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The Resistance Dissolver

When you let go of your resistance to something, you end your suffering over it.

At Centerpointe, our view is that people create their own emotional discomfort, pain or suffering when they resist people, situations and things being the way they are.

Once the resistance is ended, happiness and inner peace are the automatic result.

The Resistance Dissolver includes:

The 6 Important Principles of Resistance
16 Transformational Exercises
Accompanying Audio CD That Leads You Through the Process
Resistance Journal
Life-changing Responsibility Statement

Dropping your resistance to “what is” ends all pain, stress and suffering.

Easier said than done!

But when you learn to do it, the result is a dramatic improvement in happiness, well-being and inner peace.

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The Submodality Solution

Learn how to take charge of your mind in order to create the thoughts, feelings, results, and experiences you want in life.

When your thoughts, feelings and actions become a choice, rather than things that run on autopilot…

…you will always choose what serves you and drop what doesn’t.

The Submodality Solution includes:

The 7 Important Principles of Submodalities
5 Transformative Exercises to Help You Control Your Internal States (and External Results)
Life-changing Responsibility Statement

All the distinctions you make and all the meanings you assign to any person, place, thing or idea are created through certain characteristics you add to the internal representations you make.

These characteristics are called submodalities.

Mastering your submodalities will allow you to take control of how you process input from the world in the most productive, resourceful ways.

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Oneness Isn't Metaphysical

Get the real secrets to spiritual growth in this fascinating workbook.

Discover who you are (really), end your illusions of separateness, detach from suffering, control your reactions, and much more.

Oneness Isn’t Metaphysical includes:

  • Who are You, Really?

  • You, Quite Literally, Are the Universe

  • Dream On, or Where's My Surprise Button?

  • Two Worlds

  • How to End Suffering

  • How to Be Enlightened

  • Like a Fish in Water (What Are You Immersed In?)

  • Are You Developing a Problem? (Or Do You Have a Problem in Your Development?)

This comprehensive workbook is a must-have for those who are looking to grow in deeper, more meaningful ways.

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Resourceful Belief Builder

Centerpointe Research Institute | Journey To Self Suite

Your beliefs have a huge impact on your results in life.

Learn how to eliminate self-sabotaging beliefs and focus instead on beliefs that automatically attract what you WANT into your life (instead of what you don’t).

Resourceful Belief Builder includes:
The 10 Important Principles of Creating Beliefs
12 Powerful Exercises to Help You Unearth Self-sabotaging Beliefs and Rebuild Them into Resourceful Beliefs
Accompanying Audio CD That Leads You Through the Process
Life-changing Responsibility Statement

Beliefs are those things we hold to be true, and which are instrumental in creating our actions and our experience of life.

Resourceful Belief Builder will help you uncover and rebuild hidden beliefs that may be keeping you from getting the things you want

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Unfolding Perspectives
Making Sense of What It Means to Be Human

This collection of articles, by Bill Harris, about the stages of human development is crucial information for anyone who wants to understand themselves…

…and why human beings are the way they are.

Unfolding Perspectives includes:

The Little Known Secret to Human Development

Bill’s Thoughts on Religion, or "Hey Bill, What Do You Think of Jesus?"

A Few Nuances About Development

Magic, Magic and More Magic

Piaget, Cognitive Development and How You Make Sense of Yourself, Parts 1-3

It's Hard Being Here, Isn't It?

Making Sense of Who You Are

The Strategist: The Highest Expression of the Individual Me

The Magician: Not Longer Just an Ego in a Bag of Skin

Beyond the Separate Self: The Unitive Stage of Development

Human development takes on many different forms: moral, cognitive, ego (self), interpersonal, emotional and spiritual, to name a few.

Explore the thread running through all of these…our ongoing attempts to discover meaning in our existence and to find significance in our lives.

Just use the promo code: SPRING22
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