I am unable to do. kindly advise.

    FROM BILL: Contact

  64. Tracy Saboe says :

    What’s the carrier wave for the ultra-sonic frequencies on the level CDs?