In the Zone

Exercise with Holosync!

This very special Holosync soundtrack gently puts you in the exact brainwaves of the flow state known as “the zone”… and keeps you there.

Do you find it difficult to motivate yourself to exercise, even though you know you should?

The In the Zone Holosync soundtrack offers an easy solution. It instantly puts you in the ideal “flow” brainwave state for exercise.

In fact, it actually makes exercising easy and enjoyable.

Exercise is critical to your health.

Researchers are saying that being a couch potato is as dangerous as smoking!

But research also shows that whatever you do when you’re in a “flow” state becomes easy, fun and more effective.

The In the Zone Holosync soundtrack safely and instantly puts you in the “flow” brainwave state.

What Customers Say

“Holosync should be part of everybody’s personal growth program, to take themselves from where they are to where they want to be, in terms of living a fulfilling, transcendent, successful, abundant life.”

— Jack Canfield

American Author

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In the Zone


30-minute Holosync soundtrack with silent affirmations to put you in the exercise "zone"

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