"Wow, this is WAY better than any sleeping pill!"

Problems falling asleep, staying asleep, or sleeping soundly?

If so, here's something that really works...

These specially engineered Holosync soundtracks re-train your brain to fall asleep, stay asleep, and sleep soundly...

By gently creating the brain wave patterns of deep and restful sleep.

Even minimal sleep loss can dramatically damage your mood, energy level, efficiency, mental clarity, and your ability to handle stress.

Sleep problems lead to poor health, accidents, impaired job performance, and relationship stress. To feel your best, stay healthy, and perform at your potential...

...regular sound sleep is a necessity, not a luxury.


Feel sleepy during the day?

Have problems falling asleep?

Wake up feeling exhausted?

If so, let Holosync teach your brain how to fall asleep easily and sleep soundly, so you can awaken refreshed and alive.

Holosync audio technology, based on research at Mt. Sinai Medical Center and the Menninger Clinic, gently creates the brain wave patterns of restful sleep...

...even the first time you listen.

Then, over time, your brain learns how to enter wave patterns of sleep, even without help.

Here's what you get...

Your Holosync Sleep Suite comes with three soundtracks in high bitrate MP3 format. These tracks can be downloaded and transferred to any media device like an iPod, smart phone, etc.

Always use headphones or earbuds while listening. (See below for the perfect–and inexpensive–SleepPhones.)

Because of the effectiveness of these soundtracks in creating the brain wave patterns of sleep, do not listen while driving or operating machinery.

Note: You may occasionally notice a slight pulse or hum sound on your soundtracks. This is the Holosync audio technology.

The three soundtracks in your Holosync Sleep Suite:

Holosync Sleep Suite

Restful Night (Sleep Induction, 90 min)

Restful Night is 90 minutes in length and uses Holosync to induce sleep and replicate a natural sleep cycle.

Restful Night begins with a high alpha brainwave state (the "twilight" state between waking and sleep), then gently slows the brain down to a deep delta (deep sleep) state, and finally slightly elevates brain wave frequencies to theta to trigger the onset of an REM (dreaming) sleep state.

For best results, listen to Restful Night at bedtime with headphones, lying down or reclining, and eyes closed. We recommend keeping the volume low.

One listening is generally sufficient to induce a peaceful sleep although you can listen to the track two to three times in succession if you wish. You can stop listening at any time.

Restful Night uses a proprietary 3D recording of relaxing ocean sounds.


Research has shown that the deepest, most relaxing sleep occurs when the room is dark. Be sure to shut out as much ambient light as possible, or use a soft eye mask while sleeping.

If you choose to listen to Restful Night repeatedly, you may experience moments of wakefulness during the last 10 minutes of the session. If this occurs, simply listen to the track once-through to induce sleep and do not listen on repeat.

Recent research suggests that pink and white noise can help insomnia sufferers sleep better. We chose to use ocean sounds because the ocean is nature's own pink noise generator.

Please note: Most listeners of Restful Night report improvements in relaxation and sleep within approximately five to 10 listening sessions. In some instances it may take longer to notice a significant improvement in sleep patterns. Consistent usage – once per night at bedtime – will yield the best overall results.

Power Up (Waking, 15 min)

Power Up is a 15 minute soundtrack designed to change your state from drowsiness (as when first awakening) to an awake and alert state. Perfect if you have trouble getting up in the morning!

Beginning in a theta brain wave pattern, Power Up uses Holosync to quickly and smoothly move your brainwave patterns into a beta brain wave state – that of wakeful alertness. Listeners can expect to feel much more awake, alert, and energized. 

 We suggest listening to Power Up first thing in the morning, or when your alarm clock goes off. Listen only once (don't listen repeatedly in one sitting). You can listen with eyes open or closed, lying down or sitting upright.

Power Up uses a proprietary 3D recording of a forest creek with sounds of morning birdsong.


If your alarm clock's snooze feature allows for 15 minutes of sleep, use that 15 minutes to listen to Power Up. When the alarm goes off again, you'll feel much more energized and ready to get up.

Rejuvenation (Power Nap, 20 min)

Rejuvenation creates an invigorating and renewing 20 minute power nap. Rejuvenation slows your brainwaves to the deep theta state–the "power nap" brain wave state–allowing the brain to rest and renew itself, then bringing your brain waves back to an awake and alert state. You'll feel more alert, attentive, focused, relaxed and ready to go.

Listen in a quiet environment, with eyes closed, in a relaxed position (sitting or reclining).

Listen to Rejuvenation anytime you want to relax, boost your mental energy, and experience a clear and focused mental state.

Rejuvenation uses a proprietary 3D recording of a bubbling brook.


Rejuvenation is ideal for students, or anyone doing work requiring focus and concentration. Listening before and/or after study sessions can help improve focus, memory retention, recall, and attention.

Rejuvenation is also effective for jetlag or to help compensate for a lack of sleep.

Research suggests that a daily power nap can significantly increase one's creativity and productivity. Try listening to Rejuvenation daily and keep track of how your productivity and creativity increase over time.

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I really want you to live your best life possible, and sleep is a huge part of that. Let The Holosync Sleep Suite help you get the rest and energy that are so vital to your health and well-being. 


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