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Is it really possible to get 6 months of growth in just 5 days?

by / Monday, 04 February 2008 / Published in Uncategorized

Everyone wants to improve his or her life in some way. You wouldn’t be reading this blog, or be involved with Centerpointe in other ways (Holosync, my online courses, and so forth), if you didn’t want to improve your life–and  if you didn’t think that what I offer might help.

I have one very potent resource that I don’t talk about very much. From a business standpoint it isn’t a big money-maker, and it occupies just 10 days of my time each year. This resource gives you, though, the greatest amount of personal contact with me, and–based on the feedback we get from those who take advantage of it–the fastest, deepest, and greatest amount of change.

So let me ask…if you really could get 6 months of growth in just 5 days, would that interest you? What if you could pack so much insight and so many personal ah-ha’s into a few days that you experienced a huge breakthrough? And, as a result of these insights and ah-ha’s, you really did experience a significant positive change in your life?

This is exactly what happens at Centerpointe retreats. In fact, quite a few people, at the end, tell us that they experienced not six months of growth, but six YEARS. So, because a number of people have asked me lately about Centerpointe retreats and what happens at them, I thought I’d tell you about them.

Besides all the other benefits people get, these retreats are a great way for me to meet you in person (and, for you to meet me–and a pretty amazing staff of internationally known teachers I’ve assembled), so I can work with you in person. And, you also get to meet a lot of other people who are using Holosync and deeply interested in their own growth, and you’re very likely to become life-long friends with several of these people.

At any rate, our next retreat is April 8-14, at the gorgeous Glen Ivy Hotsprings and Spa. Usually by a couple of months before the retreat we have it filled, often with a waiting list, or at worst have only one or two spots left. This time, however, we have several spots open because (I now realize) a lot of people decided to attend a retreat based on what I wrote about them in our now-defunct newsletter, Mind Chatter.

So if you’d like to experience a real breakthrough about yourself, how you create your life, who you really are, what it’s all about, and a lot more, or finally resolve an ongoing problem or challenge–or just want to take your life to the next level–this next retreat might just be the place where it can happen for you.

One thing that contributes to the huge shifts people have at these retreats is how safe people feel. Most people, on the first evening, look around at all the other “strangers” and feel their normal protective walls and insecurities. But within another 24 hours they begin to feel something many of us have never experienced: a feeling of complete emotional safety, and a real connection with the other people, a feeling of deep rapport. “These people are, in many ways, just like me, and I can trust them.”

As a result, people open up and show others who they really are. No one has to do this if they don’t want to, but I’ve discovered that almost everyone secretly wishes they could. When you get in a situation where you really can, it’s a huge relief. Until you get in a situation where you really can be yourself, you don’t realize how much energy you spend hiding the real you from others, presenting yourself in a certain way, and being concerned with what others see and think. The stress of doing this is enormous, but we’re so used to doing it we don’t notice how much effort we put into it. No wonder a lot of people feel exhausted a great deal of the time.

At a Centerpointe retreat, you can be yourself, and I can’t tell you how good it feels to do this, AND be completely accepted for it. It’s an experience few people have had, and somehow we’ve figured out a way to help you have that experience. And, this business about showing who you really are is contageous. Once one person does a little bit of it, someone else feels safer doing it, and pretty soon there’s this collective sigh of relief and everyone is saying, “Wow. I can just be ME–and, everyone accepts that real me.”

So that’s one reason to come. If that was all that happened it would be a great reason for coming to a retreat, but there is a lot more.

Of course we listen to a lot of very powerful Holosync at the retreats–several hours a day. Becauase you’re in a group setting, we can get away with listening to some pretty potent stuff (special soundtracks I’ve created just for the retreats). If you listened to the same Holosync by yourself at home for three hours a day and it would be too much, but in the group environment, it’s possible. This ability to go really deep in your meditation is another reason why people have huge breakthroughs at these retreats, and many people come mostly because of the Holosync.

Then there’s all the information I share with you. Every morning I talk to you, sharing what I think will help you see yourself and your situation in a new way, one that will help you more effectively navigate your life. Based on the evaluations people give us, most people find this information very entertaining, practical, and insightful, and a lot of ah-ha’s happen. Plus, there’s a lot of room for you to ask questions, and some of the best learning comes from the questions I’m asked.

