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How Trauma Impacts Our Lives & What You Can Do
Healing Mental & Emotional Wounds

This Free Friday, please watch this powerful and enlightening CoachingCast REPLAY
recorded from Wednesday’s CoachingCast conversations.

We’ll explore how trauma can hold you back, the different forms trauma can take, and how you can more safely and effectively start the healing process.

It’s our gift to you this Free Friday.

CoachingCast REPLAY

Coming Soon to Centerpointe:

Total Trauma Relief

Healing & Recovering from Mental & Emotional Wounds

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Total Trauma Relief gives you the tools you need to more easily and comfortably heal from your trauma.

This Holosync collection is designed to give you power over your trauma by:

  • Soothing your hyperaroused limbic system
  • Strengthening your stress threshold
  • Releasing repressed trauma

Powerful Holosync Soundtracks:

  1. Present & Peaceful
    Finding sanctuary in the present moment

  2. Release & Renew
    A deep cleanse of old, repressed trauma

  3. Radiant Resilience
    Easily build up your stress resistance

  4. Worry Reliever (BONUS)
    Flip the script on any bad day in just 15 minutes

Supportive Coaching Included
We’re with you every step of the way.

Trauma is tough to confront - especially by yourself. That’s why we include access to supportive and uplifting coaching so you don’t have to face your trauma alone.

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When you sign up for Total Trauma Relief today, you get:

  • 3 Digital Holosync Soundtracks that root out repressed trauma, calm the limbic system and help you build resilience
  • 1 BONUS Holosync Soundtrack to quickly turn a bad day into a good one
  • Unlimited Supportive Coaching with an experienced coach

Launch Price: $69

Pre-order Total Trauma Relief today for $10 off the launch price!

Pre-order Price: $59

Launches December 14, 2022

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