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More great questions…

by / Thursday, 29 April 2010 / Published in Uncategorized

My last post (in which I answered two questions submitted to me) generated such a positive response that I thought I’d post two more very interesting and pertinent questions and my answers. I think you’ll find both exchanges to be quite interesting and thought-provoking.

This first question is about one of the early lessons in the second of my three Life Principles Integration Process online courses. This second course is about metaphysical questions, spiritual practice and spiritual awakening, and other related topics. I had explained in this lesson, among other things that (contrary to what most people believe) the past does not create the future. This, you’ll probably agree, is a very interesting question.

The question:


So, are you saying that because the past does not create the future (unless we think it does), we can be anything we choose if we are consciously here, now? Does that mean that psychotherapy is a total waste of time? (which is largely my experience of it and why I prefer EFT)?

What about the evolution of the soul? Is that just another game we play with ourselves based on the concept of linear time?


My answer:


Good questions.

Remember that there really is no past or future, except in your mind. It’s always now. The past and the future are just ideas created by and stored in your mind. Most people assume that the past creates whatever happens now, but that isn’t true. What you do now creates now. If, for instance, you were abused in the past in some way, or had some sort of traumatic experience, whenever you see or experience something that reminds you of that past experience, you’ll experience fear or some other unpleasant emotion. But you create that experience of fear now, by something you do in the present.

Let’s say that when you were a child your father yelled at you when you violated his rules, and then spanked you, and that he did this repeatedly during your childhood. Now, whenever a male authority figure raises his voice, you feel afraid. The common assumption would be that you feel afraid because of your past. However, the real reason you feel afraid is because of something you do in the present moment in response to that authority figure–you make certain internal representations of what you don’t want (probably abuse similar to what you experienced with your father).

You don’t want more abuse, you see it as a potential danger, and you quite naturally make internal representations of what you don’t want as a way of (hopefully) avoiding it. You probably aren’t aware of these internal representations as you make them, however–they happen outside your awareness.

It works like this: There is a trigger (the angry authority figure)—>you make certain internal representations of what you don’t want (more abuse)—>these internal representations of what you don’t want create (and sustain) a feeling of fear.

The step where you make the internal representations is where you have a choice. You have no choice about what some other person does (though you do, in many cases, have a choice about which people you end up being around, but that’s another topic). You always have a choice, though, in the present moment, about what internal representations you make in response to what you’re experiencing–IF (a big if) you’re aware enough to see yourself making them, and to see the consequences of making them (which include feeling bad in some way, and possibly unconsciously–and ironically–attracting more of the danger you seek to avoid).

These internal representations (not the authority figure, and not the past trauma) create your in-the-moment experience of the situation. If you responded by making different internal representations (for instance, internal representations of compassion for the authority figure, or internal representations of something you want instead of what you don’t want) you’d have a different experience.

So the past (which, again, is an IDEA you have in your mind, not a physical reality) can create your present experience IF you are unaware–if you are using your Internal Map of Reality to make internal representations UNconsciously and automatically. [“Internal Map of Reality” is my term for the collection of internal cogitive processes you use to create your experience of life.]

If you become aware of how you create the fear (which, again, you do by making internal representations of something you don’t want in response to some sort of trigger) the internal representations you make (and therefore what internal states you experience) become a choice. The aware person CHOOSES how she creates her present moment, or she at least creates her response to it.

A related question is why someone would more frequently end up interacting with abusive people. If (to use the same example of the angry authority figure) you believe–based on your past experience–that authority figures are abusive, you’ll unconsciously be drawn to such people, and you’ll give off cues that will unconsciously cause them to be drawn to you.

This happens because in order to avoid the danger posed (you think, based on past experience) by such people, you frequently make internal representations of that danger, which (ironically, since this isn’t your intention) causes your mind to treat such people and the danger they pose as a goal. The mind takes anything you repeatedly focus on as something to create or attract more of, and the mind is very effective in doing this.

If you’re aware that you have such a belief (in this case, that authority figures are potentially dangerous), and you watch yourself believe it–watch yourself seek “proof” that it is true by being unconsciously attracted to abusive authority figures–you’ll see what you are doing to yourself and you’ll stop doing it. Why? Because it isn’t resourceful, and you just can’t do something that isn’t resourceful AND do it with awareness. You can keep attracting such people as long as you do it (ie, focus on what you don’t want) outside your awareness. As before, when you are aware that you are doing it, as you do it, it becomes a choice, and you’ll always choose what is resourceful for yourself (and for others).

The idea that the past creates what happens now (or what happens in the future) is based on several flaws. One is that there is a past or future other than in your mind, and that these are more than just ideas. The second flaw is that the trigger (in my example, the yelling authority figure) creates your response, and that this response, because of your past experience, is beyond your control and “just happens.”

Your response, however, is only outside your control when it happens automatically, ie, when you don’t see how you’re creating it, as you do it. When I say that you create it I mean that it comes from something you do inside–something you could have choice about if you were aware of it. Of course no one creates negative outcomes for themselves intentionally.

So everyone creates, in the moment, 1) their feelings and other internal states, 2) their actions and behaviors, 3) which people and situations they attract or become attracted to, and 4) what meanings they assign to what happens around them. It’s just that most people do this automatically, without seeing HOW they do it, because they aren’t aware enough. Awareness, then, is the solution. Awareness creates choice where there previously seemed to be none.

One of the reasons Holosync is so powerful in changing a person’s experience of life is that it changes the brain in a way that creates more awareness. This causes you to begin to see what you are doing to create those four things I listed in the previous paragraph. To the degree that you see what you are creating, as you do it, you gain choice.

You asked about psychotherapy, which fits right in with what I’ve been saying here. Psychotherapy is valuable when it causes you to become more aware of how you create your response to life. Some people in psychotherapy, however, are determined to hang on to their present view (that their past made them the way they are, that they are a victim, and so on). A good therapist is skilled at getting you to see how you’re creating your response, and therefore your feelings, behaviors, which people and situations you attract or become attracted to, and what things mean.

Until you see how YOU create these things (which involves you seeing how you’re doing it, as you do it), the whole thing continues to run on automatic, as it does for 99% of people, and you keep automatically creating the same feelings, the same behaviors, attracting the same people and situations, and assuming that the events of your life have this or that meaning. See how you are doing all of this, though, and whatever doesn’t serve you falls away.

Once you see how you create your life you gain the ability to create whatever you want–to a certain degree. You certainly can be in charge of your responses to life: your feelings, your behaviors, most of the people and situations you draw into your life, and what meanings you assign on the events of your life.

However, there are certain things about life you can’t control, and never will be able to control (this is where I part company with the magical thinkers, such as some of the people in The Secret, who seem to think that you can control EVERYTHING with your mind). Among many other things, you’ll never control the weather, gravity, the sun, cosmic rays, and the behaviors of the 6.7 billion other people on Earth (who, you may have noticed, often have agendas that conflict with yours). And, you’ll never be able to do anything about the fact that in this universe all things are impermanent, that ultimately everything ends, passes away, or falls apart. That’s just the way it is.

But you can choose how you create your experience of all these things (again, if you are aware enough to see how you create that experience). And, that choice always happens NOW. If you want choice regarding your life, you must become more aware. As far as I know, there is no other way. Then, the question becomes how to do that. Though there are a number of ways to increase your awareness, the most effective way I’ve found is to use Holosync. Then, it also helps if you direct that awareness to those things that have the greatest effect on your experience of life, which is what I am teaching you in the first of these three Life Principles Integration Process online courses.

Finally, you asked about the soul. This is something we look at in the second course, but here are a few brief comments.

I don’t think there is a soul. I certainly have no evidence for the existence of a soul, other than certain other people believe that there is one (which isn’t really evidence). A “soul” is usually defined as something that is believed to survive the death of an individual organism and which somehow keeps going after the body is no more. Only in the sense that you could say that there is ONE soul, the entire going on if it all, do I think that it’s true that there is a soul.

I realize that many people are strongly attached to their belief that there IS a soul, because 1) thinking that what they perceive to be “me” might not go on creeps people out, and 2) if there isn’t a soul, it might call into question other aspects of what their church or religious approach believes, and that also scares people. People want to think that someone “knows,” even if they don’t, and the thought that ultimately NO ONE DOES KNOW ABOUT CERTAIN THINGS, also creeps people out.

The way I look at it, everything in the universe is interconnected and interrelated, in the same way that every molecule in the ocean is interconnected and interrelated. Because everything affects everything else, and nothing can act independently of the whole, there are no truly separate things (things that act or exist separately from everything else), including separate souls. You might say that there’s just one infinitely big soul, and it just keeps going, playing all roles (which are constantly flowing and changing) at once. Whether that one thing is actually going anywhere in particular, that it has some goal in mind, is debatable, though a lot of people find it comforting to think that this is the case (and find the thought that things aren’t particularly going somewhere in particular to be scary).

A very famous Eastern saint once said, “Life is a meaningless energy, going nowhere, for no reason.” Most people take this to be a negative statement about life, but he didn’t mean it that way at all. He used the word “meaningless” not in the sense of insignificance, but rather in the sense that everything just “is”, and that meanings are assigned to things from the outside (have you noticed that different people assign different meanings to the same thing or the same event?). Meanings are created by the mind and added to things and events–there is no intrinsic meaning to anything.

He meant that life is “going nowhere” partly in the sense that if you are everything and everywhere (if you’re the whole going-on-of-it-all), where would you go? You’re already everywhere. If anything, the action of this whole going-on-of-it-all is more like a child playing and exploring, just for the fun of it, with no particular end in mind, as when you walk down a path in the forest just to see where it goes, but with no particular destination. Or, in the same way we play music, where the goal isn’t to get to the end of the piece, but rather to experience the music as it happens.

He also mean this in the sense that things are just flowing along, going wherever they go, and that no goal or set destination is needed–other than that the idea that things are going somewhere, and that this somewhere will be something “good” is comforting to people.

Finally he said that all of this is happening for no reason. What reason could there be? Reasons are like meanings. They’re added by the mind, and aren’t intrinsic to anything. Humans, though, like to add meanings and reasons. It gives life spice and makes it interesting, and I’m all for it. The aware person, the awakened person, also adds meanings and reasons to life. Without them, life would be dry and uninteresting. The awakened person, however, knows that he or she is adding these meanings–that, like feeling and behaviors, meanings are a choice, if you are aware enough–and she knows that she’s making them up. And, in fact, what fun it is to make them up! (And, quite often, what suffering it creates when we make them up unconsciously.)

Be well.



Here’s the second question (from someone whose name is Harris, just to create a little bit of added confusion):

Hi Bill,

This [the second course of the Life Principles Integration Process online courses] could be considered my initiation in the Spiritual realm of the mind, since up to now all my efforts were towards figuring out how to be happy, peaceful and successful, setting goals etc.

These are the most prevalent questions I have about Lesson 1:

First, you state that we are the oneness but you haven’t addressed the fact that we still must feed ourselves, and we are still vulnerable in this world (at least in the physical form). The mind creates the suffering and the unhappiness but we are going to be hungry and thirsty if we don’t provide for ourselves.

I wonder what the yogis (and anyone who shares this point of view) think when they feel hungry. Or even worse, if they were subjected to tremendous torture, the kinds that the Jews were subjected to by the Nazis for example, would they still feel that they, and the person who tortures them are this oneness? Or, if someone unfairly took the person they love most, their wives or their teacher.

I am saying this because sometimes, it seems as if they are some kind of armchair experts, but how deeply they believe what they believe if something terrible shakes their ground?

Second, if I am not lacking anything, how come I am listening to you and your LPIP? You said in previous courses that the reason we are listening to you is because we want to be happy, peaceful and succesful all the time, but we aren’t. This need has not been met and therefore we do not feel complete, we lack.

At this stage, I can’t grasp what you are saying, even if it is true. I am still, at Lesson 1 though and at an early stage in Holosync, so hopefully I will truly understand one day.

I appreciate what you are trying to teach to us, and I have made a commitment to master your material and proceed deeper all the way with my Holosync meditation.


My answer:


You ask some good questions.

One of the more advanced teachings involving awakening and enlightenment has to do with the fact that even though you might awaken to who you really are (in other words, enter permanently into a state where you’re always aware that there is one thing/event in the world, and that this is who you really are) if the organism having that experience is to survive, you’ll still have to deal with the relative world. You’ll still have to eat, sleep, deal with physical pain, and so forth, just as you so astutely noted.

When someone has a powerful awakening experience, the relative world suddenly seems less important than it did prior to that awakening. If something goes wrong in your life, it doesn’t bother you in the same way it would have prior to the awakening because now you have a MUCH larger perspective–it’s quite clear, for instance, that ultimately it doesn’t matter whether your particular organism survives, because the entire going on if it all will always survive, and that is who you really are.

You become more like a wave on the ocean who no longer sees the prospect of the wave ultimately sinking back into the ocean as a serious problem because it realizes that it IS the ocean. This doesn’t mean, however, that you don’t still feel physical pain, get hungry, or experience all the discomforts that come with being alive. In fact, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t still attached to life and that the thought of death doesn’t at least leave you with a somewhat bittersweet feeling. You do, however, look at it in a different way once you’ve had a deep, experiential insight into who you really are–what is sometimes called awakening, or one of several other names: satori, kensho, enlightenment, recognizing one’s true nature, Buddhahood, Christ Consciousness, etc.). I’m speaking here about something more than a momentary glimpse of this. I’m talking about fully embodying the experience, where this feeling of oneness (for want of a better term) is constantly with you and you no longer need to do something to periodically experience it.

Many people (especially in the Hindu world) think that this relationship, this feeling of being one with everything, is the highest attainment, and that it provides a final and total escape from suffering.

However, such a person, as you say, is still subject to cause and effect and to the fact that everything in this universe is impermanent. Many of these awakened Hindu gurus have devoted followers who take care of the guru, feed him (or her), and otherwise insulate the guru from many of the effects of the world. This allows the guru to float along in his blissful state without the intrusion of the effects of the relative world. Without this outside help and insulation, though, the relative world eventually (usually sooner rather than later) bites a person in the ass. So you are correct. If the organism is to survive, we do have to eat, seek shelter, and so forth.

This problem of being human is seen in a much different way, however, after a person has had this sort of awakening. The suffering of the world, including one’s own suffering, is much more bearable once a person experientially realizes his or her true nature (this, however, is another much deeper topic, for another time–I’ll just say that though your ability to bear suffering is greater, your perception of and ability to feel the suffering of other beings is greatly increased, too, and without your awareness of the transcendent it would be unbearable).

I think, though, that you are making a common, but false, assumption about this “oneness” business. Having an experience of oneness, and even fully embodying it, doesn’t mean that you aren’t human anymore, or that you would necessarily love someone who tortures you (for instance). “Feeling this oneness” isn’t necessarily about loving everything. I think people in the West assume this because Jesus is portrayed in this way, and whether or not we’re Christians, Western culture is steeped in Christian ideas.

Rather than necessarily being about being loving toward everyone (though an awakened person probably is more likely to be loving because he doesn’t feel at odds with or separate from the rest of it all), awakening is about seeing and experiencing that everything does, indeed, “go together,” that nothing exists separately from anything else. This has nothing to do with what you like or dislike about anyone or anything, or about how you behave. Because you see how everything goes together and that it’s all really one infinitely big thing/event, you’re more likely to treat others with kindness and compassion, but compassion (as all parents know) can also, at times, involve “tough love,” which often doesn’t look, at first glance, like loving kindness.

Another characteristic of awakening is an experience of being (not having, but being) what some call “pure awareness”. Though there’s really no adequate way to describe this, pure awareness could be described as awareness without content, awareness without the mind being involved in thinking about the contents of awareness.

This is a very powerful experience (to say the least). It isn’t a state, though, that someone could be in permanently and still take care of themselves (this is where the Hindu guru’s followers come in). In the Zen tradition the idea is to go beyond this stage (which is often mistakenly assumed to be the ultimate awakening) to an integration of the transcendent, the world of pure awareness, with the ordinary relative world. See my blog for two articles about this: The Five Stages of Waking Up, and There You Are, Enlightened. The “I am pure awareness” stage is actually the third of five stages, while the fully integrated place is the fifth stage. There are other scales involving ten stages (in Zen, the Ten Oxherding Pictures, for instance).

Your next question is a great one: if you don’t lack anything, then why are you taking this course? Why, indeed. This would be a question for you to answer. Why ARE you taking it? Obviously you must THINK you’re lacking something. The ultimate joke in all this spiritual stuff is that when you “attain awakening” you don’t really attain anything. You just realize what already is true. As I say in one of the lessons in the second Life Principles Integration Process online course, “If you’re tall, but you don’t know you’re tall, aren’t you still tall?” Waking up is the experiential realization of what already is. You are already Christ, or Buddha, or whatever name you want to give to it. Your awareness, your perspective, expands to the point where you see/experience what was always there, but which you weren’t previously aware of.

You ask about being happy and peaceful. Ultimately, the way to be happy and peaceful is to stop resisting what is, which also means you have to stop being deluded about what is. If you really think (and experience) that you’re somehow separate from the rest of the whole (which is what most people think), then you’ll likely create a lot of negative feelings (if you think you’re separate you’ll likely feel afraid, for instance, feel that you’re lacking something, feel alienated, etc.), and you’ll try to resist what seem to be the consequences of this delusion of separation.

There are many things in life that, awakened or not, you can’t do anything about. One is that all things are impermanent, which means everything eventually ends, falls apart, or in some way goes away. Much of human suffering comes from resisting this fact of life. To the degree that one has, and embodies, a powerful experience of the transcendent, one is less bothered by this. If you experientially know that you are the whole going on of it all, you’re much better able to let it be okay that different aspects of the whole (including what you used to see as your “separate self”) come and go.