And, since I’m also into something new, the retreats are one of the main places I share the new ideas rattling around in my head. You’ve probably heard CDs of some of my talks at past retreats, but each retreat is different, and I never know exactly what I’ll share until I open my mouth and start talking. It depends on you. And, there’s something different about being there in person.

You’ll also learn from some very innovative experiential processes led by some of the other superstars on my staff. If you’ve been reading this blog for long, you know that I see the growth process of one in which you are immersed in something–some way of seeing yourself, some way of thinking, some way of making sense of things.

Sometimes this way of seeing yourself and the world gets to a point where it doesn’t work very well anymore, usually because your environment and your ways of dealing with it don’t mesh any more. Something changes, but you keep dealing with things in the same way. Sometimes this old way is left over from childhood, and hasn’t worked for years, but you are so immersed in it, so unconscious about it, that you don’t see how you’re messing yourself up.

The processes we’ve created are designed to put you in fun little situations where you see these things in a new way or notice things about yourself you’d never noticed before. These insights allow you to move from being immersed, from being unconscious about whatever it is, to suddenly seeing what you’re doing–and how it’s leading to certain outcomes (including how you feel from moment to moment) that you don’t like and don’t want.

You move from being it (whatever it is) to having it, which means that you finally have control over it. It becomes a choice. Believe me, this creates huge shifts.

And, these dumb little games and processes are FUN. Though they stretch you a bit, you’ll enjoy them.

One of the people who leads these games and processes is Dr. Beverlee Marks Taub. Dr. Bev has been my friend and colleague for over 20 years, and was involved in the creation of the original Holosync technology back in the 1980s. She helped me create the first support material, much of which we still use. She is one of the most amazing transformational therapists and coaches anywhere, with clients all over the world.

I’ve seen Dr. Bev create huges shifts in a person in one therapeutic session, even with issues that had defied treatment by other therapists and counsellors. If you need a breakthrough, she’ll be available to help you get it. And, her “games’ are one of the highlights of each retreat.

Another retreat staff “star” is Doris Laesser Stillwater. Doris is one of Europes premier transformational psychotherapists and leads retreats and workshops all over the world. She is, quite frankly, one of the most highly evolved people I know (and I know a few). When she get ahold of you, huge changes happen. You will probably fall in love with her, in the most cosmic sense of the word, as so many people have at retreats. You can sense Doris’s deep. loving compassion for you, and believe me, this has quite an effect.

Then there’s singer/songwriter/performer/comedian Michael Stillwater, a winner of the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. Michael is simply amazing. His music is a kind of delightful glue that holds the retreat together, and he is SO SO SO talented you’ll wonder why he isn’t on television or more famous in some way (he will be). I’ve never seen anyone use music so skillfully to create euphoria, tears, happiness, transcendental awareness, laughter, gratitude, and love.

Michael is able to compose songs, in the moment, that sound as if he’s been writing them for months. What’s more, he’s one of the funniest people I know. He spoofs me and Centerpointe in a way that has people rolling in the aisles. Michael has a way of helping people tap into the deepest parts of themselves with his music and his presence, and I know you’ll find him to be one of the most amazing experiences of your life (and I really mean that).

I’ll also take you through Genpo Roshi’s mind-blowing (literally!) Big Mind process, where you actually experience the transcendent state of awareness usually spoken of as enlightenment. I’m not saying you’ll be enlightened just from this process alone, but you will experience a transcending of the separate self, which is a huge achievement (and an incredible experience). It usually takes decades of meditation to have this experience, but Zen master Genpo Roshi has created this amazing shortcut, and it really works.

Not only that, in this process you also have many other insights about yourself and gain a whole new clarity about who you are and why some parts of your life have been difficult–and how to allow them to work, finally. We will visit some parts of you in the process that typically create huge shifts, where it’s possible to let go of lifetimes of shadow material.

And, there are several other truly amazing things we do at the retreats, but I don’t want this to get too long, and I have to save something as a surprise. I’ll just say that you will go home a new person.

The retreats are great for me because, first of all, I learn a lot from you and the other people. And, I get to meet you face to face and find out more about what you need and how I can better serve you (which is very useful information to me). I am always amazed at the incredible quality of the people who use Holosync, and I always feel very grateful for the people I meet at these reteats.

