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"You’ve just found the most powerful personal growth and mind development tool on earth…     Holosync® audio technology!

Frequently Asked Questions

When I sat down to write this section of the website, I asked myself what I would want to know when evaluating a personal growth program. Here, I think, are the real questions we want answers to when we buy something—followed by the typical FAQ questions you usually find on a website.

Will Holosync® really work for me? I've tried other programs and I didn’t change very much. Can I really trust that yours will work?
I have to be careful what I spend. Can I afford it? Will it be worth it?
How much control do I have over whether or not I get the benefits you’ve described?
I’m concerned that I won’t be able to fit Holosync® into my life. I already have too much to do. How much time will it take to use Holosync®?
How quickly will I get the results you’ve promised?
I’m concerned that I might not do this right. Will I get all the help I need?

And here are the more typical
FAQs you were expecting:

What is Holosync® audio technology?
What equipment do I need to use Holosync®?
Do I NEED to use headphones with these soundtracks?

What’s involved in putting my Holosync® on a Digital Music Player, iPod, or MP3 Player?
Is Centerpointe affiliated with any religious or political organization?
Does the Centerpointe program replace conventional meditative practices?

Is Holosync® totally safe?
Are there any subliminal messages on the Awakening PrologueTM soundtracks?
I have hearing loss. Will the soundtracks work on me?