The second thing you can’t do anything about is that you are subject to cause and effect. You have little or no control over cosmic events (stars, galaxies, cosmic rays, whether an asteroid blows up the world, etc), geological events (volcanos, earthquakes, weather, etc), and the fact that many of the 6.7 billion people on Earth (not to mention the animals and other creatures) have agendas that conflict with yours. For this reason you sometimes get what you don’t want or fail to get what you do want. Though you have some influence about these things, it is limited.

What you can do, however, is see things the way they really are (which includes acknowledging the above), stop resisting the way things are (since such resistance is responsible for a huge part of your suffering and lack of peace), and become aware enough that you don’t keep putting yourself in the firing line of the cause and effect events you might otherwise avoid. Of course, you can never avoid them all. There are too many of them, and no one is aware enough to sidestep them all.

I hope this helps. Contrary to popular metaphysical lore, the awakened person isn’t blissfully happy all the time, because he’s subject to all the stuff I mentioned above. And he doesn’t necessarily love everyone, or feel okay with being abused.

He does, however, see the human situation for what it is. At the same time, he stops trying to “solve” what most people see as “the problem of being human” (which puts us in a double bind, where we’re trying to solve an insoluble problem–something I’ll talk about later in this course).

Some of what we don’t like about being human can’t be solved. Ending our resistance to that which can’t be solved creates the ultimate inner peace. As I say many times in this course, the awakened person hasn’t solved the problem of life–he’s just stopped seeing life as a problem to be solved.

Be well.



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Until next time, be well.


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130 Responses to “More great questions…”

  1. Chris says :


    A lot of this stuff you talk about (stop resisting, see things the way they really are) seem to be something that only happens if you’re enlightened. Or am I mistaken? Is it possible to have an inner peace due to lack of resistance without a full awakening? Etc….

    FROM BILL: My message is: DO WHAT IT TAKES TO BECOME MORE AWARE. When you are aware of something you have a choice about it. You don’t have to be “enlightened” but you do have to do SOMETHING, and that something is to 1) increase your awareness and 2) direct it to those things that have the most influence over your experience of life.

  2. Jane says :

    Hi Bill,
    That was fantastic. Also amazing because only last night i was suddenly very aware about there being no past or future. So it was really relevant.
    The experience feels a bit strange sort of funny and a bit scary at the same time but sort of not.
    It feels a bit like being cast adrift, like i am not anchored to anything. That is the scary bit. The funny bit is that that means there are all sorts of possibilities i can create in the moment. I’m not sure how that will manifest but it’s a bit exciting.
    As time goes on using Holosync i notice my awareness is increasing greatly which is giving me the ability to make instant choices as to how i respond in a given situation.
    You do a fantastic job of explaining all that and i am gradually beginning to fully understand it and with some points actually experience it.
    In the beginning though it was quite difficult to grasp because until you do become aware your not! hahaha
    It’s such a relief to listen to someone that makes so much sense.
    Many many thanks x

    FROM BILL: A wonderful realization.

    I want to be clear, though, that the IDEA of the past or the future can be quite useful. It’s just good to remain aware that they are ideas.

  3. Sam says :

    Can you say something to reorganization of my personality, for instance the reasons for why I tend to do certain ways of thinking and acting. You say somewhere in your course that once one becomes aware, he then may still do a lot of the same things–tasks at the office or disfunction maybe–but for a much different (and probably better) reason. It seems like first there is a certain way of thinking and acting, then there isn’t once we go into chaos (ora situation that prompts us to change), and then there is that original way once again but much more functional. I might, for instance, use eft as the person in the letter commented but for a much different reason; it can be used with the same polarities and energies, however you don’t really get rid of any polarity rather just stop carrying it unconsciously. I used to do that [eft] to try to get rid of whatever I placed in my “black” pile by getting rid of the energy, however now I use it while reciting a meditation mantra to make more space. It seems that the process of eft still can help me get rid of negative emotions, however now that my focus isn’t primarily on getting rid of anything I find that my mantra becomes much ritcher as I’m able to hold in the emotions and mature them in the practice of mantra. Anger which previously may have been thought of as a negative and something to be gotten rid of, can now be purified in mantra recitation such that it matures into an anger against suffering or delusion; the anger now in daily life, as well as meditation, is becoming more mature which may not have happened if I were just trying to get rid of it.

    For instance also with tantric practices it helps one to mature and manage the power of emotions for higher functioning rather than just trying to eliminate one side of a polarity. The energy is often wasted when one simply does eft to releace on something because you’re really just releacing your pattern of carrying the energy at that time, and unless we stop carrying things unconsciously that we don’t want we won’t be able to stop simply releacing on the pattern; we can’t gain the positive learnings, only the knowledge of the ritual that leads us to whatever result, and the true practice is lost with only patterns of energy remaining (pretty cool if you can see it but if you’re overwelmed by it it’s undesireable). When I use eft with my mantra I find that the way that tantra works comes from within, and I’m relying on outside authorities less and less for the how it’s done because that knowledge comes from within. The conclusion to all of this is that previously, when I was just trying to get rid of something, I couldn’t understand the wisdom unless it came from something outside of myself; this would cause me to get resentful at teachers like Bill for instance, because he couldn’t tell me how to live my life, and I couldn’t figure out how to stop carrying that polarity because I couldn’t take responceability. Now I think that we’re ready for a higher level game, one wherein white wins durring the day and black at night, and one where we see things the way they really are. I just wondered if you could comment on different motivations for actions, because I can see in myself two different realities; one where I act unconsciously and one where I am conscious. The gulf between them is getting larger and larger, and I don’t think that the most resourceful thing to do is to wait for something to snap and awareness to just take care of the whole thing.

    I think I may have missed my mark a bit and have lost my main focus, so please reply if and where appropriate. Also this might be something better suited for me to write in in the private section of the online course your speaking about, however it might also be useful for others; please comment on this as well, as I’m really trying to stay focused here on helping everyone rather just rambling for my own selfish mind.

    FROM BILL: You’ll have to figure out your own personality, Sam.

  4. Sam says :

    I don’t need my personality figured out. What
    I’m trying to do here is look at the map (that some take to be me) and make it roomy enough such that I can move around and get what I want. Right now the map seems to be very narrow at times, and there aren’t many spaces for awareness to fit, and it’s possible with awareness to create space for wisdom to flow into if we devote more brain
    real estate to that function; it’s like having a hard drive with different partitions which, even though we use only one most of the time, can hold within each partition the iquivilant of a super computer that could run a universe (or an internal map of reality if you like). It’s much more likely that I can accomplish this if I join with other people interested in awareness, and I’m imagining that perhaps this blog might be a vehicle for doing so. If we all focus on productive uses of awareness then I imagine that we’ll all start to devote more brain real estate to that function, and we’ll collectively gain more awareness via our shared participation.

    At any rate although you probably meant something wise by that last comment, it didn’t really help anything; Sam isn’t the issue here, awareness (or lack thereof) is.

  5. Jane says :

    Hi Sam,
    It was difficult and quite confusing to try and follow what you were saying,
    I can only suggest you carry on with Holosync and in time all will become clear.

  6. michelle says :

    Thanks for two more through provoking questions and answers.
    While I am letting them sink in- I have to wonder if there isn’t an individual soul- why do many western religions base belief on the individual? (I am currently undecided as to individual or not) There also seems to be a clear division between eastern and western philosphies as to the role and importance of the individual. Do these cultural differences also play a role in capitalism and economics?

    My thought on awareness is like watching a train wreck just before it happens- the more time you have, the more you can avoid or redirect. Thank you for Holosync and the continued learning.

  7. Sam says :

    OK I appologize, because apparently I lost focus again, but it’s kind of like this:

    True awareness comes only from being at the center of one’s being, and I could tell you to go to your center of being and something would happen, however if you investigate you’ll discover that there really is no center of being but rather only an instant in space/time wherein someone focused and called it the center of being. This is a useful tool though because when I tell you to go to your center of being you’ll go there, wherever it’s located for you, and you’ll locate this somewhere in your perception; it doesn’t matter where your center of being is located for you, just that you went somewhere in perception and gained awareness that for you you can locate your center of being. If anybody asks Bill how to get to their center of being Bill probably can’t tell someone how for the reasons I listed above, and this shows how many of us don’t understand how to ask higher level questions that actually prompt us to grow in awareness. It could also be said that the center of being tends to use auditory digital as a primary representational system, and that when one changes focus from the five-sense perception of their map to the auditory digital part one syncs into their center of being and will notice that their five sense perception has changed, however without awareness this very rarely enlightens anyone. It’s like the auditory digital part is the off in the on/off nature of the universe, and hence it’s what most people don’t notice, however when you take your attention off of the “on” of your five senses you perceive the “off” of the digital part of your universe that’s perceived only at the center of your being. To use another analogy most people don’t see how the matrix opperates and, in fact, tend not to want to know–ignorance is bliss– however this doesn’t mean that the matrix isn’t there and operative; we could also say god. Perhaps I’ve gone on too long once again however I’d like to provoke some useful discussion, and I’m hoping to get some participation from centerpointe participants both involved with the lpip course and not, as well as the “public” whom may not be interested in internal representations and the like; as we understand more about awareness and how this integrates into our individual lives, we uncover many things that may or may not be useful at this or that time for this or that group of people. I don’t know, but I’m excited, and that feels much better than fear.

  8. Andrew Baines says :

    “Whether that one thing is actually going anywhere in particular, that it has some goal in mind, is debatable, though a lot of people find it comforting to think that this is the case (and find the thought that things aren’t particularly going somewhere in particular to be scary).” – Bill

    This is something that has spooked me for many a year. I tend to worry things too much and demand a rational explanation that my thought processes can get a grip on. My handle on it, which is my comfort and driving force, was designed to satisfy my mind – or at least distract it for a while – so I can get on with doing something more fun and useful instead. (Though it was fun thinking through this.) Anyway it is as follows. (I trust that it is helpful, for by no means do I claim that it is right.)

    By itself, the thought that reality is at heart purely relative, with no independant existence separate from our perception of what it is, that reality has no independant meaning to guide us, that it has no benevolent guide to ensure that ultimately “all is for the best in the best of all possible worlds” and that it could all go horribly wrong now, this moment, and that we would have no control over that (How happy is the turkey on 24th December, believing life will continue to provide it with food and shelter) is as rational/helpful/unhelpful as thinking that there is an entity out there that has created our reality, that exists separately from us and that will ensure that all is for the best in the best of all possible worlds, which is as provable as believing the world was created by a giant blue bunny for its own amusement.

    So reason is a tool which can be used to justify any value judgment.

    I start to understand that, as a whole, existence cannot have a meaning. For once you separate/extract meaning from existence as a whole, you create two things, a duality – existence and meaning – and so no longer have existence as a whole. You have meaning and some kind of lesser existence. Basically, existence is too big to have meaning.

    But that’s not to say meaning doesn’t exist, just that it has a part to play, within the whole, rather than as a separate thing driving/governing the whole.

    The idea can be (I guess loosely) followed along the lines of fractals and strange attractors in chaos theory, with a bit of second law of thermodynamics thrown in. Fractals are basic patterns which repeat themselves infinitely but slightly differently. Strange attractors are points of regularity amidst chaos. The second law of dynamics provides for areas of order created by the input of energy with entropy surrounding them.

    So, we are points of regularity , within existence as a whole. But we are made up of separate parts. So we dig down and see, for example, a liver. This has its existence as a whole. And that liver is made up of separate parts – cells each of which has its existence as a whole. And there is no reason to think we can’t follow this line infinitely down as well as infinitely up. We just happen to be points of existence that are blessed with self awareness. (But that’s not to say that a liver doesn’t have its own version of self awareness)

    So where does meaning come in?

    We see that the points of regularity need the chaos around them to give them their boundary, regularity can only exist when seen in the context of chaos. Similarly meaning can only exist when seen in the context of that portion around it of the infinite possibilities in existence. We need overall meaninglessness to provide the opportunity for meaningful to exist within that meaninglessness.

    We input energy into the system – our thoughts about what meaning there is to our life – and so create a portion of meaning in our chaos. But if we stop putting energy into the system, we lose the meaning we have created for ourselves and end up with the default meaning that existence provides – in the way that strange attractors exist within a chaotic system without any outside input. So we need to continually input energy (awareness) if we are to continue to create a meaning for ourselves which is more than existence’s default position for us.

    So there is no governing, overarching, valid meaning to be sought/followed/worshipped but the nature of existence is such that we can create our own meaning which is absolutely valid for us. (And, in my humble opinion, far better than any external meaning could be)

  9. Michelle says :

    Hi Bill,

    How come sometimes you can control your feelings…but sometimes it’s overwhelming? And you do go on autopilot…feeling bad and not wanting to? How do you stop it? Dissolve it? before you do anything you might regret?

    FROM BILL: You can have choice about what you are aware of. If you are aware of how you create your feelings, you can have choice about them. You are really saying, I suspect, that sometimes you can control the expression of your feelings, not whether or not you have a certain feeling. I also assume you are really referring to bad feelings (overwhelm being one example of a bad feeling).

    Bad feelings come from making internal representations (internal pictures and internal dialog being the most common) of what you don’t want, what you are worried about, what you want to avoid, what you are afraid of. You do this because something in your environment acts as a trigger to remind you of something you think is a danger to you (based on past experience). To (hopefully) avoid that danger, you focus on it (which means that you make internal representations of it). Whenever you make internal representations of what you don’t want you immediately create some sort of negative feeling.

    This process happen outside your awareness, automatically. You are rarely aware that you have even made these internal representations. They are an automatic response to whatever it is that reminded you of the potential danger. If, however, you learn to observe your internal representations as you make them, and also see the consequences of making them (in this case, the bad feelings that are created–though there are other consequences) you begin to have a choice about it. And, you’ll always choose what is resourceful for you–IF you watch yourself do this, with awareness.

    I don’t mean KNOW that you do it, though. I mean actually see yourself do it, as you do it.

    So you stop it by being aware of it. You do NOT stop it by trying to use will power to resist doing it. That doesn’t work. Watching with awareness does, however, work. Being aware of how you do this takes some practice, and it takes more awareness than most people have. I help people solve this in two ways: 1) we use Holosync to create increased awareness, and 2) I teach people where to direct that awareness (internal representations being one of the places to direct that awareness) with my Life Principles Integration online courses. You can experience a free lesson at

  10. Sam says :

    Jane: That’s the sort of thing I need to hear. Thank you! It may seem to take too long, but I’ll get it.

  11. Chris says :

    Bill — couple quick questions:

    1) What does a “typical” day look like for you?

    2) Do you see any correlation between the developmental fulcrums described by Ken Wilber in his books, and the integration of levels of holosync?

    FROM BILL: I get up, eat. go to my office, do various things to make Centerpointe more successful (and to help customers benefit more from what we offer). Part of the time I wear a CEO hat and part of the time I wear my teacher hat. When I get home I read various newsletters and web-based information about the financial markets and political events, practice the saxophone for a couple of hours, exercise, watch some TV, then go to bed. Sometimes I even meditate, but my days of 5-7 hours a day on the meditation cushion are largely behind me (but who knows?).

    I don’t see a correlation between the Holosync levels and Ken Wilber’s developmental fulcrums (they aren’t really his, by the way, though he has certain popularized them). However, when people use Holosync they interpret their experience from their current developmental level. In fact, everyone interprets every experience from their developmental level. (See my series of posts at the beginning of this blog on human development.)

  12. Terry says :

    Along with Jane’s comment “I can only suggest you carry on with Holosync and in time all will become clear.”, I recommend Bill’s LPIP online course. I opted for the silver level (without personal contact support) because I’ve followed Bill’s Holosync support materials (including this blog) closely for almost three years now and feel I know the basics pretty well.

    I’ve just started the course and have been through the first 4 lessons. I don’t have the words to truely describe the profound impact these lessons have. But they alone are worth every penny (and more) that I paid for the course.

    My point being…if you are wandering or struggling as some of the responses, so far, have indicated, you may benefit from this course. One caveat, if you haven’t already gained a fair understanding of Bill’s teachings, you will want to, most certainly, choose a higher level with personal support. Since there’s a special offer right now, it might be the time for you act.

    Oh, I guess I will offer one more caveat…if you are not ready to change your life (because you will if you do this course as instructed), hold off until you can deal with that.

    Terry, thanks for your kind words.

    FROM BILL: Yeah, you wouldn’t want to improve your life too soon. No telling what would happen.

  13. Tim Jones says :

    Hi Bill- cool post. Just on the matter of the soul- although I agree with you that there is probably no individual soul, as there ultimately are no individual people, many of the masters have taught that the events of our lives create impressions in consciousness that persist after the person physically dies- impressions that will have to be eventually resolved, even if not by the ‘same individual soul’. Do you think how we live our lives has a collective/ripple effect on all of consciousness?

    FROM BILL: Everything you do effects everything else. In fact, the entire universe depends on you. Before you were here it was dependent upon you being here later, and after you’re gone it will depend on your having been here.

  14. mike s. says :


    I loved your answer to the first question. I’ve read basically then same thing from you and others before, but applyling it daily is certainly a challenge. Thank you very much for sharing it with your readers.

    The one thing I’d like to discuss with you and your readers is the “soul” part of your answer. When you said that you don’t believe that there is a soul, I felt a little shocked and sad for you.

    I say this not from a religious point of view (I’m catholic and attend church with my family, but my beliefs vary a bit from the chuch), but from a medium one. I’ve only been to a really talented pyschic once or twice in my life, and I’m not a pesron that is real big into that stuff. Howver, once you’ve had an experience where you have connected with a previous life, even once, you’re a believer.

    My request is that you at least try it with a talented, recommended pyshic, and then share your experience with us.

    I work with a woman who lost her husband suddenly. She was devastated. I heard about it when I came to work the next morning via phone message she left me at 4:00 in the morning. I am the HR Director and she was calling about life insurance… I was close her husband due to my relationship outside of work — he did contracting work for me routinely on some properties that I own. A year of so later after his death, without me asking for it, he showed up at reading and wantied me to give a message to his wife… I’ve have a couple of other experiences a well.