On the last evening we have a big celebration and concert (with Michael Stillwater as the main star), and one of the funniest “talent shows” you’ll ever see (I’m sorry you missed the singing of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy in Korean a few years ago–which actually turned out to be AMAZING). This celebration brings everything to a climax. By the end, everyone is so high, and feels so connected to everyone else that no one wants to go home.

I promise that you’ll leave a Centerpointe retreat renewed and changed. If there’s something that has been difficult for you to resolve in your life, or if you know it’s time to move to a new level in your growth, this retreat could be the turning point, as it has been for thousands of others.

So, if any of this sounds good to you, we have a few spots left in the April 8-14 retreat. If you’re interested, you’ll find all the particulars at I’m going to send something out by email to all Centerpointe people very soon, but I wanted to give those of you who read this blog a shot at these remaining spots first, as a way of thanking you for reading the blog. So if you want a spot, go get one right now, before I open this up to everyone and they all get snapped up.

And, very soon I’ll post my answers to various questions you’ve asked in your comments to past posts. Then, I’ll finish my series on developmental levels by discussing the highest developmental levels.

One more unrelated extra before I let you go, especially for anyone who has a business, or wants to have one. One of my good friends, Marshall Thurber, has agreed to make a very special offer to Centerpointe people, and I want to briefly tell you what it is. This would apply to anyone who wants some truly inside, cutting edge secrets about how to create a truly extraordinary 21st century business.

Marshall is a true genius, and has a huge list of accomplishments–way to many to list here. He was a friend and protege of one of the greatest geniuses of the 20th century, Buckminster Fuller. A lot of people consider Marshall to be Bucky’s successor. He was also a student and protege of the great W. Edwards Deming, best known as the architect of the “Japanese Industrial Miracle” and the main proponent of Total Quality Management. Deming was one of the top business gurus of the 20th century, and in many ways Marshall has carried on his work.

Partly from his association with these two, and in many other ways, Marshall has become one of the top business visionaries in the world. Robert Kiyosaki, of Rich Dad, Poor Dad fame, was one of Marshall’s students, and many people think that Marshall is the “Rich Dad” in the famous story. Kiyosaki taught a very famous seminar Marshall create (“Money and You”) for many years before he wrote Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

Tony Robbins was also one of Marshall’s students. I’m one of Marshall’s students. Ben Cohen of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream was one of Marshall’s students. So are Harv Eker (Millionaire Mind) and Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul)–and many other well-known and very successful people (I met Stephen M.R. Covey at one of Marshall’s seminars).

I’m sure you get my point: Marshall is a super-teacher and a legend who has taught many other well-known and very successful people.

At any rate, Marshall teaches a two and a half-day seminar called Success Secrets of the 21st Century. I’ve been to this seminar (three or four times, as a matter of fact), and I thought it was so powerful that as a result Marshall and I became business partners for a while and I helped him get thousands of people into this seminar. Success Secrets of the 21st Century contains some of the newest, more creative, most cutting-edge ideas about how to run a business today–whether it’s big or small–that I’ve ever seen.

Plus, Marshall is world-famous for the way he teaches and presents, too. He creates an experience you will never forget, I promise, using games and stunts and cutting-edge “superlearning” methods, and several other innovative and interesting methods you may have never seen, but will love. These methods are designed to allow you to walk away will ALL the information Marshall shares with you, so you can go out and use it right away.

This seminar is regularly $1500.00 (and worth a lot more), but right now, for this one seminar on February 7-9, you can go for half price–just $750. Considering what you’ll get, and how much Marshall will change the way you look at business, this is a huge bargain. For more information, and to register, go to

And, don’t forget about the Centerpointe retreat! Come! I want to meet you!

Until next time, be well.

31 Responses to “Is it really possible to get 6 months of growth in just 5 days?”

  1. Larry Rudisill says :

    I went to one of Bill’s retreats at Glen Ivy in 2004 I think was the year. It was a highlight experience in my life. It was also the only the second time I had been to California. The first time was when I was 16 years old in 1974!

    I didn’t leave “cured” ( LOL ) but I left with a lot more information about myself than when I arrived and I left knowing that my experience of myself had deepened. It was also great to meet Bill and Dr. Beverly and all those of Centerpointe that were at the retreat. Katie Sparks was new to Centerpointe at the time and I met her and Heather, both great women. I have wanted to attend another one ever since. I plan to manifest the $$$ again to go again someday. My ideal would be to attend one every year. My super ideal would be to attend 2 per year. That’s how much it meant to me. There was a lot of information from Bill’s talks but the thrust of the retreat was in the value of the meditations and other experiential parts of the retreat.

