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Getting Rid of Self-Sabotaging Beliefs

This 7-part series from master teacher, Bill Harris, unravels the complex reasons you sometimes sabotage yourself, and offers a way to turn your brain into...

...a super-powered magnet for success!

Master your beliefs and you master your life

By delving into the intriguing mysteries of your mind, you’ll learn how to recognize, and overcome, the unconscious habits that sabotage your best efforts.

Yes! There's a reason you tend to attract the same people, circumstances and results in your life, AND a way to make sure you always and...

...automatically attract the things you want most. 

Watch Part 1 Now!

"Getting Rid of Self-Sabotaging Beliefs" 

Want better results in your life?

The best way to master your thoughts, feelings and actions, and program them for success (in anything) is by taking your brain to higher and higher evolutions.

Awakening Level 4

Trigger the Next Leap in Your Brain's Evolution! 

By listening to the first three levels of Holosync, you're close to reaching a “critical mass,” at which point you’ll experience a profound shift in your brain function, including significant changes to your moods and overall outlook on life. 

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