    The point is, once this has happened to you it gives you a real sense of peace to know that your soul and that of your loved ones do indeed live on.

    Take care,


    FROM BILL: So you don’t think there is any other explanation other than there are individual souls? Really? And UFOs MUST be from other planets.

  15. Danielle Underwood says :

    As always, it is such a pleasure to hear/read about what you have learned about life. You certainly have a knack for explaining metaphysical concepts in a clear, simple manner. I truly appreciate that you have invested so much time in reading and studying these concepts and that in turn, you share your knowledge with all of us. I often relate on a personal level to the experiences you are describing in your blogs and it is sooooo nice to hear that what I’m experiencing is life evolving as it should.
    Thank you Bill.
    On a personal note (so please don’t post this part), I will be receiving Jukai from Roshi at the July Sesshin and would love if you would be able to attend. It might not be possible for you to do so and I understand but since you are an important teacher to me, I wanted to invite you to be a part of this personal ceremony. (P.S. I know you meet oodles of people everyday so you probably don’t remember me. We met in Vancouver, June 09, and I was the “good” pupil in the front row (tall, attractive-I’m told) who cried a lot). Have a good day Bill! Danielle Underwood

    FROM BILL: I might be there for the ceremony. I don’t know yet for sure. My wife will be there, though (Denise).

    By the way, anything significant in what I teach came from my person experience, not from what I’ve read.

  16. Howard grossman says :

    I’ve been using Holosync for several years and have experienced real clarity and awareness of my thought process. I’ve even experienced some “out of the body” situations (once while riding a bike through mid town Manhattan at rush hour) and these have been truly eye opening to say the least.
    For a short time it’s as if the whole frame work of “reality” falls away and you realize your watching a “movie” about this so called person in this so called place. You get (or at least for me ) to see the whole “false front” of it all the Hollywood “set” of life. It’s very invigorating.

    On the other hand neural connections made early in life can be like concrete and I still catch my self going down those old pathways (daily) the difference is now at least I’m aware of it and put the brake on as soon as possible.
    Holosync is a wonderful tool.
    One thing however, for me ,nothing was more powerful then the Awaking Prologue. The other levels feel like tweaks compered to the pyrotechnics of the Prologue.

    FROM BILL: Trust me. The other levels are stronger. There was just a bigger distance between where you were and where Awakening Prologue was talking you. Now the difference with each new level is not so large, but each level is significantly stronger than the previous one.

  17. Dianne Ferguson says :

    Your words tend to arrive just when I really need them. And, they always make sense.

    I’ve been discouraged on a job-related issue, and although I’ve taken the Master Your Life (and the coaching), I found I was NOT applying “internal representations” to the situation. I have been, in essence, recreating failure I’ve felt in my recollection of past events. Once I realized that it’s those representations that are screwing me up right now, I have been able to take charge and stop them.

    (Yes, I’m listening daily to Holosync. I’m on level one, at the end of the first disk, and I fully intend to continue.)

    I must say, you make MORE sense than anyone else I’ve been reading. What you say, however, isn’t easy. One really has to think.

    Thanks for all the time and effort you spend for our benefit. For those of us who stay with you, you’re the indispensable Bill Harris.

    Best wishes, Dianne

    FROM BILL: Actually, one really has to WATCH. And, as far as applying what you learned in the course to real life, “knowing about” internal representations does no good–you have to watch yourself make them, as you do it, and see the immediate consequences that YOU are creating by making them. When you do that, everything sorts itself out.

  18. Lauri Smith says :

    Thank you so, so, much for this blog. I always get very excited when it arrives and can’t wait to read it. The part that helped me the most this time was the part about how much fun it can be to participate in this world when you realize, (observe), what you are doing. I have been struggling a bit with all of that as well as with the”magical” stuff and I want to thank you for putting all of it once again into a perspective that I can understand and integrate. You rock.

    FROM BILL: We’ll, it isn’t always fun. You will still be subject to the impermanence of all things, and to the fact that due to all the other things going on in the world you will sometimes fail to get what you want. If you don’t resist that, you’re about as good as you can possibly be.

  19. Joe says :

    Hi Bill, This brings up some thoughts on my end. Recently I watched some debate on the internet with Deepak Chopra and some Atheist dudes. Both talked with passion about their said beliefs about God. It was rather sobering to watch, I then realized that both camps rely on belief, seems so fundamental it’s crazy but for some reason it really hit me. I myself don’t believe or not believe in god, seems rather limiting to me. Or I see value in both but see limitation as well. I suppose I’m grabbing what I want at the time and deem worthy to then drop it. I bring this up because your comments about soul triggered it. As you say people really hold tightly to beliefs and the subject of soul is one of them as is the afterlife and God.
    The openness with the approach of not clinging to one side or the other I find excited and calm at the same time. More and more I’m seeing things this way in my life and I only adopt beliefs for a period of time, (the intended results then move on.) Anyway my thoughts.

    thanks Bill


    FROM BILL: Beliefs are useful in navigating life. The aware person, however, realizes that all beliefs are ideas about reality, are neither “true” nor “false” (true and false are also just ideas), and represent qualities added to reality, not intrinsic to it.

  20. Tertia says :

    Hi Bill,
    You wrote: “Contrary to popular metaphysical lore, the awakened person isn’t blissfully happy all the time, because he’s subject to all the stuff I mentioned above. And he doesn’t necessarily love everyone, or feel okay with being abused.”
    Surely a 100% awakened person would be unaffected by whatever happens, experiencing only Love as Real?
    Byron Katie for instance claims to ‘love everybody’ and to be ‘blissfully happy all the time’, even when she’s experiencing blindness or a madman pointing a gun at her. She goes into great detail about how she experiences life in her book ‘A thousand names for joy.’ which is a joy to read.
    By combining the use of Holosync (I’m on level 4) and Katie’s method The Work, I’m increasingly able to experience bliss in situations which previously would have caused me a great deal of suffering, simply by being aware of the effect of my thoughts and questioning them. More and more I’m realizing that everything is happening perfectly. It’s like falling in love with life itself.

    FROM BILL: No one is 100% awake, including Byron Katie (who I know–and think is a wonder human being). Read my posts in the archives, The Five Stages of Waking Up, and There You Are, Enlightened, and see if you can recognize Byron Katie.

  21. Rafe Montello says :

    Nice post. First, I want to respond to questions michelle raised about an individual soul and Eastern vs Western individuality. I am working on a non-academic Intro to Buddhism 3 or 4 week class to present an overview and a sampling of some of the different schools, so both of her questions arose recently in my work.

    The question of no soul is a difficult one as I know of n0 other tradition that has it. It presents some logical difficulty in Buddhism as well, because of the doctrines of reincarnation and karma. That is, if there is no soul, what carries karma and what is reincarnated? On the other hand, as Bill pointed out: How can you have ultimate unity if you cling to the notion of individual soul? Perhaps what does not exist is the concept of a soul. That is, that whatever there is cannot be understood the the limiting constraints of a concept or by conceptual thinking. Lastly, why would one care whether she or he has a soul or not? While its existence cannot be proved, neither can its non-existence. But if caring one way or the other gets in the way, get rid of it. Dare to be comfortable with uncertainty.

    As for Western/Eastern relative individuality. Historically it has been the case (As we morph into a global community, distinctions tend to fade.) that the West, especially the U.S., championed individuality. But it has been largely in the material/social realm, often at the expense of others. Eastern traditions tend to be more communal based in the material/social realm. But when it comes to religion, it is just the opposite. The wandering ascetic or monk is well-established in India, China, and Japan. The recognition that one’s mind is unique and thus that the path to liberation must be pursued as an individual comes with the territory. Compare this to the “one size fits all” approach so prevalent in the West. The German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche labeled Christianity a “herd” religion because of the lack of independent belief. The ultimate goal is unity. How best do you get there is the question? My sense is that it is an individual journey that “processes through” individuality.

    My question for Bill is: Do you have any thoughts on EFT or other strictly energy approaches for physical health problems. I had a bone marrow transplant, and while it cured my blood cancer, the ongoing side effects erode my quality of life. I have tried most everything Western medicine has to offer for extremely dry eyes, fatigue, hearing loss (I had to give up the last level of Holosync), neuropathy with no success.

    FROM BILL: Most of these Buddhist courses are idea-laden. And, there are many versions of Buddhism, some of which (the more well-known ones, in fact) are quite fundamentalist and dogmatic. Buddhism can only be learned by practicing it. Whatever you learn in an academic manner isn’t really “it”. Having said that, I have taken such courses myself.

    Karma is much misunderstood. It actually means “doing” or “what is happening”. In other words, your karma could be described as what you are doing, or what is happening to you (two sides of the same coin). There is no need for anything to “carry” the karma, just as there is no need for anything to be “carried” in order for a tree to be affected by it’s environment (ie, do something in response to it).

    I do have thoughts on EFT, though many reading this will not like them. I’m sure it has some effect, but I’ve never seen anything that substantial come from it, nor have I seen anyone I thought was incredibly aware as a result of it. Awareness is the answer to everything that can be answered.

  22. Gloria says :

    Bill, you generally use the terms ‘awareness’ and ‘outside of awareness.’ I have been in the habit of transposing them into my own language of ‘conscious’ and unconscious/ness.’ Do you see them as directly interchangeable terms, or is there a difference in your POV?


    FROM BILL: Conscious and unconscious have many connotations–lots of intellectual baggage–for most people. I prefer to distinguish between those things you do with awareness and those things you do without awareness.

  23. Terry says :

    Bill you are so right! I can tell a story of an experience I had in 2001. I was literally “afraid” to change my life.

    In a nutshell, my company sent all of it’s managers to a program that used similar techniques to yours (taking us back to childhood and facing what was) although they were based on the EST of long ago…but more gentle. (you’ll know what I mean, although the younger folks might not). This event nearly killed me…literally. I had such fear in me that I went through a most dramatic experience.
    It wasn’t until I started working with your program, years later, that I came to a full understanding of what really happpened ( and I mean a REAL REVELATION!) and realized the huge potential I had to change my life at that time. Instead I struggled to restore my original inner map. As you say…it doesn’t work!
    Your time line session is very similar but, to me, so much more doable, since I felt safe the entire time. (Safety incidentily was at the top of my “values” list)
    So, yes, there is a “right time” to change your life.
    After I went through that previous experience, I drifted (literally) until 2007, when circumstances brought me to you, Centerpointe, Holosync.
    I am a changed person. One I am happy to be with. And I can prove that. If you were to ask anyone who has been associated with me over time, they will tell you, without hesitation, what a happy, positive, caring, pleasant (maybe more superlatives that I’m unaware of) person I’ve become compared to the pain ridden being I was before.
    I keep posting on this because I read the other posts from people who are trying to justify why everything has to be so complicated, and so involved, and everything is so deep and mystifying, and you have to do this and that.
    I know the feeling because I spent the first 55 years of my life doing this too.
    But with holosync, LPIP and Bill’s support it becomes so apparent that it’s not difficult at all…real peace (or success, or happiness, or whatever) is just a thought away.
    I’m amazed at those who want to argue with Bill or who feel the need to extrapolate on some very straight forward principles. It’s simple…once you admit it…really simple compared to all the layers of stuff we’ve each piled up over the years.
    I recommend a book that Bill suggests in one of his messages:
    I AM THAT – Talks with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaji. The message is simple…and you will not believe how often we don’t “get it”.

  24. Lauri Smith says :

    Thank you again, Bill. I needed to hear that.

  25. “the past does not create the future.” An intriguing thought, though clearly untrue, at least as stated. Even in the example of the abusive parent, the associations/beliefs/expectations which form our current experience only exist because of events which took place in the past. Similarly, associations/beliefs/expectations which are empowering also exist only because of events which took place in the past (events such as exercising, charitable acts, meditating, using Holosync, etc.). The very notion of cause and effect (which Mr. Harris references later in this interesting post) is purely dependent on a stream of events: past – present – future.

    I expect, but please clarify for me, that the underlying point is NOT that the past and future are unrelated, but that our only opportunity to encourage the future we want lies in the present moment? Each ‘present moment’ immediately becomes a ‘past moment’, but by racking up a series of moments in which we have acted with awareness we move into a future which is much more fulfilling – would that be another way of framing this point?

    As always, thanks for a thought provoking post.


    FROM BILL: Clearly untrue, huh? Maybe not.

    Associations, beliefs, etc., only exist because you represent them to yourself, now. The mind stores experiences, and is very concerned with what it sees as danger. Stored internal representations can only create something now, though, if we call them to mind, something we do now. It’s the called of them to mind (ie, generating a new internal representations of them) when something, a trigger, reminds us of a past danger, which you do NOW, that creates whatever happens. If you are aware when you do this, you see that you are creating something that causes you to suffer, so you stop. The universe is always created now, including the part of it you create in/with your mind. This is a choice if you are aware’ it happens automatically if you aren’t.

    Besides, the past is nothing more than an idea. An idea can’t do anything. If you entertain an idea, it all happens right now. There is no past. You’re living in a mental world. Though I have one, I see it for what it is–useful, but make-believe.

  26. carlos says :

    Hi Bill,

    You are the only person I Know who can explain enlightment and awareness in a way that makes sense. You totally cut the BS and the fluff surrounding these topics and you present them in a way easy to understand and accept.

    I always resist to belief people who claim to love everybody (with the exception of maybe jesus ,asuming that what they say in the bible is correct at least partially)
    (I am not saying that other people cant be like jesus but there has been only one michael jordan in basketball and one mohamed ali in boxing ) still I think that is BS . I get that katie and Eck tolle and others when through a lot of suffering before they started to ” love ” everybody , but there are many levels to suffering . She might love somebody who points a gun at her head but she has not being tortured (as far as I know) or watch her family tortured or being in a concentration camp.

    I think many of the teachers out there as wonderful people as they might be should follow your example and be more down to earth ,realistic and humble because no matter what kind of hell they have being to there is always a far worst hell that they have not experienced and that could bring them down to earth in a matter of seconds.


  27. Elaine says :

    Great post, and always so intriguing to hear the perspective of someone who has ‘finished holosync’ (as you said, you no longer spend hours upon the meditation cushion—-altho I chuckled at your added remark, “who knows” re whether you’ll ever find yourself parked there again.)

    So here’s my question: If I choose to believe in an individual soul, or rather, in the on-goingness of my individuality—do you see anything intrinsically wrong with choosing that belief? At this point, for me, it seems helpful, comforting, and an interesting perspective for navigating life.

    On a related topic: The great anthropologist Margaret Mead once said (so I read) that every society believes in “the best God it can imagine.” That was a lightbulb-moment (aka enlightenment of a sort) for me. If a society can believe in the best God it can imagine, why then, so can I! So I do. My best-idea is an evolving thing—-I won’t go into the details here—but I must say I enjoy the freedom of choice.

    So my question again: Is there anything intrinsically wrong (limiting or en-darkening) about choosing to believe in a soul, in a benevolent God, etc.? In other words, is this whole area of “religious belief” counter-productive, or do you believe it to be so?

    Frankly, my impression is, If a belief works for me, I’ll run with it. When I become aware of a belief that doesn’t work—it brings me down, or makes me feel cruddy/confused/angry/depressed etc.—I dump it.

    So that’s what I’ve learned from Holosync-ing, so far. I love hearing from you, Bill, because you are the only person I know who has completed the whole course. I’m happy where I am, even during the map-falling-apart, everything is a muddle, part of each new disc.

    Oh Lordy, that brings up another question: When you are ‘out the other end’ of Holosync, do you continue to go through chaos-&-reorganization periods?

    Thanks for the time you take to continue the discussion with us, Bill.


    FROM BILL: I’m not making a value judgement about beliefs–any of them. Believing this or that does have conseqences, however. Some are related to the specifics of the belief, since beliefs are self-fulfilling prophecies (we accumulate what appears to be evidence that what we believe is “true”). Other consequences are related to a broader consdieration, the fact that all beliefs are just IDEAS about reality, qualities we ASSIGN to reality. All beliefs are made up (unconsciously, of course) by the believers.

    Human beings, though, belief things (in the same way that they mentally divide the universe into supposedly individual things and events). All people do this, awakened or unawakened. Some however (the awakened), do it with the realization that all beliefs are made up. Everyone else creates beliefs under the assumption that certain things are “true” and others are “false” and that somehow you have to figure out which is which. It’s pretty difficult, however, to awaken in the spiritual sense and continue to “believe in beliefs.”

    To believe something because you find doing so comforting is quite common. What, I wonder, would you have to face about reality and life if you didn’t believe in certain things? As I’ve said in many recent posts, all humans are subject to the impermanence of all things, and to cause and effect (which makes you vulnerable to not getting what you want or getting what you don’t want). Maybe, without your beliefs, you’d have to come to terms with these two aspects of being human. To the degree that you did this, what would that mean?

    Alan Watts used to say that from the moment of birth we’re in free-fall, and that clinging to what is falling around us isn’t going to help. People cling to money, things, health, and other people. These things are easier to identify as objects of clinging. More difficult to notice, and more difficult to drop, are the ideas we cling to. Though this includes all kinds of beliefs, two of the more significant are those that ignore impermanence, and those that cause us to believe in a separate “me.”

    There is a Zen koan, “How do you take the first step off a 100 foot pole?” When you do, you have nowhere to stand, nothing to hang onto. The assumption is that you need somewhere to stand and something to hang onto. The secret, though (don’t tell), is that you really don’t need anything to hang onto. You don’t need anywhere to stand. When someone take that step, nothing bad happens. The pole was a mirage anyway, like the things the people in free-fall cling to as if they will break their fall. You don’t really need beliefs in afterlives and escapes from impermanence, and those who drop all this stuff are revered as the most remarkable people on the planet.