    If you can go then go. I highly recommend the retreat for all those with the means to go. You will leave having made a big impact on your personal growth. And you will have met a bunch of great people.

  2. Al says :

    Dear Bill,

    The Retreats sound fantastic, but you don’t have to sell them to me – really, I mean it, they sound great and unbelievable experiences, and I’d absolutely love to attend one sometime.
    So, what’s stopping me? Simply the old £££s (or total lack of them I’m afraid!). Please don’t misinterpret this as me for one moment suggesting that the Retreats don’t represent great value for money – I’m sure they do, but it seems to me that no one ever takes into consideration the additional cost for those living outside North America (i.e. for me, as someone living in the UK, this would mean the extra cost – and time – of a return transatlantic flight). Sure, I could of course go back to my old ways of simply putting it on my credit card, but as I’m trying hard to be disciplined and get out of debt, I don’t think this would be wise.
    Indeed, I hope you will forgive me for saying that at times it seems that us Centerpointe participants outside the US are often overlooked. Another example of this being the numerous “free” tele-seminars we are invited to listen into – they’re not free if you live “abroad”!
    The front page of the Centerpointe website states that “Hundreds of thousands of people in over 172 countries have used Holosync to make dramatic improvements in their lives” so how about sometimes doing something in one of the other 171 countries?! I know it’s not practical to cover them all – but I’m sure I would not be the only one who would welcome the opportunity of attending a retreat in their own continent, and thus also benefitting from 6 months (and more) development in such a short time.
    My best wishes and sincerest thanks to you for giving so much Bill, and very much hoping to meet you in person one day,


  3. marilyn says :

    Hi to you all,
    I just wanted to reply to Al (above). I live in Scotland and agree that it would be lovely to have a retreat in the UK but I can understand perfectly why it isn’t practical for the team at Centerpointe. Perhaps a way around it would be for Centerpointe to offer training courses in how to run their retreats for foreign nationals who would be accountable to Centerpointe. This would help those living outside the US but would also keep the integrity of Centerpointe intact.
    What do you think

  4. Emilia says :

    I envy all potential participants to retreats living in USA – and I SUBSCRIBE to above Al’s comments and request : Bill, If you could just organise (one) retreats in Europe, I’m sure (make it in UK , or where-ever is convenient for you in Europe ) and I’m sure many of us living in Europe would LOVE to attend it !
    Why , for ex., cannot attend the retreat in USA ? Because a trip to USA would take a hell of time for me, which I cannot afford because I have a business to manage, which doesn’t allow me to be absent more than one week maximum – and I do have a lot of biz trips around for this 1 week…

    I know, I know what you will answer me ( I saw your earlier reply for Charlie ) – you’re right, it IS important for me and my priorities, and I plan to do it some day, (soon I hope ),if you don’t make it in Europe…

    But another important point which would be fulfilled for europeans in case of a retreat in Europe, would be that we ‘european-holosyncers’ would meet and hopefully will be able to organise sort of keep-in-touch meetings with some eurpoean teachers you could recommend us…
    Because, if I may say, I (we) feel a bit like ‘niddles in the hey’ – and I would appreciate together-activities, like you, guys, are doing in US.

    Maybe we could organise a ‘european-holosincers-community’ , with some activities ? Hmm …? – what do you think Al ? Bill ? others from europe ?

    Best to you all,

  5. Meredith Bolland says :

    Hi Bill
    How I agree with Al !!! (Feb 5) – I live in Perth, Western Australia, the most isolated, but absolutely beautiful, capital city in the world, so we miss out on a lot because of our geography. Perth is a stunning city with superb venues and natural beauties & I know a lot of people from Australia and neighbouring countries would attend a retreat here – Singapore is a 5hr flight away. So please, pleee…ease consider other continents / countries for your retreats.
    Cheers, Meredith :)

  6. Thabiso Barbara Molefe says :

    I’m in South Africa, and just wondering if you have any travelling packages for people outside of America who would love to attend the retreat? I just by the way would to thank you for the insight and wisdom that you impart to all of us. You are a real Godsend, Bill, and would love to attend this retreat. If I can’t I’ll just continue readin your blog.

