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Believe & Achieve:
Life Lessons from Seven Super Achievers

Back in the early 2000’s, Centerpointe Founder Bill Harris could see that a new wave of self-empowerment was sweeping the world. In fact, he and his Holosync technology were riding it!

So he gathered dozens of the biggest achievers at the pinnacle of the movement - the ones building empires by serving others - and sat down with each of them for a heart-to-heart conversation that explored:

  • How they turned huge setbacks into major comebacks
  • How they took control and changed their own destiny
  • How and when they realized their real purpose
  • Why past failures are so important to success
  • The secret to their biggest achievements
  • Where their inspiration really came from
  • Why service to others is critical
  • And the one belief they ALL have in common…

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