  28. Santiago says :

    Thanks Bill,

    Since we are talking about this experiences of oneness I’d like to write about a topic that is not usually addressed.

    In my own experience, I entered the spiritual path fairly young more by instinct than anything else. I started a contemplative path without having any information about meditation or eastern philosophy. I was just a watchful kid. In my early twenties I encountered some info on meditation practices (postures, techniques, etc) and started doing it on my own. This lasted about 10 years (including about 18 months of holosync).

    Then I realized I needed a teacher and found Genpo Roshi (and you). This propelled my growth exponentially and sent me into a state of “emptiness” that lasted more than a year. I’ve had had experiences like this before, but more like glimpses, not permanent. In this place life became more like a dream, an empty place where everything arising was perfect as it was. A blissful everlasting state.
    Nothing to do, nowhere to go.

    However, in this place there is a loosing of the awareness of the world of separate things and events, and a new concept of reality is constructed, the “concept” of oneness, of Nirvana. I got stuck in a place of “this is it” and stopped practicing (why practice if there is nothing to do ? Its already perfect, nothing can hurt me).

    This turned out to be a very dangerous trap. And I believe the reason this happened was because I didn’t have a well developed ego (This is a guess, maybe this is a place no one can scape to get stuck in). Since my ego was quite immature in some aspects, it appropriated the experience as a permit to do whatever it wanted, regardless of consequences. In this place there are no consequences !

    Well of course, this neglect of the relative world, the world of right and wrong, eventually got to me. I think in previous times, the monks in monasteries could pass quickly through this stage because their master was able to see it (he had gone trough it already) and also they lived in a closed environment where the damage could be minimized.

    In my case, I didn’t have a teacher close to me, or followers to protect me, so I fell down pretty quickly and it was to say the least a VERY sobering wake up call, a rude awakening, very very painful.

    When we start to practice we learn to let go of this world of concepts (samsara), this letting go of trying to understand takes a lot of surrender, eventually we get push to the edge of the precipice, we have no place to hide, this is great doubt. Then if great surrender happens, it sends us to the world of no division (nirvana).

    But THEN the next step is to let go of nirvana, because we just found a new way of solidifying the self. We realize that to experience Nirvana we need Samsara, they are one. But even more so, there is no such thing as Samsara OR Nirvana, they are both concepts, empty words.

    And then we feel REALLY naked, there is no Nirvana we can hide behind, there is no Self and there is no No – self. There is only life here and now.

    When I was in “emptiness” there where no barriers so it feels like you are everything, wonderful. How ever we don’t realize that having no barriers also lets ALL the suffering of the world enter our awareness, and the pain is almost unbearable. But because of the realization of emptiness (of seeing that the pain itself is empty) this pain turns into compassion, into love for all things and beings, because they suffer, and they are you. And they suffer because they don’t realize their own emptiness.

    In my case, because of not having a close guidance to help me go trough it, this realization was so huge I almost didn’t survive it. It was pretty close to screwing me up, leaving me in a dysfunctional place. Blowing my mind away to a place of no return.

    I finally realized that this is a new kind of rebirth, I’ve had to diligently start putting myself together again. When you are without barriers all your shadows come up and you REALLY see how screwed up you are and the world is. Then there is a deep desire to spread this realization. But not as a preacher, imposing things on people, you teach by letting this emptiness be, you teach by who you are.

    This is the place where purification really starts, this is the place of true relinquishment, of true surrender. When you let go of Nirvana you can start to purify consciousness in a deeper way. I once asked Genpo Roshi “What do you do when all carrots are gone ?”. This means, what do you do when you realize there is no Nirvana, no enlightenment ?. He said “When all carrots are gone, that’s when practice really begins”.

    And in terms of the soul, I agree with what I think you are saying, there is no such thing as a soul in terms of a solid entity, nothing is a permanent entity. The way I see it, what I can call my soul is this collection of patterns and behaviors stored in my unconscious that manifest in my moment by moment interactions, so when I work on this, I am “purifying” my soul. I believe this purification is creating a wider channel for emptiness to come trough.

    This is scary, because now we are letting go of our conditioning in a deeper way, we are letting go of our preferences (even the preference of not having preferences), now our lives are being truly lived and we stop being “somebody” to become just a channel for emptiness. I see this as really deep liberation, a moment by moment surrender.

    One of my favorite teachers is Shinzen Young, he says that a spiritually mature person is internally surrendered and externally effective, this is an awesome way to live.

    Thanks for putting up with this long post.



    FROM BILL: We were talking about the soul in terms of something that survives death intact and goes on into another body, rather than as the whatever-it-is that you are working on during your life.

  29. Gary says :

    I loved it! Such a fun post, and it helped me understand things a little bit more. Thanks Bill.

  30. Sally says :

    Dear Bill,

    In response to a comment from Mike S on May 7th at 5.14am, you said, “So you don’t think there is any other explanation other than there are individual souls?”. Could you please elaborate?

    Thanks so much for Holosync and the courses. You said once, something like, Holosync users usually find they are achieving their goals by the time they reach the Purification levels and that was exactly what happened for me. I feel very fortunate and very grateful to you.

    FROM BILL: You’d have to remind me of what he was using “individual souls” to explain.

  31. Nancy fox says :

    Bill, Have you been saying that you do not agree with the physicists or theologians that the universe is controlled by intelligent design? That you do not believe that you have had many lives, that you do not believe that we are made of energy, that you do not believe that energy cannot be created or destroyed only transformed, that you do not believe in God, that you do believe that Buddha , Jesus, or Lao Tzu , were not great and wise teachers, that they do not still exsist other than in our heads??? If this is all true Why should any human care if they do right or what we perceive to be wrong, if we just came on the sene as random organisums and will in a short time die then Why should we care? What drives you? Why do you care if you are just going to take a dirt nap??? I really want you to answer all these questions. I thought i understood you, in earlier years, but know i do not. Please respond. thankyou nancy f.

    FROM BILL: That is a wonderful misrepresentation of what I have been saying! (And, the scientific commuity doesn’t believe much, if anything, of what you attribute to them!) But if you need a stick hanging over your head in order to be a good person, that’s alright with me. I suggest reading my series, at the beginning of this blog, about the levels of human development.

  32. Chris says :


    Can I ask what financial newsletters and political info newsletters you subscribe to?


    FROM BILL: The Wellington Letter (Bert Dohmen), Safe Money Report, Elliot Wave Financial Forecast, The Socionomist, Elliot Wave Theorist, Decision Point, The Aden Forecast, The Dines Letter, Dow Theory Letters, The Harry Schultz Letter, Grant Interest Rate Observer, Thoughts from the Frontline (John Mauldin), Stratfor Global Intelligence, The Daily Reckoning, and probably a few others I’m not recalling right now.

  33. carlos says :


    I believe that wether you are Bill Gates, Brad Pitt and Mother Teresa combined in one or you are the biggest loser ever, in the long run, in the big picture it doesnot really matter, 100years from now (which is a blink of time) everybody will be gone , and when you are dead you will give less than a shit how you are remember or if you are remember at all.

    I believe that we are here for a very short period of time and after that, dust to dust. I believe there is no God, no reincarnation ,no afterlife. and yet , I am not sure. I mean if I have to bet I would bet 99% that what I just said is true. but I would still have some doubt. There is not prove of the existence of reincarnation, god etc but there is no prove of the opposite either .

    So I would like to ask you Bill are you 100% sure of these things ( no afterlife , god etc) or do you have some doubts about it??
    ( I am not challenging you or anything I just would like to know what you think)


    FROM BILL: I have the same doubts that I have about whether or not fairies and unicorns exist.

  34. Jeff H. says :

    HI, Bill,

    I’m very new to Holosync only having used the Awakening Prologue for 43 days or so.

    I recently purchased the Awakening Level 1 series and have some questions about using a deeper level of Holosync before having used the previous level for the recommended amount of time.

    1/ To get the most benefit out of Holosync, it is best that I stick to the proscribed schedules or will Holosync merely push my brain harder if I go to a deeper level earlier than recommended? For example, I started using Awakening Level 1 Dive 2.5 two days ago thinking that maybe I will experience upheavals quicker and therefore, growth quicker. Is this thinking accurate or a gross assumption?

    2/ If one of my typical energy-blocking mechanisms is depression and reclusion, how would I know if Holosync is pushing my system beyond its threshold? To date, I’ve experienced no more depression or isolating than I’ve had in the past. I’ve read over and over that there is no possible way for Centerpointe to predict how anyone will react.

    Any thoughts are appreciated.


    FROM BILL: Follow the directions. Let whatever happens be okay. Upheaval is your own resistance and in unnecessary. Call support if you have questions about Holosync or your experience with it.

  35. Money Play says :

    Bill, why is there ANYTHING? It makes no sense.

    FROM BILL: Know one knows why there is anything, or where it comes from. And who said it should make sense? Why do you need it to make sense?

  36. Money Play says :

    And Bill… you say all boundaries are arbitrary, but aren’t all CONNECTIONS arbitrary? I mean sure, if you kill off all the flowers then all the bees will die too, but that doesn’t mean they’re both the same thing! At least I have physical visual evidence that the bees and flowers are separate… All I have is your word for it that they’re really one thing. Or some other “enlightened” teacher’s word for it. I mean, why should I believe that everything is connected when it’s not? Two separate things being dependent upon one another and two things actually being ONE THING are two totally different concepts. What’s up with all that hooplah?

    FROM BILL: They are dependent upon each other. They’re mutually INTERdependent. That’s what’s called a unified field–one thing. Seems obvious to me.

  37. Jeff says :

    Hi Bill; Holosync has been apart of my life for, I guess 8 years now. Just completing Flowering 1. In addition to the Release Technics and your courses (of which I did the first phone courses with you) another thing that worked well for me was Qigong or Tai Chi to help replace the energy that was released form the other processes. The question you answered on the last blog to someone whom seemed very capable but just felt lousy or yucky maybe isn’t managing his energy very well. Just like eating properly and exercising, sometimes the exercise only drains more energy from us. I noticed that when practicing a Release type technic it tends to let alot of stuff go that seems an awful lot like the Healing Technic practiced by Chunyi Lin of Spring Forest Qigong. He says that when you remove energy from the body in this way, that it has to be replaced or who knows what you will pull in to replace it. Maybe our friend is in something of a toxic environment and that is why he is feeling so down. I know you say that it is all internal, but isn’t the external a reflection of what is inside of you? As in using Feng Shui to make external changes to make you feel good internally?

    Sometimes it also building your strength to deal with such things. First you become aware then do what is necessary to let it go, change it or move on. These days I find it better to make ‘it’ change instead of me. I feel so much better inside. Sometimes becoming ‘Aware” only makes you depressed because you can’t do anything about it, but I find that is because my energy level is low and when I bump it up again through nutrition and energy type arts, I feel I have the world by the tail.

    In becoming more ‘Aware” in my experience using Holosync, the earthly needs have to be supported to have that “High Performance” lifestyle. Qigong or Tai Chi is right up there with good nutrition, good hygene, good sex and that most underrated topic “having a good dump”. With these things in place you can reach the best that Holosync can offer, which can’t really be decribed.

  38. Luke says :


    Great post! I like how you lay things out, how you remind people to step into their own power, to take the full responsibility for their thoughts, feelings and actions thus having a choice to create their reality.

    I did have to smile – because it is not the first time you are doing it – when reading the part where you “preach” YOUR own truth. There is nothing wrong with it. There is one thing though that you said in your online course which hit home for me: if somebody believes A they are (always) right. So my question for you is: “Why does it bother you respectively why do you need to put your truth into perspective with the truth of others – for instance that they believe that they can affect everything?” Now I know your answer in regards to the Secret and that it is misleading to teach that you don’t have to do or change anything in order to get what you want. And I couldn’t agree more – part of why I love your teachings. But I am aiming at a more personal level here!

    I mean, there are people out there who can do things which certainly do not fall into what would be perceived as “doable” by common consensus. Why is that? Probably because they believe they can – much as you believe that certain things cannot be changed or influenced. You mention gravity as an example. Gravity may never stop as a force but there are still people who can hover – a form of changing gravity? And looking at the concept of String Theory that everything is eventually made up of vibrating strings that are all connected and affecting one another: How is gravity, the world population and so forth any different?

    Eventually, even having doubts or denying that something is/isn’t possible is a choice. Again, I don’t think that there is anything wrong with making such a choice, as long as we remember that it is just our own perception/truth and therefore does not need to be put in comparison with lesser truths – such as other people’s believes – to be more true!

    Thanks for sharing your truth with the world!


    FROM BILL: Saying that “truth is relative” or “that’s your truth” is a copout in a debate; it isn’t a valid argument. And, I’m not saying that anyone should believe anything because I say it. I’m saying that you should investigate for yourself, and I don’t mean intellectually. Finally, though all viewpoints are partial, incomplete, some are much more incomplete than others.

  39. Catherine says :

    Bom dia from Madeira. Bill, If I could look you in the eyes to say thank you I would dearly like to. I think even a hug would be in order. I’m unable to put everything into words without being long winded and probably very tedious for the other bloggers, so I won’t. Suffice to say, have had what feels like a huge shift in awareness with regard to your statement ‘society drives EVERYTHING’ (from an earlier post). The resistance I was feeling to why things are the way they are has evaporated and peace reigns (for the moment!) Have had to go over a lot of your earlier material and let it fully sink in, something I fully recommend.

    Catherine xx

  40. Irene Kontra says :

    Great approach! I am a student of LPIP and a Holosync user too!! I am looking forward to master all your material from the two programms and read all your articles. I think that you and Centerpoint serve Humanity in best way ever and trying to support people to handle all this cosmic challenges that happens! You prepare core groups of enlightened people to handle all this changes and transformation the human consiousness into awakened level!!

  41. Paul says :

    Hi Bill,
    Logical, there is always now, but, this entire story about present would make a sense only if is true you’re sentence from post: we always have a choice.
    If we can change events, create this now, right now, it would be a possibility of choice. But, there is not. I don’t mean when type of character limits man’s choice, I mean on conditionality by laws of matter. If mathematics, physics and chemistry do not lie, simply, there is no choice. When some atom stands in space and than another atom comes and hits him from his left side, then first atom starts to run in the direction of his own right side, as fast and long depending on the strength and corner kick. With a specific formula we can calculate exactly this movement. If some third atom meets and strikes first atom on his path, actually, first atom than can change path but it isn’t a choice, not even accident, this crash is inevitable act because third atom is leading by same rules and not do this accidentally (‘external factor’ in our society). When we come to cells, we have more complex processes, but all of them are result of mutual reaction of atoms in them. If this process takes place, how can exist possibility of choice, how can any atom (or group of atoms), instead of the right, ‘decide’ to run of the left (it would be a choice)? If my hand take from the table glass of juice instead of glass of water, than this ‘decision’ must bi result of process which takes place according to the principles of law matter (action and reaction of atoms), and as the end result is action of one group of neurons (they are ‘winners’ against those neurons that ‘wanted’ another action) who stated hand in that direction, which we see as a our decision.
    The question is: what would be stated above the laws of physics (our spirit, free will?), and how? In this way (law of physics) past and future are same eternal highway in the night, and while drive car, we apart them, by light of beacons calls present. Isn’t it?
    P.S. When we do some wrong action and after start to think could we, then, act differently, if we are really honest (a rare gift), we always conclude that we didn’t, whatever the reason! But, this is completely another story, of course.

    FROM BILL: Perhaps you have not been reading my posts of late. You have do choice about some things. You don’t have choice about others (impermanence and cause and effect, for instance). And, any choice you exercise happens now. Everything is NOT predetermined. Scientists know that what happens with complex systems is governed by chaos theory, where the outcome is determined by a bell curve of possibilities. One of those turns out to be your choice in the situations where you have choice. Only in closed, linear systems do Newton’s laws prevail.

  42. Catherine says :

    I should probably have said ‘social mood drives everything else’ just to be clear.

    Catherine xx

  43. Elaine says :

    Bill, it is so terrific that you answer our comments! For free! What other teacher does that???

    Flattery aside, here’s how you responded to my previous comment asking for your input on the idea of ‘choosing religious-type beliefs’. I said I found it pleasant & useful to believe (blah blah blah)
    You said: “all humans are subject to the impermanence of all things, and to cause and effect (which makes you vulnerable to not getting what you want or getting what you don’t want). Maybe, without your beliefs, you’d have to come to terms with these two aspects of being human. To the degree that you did this, what would that mean?”

    What if, Bill, I’ve noticed that everything is impermanent and that cause & effect happen, and that suffering is part of the human experience.
    That being the case, which it pretty obviously IS, I ask myself, what next?

    Here I am alive in this world. That’s a choice (I could take a massive dose of sleeping pills). I choose to go on being alive in this world (I think I’m genetically designed to make that choice, but that’s a whole ‘nother subject). At any rate, here I am. What next?

    Is that a reasonable next step? To ask “what next?” ? No matter what I do, life is going to include suffering and end in death, but still, here I am. What’ll I do next.

    So I’m curious, Bill. You’ve come to terms with Impermanence and Cause & Effect. That “Coming to Terms” is a bend in the road. For you, How is the road after the bend different from the road before the bend?

    Maybe I’ve skidded right off the road by choosing to run with some pleasant religious beliefs?


    FROM BILL: I don’t see anything wrong with having religious beliefs. Some people come to a point where the religious beliefs don’t “work” anymore–they have experiences that change their perspective in a way that causes them to need another explanation. If this happens over and over during a lifetime, some people get to the point where they realize that there is no explanation, and that no one really knows what’s going on, why this is happening, or where it’s going. They have to come to terms with that, as best they can, and somehow live in a world where there are no ultimate explanations, and where everything is paradoxical.

    I’m sure I’ll find out more as my life continues, but my impression at this point is that no one even completely comes to terms with impermanence. There is always a bittersweet feeling connected with knowing that your life will, at some point, end. Only if you resist that fact, however, does it create suffering.