  7. dd says :

    If there was Yoga I’d be sold, and if you are looking for the right Yoga instructor, give me a call! :-)

    Playfully Yours,


  8. Peter Judd says :

    re. long distance charges for the conference calls, try some of the computer to phone services like Gizmo, Skype, Mediaring, …
    Try a web search like ‘computer to telephone calls VoIP’
    I use Skype alot, with a few imperfections. It keeps our L.D. phone costs way down since we live on a small island where everywhere else is a paid call.

  9. ivan says :

    Just thought I’d say how refreshing and exciting it is to hear other ‘holosyncers’ in the UK are keen to create some sort of ‘local’ community.
    I’m sure there’s a way, and support (or at least dialogue/discussion) from others journeying along the same path of personal improvement could be very resorceful, fun and indeed liberating.
    Whaddya think folks?

  10. David says :

    I’m with Al too haha. I’m in New Zealand, and a retreat in Australia would be quite alot more realisitic than one in the U.S. I’ll be interested to hear your reply to us international holosyncers about potential retreats in other continents. Thanks for everything Bill all the same, awakening level 2 is fantastic…bring on the future levels I say! haha
    David :O)

  11. Garth Greatheart says :

    HI Bill,
    The thought of being able to talk and share experiences with holosync with people from all over the world is so exciting. Unfortunately, this experience is only for those who are priviledged enough to have the financial ability to take advantage of your wonderful offer. Have you thought of setting up a subsidy program to assist those of us who can’t make it to these retreats because of financial hardship? Or are we just being left out. I sure would like to think that Centerpointe wants to make sure that it can bring us together to enhance our experiences. Just a thought. Garth Greatheart

  12. Sue says :

    Hi to all those who from the other 171 countries find the pinch in being able to access funds to attend a retreat. This is the first fime I have found this site and it is giving me a huge sense of being able to find myself and other such as me but cannot attend due to lack of funds. I have now been reading for the last 2 maybe 3 hours and feel uplifted by what I have read and am trying to glean as much from the writings as I can. Can we (uk residents) with a feel for this and the knowledge that this is what we need, somehow enlighten each other, support each other in our growth by sharing our experiences.


  13. uniquesoul says :

    In 2002 Bill organised a retreat in Australia. I was new to Holosync and was also travelling overseas at the time. So Centerpointe has already organised a retreat outside the US. It is my understanding that the retreat in Australia was a resounding success.

  14. Jennifer says :

    I’m also with Al on this one too, I mean, there is that holosync website supported for Australian and NZ holosyncers.. I also want to experience this growth too. I understand there was a holosync conference in OZ a couple of years ago.. Maybe Bill and co could do an antipodean trip again?? :)

  15. RAB says :

    Hi Everybody,

    I thought I was the only 1 with a yearning to attend the Retreats, but I see that I have more company than I could have imagined.

    I’m in South Africa (“Hi there Thabiso”) & with our power cuts & other economic factors having a negative impact on our currency, attending a Retreat is a dream.

    South Africa is a beautiful country & with other currencies,esp. the pound, being so strong against the Rand, I believe that almost everybody would be able to attend a Retreat in South Africa.

    Until then, I’ll also have to make do with the Blog.

    Thanx Bill for educating & enlightening us on how to make the best of ourselves.

    Hoping to meet you someday!


  16. Lauren says :

    Speaking of support networks outside of the US, I’m based in Sydney and wondered if anyone knew of any groups or forums where support and discussion can be accessed outside of Bill’s blog. I’m sure there are like minded souls living around the corner for me, I’d just like to know who :-) I’m also heading over to the retreat and can’t wait!

  17. Carna says :

    I live in New Zealand , I would love the opportunity to share in one of your retreats. However it is impossible at this stage BUT I am so enthusiastic about the training I am getting every day from your wonderful Holosync, I even enjoy revisiting your cds of older retreats. Thanks so much Bill for your great gift. Love reading your Blog. Onward and upwards eh what!! Soon I will not be able to recognise myself. Regards, Carna

  18. Steve1271 says :

    Lauren says:
    Speaking of support networks outside of the US, I’m based in Sydney and wondered if anyone knew of any groups or forums where support and discussion can be accessed outside of Bill’s blog. I’m sure there are like minded souls living around the corner for me, I’d just like to know who :-) I’m also heading over to the retreat and can’t wait!

    Lauren, I discovered a terrific Holosync forum run by Powerful Intentions and the members are very supportive and helpful to one another. The moderators of this particular PI site are Elon and Pat Graham Block, and the URL is http:// The experience level of the posters goes from newbies to Purification Level 1, with most of us being somewhere in between. Hope to see you there.

  19. Carl says :

    This is not just skepticism but in my honest well read and experienced opinion: you can’t really get 6 months of work done in a feel good find out about yrself week. I’ve been studying psychology, off and on, for over 10 years now, and these things don’t work. Being told what is happening to you doesn’t fix or stop what is happening to you. You need time and the help of a guide to find out what you are doing specifically and why you do it specifically and how to catch yourself doing it and stop yourself from doing it, whatever the it may be, from your relationship with money to your relationships with people, to the way you talk to yourself inside your heads. Anyone who comes from a dysfunctional background has more than one pathology to address. The most you can hope for, from these get aways, is a little fuel to keep the engines running and keep things moving forward, if in fact you are moving forward at all. Self assessing is great, to some extent, but to really get to the bottom of your problems and the many pathologies that are now in place to help protect you from what you were never aloud to dare to think, or feel about yourself, others, the world, etc, you have to do a lot of work to change the many behaviors, prejudices, habits, perspectives, self identities that support who you don’t want to be. It’s a lot of work and being told what to do and why to do it is not the same thing as understanding, for yourself, who you are, what you’re doing, why you are doing it and what you can do instead. No 5 day retreat, or get tough with yourself hard look weekend, is going to fix anything like that. People are not built this way. You take a life time of adjusting and arranging your lives around your pathologies and support yourself and your world view with everything you bring into your experience, from people, to music, to topic matter, and your whole life, the one built to protect who you are today, is not going anywhere because of five days of informative experiences. Unless you’ve got a near death day camp out their, I doubt most information you can bring forward will have an immediate effect in changing key behaviors. It’s not just the the individual themselves that need information and understanding, it’s the whole field, in which they live in, that needs to be addressed and dealt with. Anyway, I hate these trumped up experiences, that are organized around so called effective experiences / information, that only hold sway for the short term. It takes a minimum of 3 weeks to break any habit, so how can you help people and change their lives forever in 5 days and promise them 6 months growth? After the experiences start to fade, so do the instructions, enlightenment, etc. The individual starts to naturally reorganize the information and experiences into things that are acceptable and or not for the individual and their comfort zone (pathologies). They are left with a highlighted memory, but few actual, if any, new behaviors and again, just fall back into the safety and comfort of their already well established life patterns. Too many people are looking for a short fix in life and too many people are standing in line making promises that are unrealistic and ineffective. They’ll go off for the 5 days, find out what their doing, what they should be doing, and it’s their responsibility to fix what their doing, and that they can fix it, if they can just do, understand, see, what you tell them to. But guess what, what you are telling them to do, see, feel, be, won’t work, because it’s not what their instincts are telling them, their gut. People need a professional to help them test and evaluate a new set of experiences, sensitizing them over time, so that they can slowly weave themselves into new interpretations of themselves, their experiences, motivations, perceptions. This needs to be done over a designated period of care, to help the individual truly understand their part in manifesting all of these negatives and give them the time to test the unsafe ground of a healthier way of living. Time, trial and error, understanding and hard honest work slowly produces a person who has been uncovered by themselves. And through that journey, the experience of that journey itself starts to build the self esteem, confidence and desire, to take and manifest a new path, world view and identity of the individual. Once tried and true, a new life filled with new experiences becomes something that fells like a new layer of skin… comfortable.

    Anyway, I’m sure the 5 day seminar / retreat wont hurt, but am also sure it’s not going to fix things, it might, if anything, give you the strength to make the decision to start to look for help.

    : )

  20. Kat says :

    Hi Bill & Everyone,

    Ahhh, a retreat sounds wonderful. Last year I was finally able to MAKE myself take an actual vacation that didn’t include visiting family. It was GREAT and something I’ve decided to invest in every year! As a small business owner, sometimes time and money can make that hard. But if I have a specific goal in mind, I know I can make it happen. I would like to see what Centerpointe might have planned for the 2009 Retreats. Gives me more time to find that extra “time & money”!

    Joy to all!