    I’m not saying that you should drop your beliefs. I do think, though, that it would be a good idea to examine them. What evidence do have have that they are true, other than that other people share them? What need causes you to hope they are true (did you know that the Old English root of the word belief means ‘to fervently wish’?)? If there were no place to stand, no beliefs to provide a reference point, what would that be like? These are interesting (in fact, challenging) things to ponder.

  44. Elaine says :

    Hi Bill, Thanks for the feedback re “religious beliefs.” I don’t really know or care whether anyone else subscribes to my religious beliefs. In fact, I doubt if any two people on the planet have 100% matching religious-belief packages. Maybe there is a difference between “Belief” and “Choose to Believe.” (“fervently wish” vs “act as if”) The beliefs I’ve chosen have been working pretty well for me.

    Bizarre Experience Department: After reading your feedback to my first ‘comment’ (this is #3) and writing my comments on your feedback (#2) I sat down in the sunshine to do my daily “Thank you God” gratitude routine….but the whole “thanking God” seemed kind of silly. Gratitude, yes, God, no.
    I won’t say I’ve lost my faith, since I believe faith is something we DO rather than something we HAVE. DOing ‘faith in God’ suddenly made no sense. It’s a tool I don’t need at the moment, altho as someone pointed out in a previous ‘comment’, under duress, I s’pose I might go back to “doing faith in God”. Meanwhile, this sudden “not believing” felt quite bizarre, and I wonder how it happened. Oh well.

    Is this an example of a map of reality falling apart? Or atleast that piece of the map I call “faith in my-idea-of-God.” Here I am in chaos again; if there’s one thing I’ve learned from life+holosync, it is how to sit with chaos, with a modicum of patience. And some curiousity. The map will reorganize at a higher level. That’ll be interesting.

    Thanks again, Bill, for engaging with us in these discussions that help us clarify our thinking and apparently, also help reorganize our lil’ maps.

    Best Regards, Elaine

    FROM BILL: When your current perspective doesn’t work anymoe–doesn’t provide you with an answer to kife’s questions–you do go into a temporary chaos, until a new perspecitve apprears that takes into account whatever the old perspective couldn’t accommodate. Won’t it be fun to see how it all comes out!

  45. Elaine says :

    Now I get it! I see what Bill’s up to, with these blog posts! They add extra information which, if our brains have the ability to accommodate it, throw us into (temporary) chaos. Holosync—that great brain-stretcher–gives us the ability to take in new information. The blog posts provide some new information. Chaos! Resistance! More chaos! Until, as Bill says,

    “until a new perspecitve appears that takes into account whatever the old perspective couldn’t accommodate. Won’t it be fun to see how it all comes out!”

    Perhaps this eager curiousity about “how it all comes out” may be the replacement for the old “religious ideas” area of the map (?)

    All the best, Elaine

  46. Santiago says :


    I think I read in a previous blog (in answering a question) that you have changed some of your techings in recent times.

    I see a path like this:

    1. We are miserable because we feel we have no control about what happens to us (our emotional state, the people and situations we attract, our finances, our physical well being, etc)….. Kind of what “Samsara” means

    2. We start to investigate our minds and encounter a huge discovery: we create all those things with our mind, the things that happen in the universe don’t have an intrinsic meaning, we create that meaning and if we see how we are doing it, then our subjective worlds ARE under our control. Furthermore, there is no real separation, there is no self that acts independently, the only actor is the whole and we are it. If we realize this we can be happy, peaceful and successful ALL THE TIME (centerpointe ads). …..Kind of what “NIrvana” means.

    3. Actually, everything is NOT under our control, it’s not possible to be happy, peaceful and successful ALL THE TIME. In order to experience all the wonders of existence we need to experience all the miseries too, Samsara and Nirvana are one and we just have to come to terms with that.

    So my question is:

    How are you coming to terms with it ? I suspect you will say “by being aware”, then the question is. What has this awareness of the unity of Nirvana and Samsara taught you ?

    As always thank you for sharing your wisdom.



    FROM BILL: Good questions, but they are beyond the scope of an answer to a post. Perhaps I will be able to answer your question is a longer post at some point.

  47. John says :

    So, to be awakened is to come to the realization that everything i ever believed is just bullshit?
    But then so is the so called “awakening”.
    Sounds like the Great Bullshit Circle of Life, i’m just suppose to add the bullshit that best serves me in my life.
    Am i close or am i just full of bullshit?

    FROM BILL: I don’t think there is a clear definition of awakening. It is not a belief, however, so the fact that beliefs are IDEAS about the world, rather than hard “reality” doesn’t really reflect on waking up to who you really are. Also, I didn’t say that beliefs are bullshit (though a lot of them are), I said that they are useful and necessary, but you need to be aware that they are made up. Feet and inches are also ideas about reality, as are the borders between countries (and many other things); they are also useful; but are they bullshit because they are just useful ideas?

  48. Michelle says :

    thank you so much for taking the time to respond Bill.

    You say we make internal dialogues but we aren’t aware of them? All we know is we feel bad? Therefore, doesn’t that make it tough, let’s say we are triggered by something we are unaware of, and so we start to feel bad, and we respond by yelling and screaming.. and all we have to do is allow ourselves to yell and scream and watch ourselves? Or are you saying if we “feel” what it is we are feeling, we won’t yell and scream? Or is it both? Or is the awareness of the feeling enough…. and do we have to figure out what the internal dialogues is saying or simply feel it?

    FROM BILL: You create your feelings and your behaviors. You create them, at the most basic level, by making internal representations when triggered by certain things in your environment (something you see, hear, etc.). I am suggesting that you become aware of the internal representations you make, as you make them, and observer the connection between them and the feelings and behaviors that are created. If you do that, you will stop creating feelings and behaviors that do not serve you.

  49. Gloria says :

    Thanks for the great discussion everyone , especially the discussion around beliefs.

    I recently had a dream in which I was lamenting to a well known Jungian analyst that I didn’t feel that I had a good enough grasp of the concept of archetypes. She wrinkled up her nose and said ‘So what?’ I replied along the lines that I thought a thorough knowledge of archetypes was a useful way of understanding people and the way things work. She said (you gotta love it): Sure, it’s a useful map, but THE MAP IS NOT THE TERRITORY.’

    When things appear in my dreams like that, I feel I’m finally getting it! There’s hope for the old gal yet.

    FROM BILL: Hasn’t the Jungian archetype at this point become an archetype?

  50. JAMES says :


    do you think changes in the earth’s gravity freaks people out? If they do then some would all freak out at the same time.

    FROM BILL: There are no changes in Earth’s gravity. Where in the world did you get this idea? Whoops! What’s happening? I’m floating away… Goodbye, everyone…

  51. John says :

    Hi Bill,

    On the wave & ocean analogy, if we are a wave in an ocean now isn’t it possible that we would also become or take on the idea of being a wave, part of but seprate from the whole in one form or another after we die.


    FROM BILL: So you’re going to have ideas after you die?

  52. JAMES says :

    Astrology Bill. When the planets align and that sort of thing.

    I broke my leg just above the ancle last week. The ambulance said I coped well and I even refused some anasthetic to stay more alert.
    When I got off the ambulance seat onto a hostpital bed my leg moved and I got a massive jolt of pain and went into shock. They couldn’t give me morphine because they hadn’t assesed all my injuries but somehow I found a place inside my mind that was calm and peacefull. I noticed the initial burst of pain was in the past and started to calm down. Then they gave me some pain killer and straightened my leg and I got some morphine.
    I managed to stay happy and peacefull throughout the 4 days in hospital. They offered me as much morphine as I wanted after the operation but I didn’t need any of it.
    I kept my mind on what I wanted to happen next and it all happened.

    Hope you like to hear how holosync is helping us, I’ve used it for nearly 4 years.


  53. Andrew Baines says :


    Re “we make internal dialogues but we aren’t aware of them”

    I’ve been helped by the ideas put forward by a group of people who describe their approach as “Human Givens”: that all humans have a basic set of needs and we have mental health when those needs are met.

    One of their ideas is that we behave according to a model they call the APET model. A stands for an activating event in a person’s life. P stands for Pattern matching; that is the process that the brain undertakes when making sense of an event. The brain scouts around in its bank of of patterns for a pattern to make sense of the event. Those patterns are created by our childhood experiences, our culture etc. . E stands for emotion. The matching of event to pattern triggers the emotion inherent in
    the pattern. T stands for thought which happens after the emotion is triggered. They say the brain evolved in such a way that this is our default way of making sense of the territory. The thrust of their way to help is to help people to be aware of their patterns and thereafter to develop patterns that are more useful to them, such that the emotions and thoughts that are triggered are more useful. The trick is twofold: to be aware of the process of pattern matching and then to choose a pattern that creates emotions and thoughts and so behaviours that meet our needs.

    From what I’ve read in these blogs, there doesn’t appear to be too much difference in the underlying ideas of this group and the ideas put forward by Bill.

    I can say that my use of holosync does seem to make it easier for me to pick out the patterns that I’m using to make up the contents of my map and Bill’s work helps in choosing/creating more helpful patterns.

    Generally speaking they would say that it is a basic need of the human to have meaning in their life, a kind of “meta pattern” ,but that meaning can be a choice to be made or an independent entity to be found, depending on what is most useful for the individual at the time.

    FROM BILL: Yes, it is similar. A pattern is a generalization, one of the three things you make with your internal cognitive processes (the other two are delete–there’s just too much to take in–and distort, because humans need the world to be consistent with those patterns). I’m going right to the most creative part of your mind–how you REPRESENT the pattern to yourself. Internal representations are what you use to represent the world to yourself, which in turn allows you to navigate and understand it.

  54. Sam says :

    I think it might be very useful if you could explain some of our patterns using auditory digital as described in your course. It should be pretty easy for everyone to understand auditory digital as one of the ways in which we think, internal dialogue etc. Thanks.

    FROM BILL: I’d rather you investigated your own patterns. This isn’t about knowing about something. It’s about observing what you are doing, as you do it. Start watching, Sam, and quit thinking so much.

  55. Vincent says :

    Hi Bill,
    Relativly new to your programs, (haven’t yet done the life principals, but I’ doing holosync and will soon be moving on to the second level). Still I want to comment on some things from your above blog.

    While I don’t necessarly argee with everything you have to say on metaphysics, you do make great points and are certainly knowledgable and experenced in the topic.

    One thing I would like to relate is how in the above article you mentioned how certain things are outside our control and it is the resistance to this that causes much of our suffering. An event that happened a few years ago illistrates this point quite well:

    I was doing volentare(sp) work that involved working with pre teens. One of the pre teens got extremely upset because of one of the other counslors talking about one of those doomsday shows which have become popular on the discovery chanel. The inctinsctive way I tried to help the young lag feel better was to try to show him that worrying about something like that (the end of the world in 2010) was only upseting yourself for no reason. The world would either end then or it wouldn’t (and I pointed out that there was no realistic reason that the date given by that show would be right) and worrying about it would only make you misrable now without having any effect on wether or not the this dommsday senerio would happen. I spoke of how people worrying about such things was the real danger as it increased the likelyhood of someone doing something stupid that would destroy the world (that insane madman that created the super virus may get his ideas from the paranoa(sp) of other people, for example). I aslo pointed out that he did have the chance to grow up and solve some of the real problems faced by our world.
    I don’t know If I got threw to him but I hope so. I mearly tell this because It shows how the universal wisdom when it comes through (and it will if you let it) will tend to speak on the same things.

    I’d also like to say that I have experenced the oneness and the state of being in the now, bouth of which have been becomming more common since starting holosync.
    be well Vince

  56. Sam says :

    I’m pretty sure that I’m becoming aware of what my own patterns are, however this doesn’t stop me engaging in them. For instance I know that I have a tendency to get drawn into arguments against my better judgement that this action isn’t most likely the best action to take; interestingly recently with holosync I’ve been able to step back and watch myself in these situations and have found that, even though I’m watching and am full aware that what I’m about to do is unresourceful (and even with a little voice from the angel on my shoulder telling me so), I am unable to stop myself from acting although I’m well aware that I’m entering into a pattern that is unresourceful. I think that this pattern of just following what I’ve always done–rather than things I might say or individual actions I might take etc–is what I’m conserned with when I’m asking you about auditory digital. I imagine that these things are true for more than just myself and I wonder if bringing things up like this in a setting like this might be beneficial. You speak of how we can’t continue to do something unresourceful if we’re able to observe it with conscious awareness (what other kind is there) and I imagine that if everyone reading or listening to the blog were to think of their individual patterns of repeating things from the past then collectively we’d notice how stupid it is and the whole fractal if you will in auditory digital would change; we’ve all heard stuff about when something reaches chritical mass that it would change, and this is the closest I can get to a real-world example that’s grounded in experimentation.

    I can witness myself going ahead and doing something stupid, and I can feel a pull to stop before I get myself into some sort of a pickle, however the momentum of that pattern continuing seems to be just too much for me to stop. I will watch myself about to say something for the sake of saying something rather than contributing, and I recognize how every time I do this–say something trivial to fill the void rather than being myself–I say something stupid so I’ll pay attention to watch how I’ll screw it up, and sure enough like clockwork every time I mess something up. There is no need for my comment to keep roling like a bowling ball down a hill, however I seemingly am a glutten for punnishment and won’t just get in front of the ball to stop it. I’m sure that over time my tendency will be to actually get in front of the damned ball and then, after some practice, to start taking purposeful action instead of just repeating the past.

    I think I get what you’re saying though about thinking too much. I find that I always continue and let the momentum carry things where it will if I think about it, because there must be a reason for this and I must follow through until I learn blah blah blah, but when I don’t think about it I find that I am acting as myself and everything goes fine; if I follow the momentum on something stupid instinctually I’ll swerve into something else and take people’s focus off of my stupid mistake, however when I stop to think the mistake (heavy on the stupid) is all I can focus on and I don’t recover.

    I hope I’m not alone in all of this; “I alone am” is a koan to be passed on purpose rather than by circumstance.

  57. Gloria says :

    Thomas Campbell himself says that his Theory Of Everything (TOE) is just a model he has developed, i.e. a map. That is why he calls his book MY Big Toe – he emphasises that this is HIS idea and encourages readers to develop their own theory of everything if they feel the need to do so. In fact TC is saying the same thing that Bill says – find out for yourself – only he has a different methodology.

    I never finished the trilogy – got too much for me. I came to the conclusion about a 1/3 of the way through that anyone can put forward any idea at all and provide a convincing argument for it. His theories and ideas are based on his OBE’s and he seemed pretty convinced that what he experienced was ‘real.’ Undoubtedly it was – for him.

  58. Catherine says :

    Twenty years or so ago I spent a lot of time working with young adults with Downs Syndrome and various other from birth disabilities. There is very little information (at least I can’t seem to find any) regarding the spiritual path if you are cognitively impaired. In fact this is all I came up with -‘lack of cognitive ability precludes any kind of meaningful spiritual life.’ Has this been discussed in previous blogs?

    Catherine xx

    FROM BILL: No it hasn’t. But such things are said by people who think “spiritual life” has to do with believing something, which it doesn’t. The great thing about Holosync is that anyone can listen to it. It doesn’t require that one be able to focus their attention, or that they believe anything. I would be willing to bet that Holosync would benefit a person with Downs Syndrom. If anyone has had such a person use it, I would love to hear about it.

  59. Catherine says :

    Mmmm. There’s a question in me that I’m struggling to put into words very well.
    This is not meant to offend in any way, but isn’t ‘enlightenment’ a bit of a niche market? (I hope you understand what I mean).
    I’m talking with regard to cognitive ability again. If all humans need to progress through certain fundamental developmental levels before realising their true nature, does this not make ‘enlightenment ‘ nigh on impossible if you are severely, cognitively impaired from birth. This has nothing to do with beliefs.
    Am I being incredibly naive?

    Catherine x

    FROM BILL: There are at least two ways to look at “enlightenment” (which is a very loosely defined term, and since few people really ARE enlightened most of those who talk about it remind me of people talking about a place they’ve never been). One would be an embodiment of the transcendent, as when someone is experiencing himself or herself as the whole, not as a temporary experience, but ongoing. The other would be the more developmental view, where one’s perspective broadens and expands as I have described in my series on human development at the beginning of this blog.

    Ken Wilber has a matrix (the Wilber-Combs Matrix) where one axis is the first of these, and the other axis is the second. He then looks at where a person is in terms of both.

    Certainly a person with Downs Syndrome isn’t going to advance through the developmental stages I describe in the blog posts, as they require development in the nervous system that doesn’t happen with a Downs Syndrome person. A Downs Syndrome person would top out at concrete operational–they would learn certain concrete operations (I am not an expert in DS, so I don’t know exactly what such a person is or is not capable of). He or she could, though, have the transcendent experience I referred to above (though they probably wouldn’t be able to tell anyone they are having it, and it would be a spontaneous happening).

  60. Chris says :

    Bill: little off topic here but I wasn’t sure where to ask. Just saw webtv presentation. Good stuff! Anyways, you mentioned something about people in the flowering levels who gave you feedback and you weregoing to show us what that was about. Will this be in your next presentation, or do you have a link of some sort?

    FROM BILL: I will let everyone know when we have these interviews ready to listen to.

  61. Dorel says :

    The reason that I am here is the same with everyone else out there, and to me it comes from the very first question sentence that exist on top of the page, and that is one truth that I accepted.
    Up to now, my unconscious beliefs has screwed up my life, and Bill is kind enough to help me get my life back on track.
    Debating over the issues, would be the very reason we write this post, and I see no need of diverting from the very core Bill has created, and is willing to teach us .
    Bill, could you tell me, please, what is that I focus, or do wrong. No matter what I debate or whom I debate with about, at one point in the middle of the debate people seem to use this “diverting” mechanism, as a tool, and ruin everything.
    Is this intelligence at work, or down right stupid?
    Is this a shadow that I should be aware of?
    I am attracted by it like a magnet.
    It doesn’t get me angry, it practically puts me into a limbo state, the road to no were.
    I get from what you are teaching us, that as long as we are aware of whatever we do, and see how we do it, hopefully we might stop doing whatever we do, that doesn’t serve us well. Diverting!!! is this good, or bad? I see it as a waste of time, and that includes the time that I had to put this down on paper for this post.