  21. TonyM says :

    I have been at the retreat in Australia in 2002. They were actually two retreats one after the other so Bill and his team was there for about three weeks. I too live in New Zealand and it was easy just to travel to Queensland where the retreat took place.

    At that time Bill said that he might plan another one in Australia in three or
    four years or so. So far nothing has developed to my knowledge.

    from Wellington

  22. Helen says :

    Just adding to the Euro holosyncers voices – it would be lovely to have a retreat over here (hey Bill – Genpo Roshi does retreats over in Europe can you guys work something out?) :-) or failing that then any more general UK/EU-based support group or activities would be of great interest.

    Thanks for everything

  23. kazik says :

    Ivan and anyone else from the UK… I too would wish to add my support to getting involved in creating support this side of the pond..

  24. Em says :

    I thought i’d jump on the bandwagon too… an Aussie living in Switzerland(!) – any prospects of a European retreat would have my full support too :)

  25. mohammed says :


    Im wonder if the retreat will be effective in the country like where I live ( palestine ) the place you can not plan for 2 hours in it becuase of ongiong truamatic events . but through my reading at least I discover that many littile things you can do to make the live less complicated .

  26. David Brown says :

    Hi Bill, another UK participant who would be glad to be involved in a discussion/chat group in the UK. Pass on our own pesonal experiences and share our growth with one another as we all travel along the holosync path. Dave

  27. Caja says :

    Hi from Denmark from a 1 month newbie. I read Bill’s post and thought yeah yeah – retreat in the US; in my dreams … stumbled on a well known resistance..
    so yes a retreat in Europe would be very nice. Wonder if there are others from DK.
    yours sincerely Caja

  28. Dear friends

    After following a trail of self help sites similar in ways to Bills , I find myself wondering ! Why do we need anything more than the core ability to reach the levels of mind that are promised by listening to the cd’s and doing the basic practice of repetition etc.
    The original promise was that if you purchase and use the program that you will access and be able to control your destiny or realise your life mission or recive the answers we seek !
    Why should we need more than this ?
    I am a seeker myself and mean no disrespect to anyone whos aim is to introduce people to a better way of being , but why does accesing these abilitys not show us our own way forward ?
    Is the self help industry using over zelous advertising and why do I have to own a credit card to achive enlightenment ?
    Please remember we are talking about the future of our species here !
    I heard about this sight through a dfferent one ,who were also saying that their way was the best and one week later they were promoting someone elses method !
    People ! The temple is within , Know thyn self !

    Use these products to better your existance but do not hand over your responsabilty for health and salvation to anyone.
    And to all the people who have developed these methods ! Please avoid these agents of advertizing as your intent will carry you though !! you do not need them and their devious ways .

    Love and respect



    You don’t “need” anything. You’re already IT. Just stop identifying with your idea of who you are, with your mental map of reality, and you’ll instantly experience who you are. The problem is that few are able to do this without help. Holosync is a huge help. Big Mind is another huge help. The explanation and information I add, for most people, makes it even easier, because I explain things that might take you decades to discover and sort out on your own (it certainly took that long for me). If you want to go it without any help or any tools, go for it. Traditional meditation is absolutely free. If you want to do it with just Holosync, do it with just Holosync.

    When I endorse another person’s program I’m not saying you NEED it. That’s something only you could know. I’m just telling you that, if done properly, that program will deliver certain benefits. If you want those benefits, and the cost for getting them seems fair to you, then get it. If not–or if you don’t want those benefits in the first place–don’t get it. Believe me, I don’t care one way or the other. I’m just telling you that something WORKS, in my opinion. It’s up to you to decide whether you want it or need it or if it is the financial investment–which is something only you can decide. Advertising is just someone telling others about the benefits of their product. As long as they tell the truth, how can they be “over zealous”?

  29. esdale davis says :

    Bill, I suggest that a disc made showing the retreat and we all over the world may be able to get some benefit from the experience. As an 86yer old australian IJ would hope it was stsill not to late for me, but you are to far away for me to venture a trip to america and there are I assume plenty like me out there….esdale davis

  30. Courtney says :

    I just found his site today and check it out. Seems like Bill is really using Eckhart Tolle’s name everywhere in his site to make his living. So much seem to go against what Eckhart is really trying to teach…

    FROM BILL: You mean like a free site with lots of great information?

  31. mauricio says :

    Change is the constant, the signal for rebirth, the egg of the phoenix.