    FROM BILL: Why are you debating with people? Is it important to you that they agree with whatever it is that you think or believe? Why is that important to you? Often this happens because a person is unsure of what they think, so they look for agreement from others. Or, you might just be wanting to find like minded people to be with. I would, however, examine why it is so important to you.

    What I think is important is to become aware of how you create your life. This is something I can’t really explain in detail here, which is why I have my Life Principles Integration Process online courses. Go listen to a sample at

  62. Catherine says :

    Thanks for a very clear and most excellent answer.

    Catherine. x

  63. Anna says :

    Hallo Bill! Talking about magical thinkers from “The Secret” whom precisely do you have in mind? Anna.

    FROM BILL: Anyone who implies that you can get things by wishing for them, but without taking action, or anyone who thinks the laws of physics sometimes don’t apply.

  64. Brian says :

    Hi Bill,

    I have a question. You say that all discomfort is due to resistance. So do you think that if any type of sound stimulus to the brain results in discomfort, it is caused by our resistance? I ask this because I recently listened to this other meditation sound that for some reason made me feel really bad. It wasn’t binaural or any other type of brainwave entrainment, and I’m having trouble believing that this is due to my own resistance to upheaval.

    I’d feel a lot better if these feelings were triggered by holosync because I have confidence in holosync. But it’s really hard for me to not blame this other meditation sound as the cause for my feelings. These feelings I have include anger, social anxiety, basically a lot of the feelings I had before I started holosync. My holosync sessions have not really alleviated these feelings yet (it’s been about 3 weeks since they surfaced). I was just kind of having a rough time with this and was wondering if you had any advice or input. Thanks

    FROM BILL: As a survival mechanism, your body is built to resist things that aren’t good for it. The problem is that people make generalizations while growing up that certain things aren’t good for them, based on their childhood experiences–what I have called trauma. This means that resist many things that aren’t really a danger to them. Obviously if something isn’t good for you, you do want to avoid it. But if you’ve made a generalization that all authority figures (for instance) are dangerous, you will resist them, and you will feel bad in many situations where there was no reason to feel bad.

    My point isn’t that you should stop resisting, but rather that you should resist, when that happens, WITH AWARENESS. Anything you do with awareness becomes a choice. And, you will always choose what serves you. If you resist outside your awareness–automatically–you have no choice, and you may be resisting something that isn’t worth resisting.

  65. Sam says :

    Never mind… I thought a congradulations might be in order for your expanding market; also (as I’m an adoring fan) I of course wonder how I might also engage in that presentation. At any rate you can delete these comments.

    The new level is great, by the way, but a lot of stuff is coming up for me.

  66. Chris says :


    If it’s not possible to do something harmful, and do it with awareness…. then really, it’s not a choice when you get more awareness and stop. It’s just a more resourceful response, right?

    I.E., you keep doing something without awareness that’s harmful to you. Then you gain awareness that it’s harmful to you. So you stop. In either case, it’s not actually a choice. Thoughts?


    FROM BILL: When you gain awareness, you are able to choose. With no awareness, things happen automatically. In that case there is no choice. With awareness, you could choose to do something that isn’t good for you, but you obviously aren’t going to do that if you have a choice. If you want to call the urge to make good choices a lack of choice, I guess you’re welcome to do that, but it seems pretty silly to me. You’re doing this because this is just intellectual to you. You need to do the work to become more aware, so you can find out how this works EXPERIENTIALLY. Then you won’t say silly things about it.

  67. Chris says :

    No, no… I’m just philosophizing I guess. It’s definitely an experiential thing at this point. I’m on AL3 so you know I’ve been through the wringer by now with becoming aware of bad choices…. lol….
    I just ponder often what you said about there being no “doer”… and it brings me back to thinking about how much choice we really make and what we really have control over.


    FROM BILL: I didn’t say there was no doer. I said there is no INDIVIDUAL doer.

  68. Dan says :

    Hi Bill,

    I started Awakening Level III a few weeks ago. My experience overall with Holosync has been very good. At times, I have felt euphoric, amazingly peaceful, centered, clear, excited, etc (all great things). But at other times, like now for example, I feel just like my “old self.” Lost, depressed or down, unfocused, not peaceful, unmotivated, etc.

    Why do these fluctuations of happen and what is the best way of dealing with them?


    FROM BILL: Because YOU create your moment by moment experience of life, and you are largely doing it on automatic, without awareness. Holosync makes you more aware, and as that happens you are increasingly able to choose how you create your feelings, your behaviors, which people and situations you attract or become attracted to, and what the events of your life mean.

    The answer to your question is in the support material. You should also call our support department and create a relationship with them. They are your resource for understanding your experience with Holosync.

  69. Dear Bill,

    As a faithful a student, Holosync user and also having done your on line course I listened with great interest to your TV launch and am posting here as my comments are in essence on how we experience past and future. (You may want to move this post somewhere else.?)

    I am a trader and trading/ investment psychology coach, hence as soon as you started with cycles I realised that you had been studying Robert Prechter. I am a long time Elliotitian and can tell you from my own experience that Elliot wave, while it has some validity as all cycle analysis have, it has many a short coming.

    We know that by projecting we make our reality, be it in trading, any other business, and our personal lives. I certainly know this truism from this from personal experience only too well by now.

    Elliot wave, like W.D. Gann derive their analysis of the future purely from past historical data and project that into the future. We know that the past does NOT equate our future. Just like the Buddha’s enlightenment experience is not the same of a person experiencing enlightenment today.

    Energies are speeding up: Shuman waves which resonated at 8 are now at 12 hence our experience of time is speeding up. This creates a different reality for us and how we experience our world and cycles. Market volatility being just one such experience.

    Therefore I would like to put to you that using Elliot cycle analysis as a basis of forecasting our future is flawed as it missed out on some fundamental information available to us.

    Yes, we are experiencing many a challenge and we need to change how we are dealing with life. The old Keynsian system is outdated and the system is having to re-invent itself in order for the human species to continue surviving.

    Evolutionarily we are moving to a new level as a human species, (as one always is of course, sometimes faster, sometimes slower) and this carries with it the usual challenges, chaos, etc, as it is not only us but the cosmos as well all constantly changing and evolving, adjusting.

    Who knows how fast the present process will happen. Ultimately we cannot predict any outcome with any certainty as reality is also changing continuously as we observe matter, (our world).

    So, in a dynamic world with no definite rules, why even attempt to predict something which cannot be prediced with certainty and thus play to the present collective mood in a negative way?

    It seems to me that, with the best intentions of course, that you are stuck in a limiting view and by virtue of this are not furthering, but hindering the natural process of evolution.

    Mercedes Oestermann van Essen

  70. Chris says :

    If you are recommending a book like Conquer the Crash… does that mean you think we are heading straight for an intensely deflationary period? Or will there be a period of hyperinflation before that ultimately hits?

    FROM BILL: I dunno. Read the book and see what you think.

  71. Sam says :

    I find that for the most part that psychotherapy is useless because it only causes us to grow horizontally and it doesn’t really fascilitate growing up at all, unless the client is very much interested in gaining (and maintaining) a higher level of awareness. For instance you can sit in a therapists chair for years, tossing the ball from therapist to client and back again, and continuously work on issues for years; you can bring up things that happened in childhood for years, and continuously go over and over these issues gaining little pieces of yourself. This approach is useful for therapists because the client is continuously dependent on the therapist for continuing practice, and the client is reinforced each time because he (or she) feels that continuing work is being done. If the client were to grow up the therapist would no longer have a viable source of income so, consciously or more often unconsciously, the therapist will keep the client at a certain level of satisfaction however not prompt further growth. The client needs to make a conscious effort to use therapy for one’s own best interest, and many clients are not ready to take their management of care into their own hands.

    I have used eft to create awareness and I think that as well as expanding me horizontally this practice (with awareness) also helps one to move virtacally as well. In other words you can increase your vibration at a certain level by moving outwards and creating more space in your map, however you can also make a virtacle movement and grow up so to speak. Again this takes conscious intention to grow.

    If I do some voice dialogue work on being allowed to speak my own truth for instance, I might speak from my own voice and then do some eft work on the issue. I could say my meditation mantra “I am infinite being” and notice when I speak it to what degree I feel confident in speaking the mantra, and to what degree I am embodying my own voice. I could for instance notice, on a scale from zero to ten, how confident I feel in saying the mantra. Then I could do a round of eft–meaning tapping the points–and say the mantra each time I tap on a tapping point; I might say “I am infinite being” while tapping above my eyes,
    “I am infinite being” while tapping underneath the eye, “I am infinite being” while tapping below the nose etc. I could then do another check in with my mantra by saying it and again noting from zero to ten how confident I feel (one could also determine how confident I sound or how I might look when my body language and posture change with the mantra recitation). Then when I again do the voice dialogue or big mind or whatever template I’m using for theraputic purposes (being that I don’t go into the therapists office for consultation prefering to do it myself) the therapist would evoke a particular voice (we could say, in general, the voice of the self) and do some work with me on speaking my own truth. I’m pretty sure that there would be more space for me to speak my truth after doing the tapping, and that I would probably be more willing to be lead by the therapist to areas in which I could continue growth.

    I find that doing eft on issues like my mantra helps to keep things general and make more space for things to happen, rather than trying to get rid of a symptom of a problem or midigate any stress caused by my own resistence. It seems that the clients willingness to fully participate in emotional healing really helps in this process which is something I take very ceriously (I won’t work with you unless you carry your share of the weight) however this program may not work for many. I just want to put some things out there to perhaps help others to think outside of the box, and maybe stimulate some thought-provoking discussion about some real-world solutions for healing. Let it be said also that much of this work is making space for the awareness rather than doing something to create constant change, and it’s possible that the fruits of this labor won’t be ripe for us for some time; patience is a virtue.

    FROM BILL: If the therapist is skillful and the client really wants to change (rather than wanting to prove that he is right about his life script), psychotherapy can be very effective. As with all things that are effective, if the client becomes more aware of how he creates his life, he creates it in a more resourceful way.

  72. Catherine says :

    Hi Bill

    Have been watching your latest broadcasts (sounds impressive!)
    We as a family have taken steps to minimise the effects of this downturn over the last couple of years, which echo what you have said. We have no debt, no mortgage as we rent houses and have freed ourselves up to travel for a while and live a fuller life than before. We are VERY aware of what is happening in the world and do our best to ‘spread the word’. We are not depressed in fact we have never been happier or healthier as a family than at this moment. I’m not boasting here, just demonstrating that awareness really does improve your ability to see and have more options.
    My question to you would be what drives social mood (seems like we’re programmed?!) and how is the human herd so predictable?

    Catherine xx

    FROM BILL: We are programmed. When danger strikes, people feel the need for the comfort of conformity. The fear of the herd is contangeous. When euphoria happens in the group, no one wants to be left out. Google socionomics for more info about why and how social mood changes.

  73. Catherine says :

    Thanks, I see I have much to read! Smashing.
    I have a theory of my own.
    There really is a group of individuals in power doing their best to create chaos.
    They know all about waves, fibonacci numbers and herding instincts and they use this knowledge to manipulate events towards their specific agenda.
    I’m sticking to this theory for a while as it pleases me.
    What d’ya reckon?

    Catherine xx

  74. Chris says :

    Yes, Catherine…. I was thinking the same thing today. Bill, curious what you think.


    FROM BILL: Not so sure they “know all about fibonaci numbers” etc.

  75. Catherine says :

    Of course they know about fibonacci numbers etc.
    They just don’t want you to know they do.
    These individuals are highly intelligent.

    Catherine xx

  76. tatianna says :

    Dear Bill
    If there is no individual soul and no individual karma and if life is just
    meaningless energy going no where for no reason..So if someone’s life
    is just a disaster or he/she is suffering from some uncurable diseases etc.
    why not just comit a suicite? There should be no individual consequences
    than and as you said it does not realy matter what happens to ones physical
    form because it does not effect the One soul…What is the big deal about
    suicite than? Plese explain..
    Thank you, Tatiana


    If you are thinking about suicide, you should IMMEDIATELY call a suicide hotline and get some help.

    Suicide ends your adventure of life. Ultimately nothing matters. In the short term, everything matters.

  77. Sam says :

    fibonacci numbers are just assuming that you take the sum of what you had yesterday and what you have today, and will accumulate that amount tomorrow if you continue on your increasing trajectory of providing value for the world (this projects the next day’s probable future). The world doesn’t work that way because us humans have tended to allow whatever value we provide to go through flux and flow, and it’s all very shifty and there’s undoubtedly a lot of value out there (derivitives that are projected to fail being sold as winners) that doesn’t exist in the first place. If we were to recite mantras each day we might accumulate merrit somehow, and that merrit is accumulated by way of the formula of the fibonacci principle, but I can’t tell someone who just lost their house due to foreclosure to recite some sort of TM mantra to ensure that they accumulate merrit to get them out of their situation.

    Basically we are all living in ignorance which is the roote cause of all of our suffering–or negative charge if you will–and until we uncover our collective ignorance and take steps to then become aware of how to educate ourselves we will continue to create the same mental formations–or internal representations–which then produce the consciousness that results in our current economic and environmental problems. This chain of dependent origination is very clearly articulated in certain schools of buddhism, and unfortunately very few people in the world really understand how to apply this knowledge to create real-world change. Awareness is the key here to unlocking and passing through this door and it will take groups of us collectively to come together in our awareness to share in this experiment, however until that chritical mass is reached within a society this knowledge is indeed kept to a large degree within a very small group of the educated elite. Those who are of this group maintain practices of awareness to maintain their spiritual disciplin (which can be mastered by way of Bill’s courses) however I don’t think that anybody is intentionally keeping anybody down, or consciously keeping this gulf between the haves and the have-nots wide to exclude anybody.

    We are all opperating under the ignorance and unconscious formations as I described above and as is described within buddhism, and I think that if provided a way out of this suffering into a place wherein we all live in harmonious right interactions with eachother and maintain a right livelyhood that makes one money and is in harmony with the universe, anybody be it the ceo of aig/bp or you and I would choose that path over any other. People choose what is in front of them and, more often than not, what is presented to them seems to be a world of scarcity and lack (even for those ceos who make more in one year than some of us will ever see in our lifetime).

    It’s a crazy mess, but no point in trying to point the finger at anybody purposely creating chaos or things of that nature. That takes a lot of energy, that which could be recycled into productive right action. I have a dream!

    FROM BILL: You obviously don’t understand fibonaci numbers, Sam. And, I don’t understand most of the rest of what you said.

  78. Chris says :

    Catherine and Bill —

    Any chance that these highly intelligent people are benevolent individuals with an eye towards yang compassion and a greater unfolding in mind?

    Or is it as a wonderful teacher once said, “By their fruits ye shall know them….”


    FROM BILL: They are unconscious people who think they know what is best, and are willing to force others to comply.

  79. Sam says :

    Isn’t that pattern 0 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 etc? You take 1 for instance and add 1 to that to make 2, then you add 2 and 1 to make 3, 3 and 2 to make 5 etc? Please explain.

    PS: Understanding is the booby prize; everyone knows that.

  80. Catherine says :

    I’m not really pointing the finger Sam, it’s just a theory.
    However it is not beyond the realms of possibility and what if it is true?
    Should I not mention it and recite a mantra instead?
    I was reading about the herd impulse as recommended to me the other day.
    It says that the only way to overcome it is to know that it exists.
    I think this applies across the board, don’t you?

    Catherine xx

  81. carlos says :

    I think most people in power are corrupted (and I dont mean only the presidents, But the people who are really running the show ) I think maybe they say to themselves that they are doing it for the general good in order to feel better (and being human maybe part of them is) but what they are really doing is keeping the status quo because they are on top. I think they got to the top partly because of their talents and hard work and partly because they screw a bunch of people on their way up.
    I think this happens in almost any society whether right wing or left wing, wether is a democracy or dictartorship.
    I think these people have incredible personal power because they are genetically fit (in a darwin way) and because they went through life pushing , fighting , stretching themselves. I think they see the rest of us as very small. I think they have huge egos and they think that they are going to live forever.

    I dont have any prove of any of this of course and I might be totally wrong


    FROM BILL: I largely agree with you, but I think it’s a sign of declining social mood that many more people are saying what you’re saying. In times of improving social mood the same leaders are revered.

  82. Sam says :

    I think that the goal would be to find out what is important and why to me, say the one in charge. I’m not in charge however the values clarrifier can help us understand their structure more clearly (if there is one). Then we can see what in their value structure we want to adopt as our own and which parts–those parts where they would tend to hord power by moving away or avoiding what they don’t want which is the loss of that power–we could improve apon to make the whole system more harmonious. I think that this group must be highly educated if they’re running everything and, no doubt, these people spent much time studying the mind and how to use mass ignorance to their advantage; curiously Buddhism has done the same.

    What we I think are interested in is a stage development such that everyone has access to the same resources and are allowed to use those resources. Some make good use of the resources by making sure that they flow where they need too, and some try to control this flow of resources and manipulate it to their advantage; these people think that they have god-like powers and can manipulate nature, and those who don’t have this power fear those who do have it (the illusion that is). The oil spill is a good example I think of what happens when these people don’t take their own ignorance into account, and it is our continued lack of awareness that perpetuates this disaster and is causing us collectively to fail to come up with a viable solution. We should mention these types of things when they fauster some sort of creativity however we have to be clear on where our focus is. I believe that this group has one hand of power that it can use and, if we ask for it, this one hand can reach out and offer us some generous solutions for our problems; if we for instance place our awareness on koans we’ll be more efficient at that and, similarly, if we place our attention on the generous nature of the one hand rather than on how it often restricts than it will be encouraged in the persuasion of our focus. What is the sound of the one hand of generosity, and how far does the one hand reach?Zen in fact has a lot to say I believe on this issue, as does Buddhism, but you have to look and find this stuff for yourself (probably hearing it from me so far hasn’t done anybody much good).

    The group of elite is a metaphore as is the one hand and, for much of it’s articulation, so too is zen. It’s all about our collective focus and what we decide to do with it. We’re not deciding so functionally right now, but I still have a dream that one day… Perhaps…

  83. Catherine says :

    Chris, I do think in all honesty that it’s more sinister than Bill’s view.
    They only know what is best for themselves. There is no compassion, empathy or willingness to serve the interests of the human race generally.
    How could there be when you look at the perverse mess that the world is in?
    Ultimately of course we are all responsible. Back to the herd again.
    I cannot and will not go along with illegal wars, mass killings, torture, deprivation, abuse of children……….etc in the name of what? Who? The economic downturn is just a (planned) distraction for these guys! Means they can start another war eventually as history shows, which is very profitable for some ie themselves. Democratic governance is an illusion. We are cattle my friend to these guys.


    FROM BILL: In times of positive social mood people feel safer and therefore take more risks. Those risks ultimately have consequences, and then people feel less safe and begin to take protective measures, and social moods becomes more negative. Most of the things you abhor (I don’t like them either) weren’t on many people’s radar when social mood was positive. The same financial deals were being made, the same power brokering was happening, the same wars were being fought. In times of positive social mood people feel much more okay with whatever is happening in the world. In times of low social mood they are enraged by it.

  84. Catherine says :

    I forgot kisses.

    Catherine xx

  85. ROSARIO from Italy [Europe] says :

    Dear BILL,
    to CAUSE people to WATCH
    it could be better to say to everyone that
    and the only thing possible is “WATCHING”,
    instead to say that
    we will have a CHOICE ?
    “WHO” will have choice ?
    ROSARIO [Italy]

    FROM BILL: I have never said that “you” don’t exist. I have said that “you” is an idea. There is a difference. I have never said that you don’t have a choice. I have, however, said 1) that your choices are conditioned by all the connections you have with everything else–that the self isn’t a SEPARATE self– and 2) I have said that to have a choice you must be aware.

  86. Sam says :

    What do you think about Milarepa? I also like how it was confirmed that the “special” elite do exist; thanks David (do check out that science class though).

    PS: Maybe you could do a blog post whilst speaking from the voice of Milarepa (if you’re not chicken).

    FROM BILL: I will probably do a blog post speaking from the voice of Bill Harris.

  87. Gloria says :

    If we are all one, who are ‘they?’

  88. Catherine says :

    Dear Bill

    I guess you’ve decided not to post my reply to Chris. You have however posted David’s comments which are rather easier to dismiss with ridicule for the mention of evil spirits. I think that’s called throwing the baby out with the bath water isn’t it? Interesting.
    Talk to me Bill! (Feeling rather cheeky lately)

    Catherine xx

    FROM BILL: Just too busy to look at all the posts lately.

  89. Catherine says :

    I see you have posted my reply. My apologies for jumping the gun.
    I understand about negative social mood highlighting ‘the things that you abhor’ but it is not the only factor surely. From a personal point of view my mood is very positive and the reason I am noticing more of the goings on in the world is because I have much better access to information thanks to the internet. This is so key as never before have we been able to communicate information in such a way.
    Twenty years ago people didn’t have a bloody clue!

    Catherine xx

  90. carlos says :

    I think that probably the reason people in the US are starting to say these things about people in power is because the economy is really bad. I think money is the number 1 value in mainstream America . I think all the other values wether god, religious values , patriotic values or moral values are subordinated to the #1 value – money.
    As my uncle once told me ” Everything that produces money good or bad exists in America . Everything that does not produce money good or bad it does not exist in America ” So when the economy is good people are happy and when they heard about poverty and wars they try not to get in there.


    FROM BILL: And money follows social mood–not the other way around. Social mood drives everything, and it changes on its own–not in response to external events.

  91. ROSARIO from Italy [Europe] says :

    FROM BILL: I have never said that “you” don’t exist. I have said that “you” is an idea. There is a difference. I have never said that you don’t have a choice. I have, however, said 1) that your choices are conditioned by all the connections you have with everything else–that the self isn’t a SEPARATE self– and 2) I have said that to have a choice you must be aware.

    Dear BILL,
    AWAKENING means to SEE that there is
    “NO DOER”,
    but just a SPONTANEOUS happening.
    CHOICES exists when there is an “I”.
    “I” is only a concept, and concepts can’t do nothing.
    “WHO” can have a CHOICE ?
    ROSARIO [Italy]

  92. Sam says :

    Are you saying that all social mood is a result of our common vibration? You’re saying that our social mood–in escense our kinisthetic vibration–dictates everything even down to our economical situation? This is a rough representation of the lower left, and I would tend to agree with the model, however I think that we’re all neglecting how easily that could change. People don’t want to take risks when social mood–our social economy so to speak–is low as you say, and they regret the risks that they’ve taken when social mood was high and risks were readily affordable options to generate progress, however what about taking risks when the social economy is low? This might be a prime opportunity for those who will take a risk, whether it be in economics or any other field; it depends on how you chunk down the map.

    I could for instance improve my social status by taking more risks with other people in being open and intimate in our interactions, and this would increase my own personal cultural social mood (reflected in the lower left) to make it more reinforcing to me to take such risks in the future. Odds are that the lower left quadrant of my experience would merge with the lower left of the culture around me, or we could say resonate with it, so that I feel that risky things–trying to get a kiss–aren’t really “risks” but part of life and are acceptable things to do (as is blushing about this). I may not have my own lower left to merge with any other, and perhaps I don’t understand the map, however we perhaps can see how little actions can lead to big change over time; with the awareness of quadrants this is much more readily understandable, and I’m doing a sloppy job of it. We can see how our own personal changes can effect the culture around us, and we can adopt certain ways of thinking and acting that precipitate our success in our increasing awareness leading towards success. When others feel bad–see the depression–some individuals have turned those times into fruitful harvests of great rewards for many generations (look at Napolean Hill.

    There is a herd mentality for a reason, because in groups people don’t know what to do, thus things like zen and the like were created. I ask things like “when the world–this world or any other–was created what was god (the creator) like” to entertain myself, and I now more than ever think that perhaps it’s more than just entertainment. Enlightenment was built for these times. It seems a bit crazy to me (probably because I’m working on taking risks) but more often than not most new things in life tend to seem that way.

    I don’t know what success “looks like”, “sounds like”, or “feels like” but I won’t stop asking.

    FROM BILL: I said nothing about “common vibrations.” I have no idea what that is.

  93. Sam says :

    You say that social mood drives everything, which I assume (and we know what happens when someone assumes) means the state of the social atmosphere. This means that as a social group people are driven by the common impulse of the group or, as I am perceiving it to be, a common state of being that the members of the group are somehow resonating together with; perhaps akin to a common frequency. When people are driven by fear that is a state, and we can reflect different responces to fear by tracking the movements of the lower left quadrant in different groups. You’ve written about these groups a long while ago when writing of the spiral and meems, and the vibrations of individual groupings relate to increasing vibrations of energy reflected within the spiral. People often respond to fear by following the herd impulse because when in fight or flight mode it’s usually resourceful to conserve energy by simply following those around you rather than using energy on cognition or strategizing, and different cultures react according to different vibrations or cullers of the spiral (I believe there are also numbers that correlates with these). For those who no longer react with fear we don’t follow the kinisthetic, but rather let the energy go and either choose to follow the herd due to cognitive mizoring or follow our learned strategies or training; let it be said though that we often fall into the fear and it’s not to be said that certain people have “graduated” from the fear altogether. Fear sucks as a common vibration and it doesn’t foster much creative thought or risk-taking in the way of revolutionary thought, and it truly doesn’t make much sense. We have to go through it to learn, however hopefully we learn sooner rather than later.

  94. Sam says :

    ROSARIO: The “who” is melirepa. If you know about big mind, have fun speaking from that aspect. It’s not real and also unreal.

  95. michelle s says :

    Whether or not there are ‘unknown’ people and forces in charge, it doesn’t make a difference to most people’s lives-unless we are in 1984 or a Handmaiden’s tale.
    If you can do something about suffering, your own, or someone else’s do it, if you can’t try to figure out a way to do something. Learning how to apply these priniciples for daily living is a good benefit for me. People are people and there has always been corruption, as well as good. That’s how I see it and it works. I appreciate reading everyone’s comments. It’s always good to learn from others, whether the learning is kept or let go is a choice that everyone can make.

  96. Mike says :


    Would you say that a holosync user may experience enhanced qi flow, as they refer to it in qigong and martial arts? The reason I ask is because I used to practice tai chi when I first started Holosync and then came back to it recently, two or so levels later, and already I am feeling more “energy flow” as it is referred to….

    Your thoughts?


    FROM BILL: Yes, I do think this is exactly what happens. You are certainly not the first person to notice this.

  97. Gloria says :

    Rosario, You may be interested in a book called ‘When Fear Falls Away’ by Janice Frazier:

    She had a similar spontaneous awakening to Eckhart Tolle and Byron Katie (although she had been involved with a Siddha Yoga guru for 13 years prior). The book is about how she experienced and navigated life before and after the awakening and how it feels on the ‘inside.’

    What makes this book so helpful is that she was both a very ordinary woman with kids and a professional wordsmith before the awakening. During her ‘settling in’ period after the event, she was conducting creative writing workshops and sharing her insights and experiences with workshop members who were being deeply affected by her writings. They persuaded her to publish them.

  98. ROSARIO from Italy [Europe] says :

    A GIFT for everyone.
    Enjoy it.
    ROSARIO [Italy]

  99. Peter says :

    Regarding the energy flow, I had the similar experience as you, Mike. I also used to practice tai chi before I started Holosync and after doing it for a couple of months the leading man said to me that he feels that much more energy flows through me. And He didn’t know that I was meditating at all. That was a nice surprise for me, because I wasn’t sure then if anything had been happening for me due to my use of Holosync.


  100. Michaeletta says :

    This information I am taking in from the blog is very new to
    me and I am a little bit confused. When you say there is no
    past, does it simply mean, that even though things happend to
    us in the past, it creates a reality in our mind that makes us
    respond in a certain way in the present? Since we can only
    live in the present moment, I undertand it to mean that we are
    no longer in the past, but acting as though we were.
    Is this correct understanding?

    FROM BILL: Can you point to the past? Can you touch it? Can you see it? Can you pick it up and hand it to me? The past is an idea, a memory, a certain way neurons in your brain fire in order to create a picture in your head we call a memory. The past exists only inside your mind. It’s is a useful idea, but it’s just an idea. In the real world (as opposed to the MAP of the world you have in your head, which does include this idea called ‘the past’) it’s always now.

    Another useful idea that people think has a reality beyond just being an idea is “me.” You have an idea of who you are, an internal concept of who you are. This idea of me, however, is scrawny and partial. It’s a charicature of the real you, which includes billions of cells doing all kinds of things, billions of ongoing electrical impulses, muscle contractions, secretions, etc., and all the interactions you have will everything else in the universe. Little of this is part of what you think of as “me.” “Me” is a map of yourself, and as with all maps, it can’t really contain the whole reality it represents.

    The past is the same–any “past” you think about (because that’s all you can do–think about it–you can’t go there of do something in the past) is a very limited and incomplete map of what once was a here-and-now reality.

  101. Mike says :


    it seems to me (and this is admittedly speculation) that the wave may fall back into the ocean of no-self and yet, in spite of this, somehow reemerge out of emptiness with the same basic constituents it left with, like those things that constitute the self we think of as ourselves. and maybe some memories of this process (the former experiences, and if aware enough, the drop into emptiness) as well.

    your thoughts….?


    FROM BILL: That’s what you’d like to think, isn’t it?

  102. Michaeletta says :

    Tank you.Mr Harris, for your quick response to my question.
    Your comment makes sense.

  103. ROSARIO from Italy [Europe] says :

    ROSARIO [Italy]

  104. Catherine says :

    Dear david

    I didn’t mean that you should be ridiculed!
    Your experiences are unique to you and I very much respect that.

    Catherine xx

    FROM BILL: And my point certainly isn’t that David’s experiences are “wrong”–I’m just wanting him to see the difference between his experience and his interpretation of his experience.

  105. Gloria says :

    Bill. would you say that ultimately all resistance is the fear of letting go of our self-concepts, even the ones that are hurting?

    FROM BILL: Good question. I think there are several reasons why human beings resist. One is that when we’re growing up all parents to some degree communicated to us–often indirectly–that certain aspects of ourselves, of other people, and of life are wrong, bad, inappropriate, etc. To be seen as okay by our parents we have to comply with what they want (some, of course, resist these attempts at molding, but those people’s lives are still a reaction to what their parents wanted–just a negative reaction).

    To comply we have to suppress or disown certain normal human qualities, or see them as wrong when we encounter them in others. So we learn to resist certain things as a way of appearing to be okay to our parents.

    We also resist the two things I’ve talked about a lot on this blog–the fact that everything is impermanent and ultimately ends or falls apart. And, we resist the fact that we will, a certain portion of the time, not get what we want or get what we don’t want. Both of these-impermanence and cause and effect–are built into life, so resisting them is a losing proposition. Certainly there are things we can do to mitigate them to some degree, but the idea that if we fight against them hard enough we can stop them from happening is a particularly futile form of resistance.

    One of the things I see in long-time Holosync users (or, decades-long Zen practitioners) is that they relax all this resistance, which brings an innner peacefulness. This is partly what I was getting at in my series on this blog about “Seeing things the way they really are.” When you relax your resistance and stop fighting against what can’t be defeated, it changes your life in a remarkable way. This doesn’t seem to be something you can just decide to do, however. It generally requires persistent spiritual practice. What I like about Holosync is that within 5-7 years it can bring you to the same place that with other methods takes 20-30 years or more.

    And, quite often, those who use other methods, such as Zen, for instance, don’t end the first kind of resistance, the resistance created by the right and wrong judgements learned from parents. This is one of the big breakthroughs brought to the world by Genpo Roshi in his Big Mind process, which combines spiritual insights with a healing of these disowned shadow parts.

    So in a sense you are correct, Gloria, that our self concepts are involved in resistance, whether they are concepts we learned from our parents and our culture, or concepts we have about cause and effect and impermanence–that “it shouldn’t be this way.”

  106. Mike says :

    Well, I must admit the idea is alluring, but that is hardly the point. What I’m suggesting is that it is “possible”. That doesn’t mean I think we should dogmatize it or make it our belief, but there is something to be said for not closing oneself off to possibilities?

    And then there are Tibetan Buddhists. I am aware that you find (and I do as well) much magical thinking within Tibetan Buddhism, but I am curious how you explain the phenomena of the choosing of a child as the reincarnation of a previous “master”. I don’t know if you saw the documentary “Unmistaken Child” or not. I went into it quite skeptical but came out allowing room within my skepticism for the possibility of something that I could not explain through logical means or experience.

    Do I want to believe that all this is possible? Yes, of course. Does that mean it isn’t?

    FROM BILL: Anything, I suppose is possible, but I don’t think this is. Before the Dalai Lama was intruduced to the West, the Tibetan Buddhists thought the moon was a few hundred miles away. Their society had not reached the rational stage of development the West reached in the Renaissance.

  107. Gloria says :

    Thanks, Bill. Awesome response. It certainly fits with both my childhood experience and my experience with Holosynch and Jungian psychotherapy, which has a great emphasis on integrating the shadow.

    I have been using Holosynch for 7 1/2 years and one of the things I have been noticing increasingly is that I am actually seeing the resistance as its happening and understanding more of what you are saying – that this really is the point of power.

  108. Chris says :


    For most of my life, I just can’t seem to get going until around 6 or 7pm in the day. I’m on al3 cd3… and a lot of other problems have gone away by watching them…. but this one, I just can’t seem to get a handle on. No idea what causes it. I’ve tried diet, watching it, caffeine, you name it. I just don’t feel like doing anything until early evening.

    Of course, I make myself get out of bed and go to my job and do the things I need to do, but really, my self just wants to lay around all day until this time. Maybe a strange question, I know… but do you have any suggestions?


    FROM BILL: I would consult a physician. This sort of thing is regulated partly by the fluctuation of cortisol levels throughout the day.

  109. Jem says :

    Dear Bill,

    Firstly I would like to say I have great respect for you & big thank you for creating holosync. I have been studing spirituality ever since I can remember & have been meditaing for just as long (on & off) I am now on level AW level 3 (cant wait for level 4 where I hear it gets very exciting), & I have to say I am so impressed with the product & I can’t thank you enough for creating it… thats my big up Bill bit :-).

    However, I find some of your philosophy, dare I say it rarther naive (or at least intolerant). Sometimes I think you are a prisoner to your own philosophy. For one, you seem to have a great respect for science, & being a scientist myself (both of phycological & physical), I am hard pushed to see how certain you are about certain assumptions you make. What I mean is that science states absolutly that they don’t have a clue! All science is giving us, is the best posible (logical) explenation that we/they (the person with the hypothesis), has come up with up-to-date/ can come up with (and they have to convince the world thus is so), with the data we have. And as you say its a good map of reality that we can work with (& is extremly helpful)/or was), but is not by any means reality.

    For one you have great respect of Gempo Roshi, who states in his own words that “Big Mind” stems from his guides (old Zen Masters). However you state there is no seperate self/soul. I acknowledge freinds can disagree with each other, how do you guys agree to disagree on this?

    I beleive in magical thinking & indeed the secret follows magical thinking. Magic states that you can influence life through non-pyhsical means. Casting a spell is the same as focusing your energy (intent if you like), followed by (or with) deep meditaion focused on your out come/visualization (using the very powerful forces of the universe helps as well angels/nature spirits/demi gods or & yes ………I will say it faries :-). It works, any one who casts spells knows this, however what the greatest benefit of holosync is, is awareness which only makes you more powerfull in spell casting.

    I know & have always known that spell casting is, if you like for the apprentice The open mind is the power source & when you know this fully, words or rituals become obsolute. However i could on……bla, blah, blah

    What I would like to say to all you magical thinkers (me being one :-)) Check this website out for alot of truth

    There is more to this life than beats the eye , do not let any one else tell you other wise. Youll lose magic otherwise.

    With Love,

    MasterJedi :-) x

    FROM BILL: Okay, you’re a magical thinker. Good luck with that.

  110. ROSARIO from Italy [Europe] says :

    Dear JEM,
    PLEASE download and read this BOOK

    ROSARIO [Italy]

    P.S: BILL is saying the TRUTH.

  111. Catherine says :

    ‘ I can think of just one thing I have changed in what I’ve been saying for the last 20 years. Pretty much everything else I say today I find in what I was writing back around 1990. What is that one thing? That there are things in this life you cannot control (impermanence and cause and effect). I used to say that if you can control your mind you can control your entire experience of life. That, I think, is an illusion. You can exercise enough influence over things to have a hugely successful life, IF you are aware enough, but some things you just cannot control. Though everything else I’m saying today I find in my earlier writing, I certainly understand them and embody them at a much deeper, more personal level now than I did then.’

    I’ve copied part of an answer you gave from an earlier post. As magical thinking debates continue on the blog, could you elaborate on how and why your thinking changed?

    Catherine xx

    FROM BILL: I became more aware and saw things I wasn’t aware of before.

  112. Chris says :

    Hi Bill,

    I’d like to create a forum for Holosync users. It’d be a place where we can interact and share experiences, and I’d really like for it to be a place where you can connect with other holosyncers for social outings, and possibly even for business expansion or hiring. I dunno. There’s all sorts of possibilities… I just know that holosyncers are cool people and they need to get together! :)

    Before I buy the forum software (because I want it to be the best!), I wanted to get your permission. Ok to go? I will link it with centerpointe but make clear that we are independent. Might free up some of the “chatter” posts on your blog too! People need space 2 talk…….


    FROM BILL: You don’t need my permission to start a forum. And, there are, I understand, Centerpointe forums out there already, though I know nothing about forums and don’t frequent them.

  113. Jem says :

    Thank you :-)

  114. Sam says :

    I think that with regard to magic Bill’s talk about the “buy-in principle” really helps to put things into perspective. In a culture wherein the existing structure is a closed system wherein no new information is let in and no new revolutionary ideas are let out, such as that from Tibet before the Dalai Lama came to the west, many people buy in to the idea that everything that isn’t accounted for in that system is magic. For instance they’ll talk a lot about Melirepa which seems to explain the chaos and reorganization that their culture cannot account for, however it turns out that Melirepa was just a clever trickster who knew the laws of the universe (or the internal map of reality if you like). I don’t think that the Dali Lama would look very highly on us using the old magical thinking of Tibet to try and solve our current world problems, no matter how loyl he is to that culture and solving the particular problems that he’s sworn to take care of. He might encourage us to play with Melirepa only as an exercize in discovering what internal representations or strategies we use, however this is only like Genpo speaking from the voice of the Buddha; what comes out seems like magic when you buy in to that way of looking at things however there are other explanations.

    Now with the advent of the internet and big mind we I think know too much for magic to be the order of the day, however you can have fun with it if you buy in to that idea and find others that do the same. Nevertheless I would be very careful in casting magic spells and the like because, even though I’m aware that this comes from superstician and there’s no basis for any bad effects in my oppinion, these sorts of manipulations can have intense psychological consiquences. We are all interconnected within a matrix that makes us all interdependent, meaning that we all effect each other, and although no magic may be the fruit of your labor harmful consiquences may very well be. If you ask Genpo’s koan (master are you in, are you awake) the master may be found to be in in deed, however is that master awake? Wait… Listen… Didn’t think so. :-)

  115. Catherine says :

    I think I shall stop asking questions and stick to the headphones.
    Perhaps that’s what you’re implying with that most UN-elaborate answer.

    As ever
    Catherine xx

    FROM BILL: So if you don’t like the answer you decide not to ask more questions? Perhaps you should sit with my answer until you see how much information it contains.

  116. Michaeletta says :

    Is it possible to be born an extravert, but be programed
    by parents and /or grandparents to be an intravert?

    FROM BILL: Absolutely.

  117. David says :

    Dear Bill,

    what’s the value of knowing when you get told that it’s believing?

    Some things never change (on a smaller timeframe such as a lifespan) while others cahnge all the time (such as what you believe).

    But I would draw a clear line between knowing and believing.

    Can you see any value in this thought?

    Best Regards, David

    FROM BILL: For me, “knowing” has to do with observable facts, such as that massive bodies fall toward the earth when dropped, or that oxygen has eight protons, or that the Empire State Building is in New York, or that you frequently overeat.

    A belief is something you think is true, but where to confirm that belief you selectively chose the facts you use as evidence. For example, if you believe that it’s difficult to make money, or that no one likes you, or that you will fail at something (or succeed) you will 1) attract or become attracted to certain people and situations that will help you be “right” about your belief, 2) you will interpret what happens as evidence, even if there are other possible explanations, and 3) you will act in a way that make your belief come true or seem to be true.

    When I said that your comment about evil spirits was magical thinking, I was in part saying that you picked that as an explanation (#2 above) when there are other possible interpretations.

  118. Catherine says :

    Can’t hear you, got me headphones on……….

    Yes, I do see what you mean. Really I do.


  119. Peter says :

    Hi Bill,

    I’ve got a question regarding chaos and reorganization. I’ve been using Holosync for 2 years and now I’m on AL3. What I have noticed in the last couple of months is that for most of the time I feel that I’m in the state of chaos. It’s a strange experience because everything seems to be relative for me and I’m not sure anymore what is important for me or where am I going in my life. Often things just don’t make sense for me and it’s hard for me to stay motivated about any particular subject. Will it be that way for the whole program or will there come a moment when I will begin to feel more stable?

    I need to add that there are moments when I feel integrated and everything make sense in a much deeper way than whenever before. And these times are quite nice. The chaos parts also aren’t that bad because I resist them much less then when I started using Holosync but they are just strange.


    FROM BILL: This is what it’s like on the fast track to expanded awareness. The self you thought you were can’t handle the new awareness, so it is thrown into temporary chaos. Then, a new self reorganizes and you feel stable. Then that self is thrown into chaos, and on it goes. For me, this was very disconcerting. It had to happen several times before I said to myself, “Okay, I get it. This is going to keep happening.” At that point my resistance to the chaos periods diminished quite a bit and as a result they didn’t bother me so much.

    What I later realized was that the self I thought I was was just an idea I had about myself anyway. I thought I needed that sense of self to have something to hang onto. Eventually I realized that a) there wasn’t anything real there anyway, and b) it wasn’t true that I needed it (though I certainly thought so at the time).

    These reorganizations always lead to something better because each one leaves you more aware. Because awareness creates choice, each one leaves you with more ability to choose your life. And, eventually, that phase of the changes ends and things become much more stable. Trust me, going through this will be SO worth it. And, the sooner you can just stand back and watch without resistance, the sooner it will become easy.

    Good question.

  120. Michaeletta says :

    Can programed intraversion be reversible? Is there any way
    to tell which one you were really born with?

    FROM BILL: Awareness is the solution to all human problems that have a solution. To the degree that you are aware of your programming, and can observe it as it operates, including the consequences, you will stop operating in a pre-preogrammed way. If you want to learn how to do this, 1) use Holosync and 2) take my Life Principles Integration Process online courses ( They are temporarily 1/2 price.

  121. carlos says :


    Is programing ( negative or possitive) stronger than genetics?


    FROM BILL: I don’t think anyone knows. They are both strong.

  122. Gloria says :

    Thanks for the great questions and responses everyone – really helpful. I can vouch for what Bill says about the resistance to the chaos eventually diminishing. It is happening for me at long last and life is getting easier exponentially.

    Thanks Rosario for the link to the John Wheeler free ebook – his language is much plainer than a lot of non dual teachers, who treat the pronoun ‘I’ like its a virus.

  123. Santiago says :

    Hi Bill,

    In all this discussions we get into about enlightenment, I’m curious about your interpretation of this statement. I once heard Genpo Roshi talking about his own teacher Maezumi Roshi, Genpo said his teacher used to say:

    ” I’d rather be deluded “.

    What do you think he meant ?



    FROM BILL: I thought I was the one who said that. It was Maezumi Roshi? Damn. He’s talking about ordinary mind, a beautiful place to end up. We’re all ordinary human beings, doing our best to navigate our lives in a world where we often get what we don’t want and nothing lasts. There’s no escape from that (though if you’re aware you can choose more of HOW you do it) and there’s no way to NOT be deluded. Maezumi just knew that this was true and was okay with that fact that this is the way it is. It’s also called, “Returning to the marketplace with hands hanging down.” (The title of the last of the 10 Zen ox herding pictures describing the stages of waking up.)

  124. Tim says :


    I am a holosync user (awakening level 2) and an LPIP student. I had a recent breakthrough thanks to you, your product, and to your blog – which is stunning to me since the only reason why I joined was because I felt a need to cleanse my body!

    You see I am turning 40 soon and thought it wise to cleanse my system. So I purchased several detox health programs like ‘liver cleanse’ and ‘rapid detox’, etc. Over the course of one’s life one tends to accumulate lots of stuff and some of it is has to be bad, no? For an analogy just look in your basement! Got junk? Got mold?

    So I also thought I should try something for my mind. So, um, what’s the stuff in your head? Sticking with the basement/body analogy, is it boxes of rubbish? Bad memories? Bad feelings? How are you describing your life to other people? Do you tell them you’re happy? Healthy? What would a blood test reveal? Lots of white blood cells? Or everything hunky-dory?

    I was heading east (in more ways than one) on a bus while listening to your lesson #4, a.k.a. THE time line therapy with Laura, when I realized I personally impose a kind of block to all that I experience, a block revolving around shame and fault.

    Nothing, I repeat NOTHING to me and my perception of life was a 1 for 1 representation of reality because before it could reach my mind’s eye I had already distorted it to “how can I screw this up?” or “what’s wrong with this picture” or “how can I find the shame in what that person is doing ?” or “I am wrong in all ways, trust me baby, so they are wrong in all ways.” This was automatic, almost instant. Well, not almost. It was instant with no time delay whatsoever.

    These were all projections of myself because I thought I was those things! I was deficient! I was bad at school, wasn’t I? “I am stupid and weak and wrong and deficient” became “why is that person, right there in front of me, so deficient and stupid and weak?”

    This was pure away-from mental technology at its worst. It was systemic of my elementary school experience – I was deficient, almost left back a year, caught cheating in third grade on the multiplication table for god’s sake, had poor grades beyond, which I let become poor relationships.

    One devolved into the other. Black became gray. White became gray. I became an adult. Nothing doing for a long, long time. Job. Wife. Kids.

    And over the years I learned to turn it in to a defensive mechanism of shutting down and in to being intimidating to other people so I wouldn’t have to interact normally… didn’t want to show my stupidness.

    So… I offered the world a 250 lbs scowl from hell. DONT MESS WITH ME. Yeah, I got huge and muscular then huge and fat! And seemingly less in touch with reality by the pound.

    Instead of seeing a spade as a spade I saw self doubt, albeit my self doubt , ugliness, and wrongness. I have been jokingly accused of living in my own world. My high school year book says I am most likely to “still be pissed off”. Get the idea?

    I didn’t. Not then, anyway.

    Delving deeper led me to realize I have been quite sinisterly looking for blame, shame, and imperfection in all things. Why? Because I had, what was to me, some seemingly traumatic experiences growing up with poor school results. And the adults around me probably resorted to some bad parenting techniques from yesteryear.

    But at some point we have to take responsiblity for our behavior and for our actions just like we have to take responsibility for our basements overflowing with junk or rain water because… it is ours! And stagnant swamps with crap and junk floating in it is unhealthy and dangerous, no?

    Bill, just so you know, my subconscious sherpa to you has been Voltaire. He once said, paraphrased, “In all the things that we describe we merely only describe ourselves.” This has lead me to wonder and to fascination for a long time about humanity, but never to self awareness.

    Enter stage left: Bill Harris, a gentle soul talking about the fallacy of The Secret while I was surfing the web about cleansing. Only I didn’t know it at the time. One thing led to another and now I am hooked.


    Much of my life has been shame based: shameful feelings followed by self inflicted punishment which oddly lead to decent accomplishments (you suck, work harder!), but it is not quite the same thing now as peace, is it?

    Be well. And thank you!


    FROM BILL: Great insight. Life-changing, I’m sure. But keep going, because as you continue there will be many more, each deeper than the last.

  125. Sam says :

    It seems to me that tasting enlightenment is sort of like tasting carrot juice. You don’t really think it would be all that good, and you can’t really buy into the idea of appreciating carrot juice just because everyone else does because you can’t describe it without tasting it, however when you’ve had the real experience of tasting it you’re pleasantly surprised (at least I was). And after you’ve tasted it you can’t go back to being uncertain about what it’s all about; carrot juice I mean, not enlightenment.

    FROM BILL: Carrot juice can go bad pretty quickly. Then it really starts to smell.

  126. Peter says :

    Thanks for your reply, Bill. It’s exactly the way you are describing. There is a part in me that thinks I need some concrete idea about myself to hang onto. When I see that this idea is something made up by my mind and it’s plastic and constantly changing I begin to feel that something is wrong with me. Most people around me seem to have quite stable ideas about themselves, the world, what is important for them and so on and being around this people feeling that I’m not sure who I am and what things mean is very strange and sometimes I feel like a freak. But maybe I am becoming more and more sane and they are “freaks” who don’t know what is going on.

    I trust you that going through it will be so worth it and quite frankly it often already is. But there are moments when the faith I have in your words is the only thing that makes me going on.


    FROM BILL: In Zen we call that certainty about our idea of who we are delusion. What would it be like to realize that all your ideas about yourself are just smoke, and to be okay with that? No idea about who you are is true. So what?

  127. Peter says :

    David, I understand what you’re writing very well. I also have this safety issue in my life and I’ve been fighting with it for a long time trying to change myself desperately. This way I achieved nothing but more frustration. I took me about 2 years to understand what Bill says about this watching (still, I’m sure that I’ll get to know it better in the future). I realized that will power really doesn’t work in changing my way of thinking and acting. I think that to some degree it works but what makes the huge difference is awareness. This realization helped me to relax and become more calm. I’m not trying so hard to change anything but when I see that somehow I’m creating the results I don’t want I just decide to watch this process. And it works great because things that doesn’t work really begin to fall away. I’m not saying that my life became absolutely wonderful and every area of my life works perfectly but some little changes happen in my life that I was dreaming about when I begun this program.

    I think that what helps me too is the constantly growing acceptance of all aspects of myself even the “ugliest” ones. It’s very important, in my opinion, because you can’t watch how you’re screwing up your life if you don’t accept that you do it. And I think that we, people who are on our spiritual path have a crazy belief that we shouldn’t have in ourselves these immature aspects. I know that it is true in my case and to be frank I became interested in personal and spiritual growth partly because I wanted to get rid of all this “shit”. I’ve seen lately the “Big Mind, Big Heart” process on DVD and I realized that I’m trying to win the fight that can’t be won. For example I’ve always had a “damaged self” part in me and what I was trying to do was getting rid of it, destroying it, letting go of it or whatever you call it. My aim was to not have it inside me anymore. I watched BigMind and Genpo Roshi was speaking to the voice of damaged self. Than I realized that I’ve been disowning this part of me and this way I was a victim of it. I understood at last that I need to own it and embrace it so it can mature. But what is also very important I need to accept that there always will be an immature damaged self in me and sometimes I will act from that voice, at least potentially.

    So David, I encourage you to watch and be patient – everything will get easier for you just as Bill says. By the way I know that Bill talks about my question in the supports letters. I read them a couple of times. I just wanted him to answer it here, because sometimes he uses different words to describe the same thing and it helps me to understand it better. In fact, I think that Bill has answered all the questions we ask him on this blog many times (this is probably one of the reasons he is so good in this stuff) but it always helps to hear the answer one more time.

    Best regards,

  128. Gloria says :

    Hi everyone, been following this discussion with great interest and thought I might add my two bits worth. I have come to the very clear awareness that suffering is a choice. I see it in myself and in others. I guess I have known it intellectually for some time but a recent incident made me see it in full bloom so to speak. What made this recent ‘seeing’ so potent was that I could see exactly what I was doing and what I thought it would get me. In other words, I became aware of how I was creating the situation and why. Still, there were several weeks of denial and resistance to actually digesting this.

    I have come to the conclusion that all suffering is an attempt to either get what we want or avoid what we don’t want. Maybe that is too simplistic. Time will tell.

  129. Laurie Gillis says :

    Dear Bill,
    I have been a Holosync user for about 8 years now, and I just want to thank you for creating one of the most influential things I have ever come across in my life. Holosync has helped me to relax more, to sleep better, to enjoy life more, to feel a deeper appreciation of All That Is, and to survive some very difficult emotional events. Thanks again for all you do to help others.
    Laurie Gillis

  130. Samuel says :

    Dear Bill, Im thinking about taking your LPIP courses, but im just wondering who “Kate” is? Thank you / Samuel

    FROM BILL: She is someone I have trained to answer student qustions (via email) for the “Gold” tier. With the Platinum tier, I answer your quetsions. With the Gold tier, Kate answers the questions. With the Silver tier, you have access to all the questions from others, and Kate’s and my answers, but you can’t ask questions. Kate is very good.